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Photos (continuing) from 2015 Fish Report




The Blue Chip with 4 Releases- Nice!





























Osborn Bank















































































<---Water temps from 67 to 78 degrees











Smugglers Cove on Santa Cruz has the best anchorage up there- sandy bottom- 30- 50 ft deep- some kelp outside 60- -- Afternoon Sundowners come flowing over the hills behind them - similar to Pyramid Cove - sometimes up to 25- 30- 40knts then it backs off to a nice evening- south swell can sometimes make it a bit rolly - Most of the fleet will spend the night there tonight--

AIS showing the tracking of one of the tournament boats-- working that shelf along Anacapa Island- Smuggles Cove on left Santa Cruz Island .

Pre-fishing for MABT - Jason Blowers fish on the Eye Candy tight to beach off Oxnard. Good times on Pacific Pioneer. Bob

Blackfin flying her laundry-- with her 6 fish released in the tournament









JD here is a picture of the striper we release and estimated 300+ blue. I'm no expert in identifying these things but the was definitely differences in physical appearance of the two and the shear size and girth of the blue? The striper was to the boat inM less than 20 minutes the blue was 2 hours on the same gear. Thanks, Travis




Sunset and sunrise on the marlin grounds-- spectaular



--------------------- Tuesday's 15 th Repors -----------------

Balboa Angling Club Masters Billfishing Tournament- results-- 7 clubs- 41 boats 170 anglers, 82 hook- ups, 54 marlin released, 1st day 34 releases, 2 nd day 20 marlin released-- - High Club 1st Dana Angling Club ( team 1), 2 High Club, Tuna Club of Avalon (team 1). 3rd High Club Light Tackle Marlin Club ( team 1) , High Boat went to Blackfin w/ 108- points, 2nd High Boat went toe Kelsey Lea w 720 points and 3rd went th Good Karma also w 720 points, High Angler Shane Hurt w/ 1080 pts, 2nd- Dave Harrera 1w/ 660 pts, 3rd Greg Stotesbury w 450 pts , Berry Brighenburg w 450pts, followed by Bob Petrina w 20 pts, and Larry Coots, jr , Don Butts, Erik Landesfeind, Don Goodwin and Bobby Leinau all had 360 pts- 6 Anglers released fish on 12lb, 9 w 16# tackle, 10 fish on 20# and 19 fish released on 30# also a Great Marlin Race Archival tag was deployed on the Magellan with Bon Butts the angler--


at tag deployed by Black Fin Hi JD, Placed our tag on Thursday just before the Masters. 20 lb Jig fish caught by Geoff Heldoorn of the Dana Angling Club near Anacapa. Jeff

































C dock at Balboa Yacht Basin









We're pulling on something------- it's taking alll out line--- Hot Spot-- 10:05 -- we still need the angler and tackle--

and there's another boat between us and the shipping lanes whos hooked up -- it's bigger than ours-- I saw it-- and he's having a hard time stopping it--- - 10:12am

is it a shark-- no ---- no think it's a Blue marlin--- who's winning--- the fish--- 10:15am

We got the reel locked down on 50-- it's not going out-- -- I guess the fish is pooped- angler is pooped! we may have to hand line it-- 10:30

























And the phone rings this morning--- Hey JD --want to make it straight on the web-- sure, always want to get it right - who's this- oh hi Joe-- Sporty Game-- we were 0 for 6 on Friday ( too many jigs in the water for the three of us, second day Sat we were 2 for 2- using teasers and baits and a couple of jigs way back- out this morning on th 14 we just went 1 for 1 100%on a Blue Marlin-- we estimated it close to 250 lbs--- Ryan leadered the fish the first time but it came up classic polaris missile style only a couple of feet off the boat's transom - he dumps leader and another hour he gets a better wrap and the fish is brought to the boat for a succusful release-- it ate a rigged Ballyhoo behind a teaser- Louie M the angler ( in the photo) , Ryan the leader man and Joe K at the wheel- you know my boats--- she's fast- we had to turn and chase after it, almost got spooled- 50lb tackle-



















Phone call-- Pete's calling--- he just witnesses the weighing of the 2 largest Blue Marlin weighed in California-- the largest by Alfonse Hamann was at 692 lbs weighed in Balboa Ca 1931,

This one hooked off a 18 ft skiff- two guys in a 18 ft skiff-- Hooked on a lure for a 3 hour battle San Diego ---662 lbs - 3:59pm Matt Santora the angler-- Fin Bomb the boat----- with Andy Vo. at the wheel- Talica 25 100 test line


























They broke it- at least the scale would not work over 500lbs-- one, twice, three times they hoisted it up--up and before even clearing the deck it held the 500 mark-- several times they tried it-- but nope wouldn't work best they could get was 530 lb still not cleared off the deck- an additions scale helped lift the head off- combined weight put it at 605 lbs-- measured fork of tail to lower jaw length at 121 inches times the girth 57 inches, divided by 800 put it an just under 500 -- how big?-- well it was big-- ACE High's Blue marlin - just inside the 277 bank two hour battle---- sorry dropped the camera in the drink-- no photo! photo to come- JD



















618 lbs Blue weighed in at the BAC - 50lb tackle Aaron Grose -High Tide the boat--- --it came at that Magic time when all aboard were feeling it's presence- "you know when it all feels right", they had worked off the beach outside of San Onofrre- towards the 312----- an old Rainbow lure out of Newport beach mfg. red and pink with a few upholstery strips of colored skirting did the trick--- hooked just on the outside of the jaw it held the 12/0 7691 SS, good captain's work at the wheel by Jimmy S. who's been on water since he was a kid--they got it to the boat on a light tipped 50b trolling outfit penn 30 w/ w 50 ande-- great job- Capt., angler and at the gaff and wire man-- congrats- JD





























Caught this 868lb. Bluefin Today in PEI, it was the 5th fish I fought, I lost 4 including one about 200 lbs. Bigger! Sounds like Epic fishing on the West Coast, thank God for being a fisherman!!! Best Regards, Bill U


































Hi JD! Got this beauty a couple hours ago about 6mi out of Dana. Orange/Black Halco Giant Trembler. Kicked my butt but got it! 70.2lbs! at the Dana Point Fuel Dock. Jenny A , boat Lilly June














JD, Just got this wahoo. Always wanted to make it on your great web site. Greg R "Go Away"

















Started boxing the 14' around 7:00 and stopped on some paddies for nada. Headed towards the east end of Catalina and at 8:30 the 12T started screaming!!! 15 minutes later and a gaff shot to the head, this beast was laying on the deck! Hit the orange and black marauder at 7.5 kts in 74.5 degree water

















































Motivator - fiighting marlin in calm waters! --












































































































































































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