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Tritanium by Sufix

sufix.gif (3765 bytes)The future of fishing lines seems to change daily with new types of co-polymers, tri-polymers and whatever other types of material that comes of age. You might have read about some of these remarkable achievements in recent sportfishing magazine's tests. Suffix, a division of Mitsubishi leads the way in this technology with a new generation of super bonded molecule Co-Polymer lines, named Tritanium in which the abrasion resistance testing is almost 10 times greater than that of standard fishing lines. 10 times!! page3merge.gif (28870 bytes)That's a lot. Sufix's Tritanium is made extra tough for extra tough conditions (bills, gills, tails, rocks, reefs, coral heads, trees, asphalt, bricks, anything!) it fishes a little more wiry yet it's still very easy to handle and it's small diameter for its test. For the lighter spinning tackle or baitcaster type reels MagicTouch was created with it's soft, low memory casting abilities. It too features co-polymer super bonded molecules for super tough strength.

Introductory Prices

Tritanium (Clear) Spool Sell Price
4lb-25lb 1/4lb $12.95
15lb-30lb 1/2lb $27.95
30lb-50lb 1 lb. $37.95
80lb 1 kg $76.95
Magic Touch

(in Pink or Camo Green)

6lb-25lb 1/4lb Spool $12.95
10lb-25lb 1lb. Spool $41.95


The Fish & Fly

"It must be in the blood", this sport of fishing. A tackle collector friend of mine informed me of an item he found listed in "FISHING TACKLE, A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE" by Graham Turner. It seems early in sportfishing's ancestry, the year 1756 a European fish tackle merchant Mr. John Doughty of the FISH & FLY posted an anglers companion or (trade card ) which helped with the choice of baits & tackle and where and how to use them. Encouraging his trade with a return address in an advertisement issued in the York Courant, United Kingdom. The "FISH & FLY" listing all manner of tackle and promised "Any gentleman on sending his orders by carrier or News-Man, will have the same carefully observed, and as well used, as if he presented himself", it may have been the first fishing tackle mail order business!! JD's Tackle was born, The FISH & FLY was continued by his son Joseph and in checking with my own family ancestry I also have relatives from that area. "It must be in the blood", and after all these years we still appreciate your patronage.

John Doughty, JD's Big Game Tackle

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To all lovers of angling at the Fish and Fly within Minster Gates, York makes and sells by the wholesale and retail, all sorts of fishing rods, and all manner of best fishing tackle; hooks, much admired for their temper; the best sort of spring snap hooks for pike; sells the right Kirby hooks and all other sorts of fishing hooks upon the said best hooks makes artificial mice for poke and chevin; the best sorts of artificial flies for pike, salmon and trough; and all other sorts of artificial flies, greatly admired by all gentlemen who have made use of them; and sells Indian weed commonly called Grass, the only thing for trough and carp fishing, when soaked half an hour before used. Sells the fine silk worm gut, the come over, which is as fine as a hair and as strong as six, used and approved of by several anglers for fly fishing etc. Likewise curious hair lines , and length, without a knot, for pike and salmon angling; Pike-Wheels, Swivels, Night-lines for live or dead baits; landing nets and hooks; fishing stools and many other curiosities in the way of angling; also trunks for shooting darts and pellets. Any gentleman, on sending his order by carrier or news-man will have the same carefully observed, and well used, as if he presented himself.

John Doughty 1756-1801

Fish & Fly, Within Minister Gate, York. (Wholesale & Retail)

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