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Nearly neutral flow will bring light winds through Sunday, with onshore flow increasing slightly Monday.

TodayWind variable less than 10 kt...becoming W 10 kt afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 1 ft at 7 secs and SW 2 ft at 15 sec. . SunWind variable 10 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 1 to 2 ft at 6 seconds and SW 2 ft at 14 secondsColumbus DayWind variable less than 10 kt...becoming W 10 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 1 ft at 6 seconds and SW 2 ft at 14 seconds.


Starting to get active again- Stand by--

Regardless of any tropical development, expect increasing winds and seas to the vicinity of the Revillagigedo Islands and Baja California Sur offshore waters through early next week.

2019-Alvin, Barbara, Cosme, Dalila, Erick, Flossie, Gil, Henriette, Ivo, Juliette, Kiko, Lorena, Mario, Narda, Octave, Priscilla, Raymond, Sonia, Tico, Velma, Wallis, Xina, York and Zelda

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Closed on Mondays--

------------- Sundays Oct 13 2019----

Nice and sunny again-- light marine haze seaward- seas calm light roll to it.

Cabos got some weather and maybe more to come later next week- Looking forward- Another larger strorm front pushing in from the Northwest will bring some wind and a large swell in front of it-

Couple/ three marlins seen this morning-off the backside/ east end of Catalina- Orange Rock area-

Not reported tuna on he inside waters so far today- good sealife 5-6 off the island towards newport--

Wind again picked up mid late morning-- backed of towards the afternoon hours--

He said they had a bite in 1300 ft of water with a bait down at 1,000 straight out front of Avalon--

Not many of any swordfish landed today-- some bites but I did'nt hear of a fish boated-- maybey one?

Better luck tomorrow-- JD



Chris Bohannon, son of Jack Bohannon, father of Kevin and Brett Bohannon, and cousin to Mike "the Beak" Hurt, all of our brotherhood of fisherman, has joined those on "The Other Shore". Chris was connected to the commercial fleet through his father and many relatives, and always had a special place in his heart for that part of our community. His father contributed to the early establishment of sportfishing out of San Diego as we know it today, and generously mentored many of our guys in techniques still being utilized. Chris was better known for his time on the yachts, such as the Madrugador, Anita J, M &M Special, and more recently the Bad Attitude, Non Taxing, Pescador, Reel Time, and Hot Reels. Chris was blessed with a special talent for reading conditions, and believed whole heartedly in sharing information to enhance the experience for all. Watching him cast on a fish was like watching poetry in motion. He was proud of his sons for carrying forward Bohannon skills sets, and it appears to be budding in his grandchildren as well. He and wife Gail also enjoyed their years on the Gail Warning. Chris excelled at tournament fishing and was grateful for the gentlemanly and custodial practices of the Catalina Island Tuna Club. Chris's genuine enthusiasm and boundless passion will be missed, as will his hearty greetings on the VHF and 2 meters as his mic has gone silent. An intimate Celebration of Life is pending. Please call or text Gail at 310-413-3727.

---------------------Oct 12- Sat warm and sunny--- light south wind and varly good seas-- lots of boaters out-- schools of tunas being seen--

just put on a 100 lb flyer and off Clemente--

others seeing foamers of Yellowfin

Adding in the filling moon and a high pressure system the surface Swordfishers were scanning and deep droppers dropping baits a 1000 ft- tuna boats out chasing porpoise, terns and flying flying fish, the Marlin trollers were weaving their paths over high spots temp breaks and yellowtails were said to be chewing the paint off the bottoms of boats at Catalina-- should be a good weekend for fishing--

44 and 21 there's breezers coming through every 15 minutes of so--- 11:43

spots of smaller 20+ YF off the East end of the island a mix YF and 30-40 BF

afternoon they came up good--- from the 43 up the Ridge both a mix of the YF and BF

showing-- 1:02 good now--- 14/ 18 off the East end of Cat

wind came up a bit after lunch-- making the drift for the swords a little more difficult while keeping the lines straight down below them-- and another swordfish taken by the 152 this morning-- Dozen or more boats drifting--

Good looking water 5 -6 off the beach here at Newport this afternoon-- looks good birds bait--

Deep dropping on the inside of Clemente-- Shawn M. boats a swordfish today--- nice place to fish for them

Good luck tomorrow-- JD



-- Oct 11 2019 brings another brigh blue day-- not much wind if any at all- seas calmed down and only a ligh roll to it--

rumer has it the fleets out tuna fishin!

Roger roger-- you fishing the tunas- big spots of em'-- we didn't get that far-- 10:47 scratchy reports of the Yellowfin off Dana--

Yesterday we saw one marlin on the Avalon Bank and another one up by Long Point, this morning made the crossing over to to the island ( San Clemente) saw some mackeral being pushed by a marlin on the Mac bank- about a hour ago --Scott--

Nice day-- light westerly and warm for the afternoon hours--- some were asking about any dorados being caught today whiles others looking for those schools of bigger grade Yellowfin from out front of Dana to inside side th 14--

casted iron and poppers were said to do the trick-

21 over 30 he says--- 4:28

Good luck this weekend-- shoule be good weather and some tunas to be found-- and swordfish and even a Marlin-



10-10-19-- Thursdays report -

a cloudless sky- wind light from the south 3-4 kts- seas good small mix of seas

Moon's building again full moon next Monday-- typically the four or five days before the full is active for the bigger fishes- marlins, tunas, whoos and such- almost all sealife responds to that filling moon, a blossom of sealife if you will- the groupers are on spawn, lobsters and other crustaceans the same- the bigger females become more active-- . Records kept of the Black and Blue show an increase of the Blue and Black marlin catches from the 200- 300 lb fish from the backside to no moon and up to mid moon catches --- them the full moon comes and there's 500-600-800 lb fish hooked-the bigger female fish are active- Booking agents for Fishing charters may not agree but the fish don't care !-

Not much in the way of the fish reports today-- rumor says a 150- 175lb swordfish taken from the Newport canyon area- ? and there were others off the local bank fishing for them today--

If I heard correctly in a very scratchy report ( far away) saying they had wide open Dorado! around 2 today -- ?

Weather looks to let down soon and the offshore opportunity for surface sighting of swordfish and deep dropping looks good for the weekend--

Dodgers game was a let down in the end--


---------------------- Oct the 9th 2019----

High overcast sky-- wind from the south 3-5 kts seas good and visibility and radio air ways going a long ways-- --- but not much spoken yet-

Long range weather forecasts web sites Sailflow and Windy show a T/S forming south of Baja next week and growing-- at least at this time forecasted to move north towards Mag and Turtle- 15 and 16th - stand by--

Boats headed to Baja-- asking the price of fuel at Turtle Bay? any word? JD


Seeker's--- Swordfish from yesterdays catch-- Bucket list stuff. Double fell off after 30 mins, but we got to weigh one in Avalon tonight. Rick H

Congrats-- JD



Yellowfin still going strong at the 425 below the border today--





From yesterdays Satellite images of the local So Calif water temps and the Chlorophyll chart














And from the Baja Peninsula This year 2019 and from Last year 2018-












- Go dodgers---


--Oct 8 2019 -

---- Morning light Fog and overcast sky-- wind light form the south 2-4 kts seas good- light mix to it-

Several boats out today-- water chilled off a bit 67- 68 degrees

couple more boats doing the deep drop system for the swordfish today-- ( see below for set up)



Hi JD, Sally caught this Swordfish yesterday to complete her Royal Billfish Slam. There are fewer than twenty women in the world who have accomplished this feat. Needless to say, Sally is stoked! Best regards, Bob


Boats headed down to Baja and the Cabo tournaments reported good fishing on the way down-- Marlin - tuna- wahoos

12:52pm-- reported wide open yellowfin tuna fishing near the 425---?

lots of paddy's out past the 277- not much under them

windy and not much in the signs of sealife on the 277 or backside of the island

Seeker comes on the radio- towards the later afternoon hours reporting they had a double going on the swordfish and worried they'd have to cut off one of the lines in order to get the first fish-- -- got it and on they way into Avalon to weigh it--

Gadzuks also had a bite--

And a couple days old ( sunday report) of the tuna being seen between the 209 and the 267 lots of fish seen- metered -- ??


Took my Grandson out fishin yesterday--- but not for fish!----- we went after crawdads with a piece of string, a little bit of bacon and a long stick! Got a couple too---- good times!









Nothing better than a five year old boy with a stick and some water to play in-




Here's a general idea how the Deep Drop system looks like, a couple of many ideas to get the bait down without too much trouble
















Closed on Mondays---

---- Oct 6 2019-----------

---- Boy if yesterday was a nice day it's even nicer today-- again a light wind from the W/S/W maybe 2-4-5 kts just enough to break the sunshine's heat--

and again just about anything that can float is headed out the harbor and up to the HB flats to watch the Air Show-- pretty spectacular , most bigger boats anchored up some skiffs drifting-- a little crowded, some guys fishing for bass-

Couple boats setting for their long drift for the tunas, like theyt did yesterday-- - not sure where guessing at 289 area

Local waters waters warm and cleaning up-- 70 degrees on the 14

They came under the boat--- not a big spot of em' but that were tuna--Three big boils one two three- - threw poppers at em' but no bites -- first went there there wasn't any current went back about 9 and there was current and that's when we got the fish--

Boat coming back from the Clemente Tuna grounds-- no luck for him so far-- still trolling his flying fish-- 2:18 sounded like he's had a few-- !!

good radio reception --425 they're jumping a round here and there--

Navy showing off they wears today--

He said it was coming togeather-- lots of birds gathering and looking good-- 32/42 below the 43--

reports say--- Not much happened off the backside of Clemente for the bigger grade Tunas---or anything else


E-Mail from Mexico--- we we fished out of Puerto Los Cabo's for 4 days from outer gordo to jamie bank and finally this big boy blew up on a jig behind the boat well worth the time it took 2 1/ hrs on Merityme 2 Captain Bret C angler Tom Mo gaffer Kenny Brooks

Baja Bound the Falls sportfishing migration is at hand--- Big Game Tournament Fishing and warm seas- beckons

East Cape report: lots of 12-15 lb Dorado, some small YFT, and plenty of these pint sized strippers to keep you busy. Water 84, no wind all week.


Boats headed to Mexico


Go Dodgers--- -


Predator heading south the morning of the Nov. 2nd-

Baja Ha Ha---- SD Nov 3- 16 --La Paz

Cubar Odyssey 2019 SD Oct 30- Nov 17 La Paz

Bounder Departs Newport Nov 6th - Mag 10-16 then Puerto Los Cabos Marina in San Jose the 18th. 

