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Photos (continuing) from 2015 Fish Report




The Blue Chip with 4 Releases- Nice!





























Osborn Bank















































































<---Water temps from 67 to 78 degrees











Smugglers Cove on Santa Cruz has the best anchorage up there- sandy bottom- 30- 50 ft deep- some kelp outside 60- -- Afternoon Sundowners come flowing over the hills behind them - similar to Pyramid Cove - sometimes up to 25- 30- 40knts then it backs off to a nice evening- south swell can sometimes make it a bit rolly - Most of the fleet will spend the night there tonight--

AIS showing the tracking of one of the tournament boats-- working that shelf along Anacapa Island- Smuggles Cove on left Santa Cruz Island .

Pre-fishing for MABT - Jason Blowers fish on the Eye Candy tight to beach off Oxnard. Good times on Pacific Pioneer. Bob

Blackfin flying her laundry-- with her 6 fish released in the tournament









JD here is a picture of the striper we release and estimated 300+ blue. I'm no expert in identifying these things but the was definitely differences in physical appearance of the two and the shear size and girth of the blue? The striper was to the boat inM less than 20 minutes the blue was 2 hours on the same gear. Thanks, Travis




Sunset and sunrise on the marlin grounds-- spectaular



--------------------- Tuesday's 15 th Repors -----------------

Balboa Angling Club Masters Billfishing Tournament- results-- 7 clubs- 41 boats 170 anglers, 82 hook- ups, 54 marlin released, 1st day 34 releases, 2 nd day 20 marlin released-- - High Club 1st Dana Angling Club ( team 1), 2 High Club, Tuna Club of Avalon (team 1). 3rd High Club Light Tackle Marlin Club ( team 1) , High Boat went to Blackfin w/ 108- points, 2nd High Boat went toe Kelsey Lea w 720 points and 3rd went th Good Karma also w 720 points, High Angler Shane Hurt w/ 1080 pts, 2nd- Dave Harrera 1w/ 660 pts, 3rd Greg Stotesbury w 450 pts , Berry Brighenburg w 450pts, followed by Bob Petrina w 20 pts, and Larry Coots, jr , Don Butts, Erik Landesfeind, Don Goodwin and Bobby Leinau all had 360 pts- 6 Anglers released fish on 12lb, 9 w 16# tackle, 10 fish on 20# and 19 fish released on 30# also a Great Marlin Race Archival tag was deployed on the Magellan with Bon Butts the angler--


at tag deployed by Black Fin Hi JD, Placed our tag on Thursday just before the Masters. 20 lb Jig fish caught by Geoff Heldoorn of the Dana Angling Club near Anacapa. Jeff

































C dock at Balboa Yacht Basin









We're pulling on something------- it's taking alll out line--- Hot Spot-- 10:05 -- we still need the angler and tackle--

and there's another boat between us and the shipping lanes whos hooked up -- it's bigger than ours-- I saw it-- and he's having a hard time stopping it--- - 10:12am

is it a shark-- no ---- no think it's a Blue marlin--- who's winning--- the fish--- 10:15am

We got the reel locked down on 50-- it's not going out-- -- I guess the fish is pooped- angler is pooped! we may have to hand line it-- 10:30

























And the phone rings this morning--- Hey JD --want to make it straight on the web-- sure, always want to get it right - who's this- oh hi Joe-- Sporty Game-- we were 0 for 6 on Friday ( too many jigs in the water for the three of us, second day Sat we were 2 for 2- using teasers and baits and a couple of jigs way back- out this morning on th 14 we just went 1 for 1 100%on a Blue Marlin-- we estimated it close to 250 lbs--- Ryan leadered the fish the first time but it came up classic polaris missile style only a couple of feet off the boat's transom - he dumps leader and another hour he gets a better wrap and the fish is brought to the boat for a succusful release-- it ate a rigged Ballyhoo behind a teaser- Louie M the angler ( in the photo) , Ryan the leader man and Joe K at the wheel- you know my boats--- she's fast- we had to turn and chase after it, almost got spooled- 50lb tackle-



















Phone call-- Pete's calling--- he just witnesses the weighing of the 2 largest Blue Marlin weighed in California-- the largest by Alfonse Hamann was at 692 lbs weighed in Balboa Ca 1931,

This one hooked off a 18 ft skiff- two guys in a 18 ft skiff-- Hooked on a lure for a 3 hour battle San Diego ---662 lbs - 3:59pm Matt Santora the angler-- Fin Bomb the boat----- with Andy Vo. at the wheel- Talica 25 100 test line


























They broke it- at least the scale would not work over 500lbs-- one, twice, three times they hoisted it up--up and before even clearing the deck it held the 500 mark-- several times they tried it-- but nope wouldn't work best they could get was 530 lb still not cleared off the deck- an additions scale helped lift the head off- combined weight put it at 605 lbs-- measured fork of tail to lower jaw length at 121 inches times the girth 57 inches, divided by 800 put it an just under 500 -- how big?-- well it was big-- ACE High's Blue marlin - just inside the 277 bank two hour battle---- sorry dropped the camera in the drink-- no photo! photo to come- JD



















618 lbs Blue weighed in at the BAC - 50lb tackle Aaron Grose -High Tide the boat--- --it came at that Magic time when all aboard were feeling it's presence- "you know when it all feels right", they had worked off the beach outside of San Onofrre- towards the 312----- an old Rainbow lure out of Newport beach mfg. red and pink with a few upholstery strips of colored skirting did the trick--- hooked just on the outside of the jaw it held the 12/0 7691 SS, good captain's work at the wheel by Jimmy S. who's been on water since he was a kid--they got it to the boat on a light tipped 50b trolling outfit penn 30 w/ w 50 ande-- great job- Capt., angler and at the gaff and wire man-- congrats- JD





























Caught this 868lb. Bluefin Today in PEI, it was the 5th fish I fought, I lost 4 including one about 200 lbs. Bigger! Sounds like Epic fishing on the West Coast, thank God for being a fisherman!!! Best Regards, Bill U


































Hi JD! Got this beauty a couple hours ago about 6mi out of Dana. Orange/Black Halco Giant Trembler. Kicked my butt but got it! 70.2lbs! at the Dana Point Fuel Dock. Jenny A , boat Lilly June














JD, Just got this wahoo. Always wanted to make it on your great web site. Greg R "Go Away"

















Started boxing the 14' around 7:00 and stopped on some paddies for nada. Headed towards the east end of Catalina and at 8:30 the 12T started screaming!!! 15 minutes later and a gaff shot to the head, this beast was laying on the deck! Hit the orange and black marauder at 7.5 kts in 74.5 degree water

















































Motivator - fiighting marlin in calm waters! --










































































































































































-------------------- Thursdays Reports-------------- Gray morning on the water - glossy seas - spots of fog along the San Pedro Channel water temps-- Santa Monica Bay 64 degrees, San Pedro bouy 65, Dana 65, Taanner 63 degrees and a 11 ft swell w/ 13 sec period. building tonight with up to 30 -35 knts above Catalina-- good tailing weather!! Good tidal flow-- made 5 cast's no bites off the dock- water still clear. E-Mail this afternoon-- from old time friend and customer-- JD – Couldn’t resist trying one more time before the year ends so went with Mike Arujo yesterday on our boat, Billfish. Fished numbers from last weekend off SBI and in 63.5 water found lots of life – birds, seals, porpoise, bait – and just before the tide had one come in on the long rigger MJG. Thought we had fish settled down and hooked solidly but came undone after a few mins. Would have been nice to add a December fish to the resume but not to be. Great to have a shot at one in mid- December nonetheless. Viva El Nino! Happy Holidays to you. Patrick T Didn't hear many boaters out today-- worked on getting Christmas packages ready - reels and rods repaired and listened to Christmas opera and watched the sun set - it should blow tomorrow and Sat- Good luck Sunday - EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION i 10 December 2015 ENSO El Niño Advisory Synopsis: El Niño is expected to remain strong through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, with a transition to ENSO-neutral anticipated during late spring or early summer 2016. A strong El Niño continued during November as indicated by well above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across thecentral and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean and Niño-3 indices rose to their highest levels so far during this event,The subsurface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific, while still well above average, decreased slightly due to the eastward push of the upwelling phase of an equatorial oceanic Kelvin wave . . Collectively, these atmospheric and oceanic anomalies reflect a strong El Niño episode that has matured. Most models indicate that a strong El Niño will continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, followed by weakening and a transitionto ENSO-neutral during the late spring or early summer The forecaster consensus remains nearly unchanged from last month, with the expectation that this El Niño will rank among the three strongest episodes as measured by the 3-month SST departures in the Niño 3.4 region dating back to 1950. ------------ Thursday's Reports -------------- -- Hard to believe it Dec warm and muggy and it's still possible for Yellowfined tunas, yellowtails and maybe even a marlin or two to be caught - this fast moving front will blow by us quickly-- Old timers would say the marlin would start to migrate after the third winter storm, not sure where we stand right now but this might be #1? We'll see what happens, I think they're confused ( the marlins) - southwards propagating surface swell action would allow then to push on further to the southern range of their migration but these northern bound currents are holding them back--why move, just stay where they're at and get fat eating squid! We had that quick bite for about ten minutes on the yellowfins then is shut down--- beautiful weather--- we're goping to start heading north-- see ya-

--------------------- Tuesday's Reports ------------------

They're still fishing for yellowtails off the oil rigs /flats today!--- reports of two of them already hooked this morning, I think one the other got away- Seal lions are a problem- that swell is there but far enough away from each other that it doesn't cause much effect otherwise calm seas- very little wind, light west 2- 4 kt skys have a high cast of Cirrus clouds 18,000 ft + , Warm and sunny- Strong Current --up hill --- The boys took a trip south last week--- down into the Sea of Cortez - trailer boats and a bunch of tackle-- Spoils you Deckers says-- Spotted Grouper (Cabrilla), Golden and Leopard Cabrilla's and Yellowtails were far too many to fish for. The group went down with promotional filming , IMAX and even Drones in use!

I took the day off yesterday-- Didn't catch much but gave it a good effort-- such a nice day out there it was either go home early and paint the fence-- or keep on fishing- not much of a choice to that-- keep fishing and enjoyed the day-- early morning -good calicos in tight to the beach 5- 10 ft of water! HER ROUND OF NW SWELL.

------------The Weekends Reports --------------

High overcast skies, haze cool morning hours- flat seas, wind slight from the West/ Northwest, , Reported the marlin boats were fishing above Catalina and in towards the beach on an area known as the Boot- others still working the 172 and the bank's above Santa Barbara. Is. The Last Fish of the Year ( fish being a Marlin) becomes even a challenge as daily there seems to be reports of fish hooked or caught--- who knows, maybe it'll be right up till the end of the year on Dec 31st -- then the First Marlin of the Year the following New Years Day--- it's happened before! so JD's offers $100 Gift certificate to the Last and First Marlins of the year in US Waters ! Send photo and story Good Luck JD! Deep water halibuts beginning to show up in some of the fish counts-- shorts and a few legals, deep water at 100 ft means 6-8 oz lead and covering ground in drifts while staying in contact with the bottom while yet sensitive for their bites-- that braid line does wonders for feeling their bites-- Also try one of the Shimano Lucatus jigs bounced along the bottom - JD's Tip

West marlin fishing - Pacific Pioneer had a fish going!!- came in on the jigs dropped a bait back to it--After a two hour battle they were still fighting it- -- ! 12:33pm Red Crab Bonaza- today was the word of the day-- thick off the reef and some macks there too A faint radio reception -Pacific Pioneer-- we got it--- 20 dacron-- 3 hours 50 minutes, unfortunately the fish died after three hours and we had to trade-off in lifting it up making it a DQ' ed fish for the angling clubs - still a feat, est weight 190- 200 lbs

Gents , they are still here , some of the largest concentrations of bait & life we’ve seen all year around the 172-175 , hundreds of sea lions , porp’s , birds , bait on the ridge , water was 63.5 , Bullpen had a fish in the jigs twice around 10:00 am then Paul dropped a bait back on the green & white eye candy….fish got body wrapped @ the three hour mark on 20 lb Dacron, took another hour taking turns to slowly plane him up , 191 lbs , coughed up market squid El Nino ! smoked marlin for Christmas..

-------------------- Sat's Reports ------------------

Morning hours calm w/ light South wind 2- 3 knts - Folks out in family gathering or boating w/ relatives looking for a peaceful day on the water-- Marlin fishers trying the waters at or above Cat, tuna grounds in the concentrated warmer water towards the border- we're on our way in -- got some fish-- tuna! 11:14am Weather incredible-- hot even!- wind slight from the west-- I wouldn't be surprised if some fog didn't develop-- The Bounder-- Andy, La La and crew were headed south to the warmth of Baja for the winter months- but not without trying to finish up the year with catching 100 marlin in So Calif, US waters all in one season-- At last count, I think they were up to 96 or 97--- Leaving the harbor in the late evenigs hours last night they hoped to be on that southern side of the potencial marlin grounds while still in the US waters at daylight today-- --one mre shot --- so far no word-- standing by-- they gave out Whale checks today-- local whale watchers-- I think a couple seen up towards the Rigs and another somewhere by Dana-- but not much sea life reported today-- nice afternoon- --------------------------- Friday's Reports ------------------- The day starts fair a bit chilly and high overcast that looks cool, seas - light south/ southwest wind here in Newport a small swell and chop with it- due to swing around - tides are mellow and building E-Mail this morning--- Yellowfined Tunas and a who? Hey JD, My intention was to fish Friday with my son but woke up Thursday morning and looked at various web-cams and wind reports and saw we were supposed to get a 8-9' swell and wind in the afternoon on Friday so the plan changed. Launched out of Mission bay at 10:00 and fished an area about 15 miles straight off LJ (32.50 - 117.38) - Dolphins everywhere. The YFT loved a small Rapala double joint Shad Rap I had until I went by a paddy and Mr. Hoo took off with him chewing through my 80Lb. leader. Got 4 YFT for 3 hours of fishing and headed back to the barn at 2:00. All fishing were caught trolling into the sun and they like the Mexican flag as well as the bright Shad Rap - 8-9 knots.. Tight Lines.. Jeff / Irvine Contrary to otherideas , buts that's fishing! And off the West end of Catalina Islands- up towards the 172 fathom spot-- a marlin to have been reported lost ( maybe 1 for 3) and others seen- She's still singing!--

------------------------------- Thursdays Reports -------------------

Flat seas---- light southwest 2- 4 knts --- Couple of boats out--- some for the southern grounds tuna fishing while others off Catalina--- calico bass, drifting for halibuts around the backside of the island and a reported catch White Sea Bass in the mix- nice weather- a little more wind wrapping around the island- Many of the kelps sown south 302 area were dry except for a few small yellowtails-- still looking for the tunas-- porpoise had good meter marks but no bites We ran south like 10 miles from the 302 kelps all over the place but most have nothing, we picked up one fish, tuna that got shark bit on the way in-- The Last of the Year Marlin challenge-- --- that's a trophy just as hard to get as the First one of the Season, Capt. Kyle Dickerson and crew / owners of their boat the Pacific Pioneer are trying to do it again - After most of the Fleet has put it away or gone south for the winter months-- she's is out plying the grounds-- Last Year, Patty Blower took the First Fish and Last Fish awards - What with the relative calm weather this past week other than the cool air- the water's temp can still hold fish here-- they'd been on the squid beds above Santa Barbara Is. , by now that body of water had dropped down to the back side of the Catalina and towards Clemente Is-- maybe a few will still be here- Good luck to them- JD ---- they went zero , zero, zero for the trip West end of the island looked good with birds and bait-- but that was it-- nice day -nice sunset-- Calm for all day- high overcast

----------Wed's the 2nd's Report ------------

- We're thirty miles offshore--- a few yellowfin and some skippys , kelps- some boats got em other's not- 10:23am stopped on a big weed for nothing-- we definitely have all the skipjacks you could want - reading 68 degrees and going up--

We've been in about a two hour stop----- at 22/ 35 -- near the 302--- they're still under us but line shy--- were using 15lb --- where'd you get the bait----- SD--- figured, we're out of Oceanside fishing the yellows--- we've got 19 or 20 now-- hold on we're bit I'll get back to you in a sec-- good mix of yellowfin here - we're running out of bait we'll keep then around if you can make it-- false alarm- we're busy-- wish we were out there with you 11:09am Local Whale watchers--- very slow he says- a few sea lions and some birds so far--- Coastal water temps from yesterday-- ranging from 64 to 70 degrees- and judging by this mornings catches of Skipjacks and some Yellowfin near the 302 if follows that pattern of 66-68 degree water temp- Report comes in early this afternoon --- possible Swordfish in the local waters has a commercial spotter plane up-- looking -- spotting up to 6 striper marlin seen-- from the Avalon Bank to the 152 fathom spot- off the East end of Catalina-- remember there's that FAD there at 33.14:589 / 118.10:656 maybe it'll hold some bait there for the marlin worth a looks at if your headed that way-- Good luck the Fat Lady hasn't sung yet --- they definitely want the chovies--- we're running out of bait-- fishing em' off the paddies-- yellowfin 302--- we're at 20 and 42 and we're about done !

---------------------- Tuesdays Reports------------- Morning light marine haze lingers into mid day- light if any wind , seas calm. wind picked up west after noon brisk and cool - backed off mid aftenoon-- nice Not much going on on the radio so I was compelled to go out and make a few cast off the dock-- three cast- one bite -missed it-- maybe small halibut-- lot of those in the harbor's and bays now--- as is there's schools of 3- 4-5 inch smelt in the depths, more micro plankton sealife, the water's turning greener

---- Wed's rainy day Reports --------- Made 6 casts- one small bunp at the end of the drift-- water muddy and spririnkled with bits of weed and debri - wind from the south, gusty at 12- 15 knts , tides flowing out strong with the push of draning rainwater. With a little time on hand-- a question comes to mind with the elevation of fresh water into the coastal regions via river and rain outflow and the warmth of the EL Nino waters effects on the baitfish, Northern Anchovy- Journal of Marine Research, ,1986 Effects of California El Nino 1982-1984 on the northern anchovy by Pau l C. Fiedler , l Richard D .Methoe and Roger P.Hewitt'· ABSTRACT El Nino caused physical and biological changes in the northern anchovy habitat off southern California . Anomalous sea surface temperatures, surface currents, mixed layer depths, and plankton biomass levels began to appear in late 1982 and persisted into 1984. Growth of juvenile and adult anchovys lowed during EI Nino , probably due to reduced availability of zooplankton prey. A decrease in size-at-age in early 1983, with a recovery in late 1984, can be explained by movements of the stock and the latitude in a decline in size-at- age. Spawning range expanded in 1983 due to shifts in sea surface temperature boundaries . Early larval mortality was unusually high in the yolk-sac stage. Fecundity per unit spawning biomass was low in 1983, due primarily to a high proportion of first-year spawners. Size-at-age was very low by spring 1984, but specific fecundity was surprisingly high. Although EI Nino had a variety of significant effects on the northern anchovy, the stock seems to have recovered VHF Radio Special Marine Warning--marine warnings report of thunderstorms possible water spouts from San Mateo Point to Mex Border- and out to Clemente Inland- Weather Cell spotted 9 miles off heading to the beach- Stand by Carlsbad !! Wind switched here at 1:30- strong westerly -- hootin" The afteroon settled down with a flooding tide to still the bay waters- better luck tomorrow-

------------------ Tuesdays Rainy Day reports ------- Rain today- wind from the south and no boats out-- Spent the day doing year end paperwork- good rainy day projects- one or two sailboats came and went for the day-- harbor patrol made their rounds, gulls sailed in the wind, sunset was spectacular- -- ----------------Mondays Reports--------------- Took the day off to work on the boat-- outboard motor had not been starting-- Second pull and it started up again- whoopee-- went fishing-- but ocean was sloppy and large swells- spend the day fishing in the harbor- 4 halibuts none of them legal but they fought well and were released- lost one fish that might have been a Striped Bass- sub-surface lure trolled- fish made a long run hook pulled- good sized fish? ----------------- the weekend-------------- -Sundays reports --- No Marlin -- yet today-- seas starting to build from the southwest as this front approaches, light wind chop S/W-- current- naturally downhill against it- - Bass fishing continues to be good for those targeting them and the Flats or any structure thereabouts-- Sand Bass- good 2- 5+ grumpy styles- plastics, lead heads, live squid if you had it-- Better luck tomorrow- JD ------------------- Sat's Reports --------------------- A check with the Prospector this morning-- Bob tells me Rodney on the Provider had a bite off the East End of Catalina Island yesterday--- Striped Marlin-- it came off--- and George had a fish up in the jigs there to this morning-- , - it too came off --couple more feeders seen there yesterday-- so there're still marlin in the US waters for the First of January-- Amazing-- Jokers bite was at 17/18 east end. Rodney lost one on ballyhoo that same zone yesterday. 63 blue lots of bonita tight and red crabs. Clemente had scores of the bonitos around and a few more Yellowtails-- boats were out scouting around-- water's 63 -1/2 degrees clean green not quite blue- beautiful day on the water-- Mornings low slack tide 10 :24 am- slowly building from there with a afternoons high slack 3:45 pm about the time some tailers will show- gluck- JD Cabo's Report from Old Joe-- Hi JD, Had a great New Year's Day. Fished with my son and grandson in Cabo and released five Stripers by 11am. Grandson's first! Happy New Year to all And a report on the Striped Marlin caught this past year--- I think Geoff on the Hooked ended up with 56 fish for the year -- Andy and La-La and crew/anglers Bounder were aproaching thee 100 fish mark when they went south with close to 96 or 97? and this morning's E-mail from Mike-Hey JD, Mike Stotesbury Cptn and owner of the Flyingfish. What a great year of fishing and thanks for doing such a fantastic job on your website. I just wanted to give you our final Marlin count for 2015. We released 68 Stipers and 4 Blues. Our last fish was released on the west end on 11-21, hooked at 12:35 pm and released at 2:15pm it was Blue caught on 20 lb by my brother Greg , we estimated the fish weighed around 175 lbs. Out best weekend we released 17 fish with triple and 2 doubles. Thanks again for all your hard work and Happy New Year. - - And I sure there were a dozens of other boas who had conths in the 50's or above and even just to catch one or two were remarkable - Please send in your counts if possiable impressive to see all these marlin released and only a few taken one way or another- Congrats ot all- JD Hi JD Our last fish of last Season aboard the Pacific Pioneer was caught on Dec 11 But we DQ it, it died on us on 20# dac after three hours so we took turns lifting it with the rod . We got it at 3 hours and 55 min it was 191 pounds it was body wrapped . So our grand total for the year was 43 not counting that one - all but three fish where on 20# or less- dac mostly . Very fun year and I want to thank you for all that you do it makes our job easier !!!!!! Happy new year my Freind Adding to the Fish counts was GadZukes--- JD, Reporting in fish count as you requested. Everyone had a special season no doubt. GadZukes ended up with 55 Striped Marlin. My last 2 fish were on12/03/15 up west near SBI. All my fish were SBI and west as far as Santa Rosa. I appreciate all the information and pictures you share on your website. Thank You, Greg Z. ---Glad to do it- JD -And from the Foxi Lady traveling in Centeral Americas waters-- ect: FOXI LADY REPORT PANAMA --PINAS BAY TROPIC STAR LODGE NEW YEARS DAY, SOME PEOPLE RECOVERING FROM THE PARTY, SOME PEOPLE WATCHING PARADE AND BALL GAMES, SOME OF US HAD TO WORK!! SPENT NEW YEARS NITE AT ISLA SAN JOSE IN LAS PERLAS ISLANDS IN PANAMA. ABOUT 80 MILES FROM PINA. WE GOT PAID PRETTY GOOD FOR THE DAYS WORK 1 BLUE 2 BLACKS 1 WAHOO 1 REALLY BIG DORADO. A VERY NICE WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR. I KNOW RICH P. WAS FREEZING HIS ASS OFF TRYING TO GET THE 1ST FISH OF THE YEAR. OUR WATER WAS 85 HERE. TIGHT LINES


---------------------- Tuesday's Reports ----------------- Coastal waters took a plunge into the mid 50's 55 this morning warming by mid morning to 57degrees, bait ( mackerel still hard to make- you had to work at getting 15 spices, inside the 40- 50ft depth towards the beach were schools of anchovies- a good sign . Bass calicos and sandies the mainstay for now-- Those two FAD's that were placed (private sportfisher)for everyone to use this past summer- one off Dana. near the 267/279 fathom spot, the second one off the East end of Catalina 152 fathom spot--- they worked and many fish were caught by them, dorado tuna and maybe a wahoo or two, The intent was for local Angling Clubs in embrace the FAD ideas and show to the local government agencies that they work around the world and can work here in SO Calif and to make them OK to use- they were set 40- + feet below the surface to avoid boating hazards . well- with this past storm one of them broke loose and washed up on the Imperial Beach !---- - Looks like it was the Dana Poing one--

heck on the torn canvas or worn dock lines from the Blow!-





----------- Vacation time- JD - -------

Every day is and adventure in itself. Coming into

Pinias Bay, Tropic star on the left side of the cove, greeted by the local indian craft and some of their basket weaving and wooden carvings- happy go lucky giggling kids, colorful warps and tightly woven baskets. A cocktail at the bar of the lodge that afternoon, its mounted trophies on the wall and old photos of record catches. Dinner and back to the boat and make a few pieces of bait . The weather looks to blow for the next couple of days and from that awful brown, green and red colored water we'd passed thorough to get down here we elected to take a day or two inshore fishing . The famous Zane Grey Reef, was cold and green red tide water at 69 1/2 degrees, we caught a few skipjacks there, jigging up lures intended for the snappers and groupers there, I broke out my travel ultra light spinning loaded with 4lb Nano fill braid line and drop shot rig like I use here on the dock and was rewarded with a 2lb amberjack but conditions were not favorable for blue water fish so we headed south to Tropic Star / Pinias Bay - the Jave river mouth a few miles away around the northern corner of the Pinias bay was said to, at the mornings high tide- just as it turned, the bottom was blanketed with giant snook just waiting to be caught- sure enough we were there on time the next morning slow drifting and working freshly caught goggle eye's in the surf zone over the bar just as that tided stated to drained out--- but no bites, so we slow trolled back around and rocky point just seething with possibilities of a jack rooster of those snook, , a hand dipped in the water told you the water was still cold- felt in the low 70's and offcolor, , cast after cast, no bites, we did get a needle fish bite on the bait, and that was it for the mornings run- and back to the boat for breakfast and another round of fishing.



Continuing my fishing story- Panama- aboard Paul F's Quitena a 61 ft Viking Sportfisher with Capt. Rich Hamilton at the wheel and deck, Julio a happy young energetic man from Costa Rica, his spanish kept us in commutations and good spirits kept the boat alive and well. Another fellow shipmate was one of Paul's friend John H. who joined us an experienced boatman and angler, one of Paul's other friends, Peter was unable to go so it was just the five of us. The ride down to Pinias Bay revealed, to me the shallowness of the Bay of Panama itself- 20- 30- 40- maybe 50 fathoms for miles till the continental shelf where it's crescent shaped ledge coming down from north the Costa Rica coastline crossing the Panama Bay and joins the northern shoulder of South America where Pinias Bay is located, Panama extends it's border down to the Colombia border. The shallow high spots and reefs along this shelf make for the world class fishing there, Zane Grey Reef etc. But over the past several weeks strong Panama Gap Winds from East to West had upwelled these shallow waters and what currents pushing up from the south ( I think the Humbolt) further disturbed the water, brown, green, red in some cases it looked line Campbell's tomato soup! On to the Lodge for the night, it lays in a secluded cove tucked in against the green lush background of jungle growth and mountains that lose their height in the evening haze. a fleet of 31 ft Bertram's lay off to the side and another smaller Viking sportfisher at anchor waiting for the next days clients. Our arrival was greeted by staff and hostess, cold drinks and a tasty Dorado dinner that night. Up early the next morning for offshore marlin and tuna fishing to the south 12- 15 miles where it had been better the afternoon before improved to a clean green even blue and a spot or two or 80/ 81. Spotting dolphins and birds on a break where water began to clear up- 30- 40-50 lb yellowfin on the 10 inch cedar plug was the ticket. The day spent chasing tunas but no marlin. A couple of drops over a rock pile for bottom grabbers then back on to the Tropic Star lodge for anchored that evening We fished the next morning for those snook but they weren't there- which brings me back to yesterdays endings. Back aboard for lunch and away again this time to the north in the inflatable around a rock bluff, its clinging trees and vines taking hold wherever they could get a grasp. the coast line a wave sweep rocky reefs, small sandy coves and headlands. Casting Poppers and slow trollin g live baits-- Habit I guess, in acutal casting with the poppers and plugs-- 137 cast for the first Jack!

