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Zane Grey's famous book Tales of Swordfish and Tuna, Harper Brothers 1927 is a collector's dream. JD's tackle now has available a 1st. Edition un-cut book in Fine Condition, some wear on binding. Inscribed in his own purple ink to a Mrs. Greeenfield "With the sincere admiration and compliments of Zane Grey" dated Oct. 28, 1927. One of only a few Leather Bound Copies that were made just for friends or for a special presentation. Describing the coastal waters off Southern California in the early twenties, fishing for Bluefin Tuna also known then as leaping tunes as they leapt clear of the water and came crashing down on schools of fleeing flying fish. Fighting with all one's might against Broadbill Swordfish and Tuna, battles that lasted far into the night and the imagination of thousands of readers as they followed Zane and his brother RC into these dreams that turned into reality. Hair-raising chases for Giant Bluefin Tuna off Nova Scotia punctuated with glory or defeat. Written only as Zane Grey could. It is one the best classics ever written on these big game fish. This rare book is available now, and included with it is a letter directed to the Tuna Club of Avalon dated 1927, supporting the ethics of motor-launches to be used as a sporting method in pursuing gamefish. Asking price for book and letter is $3,500. Please direct any inquires to me personally- JD
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Tales of Tahitian Waters by Zane Grey Harpers 1931 (I-F) 1st. Ed. The scarcest of ZG's fishing titles. Record catches of sailfish, dog-tooth tuna and the capture of the great Tahitian marlin 1040lbs. Very Fine $1,500.00
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