------------------------Oct 5 2019--- Sat--- -------------------

Sunny morning-- light bright marine hase to the S/E and darker haze to the west seas good and lots and lots of boats out to see the AIR Show--

Seems like alot of boats out fishing-- or looking-- or wishing--

What a beautiful day here in October-- light winds kept the air fresh and sunshine kept if bright-- The air show one of the best so far- -- and lots and lots of boats-- and a very confused seastate has the boats headed back to their ports--

There were 30lb + Yellofin to be had off the east end of Catalina-- and down the ridge to the 277, the outside shelf I think held more fish-- watch the terns-- and hole heads-

Where'd the marlin go?? --- there should be a few still hanging around the islands

and the Swordfish should be basking near that mid day slack tide-- intereting the Geoff got his bites also on the midday slandk tide deep dropping-

Sad to report a loss in the fishing community --one of the better people Sad news to report, Chris Bohannon passed away yesterday. He was a well respected Fisherman and Captain. Celebration of Life information to follow... Thoughts and prayers are with his family.


-------------------------- Oct 4 2019 Friday-- again---------------

Daylight quickly shorting it's duration-- SD has a tournament going Light Tackle Tournament ILTT

- Yellowfin tunas being caught for their fleet so far-

Several boats out fishing for the swordfish in these placid weather conditions-- Some water current flow helps to determine their drift and location to set up-- Sea Surface Current web site helps-


Pacific Air Show starts today Noon-- look to the skys--- it's a bird--- its a plane!

There's tones of bait here- some birds metering lots of bait but nothing yet--- you closer to the island-- nope above the 181-- OK we're here on the 289 - good luck 11:07

Returning from the Clemente Tuna fishing grounds--- fishless-- dozen or more boats floating balloons-- they but reported only one or two fish taken


Navy restricted zones keeping some of the sport boats today-

08 and 20 reported to be holding the Yellowfin-- ( below the border)

Go Dodgers

Only heard of one swordfish being caugh deep dropping off the east end-

water 67- 71 degrees and cleaning up-- no fish--

Have A great weekend-- go mow the lawn--

------------- Oct 3 2019 -- Thursday---

Nice days - wind light from the south- seas ok with a light wind chop-

Pacific Air Show starts tomorrow off Huntington Beach-- - go fish Izors reef and watch the show-- starts at 11am Fri -Sat and Sunday--

Sounds like the Giant Bluefin Tunas bite has slowed down--- maybe it s the moon or shifting currents water temps--?

S/D party boats still finding the Yellowfin around the 371 below the border--

No swordfish reported caught so far today---12 noon

San Clemente Island looks to be Hot for Friday and Sat-- some zones open on Sunday-- check out San Clemente Island Security

Deep dropping off the East End--- -- Hooked to Island Fox- - had him close at one time-- he's got a 100 yards out now-- headed down swell--- 2:31pm

Ah-- ----- Pulled the hook right at the boat--- Wind on leader on the reel - ah--- disappointment--- --- guess I'll go back a deep drop again--- --

another quiet day on the waterfront


-------------------------------- October 2 2019 -------------- Wed

A cloudless morning-- light marine haze seaward , wind from the west southwest fair at 5-7 kts- mix of sea

An epic and rare day on the water before we leave for Mexico. Two swordfish, mine was 150 and JM’s was over 300. Paul on the Quitena

Headed to Baja-- Guve JD's a call for 12 packs of Ballyhoos




-- Tuesday October the 1st 2019 ------- - 42 years now since I first started work here on the bayfront-- it's a wonderful life! -

A few lingering clouds around-- wind light to fair from the south - seas still a bit mixed--light wind chop-

Boy-- the week days are absent of voice on the radio-- and today's fishing dope voiced mainly cell and digital messaging

Go Dodgers--






A check with the latest satellite images for the water temps and the Chlorophyll charts-- from 63 to 73 degrees

















-------------- Sept 29 2019 ------------- Closed Mondays--- ----

Morning clouds went away- blue sky w/ clouds on the horizon- wind fair from the south this AM hours against a west mix of swell- Yuck

Still a shot at some of the smaller 12- 15 lb tunas moving up along the coastline 2- 3 miles off the beach-- watch for the terns-- small trolled feathers- -

Never a dull moment down at the BAC club another swordfish deep drop off Catalina 112 lbs--Zach P the angler and his girlfriend at the helm Dessie M, time an hour 45 --congratulations the perfect size



Another E mail this morning-- Thanks so much JD!!

Hey there JD- My name is Jeramy K, and I had the pleasure of coming by your shop for my very first time last week to pick up some frozen rigged ballyhoo for my trip to Cabo. In addition I wanted to also grab an Eye Candy Marlin Lure w recommended the baby Dorado colored one, so that’s what I purchased. I’ve got to say - that turned out to be a tremendously good decision and some top notch advice on your part!! That Eye Candy lure was THE ONLY lure that got bites the entire week from striped marlin, to dorado, to even a short billed spearfish. THANK YOU!!) the definite highlight of my trip I was able to connect with a nice cow sized yellowfin tuna able to land the 204LB yellowfin tuna - my personal best to dateThanks again for all of your help and great advice.

And Lobster Hooping at the island--- Hi JD it's Jolene we hit the jackpot on the DoubleC last night...Thank for all of your pointers.


And noted author and big game fisherman and manufacture representative Mr Bob Hoose Captains the boat Prospector for young Wesley 12 years old -- the task in bringing in a Broadbill Swordfish a little to much so Mike his Dad helps tag teams the second half of the battle--- Nice Catch!-- Russ Armstrong gaffer.

185lbs-- Nice catch- !








---- Sept the 28 th Saturday--

Overhead clouds with light drizzle giving way to a clearing sky-- wind backing off the mornings 8-10 S/W to a 3- 5 kts S/SW


For anyone listening-- there's a spot of 15-20 lb tuna 1/2 mile s right outside the harbor-- Newport-- we trolled through them- but we were on our way to Catalina- little footballs-- 10:48am-=- thanks Trent--

Ah the wonders of the internet having service off Clemente Islands and watching boaters and anglers within minutes of whats happening-- latest an hour old for facebook-- Pete's Sake" on a pig right now. 80# dacron, Tuna Club of Avalon fish. Going on 3 hours now. Weather is deteriorating. C'mon guys!!!! Wish them luck!!

This Big Bluefin Tuna stuff keeps up- we'll have to get back to

Fishing Chairs--- Probably the best idea yet-- !


Another E-Mail today--- Hi JD, Thank you so much for all your help in getting us setup for the fish of a life time! Best Regards, Egon-- fished aboard the Thunderbird-- with a pair of older Penn International 30 single speed reels--












<--- And another one hits the Deck---265 by Keven King--



Subject: 600 pounder on Zane Grey on 39 thread ( see below)
















Received this E Mail photo this morning-- from Carl L. his goal was to catch a Giant Bluefin Tuna such as Zane Grey had done back in the early days-- and to do it with Zane Grey's actual reel !!! it took a lot of collectors searching to archive it-- and it's a beast-- filled with 39 thread linen line too and a wooden rod-- Congrats-- JD --



_____ Sept 27 Friday 2019 ------ as the month draws to an end-- Lobster season opens this weekend and some strong afternoon winds developing over outer waters-- pushing inwards in the afternoon hours - Strong tides in the New Moon phase

Coastal weather here this morning med/ light winds west at 6-8- 10 kts -- building as the days gets along-- several boats heading to Avalon for the weekends music festival - T/C boats out in their Hunt tournament and the general sportfishing fleet of sportfishers working inside the 43/ ridge and banks below the 43 or the back side of Clemente- Skipjacks- and yellowfin even Dorado in their counts--

<---- E-Mail yesterday-- ALBACORE! Hey JD Remember these--- 170 for 8 guys in one day about 40 miles out of Westport wa. Bait and troll fun!!!

Weather looks ok for most of the day Sat-- by 2-3 it starts to freshen up--

and the ABC results




Some interesting notes of Deep Dropping for Broadbill Swordfish

See PIER.Org-- Develoment and trial of Deep Set Bouy gear for Swordfish and the Modified Testing

Oh, my, my 7th Tuna Club button fish, a swordfish on 50 pound dacron. Took 2 hours and 5 minutes, weighs around 300 pounds, I suppose. Fishing in a Tuna Club tournament, too! With my eldest son Con! What a great day! Now, to find him a fish! 🙂 I am so grateful and lucky! Camio- Johnnie C



------------------Sept 26 Thursdays 2019 -------

Gray and drizzly-- light south wind-- blew south all afternoon night and this morning-- seas good small mix of seastate-

Radio quiet again as if the chatter down to only a few boats, barges and what not's-- if any-

Second hand report of a good showing of tunas off the east end of Catalina yesterday-152- 277- roaming schools of the bigger stuff- 100 lbers-- tossing poppers and lures didn't result in a bite-- finding a paddy and jigging up fresh baits -spanish and returning back to the schools of tuna resulted in a long battle in light line--

AIS shows private and the sportboats out of SD fishing the back side of Clemente fo the bigger tunas--



Sept 25 2019-- Hump day---

Late report today-- busy winding line and working on reels , stocking shelves, and making Broadbill Swordfish rigs-- sharpened hooks and putting away delivered swordfish squid baits from Baitmasters-- they put out a good product-- Wind stayed from the south from AM till the afternoon hours--

Couple of boys coming back from Catalina this morning saying they'd seen either a marlin or swordfish fining in the wind whipped swells maybe 4 out of the harbor but conditions said they rather fish for them a in a calmer day-- South all day--

Southern winds will drive the remaining warmer water into concentrated areas-- don't give up the ship yet we've a long way for the season to end--

E-Mail this morning--- Jd, Caught bluefin between the 209 And 181 today on a popper. 9/24/19 Big foamers. Huge 100yards. Bounced the popper 5 more times off the bluefin literally, couldn’t get another. Thanks for your report. Chris K.-- Thanks--- JD

The local water temps from 60 to 73 and the Chlorophyll Cart on the right

Couple of areas look interesting - that swirl of warm water between the west end of Catalina and the Channel islands and the finger of clear blue water from the 43 towards catalina and that breaks on the ends of each island - Good Luck the weekend-

















- -- Tuesdays reports--- Moring clouds giving away to haze and a light west wind 3- 5 kts- seas, small mix and calm

ABC's 10 am updates has the Ruckus releasing a marlin hooked at a minute before 7 and releasing it 25 minuts later an bait fish and the Chaser also releaed a marlin with a 9:10 am hook and 9:20 release- Catch stats .com is keeping up with the scoring-

Dont lose this one! says Mary who's doing hte radio control from up top of Catalina -- swordfish hooked up 10:54 57/33 -- Ruckus -- 11:26 they boated it---- congrats--

and those big Bluefin still here and growing--- just there for the taking- back side of Clemente- and the reef-

Couple of days ago afternoon hours two boats, I think out of Dana were chasing the big grade of tuna-- 80- 100 lb stuff out between the 267 and the 14 they had been on the fish the day before so they knew there were big fish around-- and that knowledge , that conceptions that there actually were big fish around gave them the confidence to fish for them-- other boats coming by-- spend a few minutes then went their way- but to conceptually think there were big fish in the area was the key into them putting a 100lb fish in the boat . ya got to believe they're there

Ruckus comes back on the radio-- with a second Swordfish Hooked up same spot --57 over 33 12:15 hook up time--- 1:52 landed their second fish!! losing another

Vick was out-- said the 267 had greened up and a little better ou on the 14 but not much bait meetered in either place--

Windy this afternoon west at a strong 15- 18 kts--backing off towards the later part of the day-

4:30 Lines Out for the ABC with the Ruckus catching two swordfish and a marlin released today

While looking through the Freezer -- found an up-opened case of 4 pak swordfish squids- match it with an EZ- S/W rig -- a 4/0 hook is swaged up on the leader 9 inches from the 11/0 hook-- the 11/0 is pushed through the mantle and out through the siphon tube or center of the head and the 4/0 is inserted up by the tail flukes to act as the towing locations and a Zip tie bias cut is pushed through and back secures it all in place and your ready to go, takes less than a minute and it's effective--!


