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You've probably already heard about the fabulous fishing there is to be had at Midway Atoll in the North Pacific what you haven't heard is the other side of the story. It's about it being a U.S. Wildlife Refuge, a National Preserve, a park, a haven for all types of nature's sea life and wildlife and it's the realization of this island'stadylures.gif (24635 bytes) sanctuary that one becomes captivated by it's presence. To nearly twosufix.gif (3765 bytes) million seabirds, turtles, endangered seals and almost all forms of life this small atoll provides the much needed protection for rearing their offspring and young. Adult Albatross may forage outward to 500 miles or more in search of food for their chicks. Midway atoll is their sanctuary, their retreat. Visiting Midway is like going back 100 years and finding nature as it has always been. Powder white coral sand beaches that makes the eyes squint, live coral reefs and turquoise clear waters, abundant with sea life. Offshore, thousands of seabirds wheeling and diving into multitudes of baitfish being driven up by hungry schools of tuna and other fishes. With appreciation, care and consideration for the future these fishes and the wildlife will be here for generations to come. Visit Midway and you'll come back with a better perspective of one of our nations finest Natural Wildlife Refuges. The fishin' great there too!!


Circle Hooks

Fact or Fiction, can these rather odd shaped hooks really catch fish? Yes, they can and they do it well. Their ability to hook fish in the corner of the mouth and cause little damage is ideal for catch and release. From small inshore bass to tuna and marlin, tarpon, halibut and sailfish, all have been taken with these hooks. Not new, the design has been in use for over a hundred years but now being made to specific gauge sizes to fit the mouths of specific fish. The hook-up method is not to strike hard when the fish takes the bait but rather let the fish close it's mouth, turn away and hook itself in the jawbone as it swims away. Mustad, Owner and Eagle Claw are among the manufacturers who produce these unique hooks. Many of the world's most famous gamefishermen would rather use these hooks than anything else! And we've got 'em all. 

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Boat and Auto Stick-On Emblems

Let people know what you believe in! Tuna, Marlin, Dorado, Shark, Trout, Bass. Only $4.95 ea. Buy three get one free!

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