I learned a new way to fight rooser fish, as they twist around under the boat!

and so the story goes


- --Continued fishing story- for most of the afternoon hours the Jacks kept us busy while slow trolled Rapala's along the shoreline it's pockets of swirling water against the surging swells, casting plugs for the occasional strike but the Rapalas were constant- purple /black and a sardine color worked well for us- a snag or fish into the rocks andJulio jumps overboard to retrieve the fouled lure- they're hard to replace downthere--- -




Back to the boat in late afternoon hours with enough time for a quick switch to ultra light w/ small freshwater poppers cast up against the cove's overhang of branches and rocks in the twilight, the snappers were mauling the small baitfish fry there- fun stuff with the 4lb braid line then into the lodge for a check in and back to the boats for dinner, make bait the smaller goggle eyes and a striped jack a dozen or more put way. -

Morning and the hired guide Wily shows up for a days offshore fishing again. He'sproficient in rigging sierra mackerel into Panama Strip baits, sewn tightly we plunged into the waters in search of marlin-- a Black, we think comes in on the starboard squid teaser, it drops back behind a plunger lure and drifts away, finally takes a wacky at the dropbacked rigged bait but misses the hook -we continue to work the area- -

Water still has these layers of red and brown patchesto it further south we got out of it and into more dolphin holding Yellowfin- -

- I had brought along a few surface casting plugs, Rangers used primacy for East Coast Stripers and bluefish and also for surf fishermen casting to Roosters down Baja way- their 7- 8 inches long bodies shapes cast like the wind-- they seem to glide in the air. An Daiwa spinning reel loaded w/ braid lines and casts at 50- 75 yards + overhanging outriggers and other anglers toconsider. -



High arching casts would plop down, diving deep and a quick reel bought the lure up and splashing on the surface- the yellowfin loved it-- even more fun was to side-arm cast and let the lure skip like tossing a flat rock and see how many times it would skip-- one skip, a second skip and then it'd get clobbered, the tunas thinking is was a escaping flying fish swallowed the lure whole! -

We put another 3 or 4 more tunas in the boat released some and on to more sights and sounds, the weather improving we figured to let it rest one more day and and had made arrangements with Tropic Stars fine hostess to visit one of the native villages up a river some 5 or 6 miles away.


Adrienne, the Club's guest relations manager had made the arrangements and sure enough morning hours and the Panga slides up to the boat and we join them for a ride up the coast and though the rivers mouth, the same surf zone place we had snook fished a few days earlier, in through the surf and around the bend to a check in with the local authorities , passports reviewed and away we go- - A ferry boat was anchored there picking up dozens and dozens of passengers for $20 boat ride to Panama City some 80- 100 miles away! thinking as it loads up with people and packages it had to cross the river mouths bar at near the tides high in a 1/2 hour. we're checked in and up river we head, our crew and guide/ Adrienne and a Captain of one of their sportfishers Chris and his wife Marla and boatman up front to help pole the way up river and through some of the shallows- Coastal tropical palms and shrubs line the waters edge who's limited bottom landfor farming is subject to the rising tides and rainy season. - No there weren't the tree sloth, nor the monkeys playing loop to loop in the trees, nor flights of parrots and native birds, It's called bush meat for the most part now , mostly gone . The village was vacate, the villagers being tending the crops in the interior, there were a few woman and children around, seemed happy people and proud of their cement structured school house complete with desks and chalkboards- promise of education was there. Onward- Sorry-- internet site down-- that's what happens when you take a vacation things go haywire for awhile - hope we get this posted-- and on to todays story-- ----- Fridays Reports - Not many boaters out- slow fishin'

Adventures into the Darien-Choco region of Panama and the Wounaan Indian vvillage, a few gathered natives and a tour of the stilted houses, a few gifts bought and a donation to the school for furthering conservation works and back down and out the river's mouth while the bar was still runable -




With hopes of the offshore water improving conditions afternoon hours brought us South again looking for the marlins, tuna and dorado. Bang-- the starboard long rigger goes off and a hefty Dorado, dark yellow in color with its pulsating blues spots gets the gaff- not quite, but eventually into the boat- - A few more tunas on the cedar plug whild we scouted the bottom topography looking for a likely spot to drift for swordfish that night - years ago the Madam and Hooker were here and scored well on the Swordfish while night fishing.

- -

We found a bowl-like drop off /shelf about 10 miles above the Panamanian and Columbia border and about 10 off the shoreline. Running back into the beach to a tropical deserted cove with small running springs that fed it on three sides and anchorage gave way to bar b que'd fresh tuna and late sunset, casts off the bow to swirling jacks and other critters. peaceful. -

- Fire em up again and out to that likely looking area for a nighttime drift on the swordfish grounds. Rigged spanish mackerel for bait, sinkers tied andstrobing lights lowered away--- supported by a floated balloon two baits were put out--- - - The gyrostabilizer Sea Keeper, kept the boat from pitching or rocking in the nights pitch black swell as the moon was not due up till towards midnight. Within minutes foot long squid were in the illumination of the underwater lights that drew a host of minute plankton sealife. Able to get one of the squids netted it was quickly secured on the hook and overboard it went down hundreds of feet-

- - The long tedious night spent checking baits, making another move after a two hour drift to repositions the boat for a second drift- right were we wanted to go- an land breeze sprung up and helped complete the drift along that shelf-- but still no bites-- the squid finally had gotten pecked at, maybe other squids but no swordfish bites- nor sharks no sharks - Fire em'up again at dawn for a mornings shot at trolling for the marlin or tunas. We'd see a couple of larger model Yellowfin and varied out aproach , first flying a parafoil kite with bait underneath it to the dolphin schools then using a modified Greenstick method-- w/ large cross winged bird and float dragging behind-lifted high off the tower and sent back a hundred yards with the powerful electric reel and rigged plastic squids and fishing lines clipped on the main tow line, two or three attempts to the traveling schools of tuna with no results-- Back to marlin trolling again, another big Dorado then back to lodge at Tropic Star for a refreshing frosty cool one by the pool and a refreshing swim. More to come--




I left you off after we'd visited the Indian village, returned back to the boat for the afternoon's offshore fishing with a big dorado catch for the day , back to anchorage at Tropic star lodge, a few minutes to cast a popper or slow troll for the small jacks and sappers along the hidy holes and covered brush in the cove-in for dinner and a drink and out to the boat again for an early morning's start in the inflatable and some diving a reef. John and myself found the jacks against along the rocky reefs with the Rapala trolling plugs , before leaving the shop for the trip- plastic lured box crammed full with goodies, just one more as I was going out the door- looking up on the wall behind me a montage of old and used one-- yes that white and red headed Rapala with the shinny nose blade - in the box it goes- now the time to use it-- one Jack- another Jack, dropped in the water again-- let back just a few feet more, hold the rod low to the water to deepen its decent and slowly pumping it back and forth giving it more life- it's vibrations felt stronger as it was drawn in closer- a tug and solid take - good sized fish on, I shift in the seat to get a better purchase on it- up gyrates this 3- 4 ft long mouth open, gill flaring ,twisting shinny scaled fish- nice fish in its explosion my mind says tarpon, someone yells snook--- I can use a lot of excuses but the fish throws the hook after the first leap- ahaa's and insults on my fishing skills belabor me for hours afterwards. A look at the red/ white Rapala's hooks later reveals all rusty hooks, barbs eaten away and dull enough not to stick - good memory- the lost fish- Onward to a small reef for the boys to spear a grouper - water clarity was poor with micro plankton and sealife organisms and a mix of the red tide put the visibility at only 3 or 4 feet- - back to shoreline trolling and exploring a sandy white beach- leaving foot prints in the sand to wash away some day- mid cove a local fishing for the tablefare said live bait would work for the grouper on a rock pile- we mark the spot,











Back to the boat again and offshore for another try at the night-time drifting for swordfish -


or possibly maybe even those bigger Yellowfin tunas rumored to be out there-- We were joined this night with Albert the Tropic Star Fishing coordinator, having been fishing these waters foe decade or better- yes he was amped for a shot at those swordfish-- He brought out his skills in the bait rigging-- spanish mackerel or small skipjacks, their tails being cut away and and replaces with 10/0 11/0 sized strong hooks sewn


in backwards with the thought the head of the bait swallowed first and trailing hook being the first to come in contact and lodging in the corner of the mouth sharp cuts and correct placement laid out- a 3 inch tag end of the leader/ crimp spot left room for that tag end to be woven in and out of the remaining length of tail bone to help secure it firmly to the bait- another long night- Suns sets quickly and soon the dark surrounded the boat-- I've still got to say those gyrostabilizer Seakeepers keeps one's sealegs steady, when there's no horizon and that like misty salt haze in the air, the boat holding in the day's leftover lump was a welcome stable platform to work in- squirts of squid passing by quickly in the boats underwater lights, only to be nailed by burst of speedy 4 ft. long spotted porpoise, a swirl and the squid would be gone. Out of the boats lights two baits were sunk deep and await for those swordfish bites, we had returned back along a shelf dropping off from the shoreline flats some -6-8 miles offshore. Amazing sea creatures are always attracted to those underwater lights, sagged off a squid jig was this little 6 inch clear worm-like with tiny black eyes and translucent body Those flashing porpoise soon removed most of the squid that came into the lights, and hour would go by still no swordfish bite- nor shark nor any denizen of the deep, we waited - into the stern blue lights another slinky movement came- a yellow and black banded sea snake! - - the evening wind backed off and a land breeze sprung up putting the baits / floats in twisted angle off the transom and hour later it returned back to normal and still no bites. Dawn found us tired again and morning hours trolling for those elusive marlins.


Water starting to clear up and more porpoise schools and tuna showing- a long night and back to T/S for the day. Not wanting to loose the enjoyment of the area- we've back at it again this time in the inflatable and some live baits to the grouper spot we'd fished earlier-- and the live baits were gobbled up as soon as they got near the bottom. One, two and a lost fish or two - more than enough for a tasty meal.

The following morning we pull anchor and head towards Panama City, a stop over at one of the many island resorts on the way back, a self guided tour of the island sites, a fresh Grouper for dinner and into Panama City the following day- it's sky lined high rise building in contrast to the century old churches and building that help form this region--

Too bad the Black and Blue or Striped Marlin fishing wasn't that good and the swordfish didn't bite but it still was a good vacation-- When the bite again I'll be ready to go --- good luck if your headed that way. Give the Guest relations manager, Adrienne a hello for me and I'm sure she will assist you in anyway, have fun- JD





E-Mail this moring from yesterdays catch--- Go get em gal! Hi JD - Your inspirational words to my daughter on Friday of "young lady, you need to go out and catch a tuna like your brother" came to fruition today. Hannah caught her first bluefin tuna and it weighed 61.7 pounds. She was very excited about her catch. Keep on inspiring our youth to get outdoors and fish. Thanks GaryRich--- Rich-- big school of Tuna---- big fish -- big fish!-- 10:26am Swordfish boat--- Swordfish boat--- you on this side?-- there's a fat one right here off out side we've been baiting it for a couple of hours!- 10:35am W've got two on the boat-- smaller yellowfin- 30- 40 lbers-- I'm on the 14 mile bank and there's Bluefin everywhere! 1:30pm!!! --?? we're seeing bluefin as far as the eye can see-- ( Note-- for waht it's worth--the clear skies overhead started to become overcast around 1 pm today?) ?? San Clemente Canyon and the shelf to the inside held tunas too BAC--BAC --Balboa Angling Club-- you on this side---Pacific Pioneer- we're outside the harbor coming in to weigh a fish--- Bluefin somewhere around 130- 140-- short bent standup rod-- most boats had a shot at them today-- about halfway between the 181 and the 289-- slow trolling the mackerels-- Nice yellowfin-- he hit that 4 inch black and purple small jet head-- just put it out Nice going what you get them on--- we've been getting them on the yummy flyer--- pretty constant bite on them-- 5:39pm Good luck this upcoming week- JD---------


Good tuna fishing 55 miles out from Cabo on large jigs-- Todd Z Fight hard but no match for those Calstar rods! Using the small bent butt stand-up with an accurate 50w. Those rods are amazing!

Sat's reports ----

---------------- The morning hours greeted the boats with calm seas and overcast sky- wind light from the south/ eddy 2- 4 knts- lots of boats out jabbering-




- Hi JD, We went fishing for BFT, but came home with a YFT. My son, Nick, and his 51 lb YFT caught trolling in front of dolphin on Friday - somewhere inside the 181. Ali, Surly Mermaid we're inside the 267/ warm water and we're marking fish. 9:33amJust like the old times at the Tuna Club of Avalon-- anglers sore and worn out after long battles with these Giant Pacific Bluefin Tunas telling fish stories of the ones that got away-- - spent 8 1/2 hours on one fish yesterday- after the second hour I could see line beginning to wear, at 22lbs of drag and bumped it up to full "make or break em'"- 6 1/2 later the line parted!-- another fish story of 3 hook up on these brute size fish- all three broke off and another of a 130 lb braid line and 150 Fluorocarbon leader it too broke off Nice day on the water-- the 43 and general area around there held those bigger bluefins-- slow trolling Mackerel helped for the bigger models. Best of luck tomorrow if your getting out-- ````````````````Hi JD - great seeing you this afternoon. Thanks for the new fish club and pliers. Here is the picture from the Angling Club. Keep up the great work! Gary Vaughan Email this mornings from yesterdays


Hey JD-- Well….. we didn’t see any tuna however we did find this guy. Tossed macks on/at him for 30 mins. We finally gave up! Jammin’----------------------- Friday's reports ----------------- Morning overcast and south wind- afternoon clearing skies and west wind the pattern for a while till we get another heat wave them more westerly-- Calm seas -- swell subsiding over the weekend- Most boats that were chasing the tunas were happy to find a kelp and drift it-- we're here on the 181- found a paddy and are drifting it, not seeing much -- still quiet on the 209? -- looking for a fish report from the 312---- just a few paddies the reply comes back--- I'm at the 209 and it's really dead out here-- 10:07 am Thanks for the report were right next to you-- thanks--- got 6 on, 5 in the box chewing on the sardines w/30 fluor 20 lb class fish you on out port side - were on the corner- 10:15just give it some time- they're right under the paddy-- we've been slow trolling the sardines 11:26 am-- Hey JD! Headed to Avalon with the kids and stopped on a paddy 5 mi out of Dana. Picked up this nice Yellowtail in 70 degree water.Sport boats out of Oceanside and San Diego were working the deep water drop off outside the 43 and towards the East Wing of the Butterfly general area 32:30 / 117:50/55 11 up and 29 out-- felt like a hours battle was probally more like 10 minutes--- hook pulled or knot? biggest mackeral slow trolled a ways back- others at top number- 00 and 18 under we're out here by the 181--- saw a few but couldn't get them to go--- heard a a few fish caught here- there-- but we're not sure and not sure of where they were at- N32°22'41.27"/ W117°52'09.59" , N32°22'40.29" W117°52'10.36" couple of stops by sportboat- 1:pm today Does anyone have a fish formula--- it's 61 x 41 1/2" (Length x Girth Squared divided by 800 )- 132 lbs-- came up on the popper just shy of the 181--- nice going!! it was called a yellowfin! 182 had a bite mid-late morning- 182





we lost two got one Phone call this afternoon--- Hey JD we got "em" couple of tunas around 50 and the other big one around 150+ we'll be in to the BAC to weight them-- where were you at--- right at the US border/ cornor --- got them on poppers- Halco and another popper--- Michael Vaughn on the Big G -- A short while later the phone rings again--- we just weighed the big fish that Cameron Mc Cloud caught--- 218 lbs on the BAC scales the two others were in the 60's !--- sending photos-- ! they we're all over it--- tonnage of small anchovies -- brown bait balls under the boat-- they we were surprised they got it-- , two of the hooks were hanging loose , bent outPenn Fathon two speed reel

Foxi Lady report -- Costa Rica-

Fishing is not supposed to be a contact sport, if you don't count the run to the rod when the reel goes off!! Today you wouldn't know that, My friend Rich Palys was in the fighting chair fighting a blue Marlin, the ocean wasn't calm, we were chasing the fish down and he was close, he turned and jumped towards the boat, landed on the gunnel head and peck fin inside boat, Rich is in the chair (an easy 4+feet from the gunnel) and the fish's bill takes a chunck out of Rich's arm. He will live, tagged his fish, 3/4 at the 110 mile fad, Just another day at work -

---------------------------------- Thursday's reports -----------

- Nice weather-- light south wind this morning-- some coastal clouds which seems to be going away mid morning-- good sized ground swell from the south has the surfers out- a smaller swell from the west - seas fair otherwise.Quite a few boats out of SD waters-- seeing a few 30 lb bluefin schools no bites- porpoise and birds reported but not much said yet about any tunas caught-- boats ranged from the 209 southwards to the border and the 302/ 425- Took my yacht out early this morning ( first time in several months) shake down- all working fine and no leaks!- Calico's were biting especially on the New Penny colored Jerk Shads- no big fish but good number of em'- Schools of small anchovies just south of the Newport's Harbor-- Dana Point and below reported to be jugged with anchovies- good news for the later part of the season for the marlin fishing-- AIS shows some of the larger sportboats out of SD were fishing the deep water side of the 43 and out towards the East wing of the Butterfly-one 25 lb yellowail out from a paddy- live sardine---------------------- Wed's Reports----------

-With the weather at least the wind backing off a bit today -- seems like the radio is active again with the number of boat out--tunas and yellowtails Light marine cloud cover off on the ocean's horizon- wind from the south 4- 6 knts some light wind chop with it- seas good Still seeing fish in front of us 100 yards, left - right, staying up for about 5 seconds then down- not one group of fish but 4 or 5 of them - good sized fish but we haven't been able to get on them yet-- 10:24am Latest water temp images from 55 to 75 degreessounds like more and more yellowtails under the kelps- Newports Bait receiver has 3-5 inch anchovies -- they hope to get more soft and fin bait in befor the weekend- we came across a school of hundreds of yellows got one on the iron-- 1:12 pmSounded like someone saw a swordfish up--1:15pmAll right skippers-- it's been quiet for a while --- anybody seeing anything??---- best bait and birds we saw was around the 302-- quiet elsewhere-- boils seen near the 425 Boats circumnavigating the island Catalina) yesterday were hopefully of yellowtails ----not found- calicos but no yellows and they had the squid for live bait-- South and Southeast of the 312 - 4- 7 miles looks good- birds bait - works work it for most of the day-

-------------------- Tuesday's Reports ------------- Humid south wind this morning strong at times with a haze to the shy- looks like Cirrocumulus clouds above- mackerel sky above 18,000 ft- slight wind chop along with a uphill current-- bass were biting--A look forward at the San Clemente Island Security shows the island's southern end, SHOBA looks "Hot" all day Friday with anchorage after 1700 ( 5 pm) and again SHOBA is Hot/ active" from 9:00 (9am) to 1400 ( 2 pm)-- open that evening till the same thing on Sunday--hot/ active from 900- 1400 hrs-- looking forward to the Fouthof July weekend its open Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday!

And a E-mail from yesterday's fishing out of San Diego-- Good fishermen know-- when they are here you've got to go get them while you can-- the fish may not always wait t for you pleasure-- and that's what they did- trailered down from Newport and went out of Mission Bay for a pair of fat ones-- congrats-- JD Boat just in from the backside of Catalina-- east end-- bait boat was there selling squid-- but all they got were some smaller sized bonitos and some good scenery - wind swell and chop from the southeast made it a bit uncomfortable and the overcast sky made for fair fishing- they trolling all the way back for nada-- 2:17pmsomeone said a 60er was caught out of newport? with repors of tunas outside the RitZ Carlton 708 miles and a swordfish seen 4 outside Abalone Point wind and wind chop was steady from the south all day--- 12 15 knts-- skies hazy - odd weather-A swordfish caught yesterday (165lbs approx) 209 towards the 181 and spots of yellowfin in the area--

San Diego boats were working not to far from home--- 32:47 / 117:21~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And down Cabo way--- the 20TH ANNUAL STARS & STRIPES TOURNAMENT Benefiting Youth Charities Since 1996 is JUNE 23–26, 2016 CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO a great fund rasing event-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~------------------- The weekend's reports ---------------- Short period mixed swell with the west starting to blow early- bay water turned cold from the upwelled water at 59 degrees and up to 63 up the flats but still offcolor and fishing slow. Several boats turned around-- sea sick pasangers- Down below what boats made it out reports seeing some spots of bird activity but no tunas yet-- everyone's waiting for them to come up- 10:00am We got one in the box--- heading back in early---

Whattt--- ------ we just saw you get that one----yea we just put one on the deck and we've another one hanging-- -- 140 --150 11:17am they're here-- we just broke one off -- couple splashing around 33:01.47 / 117:39.40--- they're moving up the line--- be on the Avalon Bank and beyond before you know it-- stand by- 1:29pm 32:58.22 / 117:44.35 1:32pmE-Mail this afternoon- from yesterdays catch-- Between the 182 and the 9 yesterday on a 8" blue and white mackerel popper on Kirk Blackmans Skipjack. Fish came up between 1 and 2 pm. Happy fathers Day! Got windy mid afternoon - stiff westerly there's a ton of bait here-- all those little skipjack are blowing up on - birds bait pelicans seals-- 5:20pm Long distance casting plugs--- some of the simplest and proven lures are the Rangers, used off the East Cape for long distance casting off the beach to elusive Roosterfish , it's splashy reterive draws strikes- they work excellent for tunas too's!- best action is in the middle to fast range, no rod action isnecessary except when water is almost glassy calm. slower receive in rougher water , faster in calmer water is the general rule- priced right too! Matched with a pair of Owner assist hooks for a more solid battle . Note when using Assist hooks for the Pacific Bluefin IGFA records, rules - the lead cannot be more than 1- 1/2 the hooks length and bend of hook may not be more than 4 inches ,whichever is less, from the point of attachment on the lure.


a story) to show for it. Fun times. These fish are massive and powerful. ~scratchy report-- Yea we had a shot at em' a couple times -- just S/E of the high spot ( 43) 11:14am AIS also shows the partyboats in that general area too - some party boats working the deep canyon below Clemente and towards the east side of the Butterfly Bank-- -- we did run into a spot of fish just north of the 209 showed well, spotted puddlers birds --- those black birds traveling pretty quick, we finally got em to come to the boat but we didn't get anything-- I keep metering that bait down deep- dropped down with a small sabiki rig-- they were 2 -3 inch anchovies Tunas weighed in by the Angler Management and the Bongos 11 yesterday--- ------------------ Sat's reports ----------------- Morning overcast sky- wind very light from the southeast 2- 3 kts seas flat, ground swell humps it's self up on the beaches-otherwise good visability and traveling- 1517 boats out --- not as much radio chatter as one would expect-- you gettin em' yet-- etc. E-Mail Baja Mexico- -- JD , A report from Mexico. The JewelLure III fished 4 days out of San Jose del Cabo with guests Mike E., Preston S., and Tim G. Beautiful weather and released 14 billfish including 2 sailfish and 2 long bill spearfish. Went 12 for 13 on the jig strikes and 2 on ballyhoo. Stiff single hook rigs really work! Beautiful weather and good times. Warren G.these fish were really putting on a good show about an hour ago-- 10 am-- so far nothing for us-- 10:55am

03 and 49 and 04 and 48 ( inside the 209) multiple spots up- 11:11am

came across the 277 and some big bluefin--- couldn't get them on the chrome mackerel s or the poppers-- below the 43, a couple of sport boats stopped around noon today N32°36'04.33"/ W118°09'24.02"-- later on worked out to the deep water of the Clemente Canyon for another shot at fish N32°41'35.66" / W118°13'49.13"spent the day near the 289 saw a few bluefins couldn't get them to go --- found a few kelps with yellows that wouldn't eat the dines or mackerel we had- we also heard of some dodo but we didn't see anything- Barrette crossing the 14coming back from Catalina got a do- do today--- so there's a few aroundanother call of a est 115 lb bluefin taken just below the 43-- lost two others- one fish hooked on the mackerel, one hooked on the popper and one hooked on the colt sniper cast jig-- one out of three- interesting note passed on- earlier this year the tunas were under the terns, their presence revealed hovering over a spot of bait, recently it seemed the tunas were under the shearwaters, --------- The Friday's Report -------- A bit stronger south wind this morning more overcast with a 5- 7 knts wind chop- seas favorable -Reports of some of those bigger bluefin closer to the beach off Oceanside- 15

Looking at this mornings/ mid day AIS for the Sport boats shows many of them working the Clemente Canyon along the self's drop off outside the 43 and up the line towards Clemente island N32°42'49.63" W118°03'48.91"

Yesterdays outing for us- as we came from the 209 towards the 289- not seeing a lot , a few kelps -- with reports of smaller yellowfin up between the 181 and the 182 ( the Ridge) we bent it to the left, another boat 1/2 way between the 289 and Clemente said they'd metered bait and had dolphins and birds but hadn't seen any fish yet- ( 11am) we bent in towards the Ridge and later find the yellowfin came up for them- zigged when we should have zagged- "So much of the bluefin coming into the fish market now ( net fish) were "net burned" and prices were down to $1.50 a pound, the commercial rod and reel boys or even those darting a fish were getting upwards to 6 bucks a lb, a single fish might bring as much as $1200 " We saw a couple of fish up- under the bird schools--- 289 had one bunch up of the of big fish- yea were on the 43 but not seeing much- hadn't seen them for a couple of hours now-- 12:51pm You on this side Mike--- We're just criss crossing the 43--- just put one on the deck- around 225lbs--- yummy flyer, looked at one little speck on the meter-- best I'd seen for the day- kept working it--next thing you know- the guys down below are yelling-- 30W with braid backing--- it's all good- we haven't seen much, very little bird life, seen a bunch of sport boats around they must be see it them on their sonar-- RP got one about the same size as ours this morning-- 2:12pmMostly overcast for the entire day-- a few spots of blue above but they go away quickly- wind still light from the southwest clearing off late day on the beach That's the first I've seen this year-- saw one off the East End-- maybe two milesout--- up feeding might have been two there-- Marlin--- 3:42pm and the report of the young man- and tossing a sardine to a kelp paddy-- up runs away with all his line was a marlin!- he needed to respool! Couple of sun burnt boys came in the shop they had been out towards the 289-- no tunas for them but they did score on some nice yellowtails-- lost a few of the bigger ones too-

Good luck this weekend-- be careful don't burn your fingers-- Tuna weighed in at Catlaina -- something chomped off it tail-!!!- We need a bigger boat!

------------------------------------Went fishin Thursday- saw a bunch of Blue Whales out between the 289 ad the 181, lots of water, a few bigger kelps offshore--- small yellows under one of them and a mix of maybe bigger bonitos thrashed a kelp inside the 209-- bait meter marks in the same area- searwaters on the water rafted up 5- 7 off the beach - Laguna-Dana lookd good- not much for us - but a good day on the water---------- ------------------------- Wed's Reports ------------ Sweet refreshing sea breeze this morning along the coastline-- ocean looks beautiful and lots of radio chatter- from those seeing puddlers- boils, terns and tails under paddies-- one bigger bluefin on a mackerel early lots of chatter-- all helpfully to others out-- a few disgruntled boaters dirtied it up- Hey JD-Here are the photos from our fish we weighed yesterday at BAC. We were out Sunday/Monday bft trophy hunting and finally got these jumbos to bite on day 2 afternoon. Some fish of a lifetime for the ANDREYA! The smaller went 116# caught on a popper and the jumbo went 222# on the trolled kite with yummy flyer. Hope all is well… Thanks, Nate Shill we're tight--- 11:31am-- Slack tide this morning---- 11:20am amost same time as yesterday Spotter plane up early- for a long day of it-- saying it's about the best day he's seen for observing the waters- there' was one flag 5 below the 289- -how's it in where your at-? harpoon boat--- sunny in there- it's about 80 % - but there's some holes where we were at yesterday afternoon-11:55amwe got the majority of our yellows south of the 43--- got these trolling just outside the 181 the paddy loaded-- what you get em on skipper--- threw the iron as much I as I could -- wouldn't take anything but the sardines--

Boat came on the radio saying they been at the island for the past few days returning-- hadn't seen any tunas but he said he's actually seen a marlin? 1:41pm

offcolor green 73 degee water- inside better ( SD waters) we've been at the 182 for most of the day-- not much happening there today-- soaking a mackerel we were about 300 yards from the paddy whey it took it saw the whole fish eat it-- we were after the yellow but that wa a tuna- lost it on 30lb tackle- Bongos came on in the mid/late afternoon with their fish report-- 7 yellowfined tunas up to 66 lbs, 3 bluefined tunas up to 130 lbs and 1 lonly yellowtail-- nice catch! Heck-- I might even go fishing on Thursday-JD .60-------------- Tuesdays Reports ------------- -For all of you inland from the coast hwy- eastwards- it was hot and humid-- on the beach overcast and cool-- light south cool Seabee and calm seas-- Lot's of radio chatter this morning mostly out of the San Diego to Dana - boats talking-- 181- 182, the 43 fathom spots and towards the beach from there-- Yellowtails big grumpy ones, some small yellow or Big Eastern Pacific Bonito- roaming around , and still some of the big Bluefin around Waiting till the tide slacks off or just as it starts to fill in -- Jake's on a good one 11:21amWe're back in the harbor with two aboard!

