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Stabiscope.gif (27193 bytes)Duel Reels; Doctor's orders, you gotta have one.
We Will Not be Undersold on Duel Reels!

Duel two-speed fishing reels are just what the doctor ordered. Now used throughout the world today in the leading big game destination spots. Designed to gain line in high gear (3.4:1) when you use the forward winding (clock-wise) motion and then upon reversing direction (counter clock-wise) a separate lower gear ratio is engaged which has tremendous leverage and aids in gaining line while you lift the rod. I.G.F.A acceptable, this method of pumping in line both forward and backwards constantly puts pressure on the fish and it seems a natural way of winding. Drags are super smooth with carbon fiber drag plates and spools that can be rapidly interchanged for other line test or drag settings. Should your reel ever require cleaning or repair JDS Tackle is an authorized West Coast Service Center for DUEL Reels. Parts in stock. With years of personal rod and reel repair experience we're able to make professional repairs or services on any reel without mistakes.

All reels Gold in color

Model Gear Ratio Line Cap. Sell Price Spare Spool
12 Speedy 6:1 500/12 $359.95 $84.95
2.5/0 4:1,1.5:1 750/20lb $779.95 $119.95
4/0W 3.4:1, 1.4:1 940/30lb $939.95 $154.95
6/0W 3.4:1, 1.4:1 650/50lb $1,024.95 $164.95
9/0W 3:1, 1.2:1 1000/80lb $1,369.95 $279.95
12/0W 2.5:1, 1:1 970/130lb $1,699.95 $199.95


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