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He caught it on 40lb tackle which puts him in the 50# class   New Club Record – 66.2 lbs

































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more 2014 Fish Catches





And Hoose shows off hisYellowtail taken on 12lb test dacron--- nice catch!!!

Penn Fathom 12, Cousins rod, 12 lb Dacron. Epic battle on light tackle. Hoose Pending World Record-- Official weight 45.6 lbs

Hey-- JD
Still  here in Port San Luis about 27lb


Got one today------- but that's as high as she could lift it up.!! 











Congrats to Aaron Jeffrey of SA with his 152.3 lb Opah!---

- --




Making the crossing back from Catalina--- yellowtail fishing and got em'--- but the bigger news -ELVIS - of seeing a big Swordfish right on todays slack tide in the Shipping Lanes-- having not the bait nor the tackle they just watched-- Stand By!









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Could 'a. would 'a should' a-- that's what we said after weighting in the 65.0 White Sea Bass taken this morning by Mike O. fishing under the 30lb tackle category it would have topped the BAC's fish board for the year- beating out Vicks 59 fish from yesterday and just shy of a club record on 30 be a couple of pounds--- ---Could 'a. would 'a should' a- paid up my BAC dues for this year--- sorry-- doesn't count--- - a lessen to be learned-- all the time money and efforts, really not, for nott cause he's really out just for the fishing-- but it would'a, should'a 's and could have been a BAC winning fi


Stayed good for all day-- seemed like it was going to switch and come around from the west but it didnt, stayed southwest all day- --just right -- didn't made the run for nothing--- came up with a nice 59.6 lb WSB caught it on 12 IGFA line-- not quite a BAC Club Record but close-


And potential World Record White Sea Bass is coming into the club today . pending WR on 6 lb test line- the old one is 51 lbs and 5 oz-- this one's to challenge it! Vick Sommers solo again-- damn good angler - Standing by for photos and weight- JD

Fish weighed in at 56.3 lbs a Pending World Record- Congrats- JD








































it-- didn't want anything--

Bongos 111 calling in to the BAC-- you open to weigh in a fish---- Sure Joe his familiar voice recognized -- we're bringing in a est 100 lb Bluefin---see you at a quarter to 5 -- General area below the 209 to the 312 area and to the S/W from there-- 3:58 pm hooked around 8:30 this morning-- the heaviest tackle they had on boats a Tiara 30 2 speed loaded with braid line and 80lb F/C leader- the bait a foot and a half long mackerel the biggest he had and an 9/0 hook- came up on a foamer of breaking fish about 5 - 6 miles between the 277 and the 289 fathoms spots-- hadn't had the it in the water 30 seconds when-- I'm on! -- and the battle went on-- a team effort -all five of the anglers got to pull on it-- weighting in at the BAC Club at 126.7 lbs ! Bluefin's and there were lot s others in the school- they didn't have a fish storage box big enough for it!



E-Mail -- Hi JD -We caught 5 yellows yesterday and saw 2 whales, a really big Mako at least 5,000 tuna. Duke's was biggest at 40 lbs followed by Jackson's at about 38 lbs. We got 3 of them about 4 mi north of the 279 and two about 7 mi off San O. Dodged the lighting on our way home. Cheers!!

( Left) Pacific Bonito------------ Eastern Pacific Bonito ( right)

E-Mail --- Hi JD, We had a great day of fishing aboard the Rail Time. We left Tuesday about 6 PM went over to Catalina made squid- and had a great night bite on the Yellowtail. All nice fish they were all from 20 to 35lbs. Went out by the 43 in the morning and we great Bluefin and retruning boackover the 181/ 182 had a great Yellowfin bite. They were 25 to 44lbs. Total score 18 Yellowtail, 5 Bluefin and 12 Yellowfin. Great time on the RailTime for all!

Hi JD, Morgan and I got these yesterday. Dorado was between the 267 and 277. Yellowtail was in the Shipping Lanes



















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