San Clemente Island Looks to be open Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday! No scheduled operations Tropical Storm forming down south - Mainland Mexico moving NorthWest- Pretty good group of sport boats on the 43--- seen a few fish come over the rails-- Parker------ if -- you just stay there--- they 'er coming right at you-- we've been chasing these big Bluefin- casting poppers to em- breezing and big boils-- -- - they coming right at you-- 1:09pm Party boat-- we stopped on a couple of paddies-- absolutely nothing under them--- drove around--- now headed into the beach and anchor up-- catch them something--The local angling club-- BAC weighs in a pair of Bluefin today, an triple duse 222 lber and a 116 lber- the bigger fish on 100 lb Spectra, smaller fish on 65 braid- both from the 43 area and I belive mackeral as baits-- earlier in the day, yesterday-- the three boys brought in their fish from the previous battle that went into the night- , it went 240lbs ," they aint hitting the poppers anymore-he say's- live mackerels"- and Todd Z weighed in a 61 lb Yellowfin Tuna taken out by the 277 -- Todd got away from the new Fuel Dock Maxum in Huntington Harbor -Congrats ToddBluefin going off-- 324 pm ? anybody have a report from the 182--- the 182's dead-- no life 4:18pmsounded like the 425 and 02 were also on the slow side-- Couple/3 of images tio look at- - Water temps from 58 to 75 degrees ( Left) and of the Chlorophyll ( Right/ below), and a Third image of the Surface Currents over the past 24 hrs- in .5 knts per hr.

