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Calstar Fishing Rods and Kits

JD'S Tackle is proud to represent Calstar Fishing Rods and blanks, the finest Stand-up fishing rods ever created. Whether it be on the West Coast, the East Coast, South America, South Africa, The Pacific Rim, Alaska or Europe anglers throughout the world have recognized these stand-up rods to be the most powerful of all rods manufactured today. sufix.gif (3765 bytes)Calstars proven stand-up flex patterns have been copied by just about every other rod manufacture. Fifty years of experience in fiberglass rod production has now led Calstar to the creation of their new Grafighter Blanks, a blend of fiberglass and Graphite fibers to form a response or recovery rate that is faster and yet very forceful. Light in weight and sensitive to the new generation of super lines these rods are destined to become part of the future of sportfishing. For those who like to build or wrap their own rods JD'S and Calstar have assembled kits with these rod blanks (Hypalon grips and reel seats are already professionally installed on the blank), all guides, tip tops, threads and epoxy finish are included in the kit. All you have to do is choose what colors of threads (3) you want and finishing it yourself. Or Calstar has these rods factory made available in cosmetically matched black blanks with turquoise and black colored wraps. Here are a few of the prime rods or rod kits we have available.

Model Length Guides Line Test JD's Selling Price Kit Price
Conventional Offshore Rods
GFGR 700XL 7' 9 Fuji 10-25 $199.95 $124.95
GFGR 700L 7' 9 Fuji 15-30 $204.95 $129.95
GFGR 700M 7' 9 Fuji 20-50 $219.95 $144.95
GFGR 700H 7' 8 Fuji 30-80 $269.95 $194.95
GFGR 700XH 7' 8 Fuji 40-100 $279.95 $204.95
GFGR 765XL 6 1/2' 7 Fuji 20-50 $264.95 $189.95
GFGR 765L 6 1/2' 7 Fuji 30-80 $274.95 $199.95


Fish Game

Hardly a day goes by now that a kid doesn't pick up an electronic fishingoldcard.jpg (7508 bytes) game, "The times they are a changing". It used to be when every kid that came into the shop would play with the sinkers or spin the handles on the big International reels, pick up marlin lures, play with the tuna feathers or skirts and comment about the big one that got away. Not today though, more and more the first thing these kids of today see is the electronic sport fishing games which simulate everything from hooking and landing a 450lb blue marlin off the coast of Cabo San Lucas with a rigged squid to catching several 2.5 lb. bass in a cove off the west bank on a chartreuse spinner bait at 15ft. ingame 2.gif (7002 bytes) dirty water on a windy day. With an electronic menu these fresh or salt water pretend anglers choose from the types of lures or rigged baits, cast or let out line to the desired depths of water to be fished or trolled at. Fish fighting skills are judged by pumping the fish in without breaking off the line or losing the fish, drags have to be adjusted for bigger fish and scores are rated and tournament games can be recorded. Not only is the younger generation using these hand held games but you see them everywhere, on airlines, in tackle boxes and in bathrooms! It's a sign of the times. A fisherman's gift if there ever was one.


Freshwater Sportfishing Now only $14.95!
Deep Sea Fishing Sell Price $19.95!

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