------------- Monday--- closed again--

ABC going on today-- Catch stats .com for the ABC results-

Ruckus has a Swordfsh hooked 57 over 33 at 11:54am lost it at the boat and C- Bandit had a marlin hooked eariler at 8:58am it to came loose-- thats it so far-- -- noon- JD



Hi JD, Here is the final results from the 30th annual Los Pescadores Derby

1st Irish Dip Thomas Stephens 282 lb Swordy.

2nd Flying Fish Dave Elm 275 lb Swordy 3rd Hammer Jeff Clary 210 lb Swordy

4th Egg Cessive Craig Stanton 204 lb Swordy

5th Catalan Tonic Moran 189 lb Swordy

6th Kea Kai Bill Buchannon 144lb Swordy

C'est La Vie

Hard Luck Award--

After 10 minutes into the fight the rod broke in half. Fought the fish for another hour and lost the fish at gaff. I lot of fun just came up a little short. C'est La Vie





- Sundays humid day high hazy sky- wind light from the southwest- seas calm and smooth-

Returning Pesky's to their home ports---

between the 152 and 277 reported both Yellowfin and Bluefin--


The Bounder returns flying flags and wearing horns!




I've got a swordy up flagging it's up high and dry-- 12:48

Greg Stotesbury is with Michael Stotesbury in Finland.Los Pescadores “Go Vikings” 2019 up at Santa Cruz Isl. again for team Flying Fish. Fourth times the charm for us, and Dave Elm finally gets it done with a 275 broadbill! The bite on the “Ranger V Bank” was incredible Fri. afternoon with over 10 hooked and 3 caught by the half dozen boats on the ledge. Great event and another bridesmaid 2nd place for us. Congrats to all who caught and special thanks to Steve Hammerchmidt for the help with weigh in at Smugglers Cove!


Got on of your kind up-- ( swordfish) got em' 2:35

the year of Giant Bluefin and Broadbill Swordfish-

Breezers up-- hey little boat can you here me-- don't run over that school of breezer just slide up on it ,make a cast hopefully you'll get one-- yea-- we here ya-- you guys on top of the 152? -- 2:58 pm 22 over 55 --( 7 above there) -

these damn mosquitoes just keep running them over-- yea I'm gonna slow troll a mack - or put the bird up-- -- we just got bit in the porpoise-- nice fish broke the hook! 3:18pm

big school went under the boat-- our buddies hooked one-he's hanging-- - awsum! 3:34--- we're sitting at 23 over 58 (?)

you got that thing in the boat yet-?? - naw were pulling-- he pulled-- his dad pulled, I pulled ---were still pulling--- 3:55pm it;'s a big fish-- we should stop trying to catch these fish with bass gear--- !! there's so much bait here 25 over 59


they were up for a couple hours-- then went down by 4 :30 / 5pm - opps we ;ve got anothe little breeser here-- haven seen any marlin yet- nice and close to home--- ( Dana)

I'M wired--- 4:00 -- broke em off--

got em' on the Deck--- the fish weighs at a guess at 100lbs--- !

We're on another breasser over here--- we're cleaning up and headed your direction-- ( 29/ 50) ? it's all moving towards the 14--


Breezer Wars-------


Sat Sept 21st 2019 -Morning Blue sky- light marine haze seaward- wind light from the south 2-4 kts-

Morning radio chatter says four Broadbill Swordfish were caught so far in the Pesky's Derby--- 4 sore and pissed off swordfish! Swagger boating one of them!-- and the ever congratulatory approval from the Cest La Vie it's a badge of honor! -

feeder marlin seen by the east oli rig-- 9:47am

E- Mail this morning-- Good morning JD - dropping you a quick line. We just had a swordy hooked up for about 45 min on 50# dacron aboard MAI TAI. What a show. Unfortunately he got off. Thanks for all the advice!! We’ll get the next one! Hugh

Couple of kelps held dorado and some yellowfin--SD waters

Pesky's reducing tourament boundaries, Noon on Sat within 35 miles, 1pm /25 miles, 2 pm/ 20 miles and by 3 pm within 15 of Avalon at lines out--

---- Du Hamtar Mig, Sig -- (ya' picking me up Beak! )

25/30lb fathoms along the inside of the island- roving schools of yellowtail pushing anchovie baitballs

Flying Fish caught theirs yesterday --------- It was still daylight when they caught their sword yesterday.. Greg said it weighed 275lbs.>>

Bull Pen dumped their marlins hooks ups--

we got borred -- so we put on a woden lure trolled around the 152 for a while--- got a 50 lb yellowfin-- he's in the cooler--

---- Du Hamtar Mig, Sig -1:55 hooked up ?

Marlin tails--- the first tail called in so far in the derby-- Prospector released one but outside the 2:00 boundry putting them out of bounds! !

Well we're here in the mellon patch out front of Avalon--- --- the Catalina Flyer doesnt relese that it's a No Wake zone--

---- Du Hamtar Mig, Sig----ah we got a tuna on the line-----2:30----- negitive on the tuna -- we don't want no stinking tunas--

sportboat said he'd baited three tailers--- 3:21

Egg Cessive headed into the green pier for a weighing----


Hooked-- Beautiful few days hunting for my dream swordfish. Drifted for a total of 15 hours. Fifteen minutes before pulling em in, we got a bite. The fish probably whacked the bait 10-12 times before he ate it and we were on. Fifteen minutes later, with the fish 40’ from the boat, the hook pulled. Xipheas Gladius wins!! from facebook-

Caught my first California Broadbill swordie this weekend fishing the Los Pescadores Marlin Derby. Good enough for 3rd place at 210 lbs. Great time fishing with my friends Adam Cargill, Chuck Robertson, Ron Soffel and Steve Hammerschmidt on “Hammer




E Mail this morning--- Had a swordy going for about 45 minutes this morning until he went left and the boat went right! At least he jumped several times about 25 feet from the transom. Good for him for winning. Next time. Aloha.


-------- Fridays report --------Sept 20 2019 ------ morning blue and coastal haze- light south wind--

The Viking fleet is out pillaging the coastal waters of fish-- they hope--

In full garb-- still on that fish 2:11 anglers in the Derby are required to done Viking helmets, fake beards and woolly leggings-- speak in theirs best viking tongue they are hooked up and follow the protocol of drinks etc-





Mike Melia's boat the Nordic Dip aka Irish Dip 282 lbs deep drop caught by Tommy Stevsal

Swagger hooked up--

heard there were feeders by the rigs (AM) but they couldn’t get on them Motivator lost a deep drop early today and that no bites up at Santa Cruz


E- Mail update 3:00 pm Hi JD, Update for the 30th annual Pescy Derby all Swordfish so far. Irish Dip stated the day with a 282 follow Ed up with the Cadillac’s 189. Currently the Swager has lots of problems hooked up on 30#.

Here is the angler from the Irish Dip.









Swagger lost there fish after 3 hours. Jeff C. Fishing the Hammer caught a Swordy up west and Chris D. Is hooked up on a Swordy on the Flying Fish.




Here is the Swordy and angler on the Cadillac. >>>>




<<<< Bob Woodard on dropback. Looks over 300# tuna






lots of bites up here-- it all came togeather for us-- Hammer--

Fishing ends tomorrow afternoon so they fish and pillage all night long if they want too---


More hooks up and the horns and fake beards as the afternoon goes on-- the boats up at Santa Cruz relaying reports as they hear them- it'll be a long night!

Thursdays Report -----Sept 19 ----- Morning blue sky and light marine haze seaward- wind fair from the south 7- 8-10 kts seas also have a mix and light chop to them--

Deep Dropping--- I think there's at least one fish being fought today-- in the shallower water off Avalon-- 600-

and the Peskys Vikings Mahlin Derby starts tomorrow-

Yesterdays Water temp from 63 to 76 image and the chlorophyll charts--













looks like a good break off the West end of Catalina


---- Wed's Report ---------- Sept 18 2019----

Morning clouds and a light south wind--- feels like Fall aproaching- mid dau slack tides denotes a good swordfish finning/ basking time

Tides flatten out over the weekend--

not much radio chatter these days

but the Swordfish chatter is swirling around the fleet-- leader lengths, hook types, weights or no weights, blinking strobe lights and glow-in-dark skirts over baits, locations and tides all being part of it--

Pesky's Kick-off tonight at the Chicken Coup-




E-Mail today from Lane

Hi JD, We got one of the swordfish at Channel Islands on Saturday. We didn’t weigh in . Fish went about 250/275 and took 2 1/2 hours. Ruddy Bray’s boat Waterline with Jerry Jimenez on the fish and me on the wire. Definite bucket list fish for us.Lane from Bofus 3.



I'm reminded of a earlier rush on the Deep Dropping craze trying to catch Broadbill-- the Broadbill Bash-- thanks Beak!



------------- Tuesdays Report ------Sept 17th ---

Blue sky morning hours generally denotes some afternoon wind-- we'll see- a few marine clouds seaward- seas w/ a small mix of swell - light wind chop from the south

The radio again becomes quiet again-- such a fickle year--

Vick was out seeing a couple marlin near the 267 - some bait--

Deep Dropping methods for Broadbill Swordfish---

We'll there's lots of methods-- - the main idea is to get the rigged squid or other bait down to the desired depth-without a tangled mess- either with a sacrificial weight or the weight to be still attached- to be taken off the line as the line is retrieved-

A simple laying out behind the boat with the bait with a 2 -3 lb weight attached to the leader w/ light stick below the swivel ( rubber banded on the leader in-line so nothing twists up the line) and simply slowly driving away from the bait- letting it sink out , then back up to get a vertical line.