strongest in bright red ( Left below)

~~~~~~~~~~ Harpoon boat to spotter airplane-- we got some numbers from a yacht down below here--but got blown out earlier this morning-- airplane/ it's wide spread out this year-- one here- there--he said-- a few days ago we had one up at 5:30 -- sounds like they were running a fish 5:12 pm left--- left-- looking good--- right right-- right- come to the right-- --thank you! High tide slack today--- 5:12pm ~~~~there's a second fish up----he's at yur 10 O'clock--- two boat lengths---- 12 00 -- 12:00 o'clock------roger!--Thanks!-

and another one up---- left--- three boat lenghts-- two--- two--- two--- left---- two- - one--- good job! say your pretty good at this 5:55pm--------------------- Mondays Report-----Yea I know it's monday-- in for a few hours-- JD boats scattered out towards the 43 and the Ridge ( 181-182) couple of boys came into the BAC early this morning-- spent the night fighting a Giant Bluefin Tuna in their small skiff- Yellows being found more and more under paddies and trolled feathers and Rapala also getting yellowfin strikes Anything going on on the "corner"?-- bunch of yellows under the kelps and a pretty good show on the Bluefin-- any dines-- had them blowing up on the dines earlier this morning-- We're just driving around-- there's quite a few boats out here-- doing the same thing we are-- just driving around- east of the 181 4- 5 miles water warms up a degree or two-- some yellowfin there-

--------------------- The weekends reports -------------- Brighter sky this moring -- a light marine haze which seems to evaperating early in the day- wind light from the S/W 2- 5 knts seas calmWith the sad news of the overturned boat off the backside of Catalina yesterday and lives lost- reminds us to wear your life vest, they make em' light weight and easy to wear- dont leave home without it!!- JD Parker-- with the tower those fish are just East of you-- 180 degrees out of Dana 31 miles -- spots of tuna and a swordfish this morning-- we're off your port side-- ont one h

We got the bluefin in the dirty water toward 2:00 yesterdaythey're everywhere--foamer --- these are 100 suckers --those are big fish-- tuna 100 plus--- we just keep watching the birds hope you broght a gaff-- we'll holler at you if we get something else to go--we got schools up I can see em with the binos-- -- Went late into the day-- but not many fish reports--a few scratchy reports of fish metered and few at that-- weather nice general west 10 - 12 kts west in the afternoon light chop

Interesting to see that warm water work it's way up towards Catalina, probably be a Marlin on the A Bank this weekend somewhere around the 2 pm hour good luck--JD

E Mail report Avalon--Hi, watched 3 nice fish weighed in off a battleship on the Avalon pier Wednesday...2 Bluefin at 209 and 238 lbs plus a 25 lb. yellowfin taken down by the 43....still white seabass in the south swell, green water near the East End...yellowtail to 30 lbs off the stone quarry....3 other Bluefin taken by small skiffs staying over the 4th...looking better and better! bob

They gave it the old collage try--- 209 and beyond- saw a few kelps-- a dozen that should have held something-- but not much under them-- couple of dead seals were the highlights -- or lowlights of the day-- --------------- Thursdays Reports ------------------ Back to the mornings overcast cloud cover- light eddy bringing in a southwest wind at 2- 3 knts, seas smooth and calm- skies brightened by mid morning and a lot more people on the water not wanting to fool around with the weekend challenges, challenge enough to find and hook one of these Bluefin-- Couple boats say they spotted fish breaking outside them but not getting on them in time. Porpoise schools were said to be holding-- Water temps seemed to have dropped a degree or two overall to 67 and not much talk of fish being landed- a few seen but that was it-- Spots of Yellowfin showing up further south we just had those YF just popped up - we couldn't get on them----baits starting to show--12:02pmwesterly blew in again- hazy afternoon and not much to report-- tomorrows a better day and let that moon again to fill- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Upcomming events for sportfishing anglers to enjoy-Don’t forget to sign up for the Balboa Angling Club's 8th Annual Newport Harbor Bay Bass Open this coming Saturday, July 9th! It only costs $60 per team (3 Anglers Max) and Sign up early! Sign up often! It’s more fun when you are around . Right around the corner is the Helen Smith's Offshore Tournament for July 22 & 23and following into September 16 & 17 Master Angler Billfish Tournament ````````````Save the Date! SMY Invitational Sept. 9-11 Save the Date! The Stan Miller Yachts Invitational fishing tournament is back, September 9th - 11th, out of Newport Beach, CA. We are looking forward to another great event! Past tournaments have proved this to be a fun, family-friendly fishing tournament, with an excellent array of prizes (and bragging rights) at stake. The SMY Invitational is open to boats of all brands, and is generously presented by Viking, Hatteras and Mag Bay Yachts. Keep your eye out for additional information as well as our formal entry invitation. We look forward to seeing you at this year's event `````````````````````````````````Here are the final race results for the 2015 MABT-IGMR: First Place – Team Bounder on behalf of Los Pescadores in memory of Captain Ron “What’s the Bottom Line” Johnson - 2,05 nm on a estimated 170 lb. Striped marlin in 220 days. Second Place – Team Pelagic on behalf of Balboa Angling Club - 1,690 nm on an estimated 100 lb. Striped marlin in 240 days. Third Place – Team Pacific Pioneer on behalf of the Tuna Club of Avalon - 694 nm on an estimated 150 lb. Striped marlin in 201 days. A full MABT-IGMR Race Report (containing details on all tags deployed during this event) will be published in about 60 days. The winning marlin’s tag popped-up in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands. This represents a significant deviation in migratory behavior from that observed in 2014, and the migration route most believed to be the case, when Striped marlin depart from southern California waters. Needless to say, we’ll have to wait for the final report to better understand this year’s results. The final report will be automatically sent to all tag sponsors Our sincere thanks to all of last year’s sponsors for their support of this vital billfish research project……the long-term future of billfishing worldwide may very well depend on the overall findings of this project. Another IGMR will be held during this year’s Master Angler Billfish Tournament sponsored by the Balboa Angling Club. To reserve your satellite tag for this year’s race please contact Bob Kurz at or Leah Baumwell at Best regards, Bob Kurz IGFA Representative - Southern California HIBT Great Marlin Race Event Coordinator MABT-IGMR Event Coordinator `````````````````````````The 45th Annual Channel Islands Billfish Tournament will be held this year from September 10th to 14th. A kick-off party at the Channel Islands Yacht Club will be held at 6:00pm, Friday the 9th. The awards banquet will be held on the following Friday the 16th at 6:00pm at the club. Great food, refreshments and a raffle will be had at both events. For more information please check out our website at```````````````````

------------------------------- Wed's Reports ----------------- And another beautiful day here on the beach-- wind early from the west-- coastal clouds blew away early- light wind tans swell chop from the west- seas cooled down a degree overnight with yesterdays wind Don't give up on those paddies-- just landed a nice one between the 279 and the 14 Mile bank-- 11:17amAnd a E-mail from the Quitena ---- Just back from the Stars and Stripes in Cabo and then 3 days on the East Cape and then Alijos Rocks.Won three of four categories and the overall tournament , Alijos was WOF. Caught 19 heavy stripers (180 range), 11 wahoo to 65 and 4 big yellowtail in the 45-50 range. The Marlin were on the outer bank off the rocks and super aggressive. Captain Rich Hamilton did a great job landing multiple Marlin hookups of 3 at a time. One of the best fishing days I can recall. Paul- After this past weekend's boating traffic it's surprising how quiet it's become on the radio since then-- little bit more wind now and plans for this coming weekend for most anglers. Whale watchers out a couple of miles- blue whales 200 degrees out of newport -3pm--- seems the dolphins a porpoise which like the fin bait are absent- as well as the fin bait---surface water warmed up-- they went somewhere? Water temps from 60 to 75 dgrees for a 3 day composit image-- -- uple new boats into the harbor today , sleek looking blued hull Tomahawk and the Quitena up from Panama

Welcome to Newport

---------------------------- Tuesday's reports --------------- Beautiful summer day- what light coastal clouds we had went away early in the day- blue skies with a slight west wind at 4- 7 knts light wind chop on the water-- Poppers account for another nice yellowfin tuna being caught out by the 277 in 69 1/2 degree water-- that's a good size yellowfin for these waters-- San Clemente's Island Security web site show the island pretty much to be open from Thursday, Friday and Sat/ Sunday begins to get active again on the Monday the 12th- good place to fish out of for those tunas this coming week and weekend-- but watch that swell coming up hill from the Hurricane below us, long period swells due in Friday night and into Sat-Windy this after after noon wetly steady-- that old standard afternoon newport slop Boat coming back for Catalina- with all the family stuff aboard takes a looks at the Avalon Bank -- just to check it out- seeing a school of two lb mackerel in a baitball themselves?? something was after them-- some sea life on the way back in no great amount though.Not many on the radio today-- Given that Blas is undergoing rapid intensification, the short-term forecast shows a significant increase in intensity within the next 12 to 24 hours Later in the period the hurricane should be moving over cooler waters, so a gradual weakening trend is expected to commence in about 48 hours. If Blas follows a more southern route than anticipated, however, it could weaken more slowly than shown here. FORECAST POSITIONS AND MAX WINDS INIT 05/1500Z 14.1N 119.5W 95 KT 110 MPH 12H 06/0000Z 14.4N 121.5W 110 KT 125 MPH 24H 06/1200Z 14.8N 123.7W 120 KT 140 MPH 36H 07/0000Z 15.4N 125.5W 110 KT 125 MPH 48H 07/1200Z 16.0N 127.4W 95 KT 110 MPH 72H 08/1200Z 17.4N 130.9W 75 KT 85 MPH 96H 09/1200Z 19.1N 134.3W 45 KT 50 MPH 120H 10/1200Z 20.6N 137.7W 30 KT 35 MPH...POST-TROP/REMNT LOW A second tropical storm brewing off Manzanillo- due to grow- 1. An area of disturbed weather is located several hundred miles south of Manzanillo, Mexico. Environmental conditions are expected to be conducive for gradual development, and this system is likely to become a tropical depression by the end of this week while it moves westward and then west-northwestward. * Formation chance through 48 hours...low...10 percent * Formation chance through 5 days...high...80 percent Blas has the classic appearance of a powerful hurricane in satellite imagery this afternoon, with a 20 n mi wide eye embedded in a symmetric central dense overcast which in turn is almost surrounded by outer convective band Satellite intensity estimates are 115 kt from SAB and 102 kt from TAFB, and a recent CIMSS Advanced Dvorak Technique estimate is 110 kt. Based on these data, the initial intensity is increased to 110 kt, making Blas the first major hurricane of the eastern Pacific season. ---------------------- Independents Day, the Forth of July------------- Coastal fishing in these good tidal swings and with pleanty of those anchovies around-- there's been a good showing of White Sea Bass--possiable yellowtails and good bass fishin - as well as those peasy thresher sharks , Vick released a bunch of them yesterday--from small to large!

Hello J.D. Happy 4th I hope all is well with you & your family. San Clemente Islwas amazing yesterday. Quality yellowtail, bass, bonito & a Giant Black to round out our tour of the Lee & West end. Water cold & dirty around the corner. Yellowtail jugged with small squids & light boats in West cove. Signs of a bite over there with breezing yellowtail in the late afternoon .

A regular 4 th of July parade of boats passing the shop today-- large yachts dressed with flags and pennants- sailors, yackers and pleasure craft of all description- right on que for the Forth-- clear skies for the evenings fireworks-- Windy crossing for those going or coming to Catalina- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


nd a sad note of the passing of Capt. Mel Loros We wanted to let everyone know of the passing of one of the original “Cabo Captains,” Mel Loros. Mel started back in the early 70’s aboard the “Chipper.” For over 25 years he ran the boat from Cabo to Alaska. He was 81 years old and will be missed by family and friends. Mels wife Dorothy, still holds the World Record for Pacific Halibut with a remarkable 70 lb fish on only 4 lb test line! Yasha Island Alaska in July of 1991 Mel , to me was one to always count on to get the job done correctly. Adio




Sundays Reports ---------------------- Typically a early summer day-- overcast, light southwest wind seas calm with a ground swell lots of boaters out - remarkably quite on the fishing info other chatter chatted, A boat load of boys came in late yesterday afternoon having fished the back/west end of San Clemente island yesterday--- after the party boat left for the day- their afternoon drifts with the live squid produced nice fat yellowtails 30- 42 lbers good -fishing for them Local whale watchers-- being out on the bait grounds offshore looking for the humpbacks whales-- finding tuna marks under the dolphins-Hi JD - Went out yesterday and found the bluefin foamers we were looking for. Went 2 for 2 on the 150+ pound fish on the poppers. Headed to Clemente after and fished yellows for good action on the squid. I'll drop some bluefin at the store tomorrow for you to enjoy. Thanks JD! Gary on the Big G ~~~~~~~~~~We got em'-- got the first on the popper-- lost the second fish at the boat . a heart breaker and broke off a another one!Boats and all sorts of watercraft in and out of the harbor today-- nice day and good weather-- clearing for the afternoon coastal clouns to come back in again- Stong tide- incoming this evening-- with a minus tomorrow am- best of luck if you get out-- enjoy it- JD Sand bass and calicos off the art reefs above the harbor-- those pesky sharks are around again- More on the Tuna vs Mako Shark-- Hi JD, picture of the fish with a substantial amount of weight taken by a 12' Mako shark. We didn't measure the girth and estimate the length but this fish was well into the 200 lb range around 230-240 by our estimates. --

- Can't "count" as a catch but we got a lot of meat (an

anging lost another-- 10:12am

1st local caught Marlin of the Year---- So the phone rings-- -- old acquaintances-- Brian Ross and his wife Tammy and crew aboard their 42 Bertram, Oh ana -- he asked if any marlin have been caught --- sorry I don't think so, not yet at least -------- well--- we got one -- coming back across the shipping lanes-2:30 pm--feeder up on a ball of bait Tammy's the angler 40 minute battle, we tried to revive it -- but sorry it didn't make it-- we kept it-- est 140 lbs 93 inches Congrats--- JD Hey JD, Here's a couple pics. Angler was Tammy Ross 93 inch fish, haven't weighed it. Was bleeding out the gills, so we kept him for the smoker! We were in the shipping lanes. He was up feeding on a bait ball. He put on a good show, fun fish. Struck out on the tunas though. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~we just put a big one on the boat -- how big-- maybe a buck fifty 5:12pm lot of fish there on the Corner" have a dozen boat there-- down belwo lots of paddies a doznen yellows and and couplke a dorado we had a quiet day until we came into that zone-- stayed up long for us- and we could get some iron into it-- I got pretty beat up -- 39/ 51 --------------- Fridays reports ------------ One of those glassy smooth days you'd want to be out nearing the first week into July , same as yesterday even more of a relaxed morning- no reports yet-- radio reception should be good- light overcast marine layer. It's not just one hurricane that helps transport the southern warm waters northbound, some swells exits the area northwards slowly lapping a surface push, it's the series of three or more strong hurricanes that last a while that help develop a stronger and deeper swell movement enhancing the California current northwards -- Stand by slow trolling live baits sardines helped with the yellowtail catches this morning-- got these yellowfin up ---didn't want anything to do with the poppers--- we're trying the live baits now-- where you at-- you close to the 209 ?-- I got numbers--- 32.55. 75 / 117 .53 -- 10:10amwe're right here close to the 312-- life's starting to show-- porpoise some birds we're gonad stick it out around here for a while ( Slack tide today-- 1:38pm)Upper 9 mile bank holding Yellowfin-- got one on -- too light of tackle about 75lb fish-- birds that was all we've seen no boils at +all-

get em' on the meter marks and the Flatfall lures-- 10:41am

Fishing the 209 ----- has some boils around 9 am this morning -cast iron gor hooked up--- got it to the boat three times hour and a a half -- and it spit the hook at last -well over 100 - it's dead here now a couple kelos and somd dorado found some fish about 5 inside we had 4 run- a -ways came --- they just came up that one time-- we got zero fish on board- we're headed back where we saw them a lot of chatter-- a little bit of action-- but most just saw a few. wind didnt seem to be a issue as the day wore on Nice spot of fish uphill from us and another right under us at 100 ft-- 3:47pmHow'd you do--- after a long day on the water--- we got one for two----- how big's the one you got-- oh around 50-- lost the big one-- brutal- only a couple shots at the fish early mid day--then only the occasional report on the radio for most of the rest of the day-- the Big G comes into the BA lat in the afternoon hours to weigh a pair of twins dressed out at 65 each- colt snipers he says-- bought at JD-- I told him to say something else as we were sold out of the snipers--! Beefed up single hooks help keep them lodged in place and heavy leader material needed for the long hour battles/ bite off- gluck- JD

Live Deception lures by Ahi-- thru wire rigging and welded eyelet -available from 2,3 4 and 6 os anchovy, blue mackerel, sardine and green mackerel -

------------- Thursdays Reports --------------- Wind - light from the west 2- 3 knts seas calm, a lite marine layer haze the horizon- Seeing lots of foamers-- but no bites-- massive bait off outer La Jolla Canyon, radio active this morning as boaters out before any weekend challenges.Whale watchers seeing more today- unlike the brutality of yesterday's hunt. 209- 312 inside from there- the radio coverd with noise, not much hooked that I could hear- 9:50amwe've got foamers here ring on the 226 (?) the fleets here- 9:55209 71.4 degrees- boats out asking each other water temps, or how they were doing ?Those pulsating tropical storms and hurricanes off Mexico and the Baja peninsula just keeps a steady flow of surface driven northward bound swells- and by late August and September they probally will have continued with a path of warm water for all those Striped Marlin off Baja to come our way . With the amount of bait here- should be a spectacular Fall foamers inside the 312-- anybody have any luck, cant get them to go-- we slow trolled macks for two hours couldn't get them to go-- look to be the right kind

that kelps loaded with dorado- 209 - come to the outside of us--- 10:27amCoastal fishing for the Calico bass red hot-- even a few bigger yellows roaming around-- chasing a hooked calico to the boat--- any of the kelp beds or structure spots along the coastline should be good fishing great meter marks at 150 ft we're south of the hidden theres a lot of sportboats here-- water's green- there's a good spot of fish about 19 off the beach spots of breakers-- 209 looks good some meter marks--- outside the 209 it starts to green up-- Come this way--- 56 and 54-- 11:09 should I run?-- naw-- just saw what we were wanting to see-- top of the Ridge--

just found another popper this year-- that's the third one this year! lots of guys flying kites --it's the right stuff- 11:15am- Price of fuel, Diesel is great for this summers fishing adventures offshore-- here' in Newport-- Island Marine Fuels has it at the over 200 gal price at $2.19 a gal , say the secret password " Mackerel " for the deal!- JD We swung and missed --that was fun----anybody else out here get bit off --- southwest of the 209 we got bit off every time-- 4 mile-- no a two mile square of bluefins everywhere--using 30- iron, flatfalls- sardines- we got broke off 20 times---everything we we threw got bit on the light line--- the heavy line they wouldn't bite, southwest of the 209 about 10 miles lots of boats but there there were a million more tunas --we got bit off 20 time they were 150- 200 lbs frustrating when they wouldn't take the 80 linewatched these guys get hooked up--- rod went, in the water -- guy jumps overboard-- handed it back to the boat- gets back in the boat-- rod goes overboard again it was amazing- they might have been butterfingers but it was good 11:44amthey've gone down now--- I didnt land one it was amazing-- anchovies flying out of the water everywhere - it was amazing--we got so excited, we hooked ourselves-- we had to settle down and have a drink before we got started-- 32:58. 40 /117:56. 930 little skiff-- hook up--- -- we've got a triple going-- 12:20pmfor the last hour we were trying to call you-- throwing every thing we've got at em'-- boil after boil right in the miiddle of em- for no love- 2:54pm you guys see what Im seeing--- yes-- ok were going to sneak up on it-- 3:28that right there is a 100 ton spot-- JD's you on this side--- Donny on the Patron------ you get a marlin today?--- sure did-- 30 lb dacron- about 2 miles out of Pyramid Head-- 10:05 -- released 10:55 classic textbook hook up and fight- Captain Sierra did honors at the wheel-- Congrats-- that might be the First for the Tuna Club--JD

--------------------- Wed's 27th Reports -------------- A pale blue sky greeted boaters this morning--- light west wind and swell - water deemed to clear up a bit more--we went out to the 181- but the waves were too big and we didn't seen ay birds -- so came back inside Water temps as high a 79 degrees and breaks of dirty green water--cleaning up in spots --by the time we got there all we could see were scales floating around-- never saw any birds of fish-- 270 it tapped out- another one was said to be on the line after several hours-- Kelps far and few between 11:00 we just left the 182 it's a ghost town there--slow trolling em' was deadly for them-- we've got 5 or 6 in the box-- broke off a couple too!- it's shapped like a "U" right now-- won't fit in the fish box-- 276 we retapped it--- kite fish--- -- he's a little busy-- we'll be on that other channel-- we just dumped one--- the 80 parted at the knot-- it's not showing at all just a few tern's picking-- looked fishy 12:40pm 16/ 10 one kelp-- he hooked five off it 33:15.88 / 11809 Dorado and yellowtails 42/ 30 - more and more reports on them now--- - others lost a few of the bigger tunas slow trolling the mackerel where?-- some foamers off Oceanside not wanting to bite anything- 2:21 pm-- tide should start to top off over the next few hours--- stand by-- E-Mail from a good old customer--- Hey JD brought the SANTANA up from Cabo for the summer and went out over the weekend to see what all the bluefin buzz was all about and they decided to cooperate- live macs were the ticket Again wind seemed to back off for the late afternoon hours-- such profanity on the radio- it's not needed ! Federal Functions Commission FCC at one time issued VHF radio license , all radio communication followed rules, call signs given and sign off, if such language would be used, it would be recorded and fines or radio licence revoked- we'll need more government interjection or a better sense of self restraint. ---------------------- Tuesdays Report -------------- Wind from the west early this morning a change in the atmosphere- hazy blue skies wind 7-+ light wind chop and still that mixed swell- wind building west this afternoonSpotter plane you on this side--- couple of planes up-- ---- boats on the 209 report screen full's of bait marks, a few terns picking off the water every so often-- no bluefin foamers seen yet-- boats ran to the 43 yesterday-- nice ride-- came back inside today looling for a shot at those big fish- 289 fathom spot was loaded with bait- birds- still awaiting for the show-- some boats - made no sense driving around just shut down, --- dropped down the colt sniper deep all I brought up was a red crab--- started going off 07/ 28 noth side of the Carlsbad canyon 12:22pm yellowfin about 30 just put one on.we did well this morning one kelp on the 267 on the baits--, Water temps over the past three day composit, 64 to 77 degrees Different day-- westerly wind---a few spot of fish blew up inside and below towards dolly - been quiet for half the day on the radio-- It's starting to feel like the tackle hospital with repairs on damaged reels and rods- stripped reels, broken handles, bearings worn out- guides broken and reel seats twisting- !---

4 seiners working the tunas now --- making sets on yellowfin-- 4:12pmou've got to get the fish anyway you can-- tuna seiners gave the guy some fish-- we'll just get in line get our credit card out-- -- best part of it ----- they waved us over and gave us the fish!- wind backed off late in the afternoon--- nice------ Mondays Events --------------- -Light south wind and swells have diminished some-- not as much life seen this morning-- it's a desert out here-- 07/ 40 a little life 9:44amE-mail this morning of the birds and bait and tunas! we're just N/E of the 209 a few kelps but that's it for us-- we're S/E and it's starting to go off-12:02pmMore signs of 50+ yellowfins aroundWe got all we wanted dorado-- off this paddy here's the numbers 33: 02 and 117:56 -, 12:27pm we had some stuff eariler-- had one on-- lost it off the iron, were 13.7 from Oceanside --we didn't see much till right after noon- a foamer that came to the boat -one cast-- came off- foamers on the 209 up down quicky then gone- a desert- these things are up and down so fast -- we've just gone to slow trolling the baits- 2:39pm

53 and 31-- Dave spouts out--- all big fish, never seen anything like this in my life it's mind boggling 2:41pm <-------------In Stock-- Yummy Flyers--- rigged and unrigged--


---------------- the tuna and weathered weekend-------------

- Still from the south with a mixed sea state, 10- 12+ steady blow, a few went out they were everywhere- Seeing lots of birds, they weren't taking anything-- 04 over 56- anyone out on the 277 this morning?- the radio lingo goes on and on- good to hear it- Balboa Angling Clubs-- Offshore Helen Smith Tournament had Chuck and Teri out -- rewarded with this nice 82.5lbs on 30 lb IGFA line in 50 minutes 3 miles south of the 277 on a mackerel clone towed behind Cowboy Chuck H. Encinitas- Carlsbad area wide opens 80- 100 76 degree water 6-7- 10 miles out - it's going off - shut down you engines, drift back a mack The Tuna Club of Avalon also having their club's Tuna Tournament this past week- 80 lb Bluefin's didn't even get them in the running--- With this year being the best in recent memory of Bluefin Tuna and the challenge of catching one of these Bluefin being what the Club was formed it bought together anglers of the high ese degree - congrats the Joker It wasn't nice today out there- washboard south wind swell and west and northwest swell, but the brave ventured out and were successful- Decker with son Briggs puts on a 80 er-- Decker's poppers falls off, Briggs with the Colt Sniper scores right behind him-- nice catch! Weather started to back off mid late in the day-- thankfully - its pushed that warm body of offcolored plankton rich water still closer to the beach-- We'll see what this next week will bring--I think another marlin was released eariler this morning by a skiff- boaters stuck it out till the late afternoon hours same old story seeing em tough to get a bite-- ----------------------- Sat's off weather reports---------- Foggy on the morning's water--- pea soupy in some spots rolling in-Best I've seen in the past three days-- how big-- oh maybe 65/ 70 got the one on a colt sniper-- yea we lost two on them one pulled the other sawed off, we got ours on a mack, small circle hook around 70 80lb bluefin just hit the deck firts one of the season for me-- 9:21amsitting on a paddy loaded with yellowtaiils can;t ger them to go-- 9:22amE-mail this morning JD - we got lucky Friday and caught this 146 pound (bled) BFT on a live mackerel, 3/0 super mutu ringed circle hook, and 60 lb flouro leader. We fished the temp break along the 181-182 ridge roughly 40 miles from Dana point at slack tide. Best part was catching it on the custom UCLA Penn Int"l you had sold us awhile back, that rig is now legend. Best, jb (Ramble On) just droped one off the popper lost him after 20 30 minutes -- off oceanside-- they were going off eariler-- 9:24am good temp break off oceanside 10 miles birds and baitoff La jolla tunas were jumping-- 9:31amwe just put one on th deck --maybe 100 lbs on the popper-- that you right next to us- 10:01amjust had one come up the size of my Volkswagen-- I need a bigger rod-- you'll need a bigger back!Fog- becomes a challenge for some of the smaller skiffs without radar- We're still hooked up--- no way--this fish has been to the boat five times---- Three on the boat--- had like five hooked up ar once--they were crashing the boat chasing the iceboats they had balled up - had em' on the colt sniper, omega baits--- I got mine on a black and silver taddy surface iron-- they're were in a frenzy - absolutely mental 10:55am they're running with the porps--- got em with the porps with bait-- 10:59 we went all the way out to the 43-- coming back in now towards where we started earlier-- kind bumpy out there- smoothing out --and now we're into fog- 11:21am footbasll field left right pulled into the 267 early this morning-- made casts --- Foamer 04/ 0ver 26-- 11:44amGoing

---------------- Thursday's Reports -------------------- Today has the Tuna Club of Avalon hosting the

----Sold out of Yummys still have a couple of kites left- more on their way--

---------------------- Wed's reports -------------------- Nice day again--- good to see things back to norm- for those boating this week or weekend keep your anticipations high- positive altitude helps-- helps sharpen the fishing skills - a fleck of a tern's wing , a splash out of the corner of your eye. There are schools of bluefin tuna and yellowfin as well as breezing schools of yellowtail seen capitalize on the opportunity while it still exist, fish go down pretty quickly. , Avalon Bank to the East end- 277 and backside has life and fish in it. Further down the line the general area of 33 / and 118 is all holding fish . Nothing so far-- time of day deal--10:10am Skipper on the 289 pilot house flying a kite you on this side-- how ya doing-- not much for us so far- fished the 43 yesterday spent the night at the Cove how you do on the 43, one 100 lb bluefin and s smaller yellowfin-- how'd you doing you fish this morning-- working home ourselves- we were done by 9:15 this morning couple of yellowfin 50- 70 and a 90 lb bluefin-I think he said he's counted 57 boats in the area ( 43 to the 33/118) area - some boats working west to get out of the fleet- yet the fleet were still getting bites with the kites and yummy flyers - you on this side hooked one-- broke us off using 400lb leader! 12:24pm Tide slacks off laterone big fish the rest boat lines and they hit the cedar plug-- yellowfins--Tunas-- 33.16 / 118.08 We were right between the 14 and the East end of the island--- big school of foamers stayed up for quite a while before we could get there-- Yellowfin I'd say 20- 30lb fish- birds, bait, the works-- 3:109pmYellowfin about 10 off the island headed towards the 267---3:29pmthey'er biting have'tn had a chance to get the kite up for 5 minutes before we're bit-- nothing over 100---- lost one earlier got a chance to look at it - I'd guess over 300 broke the 400 lb leader--3:44pm -------------------- Tuesday's 23 report ------------------ Weather nice on the inside greasy smooth light Southeast wind/ calm- a lump on the outside between the two islands,Clemente and Cat-- boats out there still hopeful of something-499 and the 172, 9:40am Osborn--White caps and swell kept the boats from working it-- Get that one on the kite -- Matt got hooked up while he was putting out the kite-- saye's hes snagged-- nope-- Tuna-- 10:32amlook like the tuna fleet- sport boats out of SD were fishing about 4- 5 above the 43--- 32:34 / 118:03 and that general area-- Tapes out to 239 lbs -- nice one! 11:01am-- fish formula based off a sphere football shaped configuration ( tuna) Weight = Length (bottom of jaw to center fork of tail, X times the girth ( around the thickest point) divided / by the number 800 I threw a bunch of bait while we were fighting this one and they came up big time-- we got bit yesterday mid day two good bites-Neal-- we just put one on the boat about a 100, thanks we just had a blow up ourselves on the yummy- saw some marks - we're outside the fleet so we'll pound it for a while we're still seeing sonar scratches-all around here--- threw some bait on it--- never had anything come up-- we might drift southwest where there were all those yellowfin-- - holly s-- big schools marking stand by-- I've got to go--- 11:44We've been sitting here watching the big fish blow up right behind the Ranger 85- 12:31pmHe said between the 289 and the 277- basically 03/ and 03, 03/ 04 seeing lots of tunas but getting them to take something was the problem-- gluck 2:44pm 07 up and out and 44 out--- and 39/58 out E-Mail this morning- Ken from Kens custom reel in Oceanside ....... testing one of his reels out yesterday. Caught US waters on the Real Nice and Easy. 16 1/2 from Newport just threw on a 60- 70lb tuna on the deck- half way from Avalon to Newport -tiny mega bait on a bass rod-- Deckers getting bold these days!--4:12pm saw a bunch of terns working-- fired out that little hard bait designed for those bonitos over at Clemente where he'd been earlier in the day- Weather held up for a beautiful day-- wind light and fair from the west--

--------------- Monday's Report ---------------- At least it's a light south wind this morning, light overcast and hazy marine sky on the water-- seas good and comfortable- There's some big boys around-- sonar marks have them scattered--lot's of boats -- not as bad as yesterday- we're 1 for 2-- one 80lb yellowfin--- we were surrounded earlier everyone had one or two-- they're here we're sticking it out-- hopefully for a bite- time of day thing-- tides soon to change

We're 2 for 2 both smaller fish 50 lb ers-- They're biting 40 flour good. anything heaver and they just not hitting it-- we've boated 4 so far-- drifting since dawn!- tuna fishers doing fair to well w/ baits/ chunks and flatfall's lures-- Tailer seen on the 14 earlier this morning and there were some tails and dorado's 267/ 209 kelps and below-- Using light tackle 40lb-- hour and a half-- Im guessing about 150 if we can get this last one in the boat--

they all over the boat-- jumping all over-- should be good here this evening- this weather is amazing-- we're getting back on the deck - good luck- 12:28pm

We'll we got one----- where'd you go up or down--- up-- we didnt do so well down here--didnt look all that good- had a couple chances this morning and that was it for us-- we were one for two now were going for a really big one.Good customar of ours ran to the 14-- tacked down to the 267- out to the 209 and back again to Newport-- cooler water some small chewed up looking kelps that were not holding water 67-69 degrees fair not much bait metered- best weather we've had for the past two weeks- hope it holds-- San Clemente Island closed thursday, open Fri Sat and Sunday! ---------- The Weekends Aug- 15-21 report -----

light wind from the south light marine haze on the water-- hot inland-- Water's cooling off -

You see any of the Risos on the way down--no--

Weather forecasted on the marlin grounds to get a bit more grumpier than yesterday-- boats up there now say it's not bad - give it a couple more hoursWe're off the East end-- water looked good there--Late yesterday afternoon--- " got one 90 lber today-- you get it on the kite- yep-on the yummy -- going stick it out here till sunset-- look for a school and fish the night with the flatfalls, you all by yourself-- yea and I must have climbed this ladder a 100 times today fishin with that kite!- Fished the 17 for nothing so far--- water temps cooler-- one boat had 6 bites there the day before, yesterday the whole fleet that was there and didn't have 6 bites and not much today--- looks like the wind knocked it down - seems like it's fizzling out each day now-- they're munching on something- -- killer whales -- they're mowing down something -- big mass of stained water-- eat well-- 11:32am

How you doing-- one big dorado yesterday nothing so far today we're about a mile inside you-- -- we've got two so far-- one about 120 the other 140 -- so far-- and there's stuff to look at on the machine-- they're here-- Chasing schools-- that's about what everyone has to do-- chasing schools and get one or two passes at it-- 32 up and 39 out-- seeing a few-1pm Hey Mark-- you still see me-there's spots of those tunas over here - 20 and 56 ( 1/2 between the Osborn and 499) 3:44pm about a mile square-- if you did it right you'd do a good-- big black spots- foamers, some terns-- it's getting a little too much for us-- we'll come back and hit it tomorrow - probably a good idea-- 4:06pm 19/55 Wind-- not as bad as yesterday-- good luck next week- JD-- upcoming Tuna Club's Linen One and their Benefit tournaments - both worthy causes -------------------------------- Sat's Reports ----------------------

Wind light early on from the west- water and air have a feeling of coolness to it-- Like the guy said eariler on the AM radio show-- feels like Fall already--~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pacific Bluefin World Record (pending) coming into the BAC this afternoon-the fish at 221.5 lbs---an 50lb IGFA Record-- using qualified line breaking just under (24 kg = 52.91lbs) the fish was more than 4 times the line strength- Fishing the Yummy Flyer w/ Boston Kite, letting the flying fish skip and fly off the water similar to a natural flyer trying to escape-- it escaped three times, each time the tuna kelp leaping after the rigged yummy, the forth time clear out of the water he got it- and Tom got the tuna-- congrats---- JD

radio checks We're flying a kite--- for the past two hours nothing for us lately- but Danny got bit twice --Dropping flatfalls at greylight- right next to that fleet- Sitting and soaking for nothing-- Lots of coverage today--- boats spread out from the Osborn- 499- 267 (outer) 711 down to the Mackerel Bank, 289, the Ridge , 43, the 302 and everything in between a scratch at the Yellowfin tunas from small to large in the southern waters a scratch the at the bluefins small and large middle grounds and stripers in the northern waters-- Slack mid day tide came and went-- by a hour-- then reports of marlin being hooked, tuna up and generally more radio fish reports 1:12pmHaven't seen anything-no knockdown-- we'll keep looking looking, We got one earlier-- where was that--125 - We were a little closer to the island we've had like five bites--pulled the hook on that last one-- -- it's quiete down thse past twenty minutes-- 2:27pm anything on that kelp-- nope they're bleak for some reason!Tracy-- you see anything more up there--seems like the winds backed off a bit-- there were about 5 bites --they came up on the plastics would'ld eat a dropback and haven't seen anything else since-- 04 6 or 8 fish caught down here today--- we figgered it's be busy up there-- so we came down here- (Osborn)- busy here too- how'd you do yesterday--- 3 for 6 yesterday not so good today----Windy--- wind building-3:20Sportfishing clashes with tuna seiners -- getting a little tight these days- We just put on a 200 lber tuna- 3:59pmSounded like there was a show on the marlin up north -- up for only a short time in several locations-- must be the tidal duration time . we were 6 for 8 looked at a lot of fish there-- you you could make a day of it there--43 windy-- some boat made it up to the Channel islands for anchorage tonight- others to SBI and Clemente long days on the water-- 102 Whale checks this afternoon--- tells you something about the abundance of bait here along the coastline- ---

h em,

Live Squid -- plenty of Live Squid the Ultra Pacific was saying-- 10:01 am -- Newports receiver got 4-6 inch sardines

working south of the 34 line ( below SD a few kelps but slow so far- No love, popping all over the place-- baiting em' throwing some chum-- 5 shy of the 277 Couple boats 1/2 way from the 302 to the Coronado Islands- said it looks good there for tunas but they hadn't caught any heading back to the islands to catche something-- others ask "anyone fishing the Avalon Bank--- -- was there an hour ago-- dead-- 11:15amReminder-- if your off Catalina's East end 152 spot-- should be some dorado or tunas hanging around the FAD check it out! It was placed about two months ago, when we visited it was holding a lot of bait. Its positioned at 50' below the surface and the #'s are 33 14.442N / 118 10.874W This Fad was placed for everyone to use. Would appreciate any reports you might get back. Thanks Pete & Denise Foxi Lady (send to JD's) 20 over 21 big area of bait-- 181/ 182 held some smaller yellowfin - ------------------ Thursdays Report --------------- Light drizzle w/ overcast skies- wind S/W 2- 5 knts seas calmnice looking water- slow fishing-- we haven seen any of the yellowfin-- spot to spots of those smaller bluefin, we're looking for the yellowfin-- think we might have hooked one fish here now-- their under the boat-- nice weather here inside the lee of Clemente-11:58 inside the 209 couple of boils going couldn't get them to go-- 12: 12pm one more on the tuna and a couple more dorado from a kelp-- thats it-- he said --- if you coming up on those tunas-- go slow and thros saw one jumper, did that go off up there ---- --- -- -we're- heading towards the 182 deep water-- saw one jumper earler there's sigh of fish here we're waiting for the tide-- good luck-- Quiet on the water today- overcast for most of the day-


we found one good kelp behind us-- dorado and yellowtails-- 10:30

2 east of the 181 said to be holding fish- Local water temps from 60 to 76 degrees, 40 over 51 the one kelp we found all day-- some smaller yellowfin inside from there-- 11:55 `````````````` we seeing a bit- seems like every time I get near you-- you get bit-- maybe you'll throw me a few bones to come over again-- naw just luck-- we hung one- lost it--- few boats starting to leave--kicking out their bait out from under them-- that's what all that commotions is over there-- thanks-- go get one PP says they just got into them about an hour ago 3:54am Relentless lost his after a 38 minute battle- live mackerel- 11 am 43 bank

late afternoon bite on the tunas--- E-Mail this afternoon-- big fish!

JD Fished Monday Tuesday on the Southern Way, Had 3 fish on the kite This one taped out at 54x78.5 ( approx 233) The others were 133/150 Captain Rob Petrina M.V. Southern Way

------------------ Tuesdays Reports ------

