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Sevenstrand Lures: Great Colors, Great Price!

sevenstrand2.gif (1985 bytes)Over sixty years ago California's own Sevenstrand Fishing Tackle Co. was established, ever since it's provided the industry with some of the best quality fishing tackle products everysevenstrand.gif (18900 bytes) assembled. Recently they've introduced several new styles of offshore lures with reasonable prices in mind. With in-house quality control in mind Sevenstrand also now produces it's own octopus replacement skirts with incredibly vivid new colors and great prices.

The champion of these new lures are the PRO SERIES which feature the exotic designs and lifelike luster of natural abalone shell inserts and combined with perfectly blended skirt colors for great looks at great prices.

CRYSTALURZ lures are priced low enough so that you should purchase at least two or more of your favorite color cause your gonna loose a few of em', it's a fact of attrition. Incorporating the use of highly enhanced light reflecting inserts, which are encased in a recently developed resin that's the clearest on the market today. Creating highly reflective heads and a proven selection of colors and patterns.

The new SOFTOPS - soft bodied one-piece squishy type lures that are like candy to Billfish. Priced so low you can buy three of them for the same price as one of the others. The realistic manner of the soft squeezable lures keeps fish coming back time and time again. Time enough to get that drop-back bait in the water and by then the excited fish climbs all over your bait. Four sizes from $5.00 to $12.00 each!

Sevenstrands new octopus replacement skirts feature creative fish catching colors and their plyable sizes make them easy to use. Several of my favorite colors are the #135 Deep Sea which duplicates flying fish, the #180 Diamondback color for squid and the #121 Blue Parrot. Please give us a call if we can assist you with your reskirting questions or if you'd like we will be glad to send you a full color catalog of Sevenstrand products.

Pro Series with Abalone Heads Concave Chuggers - centered holes
Model Length JD's selling Price (each)
PRO-150 9" $21.95
PRO550S 10" $24.95
PRO-650 10 1/2" $24.95
PRO-850 12" $32.95
Flathead Pushers with Abalone Heads -offset holes
PRO-1 9" $21.95
PRO-3 10" $21.95
PRO-5 11 1/2" $25.95
PRO-7 13" $32.95
Slanted Swimmers with Abalone Heads -centered holes
PRO-6 10 1/2" $24.95
PRO-8 12" $32.95
Crystalurz -Concave Chuggers-centered holes
CL 1200S 8" $16.95
CL 1220S 9" $18.85
CL 1230S 10" $18.95
CL 1500S 12" $25.95
Flathead Pushers-offset holes
CL 1200F 9" $16.95
CL 1205F 8 1/2" $16.95
CL 1210F 9 1/2" $16.95
CL 1220F 11" $18.95
CL 1230F 11 1/2" $18.95
CL1500F 14" $25.95
Short Flathead Pusher-center holes
CL 1200FS 8" $16.95
CL 1220FS 9" $18.95
CL1230FS 10" $18.95
Konahead Swimmers-offset holes
CL 1200 9 1/2" $16.95
CL 1205 8 1/2" $16.95
CL 1210 11" $18.95
CL 1500 14" $25.95
CL 1600 15 1/2" $25.95
ST 150 Mini Chugger 6 1/2" $ 4.95 ea.
ST 150X (10 pack) 6 1/2" $43.95
ST250 Med. Chugger 8.0" $ 7.95
ST 3 Med. Flathead 10.0" $ 9.95
ST 1100 Bullethead 10.0" $11.95
Colors Include. All standard Sevenstrand colors

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