Or a 6-8 lb weight can be attached below the rigged bait-(tied to the hook via a light break-a-way 6-8 lb test line) the weight pulls the whole system straight down-- to be broken off at the desired depth and like above a smaller weigh 12- 16oz torpedo sinker and light stick banded to the leader below the swivel helps keep things in order-

Or a small trailing 4 6 oz weigh off the rigged bait-- again leader and light stick/ strobe lights attached below the swivel-- another 40-50 above that a deno taped loop is secured on the line and a 8- lb weigh is suspended off that loop of line , the whole system laid out again behind the boat and sunk out slowly-- the heavy weight stays on the line and is removed as the line is retrieved. the Swordfish after taking the bait quite often goes straight up pulling the weigh behind him ( which also helps set the hook) - when surfaced the line must be quickly retrieved, the weigh removed without touching the line and getting the line tight again to the fish to be gaffed-- --

lots of other methods work too- - main thing is to get the rigged baits down without all twisting up-- don't forget the beach chairs and a sun umbrella and some beers--

notes on broadbill-- Swordfish have very soft meat-- gaffs can tear out easy if not stuck over it's shoulders or through the head-- anything mid body back is trouble--

Flying gaffs- if not familiar with them -- get familiar -- the rope comes from the gaff head and pulled tight and wrapped around the other end of the gaff handle and back up 1/2 along the handle-- and tapped in place w/blue tape/masking or adhesive tapes- gripping both handle and tape the fish is stuck . The rope wrapped around the back end of the handle holds the hook in place till the hook sticks then the tape breaks and the hook frees itself from the handle and you don't get your head bashed in with the other end of the handle



Any Swordfish baots--- im here right on top of the A bank--- got one up--- 1:33pm



------- Monday-- yep working today-- till 3pm--

Light south wind maybe 5-7 kts- seas good light wind chop bule with high clouds

Moving currents maybe tide driven or just the ocean-- seems to have compressed bait schools closer to the coastlines- oil rigs southwards--

BAC Master Angler Results

High Club, 1st Place went to Los Pescadores Team #2 with the Kea Kai, Bounder and Disco Punk, 2nd Place High Club to the Tuna Club of Avalon with their Team Grey of the Magellan, Island Fox, Pescador and Osprey, 3 rd High Club to the Light Tackle Marlin Club's team #1 of Flying Fish, Joint Venture, Prospector and the Pacific Pioneer.

High Boat Award to the KEA KAI (L/P) with 2100 points, 2nd Pl went to the Island Fox (T/C) 774 pts, and 3rd to the Magellan (T/C) w/ 541 pts

Master Angler to Charlie Albright's amazing catch of three Swordfish gained him 1590 points!

2nd to Hunter Heatley aboard the Island Fox and his 564 pts and 3rd High Angler to Sam Long for his 541 points.

I have to apologize , I screwed up and mixed up the High Boat and High Team awards, the last thing I wanted to do-- - Congratulations to the winners and thanks for all who participated in the tournament We all learned a thing or two!

Nice clouds for a sunset-- strong uphill coastal current 72 degrees


Results from up north-- the The 48th Channel Islands Billfish Tournament was held this year from September 7 - 11. There were 16 boats in this year's tournament. Jim Dal Pozzo's "Hydrocarbon" with Bryce Hermann as captain landed a swordfish on day 4 of the tourney and again on day 5. Hydrocarbon received the grand prize. By anyone's standards this was a remarkable feat by this team. They also released 3 marlin during the tourney. The last swordfish caught in this tourney was in 1978. In the marlin division 1st place went to Mike and Gina Haase on "Tight Riv". Dan Weigel's "Fin and Tonic" came in second place and Brett Bannerman's "Skol" came in third place. It was an amazing tournament this year with 2 swordfish boated and 6 marlin released. A good time was had by all.

Congrats-- JD

-- Sundays Report--

High overcast with humidly and a light south wind seas generally good

Coastal sharkers targeting Threshers Sharks--

Broadbill Swordfish-- took took honors in the Masters this weekend 41 Boats representing 6 sportfishing clubs , 167 anglers 17 marlin hooked 7 released all on light 12, 16 and 20lb tackle, 14 Broadbill Swordfish hooked and 6 Boated- -- One boat hooked 6 Swordfish and Landed 4 in two days!!! Unthinkable in the past days of local big game swordfish-- I know only of one other angler landing two Swords in a single day-- the famed Ted Naftzger jr.- now we can add Charlie Albright to the list-- Aboard the Kea Kai they deep dropped for the swords - Charlie hooked three the First day of the Masters-- landing his California State limit of two Swords for the day ( 137 & 219lb) and hooked two and landing one ( 279.9) the following day-Amazing and Sam Long aboard landed one at 204 lbs- amazing-- !


The Motivator found a surface sword tight to the East End of Catalina-- throwing a live bait- the fish took it-- 13 + Hours later and 13 miles away the Hook pulled ! -- 30lb test and a circle hook--

Celabrated Awards to be given out this evening at the Pivillion here in Balboa tonight--

Thanks to all who parcapated in the Masters--- JD


Radio Control at Catalina--










Chronic found a sword in shallow water-- an elephant seal marked the spot-- a deep drop bait and a sword fit-- ran off 100 yds - came up next to the boat-- back up to it and put the gaff in it-- tough battle at the boat!

- Up coming Pesky's and the ABC ( Avalon Billfish Classic) and the Tuna Club of Avalon's Hunt Tournaments

Stand By !!

and they said the tuna fish were biting too_


- JD's will be off line Thuraday- Fri Sat and Sunday - Masters - JD

BAC Masters 41 boats 161 anglers Good Luck--

-------------- Wed's Report --- Sept 11 2019 --

Light southeast wind this AM-- continues into mid morning light chop with it-- cloud cover went away leaving hazy blue behind-

The BAC Masters Kick -Off this evening at the Marina Park, Balboa peninsula -Bar opens 5:30- Captains Meeting 6pm - Dinner- 6:15pm

Last minute sign ups and pre-fishing dope puts the Club getting ready-

Those local Bluefin must have swam by-- the bait schools were there 2-3 off the beach as were the boats-- I didn't hear of any fish hooked yet this AM-- still waiting for the afternoon bite!

<--- And last weeks Broadbill with GJ and Burl

looking around-- found a paddy got a 20-25 yellowtail-- 6 off the beach a little above the point-- 12:45


And the

The 48th Annual Channel Islands Billfish Tournament continues this year from September 7 to the 13th.

Our kick-off dinner party and raffle will be held Friday, September 6th at 6:00pm at the Channel Islands Yacht Club. The awards banquet and raffle will be held Friday, September 13th at 6:00pm also at CIYC. We're always looking for new anglers to join us so if you're interested and have some questions check out our website at or you may call any of our directors listed on our website.

( Deep Dropping for Swordfish) Steven M puts a fish aboard in the CIBT

-- Composite of the last three days Water temp and yesterdays Chlorophyll chart












Good Luck in the Masters-- JD

I'll be up on the hill of Catalina broadcasting the Tournment radio control- JD

A check with San Clemente Island Security show the Cove open only part of the day--


SCI Safety Zone Exclusion Schedule for 13-14 Sept-2019

I show it as Zone D the "Cove" SHOBA and the inside of the island Zone C to be Active from Thursday evening 6pm till Friday morning 5 am, Open all day till 7 pm -- Active / Hot from 7pm till the following morning Saturday 5am, . Open all day Sat till 8 pm - again hot active till Sunday Morning at 5 am where it opens up again

and the Pesky's soon to follow--


------- Tuesdays report Sept 10 2019 ---

Light overcast-- wind from the south fair- 5-8 kts light chop

Prospects for the upcoming BAC's Master Angler tournament -- OK- swirling water temps and clarity being an issue-- building Full Moon and Tides and in additions to marlin the tournament includes Broadbill Swordfish which bring in a whole new dimension ( JD's carries rigged swordfish squids)

AIS shows the smaller seiners working up towards the Oil rigs this morning-- bait--

Changing water condidtions-- see below--

Sure is quiet out there today--- wish I could say something about the marlins-- but mum's been the word

An question was raised about releasing a Broadbill Swordfish in the upcoming BAC Masters- it's to be considered for next years event, --- for this year-- no point awarded are for a released swordfish--

Bluefin Tuna-- 30lbers-- under bird and bait-- school fish-- Vick puts a 30 lb on with a sardine--- 5 off Abalone Point-- !!!

Fin and Tonic - slides throught the harbor this afternoon with a released marlin flag flying--- where?=

------ Monday-- Sept 9 2019 ------- I'm here for a while-- JD-

SE wind 5- 10 kts this am-- not bad once you got offshore a ways-- Vick was on the 14 said it's cleaned up a lot-- a few whales around so far-- some birds no marlin yet--


-------- Sunday Sept 8th--- -- a lot cooler with some coastal clouds coming back in light to med south wind this AM- 5- 9 kt seas a bit mixed with a wind chop and a west lump

Quiet on the radio today--- -- good looking water reported 2 3 off Long point this AM and a couple tailers were said to be have been seen East end?


An look at the latest water temp and chloro charts and from last week-- see any changes--

the hot water is dissipating and bluer and cooler water pressing in from the south behind Clemente and reaching towards Catalina's backside

a quiet day--- But a phone call mid late in the afternoon--- Hi Burl you catch a marlin I ask? --- Nope we did get a Swordfish !---- That's great---- wow! -- were you the angler-- - heck no--- I let GJ catch it--- was it a surface fish or a deep drop---- deep drop on the Avalon Bank-- beautiful day here today - like Hawaii-- How big--- well it's not real long but it's fat-- OK - let me know if you'll weigh it-- OK-- Congrats to you and GJ ! Catalina's scale on the not quite up to full speed but they did get it weighed 168lbs--- Congrats-- JD

BAC-s 1 st Fish Swordfish flag still open!

-<water temp from 65 to 80 and Chlorophyll ->

Yesterdays Sept 9 images ( cloud cover and all)

























A week ago











------------------ Sat Sept 7 2019 --------


Coastal waters with a light s/w wind light marine haze-- feels like a change in the air-- due to blow out of the westlater today-- strong a gusty further northern waters-- that'll turn something over-- maybe concentrate things--

The Yellowfin and smaller bluefin outside SD waters has been good - pre dawn - to dawn hours with sinker rigged bigger baits and dangled flatfalls on meter marks for some of the larger fish-- by sunlight switching to light gear #2, 1, 1/0 hooks and fluorocarbon leaders 20- 25 lb by mid afternoon some of the better grade Bluefin and there were some larger YF roaming around with the porpoise-30- 50lb stuff - - the Bigger giants Bluefins where around Clemente-- the Navy holding back some of the timeing and areas fished- Desperation held fish-

Above there-- from Oceanside north it's been fair-- not many yellows under paddies- nor paddies and a few marlin at Catalina , shipping lanes, 14 etc.