- 43 says its 73.5 and quiet- ----- seas still have a west swell and light s/w wind chop- sloppy outsie calmer inside Weather forecasting for this coming week looks like we'll have those morning eddies from the S/W and afternoon west winds inner waters calmer than outer waters-What's you get it on 40lb test and drifting-- The tuna fleet out of SD were still concentrated off the SouthWest end of Clemente Island- two little 81and a 86 fathom spots and that shelf that extends off the island-some anchored up others drifting-- lumpy seas wrapping aropund from the outside Playing Chicken-- with the Navy-- Captains says---we'll stick it out till they kick us out formually-- sportboats and privates fishing in the active Navy excerises-- a better directions would be to go into the lee/ frontside of the island where it's open and slow troll mackerals for the yellows- wind backed off-kite fishing slacked off wind picked up so did the kite fishing- better sized fish under the birds and a few kelps in the area-- fish up 2:30 Slack tide today-- 2:40pmnot much said on the radio today that I heard- maybe a marlin off the East end and some marlin seen somewhere- spots of tuna from the border corner totowards Clemente and westwards waters warming--- ---------------- Monday's report ------------------ Light southwest wind at 2- 3 knts seas fair and kind- swell oot of the west 8-10 backside East end-- Little caps-- fishable they were up on the Osborn Bank-- I think Gadzukes had a double earlier with one release-- Kyle worked their way towards the West end of Cat hoping to get a fish on the 172, only a few boats up there this morning-- 125 had some tunas and seiners (that wont last long) Vick meanwhile was having fun enticing dorado and yellowfin out from under a paddy on the 277, seas fair rman this September 23 & 24 THEME IS…..Rasta/Jamaican mon! ----

----------- The Week's report ---------

--- Hazy blue sky this AM light west at 4-knts- seas good with light wind chop Word come back from the marlin grounds--- still a scattering of fish found off the West end of Catalina Island as that Outer Santa Barbara Channel flows up into the Santa Monica Basin- along the northern end of the Catalina Escarpment and subsequent banks of the 125, 175 and the 172 fathom spots, meatballs of bait in that upwelled water-- a few tailers a sleeper and a Swordfish or two spotted hooked fought lost. The T/C's Linen On had fish caught and released on 6 thread lines and their Benefit event had several fish released-Lots of funds raised for the local Avalon charities - lots of boats-- few fishWe've got a Nat Gego going on-- dorado small tunas everywhere, we're about a mile west of where we last left you 25/50 11:09amYellowtail--- they're up busting--- all the way from here to the quary 11:30amat your 11:0clock-- birds passin us up-- there's a foamer 12:09pmthere's some bigger stuff up here-- lousy west wind again made for unconfortable afternoon uphill travel Fellow said the 43 had a paddy with dorado - not interested in their offerings, others say 182 paddies were empty- lots of traveled water with not much sealife found in it- tuna boats off Clemente did the drift and cut bait thing- hope for improved fishing as the upcoming Labor Day Weekend approaches --------------- Sat's Reports ------------------ Nice calm morning- gray sky- wind expected from the west later on Enjoyable radio talk this AM- Boats working the 181 and to Clemente and beyond- SD LR boats due south of China Pt/ Clemente island 8-10 miles below the island- 81 fathom spotgot two on the boat and were hanging -- We just had two blow up fifteen feet from the boats-- our baits are out 150 ft!-- --- got to go--- 10:31amWe were 0 for 5 --no sticked em'- there were two- three fish we baited between the two boats, one came in on the jigs-- 34 up- --how you doin--- -- --- --- good to know there's something up there thanks-- we'll stick it out here working this klitte zone maybe 2 mile, there fish fish here--- we're at 33 up and 43 out 11:56am40 to 50 stuff we've got 4 or 5 in the box-- we were headed into church rock -- but got stopped-- Most of the fleet was 7 off the Head were were 3- SW from there, spend most of the day into tuna light line kept us busy-- bunch of hamerheads-

213.6 lb Pacific Bluefin Tuna on 30 lb test line-- Tom P's pending World Record-- nice catch -what next?

we still got the black and white stripe on us -- wandering out west here-- by the 4 pm hour wind from the west had become apparent-- tomorrow am much better- fishing off Clemete they struggled to get a bite - metered many-- no luck- then tried chunks- instant bite! ------------------ Fridays Reports --------------------- Light Southeast wind this am- a little wind chop with it-- seas fair - broken overcast- The tuna fleet spread out, some drifting with live baits or chunking- others hopeful with a rigged yummy flying fish lure or baits drug off a kite skipping along at 5-6 knts -The fleets of long range SD boats centered along the Clamente Canyon East of the Head by 5- 10 miles and the marlin fleet still absent from the reports - Request for the fish weight formula again L x G (squared) divided by 800 = weight --JD's has a free fish weight chart - ask for one when ypu drop by the shop- yea we got another one hanging-- 11:22am- the past hour west of the 181 boats has activities going on-- tide change-- Just got a bite now-- 11:25 Boat with the blue top on the 43--- stop--- stop!--- you've got our yummy!47/ 16 reports of yellowfin near Clemente isdriftin with 4 oz sinkers rubberbanded 60- 100 ft down- also flylined baits- had 60-70yf marlin were up in the jigs and ate a dropback bait-- aslo feedes off the end of the island Cat- so there's a few marlins still around-- ot sure up north?got another one -- on the flatfall 200 gram dropped it 200 ft deep- this bait fish we've been on for an hour is a good fish-- 2:09 pulled the hook and flatfall lure chewed the the leader off- lost em' both-- sounds like fish stories! Afternoon call from Tom P. Hana Paa~ the goal had been to try for one of these Pacific Bluefin Tuna World Records on light tackle-- the 30 lb. World Record--- as time, weather, tackle and fish would allow-- smaller fish toyed with him, the yellowfin tunas were good practice and then the weather- she blew up and was nasty- apparently those bigger Bluefin felt more at ease in the rough surface conditions-- Their first quality fish took half the line-- we had spooled up two Shimino TLD 50W's with 1,000 yards each of IGFA 30 (testing 29lb) test line. The added line welcomed in the long distance kite fishing. The first fish took half their line before it broke off . Glad they had a second back up reel and out it went with the Yummy ---- it too soon was taken by one of the bigger Bluefin and the battle began- "Rougher than Cob", Putting that stern to the advancing wind and waves was testing the lines strength,Tom had to work his way up to the bow to stay up with the fish, their Sea Keeper kept them in fighting position and they were able to get the fish to the boat and aboard , a pending 30 world record, over 200 they say Photos to follow tomorrowThey say it was quiet marlin fishing up north-- a couple of marlin hooked mid late in the day- beautiful day on the water

Filling Moon--- Full moon this weeknd-- Stand by! Big tides could trigger large earthquakes, study says

--------- Tuesdays offline ------------- --------------------------- Mondays report ------------- Overcast this morning- light southeast wind on the coastline- 4-6 kts-Angling clubs and their respective teams were gathering up their light big game marlin gear this week for the BAC's Masters - Kick off will be at the new Marina Park located on the Balboa peninsula just past 18th st.on Wed Night. Give the Club a call if your adding a team or have angler changes, 949 673 6316 or email to the balboaanglingclub@sbcglobal.netThis year marks the Third Great Marlin Race here in the Masters-- We should give all the Clubs a great hand for their sponsorship towards these studies. It'll be a good turnout and these expert light tackle angles will put their skills to the test- good Luck- JD-- Tournament Control boat " Bacco " on ch 65.~~~~~~~~Refreshed reports of marlin catches in yesterdays Stan Miller Tournament with 12 marlin releases for the two days of fishing. Marlin , although not here in great numbers were around, almost all the high spots or banks or ledges had a fish . Brainstorm 3rd Place two young boys took the 1st and 2nd Juniors awards by releasing a pair off the Slide/ Catalina, Good Karma took 2 nd Place and the High Woman's Angler Tracy D. releases one of their fish and Gadzuks showed what they were made of with one after another catches the second day puttinmg them in 1st Place Congrats- a good turn out and great event-. Scattered catches with most fish centered off the Catalina's West end to the 172 and into Santa Barbara island, others found fish up in the Channel Islands grounds and down on the 43 and tuna grounds- Boats still out for the tunas--- hey boat coming up right behind me-- we've got a chum line out your going through it-- turn off - 2:02pm very quiet on the VHF today- you'd think Summer was overWe baited a ton of marlin this morning just N/E of the fleet on the 43-- baited 5 sleepers- we had one marlin hold the bait it in his mouth and spit it- it was a nice one-- they catching 40 grade yellowfin on their sornar-- where that bait was-- though I saw some bigger fish pop there too - next to the New Low -Ann, in that same where all the marlin were - by the 43-- closer to the bank- proper from the 181 --all the way from the-- 41/55 to the 43/ 53 lines- We just got bit-- three bites, two dropped it- one line broke! 3:32pmThat paddy was loaded with Dorado that would not bite-- bring that other gear with you next time-- Chlorophyll charts show that tongue of blue water coming up from the south- There's only 5 left--- Boston Fishing Kites- the company's all sold out-- and the 5 are being shipped out today- to JD's Tackle- if you want one, give us a call or email-- JD ----------- The reports -------------Only a couple privates next to me-- there's a big school coming under the boat-- it's tough-- we've got three on the boat so far- 9:41am

Coastal morning cloud cover- spots of blue behind, wind light from the west light wind ripple with it- seas fair- lots of boats out-- Marlin boats went up north, tuna boats went south- there's a mix in between with either one in the others spot! Wind picking up along the coast early as that marine coastal cloud cover lifts, Slow for us so far-- crossing from the rigs towards the A bank, might have been a fish released there earlier this morning-- Stan released one yesterday up towards the 172, another boat one off the Slide , 152 held lots of bait- and one the Isthmus yesterday too .Halfway between the 181- 182 just picked up a 60lb yellowfin on a Black and purple lure-- 11:17amT/C Nuevo hooked up--12:24pmSome of the bigger yellowfin were at 45/ 52 Outriggers paddling across from Catalina's Avalon harbor made it through trolled marlin boats-- - wind stayed fair + for most of the day- 12-west- couple more marlin bites-- one while soaking a sardine in a chum slick when it jumps up attatched to a line- waters a bit offcolored on the A bank 68/70 not much happening- As the new week begins speculation on the marlin, tunas and weather plays into the game-- good luck next week- filling moon stand by!


The 2016 Masters- Taken by Dave on Bull Pen Second day of masters - more to come Score sheets Day 1 - Day 2 --






Watch out for the weather Thursday














-- Nice weather--- calmed seas, wind if any light N/E , Dozens and dozens of boats out today- the tuna fleet seems to have moved offshore a little centered around the 312 ( outside Oceanside and a little below) and out to the 181/ 182 Ridge- marlins scattered and catchable- Marlin fishing improving near the island ( Catalina) morning tailers next to the island's East end/ Slide areaShellback is that you--- hold on we're hoked up 10:05am we had a triple -- but nothing stuck! Bottom slack period- 11am Stand by- Honey was hooked up 9:20 lost 10:16amPesky 10:20 up date-- nothing going on since swagger's fish earlier- mon-- Are those wicked tuna?--- no but they're surly!

47/ 46--- I 've got a whold school of tunas coming up couple hundered yards of tuna-- your on that side, let's correl em- 11:22am --We're on---- 11:24am, the Tide just turned-- 32:53/ 117:45 - Damn Pesky sharks! 57/41- 11:41am, #4 hook- 15 fluoro carbon- , Hey Dude-- mon--Chiqelin aka- burnt chicken, aka Chicken offering a raffle one day on the chicken wing ok- its a one day charter AKA burnt chicken Chiqelin in Costa Rica! -- includes fishing w one rod and four ballyhoos are included if you want more bring your own-- hold on let me shake it up-- we've got the winner on the Flying fish -Keith no wait- he's not there let's do a redrew- Chuck R- on the Hammer- congrats- T/C Randy w released, 11:57 bagelled no Cream cheese - Flying fish on a fish lat long-- 46/ 59 Greg-S on the fish-- full garb, ( added bonus points) Hey Dude Mon--Joint Venture--hooked up 12:55, Lat/ Long- 51/ 12 Colby's the angler we've got all the garb on-- . hooked 1: 10, bait fish green, brenda, drinking 805- ya dud do we get extra bonus points for a coffee grinder and dacron line? yea mon they're legal east coast coffee grinder , ge tout of the chair though, 2 extra points congrats from the Le La Vie-- - mon! Flying fish and Ganga Away has three,Blackfin, Bounder, flying fish, Joint Venture all with fish 1:30 pm, 15/1755/03 Flyingfish - bait fish - on again Greg S the angler and drinking a beer 2:20pm, released no bagel, congrats from the Le La Vie-- Hooker also released one--I think!Decreasing radius for the Pesky's , a shotgun finish as the 4:30 pm lines out approaches Catalina East end / Back side had the tunas there along with sport boats and others, tough to get to bite though, Tight to the Slide one marlin released there early this AM .

The global models suggest that the shear will become quite strong in 36 to 48 hours as the cyclone begins moving over cooler waters. This should result in a rapid spin down, and the system is likely to become a post-tropical remnant low within 3 days. ------------------------------Friday's Report ------ They say it was sloppy this morning- wind last night blew in and lumped up the seas, havent heard of a Mahlin hooked yet--mon- Seas still a bit lumpy at noon, looks to back off for a while then again blow this afternoon- Party boats still fishing outside LaJolla 12- 15 milesQuiet on the radio today---- ----- seas letting down-- No word yet on the Pesky's 2:00pm -- some scratchy reports but not enough to define ??-- Rumors up the line-- 6 fish?--- Scratchy relay- Hamn- --er-- --- --- 3:54pm, tide swings today- 3:43!---- Charisma-- 4:14, hammer --- --- reley-- - ?? _-- _

Sub Chaser, Pacific Pioneer had fish in the Hunt 5/4/1 all jig fish--

------------------Relayed catches for the Pesky- say 9 fish so far in the southern zone- another 3 more somewhere East? and not sure what what on up north-- Bounder had a fish early on, Bull Pen, Dreadnought, Drambuie, all had fish released, Flying Fish may have had a double, and Blackfin one too -- Charisma lost the fish-- 17/15 close to the bar-- over mon-- Greg there's birds right in front of you-- 5:57 pm6 pm Chiqelin had a fish on-- go get em Beek! over mon-- Baggled- and released- Mon---6:08 cheese and lox- Congrats from the Le La Vie-- -------------------------- Thursdays Report ------------ Wind fair 7- 10 out of the south light overcast small wind chop associated with it- otherwise fair seas .Close to 40 boats in the 27th- year of the 2016 Pesky Mahlin Derby , anything that floats may enter, Scoring points as a angler derby not boats with released mahlin at 160 points, kept 1 pt per pound, swordfish at 20 per pound, Dorado and Spearfish get points if filleted, Extra Bonus points gained by Baggeling a mahlin, cream cheese and Lox adds another 3 pt, calling in the hookup correctly another 4 pts, Dude , this is ------ -- -- ---, over Mon-- , etc. dressed in dreadlocks and reggae bennies garb more points, catching a mahlin with a custom Pesky lure, more points if it's rigged with circle hooks, etc-- Stand By!- Watch out for those damn pesky sharks! Yellowfin tunas-- smaller grade I think outside and below Encinitas 32.56:30 / 117.29:50 today dozens of partyboats in the general area- westerly blew up this afternoon- due to swing around from the south tomorrow AM inner waters better- -- wind backed off this afternoon- looks good for the weekend- , Gluck- mon- Tuna Club of Avalon will also have their Annual Hunt tournament- a gentleman's game- ------------ Wed's report ---------------- Muggy tropical stuff still lingering- a fight between the south and the north as a from moves in to our west and another Tropical storm forming below the Cape that bears watching A Quick over cap of the ABC tournament out of Avalon-- I heard 12 boats each day they released 20 fish for a 40 fish release and two taken- Lat minute Gambler's fish took the big fish and I think Chaser had High bo

------------- Tuesdays sept 20 report --\

Peskys boats limping back to the mainland and port-

Swordfish boat put a set of gear in, top of 9 mile bank 9:45Hey Mike-- if your not metering any more come over here- We can't put any more in the kill bag 10:12am- Here's the Pesky results. 17 fish caught. 10 Friday. 7 Saturday High Boat Flying Fish - 4 fish, 2nd Place Chiquilin - 2 fish, 3rd Place Swagger - 2 fish, 4th Bounder 2 Fish. High Angler - Bruce Binnquist - Swagger - 360 Points, 2nd - Greg Stotesbury - Flying Fish - 336 pts, 3rd - Chris Dryer - Flying Fish - 332 pts. , 4th Doug Carson - Bounder - 180 points, 5th - Sean Kaus - Chiquilin- 180 pts, 6th - Lance Keller - Chiquilin - 180 pts , 11th - Randy Wood - Bounder. I think these results are correct. Randy had the clipboard with the results and he went back to bed. Pics to follow Andy

Mon- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There's foamers of tuna right here---- poppers size schools directly right here on top of the 302 , send me your numbers and I'll forward you the pictures . ( today's world live from the fishing grounds) 10:28am. 5 miles straight east from here-- We were there yesterday afternoon by the bouy-( San Clemente weathere buoy) baited three and saw a bunch of jumpers. spent the night drifting, we didn't move a mile from there, thought sure we'd see some sleepers this morning, two of us in glasses -- but didnt see any , we put the ses anchor out just in case, thought sure we'd see some sleepers. Kyle spent the night just inside the 43, woke up and there were sleepers twenty feet from the boat! Got to go -- we've got a feeder here 11:50am- ( slack tide today 12:07) 277 had mixed reports- tuna or nada, wind picked up west/ northwest strong- 1 pm- Mexican paperwork needed for fishing the 302!Blue marlin reported off La Jolla ?Tuna off Church Rkthat's it

Marlin still around - fish seen up on the Osborn a morning sleeper or two- jumper off Cat Canyon-- the 172 had green water jumper seen there-- Sleeper on the Mac Bank this morning-- a few more quick feeders closer to the lee of Clemente--, Andy and crew released one out of a bunch of tailers- they sunk out and came back -took a jig- Scattered catches of tunas -- a few here- there some came in bunches othere's a blind jig strike mid day and mid way between banks--- 1/2 from the 277 to the 289 a bunch of smaller fish came to the boat. Quote of the day so far--- "Does anyone have any toilet paper?"--- it was that kind of day-- Slowed down for a couple of sleepers-- there's only two of us aboard-- Jig goes off, sleepers under the boat-- it was a bit cahos - reels going off -one spitting the hook it falls off -- end up getting one out of it--- Thabnks it was fun watching it-- - Lee of Clemete I think- Nice day on the water-- and sunset too- ------------ Fridays reports ----------------------- Weather -- like a lake, he said early , light land breeze small wind ripple on the water-- lot's of boats up early-- out looking seeing a few tunas and the occasional hooked up- slow trolling a sardine--267 like a spread out parking lot everyone soaking . Un willing private sportfisher fishing off the Sound end of Clemente was repeatedly told to leave the area by the Navy . Spent the morning rowing around outside Abalone point several miles--- bait was up early a 1/2 -1 mile off the beach- pushed by schools of 1- 2 lb bonitos-- bridled up one and sent it down 300- 400 feet deep -- no Opah, no shark, no swordfish or marlin or big tuna bite but good exercise!- 32:18.3 / 117:31.49 Kelps holding, yellowtails -- rats - rat fishing The lure of the rat fishing--- Contestants cast hooks down garbage-strewn alleys in a Baltimore suburb's second annual rat-fishing tournament- Chuck knew exactly where he wanted to cast his hook. "Just down the middle of the alley, near that water",. He wasn't talking about easing a carefully tied fly onto the surface of an inviting pool in a challenging trout stream or flipping an artificial frog into a lily pad. He was one of nearly 40 contestants who cast hooks baited with peanut butter-smeared bacon, bits of hot dog or raw steak down garbage-strewn alleys for the Yellow Rose Saloon's second annual rat-fishing contest. First Place, reeling in a 12 inch. 1-pound rat. "Chuck, you catch it, honey and I'll club it." said his wife, a red aluminum baseball bat at the ready... The aimed for puddles of water that might attract the rodents to drink, or particularly pungent piles of household garbage. "We're sportsmen," he said , who organized the first tournament last year after reading about the city's rat problem, "There's a lot of technique to it "There's more rats in Baltimore than there are people." Thanks for the help, but no thanks, say city officials. "This just does not sound like a reasonable way to address a rat problem spokesman for city’s Department of Housing and Community Development. 181 no life out here-- we came in from the 43 didn't see much here either-- they say one was caught up at Catalina-- ( marlin)



~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2016---Happy New Year---------------------------------

-------------2016- The Year of the Big Tunas - Holdovers from the previous year they fattened up all last winter long on the abundance of those Red Crabs---





Grossbeck and crew had a double header Tuna and swordfish! and Bluefin tunas began the gamefish to seek and more tunas-






------------------- Sat's reports ------------

------------------ Wed's Report ---------------- The horizon line has some puffy clouds overhead clear and crisp cold morning hours, seas still a mess but will clear out- saltwater is good for taking away the bad stuff. it's salts dissolve most things over time.At least I got the bottom scrapped clean, then righted her again and scrubbed out-- We'll see about the engine- She's a bit waterlogged for now, but's she'll dry out and be the good old jolly boat she was--Right on the button - the shop here , it's foundation resting on the beach sand

I wasn't quite ready to clean the bottom of my boat just yet- -- having archived that "right" amount of camouflage on her- but Mother Natures does what she want to--- and flipped her over during last Sundays Nights blow-- - She's on a shore mooring-- I had pulled her up high on the beach during the previous' afternoon high tide and snugged her tight to the mooring can, Somehow or another she flipped completly over in the wind, rain and tides, the Harbor Patrol calls-- they tried to right here but she was too heavy- I guess all I can do now is get her righted again as that tide drops later today and dry her out-- engine will need work and a lot of sunshine will help - guess it time to clean and paint the bottom too-

The weekends Wild weather Report ---South winds strong with bouts of light rain showers -- so far-- wind 12- 18 S/ due to swing around strong S/W later today-

-------------April 21st Friday -----Moon 3/4 going dark--------

These look like they did the start of last year--- I've go 50 passengers aboard-and were all messed up--- if we had someone that could cast the long rod maybe w/ a 7 x we'd get one or two-- you wouldn't get 30 , good boils, white water, yea they were all roaming around just like the start of last year--- how big are they out there where you are-- you got sonar?, some of that smaller grade was to the west of us, bigger ones inside here-- it's got the looks of one of those days where you run around chasing fish all day and get to the dock with nothing---

let us know if you get any more bonito of those smaller bluefin--

The day starts off with radio traffic speaking of roaming Bluefin tunas-- Stand By! long distance casting,-- maybe a kite


What a phenomenal seas we've had for the past two or three years-- the pre warming El Nino years with Striped Marlins thick off the Channel Islands , then the year of Wahoo and Blue Marlins everywhere and last years remarkable and challanging Bluefin Tunas, as it looks very favorable so far this year-- The Club--- the Tuna Club of Avalon marked this past week with their Annual Awards, recognizing their members catches of last season. The Club was founded on the Blue tuna, "Leapers of the Sea" they were called, they were challanges then, a hundred years have passed and their still a challange-- the club members strive for Button Awards and Trophies and this years Awards were something else. In one year almost as many were given out as the past 75 years- and it looks like the tunas are here for another year-- -- With the forecast leaning towards another warming El Nino trend this coming Summer and maybe even earier than that-- better fish for them while they're still here- - -

Received this E mail over the past weekend--- Off of Avalon Friday. Went just over 40'bs. There was a school an acre wide got it in a swim bait after 45 minutes. Tom

And Shimano's pre-made Wind-on Fluorocarbon are a quick and simple method to attach the Flat Falls- JD

Easter Sunday didn't stop the fleet from fishing the coastal Sea Basses-- Marshall Q. with a fine 43 lb fish out of the kelp beds near








----------------Tuesdays 4/4 Report -----


Hey JD-- Hope all is well. Here's a picture of Michael with his first White Seabass. We went 4 for 6 on this grade of fish in 30 minutes. The green "seabass line" you spooled us up with accounted for 5 of the 6 bites. Thanks for the great tips as always! Gary

Whale off So Laguna had a crab trap stuck on it's face - whale watching boat wondered if someone could get a grappling hook on it and jank it off, thinking they might pull it off , or-- maybe they'd get a fight of their lives! -- Yikes hooked up to a whale!




---------Tuesdays March 21 report ---------

Should have gone fishing the day off but elected to do yard work-- Now I find out they were biting-- White Sea Bass finally moved in after months and months of waiting - it pays off, Vick puts a 64.7 White Sea Bass on the boat on IGFA 12 lb test line, 50 minute battle- it weighs a 1/2 pound under the World Record, a New BAC club record and their First Fish of the Year Flag-- Congrats- on a plastic too--- ! Grumpies were biting too --






Still biting today-- with another one , Nates 56 lb fish taken with a live mackeral.



This time of year ( our winter/ Spring) is a great time to visit the world down under-- An E-mail to our New Zealand friends the Garrett brings news of their catches this year. Hi JD, The Zane Grey Caribbean Boats International Tournament concluded with 4 Sat tags implanted for the IGFA Great Marlin Race. The winning weighed fish was a Blue Marlin by junior angler Dylan White at 451 lbs on 80. The $50,000 cash will help with his universityeducation! 17 fish total with 10 Striped Marlin tagged and 2 weighed in. 3 Yellowfin, 2 each on Striped and Blue Marlin also brought to the scales. Overall the fishing has been slower than average due, in part, to lower water temp and weather as we have had more rain since records were first taken. It will be interesting to see how the Broadbill season goes in the next few months. Late April through June over the years has been our best time. The wind will preclude deep drift fishing the later in the season as that has been our experience but worth going out as the fish seem to be bigger. Regards, Jerry


What's that Green stuff growing in the bay! the question is asked a lot these days-- An E-mail to the marine science center and Fish and Wildlife gets this reply Most of the algae we see in the marsh is Ulva sp., a common saltwater green alga that can grow vigorously when high nutrients are present and sunlit hours are longer . If you’re worried about eutrophication, ( Excessive richness of nutrients in a body of water, frequently due to runoff from the land, which causes a dense growth of plant life and death of animal life from lack of oxygen.) I would expect to see it near Jamboree Bridge, where freshwater comes down from San Diego Creek carrying a high nutrient load, We haven’t done any formal fish surveys in 2016 or 2017 so it’s hard to say if fish populations would be affected but we haven’t seen any signs of obvious stress. Stand By!


With the Bluefins starting to show up again-- a couple of questions comes to mind--- do they or did they spawn here this past year or so? and did most of them, having reached and semi- adult stage migrate back to the Western Pacific this past winter with some the younger stuff still staying along the Northern Baja



JD Good fish is PV last week on the Southern Way 3 days we went 5/8 186,202,204,236, and this one at 319


Gray May again- wind light from the west/ southwest-- seas calm w/ light wind chop- slight uphill current water temps along the shoreline just hovering under the 60 degree mark, sun will elevate it later today- a few bass biting -- fair +

With the reports of the bigger Bluefins still possible, there's a few more boat out after them every day now--

Balboa Angling Club held their 2017 Annual Meeting and Awards for the 2016 catches, among some of the noted catches were 30 lb Halibuts by Kathy Ecklund on 30lb line, Grant Garretts 211 lb Bluefin Tuna on 80 lb tackle, Tom Pfleger's 211.8 fish on 50 and a 213 .3 tuna on 50 lb tackle and a World Record 213 lb tuna on 30lb tackle (That's a tough battle) , a 63.6 White Sea bass on 50lb tackle by Nate Shill and Chuck Holland's 22.5lb Yellowtail on 8 lb test line. Outstanding Angler of the year Award went to Paul Hoofe - Congratulations to all the anglers and participants in the Club, it's been a fun season with hopes of continued good fishing this coming season. .

Guest Speakers at the Awards were Research Scientists Chugey Sepulvida and "Scoots" Scott Aalbers from the Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research ( PIER) with Swordfish and White Sea Bass as the subjects. Of notes, Swordfish swim fast and far-- tagging this past year shows a Swordfish tagged here traveled almost to the Marquesas Island , 4,000 miles in only two months time! Their larva has to have 78 degree or warmer water for them to survive, so they spawn in tropical warm waters. they grow at a fast rate-- and estimated 200 lb fish is approximately 3 years old. Their eyes have a mussel that helps to heat their eyeballs enabling them better vision in the deep dark water at 700- 1300 deep , When they do surface, "Basking" to warm up is for approximately only 20 minutes out of the day and are almost blinded by a bright sunny day and they're hard to hook and land! ----- The White Sea Bass notes show some of the data used to manage the species is dated 1920's stuff, with rethinking some perspectives on growth and migration habits. they too travel great distances with an estimated 1,000 miles logged in a years time, not necessary in a straight line. A 40 lb fish is now estimated at 18 years old. and the 28 inch ( legal size) may not actually be a sexually mature fish to have spawned once which was thought to to be the case. Only the males "Croak" and most big fish 55 or heaver are females. And most importations there seems under recent st


This months 2017 Sportfishing Tide Calendar features Tracy Decker with a nice 5 lb Spotfin Croaker taken with a innkeeper worm out of Newport Harbor-they like natural baits such as mussel, clams, worms and shrimps Next months Lily Call bay tournament contestants will try for these tough battlers as well as the corbinas, halibuts and bass all on 4lb test line!- Durring the past month with all the rain water that's washed into the coastal harbors and bays it's carried lots of nutriments which have helped in the growth of a dark green moss , covering the bottom like a thick carpet. Finding these Innkeeper worms and ghost shrimps and clams will be a little harder. Give the BAC a call if you'd like to fish it-- JD

This mornings AM radio fish talk show was about the upcoming Fred Hall extravaganza which opens on Wed's . My how it's grown over the years-- one of the speakers, Mike L, spoke of a reel he helped contribute to-- one of the first baitcaster's on the market by Shimano, the original Bantam 100. Mike spoke of working in a hunting and fishing retail store and the Shimano salesman ask him to test out a new product for them-That original test model will be featured at the show adjacent to Shimano's newest product. -Mike later went on to become the outside sales rep for California Tackle/ Sabre Rods- and currently now with the Fred Hall program- -I still fish with mine- JD

--------------- Sat's Report 2/25/17 -------------

Clear blue sky this morning, to the crafty and hearty they were up early and fished the filling tide on local spots at sunrise- good bass fishing for them I hear-

Seas calmed down- light south wind at 1- maybe 2-3 kts- water temps San Pedro Buoy- 58.6 degrees- ranges from the Tanner Bank at 59 to Santa Monica and Mission Bay 58.6 degrees-- Snow level 5,000 to 5,500 ft-

D -- it's been wide open here for us today , we must have released 80 bass so far --- hitting the plastics--- --- good current running-- that's great-- what color plastic--- red flake on a 1 oz head-- sweet-- thanks for the report, how's that swell out there ---- 3 ft and a long ways apart-- thanks again-- goodluck!10:58am

Great White Shark-- closing the Huntington Beach beaches--- 12 ft'er seen---

Yikes! -- no place to be in a rubber dingy!


This Past Weekend was the BAC's Lily Call bay fishing tournament-- just like Wicked Tuna with all the suspense, glamour, competitiveness, the rewards and defeat -- all that and more that can be. Watching for that tale -tale nibble of the rod's tip - then the rip of line as it peals out. Is it the right kind? Will the line hold up and fearful the hook wont pull out at the last minute, it's not done until it's put in the boat-- measuring tape comes out and jubilant cheers as it's a legal catch, ah-- but the scales will tale the tale.

Saturday's weather turned wicked with wind driving anglers to seek shelter anywhere. drifting for halibuts was possible only in the early hours of the tournament . Hot spots are jockey'ed for and hard to give up. Peace and quiet came late Saturday evening as that weather backed off leaving only the hardy remaining on the water. Sundays morning broke clear and blue with a hot day in promise. The Corbina's catches this year were not big but there was many young 1 -1/2 - 2 lb fish being released that show promise for next year's catches. The Croakers were non existent the first day with only one small Spotfin and a legal sized Yellowfin weighed in on Sunday, Bass catchers were fair and 2 lb stuff were caught -the highlights - Halibut- the tough fish over the past few years were here this year-- a early on 4 lb fish took the lead, later topped by a 5 lb fish and last a 6 lb fish. Awards at the Coup was fun a bunch of goodies given away and burgers and dogs the meal. - till next year--

------------------ Memorial Day - 2017 -------------

Although a good many of boats out today and various radio chatter-- I didn't hear much on the catches of fish-- Sculpin catchers for the 1/2 and 3/4 day boats out of Newport- Long Beach and San Pedro-- fishing the 150 spot out but the oil rigs-- no yellowtails there-- Some basses from the art reefs and structure spots above Newport/ Huntington. Catalina and Clemente had there share of party boats-- tails, bass and rockfish. it was said the tunas around the 181- 182 were a afternoon bite - as that tide changed although I didn't hear it directly-- One boater spoke of the 65 degree purple blue water- which sounded good-

First Fish for the BAC's Tuna Flag, 112.8 lbs -Gary V aboard the Big G, - Colt Sniper re rigged with single hook-- they broke off at least four other fish over hundred, another boat next to them looked like they pulled four fish over the rail-- Gary came in the shop last year- pulled a half dozen snipers off the peg-- almost all I had at that time and some Aki Twist hooks-- buying six at a time seemed a little on the plus side-- but after yesterdays breaking off four fish in a row he's glad to have had them-- JD' Tip buy more than one, you might need them!

School after school of foamers that were on micro fin bait 2 inch stuff- they'd circle the bait into a ball and come running into it-- toss a jig into the melee and you were hooked! South of the 181 Fathom Bank -Yesterday- smaller fish, they didn't stay up very long, hard to get on them-- today it looked better weather so they went, 10 am left the harbor -- by 2 pm they had at lest one fish aboard, Sweet-- Father fought the fish his son Michael drove the boat- gaffed it-- nice job--

Late afternoon early evening report-- we just got on on 65lb-- tuna- 6:15pm


E-Mail-- thanks for the info -- JD, mistakenly, we ended up chasing the internet and bailed on the plan to go south and ended up at the corner up to san clemente canyon. saw a ton of birds and bait, but only a few schools metered and one school that was up and feeding with no birds, got one cast before they sunk out. That was it all day. 23hrs on the water, Skunked! we were fishing the San Diego Marlin Club tournament. It was slow for everyone. Really rough and snotty by the end of the day, no swell but at least a 4ft wind chop coming from all directions. Chris Z


And another E Mail -- Hey JD , Fishing Ensenada on Friday and baited this fish. Had it on for 7 hours on a small Penn single speed reel.Reel just wouldn't do the job at all so we cut the line. Had it close a few times but it just sank out. Please take a look. We thought it was a big blue marlin but someone thinks it's a swordfish?? I'd like your opinion? Thanks. Mike K Black Jack .

I'll let the viewers guess-

Vote 100% Broadbill Swordfish

Thanks Mike for the fish story-- "The one that got away" --- It's certainly has a long enough bill to be a swordfish and it's a big enough fish to be a blue. After I looked closely to the dorsal's fin shape, it doesn't taper down like a marlins would along its back, and it does have a broad bill -odds are in favor of a big swordfish, waters a bit too cool for the Blues but who knows now? could be a sword? either way - it's a big fish -- Boy Big Tunas showing up and now Marlin/ Broadbills-- Stand By-- is all I can say-- JD


Up early to beat the weather, doesn't always happen like you plan-- They stopped stop at the newport receiver for large sardines, the bumpy crossing to the island-- water much cooler that expected 59/ 60 and off color mid channel, what kelps were found were fishless, to the calm of the island where anchored off Hen brought tug-a-wars with good fun fishing. Tacking uphill on their way back-- mid channel water cleaned up 62 and blue- blue-- a kelp paddy approached up wind, slow drift with two baits out-- She says, the gaffer- "Well its the first time I ever gaffed one", looks like she did a good job! - pegged the 30 lb scale!- David


Foxi Lady report -- from Costa Rica out fishing the FAD that are offshore 60 + miles

A Fat Old Man at work in Costa Rica! Great trip, 4 days of fishing and 2 days of traveling Fishing 2 dredges 4 teasers and 2 hooks we raised 52 had 42 bites catch 20 blue marlin and 2 stripes. rained only one day. For what ever reason a number of the newly installed fads have gone away. tight lines Pete-Boy that's some good fishing!! Raised 52, had 42 bites, catch 20 blue marlin and 2 stripes.!!!

Remember there's two FADs off out coastline too! One off the East end of Cat at 33.14:432 N / 118.10:874 W and the second one off the 209 area-- at 33.01:40 N / 117.47:996 W -- have fun let me know how they work out for you-- JD


----m' jump around, just a matter of time 12:52pm (371 area 28 miles 199 degrees from Pt Loma)Strong coastal downhill currents runs from the upper San Pedro Channel southwards to below Dana and Carlsbad and onwards to below San Diego reaching and average of 0.869 kts off San Mateo Pt.

Took my small skiff out yesterday- with hopes of a swordfish or opah bite- found a likely looking high spot along the 1,000 ft dropoff outside Abalone Pt. good running current down hill - spent two - three hours rowing into it- just to stay in place over that high spot, never had a bite but good exercise , ran into the beach and fished the sea bass with a mackerel deep hung on the old Krocodile lure slow rowed along the kelp beds- one thresher shark bite- - good day on the water- JD

AM radio this morning speaks of a spotter planes being called by anothe plane to come look at something 100 miles away-- ya gota see this--- working below the border seeing a single school of 80 lb + Bluefin tuna 150 yds wide and streching for 4 miles long-- that's a lot of tunas. And massive amounts of bait schools seen inside Clemente island-- promising-- dozens and dozens of boats out this morning209, 302, inside the 182, 43 - some bonitos, a few school sizes yellows so far-

E Mail- Hey JD! Saw this guy cruising around just about 3 mi off Dana on our way home from Avalon this morning. A hard reminder to always have a swordfish set up��Biggest reel we had was a Talica 10 so didn't even try. Fun to see it though as we wereable to get right on top of it.

-------- Sat's Report --------------

Boaters were greeted with blue sky and bright sunshine this morning--- Light West/ Southwest wind-- a little swell mixed with it-- nice traveling-- , a few smaller tails off the backside of Cat. Seals pretty much covered up the "Cove" at Clemente-


Quote of the day--" you got foam?"

They're still around-- Vicks 62 lb WSB the other day- , a good 35 minute battle on 20lb braid lineFor those venturing offshore this weekend-- San Clemente Island Security shows the "Cove " to be open both days , up inside the lee of the island- Zone "B" looks to be active for most of those days, otherwise the island is open-

That's what I was seeing in the dark- those meter marks down 100 150 ft they just aren't coming up yet--A bunch of big stuff-- chasing it all around-- kept moving up-- breezes w/ poppers- when you get up here go really super slow --super slow-- figure out where's the head of them are-- wait till you get jags on the up and down-- had five drops for four bites-- was really didn't want to do it with my rig-- too light 1:39pmGot them the same way---an 130 and a140 yesterday

We've coming down--- what's your was them 67.4 seeing a lot of marks but that's it-- so far for us-- same thing here- we're gonin bend it west of the 302-- OK will let you know if we see anything -- if these things com up we've got a chance e there all at 150 on my meter yea I'm the same--How ya doing -- saw one boil 20 minutes ago that been it for us- how you-- simply breezers we've got one on the deck and were on another on-- same place were were at the other day 2:01pm39/ 44 (US Waters)Hooked one of the bigger dudes couldn't even lift it--All day-- we finally got one 3:08 226 towards the 182 not much life out here-- We 've got a force feeder -- maybe if we ran 8 miles up there w'ed get a shot--- it'd be worth it-- see em' splashing around to the right --see the birds--- 3:19--- just pulling up to a spot now---you got foam? - --- we've got a full foamer3:29Yea-- it's a full foamer--- you get any cast to it--- yea tow cast no bites-- into a full foamer-- Just saw anothe breezer of our bow-- 27/19 was where we last saw em-We just saw some at minus15 and a plus 17 - fish rolling around 4:19- Yea we're going try trolling the yummy through these ones up here---You hook one--- yea the popper just outside the 289--- you land it--- negative--- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ryan comes in late this afternoon- he'd been out today looking for the tunas he's seen yesterday-- conditions have changed overnight-- yesterday coming off the 14 towards the 152- a few miles water temp showed 70 degrees and good looking water and shearwaters doing their head poking thing-- marks of bait along a strong water temp drop and color change-- and a splash here there- big fish--- -- back again there today and it'd changed-- not the current/ water break and the


-------------- Sats report ------------

That south wind kept it up all night- morning hours still sees an light from the south flow, light wind chop on a fair sea amd welcoming-- even water skiers to Avalon this am-- Clearing early- we'll see how the wind fairs today--The VHF Radio seemed unusually quiet this am---Mr. Peabody , "Sherman, set the Wayback machine to 1983.--- yes, Jim S. fishing for 0lbers-- marlins lands the 364 Pacific Bluefin while trolling a marlin lure--- the lure of choice that year was the Pink colored 1220 Goatfish Clone-- Red crabs had inhabited the area for months and red and pink colored lures were the ticket----Blue water pushing in towards the beach off Dana, birds piles reveal baits against that edge below Dana 5-6 off,-Scratch reception-- ionization in the salty air- ot the boats a long ways away--14 Mile Bank bait and dark blue water yellowfin were said to be found under a few kelps in the area--Lots of small thresher sharks at the harbor entrance this morning- 75/ 150ers

