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Stabiscope.gif (27193 bytes)Fujinon Stabiscope Binoculars

Imagine being able to spot a Marlin or Broadbill Swordfish on the surface tailing over two miles away or run uphill through sloppy seas and glass the ocean without discomfort. Follow Sheerwater birds in their flight for 5 minutes watching their every move birds or watch jumping porpoise 8 miles away! It is possible and many top contending anglers are doing so now with the use of high powered internal gyro-stabilized binoculars. Fujion, already a leader in offshore marine binoculars, has recently introduced the Stabiscope S1240 and S1640 binoculars. Which incorporate the use of internal prisms installed on free swinging and rotating gimbal frames held stable with high speed gyro motors. When viewed through and vibration or motion are present the Stabiscope Gyro prisms are then unlocked and allowed to "float", which stabilizes the optics and makes target appear clearly visible to the eye and less fatigue is experienced. Your time spent looking through binoculars can quadruple and your clear field of vision can easily be miles away. Lightweight (1.89kg), 100% waterproof, for left or right handed use they have been proven on land, sea, in the air and even in outer space. Power can be supplied from either 4 AA alkaline or 1-2CR5 Lithium battery or use a 12-32 vt. external power source. Comes complete with DC regulator, power cables, hand straps and a damage control carrying case. Options include polarizing filters or Eye Cups (recommended)

These binoculars are worth their weight in gold!

Model  List Price JD's Price
12 x Power #S1240D (12 x 40) $5,600.00 $4,999.95
16 x Power #s1640D (16 x 40) $6,100.00 $5,395.95
Polarizing Filter/Pair $ 240.00 $ 219.95

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