Boats were laying out game plans for the afternoons forecasted N/W winds

Bait was said to be in great numbers from the 14 to the rigs--

We baited 5 or 6 fish --- or maybe the same one several times-- no bites- lazy tailers

Tom B- headed south yesterday out of Newport-- towards the 302 but never go there-- foamer of good sized bluefin got in their way-- bass and light tackle were tested to it's limits-- 84 lb

all that 30 40 lb grade fish is up on the surface- 2;50PM

Broadbill swordfish coming into the scales at the BaC this afternoon-- Congrats to Dan Maddox--


Mike Maddox with a 172 pound swordfish 3 miles from the harbor practicing deep dropping techniques in 1,000 ft BAC- First Flag --congrats JD




------ Friday--- it's friday again--- beautiful day on the water-- glassy smooth in some sports lit wind rippled water lay in winding paths beckoning follow. Wind light from the south- seas calm light marine haze-

Catalina Island Yacht Club holding their annual tournament today and tomorrow-- Marlin being the main goal- boats working off the east end finding that small bait and lots of it but not much else- further down the line-- less bait and less conditions- Like he said -- they weren't seeing much except that fish from yesterday that was up in the jigs-- interested, maybe just tapping the lure but not committed strikes --You'll only get a few chances at these early seas fish-- got to make em' count. JD - extra sharp hooks --- or going back to a semi- old school idea of using small but strong 4/0 hooks that snagged them on the nose--- !

We're Bit !----- 10:26 a quick yell on the radio--- scratchy-- flyers --Tuna?

You got an extra kite your not using,---I'm on the line 35 out?? thanks-- I love you--I'll come find you somehow- --

Seeing a few tailers up--- 11:28 am no bites--

We're here on the 14 it's 78 degrees on my meter--- sure lots of bait here--

Darryl-- get over here-- I've go three spots up here now-- we've already got one aboard a hundred --- 12:29 -- we've only got room for one other 100 er pounder-- +5 minus 21-- ???

35 /01 tuna--- 2:19pm

there's some foam where we were eariler, 80-100lbers-- they'll eat the flyers--- 2:34 it's not the big stuff--

more screwy numbers given out-- the size of my boat plus 5 minus 26

44 over 33 ? --

A check with the San Clemente Island Security-- shows several operations mostly Hot active this weekend-- sorry

A few marlin-- tlailers seen off the east end-- but not much else that I heard-- good luck this weekend--







------------ Thursdays report---------Sept 5th 2019 ------

Another warm and muggy day-- broken cloud cover-- seas good-- light mix of light wind and swell -- nice---

KK/ Doug released one this morning-- dropback bait--

Getting ready for the upcomming BAC's Masters Tournament---



and the tuna grounds seems to be active again--- they're hitting every bait-- up to 30lb test-- instant on 20lb --- 20 over 24 12:08pm


Satellite images revealing the changing water conditions--




- Several reports -- for local waters between here and Catalina--- Bait-- bait - lots of micro 2 inch baits doing surface raindrops - miles of it-- East of Catalina the 152 showing lots of the micro baits, Seiners pounding away on ---- bait on the Avalon Bank -- some say they were on Yellowfin!---- and The 14 Mile Bank gave up a Yellowfin on the troll in amongst the traveling dolphins-maybe 25 lbs- -- right on the afternoon 3 pm tide .

-- Wed's Report -- Sept the 4th 2019 -

Warm and muggy-- a lot like yesterday--- with the light s/sw wind 3-5 kts turning west as the day goes along--light mix of seastate.


And good things come to good people--- thanks Vick

Afternoon after leaving the harbor Vick runs out to towards the 14 inside a few miles--- where a dozen fish have been seen earlier in the morning hours--- seas were ok a little west chop and wind- water there a little cleaner--- a bit better that the other green pastures , he gets bit three times yesterday-- a dropback bait came back crushed and teaser rigs attacked and fall off the jigs. Nothing ventured nothing gained

I went out yesterday too-- Vick brought me back in-- his catch for the day--- traveled south 5-6 miles weather still that off green and didn't look promising another 3 5 off would have brought me to cleaner water-- but fuel being light I decided to work back in towards the beach-- set up for a deep drop -- - all running fine - boats in good shape weather good endings running great-- -- hat blows off-- damn- but I know it floats, I done this before- I slow and spin the boat , the motor falls off! Yikes!!! the outboard engine's bracket holding the motor on the transom has worked loose and the engine cartwheels up, I'm still holding on the throttle's handles, the engine balances on the transom it's spinning prop angrily winding away - if I try to tilt the engine back into the boat, it'll topple over , its spinning prop will not be good. Pulling the kill switch stalls the engine, I relax a bit, yet the weight of the engine starts to pull it back downward and all I've got hold of is the throttle, the engine goes over and I'm left with he decision- let go or try to bring it back aboard --- with Hercules strength I wrangle it back aboard and finally back upright onto the transom and secure it-- but it won't start-- looks like an long row home-- and here's the reason to have a VFH radio aboard- cell phones don't always work offshore-- Vick comes back- yea I'm not doing much- Ill come get you-- Trent was also there offering help- -- thanks trent-- Good karma comes back to him after he drops me off back in Newport--

I found the hat!

I've got first jumbo- missed the second bite-- I coming I 12 from you now-- 11:57 am

+10-15 he says-- I'm seeing quite a bit-- and their biting--- Im six away-- -

Sorry not much time to devote to the site--- there were a couple guys catching the yellowfin which turned into straight 30-40lb bluefin-- sounded good and the only marlin dope I heard was from Vicks fish yesterday afternoon-- there were other sighting but i didn't hear or stay on top of them-- a few marlin around inside the 14- maybe that little high spot above it 221-

such movement of green water and unsettled conditions concentrates where sealife there is-- better reporting tomorrow-- JD


- just put another 90 lbers on the boat-- 5:26 sounded like they were into good fishing--

---- Closed Tuesday ----

------------------------ Monday Sept 2 the year 2019--- beautiful morning-- a few tropical clouds at sunrise-- humid and warm-- calm seas-

Hey-- you better get on down here---

Disco Punk-- - we're on our third batch of sleepers-- got bit with baits being crushed or smacked off the hooks- each time-- - stand by---- ohooo-- --- lot of bait here-- just had two come up in front of the boat--- stand by - Decker where are you--- We're 2 miles below you down and in-- 10:42-- His call early this morning 7:45 am--- Just released one---- got out of the harbor about 1/2 to the 14 water looks good-- birds-- put the jigs in-- saw a couple sleepers in the binos-- ran over to em and tossed in a bait-- got hooked --30lb beautiful out here this morning---- you headed in-- naw we're gonna see if I can get my friend Erik a fish now---

We're looking at a swordfish-- gonna throw a bait at him right--- absolutely- let us know what happens-- 10:53 am

We saw a white shark-- some makos and a twitchy swordfish that wouldn't take the baits- -- thats all we've seen--

there's a spot of huge bluefin in front of us----12;49 -- false alarm

Just come around in back of that Navy boat and brail some bait-- you'll get bit-

we're east about 5 off the 289-- there's birds lots of sealife-- stuff here-- not showing good yet-- 56 over 59 1:05

54 05 we just had a big blow up on big fish right front of us- 2:07

tuna-- iv'e got tuna--- 52

00/07 paddies

Eirc E-mails in-- Hi JD My 16 y/o son Hi JD M 16 y/o son Matti just tagged his first striped marlin 5 out of Newport


--------------- Sundays Sept 1st the year 2019-----And I'll be open tomorrow Monday!! Yipee! -

Gray morning hours --due to burn off later- wind light to fair from the south 2-6 kts- seas calm w/ light wind chop- good visability for spotting those fish--birds kelps- boats,





green everywhere he says-- almost brown off Oceanside

There's not much wind here today-- a balloon day-- it didn't start till after 2 pm yesterday--

68.7 no bait no birds desperation

37/40 we've got a few YF around--

We've seen one boil here on the 181 that ws it--

it's started around 1:25pm--- when radio calls requested a personal phone call-- from one boat to another--- and numbers given out with hidden clues ( size of my boat + 12?) - other's saying they've got bait schools up everwhere-- still for the most part it's overcast and wind was strong in some places absent in other areas--

36 over 43

56 over 08-- we hookd five of em-- lost em all-- 50lbers--- 3:28

- Overcast the entire day--- a down day I'd call it--- better luck tomorrow-- JD


--- Nice way to start off the Holiday Weekend--- Aug 31st 2019--- gray morning skies softly melting away to a bright haze blue behind. seas calm for the most part--

Tuna boats spread out in search of the "Meat" -- it's hiding--

You hanging-- no we just dumped one--- 10:34am

How's it going--- just mowing lawns through all this green stuff--- ( Divers say it only 12- 15 ft surface deep-- clear underneath it-- its a canopy of plankton)

Saw six of em' this morning and another single just now on the A bank-- 11;09

The ones we thought had gone away--- I'm 20 miles below you- (43?) -- where it starts to get shallow ---we just lost one -- maybe 400 LB' er--- thought they were porpoise at first -- on the popcycle -- yep-- laid it into the foamer-- you on the spot proper- or just around it ----2.2 miles outside of it- took about two minutes to re-locate them-- 12:41pm

we're headed back to where we saw that Jumper this morning-- right out of Dana where that great temp and color break was--

sounded like a fish was just released-- 12:58 A bank

We just dumped one --- on the deep drop----- 1:13pm wasn't a shark!

I've got one of your kind--- 1/2 off my side-- though it was one of ours -- just scratching-- turns out it's oneof yours--- ( arlin) A Bank or there a bouts--

Reported -Good Catalina bass and yellows fishing today--

JD's now carries EYE Candy Marlin Lures , the original flat pusher style and now some swimmers -

Call 1 800 660 5030 to reserve yours today--- !