-------------- Friday the 28th Report---------- --Mornings starts off overcast muggy light south wind 2-4 kts- Whale watcher says he's had to catch up to the whale he was following up to 12 knts!-- wonder if the whale was using some of that energy from the south swell to glide faster?

E-Mail this morning-- Hi JD, Thanks for all the reports, advice and gear. Here is a nice 25 lb Yellowtail caught yesterday day (7/27) by Randall H at Catalina. It was scratchy but fun! Randy-Bouncy mixed water conditions-- sounded a bit lumpy he called it a complete washing machine-- 4:23pm-A look at yesterdays 24 hr surface current flow--- close to the Head it had a 1/2 kt an southwards direction and up by the 277 it came from the south upwelling over the bank.-And for those flying kites it looks relatively calm tomorrow morning with a s light 5- 7 maybe puffs of 10 knts from the south, the evening wind in the lee of clemente starts to back off by 7 PM with a west/southwest ---San Clemente Island looks to be open for the weekend-- watch that south swell in Pyramid!-Some of the sport boats out fishing Desperation reef - flat falls w/ squid pinned on them to sweeten the offering--Sport boats out of Oceanside/ San Diego- hitting a few kelps for the right one--- dorado and smaller yellows so far---176 lb Bluefin came into the BAC last night at dark-- the boys beat their way uphill all the way from below Clemente with a dead fish weighting them down, big fat tail poking out of the kill bag as the boat backs into the club during its awards for their Helen Smith Offshore Tournament held this last weekend-- The two spent a day bonding, cemented by the elements of capturing a fish . Yummy flyer-And two Giant Bluefin tuna came into San Diego today 318lb and one larger that taped out above 330 lbs the scale broke on the second fish-!-- there still here and biting--Below and backside of Clemente Island-- 42/28-Starred out like the past few days a bit overcast and slight south, swings to south west at 10- 12 by mid afternoon-Strong kite westher by 4 pm -marine clouds again apears late in the afternoon--Building warm and offcolored water - plankton bloom outisde Oceaside towards the S/W- - Blue above it

Tides start to flatten out this next weekend-- with the mid days high tide slack around 1:30 tomorrow and approx 50 minutes later each day through the weekend the mid mornings flood after 7-8-9 am should see some activity too.And Tuna Club catches with a 121 lb BFT on 50lb Dacron by Johnnie C. A hard sought after fish-- Congrats-- JD


- Wd afternoon should be good---Sand bass bite- light westerly blew mid day- not much said on the radio.-telephone service went dead mid day?? great!-Generally 4 to 6 ft in mixed swell through Wednesday. Thereafter...Hurricane Hilary will begin impacting the zones offshore of Baja California through Friday with increased winds and through Saturday night with large southerly swell to 10 ft. Gentle southerly flow will prevail in the Gulf of California, and moderate southerly flow across the northern Gulf of California.

-------------From the talks this AM, fish spotter plane says he saw a river of tuna along the inside lee of Clemente Island-- along the shrimp buoys and tonnage of smaller 12- 30 bluefins and a mix of yellowfin out towards the Butterfly Banks-- Kelps below the border were harvested of 15-30lb Yellowtails and smaller dorado and bonitos' -fishing for the tunas was said to be off-- maybe boat traffic, time of day and overall expatiations higher than catches,-Seiners working the Mackerel Banks--, Sport boats on Desperation Reef, and sports and privates working all the way down the San Clemente Canyon and along the "Ridge" 181/ 182 , 43 , Above Clemente the 267 and 499 looks promising-06/ and 34, 19.5 and 39.7 numbers of fish sightings-- 1:59-Spotter plane seeing shiners down deep-- straight-- right-- right--- I don't see em' right now stand by--- 3:44----- tide today swings 3:45pm--- stand by for the afternoon show-- I see then too far deep for you-- stand by-- -maybe just pull out of gear we'll see where they pop up-- they were near that set of gear- the flag on that swordfish gear--- right-- near that little bit of kelp-- straight--- real easy to the left-- easy---left-- straight-- left-- st-- st--- l, l, st st st right under that skiff------ there's fish deeper---- you can probably see them better with your sonar--Boats scattered far and wide- Catalina still has squid for sale, coastal partyboats complaining about the lack of anchovies for their bass fishing . waters warming steadily- strong tidal exchanges earthquakes?- - Slack at 9:45/ 10 am this morning standing by- tuna fleet moving around searching-- lee of Clemente has a few of the yellowfin tunas showing there, I think the BFT fleet moved further south/ south/ west of Clemente-


Lots of boats out with three or four tournaments this weekend-Kelps mid channel - but not holding much - except further south outside SD and up to Oceanside- there's a few smaller yellowtails and dorado under them--Long Beach Carnage has Live squid, will be off the east end of the island till 5 pm then go around to the backside--schools of Yellowfin starting to show up-- flat falls and colt snipers-late afternoon scratchy reports say there were starting to see smaller bluefin-- below the 43 towards the Butterfly bank- 4:38pm generally slow for the fleet-- boat traffic, most boat metered fish deeper- or a YF foamer with shots at them with popper or C/S ers- Clemente Pyramid Cove will see a few fish tales this evening---Bongos 2 reports- in with its fish catch yft and a private has a 150 almost 200- 5 00pm-Couple of boats still out for them after the long day of practice fishing--6 bites and nothing stuck! he says-- the fish move out--I dont think we'd have a chance on 50 with the ones the bite us today--Congrats to you on your fish--- - Tropical Storm Greg, located several hundred miles southwest of the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, Tropical Depression Nine-E, located several hundred miles south of eastern Mexico. 1 Formation chance..high...80 percent -Stand By Cabo and Mag Bay-next weekend----!! and --- ta-da--Hilary!- and below that two more too are coming along-- -Still the marie influence here on the beach , slight overcast- south wind picking up mid morning calm eailer, Building tidal exchanges as the New moon comes around this-there's a big splash,, got to go investigate it-- might have been a marlin did not look like a mammal-- 12:37am Whale watcher----Not much happening for them today-- working back from Clemente's last night stay-- still looking they were 8- 10 off the east end of Cat with hopes of a yellowin or something bigger-Steve DeGroote of C-Fab passed away this last week-- sorry I did not get the servies posted eariler, I only had this one photo of Steve--but it shows his zeal for the good life, we tosted each other on a good day of fishin' with- lobsters, steak and fine wines that evenin at the "Head" ---- Vaya con Dios!-Yellowfin the 14 Bank-- trolled feathers, small squids daisy chained--Mid day the fish (tunas) began to show up again--- 1:15 ---wind still a fair to strong south eddy wind -- seas a bit bumpy-- -You get yours George--- great congrats -- we lost our two-- 1:29-saw some tuna below the 209 today--- baited a swordfish here on the 14, sunk out--3:01-Kite Wars and a lot of traveled water today-- not as many fish as advertised.-schools up 5:09 pm --but most of the fleet had gone home by then

------ Sat's Fishy Report -----------

The Gangs out there tuna fishin' -- Decker too-- , an large ecology system right outside our harbor--( Newport)-- in about a 1,000 of water, massive bird life and bait- dolphins and should be a whale there-- same off south Laguna---Radio commutation - the relaying of an urgent messages from boat to boat is gratifying to know-- thanks JD-I haven't seen it for the past 45 minutes, so take your time--- OK were slugging it out taking our time, a little bumpy weather here-- , were a little west of yesterdays area- we'll start on that eastern edge and work into it- we;All let you know what we do. 9:04am-they wanted to die-- yesterday--- now's the time-- call in sick!-go fishin' --we didn't even land a fish yesterday till 6 o'clock so dont hurry--Still waiting for the show-- a few smaller YFT's reported so far-- standing by-- 10:31 afternoons slack tide 3PM today-We just had em' up but couldn't get on them-- 1:33am staring to "Pop"-Aughhhhh-- pullled the hook 20 ft behind the boat--- 1:48pm-We just hooked one right now--- drifting -- 2:19 ----- pulled the hook on the fish fish - we got ours in-- that's why it was pulling so hard--- it's about hooked in the side 130 lb-- hooked in the peck fin-- yea we pulled hook on that first one it was close to 200, took about 10 minutes to get that second bite,, yea theres a lot of fish here-- the first was huge bite--- -- were tacking now--- 2:20-it's right next to the boat--- going down the side of the boat-- it's hot--- maybe 50 feet from the boat now-- 2:30

it's everywhere---- -Flatfall on the drift!! -where you at +22, +30we're seeing a lot of boats hooked up around us-- we just missed one-- 2:52were tight again after hours of trolling--- -- and we just hooked one too-- 3:21 BAC-- BAC--- we're wired Brians on the fish, Cowboy--- 5:44pmJust boated it--- 5:48pm 150lb estPrime area 32:39.42 / 17:58.23 near the 43 fathon spot- with the past 24 surface current average at .630 kts at 203 degrees from the north.

Friday--------------- the 14th

Morning found a gray low marine layer, seas fair and calm, slight mix of swell , light wind ruffled water giving way to lanes of gloss-or about to get out today for the weekends attack on them-- Bluefin coming into the BAC last night over 200 lbs-- on the yummy flyingfish and the kite-- what a wonderful system that hasn't changed in a hundred years!-- -Still hard to entice but practice pays off for them Fishing the Ridge top and bottom and out towards the 43 fathom spot, spots of tuna,-With the approaching mid day slack, stand by for a marlin or a swordfish caught this weekend-- let me be the first to congratulate you--- nice going-- JD !


------- Thursdays Report ---------------

Fine morning-- light marine haze , soft warm southern seabreeze, seas welcoming- westerly developing g-AIS shows the Seiners working the Shipping lanes down to the 312 fathom spot below the 209 , probably other's not shown---We're due west 4-5 miles from where we were at yesterday, (182) seeing a a few puddlers, breezes, I'm looking at a br easer right now--- not really enough wind now for us to be flying a kite--what size are they? it' a little mixed but a lot of it's big-- we sitting right now having lunch! 11:40am-Call came in today-- he's been out for most of the day yesterday---traveling rom one spot of tuna/ Yellowfin's mostly-12- 40lb stuff from 5 inside the 14 to 5 outside the 14- shipping lanes down to the 209 and 312 Banks and back up to the 267/79 outside Dana, seeing spot after spot of tunas or signs of tunas and no bites- the question-- how to get them to bite-- we tried getting front of a traveling school of tunas, shut the engines off tans watch the tuna come right to the boat-- go under it and pop back up on the other side of the boat and go merrily along their ways-- baits, lures tried, all frustration-- a thought maybe be to dump live bait along with a hand for of live and dead baits tossed overboard , then free spool the hooked bait and drive away 50 yards leaving the chummed bait and the hooked bait for the tunas to get at/ that might work?-Westering sun fell behind the building afternoon coastal clouds

----- Wed's Report -----------

Clear skies last night by morning the light marine layer had crept over, by 9 today just a haze left seas fair , wind light W/ S/W 3- 5 -6 kts- - Waters warming and promising for the weekends- up coming local fishing tournaments,, or just general fishing - enjoy it- we've already lost 11 minutes of sunlight since the 21st of June-seen a couple of blow ups here-- were' gonna stick it out here------ ---- we are bit 2:17-Different day today--- not the show of tunas up by the 14- 277 shipping lanes as yesterday-- lots of bait meered off the 152 and into the shipping lanes maybe that stuff will come up later in the day-- We're seeing a few breezers and splasers around, 182 area

Tropical Depression Eugene, located several hundred miles west-southwest of Punta Eugenia, Mexico, and on newly upgraded Tropical Storm Fernanda, located several hundred miles south of the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. and a Third broad area of low pressure is expected to form a few hundred miles south of Mexico during the weekend. And one behind that-- !

-------------- Tuesdays Report---------------

Still hot-- coastal marine haze left us early mid morning-- seas calm no swell yet and waters warming surface at 73 degrees above Newport and clean clean blue water- good break between the Balboa Pier and the jetty- lots of bait there as well as onward to the south off Abalone pt to Laguna- bird porpoise and bait a few whales there too---Swordfish still around-- keep ya eyes open for them as this moon wains- any sword boats around--- --- I've got a swordy here----11:28. slack tide today 12:14-pea green 73 degree water 2 -3 inside the 267 - birds and bait---Seiners on the 14-- scoping up the yellowfin Just saw seiners putting on 100 er's rigth on and below /outside the 14-- 1:35-we're 25% so far-- 1 for 4 looks like all the fish are headed south-- on the Yo-Zuri Hyrdo Tiger -that was a good show- we missed four of them in 30 seconds--- - breezes up--we -got two ---one on a popper and a colt sniper--- dropback'ed 1"5: not much wind yet, a little starting to blow for the kite flyers---Seems things got quiet after 1- 2 pm time - maybe a sunset deal

------------ Monday's hot Report -----------

Sultry and sticky- light south wind 2-4 knts seas calm, small mixed swell - building from the south--Not as many boats on the water today- as was the weekends crowd trying to escape from the inlands heat wave. - Stand By for the 1st Marlin of the Season-- they're around not great numbers and from where they come from sill uncertain- more-and more satellite tagged fish research shows maybe the early season fish come in from the northern Hawaiian waters wit a second flow of fish from the south later in the season-- either way Stand by---Quiet day on the waterfront still a few spots of the tunas seen outside Oceanside-SCUDDLE REPORT-- 200 FISH COUNT W/ ALBACORE OFF THE DAVISON

---------------------Sunday the 2th of July ---HOT---------------

I've got 71 degree water-- boats scatter far and wide, seas calm wind light south 2- 4 kts- sky hazy and humid-I've got a swordfish up right here---- 10:52am -- slack tide today 10:51-----25/07 just had a big school came up--- under the birds-- it's 72 and purple blue just outside the 14 mile back--- big schools of shearwates---yellowfin on the dolphins 11:11am-We just had a either dorado or yellowtail just break me off in that giant kelp paddy-- then this foamer of yellowfin came up next to it along with a Minki Whale 11:59-Catalina Island was said to have rolled over/washed out front side, slow fishing----312-- fast moving schools of YFT -- hard to get a cast to them-- Flat fall-- it hit it as soon as it hit the water-

A Sea Story--- The passenger steamer SS Warrimoo was quietly knifing its way through the waters of the mid-Pacific on its way from Vancouver to Australia. The navigator had just finished working out a star fix and brought the master, Captain John Phillips, the result. The Warrimoo's position was LAT 0º 31' N and LON 179 30' W. The date was 31 December 1899. "Know what this means?" First Mate Payton broke in, "We're only a few miles from the intersection of the Equator and the International Date Line". Captain Phillips was prankish enough to take full advantage of the opportunity for achieving the navigational freak of a lifetime. He called his navigators to the bridge to check & double check the ships position. He changed course slightly so as to bear directly on his mark. Then he adjusted the engine speed. The calm weather & clear night worked in his favour. At mid-night the SS Warrimoo lay on the Equator at exactly the point where it crossed the International Date Line! The consequences of this bizarre position were many: The forward part (bow) of the ship was in the Southern Hemisphere & in the middle of summer. The rear (stern) was in the Northern Hemisphere & in the middle of winter. The date in the aft part of the ship was 31 December 1899. In the bow (forward) part it was 1 January 1900.This ship was therefore not only in two different days, two different months, two different years, and two different seasons, but it was also in two different centuries - all at the same time.-10 off the domes to Oceanside YFT hard to get them to bite---By mid/ late afternoon the radio reports had quieted down--


------- Sat's Hot report --------------

batches of smaller yellowfin 20- 40 7- 10 outside Point Loma-- also between the 181- 209 -- below the 312 4- miles-lots of boats out-- as well as the crazy radio chatter and some fisy info.-Saltry air- light south wind- seas fair and a light wind chop small mixed sea-We'll the season started out reasonably well with not too much profanity on the radio but- it's gone downhill from there today--maybe too much drinking early in the day? what's wrong with these boaters cussing all the time like 14 year old teenagers just learning to be rude-- maybe they never grew up. Lets try to remain civil on the radio--they came up on that slack tide this morning-- haven't seen any foamers just recently--12:33-33:00 /117:48/ south of the 312 we had em' coming out of the water--- got two tacks through them for nothing- casing em' all around now-- there's a swordfish boat directly on the 312-- (w/ plane) 1:28-one yf on the troll like 7:30 this morning thats been it for us-- others report a few more dorado and bigger yellowtails---reports say live squid was the ticket for the BFT off Desperation reef/ Clemente Island-- couple fish (tunas) taken on the purple/ Bk feathers,, small jets a long ways back- An Opah caught 147 lb Dave H.

----------------- 7th of July--------------

The beach welcomes you today-- light salty air from the south 2- 4 kts a few high scattered clouds-- seas fair to calm- Come on Down--- !-10 am 9 mile report green water 71.9 degrees no fish so far continuing along a slick-- 1/2 degree break---kelps between the 182 and the 181 some holding yellows-- small to med sizes -- no tuna reports so far----we just saw marlin out here-- west of the 302 10:10-reported yesterday 10 off oceaside some small tunas- dry like a desart this morning--Swordfish showing up!--- -we just put on another west southwest of where we were-- 3:11 Go ahead try that paddy there's some small dorado under it--Spotter plane reports only seeing the smaller stuff- I didnt see any of the big ones just scatterd bunches of that 25- 50lbs stuff-- west of you-- no really big stuff-- spent couple of hours futher down there , didnt see much of that big stuff there--- most I saw was between those too high spots--- both inside the upper high spot and betweedn the two high spots , the Cross-it's up pretty good-- dont know if it's that smaller stuff but itls up - 4:07pm At least were getting something there like 40 lbs we got four of em'-- 27 over 39?-some brezzers - have seen a bresser in thirty minutes we're heade back were we where, hope the wind comes up a little more-- 5:30-Full moon making it hard to get the squids last night hope to make some this evening-- barge was out-- another squid boat off Avalon said they had squid for sale?-he says fish everywhere-- I think 9 mile bank

-------- Thursdays report ------

Hot inland warming on the beach - light south wind 2- 4 kts- light marine haze- fading away- -Radio active this morning-- sounded like there was a marlin caught-- not sure who- where- in tuna grounds lots of gibberish about it being a blue- caus it had blue eyes-? said he was gonna weight it in?-Tuna boys saying they seen good meter marks ant 25/ 30 ft down and lots od porpoise around - water temps on the 9 mile bank 68.8/69 -no tunas that I 've heard of yet-- but the day is long - fish report La Jolla only fair- tails- lots of bird life down on the 182--Weathers nice-- seas are fair and the water temps - reasonable-- seems there's a fair amount of bait around--moon phase looks right- maybe some offcolor water swirling around- just no big fish biting -- yet-- - Just got blown up on the bait 5 times -- missed it---we're gonna make another tack down through there--- - we're about a mile inside you- basically where we fished yesterday-- I think down 3 up 14--- they may have been the smaller stuff-- -- ok rember they take it on the down tack--- tide turns at 2 pm ---12:24pm-Bird life and sealife/ fish off Main Beach Laguna---we're just inside the 312--- saw a yellowtail boil under the birds-- 12:31-Just put one on a 20lber-- Im at 32:35 / 117: 33 blue lots of marks-- purple feather-- Im flying the kite too but nothing on the yummy yet-- outside the upper 9 Mile Bank- 2:41 -- looks good--best catches today----- calico bass w/ sardines at Catalina-- - boats working 12- 15 outside of Oceanside-- in that blue water-- finding porpoise and some meter marks , trolling feathers and cedar plugs-- no fish yet-- 12:12

l\182--- we're gonin' get out the feathers and the cedar plug-


-E-Mail this morning---Hi JD, fun weekend. Got a 24.7lb Dodo and Released a Marlin. I actually got to be the Angler and Dave Herrera skippered the boat. Teaser-----And more E-mails on the First Marlin of the season by a private sportboats, by now I've heard of maybe 3 or 4-5 fish or more hooked caught over the past two or three weeks, most were on in the tuna grounds. Skiffs, commercial sport boats, charter boats etc-E mail-- I baited my marlin at 8:36am inside the 209 I was captaining on the Boardroom 2 out of Dana wharf sport fishing, Kerwin-and Bull Duram 11 had one 8:32 too---!

Amazing how turned on these fish get at that turn of the tide--- from San Diego to the Channel islands and and beyond they all seemed to get active during that time of the tide flow?--Hey JD. I fished with friends Tim and Cori husband today on their boat Two Timer and caught a marlin at 8:30am Saturday. 277ish. Actually had two on for a while. Hooked one on a sardine on 30lb and while fighting it had a tailer go by that we were able to hook on more proper gear. 277 area. Cori husband was the angler. I tried calling you a couple times before we took off to go around back of SCI. Good BFT around back in the evening. Ben B-Great news they back again.!. Now the questions is where did they come from??? Thanks to satellite tagging we're able to view a their travels for most of the year now -(240 days) it's still limited data -if you haven't seen some of this mapping you'll be surprised as I was-- check out IGFA Great Marlin Race From So Calif to the tip of Baja, dow towards the Equator and back again to above Hawaii in 240 days- the developing theory is the next direction would towards So Calif again! for a complete circle navigation. Stand by for further info!-Tuna Fishing this morning---- we had 12 bites in two 1/2 hours and got 2 more! Geoff -and Dave released a marlin somewhere between the 209 and the 312 this morning--7 Fish caught from yesterday to today ,noon , of that 1 of 7 a bait fish / Offshore's fish , ----stand by I got a big foamer here----- 12:02pn ( By "Fish" means Marin) -

Ross here Finally found a group of fish that bit out near 182 area. All on largesardines with ringed fly liners. Good times for Dad and I . Go get em0-JD'--JD you on this side- Ed Martin, Retriever--- We wanted to put it out ---that Betty Martin, wife-- just released a marlin-- just past the 14 mile bank- lots of boats out here trolling --just the two of us on board-- water 72 degrees, green jig, blunt nose hand made-- 10:29 Congrats!!

And the Offshore calls in with a released marlin, Jeff the angler, randy the captain, coming back from the tuna grounds the caugh the marlin on the A Bank 11:13-- Congrats to Jeff, Rand and crew-- I think it's the 1st for the Los Pescadors Club Whale watchers into 500 dolphins off South Laguna-- Whale watchers report meeting lots of squid deep in their area, thats why there's so muc sea life there-And the Quitena scores well with a three fish day, two cockpit fish- one on the kite yummy, one on a mackerel hung off the kite and then tempted fate with popper fishing off the bow! Later aftrnoon bite into the evening .And Decker has a fish on--- tight to the island early this morning-- came off---

Todays mail- Footballs 3 Miles Off Laguna Canyon--JD, My son and I ran out from Dana this morning and went just short of the 14 looking for paddies but the lettuce was few and far between. We came in shore at Moro and stayed 3-4 miles off the coast making our way back to Dana. We were just about 4 miles straight out from the Roof-Top bar and a school of 7-11lb. football size yellowfin erupt on a school of anchovies. They were bursting through the air and there was no mistaking their identity. We tried to get close to them as we didn't have any jigs tied on our poles and they sunk out. Saw them come up once more and that was it.. Tight lines.. Jeff/Irvine-Sporty Game rolls into the harbor late afternoon with a 133 lb Bluefins and nice 19lb Dorado--- good yft on the mackeral bk.

-------------------- Sat's Report ----------------

Another fine morning-- light marine cloud cover - wind light 3- 6 from the south seas calm with a small mix of seas---Still the tuna boats were mark'in fish, waiting for the afternoon bite-Kile calls in-- they were out on the Desperation Reef area-- three navy boats out there working but letting them fish--- says there's lots of 20 25lb tunas jumping around and a few fish taken on the Yummies so far-- The "Cove" shows it's hot today from 12 noon till midnight-- we'll see if the Navy lets the boats anchored up there for the evening---Boats just kept passing us up headed offshore-- we were only 4 off the beach --could almost see the colored beach towels on the shoreline-- big paddy-- must have been fifty dorado there some big ones too--- we were able to get 6 of the smaller fish-- but hard to get them to bite, every once in a while they'd push the bait up and they'd get on them-- we could pick out one or two each time there Heads and Tails---

------------------------- Fridays report -----------------

muggy -- looks to be clearing off with a westerly this afternoon- morning hours soft moist wind from the south-- seas calm --building to a mixed afternonn chop-Not much said on the radio -- so far today--- several boats headed to the island to get their moorings in avalon - should be a busy weekend---I wouldn't be surprised if a marlin wasn't hooked this weekend-- give it a try-- the First one of the Season has yet to be caught in US waters-- -- perfect moon phase tides-- Stand By-Down here just outside the 302 got some nice dorado a couple of yellows-- kelps-Hey JD-- you on this side-- yep-- what's up Gary-- oh I'm out here on the 14-- beautiful water maybe 7- 8 knts- playing with a few yellowtails under the paddies, one one lost one 8 12/15lb fish-7-8 outside Salt Creek- kelps holding-Yellowfin right in a pod of dolpins on a rapala 2:58-Tought to get these dorado to bite anything-- sometimes a small cut peice of bait-- / something with scent,/ meat/ blood can get them going-- once one starts to feed the others will join in-- Good luuk this weekend JD

--------------- Thursday's report ------------

Still Muggy - they say it'll get better by the weekend-- seas calm-- light south wind, to the west Cirrus clouds above 18,000, inland thunderheads Humid-Hooker Stan you on this side--- ya woke me up!-- you out here?--- ---- --- Avalon Bank looks good-- gobs and gobs of bait there -- that's where we hooked that fish-- beautiful weather-- water starts to turn off color- towards the 125, --- no mackerel made at catalina for us-- , large smelt but no macks-- that strike took out 200, 250 yds of 50lb like it was nothing- big fish-- he must have gotten that hook rig twisted around his bill it came back curved, like it had slipped off the bill--- good sized marlin we saw the fish jump . he says in afterthought - really tough to loose that first fish on the first day of our marlin fishing season- Warren-It's a game of 1/8- 1/4 inches, you can drive for 150 miles and miles do all you can to find the fish get it to bite but it all comes down to that 1/8" of a difference, if that hook starts it's path of lodging.-The past weeks series of tropical storms and hurricanes and diminished some of that surface warmth of the water off Mainland / Baja Mexico resulting in this coming T/S to have limited growth. It'll be a week or so before the generator warms up again- stand y--We're off your starboard-- they're here-- but we havent got them to go--- OK --I want to watch you shoot one-- they were jumping around the paddy 15 minutes ago- 12:09 pm-nice a blue N/W side of the A bank 75 degrees looks good!-Radio reception proablly not bad only not as many boats out-- spoke to a boater just arived back fro Catalina-- picked up some weak dines here in Newport- found a paddy 7- 8 off the beach holding yellows and a couple of Did want anythig Dorado" the caugh two of the tails 10 14lb fish went to the backside of Catalina, 6 more tails there 10- 15 lb stuff, and only one calico-- where's the calicos go he ask!-another customer in the shop- saying they found a school of dolphins south of Desperation reef and follow it for miles getting a dozen strikes on 40- 60 lb nice sized yellowfins on the Yummy flyer---Boats were working further west looking for the BFTs, Clemente island has a broken schedule this weekend I think only open for anchor in Pyramid from midnight till noon Saturday then hot till monday - please check schedule or call Kraken on ch 16 VHF

------ Wed's Report ----------

Muggy and tropical- global warming- here comes the wahoo's and Blue Marlins----Building moon for a full this weekend, , last month about this time 4- 7 days before the Full it was good Bluefin tuna fishing-- Stand by---Light radio chatter today , boats traveling up from Dana--- say hardly anyone on the water--- it wa like sheet glass part of the way-- not much in the way of current today for the coastal fishers, after the noon tide it picked up a bit-Still a few sports out chasing the bigger tunas-- and the swordfish fleet was hard at work during these flat mid day tides-Party boats out from further south report dorado under the kelps not too far offshore and they were happy to pull a few yellows off the weeds. Bonito also near the kelps-A call in this afternoon they had been out yesterday-- outside Dana-- bait pump wasn't working so they relayed on the lures and jigs--- one kelp had a couple of rat yellows under it- four off the beach- gyros helped to see another boat further offshore boating what looked to be a healthy dorado-- maybe 12- 18 lbs- a radio call invited them over and they ended up with yellows and dorado's on flat falls and a scrambled egg iron-- being overcast for most of the early part of the day they stayed with the darker colored Flat falls even when the sun came out they had had success with the dark color they stuck with it for more bites- Boat #7-

----- Tuesdays the 1 of Aug 2017 -------

Warm and muggy inland- skies turn to a milky white at the coastline then darker over the water - seas fair with a mix of long period swells-- wind light south-Not much change in the flow of wind- if anything it got calmer towards the late afternoon hours,-It's a long run out to the fishing grounds-to go just a little bit further, see what's over the horizon , one more kelp-- --- -- that's tuna fishing , driving around , burning fuel trolling, and the return trip depending of sea conditions can eat up the remaining fuel on board, and the remaining few gallons left in the bottom of the tanks sometimes cant be picked up or it's dirty and clogs up filters. Four times over the past couple of days I've heard of those running out or just about running out of fuel . That's a long ways out there and a long ways back- be careful- JD-again a quiet day on the radio- even the whale watchers were hopeful of seeing a Blue Whales now that's the waters blued up on the outside, I think a whaler out of dana had a swordfish pop up next to them around 11:30 this morning - and the private sportfisher were still working below Clemente.Should be a Nice sunset--

-------------------- The start of another week- July 31 2017-----------Morning seas were smooth and glassy except the light swell mix W & S defining it-- light west wrinkle at mid morning. overcast burning off towards noon---ost of the SD tuna sportboat fleet headed below the border chasing the tails, dorado and YF tunas- Privates still out at Desperation reef, and inside the Head. -Water offcolor warn and green against the beach - cleans and blues up only a few miles out---Started out early this morning myself-- due to insuffient fuel reserves elected to stay close to home-- played with the calicos, small barracudas, missed a small 5- 7 lb yellowtail and watched a thresher shark bat a floating flip-flop with it's tail, that was the excitement for the mornings cruise. strong downhill flow.-~~~~-Did well fishing the kelps south of the border. Lost a few due to angler confusion Great weather all day -greasy flat in the morning Thanks for the great reports -keep them coming Wayne S-22/46 there's a 400 lb white shark- here-- flagging not hard to find-- about 4 out of the harbor--- Dana-- 2:29pm


-Another adventure. Craig B. Angler. Taped at 195. Yummy Flyer. Hooked

-Notes on Fair Game-- in perspective Schuberts-Die-Forelle tells us something about it- --Across a clear brook gentle, There shot in eager haste The trout, so tempramental; Quite arrow-like it raced. I on the shore was gazing And watched the brook disclose The merry fish's bathing To me in sweet repose. An angler's reel unrolled From where he stood below. He watched with blood most cold The fish swim to and fro. So long no stone or sod Stirred up the water pure The trout from line and rod Would stay, I thought, secure. At length the thief lost patience And made the brook obscure With crafty agitations, And ere I could be sure The rod had started curving; The squirming fish was hooked. With pounding blood observing, At the betrayed, I looked.-He speaks of the game of angling and the frustrated fisherman having to muddy the water in order of fool the fish which was not fair game in the art of angling . To that thought- what's fair game these days-? is there a limit?- Our angling for these Bluefin Tunas has warped us into the "Wicked Tuna" mode--what next- power electric reels? We've passed the 150 lb braid line X 900 yd's + 300 lb Fluror carbon leaders mark, rigged Flying fish lures with ugly sized double and treble hook sets and Rods / reels never leave the holders and railfishing is the standard now- fair sport-? No , it's just food fishing not sportfishing--as is now there's probably a growing black market for these fish-- I wonder how long before they'll be a open buying market for tuna fish? JD



---------------- Monday Labor Day ---------------

Muggy overcast light wind from the south- maybe 3- 4 kts-- seas fine light wind chop- otherwise calm and gray.Building tides and moon this week-- stand by-- should be favorable to the fishing--weather causing a down day?-- -Tropical--- where'd the storm go? mid morning a med South/Southeast wind at 12- kts- seas carrya wind chop with them,AM radio talk show this mornings had one of the sport boats call in who'd anchored up early this morning near the 43 fathom spot--couple hours later after being mauled by the bigger grade tunas they put one in the boat- other boats near by were also pulling then over the rails. 100- 150+ fish, Sardines and flatfall lures

A morning bite off the west end of Cat this morning-- couple of fish caught released-- three there yesterday-<<<<-- Doug Carson's Broadbill Swordfish at 243 1/2 lbs taken on IGFA 50 Mono-- 2 hour battle-- Doug's old man Ken, would be proud of him!

Marlin fishing improving daily --- casting to a tailer up in the front -- the fish came in on the short line then hit the stingger -- swimmer style head-- although you've still got to work at it-- afternoon tide swing at 2 this afternoon,spots of tunas up through out the area- most go down before you got to them

-------------- Sat's muggy, tropical storm watch days report ---------

SouthEast wind began to build early seas becoming a bit sloppy and wind chop- a lull later this afternoon then building wind tonight -sky a mix of clouds and marine haze stirred up by that southeast wind-Mexican rebels have taken over the VHF !We're Bit--- marlin 9:47- the mornings slack tide-- 8:25Beautiful water here--- got the jigs out again----- we just landed a nice-- 60 lb bluefin--- a little bait around here--- on the 181 10:4We just had a good foamer here-- got three cast into it--- good sized yellowfin----a lot of zeros today--Gadzuks brought in a Broadbill Swordfish into the Avalon Pier last night to weigh-- 236-- they had baited 4 that trip, had 2 hooked up and landed this one-- that good swordfish odds!-- West end of Catalina- has a fair showing of the striped marlins-- 125 area-- a morning's seen-- a fish released there by Kyle- Pacific Pioneer, Black Bart also had a fish there--- water there this afternoon 74 degrees and streaky mixed blue and green-- lots of porpoise around-- This mornings Osborn Bank had a quick feeder up- down and fast moving tailers - no report from up north yet--- the anchorage at Clemente not recommended for tonight through Monday- S/E wind and swell expected JDHow ya doing--- -- were here off in the lee of Clemente Iv;e got -75 water and there's big a big area of tuna here, they were up casing bait like crazy, gone down for now--- we're here half way from the -209 to the 277 and a big foamer just came up--- we got hooked up on a jig--- but knot came undone--it's 71.3 degree water -- there terns everywhere--- we're going put them out again 4:44pmthey were up and we trolling by em' they hit that Halco--

35th Annual Master Angler Billfish Tournament Balboa, USA 2016---Balboa, USA 2016 Race Complete AUGUST 2017 -- Congratulations to Team Hooked on behalf of Dana Angling Club for winning the Balboa, USA 2016 IGMR! On September 30, 2016, Hooked Captain Geoff Hersch tagged the estimated 36 kg (80 lb) striped marlin after a 17 minute bout with angler Jeff Acampora. According to the data sheet, the fish "swam away healthy" and 216 days later, the tag popped up 1,397 nautical miles (nm) away from where it was tagged to take first place in the race! After deployment, the fish traveled south for about one month to the southern tip of the Baja peninsula before eventually heading southwest into the Pacific. Once the marlin reached about three degrees from the equator, it traveled northwest until it's tag popped off. As evident by the track on the map, we estimate that this striped marlin swam a total estimated distance of 5,560 nm! The effort was definitely a joint one with generous sponsorship from Jeff Tom, David Peter, John Tully, Dan Gorman, Craig Cleaver, Peter Nannis, Chris Bailey, Greg Zucchero, Dave and Tucker Guyot. Taking second place in the race was also an MABT IGMR veteran team: Team Pacific Pioneer on behalf of Tuna Club of Avalon. On November 4, 2017, the tag, generously sponsored by the Tuna Club Foundation, was placed on an estimated 102 kg (225 lb) striped marlin by Jason Blower after angler Paul Hoofe caught the fish aboard Pacific Pioneer with Captain Kyle Dickerson. According to the data sheet, the fish swam away from the boat in "excellent condition"- and that it did. The tag stayed with the striped marlin for a remarkable 256 days and swam a point to point distance of 92 nm but a total estimated distance of 2,059 nm! The marlin initially followed a similar path as the winning fish, but then deviated. Where Hooked's marlin moved south into open ocean, Pacific Pioneer's fish turned northwest and remained relatively near the coast for the entire deployment. Since the inaugural MABT IGMR, the marlin have followed similar movement patterns from year to year. However, while Team Hooked's fish followed the trend of marlin in past years, it did go further south than we've seen before, and Team Pacific Pioneer's marlin did not move out into the Pacific at all (unlike past years). It will be interesting to see if the fish tagged during the 2017 Master Angler Billfish Tournament will follow similar patterns. Please join us, in two weeks, for a fourth year of striped marlin satellite tagging at the 2017 MABT on September 15 & 16, 2017 in Balboa, California. To jointly sponsor a tag or to create your own sponsorship, please visit or email IGFA Conservation Coordinator Leah Baumwell with any questions. As you’ll see, there’s a pretty dramatic difference in the overall migration tracks, as well as total distanced travelled, for the two Stripeys. I look forward to continuing this important “citizen science” billfish research project during the 2017 MABT. Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Tuna Clubs Benefit tournament-- not many boats found fish to bite-- a few hooked- a few


-------------- Sundays the 24th -----------

Really nice morning on the water- wind soft from the south seas remain good and welcoming- The Pirate Fleet limps back into port- shell shocked-- -AGGRR -(See below)










The general overall marlin fishing-- scattered- a few West end Catalina, a couple strikes on the A Bank/ East End of Cat, a bite or two off the southern waters-- 9 mile bank, the 302 maybe a afternoon bite off Dana - lomg ways to go before they go away-- Good amount of fin bait / Anchovie shows up late afternoon off the Long Beach/ Huntington drop- off 4- 7 off the beach where that cool water up wells-Backside of Clemente--- Tuna fishing didnt develop as well as expected today-- - Joker pulled a fish (Tuna est 140 ) out yesterday 9 AM by the 88, Kite and Yummy not much there today-- Friday good fishing up towards the 289, and from the 289 to the 277 a couple more marlin bites today

------- Sat's Report ----------------

Blue overhead- a few low laying clouds to the horizons-- light south wind at 3- 4 kts- some mix of sea and a light wind wrinkle on it-No word yet on the Pesky's except the reported catch yesterday.AGGRR--- the morning's hi jicks begin with recorded stories- and more AGGRR's as the mid- morning's slack tide approaches-- --- Bait or Jig- ? got the garb on?--Prepare to be boarded- ---Avast matey -AGGRR--So far----A handful fish and , Gadzukes on a Swordie...-AGGRR--.Jewel Lure hooked up ..-AGGRR--.Gadzukes still on Swordie ---------- AGGRR-12:56pmSounded like Cannon battles out there-Flying fish also on a fish--- 2:08pm AGGRR,Ever reducing fishing boundaries as the tournament hours end- by 3 pm it's a 15 mile radius from Avalon- Lines out 4:08 today

sounded like 4 or 5 fish for the Pesky's today and reported the Gadzukes still on their Swordie ---------- AGGRR-3:22 pm

Gadzukes Landed their swordfish-- congrats from the fleett--4:20pm AGGRR


263 LBS his Second Swordfish of the Season!









Cannon fire-- that threatens to shoot Mackerels!



and cannon fire mid ship as they cross paths































And the Chicken Song ended it--and - Royal Slam's Sally releases a jig fish off Church Rock-


-------------------- Friday's Report Sept 22 -------------

Moderate clear sky, light south wind due to swing to the west later today--Air's cooler feels like the start of a early Fall season-- - seas fair w/ a mix of sea-Mid day tide swings should produce a bite or two-- standing by-- High Tide 11:06Noon time came and went-- still no reported action on the radio--it's as thought the fleet had been scuttled by pirates! AGGRR-- Standing By--


Note-- there's some lumber floating off So Laguna 2- 4 off the beach--

As the afternoon wears on- and no reports from the pirate fleet- then -- scratchy garbled comes through-- AGGRR you're about to be boarded--- aggrraa-- 2:37--









Pesky's Fishing hours started at 5:48 am this morning- and goes till Saturday afternoon 4:08 pm-- it's an all-nighter --- if you've got enough rum!Late afternoon hook up- Kacy B currently hooked up, Mike Bruce- 4:52pmA AGGRR------ as the fleet come back into radio range -- bit's and pieces of scrambled Aaarrrga's and repeated of what the bonus scoring points that are needed, boat name, garb worn, "we be bent over hard, matey" name, lat long, time of hook up, bait or jig, color of jig or type of bait, last 4 # of S/S, what the capt drinking, grid number, - lick the fish ad open a fresh brewski, - then repeat it all over again! - Kacy B released their fish !