Read me Randy- I got a new bait for you--- (Stick boat)-- one two picking me up----you on there Kyle-- fonud a new bait for you ---1/2 Sand Dabs--- still brown! and 1/2 mackeral and hake- pushing 350 lbs-- this would have been one of those 24 hrs fish ( angling) --I'm talking dressed with this sucker would have been 450+ -- a foot and half across the tail-

we had one of your kind hooked --- right where the marlin was this morning--- thanks for the info---

Swordfish stuck on the 14 today ( reported)

Good Luck tomorrow-- JD

--------- Aug 30th 2019--- Friday again!-- What a quick Summer it's been---

Coastal and seaward a light marine cloud that's fading away early- clear and sunny inland promises some wind later today- light south wind 3-6 kts- seas -- ok--- a mixed west and south swell, seas otherwise good

Looks like the fleet is headed out of harbors this morning as boats taking an early start to the holiday weekend--

That's the second set of foamers I've see up this way-- first ones went down before I could get to them-- headed to the second one now-- 9:56am

Carnage--- carnage-- there's the Orcas tearing em' apart-- get on in here- there's all sorts of mammels- baits-- and the orcas-- 02/ 37 get on in here---10:36am

Just outside the Shrinp bouys off Long Point-- 100 fathoms or so was acres of bait-- anchovies and mackerals --- yesterday-------- this moring boats that were ther report it had all gone away!

they biting--- nope--- tuna_

We just put one aboard-- desperation reef--- had the flyer out-- we're picking-- sloppy here now-- 12:28pm

we're just starting to mark fish-- it's the exact same as yesterday-- 12:29

We've got two on and their boilling around the boat--- 12:39- ( YFT) outside upper 9

we got a good school up-- working the flyer into then righ t now-- stand by--- 12:54--

you just get in front of em', every bait I throw gets blown up on- I'm running out of bait-- 1:09

that marlin get stuck?----- the flyer went right over where all those birds were and that marlin just beat it up--- 1:30

You still seeing schools of fish there-- 18/03

oh man were right in this one dropped it right in them -- nothing--- 2:09 just following around a bunch of birds00 50/08


we came tight on that one---- flyer came around perfactly-- got it in with the birds--- were hanging now---- 2:28


Lot's of ways to skin a cat--!

here's how some of the largest Broadbill Swordfish were caught rod and reel, deep drop method, complements from New Zealand --

------------- Thursdays Aug 29 report -

Another gray day on the water- looks to burn off late mid morning--- wind light west 2- 4 kts- seas good--

radio talk of boats out searching outside La Jolla-- a few smaller spots of fish seen up-- more searching-- the meat seem to show better after the mid day slack tide-- standing by

Earthquake- major tide swings these days??

we got out of that sloppt choppy water back inside--- seeing lots of water and a few kelps that wern't holding--

Says he's seen quite a few around ( marlin) three in the past ten minutes ( Slack tide today 2:58) Scott on the stick boat Ruby Bell--- calls in with the numbers--- 33:24 / 118:15 ( near the A bank) 1:42pm

Good seminar on Marlin fishing last night at the BAC-- Kenny K has been at the wheel for many years and many fish can be attributed to his skills-- baits and lures rigging and presentation- weather and swell directions, sun shine and even boat harmonics discussed-

thanks Kenny

marlin reported on the 181 yesterday too


We spent the day on the Osborn yesterday--- nothing on the surface but good deep meeter marks,, came back towards Long Point saw 5 or 6 fish there-- lots of life there some spashing around with the porpoius there too-

a composite of the past three days of water temps and the chlorophyll






------ Wed Aug 28 2019-----

Gray morning-- seas look gray with a light south 3-4 5 6 kt wind - light chop light mix-

Tuna boats spread wide out of SD-- unmolested kelps were sought after- seems the smaller grade of YFT were below the border-- mid range 40- 100 were closer to and above the border- scattered YFT seen all the way out to the grounds--

a call from mid channel- shipping lanes to the 277-- 71 .4 degrees -- flat calm- greasy- great for glassing-- we've got a big kelp in front of us-- stand by-- 10:23 am


it's 74 and green water but that's where those tuna were yesterrday--

-- if your not too far away I've got some foamers here--- good show-- 49 over 33

roger-Im twelve miles from you-- !!!-- 1:18pm

I'm looking a a lot--- not foaming but a lot--

those bigger tuna came up just now-- went down and came up again-- looks like they're starting to pop-- good I'm three miles from you- I can see the helicopter from here- I'm to his side 1:27

there is 70 degree water outside of you

50 over 34-- 14 off La Jolla----- going off-- 1:58 right off your stern---

74.5 degree water-- holding-- got a spot of boilers right in front of the boat--maybe 100 yrd-- 2:43pm

seeing weird meter marts 200 -- 250 ft -- looks like big tuna marks--- ?

just got spooled--broke off -- 100 250 marks--these are solid marks-- throw some bait i the water and see if we can get them up-- 2:50

Another one in the box-- nicer one maybe 25lbs--- on a sardine-- nope sniper-- 4:13pm

there's schools going under the boat-- I'e got a gal onboard in the stern who just gets bit on the slide-4:17

interesting he said- everytime they came up to the tunas-- they'd dive-- straight down-- 200 ft--

by late afternoon-- the show had begun to wind down-- boats headed back to port--

Good Luck this coming weekend looks good--- those tuns were caugh on trolled daisy chained ceder plugs, cast snipers or simalar lures poppers-- and baits--


- E Mail from Pete-- (I think there use to be a TV show Galloping Pete or something like that , who's travel shows entertained us in the 50's) -- our modern day traveler-- JD I just returned from an awesome fly fishing adventure above the Arctic Circle on the Tree River in Nunavut, Canada. “The Tree” is known to have the largest Arctic Char in the world and it didn’t disappoint. Both my buddy, Bo Nelson and I, both left with pending World Record fish up to 23lbs. The Tree is not easy to get to. We flew to Yellowknife, NWT on Air Canada then special charter flights to Great Bear Lake and then finally a float plane(Otter) to The River.




It’s a very small outpost with only five cabins and six anglers for our week. , the first is an evening swim in the Arctic Ocean and two Char photos. The first fish photo was my first cast and the second is a pending World Record on fly rod. Lots more to tell!! Great trip!!! Peter B





------------------- Tuesdays Reports ------------ Aug 27 th 2019

Another nice August day-- light south wind this mornings-- 4-7 kts- light wind chop on it- small mix of seastate- Building astronomical High and Low tides this week--

The fleets up on the deep dropping for Swordfish-- with the many varying methods-- The system to get baited hooks w/ generally large squid down to the deep depths without tangles or twisted lines is paramount to success , doesn't do much good to drift for an hour or more with a tangled up mess down there-.

Squid rigging itself needs some diligence- Generally the hook is placed in the head and leader is secured/ stitched at the tail to make that the towing bridal to pull correctly without bunching up-. Additions to the squid come in many ways-- lead sinkers inserted in the tail to make is seem to dive when tension is release on it- cut pieces of a Styrofoam cups fitted up inside the mantle to keep its round shape and to keep it upright-- Dyeing the squid red with clothing dye to add color to it- Single or double J hooks, Big 18- 20/0 circle hooks , Fluro or regular Mono leaders- lots of choices lots of ideas- they all work or not-

Getting it all down is the key - various methods include--from the squid going forward to the rod and reel-- Rigged Squid--- 15 + ft leader----Light stick -- ---torpedo or 6# ball weight ( below swivel tapped / rubberbanded on ) - swivel-- fishing line to reel and rod-- ------laying it out behind the boat as it bumps forward helps to keep it straight and lines from fouling- once the line is let out- a slow descent on the rigged bait should keep it all clean. Other methods include and heavy weight attached to the rigged squid which is dropped off once it hits the bottom and a second lighter weight is attached up by the swivel. Or the heavy weight ( bag of sand) is held w/ a light 4 /6lb test line tied to the hook which breaks off when jerked. In both of these weighted methods it's lets the line and bait sink out straight down without too much trouble. The entire system can be fished directly off the rod tip- or a floated balloon is used to suspend it away from the boat.

Congrats to Congrats to Dr. Mike Hansen, owner/operator of “Vigilance” for bagging his first west coast deep drop swordfish on his boat.


They're eating the chunk pretty good here---- first piece I put in got bit-- 12:03pm


Took the day off yesterday-- to do some deep dropping myself-- outside Newport- mile and a half seeing bait balls of 2-3 inch fry-- lots of it-- sent the rigged squid down 600 ft another on at 300 ft- worked in and out from the 400 ft depth out to the shelf at 500/600/700 and all the way down to Reef Point-- no swordfish or Opah or shark bites- only sand dabs that nibbled off the tentacles of the squid-- next time--

Marlin flag?-- the guy asked-- you got any marlin flags-- yep we got em'-couple of types --silk screened or embroidery, thanks - -- we just released on earlier this morning -- headed west this morning-- beautiful glassy morning-- about half way towards the island ( between the 14 and rigs) saw two sleepers -- we got right up next to them tossed out a bait w about 4 ft of 25 F/C and braid line-- took it-- and a hour later-- we released it-- -congrats-- JD

Video of sleepers--- -Launched out of Newport dunes this AM on my buddy Julius's 22 Outrage, his son Cian, and myself (Jason) at 5 AM. Picked up a scoop of 4-6 in sardines, and proceeded to head over to the east end of Catalina. About 10 mile out in 72.1 degree water we see two sleepers. I pick up my fly line rig (50 braid, 25 floro) and toss at em. The fish don't pay attention for about 10 minutes and we decide to get real close. I pitch a fresh dean and lo and behold, I get a taker. He does a great show of bounding and running like hell. Fast forward two hours and I have about 2 inches of my leader on my rod and I release the beauty to fight another day. WOW, it was so much fun to catch that fish right in our backyard. Epic Day!! -- Jason D.


A couple of boater talking- one not seeing much in the way of tunas down south below the border----a bunch of small 4-5 lb fish seen jumping-- the other boat-- saying he's seen a great school of tunas from the little guys to two hundred pounders- mostly in the area of the US and Mex border conner- a mile by two he said

Marlin Seminar with Kenny Knight at the Balboa Angling Club. Tomorrow (Wed) at 6 PM – 9 PM

Past President and current member Kenny Knight will be our guest Marlin speaker this year. Plan on a educational, fun evening, full of the latest insider tips. We will also be having our monthly Pot Luck so bring a dish if you would like. Balboa Angling Club Members - FREE / Non-Members - $15.




-------- Sunday--report Aug 25th- - remember still closed on Mndays-

The month slips away quickly-- nice day-- not much wind 2-5 kts west seas calm-- light overhead haze-- nice--

The tunas 100 150lbes came back again-- Backside Clemente- and some on the front side--

How ya doing?--- just outside the 14 seeing em' but not catchin em' 10;30am


We lost one off the West end yesterday ( catalina) -- pulled the hook swordfish-- Blackfin came up on a sleeper off Long Point this morning-- baited it-- no go-- sure are a lot of swordfish here-- floating bewteen here and a 16/ mile below here -- Waht depth were you seeing em--- in the 110 to 100 fathom depth--

Saw him from at least a mile away--- Blue Whale--- -- what's your numbers--- Stand by---- dis regard----- it wasn't a whale--- must have been a submarine!