Wed ------------

Cloudy with a chance of showers- wind light/ fair from the south--light wind chop and ruffled sea state --- She's gonna blow hard this afternoon-- stand by!2017 Pesky Mahlin Derby held it's kick off last night with fish stories matching the drinks, food and review of the rules. 38 vessels masking as pirate ships will be loaded with cannon, ball, bagel, eye patch, hand hook, pirate flag, shark chum and death by shark inflatable, gold earring, eyeliner and a custom made gold doubloon marlin lure!

-------AGGRRR!!-------- Stand By Matey

---------- Tuesday's 19 of Sept Report-----------------

Still gray mid morning-- light southeast wind 2 3 kts small mix of seas otherwise smooth seas-New Moon Earthquake-- -

This morning 10:30 Up-Date in the ABC has the Gambler hooking up at 8:15 this morning-- losing the fish tem minutes later-- and that's been all the hook ups reported so far--- No fish qualified yesterday so the $60,000 was up for grabs today , plus the Gamefish division, Tuna, Dorado and Yellowtail had an additional $24,000 !!- Tough fishing so far-- there's a few fish around but reluctant to come aboard easily, The Tournament organizers wanting to give its contestants the best chance of catching a fish ( marlin) has canvassed all the boats with a question if there were any objections about extending the tournament's hours by one more, from 3:30 to 4:30 that change in times allow them a better opportunity at fish as the Slack low tide today is 3:28 pm and that first hour of a rising time has proven it;self for e a good Bite time", All boats agreed apron the extended times--- unless a fish was hooked before the original lines out time at 3:30- 10:36am--then seconds later--haser calls in with a reported hooked 10:37--- Lat/ long-- 22/ 03Chases fish released! 10:48, photo of bino, confirms the catch/ release- Congrats to them- - so officially lines out will now be the original time of 3:30-!----- 1:30 Update-- still the Chasers fish the only one caught so far--- standing by-- 2:30 Update-- still the Chasers fish the only one caught so far--- standing by--Ahaarrrr----3:00 Update-- still the Chasers fish the only one caught so far--- standing by----- 3:30 Lines out--- only the one fish released today---and don't forget the Pesky's

Chicken coup 6:30 Wednesday the 20th 414 Old Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663 Awards Dinner at the M in Avalon 6:30 PM The 23rd

Masters score card for Friday / 1st day and Sat / 2 Day


































------------- Sundays Report -----------

Morning brough stiff South South/east wind- 11- 14 kts- seas a bit bumpy and some wind chop along with it--

Blue Whale seen 3 off Abalone- headed south- be off Dana around noon today--E-Mail today--- Good morning JD - quick report that we released 2 marlin on the Mai Tai yesterday. Double on jigs. Had a third that didn't stick 30 min later. Chased a quick feeder too. Lots of bait on a very fishy 277. Aloha. HughSounds like another fish hooked on the 14 earlier before the tide today---- Sloppy and more marine haze interfering with the radio reception--



Bull Pens' Spearfish catch yesterday--what wondefull colors they have-

Wind backed off towards the late afternoon hours-- still out of the S/W . strong N/W on the outside, Columbus days has a Offshore morning wind- S/E swinging to a NE

Good Luck


------------ Sat Oct 7 Report ------------

-Fine------ a lot like yesterday-- light marine haze off in the distance repots of fog further south/ maybe La Jolla/ 9 Mile bankJust a scrap of kelp--- started off with a few skipjacks , ended with a dozen small yellowfin-- nothing to run over to--- what's you up--- 29-- no 23--Where'd you get off too---- the weather buoy - surrounded by three giant kelps and no bites yet--Good yellowtail fishing at st SB islandsmall tunas on the 43--We just had a jumper--- south of those numbers 8 - 10 miles -- putting the jigs in right now -- just coming up to the 277 -- 10:48Bait all the up from Point Loma to Catalina-- Blue Whale following the 250 fathom curve, off Crystal Cove now heading south - Orcas seen yesterday out by the oil rigs 11:04 doing any good, had a feeder- turned into a fish in the jigs, put a drop back in-- had a pick up--- put it in gear and it's had dropped it--- 11:28am Just got Jig bit--- headed from the first one to the second one 11:29 ILTT (International Light Tackle Tournament) going on today- a handful keeping it rolling---How's it going-- oh a few here-- there just like the whole season nothing special-It was a big one had a couple of chances to toss a bait at it-- it spooked each time-- 11:5How your bait situations-- good-- mind of you toss a few in a bag for us-- - sure where are your -- right behind you-- five yellowfins and a skipjack off it-- our groups happy-- 12: 19Just had one up in the teaser chain--- took out about 30 of it-- pretty cool-12:15Another one on the 14?, and reported lots of bait up behind the island yesterday-- porpoise came in and decimated the area-- only scales and oil left- , we spent most of the day- here on the ridge-- up the inside and back down then outside -- totally different day today from yesterday-28 up 26 1/2 out we found a few kelps-- the bigest had nother the other one , we stopped the boat on-- never started off skipjacks turned into the yellowfin-- 77 degrees in th lee of Clemte this aftenoon- Spearfish on the Bull Pen this afternoon----Hot weather---fair fishing- big swell

---------------- Fridays Oct 6th Report --------------

Nice- clear skies last night light marine haze this am-- seas welcoming- wind one or two from southwest.Buccaneer Days this weekend at Catalina - the fleets headed their wayDave you on this side-yea, go down a couple-- 14 and 05 just had a feeder-- 10:18am Slack today-- 10:00 right on time--Schools of Yellowfin, look for us were at 11/ 14 we're sitting on them w/ baits-- 11:09amGet over here--- we just hooked a blue marlin!---- 11:27 ?? ---- It busted off 80--- took a dead skipjack pitched it to it-- came out and wolfed it--- every bit of 400 lbs unbelievable-- busted us off on 80 , on a better note we're metering fish under us now under the wagon right here-- JD's Tackle you on this side--- Sub Chaser calling--- we just wanted to let you know we just released one-- couple miles below the 277- Son in laws and a couple of their buddies, they did a great job--- beautiful out here--- Doug saw the fish and the boat I just watched!--- -- never seen a spot with so much bait-- couple miles below the 277- 11:38--How ya doing--- we're chasing Bluefin--- had one on the popper -- came off-- we left the island -- saw only one yellowtail go over the rails from the sportboats--- we've got a dozen of those yellowfin, little schooles and one big dorado went south behind the 425--long soaks in the zone, we got one on board , another close--- of one big bruiser--- lost it--- heartbreaker-- off China-- got one smaller one in the bag-- We just dumped a marlin on the Yummy flyer-- kinda cool to see it-- chasing it like they do thrashing around trying to get rid of it-- and he did---

----------------- Thursday the 5 of Oct Report -----

I just remembered !- getting old--- I stated here in October 1976, 41 years ago!-- seen a lot of boats go by, now stand up paddleboarders and their likes, Fishing gone in ups and downs and ups again with ol' Mother Nature offering up her Cornicopia of delights over the years, Glad to still be here- JD--- Nice Morning---------- Nice Seas-- light 2- 3 kts west/southwest, Strong tide exchange,An E-mail to Owen S. of Scripps about the Bluefin Tunas fioshing we're expericing and some questions about wheather some of the bigger fish are spawneng here on the West Coast and of their privious migration and current status in migration. Excerpts of Owen reply's', We are still working up the samples that have been collected all summer So sometime in the next few months I will know more. My preliminary answer is no we have not seen any evidence of spawning. The large females did not appear to be in spawning state as their ovaries were very small and immature. I looked at fish as big as 364 lbs Yes a different research group satellite tagged some big bluefin last year and this year. They are also busy processing the data and haven't shared any of it with us yet. I think they will publish their findings early next spring.... My thoughts are that most of the big fish stayed off California for another year. For example we have had many fish over 300 lbs caught this year and fish as large as 364 lbs were caught in 2017. Last year the biggest fish were around 290 lbs.... so those fish are probably the 300 lb fish we are seeing this year. ---- Better get the fighting chairs mounted--- Next Year we might be seeing 400/ 500 lb fish!-JD

-------------Oct 3 Tuesday----------Broken cloud cover 50% with some marine layer to it-, wind fair/ + out of the south/southeast- 8-10 kts --light wind chop-Quiet on the radio--- still a few Yellowtails to be caught above Newport, Artificial reefs, pipeline and fish havens off Huntington Beach/.Marlin fishing isnt over - just no one's out looking for them-- the baits here- so are they--

----- 1st of October- hard to beleive Sundays report -----------Broken sky this morning with patches of blue behind the marine clouds, light/ med stiff south wind maybe 6- 9 kts + wind chop on small mix sea -bumpyLots of boats scattered out- for those looking for swordfish, tuna fleet and marlins fleet and the air show and boat showReports of Lobsters and only fair catchers on the yellowtails--at Catalina~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This last month we lost another of our great Captains of the Sea, Capt Gary L Sanson, a Celebration of his Life will be held at the American Legion Hall here in Newport today Sunday Oct 1 from 1- to 6 pm . Gloria invites all those who knew him to come by, say hi to old friends tell a fish story or two and pay their respects to a man who was always cheerful and always excited to go fishin' Adios and good luck- JD-- He was an adventurer of the sea.


-------- The last day in Sept 30th 2017 Sat's Report ------

Wind stronger from the Southeast this morning- not foggy- and the marine layer is not as heavy nor as low-- Today's Boat Show in San Pedro and the Huntington Beach Air Show hopefully will go on well,light wind chop along with that south wind, otherwise seas good,Lobsters for dinner this evening- for some- the late afternoon weather looks to back off towards sunset to only a couple of kts.24 up/ 33 ( Mexico) out were some kelps holding yellowfin--Tuna fishing ( the bulk of the fishing) still a ways off form Newport, off Oceanside and further south- although there are some schools pushing to the west from there inside the Catalina's Channel or between Cat and Clemente-- old timers would say for every 100 schools of tuna that pass to the outside of Clemente Island, 10 schools pass between the two islands and one school makes it's way inside Catalina and the San Pedro Channel-

Got to go-- we're on them-- 11:16- A choirs line of Dolphins making they way up from Dana 4-5 miles offshore making they was 4 or 5 knts--SWBS Bass fishing serries hosts their last tournament today-- TOURNAMENT of CHAMPIONS out from Long Beach South Shores Launch Ramp , All 3 Bass allowed- Two Stage Event, fish outside the harbor 1/2 the day inside the othere half.Marlin Fishing-- here- there--- more feeders seen the past few days-- finding them amongst the sea lions, sea lions are now the indicator-- and those jumpers--

---------------- Sept 29th 2017---------

Foggy here and there, clearing then reapearing-- where are you guys?-- wind soft from the south, seas calm-We're here with the fleet-- on the 425-- looks like everyone's still moving--- we just picked up one nice dorado-- we're up here on the high spot, (43), you got alot of bait up there--- got to go--- 10:23amdid have, a little while ago a fish up in the jigs--- 22/02-- twice in the past half hour there was some action10:42am---A 1/2 mile line of finbait strings along the coastline off Newport 4-6 off the beach birds and baitballs lots of em!, looks good-- I heard Kyle had a fish on up west-- came off- , flying fish released one--still fog here on the beach 1/2 mile- Bud on 20lb Mayham--- 12:15 on a fish-- releasedMJG Ruccas-- took out 300 yards like a freight train-- 2 2/1 off the Slide-- lost it-- Yellowfin outside SD out to the 182 Bank- E-Mail today--- Hello JD, Launched out of Mission beach this morning at 5:00 am and my son Griffin and I had 6 YFT 10- 20lbs on the boat by 8:30 just 2 miles shy of the 182. Home and cleaned up in Irvine by 2:30....-Still foggy here on the beach--3pmRoyal Slam dumps one too off the East end-- Fog finally was edged back from the coastline after 5 pm still lingering offshore, Avalon to the LB Breakwater also had fog most of the day

Fuel Price for Turtle Bay--- 35 pesos per liter-- works close to $8.00 a gal- ($7.26 ) - especially if a Credit Card is used add 5- 10 %!The 46th annual Channel Islands Billfish Tournament was held Sept. 8-13. Twelve boats participated in this year's tourney. Most of the marlin were found behind Santa Cruz Island. Hydrocarbon took first place honors again this year with six releases. Dawn Patrol came in second with five releases and Ruckus came in third with four releases. Valkyrie, Joy Sea and Nepenthe each had one released marlin. Also caught and released this year were three short bill spearfish

--------- Thursday's Report --------------

Morning hours found the fog had crept in- laying offshore for several miles before it cleared up- light south wind here on the beach 1 - 2 kts- seas calm-Good meter marks, we spent most of the morning around the 125/ 152 good meter marks-but nothing else-- found a nice kelp out past the back side of Church--but nothing--- lots of dolphin, seals lots of bait but nothing else----we're out here on the A Bank seeing some surface bait so far, but that's it for us-- 10:37-We just released one--Hooked off the East end of Catalina- got the Satellite Tag in it-- healthy looking, fish was strong --all lit up-- it was a jig fish--- saw a jumper I assume that was him-- came up on the jig 1:17lots of birds, some bait 5 above the 9 mile bank-- looks goodSwordfish up yesterday 2:00 pm right on the tides-- stand by-- Coastal air waves roaring away as the HB Air Show do some pre- flying maneuvers Anyone want some numbers where the Yellowfin are boiling--- here just west of the 14 Mile Bank--- 33:25/ 118.2 on the Porpoise 1:52 -- birds bait -Jumpers---- Jumpers---- and a few tailers-- accounted for two or three fish today-- Jumpers-- why do they Jump?--- Sportfisher off San Clemete Island pulling a kite-- you doing anything-- OK hi your self, oh about 20 degrees from you we had a bite that was it for us- so , just got herewe just came down from the other side-- didnt see much there either, we came down from the 499 saw a bit of bait but that was it too- thanks--Nice afternoon weather light west-- should be a good weekend- Gluck

------ Wed's Report ---------

Morning fog- went away-- leaving hazy milky sky- light south wind 2- 4 kts seas caln and flat slight mix of sea- Returning back from Avalon/ A Bank towards Newport mid channel yesterday they found a kelp-- good meter marks-- a tossed sardine on 20 lb results in a leaping Striped marlin - breaking off 20 minutes later-- they had been fishing the back side of Cat along with 300 other boats at the Farnsworth Bank trying to entice a yellowtail - there were some taken others lost, heaver tackle helps--Upcoming this weekend offshore will be one of the last local marlin tournamet's-- the boys at the Tuna Club of Avalon have their "Hunt Tournament", With prospects of Marlin, Swordfish and the tunas to fish for--


Birthday poem by Daughter #2 for my birthday when she was 13, still holds the W R for Pacific Blue Marlin, as a Junior Record when she was only 9

I motor out to open sea, A skiff of sorts withholding me

In search of scaling blue green gold, I troll and cast in waters cold

These waves they wash from deep below, Lulling currents I learn to know,

While high above soars birds in flight,A flashing signal to the keen and skilled, For sees of bait tanks full and filled

I grin to hear my motor low, For a tangled forest is where I go

Where fish might come to hide and rest, And keep from predators at best

The world here speaks of light and death, A cycle born from nature's breath

But no despair is found round here, Only beauty cherished dear

For this is a place of peace for me , Motoring out to open sea


---------- Sat's Report --------

Marine layer low , slow south wind 1- 2 kts- seas smooth as silk--Sounds like a marlin was hooked up off the A bank this morning-- from Dana to the East End 69 degrees-clean water but not much happening so far-- 70- 71 off the east end--I just baited a swordfish--- 11:09am -two batches of feeders up here eariler this morning---we got enotyh they still crashing around the boat--- chunning em yo another long battle on a swordfish I think-- "Had em' 5 ft from the boat before he sunk out 1:28pmMeatballs of bait seen off Dana--- Humpback whales bonitos, -30th Street fishing with Pepperoni as bait - Leopard shark!Ahaa-- the fun days, to walk on the beach carefree and barefooted! -


-------- Fridays report -----------


Almost got to the 152 it's 70.6/7 degrees-- closer to the island there were birds sitting on the water like the were waiting for something-- looked fishy -we're out here fishing tuna--- the fishing skinks-- yea- right now there's not much -- but it's here, it'll come up a little later--10:33We're on the 43 seeing nothing not even meeting any bait nothing-- you still were you were this morning-- ?--Is that you moving up towards the island--- no we're stopped-- got meter marks , there's a huge school of dolphins moving the same as yesterday-- your way-- these are a 100 % tunas we're marking-- but nothing yet-- 11:5306 and 57 --we came back inside a little, found some-- got a couple hangin-- good ones--- 12:34Rich calls in Hot Spot--- just released one Kathy pullled on it around the 152 blind strike est 180 lb fish, Jig Fish Black and purple-----took out 200 yds and came back up jumping next to the boat-- 1:41pmwe just had a good foamer - got to go there' up-- good ones too 2:02 pm 289 71 degrees some birds but eally not seeing much out here---

He had come in the shop several weeks ago-- picked up a couple of those Baitmasters frozen pre-rigged swordfish squids for deep dropping to the broadbills, learing each time it tried it-- couple of times on the 14 for nothing, the 181 and yesterday the 277, Talica 25 loaded with 65 braid line and and 25 ft wind on leader, at its connection to the line was snap attached a 3 lb cannon ball sinker, the rigged squid's hook held a bent "U" shaped 3/4" rebar a couple feet long and weighed close to 10 lbs-- the system when hitting bottom releases the rebar weight and your on the bottom, his line became instantly slack- thinking he'd either broken off or a shark bite on the way down----" there just wasn't any weight- just slack line"-- - hand cranking in the slack-- he sets the rod aside and goes inside the boat and pulls out the De-Walt screwdriver attachment that power winds in the line-- 300 ft comes up quickly --- then--- then the rods starts to load up- and he's on--- the fish erupts 50 yards from the boat--- he had the fish leadered to the boat in 20 minutes-- close enough to get the 3 lb cannon ball weigh off the snap- then the fish sounded again for another run. 2- 1/2 hours later and three times leadering it the fish eyeballing him each time while 25 feet under water finally he gets the fish to the side of the boat and gets rope on it-- hooked at 8 :30 in the morning and to the boat at 11, but the struggles still go on as he's too exhausted and can't pull the fish aboard-- a passerby boat assists as two healthy guys jump aboard and get it onto the swim step - and off the Avalon to weigh it 188 lbs-- all by himself-- nice catch-- JD

we had three yellowfin on about 40 one about 60 and lost a bigger fish at the gaff-- yoyu fish the 381- yea flew the kite there but got em' mostly on the porpious in the insid25/ 48 Minki whale you would not beleive--

Mag Bay report from the Hooked-- -Amazing conditions here only 8-10nm off the Entrada. Today, we released 30 marlin, 2 sailfish and got a wahoo. Must have raised 100 fish. We stayed on the same school all day all within a 1/2 mile. Truly an amazing place. --

Bring more hooks and leaders !!

Inside the 14 this afternoon--Vintage sent in the photo-

Oct 26 ----- Thursdays report ---------

Nice--- what can you say about this morning's day rise- - a small roll of south sea swell on glass - calm and nice-- and the good posibility of fishing--Bonito and Skipjacks along the coastline---

Striped Marlin have been reported still off the West end of the island, you'd' have to think something would develop in that warm water around the Mackerel Bank, and that crystal blue water below Clemente might hold something. A Swordfish seen off Laguna the other day and this weekends mid - day slack tide the prime time to find em. The harpoon fleet stickin' pretty good up by the Channel Islands, Good Luck this weekend-- JD

Rigged Bonito for Swordfish bait--they shine better than mackerel--Reports from boats fishing off Mag Bay-- Pescador --Great weather and fishing. 34 marlin, 1 sailfish and 1 wahoo.

Hana Paa- coming in with a Broadbill Swordfish-- be at the BAC around 2:30 to weigh it--- Putting 45 lb of drag presure to sunset it- proved to shorten the battle to 40 minutes- 135 lb fish on 80lb tackle, Tom Pfleger- Squid for bait-- small 12- 14 inch humbolt squid in its stomach-

First Fish Flag for the BAC and Tom's First Broadbill Swordfish- Congrats--JD


Desperation Reef still holding those bluefin tunas-- 150+ fish


Broadbill Swordfish up---- we're at 20 and 19 we' got on flagging--- 1:37,

04/58- to 04-- , yellowfin--smaller tunas-- up to 100 lbs--from there to Fish Hook-

Hold on we've got a swordfish up-- 4:47pm


Yesterdays results for the Black and Blue Tournament--- today---Chupacabra 682 points with a second scoring fish!!!

1st- Ten Brothers 456, 2nd - Chinito Bonito 442, 3rd - Rising Sun 392, 4th - Porque No 344


San Diegos partyboat fleet reports good fishing for them-November 16, 2017 The Liberty called in with 107 Yellowfin Tuna and 10 Bluefin Tuna (110-165#'s). The Captain reported beautiful weather and great sign of fish. Please come prepared with your standard 25-50 lb test gear and also come equipped with at least one 60,80,100 or 130 lb test set up. -200-250 gram flatfall jigs with a short 130-200 lb leader. -2/0-5/0 circle hooks -an assortment of fluorocarbon 25-130 lb - 4-8oz torpedo sinkers and rubber bands - Friday Morning Update The New Lo-An checked in this morning with 10 Yellowfin Tuna up to 50lbs and 11 Bluefin Tuna up to 160 lbs. These are BIG Bluefin, so make sure to bring heavy gear. Friday Report of Bluefin The Tribute has 8 bluefin on the boat for their 1.5 Day trip. Fish are in the 150 pound range!

Another call , a Sat phone call from the Mag Bay area-- Tim on the Latitude Adjustment-- just outside the Thetis Bank area--- by 1:00 time ---so far today-- hard to keep track of it all-- they had released 33 marlin and another 15 got away!! -Everyone's all tired out-- their- Petrolero colored lures ( Brown / Orange) was the drawing color for them, the bigger jigs worked better than the smaller one rigged- hookless-- Feeders, bait balls, bird schools they're' everywhere- making mackerel as the live bait was easy at Santa Maria Bay-- Today its was like glass-- a calm sea even foggy in places-- terrific fishing-- - - --

8 Killers so far seen offshore today--in one group- between Newport and Dana-- total of 14 -- headed towards Catalina--


E-Mail from JewelLure coming back uphill from 5 weeks in the Mag Bay area. Marlin fishing this year, as everyone has heard, was again off the charts. This year almost everything was in the back of the boat. We pulled 2 squid daisy chains only and dropped back to multiple marlin for consistent doubles and triples. Sometimes we could go no farther than 100 yards, headed towards bird schools, before we were stopped. If you haven't tried it, DO!!

------------------- Thursday's Reports --------------

Morning high clouds spread out- marine haze on the waters side, wind, soft at 1-3 kts west- seas calm-Long range scratchy report ----we had one on--- a big one but it got away --we're East of that Navy carrier--- we're seeing fish-- 17/15 11:34am-A call from Mag Bay-- says it was still epic fishing there--- although a small part was needed for a boat down there--- looking for someone headed down that way over the next day ot two--- please call JD - 1 800 660 5030- thanks- JD

The Thetis Bank and just outside from there the marlin up on jigs in the morning hours, after 10 am the birds show up and there's 20/30 marlin under each batch of bird schools--Not many boats out but there were a few- saying they'd seen a 150 lb yellowfin being pulled on board and the boat said and they had a few fish themselves--- maybe near the San Clemente Weather buoy?

-------- Wed's Report ---------

Live Squid available up in San Pedro/ Long beach receivers-- great for the bass fishing--

Reports of still good on the tuna fishing going on-- remarkable - both bluefin and yellowfined fish-- The reports say Bluefin Tuna from 50-200 pounds & 40-60 Yellowfin Tuna from being caught! Most of the fish were caught on a combination of Flatfall jigs & Sinker Rig's- looks like the banks below Clemente Island- the Butterfly area 32.29/ 118.13, 32.31/ 118.17 and to the south and

------Tuesdays Nov 14 2017 ------

Coastal water at 62 degrees and the don't ant the plastics, Slow fishing here on the beach-- Weather fine and calm but fishin slow-

E-Mail this morning--- Hey JD, I’m the kid you sold the ballyhoo to the other day. Just wanted to let you know we found a swordy literally right where you said we might find one. We were at 16 over 16. Few marlin tighter into the quarry area too. Thanks

DANA ANGLING CLUB WINS THE 2016-2017 IGFA GREAT MARLIN RACE Striped Marlin Takes First Place for the First Time in IGFA Great Marlin Race Team Hooked on behalf of Dana Angling Club's winning marlin The sixth year of the IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR) has officially come to a close with 57 tags deployed on 28 blue marlin, 27 black marlin, and 2 striped marlin in the Bahamas, Bermuda, Hawaii & California, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Panama, and Seychelles. Altogether, the billfish swam a combined linear (location of tag deployment to location of tag pop-up) distance of 16,429 nautical miles (nm) and collected 2,632 days of tracking data. One small marlin, however, accounts for 8.5% of the total distance swam last year: an estimated 36 kg (80 lb) striped marlin that swam a remarkable 1,397 nm in 216 days this striped marlin swam a total estimated distance of 5,560 nm!

An E Mail earlier today-- asking what's going on in the Mag Bay Area, seems quiet for a few days now---how the marlin fishing goin'? There comes a time when a fever develops those going below the US / Mexico border-- Baja Fever disturbs their body and souls into the world of un-kept hygiene and the drop or two of spirits their parting words of, " I'll write every day" somehow is lost. The battle of the outside world vs the starry skies at night and endless ocean with teaming fish during the day, Baja fever wins almost every time--


Tuna fishing--

A call from the Provider this morning they had made the run down to the 60 Bank, picking up some live squid from a light boat out front of LB eariler - this mornings second scan with the gyros-- found a marlin tailing-- didn't bite. No tuna for them so far - standing by - the Butterfly had the yellowfin 40- 60 fish--- there's a few swordfish around-- keep your eyes open for them -- Slandk Tide today-- 11:30-- Stand by--

Humpback whale at 27/ 57 about--1/2 way from Dana to the 14-- Anchovies baitballs up south of the 267/279 on the mornings slack tide--


JD-- JD you on this side--(ch 65)---JD's back-- what's up--- this is So Glassy-- Jeff's on a swordfish--Where's about's are you-- we're about 10 outside of Avalon--- - who's driving the boat--- -- his wife-- me---- who's going to gaff it?------ OK, don't hesitate to ask for help-- there's plenty of people out here who can help - thanks--- other's chimed in with their support-- standing by-- 12:16pm

JD--- Just put it on board--- est 150- 175 lbs-- I had some bait on the meter, turned around and there it was--- made two casts ---third one, a little mackeral and he ate it-- we were on it for an hour before we said anything-- we're headed over to Avalon now to weigh it--- who gaffed it?? -- My wife!-- she's a keeper-- !! 1:04pm

Hey JD, here are some photos of that swordfish. stoked to get one. Wife did a great job driving the boat and gaffing the fish, just the two of us and the dogs. Luckily I had a swordfish rod and mackerel in the tank. Weighted 182.


they're going to bite every time just a matter of getting out in front of them 100, 200 yds, get a bait out---1:53

Started headed home towards the 43 came across some porpoise -- got some 30 35 yellowfin here-- 2:07

Small spots of bluefin around as well as yellowtails in schools under padies--


------------------ Wed's Report -------- Closed Thanksgiving Day -------

Moon at crescent phase, tides just turned the corner and starting to flatten out- Coastal water over the past few days - slightly- up hill- on the 60 mile bank strong downhill- Blue sky, white off to the horizon- wind light 2-4 kts south, seas calm light wind chop

---------------- Tuesday's Nov 21 Report -------------

Phil called in yesterday--- the other guy bailed out on him so he went solo- in his 28ft Pursuit-- heads south out of Newport 90 some odd miles to the -- the 60 mile Bank southwest of SD, the party boat fleet was there - working the 350- 400 ft self just outside the anchored fleet he'd metered fish in the 260- 300 foot level- once in a while they came up to 100 ft, even seeing breaking fish here/ there. One bait on the surface the other one hung with a 10 oz sinker- the 6 oz wasn't enough in that current-- Flatfall lures didn't produce for him, just that rod that was bent over with the 6/0 ring hooked mackerel w/ 100 F/C leader- solo he considered the situation- first put the boat in gear and slowly pull away from the fleet -to lead the fish-- - leaving the rod on the gunnels' holder the Talica 2 speed did its job by winching up the fish to within eyesite of it --25 feet down, it rolled over and gave him the "stink eye", Phil backs off the drag a bit ready for the dive which came, again to winch it back to the boat- finally to be gaffed and hauled aboard , a trying time in itself. Congrats-- JD .

tapped out 60 x 43 est weight 138.

Good radio reception today-- several boats on the 60 saying they had fish--- one was 3 for 7 bites, others say they had made squid and that was working for them-- one fish est at 180 lbs--

JD you on this side--- It's Eric, Real Noyes just wanted to let you know









------------ Monday the 18 of Dec 2017-report`````````- -


Only a few more days now till the shortest day of the year-- from then on things get warmer--! more sun-- Bay and coastal waters clear as ice this morning--- schools of 4-6 inch smelt swimming into the draining tides, one cast two bites missed em both-- had to get back into the shop-- inshore fishing locally good for sand and calico bass using plastics--

--------Dec the 17 2017 Sunday-----------

Mild Santa Ana winds, east/ southeast here on the beach of Newport-- 15- gust 18+ light wind chop, seas have a mix of swell to e

Yesterdays Swordfish--- taken Deep Drop method by the Half Moon--

----------------------------- Fridays the 15 of December---------

Christmas comes Early--another - Deep Drop Swordfish See Below`!-

This mornings Email of an continuing La Nino event- into the later part of Winter and in to Spring-- bodes for less rain and more of the same-- blue sky, light wind calm seas--Strong winds outside up North 30/40+ kts-

Strong tide movements again--

E-Mail from the Foxi Lady-- Costa Rica-- congrats to them- JD We try not to be to much into bragging, especially in the group of traveling boats we normally run with, we normally dont get alot of opportunity to say much. But we just received a email from the Billfish Foundation that the Foxi Lady for the second time has been named the Top Tagging Blue Marlin boat in the Pacific. More importantly Denise was named the Top Blue Marlin Angler in the Pacific. This says a whole lot about the fishing in Costa Rica. We could not have done this without the help from some really great friends, and we appreciate you guys. thanks


JD's Tackle--you on this side Half Moon Calling--- Yea -- what's up-- Christmas came early to us today-- tell me a fish story-- we did that deep drop thing today-- got a swordfish--- That's great-- here on our coast or over towards Catalina---- Near Catalina-- it's a small fish perfect side for us 80lb tackle-- it's around 100 lbs--- about 30 minutes-- we weren't really sure what we had -so me and Sawyer tag teamed it-- So don't think it's time to quit fishing-- the swordfish don't know it's winter!!-- Swordfish for Christmas--- 3:10pm



A question to one of the ocean biloigest at Scripps asking about the Bluefined tunas, the bigger models and any speculation on there whereabouts this time of year--- as he said that is a good question some may have migrated back to the western pacfic, or hanging out further south or west. There had been some tagging done on the BFT earlier this past season and the results had not been made public just yet-- maybe some of that info will get out?

Christmas Tuna this past week

Nate and Ryan made the journey out into the blue today-- destination towards the 181 and 43 fathom spots today-- the did find a school of dolphins with yellowfin tuna with them but they were reluctant to bite-- a Humpback whale or two - not much else in sealife for them so far. Vick stayed on the beach fishing the basses.

------------- Mondays Dec 11th Report ----------E-Mail this afternoon---

Hi JD. Found a patty by the 43 loaded with yellowtail 5-10 lbs then a school of bluefin showed, hooked a couple but lost them on 15 lb. Continued to the 60 Bank and got limits of bluefin all slow trolled with a 6 oz sinker rubber banded 30 feet from the 25 lb leader. Biggest went 40 lbs. Dana point has best sardines I've seen all year. Bluefin for Christmas! Hippo crew. Tom

--------- Sunday Report Dec102017 ------

Weird weather, warm high overcast clouds driftin up from tropical seas, mixed with the smoky sky and flat seas have a brown layer of haze to the south and west/ north-

Humpback Whales and porpoise still around for the viewing -- off Main Beach Laguna, 3- 6 miles

--------------------- Sats the 9th Report ----------------

Dolphins still 4- 8 off the beach-- still looking for the Humpbacks, yesterday there were out 8- 13 off from Laguna- Maybe some of those tunas will still be around locally- they'll like being with the porpoise schools-

Boats headed back to shore report Catalina fun fishing, especially bonitos off long Point other than that no Yellowtails for them-- but bass and sheep heads etc, coastal fishing was said to be tough, waters clear--

Orca's seen off San Clemente Pier-- yesterday they were down off SD -

She said ( the whale watcher gal) that it came up and did it's trumper -- it's rosdrum stuck right up and it was like it was talking to us?-- ! 4:24pm

Who's to get the last fish of the year-- and for that matter the First of the Year 2018, those who belong to angling clubs need to get their membership renewed before the 1st if they plan to weigh in their catch for the First Fish of the Year Flag, Tuna, WHite Sea Bass Yellowtail Marlin?

Humpbacks breaching outside Newport to Dana 8-13 offshore-- several pods of them-- incredible they say- Time to take the relatives out for a boat ride-- Lunge feeding-- pods of 5 or 8 of em-- even bubble feeding--- nice to see the sealife right here in our own backyard--

Good meter marks below the harbor-- might even be some squid along our shorelines-- have a good weekend- JD

---- Its Dec the 3rd and there's tuna fish outside the 14 2017! ------

Yesterdays showing of Tuna just outside the 14 Mile Bank ( 33:17 / 118.03) goes in hand with the amount of bait around-- Whale watchers on the inside of the 14 report also large schools of bait there too- shearwaters everywhere , There was a tide influence to it too, low tide today 3:10 pm


E-Mail this morning---

Good morning JD Just returned early from tuna fishing. Got several small BFT and a variety of other fish and was amazingly, miraculously the "hot stick" on the trip, Hooray! Auspicious way to end 2017. Thank you Lisa-


Nice day on the water-- althoght not many out- -- probally at home putting up the christmas lights- or watching the football games--


--------------Dec 2nd 2017 ------

light fog this morning-- sill a bit haze onthe water- west at 4- 6 ktd- light wind chop on flat sea Strong tides exchange this weekend--almost a 8 foot drop Stand By-- the earths doing a lot of flexing these days with the"Super Moon" at 7% closer to the earth at only 357982.59 kilometers ( 222,400 miles) away - Stand by!

Not much in the way of whales out there today-- so far-- 11:00

E-Mail this morning--- Hi JD, went 4/8 on the bluefin yesterday at the 60, All we're in the 20-30 lb range but really fun fishing on light tackle. Fished 25 lb leader fly lined with no weights, got 1 big strike on a balloon but chewed right through the 25lb. Tried deep drop, sliding sinkers , rubber band torpedoes etc. and only fly line got bit. We'll drop some steaks off later today. Thanks for everything. Send pictures later. Tom !

JD-- you still on this side--- yea-- what's up!--- we would have been home hours ago but we ran across all the freeking tunas--- some of them are pretty good sized 60- 80lb + stiff lots of the 10 15- 20 lbs stuff---- up really quick and down --- you get any of them-- we've tried but they don't seem to want our power bait or plastics- we've been fishing Clemente all morning for bass, Don't think this tackle could stand up to some of those bigger fish, the smaller's ones yes-- -- ran across these fish at about a quarter to two-- been on them ever since--- if someones coming out tomorrow they might want to check it out, they were at 17 and 03, ( just outside the 14 mike bank) 3:01pm

----- Dec the 1st 2017---- can you believe it! ---Nice weather a light morning fog/ haze- seas calm ----

Filling moon full tomorrow- good strong running tides, stand by! Low Slack tide today 1:38pm-

They're really starting to bite the plug now--- we can hop scotch back and forth between the two of us over this zone---- we had some monsters come up-- it hasn't changed or anything wind or weather.12:15pm

- Back to Huntington Harbor by 2:30--- after stopping off in Avalon, Catalina to see if he could weigh the fish-- sorry scales were closed for the season--- He'd have to run down to Newport's BAC to weigh it or just give it a good estimate-- a little smaller fish than the one two weeks ago at 188 lbs -- A call from Frank-- " I'm the guy who bought that Swordfish Flag from you a couple weeks ago- Daytime deep dropping for a swordfish"-- - you said the flag comes with a 10 fish guarantee and now there were 9 left-- well now he says there's only 8 left---got one today--Broadbill Swordfish, Last time he was solo, this time he brought his uncle along this time-- they Tag- Teamed it - letting both of them to do battle with the fish -- it surfaced several times, thrashed about-- sounded- good battle-- the hook was lodged firmly in the bottom jawbone- A Rigged Squid was the bait, -277 the area-- - his outfit a Talica 25 loaded with 65 braid line and and 25 ft wind-on leader, at its connection to the line a snap attaches a 3 lb cannon ball sinker. To keep it all from fouling up in the deep decent, resting on the hook of the rigged squid is a bent "U" shaped 3/4" rebar, a couple feet long and weighing close to 10 lbs -- the system, when hitting bottom releases the rebar's weight from the hook and your on the bottom , up the line some 25 ft from the bait is the 3 lb sinker There were at least 5 stick boats around, and I believe another rod and reel swordfish taken today--- -- Photos to come--

Aug 1st

Hi JD, Here’s a pic of my son, Nick, with a dorado he speared on a paddy today about 8 miles off Newport. We were returning from Catalina on Surly Mermaid and had no live bait. It’s his first dorado by speargun. Water was 72.5 degrees. Cheers, Ali




full Moon on the 7th of Aug --

Hey JD - we found the big bluefin yesterday and they were biting the Yummy well. The majority of the fish were in the 130 pound range but we saw fish well over 200 as well as schools of small bluefin from 5-25 pounds. The Yummy rigging was great. Thanks! Gary ( Two Jobo hooks- 7/0 up tail, 9/0 belly)


And word comes down the fishy word of a 470 lb Bluefin brought in by a Seiners into San Pedro- --- that'll be a tought one on 12lb tackle,



- got the 16 lb class fish ( Pending World Record for Pacific Bluefins Tuna) --- 129.6 lbs-- we were driving over fish at 4 pm saying why don't they bite-- then at 6 pm it was like a light switch-- they were biting anything-- broke off fish after fish till we got this one










And the tuna kept getting bigger--



Krystyn Lambert caught this 270 bluefin tuna in 2 hours 40 min standup. Her dad, Carl caught a 123 lb the next day on 50 Dacron. Perfect rig on the pink Yummy. Thanks, JD!


10 ft 400 lb Jenkai leader, #7732 9/0 Belly hooked, #7732 8/0 tail up,



and Provider weighs in a community effort with a 165 lb Bluefin





Several more broadbill were seen - the Tuna fishing was a pick at them with the flatfall and jigs or bait , Kai Kane came in flying a released marlin flag-- congrats--


Aug 17th Moon 1/4 Full going dark

-- the Western Pride-- while trolling for dorado w/a zucchini feather gets bit by a marlin-- couple of other jumpers seen while fighting the fish--- that'll keep them 1/2 day'ers awake ,


Kyle says the water super blue-- aquarium like - 20lb tackle w short 60 lb F/C leader tuna feather set way- way back - they have a fish up in the jigs- and drop backs deployed Kyle up on the bridge winds this tuna feather back in between the drop back baits - fish leaves the baits takes the Jig! 20 minute battle , Mikes on the wheel - fish tagged and released- congrats- Maybe we're trolling too big of lures he says?

Ruckus had a one for two day up above the west end of the island -Sunday-- looks good up there.

and the East End of Catalina-- has tonnage of the 2 inch fin bait-- thousands of birds , seals and a sealife there--

- Jewel Lure says they released one out of two marlins --out towards the Santa Barbara Island yesterday / Jigs and a couple of nice dorado today on baits-

the Navy request all boaters flying kites to pay close attentions to hazard areas and to diligently avoid interfering with Navy's training and that kite flying can pose hazards low flying aircraft. No persons shall fly a kite that causes a hazard, nor higher that 500 ft, at night they need a light and during the day, pennants or streamers not more that 50ft apart starting at 15 ft above the surface and visible for one mile!--


Tom says once they got the fish herded out of the school (of other fish) it took a deep, deep dive and he was able to gain line an inch back at a time-- inch by inch-- Pending World Record on a Pacific Bluefins Tuna - 130.1 lbs on 12lb IGFA Line

Fishing w Kite and Yummy Flyer- 12 lb IGFA Ande Line














--------Friday the 18 th of Aug Report ------








JD, Pretty good day on Friday. Thought I would share. I got this one to eat. Thanks, Greg Zucchero GadZukes

There's breezes everywhere--- were about 1/2 between the 9 and in between the 181 and 182-- there's sportfisher charging into these schools-- Mexican radio chatter overwhelming the radio talk- 11:02 -- 32:48 / 117:38

You get anything yet--- just the one --We got fish under the boat-- 51/42

The swordfish fleets working hard up at the Channel Islands-- Anacapa Island and the shelf to the south of the island-- fish both marlins and the swordfish feeding on the shelf ( buoys) -- then drift into deeper water - the whole fleets there-- deep droppers scoring 3- 4 fish a day-- stick boats running around and airplanes spotting fish for them-- We almost went through all our (bait) mackerel the first day casting on the swords. Bring mackerel!