That's the 4 th one we seen --- Swordfish!--- there's a kelp-- see the Vintage drifting out front of the Can Dump --- their drifting it's straight in front of him there's a Kelp loaded-- there's another one here too--

It's an insult to all those who fish for sport from those fishing charters who recomend leaving the rod in the holder or using the the boats railing as a leverage in fighting fish- that is not sport- that's just killing a fish-- they are not sportfishing charters JD

just got bit on a slow trollled mac-- 12:18

here's yesterdays Sat images-- it's getting better--

Slack Low today 11:21- incoming had some fish showing up--

Got one finned here off the bow-- Swordfish-- 12:58

Spoke to Vintage- this afternoon-- asked him how's there fishing going-- pretty good so far--Tom says--last thursday they had lost a big 300- 400 lb broadbill right at the boat/ gaff-- busted the 200 lb wind-on leader-- and Friday , Tom s landed a 143 lb swordfish ( just the right size) also deep dropping-- and this morning they were after more-- -

Weather and fishings looks to be improving this coming week- Best of Luck--JD


------------ Sat Aug 24 2019 ----------

Better sky this morning-- light west wind and seas good so far-

Latitude 33 Tom Bass- solo today 1 ten off Oceanside finding good kelps holding--- landed three Dorado up to 16lbs--- sounds like good fishing-- -

How ya doing--- not as good as you-- at least you saw one this morning--- that was one of the crew--- Ha Ha-- I'm getting tired in the green water--we came down the shipping lanes didn't see much- - did you find the bait-

Reported that a skiff had a marlin on near the 152 this morning -- couple other sleepers seen earlier - slow on the marlin seen so far--

- 13 over 11 is where we saw everything-- lots of makos in the water- had them come in a destroy our pattern--- lots of life here--- 11:48--

T/C roll call- had the Prospector 221 and one other boat and fish ( marlin caught) - and a lot of Zero-- Zero- Zero's-- there were both bluefin and yellowfin caught too- l0oks like the big fish tuna fleet were working the west end of Clemente island--

marlin boat by the 289---- pick this up-- we've got those tuna foaming here --- some of the good sized ones-- 54 /07 2:35pm

Swordfish water-- stand by--

Interesting to hear and see the various ways of rigging the flying fish--frozen or fresh caught -California Flying-Fish (Cypselurus californicus)--making them seem alive--- by spreading the wings out even the smaller lateral ventral fins are supported outwards via toothpicks - Keeping the flyers resting on the surface floating via plastic floats ( Cast a bubble/ glued tight) even closed celled foam ( used for copper pipes) cut to fit the back side of the flyer and stitched on -- Live Flyers-- simple hooked crosswise though their backs and supported by a floating balloon, slowly bumped along 100 yds behind the boat-the bait swimming enticingly on the surface---- Keeping them alive--- old fashened Tuna Tubes ( mackeral tubes) work well!--

I was flabbergasted when He said-- they were slow trolling a flyer off the outrigger when a marlin tried to Eat it--- the marlin was actually trying to eat the flyer---he was flabbergasted that a marlin would try to eat the flyer-- I was flabbergasted it he didn't know marlin ate flyers-- Note about flyers--- nature gave them those large Scales that fall off easily for one reason when a marlin or tuna tried to grab them-- the scales would flake off leaving the fish with only a mouthful of scales----- JD Tip--- scale the flyers before you put them in the water--!

Good Luck tomorrow--- JD


------ Friday Aug 23 rd Hazy morning- with a wind from the south maybe 5- 10 kts-- a little faster offshore in a mix of seastate-- Quite a few boats headed out the harbor this morning-- some to the island- some for a sailing regatta - others out for the weekends fishing trip--

Not much of a tide exchange todayy early afternoon slow building high slack should have a few swordfish up top- basking themselves in the warming sun-

JD's sells rigged and un-rigged swordfish squids.


Just had one knock down--- marlin fishing east end--- 12:00

Radio's real quiet so far for all those boats fishing down south-- I don't know/ think there were any Marlin caught in the T/C Linen One yesterday-- several fish hooked and I know one fish lost on 9 thread-- I'll get the results soon- Today's and tomorrow is their Benefit tournament we're they get to use Dacron fishing lines-- !!

Those fishing south for the tunas-- I asked an angler who been on a three day trip-if he had any tips--- we'll yes--lot's and lots of the yellowfin down there-- light lines-- 12- 15- maybe 20lb test lines- smaller hooks for the baits and the better jigs-- Colt Sniper lures 80- 100 grams in pink and blue colors and one with dots and a med sized flatfall- the ones with the cross zebra stripe to it--couple of guys on the boat-- not real experienced-- just out fished us with those lures-- just letting it drop down--

Tip on the flat fall- glow in the darks at predawn and dusk times-- Pin on a marker squid- send the jig down 100- 150 ft and put the rod in the holder or outrigger- just let it hang there--- it gets bit!


Upcoming season-- , BAC's Masters- ABC, CHBF, Pesky's and more-- a full schedule


And the days draws to and calming afternoon -- good luck this weekend--- JD

-------------------------- Thursdays Report ------------- Aug 22 2019

Gusty morning east/southeast winds --- light broken cloud cover-- dispersing with the sun- 10- 14 kts wind chop on the water .

We're on that back half of the moon-- tuna were not bitting as well, same thing as last and the previous months-- but it's get better--

From the AIS marine Traffic--shows the tuna fleet- pushing upwards to above the border between the 9 Mile Bank and the old Kindney Bank--inside the 182/81

Boats in search of the bigger tunas-- spread far and wide--- not much to report-- they're looking as hard as can be-- but not seen , the Navy has some of SCI's better fishing spots sectioned off during their exercises so they still might be there-- -and - still the concentrations of the YF down south by the border and above small area-- drifting was one of the best methods-

Stick boat reported seeing a jumper ( marlin) just S/W of the 14 Mile Bank earlier today- not much else--

Marlin fishers Todays T/C Linen One and Benefit, Dana Anglers and others reported seeing a few marlin- some behind the boat others tailing-- they didnt say where? -- most of the show was the slack period around 2 pm today--- not much after that--

- Partyboat--- telling it's anglers-- we still got a couple of fish hanging--- but no more lines in--- we'll have to break em' off we've got to go---- 3:32pm

Tomorrows morning S/E wind strong and uncomfortable if your headed south to the tuna grounds-- - Better weather Sat and Sunday

And from yesterdays satellite images










there's a spot of Yellowfin here-- some terns and bait -- ( east end) Cat 4:04pm

Couple of good customers came in the shop in the afternoon hours today-- they had gotten a scoop of sardines from the NB receiver-- ran over to the east end in hopes of yellows and calicos-- rough crossing and rough fishing off the East end of the island for them--- by midday they came back to Newport-- stopped at #1 below the harbor just to toss in a few of the baits-- instant Calicos 2- 3 4 lbers--- and the spotted harbor sea was there to greet them too-

Stick Boat--- went across to the second one-- green and brown water-- best life we saw was at botten of the 277 tons and tons of that micro bait


------------------------------- Wed's Report -------- Aug 21st 2019 ---------

The days just keep going by--- again a sunny morning--light southwest wind/ chop-

The fleets still out chasing the tunas around-/ US/ Mex Border some bigger PBFT backside and west end of Clemente-

-- we trade beers for numbers--- as soon as you get on em'- give us your numbers-- and you get your beer! 10:44

there's a kelp here loaded with yellows and maybe so tuna-- 11:05 go ahead and jump in and shoot some video,

They're ( the Navy) is blowing up the island-- ch 16 vhf-- has a war ship asking a 15 for mile radius clear of ships-- we can here the island pounding away it's rattling the ship they've be live action till 5 pm today---

A check with the San Clemente Island Security shows the island / Cove pretty much off limits Thursday, and Friday till 5 am, on Sat Morning-- then open till 8pm (2000) it stays active "hot" all Sat nigh till 5am on Sunday and then open till 8 pm that night-- Zone B above white rock open Sat & Sun

(Zone- D SHOBA)) 23-AUG 2000 ( Friday night 8 pm) till Sat morning 24-AUG 0500 ( 5 am) -- open till SHOBA 24-( sat night 8 pm) AUG 2000 to Sun 25-AUG 0500 SFC:SFC SHOBA

Pre Fishing---- we're coming off the Osborn-- we've worked the 499 and nothing - -- came off the bottom Osborn --- lifeless-- we came over the 499 and nothing--now inside to Catalina -hows it look on your end--

Pacific Bluefin Tuna-- on going-- tagging program with archival tags today----- we're looking around--- metered down 50 ft for these big tunas -- first good marks we've seen all day-- 21 over 42 (behind catalina) 52/40?

Slack Tide today--- 1:40pm

one-- two Rich-- what you got--- swordfish?? ---yep! 1:56pm

we ran south eailer-- got reall rough-- came back uphill till we ran into this foamer--- 3:14 there were some foam stuff-- but they were on whales-- wouldn't bite---

From what I could gather for the water temps and Chlorophyll charts-- a lot of green water
















----------- Tuesdays report--- sunny and warm today-- light off along some of the coastline( Dana) - wind- freshed out of the west 6-8 kts-- light chop with it--

This coming weekend-- couple /three tournaments- The Tuna Club of Avalon host the Linen On- followed by there Benifit and the Dana Angling Club also hosting their inner-club marlin tournament--add the tuna fleet and the yellowtail fleet and those just trying to

Now that's a challenge-- trying to catch a 100 lb plus Tuna or marlin on such a old fashioned reel , not even sure who made it or it's date of making-- the handle goes forward while winding in line and reverses until it's stopped by a protruding / sliding in and out stop, the drags-- such as the are are a series of screwing knobs which tighten down on a leather washer which helps turn the handle and gearing! The curved post allows added drags pressure via the leather thumb pad. Now that's a challenge-- !!