~~~We hooked three of the biggers ones, and dumped them all-- 11:00am ~~~~

Bluefins still showing--

Dad couldn't be much happier than to have daughter land a Pending Woman's World Record of a Pacific Bluefin Tuna with 50 lb test line .. As Tom said it was late afternoon bite, the ninth inning when they got the bite- , unassisted during the 1 hour battle she kept the pressure on, putting that line to it's limits--

Ali Pfleger with here 149. 3 Pacific Bluefin Tuna taken on IGFA 50 lb class line--












So Bounder's --- on their way in with a Broadbill Swordfish to weigh in -- ETA 9 pm tonight!- Congrats-- JD

We got this swordie this afternoon below Anacapa. Angler Doug Carson Ande 50 tournament. 2 hours standup. At angling club about 9pm

The Congratulations from the C'est La Vie!!!!!-- Nice Catch!---

and speaking of a nice catch--- e mail today from Jenny A.

Late morning bite yesterday, 4/4 on these fish. Foamers everywhere with some big ones mixed in as well. Back on the mooring in Avalon by 1:00. So much fun!!!

------- Sundays the 3rd of Sept----

Moon 3/4 Full Flling

Marlin fishin improves

Good weekend for the Bull Pen-- 4 releases -- West end of Catalina and the Avalon Bank--











Hello Geoff, Great news! I just received word that Dana Angling Club’s satellite tag deployed on an estimated 80 pound Striped marlin popped-up yesterday 1,397 nm west of the tagging location (vicinity of the 181 Bank) after 216 days. More details to follow shortly. Best regards, Bob Kurz IGFA Trustee CCA-California Board of Directors HIBT-IGMR Event Coordinator MABT-IGMR Event Coordinator

Short lived-- but the earlest recored for the Hurrcaine Season-- Stand By!- Post-Tropical Cyclone Adrian

April and May- White Sharks were the talk of the town-

Dana and -- Boats off Huntington beach way-- trying to follow the Great Whites-- lifeguards telling them to stay 1/4 off the beach-- they want to get in shallow to film them with Drones -

Lot's of sheep out there--- turned nasty mid morning--water temps holding at 60 to 63 degrees --

By May 19 the Bluefin Tuna was in full swing--

that spotter planes being called by another plane to come look at something 100 miles away-- ya gota see this--- working below the border seeing a single school of 80 lb + Bluefin tuna 150 yds wide and streching for 4 miles long-- that's a lot of tunas. And massive amounts of bait schools seen inside Clemente island-- promising-- dozens and dozens of boats out this morning ( Dark of the Moon 1/4 building)

May 26th Tuna 15/31 we're seeing em' --- bait everywhere-- were seeing em' jump around, just a matter of time 12:52pm (371 area 28 miles 199 degrees from Pt Loma)

Yellows were still around but the Bluefin went off the feed for a weeks time- then it changed--

they broke off at least four other fish over hundred, another boat next to them looked like they pulled four fish over the rail- by 2 pm they had at lest one fish aboard,

------------ May 30th 2017------------

May Gray just wont go away


Sad news-- that our good friend Joe Winkelmann “Old Joe passed away in his sleep - So long Joe--



Boat on the 43 saying they'd seen a couple of foamers out there?- 1:47pm June 1st 1/2 full filling Moon---

June 2 there' s 200 lb foamers-- mosty of the time we were on bird schools and foamer, Filling Moon

3rd of June Moon 3/4 Full They went the route-- hit all the standard high spots from dawn onwards-, 43, the Corner, 371, 425, back up the Ridge-- 209 and 8 miles outside of it-- the afternoon tide flooded in- by 2:30 pm the ocean came up-- schools of bait- football sized baitballs with tuna crashing then-- we shut down the engines and slid into them-- left the generator on- they didn't seem to mind, they pushed the small micro 2 inch bait to the refuge of the boat--- hooked two on the 8- 10 inch poppers-- busted them both off!- More tuna then he'd every seen in his life-- all 100- 150lb brutes wine barrel sized fish! maybe that smaller 60 gram Coltsniper w/ 80 fluor would mimic the baits size better-

We fought one for 4 1/2 hours---

found a dozen kelps- no one home- one spot of 30-40 bluefin -- we threw everything at em', no go--

White Shark viewing's becoming an tourist attraction north SD waters-

He said they couldn't get em' to go---- foamers going right after the little 2 inch micro bait, they'd chase the bait right to the boat --- go right under the boat and pop up on the other side of the boat-- 4 inside the 289 yesterday afternoon

Backside of the moon-- slow tuna fishing South wind at 8- 14- 15 knts mixed seastate a bit rolly, light chop.

Quote of the day--" you got foam?"


Ryan comes in late this afternoon- he'd been out today looking for the tunas he's seen yesterday-- conditions have changed overnight-- yesterday coming off the 14 towards the 152- a few miles water temp showed 70 degrees and good looking water and shearwaters doing their head poking thing-- marks of bait along a strong water temp drop and color change-- and a splash here there- big fish--- -- back again there today and it'd changed-- not the current/ water break and the bird life had flown away-- well maybe tomorrow it'll change again

Couple of images of water temps and of the Chlorophyll Charts June 13 2017 --1/2 Moon - going dark---



Yea-- it's a full foamer--- you get any cast to it--- yea tow cast no bites-- into a ful foamer-- Just saw anothe breezer of our bow-- 27/19 was where we last saw em-



They're still around-- Vicks 62 lb WSB the other day- , a good 35 minute battle on 20lb braid line

seen em' boiling around- couldn't get them to take anything with a hook in it--12:28

those things bite for you------ yea---- bait or flatfalls-------- bait-- got the kite up--- we're markin-- we're markin - come up north-- 1:01pm

five inside the 182-- really blue 182 and 182 it's green and alot of bait-- we got three on the popper allready

May Gray and June Gloom went away too---------

-------The Friday June 16 Report ----Backside of the Full Moon 3/4 full waining --------

Sunny and hot inland cool and refreshing here on the beach - gentle sea breezes from the south a light marine layer lays offshore- seas calm and welcoming

Run and Gun --outside the 209 and just below was where we found the Yellowfin yesterday must have made 15 cast to foamers and bird schools or the porpoise--got one 40-50 lb fish on the 80 colt sniper-

Kite back up and we had two more strikes tacking back and forth over this area. The fish seem to hit better on the North bound tack. We landed the next two fish that went (104 and 102lb). Both of my crewmen Jon N. and Justin S. landed their first bluefin and they are both over 100 lbs….lucky guys! We were using 100lb mono top shot, over 100lb braid. Tiagra 30 reel on a very nice Seeker rod with roller guides. Chris--

hour and a half-- we got the second one on the boat-- 38/ 21 about an hour ago--- more and more yellowfin showing--- very spooky-

`well congrats-- you got the tunas-- you went further north than yesterdays numbers--- -- hope to get another evening bite like last night-- `

5-6 boats in the area 3 of which have kites up-- how's your water color down there - green? --yea--- its bluuish green here -a few bird spots of fish up --but its that smnaller grade-- not like it was yesterday--- yea Im gonna stick it out down here for while before I head up--

Anybody doing any good flying those yummys in that green water---- couples of hours nope--- we did have em' up in that gree water - threw the C/S's and everything--- wouldn't touch a thing!-- 2:47

We've seen it all day-- a few puddlers here--- there-- as you get closer to the beach it turns green/ brown and off color-- outside it gets cooler really quick it drops off--- inside from here it turns that offcolor and warm brown water--- this 66.3 66.7 little break here , where its cleaner- we'll wait it out till the tide change,--- just had a big one roll right next to the boat--- really markin' em' now-- -- marken em' 3:51pm

---- Mondays report- - of the 4 of July Weekend-- ----3/4 Full Moon filling --

Cloud cove went early today--freshened by a west/ southwest 6-8 kt breeze- hazy blue sky. Seas ok light wind chop

Good Calico Bass and Sand Bass on the art. reefs above the harbor-- strong downhill current- Catalina has the three "B's" goin

You should go down hill from there-- we just had that foamer up right there behind me -- in that swell---- you could see that big old black boil in it--- drag your yummy right over that spot-- 3:16pm

Just got blown up on the bait 5 times -- missed it---we're gonna make another tack down through there--- - we're about a mile inside you- basically where we fished yesterday-- I think down 3 up 14--- they may have been the smaller stuff-- -- ok rember they take it on the down tack--- tide turns at 2 pm ---12:24pm

July 7th--- we just saw marlin out here-- west of the 302 10:10

33:00 /117:48/ south of the 312 we had em' coming out of the water--- got two tacks through them for nothing- casing em' all around now-- there's a swordfish boat directly on the 312-- (w/ plane) 1:28


Tomorrow the 2nd half-

Spotter plane reports only seeing the smaller stuff- I didnt see any of the big ones just scatterd bunches of that 25- 50lbs stuff-- west of you-- no really big stuff-- spent couple of hours futher down there , didnt see much of that big stuff there--- most I saw was between those too high spots--- both inside the upper high spot and betweedn the two high spots , the Cross

---------------------Sunday the 2th of July ---HOT---------------

I've got 71 degree water-- boats scatter far and wide, seas calm wind light south 2- 4 kts- sky hazy and humid

I've got a swordfish up right here---- 10:52am -- slack tide today 10:51----

25/07 just had a big school came up--- under the birds-- it's 72 and purple blue just outside the 14 mile back--- big schools of shearwates---yellowfin on the dolphins 11:11am


Swordfish still around-- keep ya eyes open for them as this moon wains-

any sword boats around--- --- I've got a swordy here----11:28. slack tide today 12:14

pea green 73 degree water 2 -3 inside the 267 - birds and bait--

Seiners on the 14-- scoping up the yellowfin Just saw seiners putting on 100 er's rigth on and below /outside the 14-- 1:35

we're 25% so far-- 1 for 4 looks like all the fish are headed south-- on the Yo-Zuri Hyrdo Tiger

that was a good show- we missed four of them in 30 seconds--- - breezes up--we -got two ---one on a popper and a colt sniper--- dropback'ed 1"5: not much wind yet, a little starting to blow for the kite flyers--

Seems things got quiet after 1- 2 pm time - maybe a sunset deal

Friday-------------July 3/4 Full Moon going 1/2 -- the 14th But the BLuefin kelp biting againn bigger this time--


Bill--- Billl--- you on this side--- it's definitely going on my 3:00 a 1/2 mile--- 12:57pm

Sometimes things happen , saw a splash and we were in the right position-- got the bite, thanks we're upwind of you--- got one in the box, lost one and got another one going now----- you hear about the 308 yesterday , I knew someone would do it--- Bluefin 2:13pm

Kites were in vogue ------ Winds up west 10 +

you get yours--- yea about a buck and a half,,, we just got it up again---- we're tight--- nice--- 2:54

They wanted to die-- yesterday--- now's the time-- call in sick!-go fishin' -we didn't even land a fish yesterday till 6 o'clock so dont hurry-

The waters warmed up

We lost another one of the good boys--

Steve DeGroote of C-Fab passed away this last week-- , I only had this one photo of Steve--but it shows his zeal for the good life, we tosted each other on a good day of fishin' with- lobsters, steak and fine wines that evenin at the "Head" ---- Vaya con Dios!


And a fish spotter plane says he saw a river of tuna along the inside lee of Clemente Island-- along the shrimp buoys and tonnage of smaller 12- 30 bluefins and a mix of yellowfin out towards the Butterfly Banks-- Kelps below the border were harvested of 15-30lb Yellowtails and smaller dorado and bonito


--------------- Jan 20th 2018-------- 10 hrs 17 minutes of sunlight---

Coastal waters holding at 61 degrees and there's a general current flow to the south/south east at .18 knts a hr- flowing at 140 degrees from north. 15- 25 kts Small Craft , High Surf Advisory

------- Jan 19 2018 ------

Light overcast skies beginning to cloud over- wind freshed from the south as this Low approaches--seas beginning to get bumpy with wind chop,

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck offshore Friday in Mexico’s Gulf of California, but there were no immediate reports of damage. The U.S. Geological Survey says the Friday morning quake was centered about 48 miles (78 kilometers) north-northeast of Loreto, in the waters between the states of Baja California Sur and SinaloBaja California,Mexico has had: (M1.5 or greater). 1 earthquake in the past 24 hours; 9 earthquakes in the past 7 days; 51 earthquakes in the past 30 days; 799 earthquakes in the past 365 days . The Gulf of California is a result of ocean-floor spreading and transform faulting. The ocean floor spreading tore southern Baja California from mainland Mexico 4 million years ago and has subsequently rafted it 260 kilometers to the northwest along the Tamayo Fracture Zone. Magnetic-anomaly profiles indicate spreading at the mouth of the gulf at 3.0 centimeters per year and a rise-crest offset of 75 kilometers inside the gulf across the Tamayo Fracture Zone


This time of year anglers and angleretts like to follow the sun southwards a eMail from Donna this afternoon -- Hi John, caught this nice Dorado in Cabo at The Golden Gate.


--------------- Jan 18th 2018 ------

Inland it feels warm and sunny-- on the water it's still a bit on the cool side if your out of the sun-- light south wind that seems to be increasing, seas calm with that light wind chop on it

----------------- Jan 17th 2018 ------and the beat goes on- --------


Only a couple of boats talking today-- halibut fishing it sounded like-- getting one or two legals in the shallower water--- the deeper water held the bigger fish , with a strong downhill current --added sinker weights were needed 8- 12 oz's not uncommon

-------------------- Jan 14th 2018--------- Closed Monday and Tuesday-- ---


Giant Black Sea Bass-- It was easer to hang em' by the jaw vs the tail ( they'd slip off the tail rope)

Still foggy maybe 1/2 - 3/4 mile viability-- puts a dampness to the day-

Watch out for Sea Snakes!! especially Yellowbellied ones!!

And another report of Black Sea Bass around-- -- and another old photo of a pair of em taken in the early days

--------------- Jan 10 2018---------------

Well the rain came and now it's going away-- bay waters are offcolor brown, lot of bird, cat, dog and just about everything else gets washed down from the inland, probably not as clean as we'd like it, Salt water a good acid, give it a few days to do it's work.

Not a lot going on today-- seas were not bad , a little lump to it wind backed off and a few fish bit-- mackerels and bass - the seals and seagulls were on you quickly,

Photo of 304 lb Giant Black Sea Bass takend off El Segundo in the early 30's by Bruce Bethamn




---------------- Jan 6 2018 ----------

Overcast and calm-- no wind, seas flat-- due to change to a westerly-

Sculpin fishing the mainstay of the local partyboats, out by the oil rigs is a good area, jig and cut squid


---------------- Jan 3 2018 ----------



---------------- Jan 2 2018 ----------

Bright and sunny with a few high clouds overhead-- white marine haze on the horizon in the mid days sun- seas calm with a light wind ripple between glades of smooth water--

First of the Year on Yellowtails and Bluefin Tunas for the BAC and the Tuna Club of Avalon- taken!

The Tuna Club's 1st went to the Provider and the BAC's went to the Taravana
























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