-Not much said on the radio today-- a marlin lost off the East end-- more tuna down by the 302--


War Heroes on Water

WHOW!! The Second Annual War Heroes on Water Sportfishing Tournament was filled with moments that have become etched as treasured memories. Relive them with us. #WHOWTournament2019 #WHOWTournament #WarHeroesonWater #Veterans #TeamloanDepot

------- Closed on Monday

------------------ Sunday-- Aug the 18 2019 --------

What a great day to be on the water-- light marine clouds edging back reveling blue behind it-- seas being seas have a sligh swell o them and relfecting the overhead sky

War Heroes on Water continues today-- with one high light in the many-- reported a 308 lb Bluefin boated and weighed on the Green Pier in Avalon-- Bullpen the boat- Congrats to all the team-- JD--

The 11am roll call- scratchy as it was-- reveled more tuna caught- both yellowfin and bluefin- upwards to hundred pounds or more-- Calico bass, yellowtails and bottom fish in the scoring counts

All the Vets and those boats and their crews had a couple of days of spectator fishing and bonding-- we're all glad to help these Vets to enjoy the bounty of the seas-- their 4:30 Fly Over out front was attended by all the sportfishers except one-

- the Fantail being held up-- as they been on a broadbill swordfish for the past 4 1/2 hours-- go get em--- ! lost it after 6 hours-----


the SD fleet going nuts on the yellowfin tunas Southwest from their harbor 35 miles-- some of it in US waters--


----------------- Sat Aug 17 2019---

Morning breaks calm with a light gray overcast sky - the fleets out everwhere--

wind light from the south a couple knts seas good-


War Heroes on Water


With an all species tournament the WHOW mornings roll call shows the first Marlin of the event being caught by the Bad Co 144 by releasing a marlin right outside Avalon--

The Bad Co 75 and limits of bass up to 7.8 and bottom fish, Bounder ?, Bull Pen- 000, Chaser-- picking us up?--- Determined--?-- Dialed Inn---4 Calicos, Fan Tail--? Gad Zukes 000, Incognito---?-- Joint Venture?-- Motivator---- Pacific Pioneer 000, Playing Hooky------ Prime Time--- 000 --Reel Time-- Sea Horse---- Wild n Sac , ?? next check in at 2 pm-- Some of the fleet behind Catalina and Clemente-- hard to hear them?-- This mornings grand salute in Avalon's harbor and last nights Tuna Club dinner sets the tone for such a great event-- an flyby Sunday afternoon is scheduled at 4:30 over Avalon!



Carlos and I teamed up on the biggest calico of the morning. 7lbs 10 oz. I just love fishing with these heroes. Now moving towards the next species to stack up on points for the tournament. WHOW 2019.


E-Mail this morning--- Hi JD, Came in yesterday and talked about where to go with my 5 nephews. You said Catalina is a special place to experience. 20# Flourcarbon worked on this yellowtail. Thanks


Reel Dream-- calls in to the BAC this afternoon -- with a reported Striped Marlin release, even two fish released today!! off the East end of Catalina and off the Can Dump-- their released fish looks to be the First Fish Flag for the BAC-- congrats Marty and crew---

And another incredible catch-- they said the yumies were working better than the flyers-- congrats-- JD



----- Fridays reports-- Aug 16 2019 ---------

Again light marine coastal clouds pulling back mid morning hours--calm here on the beach--- --

said it wasn't comfortable 20 miles out-- short 6 sec 3-4 ft--

it's in the cockpit--- 10:41

The War Hero's were on the Water today as dozens of boats and their supporting entourage spread out today from the various ports on the mainland to meet up at Catalina Island this evening at the historic Tuna Club of Avalon. Saturday morning the fleet will gather in Avalon Harbor for rendering of the National Anthem then start fishing. The Tournament will conclude Sunday evening with an awards dinner back at the Tuna club of Avalon which opens their hearts and doors to these vets . A remarkable gathering last night-- I think it's one of the best things to happen to this sportfishing fraternity that we belong too in the past twenty years-JD -


We just got another one on a jig strike--- 22.1 over 48.3 some birds-- slower speeds we'd get skippy bites -- water color change here-- working that-- 11:18

We've got birds and bait working in front of us-- 12:48

looked like the tuna fleet is moving up the line each day now--

Not the best Chlorophyll image but it does show an increased plankton life greening up the water




------------- Thursdays Reports----Aug 15th --------

Still a light marine haze/ fog to the air-- drying out as the day warms inland-- wind light to fair from the west southwest- 4-7 kts

The radio's covered up with spanish--- yabbering away-- and the tuna are reported to be on the chew , south below the border--220/220, 425/ 302 area- and Clemente's still under the influence of the Navy's exercises--

Full Moon may have effected those trying to catch squid last night-- kelps east of the 371 holding yellows --lots of green water around--

Fishing for the bigger Bluefin-- backside of SCI-- even a few marlin around there- and swordfish even to be baited-- and spots of the smaller bluefin showing up too--


Kick Off is this evening-- Fly your American Flag high and proud for these Vets--!---

We proudly announce the second annual War Heroes On Water Fishing Tournament, which will be held August 15-18 right here in our local Southern California waters. The tournament will host 45 American Heroes who have greatly sacrificed for our freedom. We have partnered with Freedom Alliance to select our Veterans and create this a once-in-a-lifetime event.


------------------ Wed's Aug 14 2019 --------------------

Light Fog and a light south wind--- seas good- light mix and light texture on it-- outherwise calm--

You knew with that air feeling cooler a fog would soon develop-- Sun eating away at it mid morning--

Kelps starting to hold nice sized Yellowtail- outside / below Dana 209--

Aaah those elusive flying fish-- so hard to get, so alluring to use and such gratification when accepted! The Full moon of these night make it harder to obtain them--

JD's will have Marlin Tags-- being sent today-- should have enough to spread around to the fleet-- JD

JD's also carries rigged and unrigged swordfish/ Tuna squids and unrigged Ballyhoo


Bob K. was wandering around the A bank this morning-- says just under 71degrees and not much in the way of sealife-- so far-- 11:51am

Bob calls in later in the afternoon-- not much for them today-- there were a couple of seiners on the bank today-- netting mackeral? and a stick boat in the area--



T/C member Steven M qualifies to the Club with an 80lb tackle fish at 256lbs-- Nice job--- JD






A check with the water temps and Chlorophyll-- Not much in the way of a good image -- cloud cover these past few days covers up a lot-- but there is a bit of warm blue water running down the shipping lanes inside the 209 and in towards the beach from there-- and the backside of Clemente where those bigger tunas were












-------- Tuesdays report ----------------- Aug 13 2019 -

morning overcast lingers into mid morning-- the coastal air feels a bit on the cool side-- wind light from the southwest 2-4 kts seas good--

This weekend the War Heroes on Water· event happens -- what a great tribute! thanks Anothony and his team behind it--

and the following week is the Tuna Club of Avalon's Linen One ( classic antique tackle) and their Benefit tournaments

And Greg H. calls in thios morning having just released a marlin-- they were on the A Bank and had several fish up in the jigs--- the one that got hooked batted the jig three times befor getting hooked--- MJG-- 10:56am

Blue Whale along our coastline--

Looks like the Navy has the Island ( SCI) pretty much closed off for most of the week and weekend nights - Daytime open varries in time-- -- Wed & Thursday open 500 ( 5am) till 1400 ( 2pm) , Thurs, Friday only Open from 5am to 8am -and again from 1750 ( 5:30pm)- 2100 ( 9:00 pm) , then Sat and Sunday it's open 500 (5am) to 1300 ( 1pm,)

Not able to keep up on the radio today-- winding line - work etc-- JD



----- Sunday- Aug 11 2019------ remember still closed on Mondays--

Nice weather-- light morning overcast wind slight from the south light chop small mix to the seastate-

Long Beach Carnage anchored out front of Avalon selling live squid-- 10 am

Flying Fish on the board! This fish went 273 lbs , caught it in 51 minutes, one angler , Aftco stand up gear on 80 lb test. Still fishing. Cheers



E-mail this morning-- Hey JD-- Caught this morning on Sand Crabs fishing for Corbina on 6 pound test...










Jenny Armstrong caught & released this nice marlin yesterday around noon, just west of the lanes between Dana Point & Catalina. They saw it tailing, through a mac at it and 30 minutes later they had the first marlin of the season for the Dana Angling Club. Her husband leadered the fish and her daughter Ellie drove their boat the Lilly June.












Got one flagging --- just south of your gear-- here-- Ill keep an eye on it for you--- it's 90 degrees from my starboard side --about 20 boats-- 10:42am -- OK we got em-- OK go get em--

left the 302 -- saw some jumper real early 6 7 am there this morning but couldnt get them to go-- we just huug a double--- YF--- Bk and Pr X -Rap--- 2:33





kite fishin!



------------------- Saturday- breaks nice with a light overcast and calm winds-- Full moon and tides building this week should improve the catches

seas calm not much wind and lots of boats traveling-- radio still on the quiet side-- not much fish hookup talk-

The Big image-- Cool water still offshore and not much warm water held in the So Calif Bight







The closer image water temps shows 56 to77 degrees







and the Chlorphill charts with a lot of offcolor water


Couple boats fishing for the marlins off Catlaina today--- one jig fish reported released yesterday-- ?

Hi JD! We got our first marlin of 2019 on our way to Avalon this morning. First Marlin Flag for Dana Angling Club too --Big fish. Had our daughter drive the boat while my husband leadered the fish. Fun way to start the trip!!! Lilly June, Jenny






---- Friday Aug 9th - it's Friday again!-- whoopee -Summers going along quickly-- Again not as expected that southern wind this morning that kept a light chop on a wind mixed sea-

Navy Exercises being conducted-- live testing-- war ships etc---

the Tuna Fleets worked they way up to the backside of Clemente's Island--Kites , flyers and drifted baits and probably soon nighttime deep dropped of flatfalls/ jigs and baits


E-mail this morning-- from yesterday-- Hi JD, We fished the DAC tournament on my boat Sat/Sun. Several 80-90 # BFT on the Yummie Flyer. Sunday Chris Bailey hooked a large BFT on a Flying Fish under the kite while drifting and fought it for 7 hr 45 min. It weighed 274 #. Caught on 80# IGFA line. New pending club record on 80# as well as club all tackle record. Best, 35’ Cano Fly JEFE

He's beat!----

Congrats to you , Chris and crew-- job well done- JD 

From Facebook-- KK-- reports Caught a few. Perfect size! Right around the 100 lb mark. Thank you Doug, Bull, Sam, Jock and Larry!!


JD's has frozen Ballyhoos on stock-- Dozen and 5 pack unrigged , and tuna or Broadbill Swordfish squids rigged or unrigged-- Flyers due in next week--

From the Whales watchers ( dolphin watchers) reported lots of bait balls 49/19 south of dana-- 267/279 fathom spots--

A couple of spots of Bluefin popped up off the backside of Caalina along that enscarpment running up the backside up to Cat Canyon-- right on the tide they popped- up -- then down-- a few good sized 20 lb yellows under the paddys back there--

Report-- we'll it was a fun day--- left here ( Newport) ran to the 14-- then out to the 277-- worked down the line to the 209-- did see a shark- not much in the wayof kelps holding anywhere-- came back to the beach off San Onofree and up the line back to Newport-- nothing-- but a fuel bill- but we had fun------

and daily you see images /photos of friends or post of another big Bluefin Tuna taken-- 200, 260, 300 lbers remarkable

- they say there's lots of Striped marlin-- down off San Quentin--??

E-mail this afternoon-- Hi JD,Here is a nice Yellowtail that Greg R caught off the East End. Jeff



----------------------- Thursdays report------8/8/19-------

Warm inland and clearer- here on the beach still that muggy overcast pleasant but not sunny-- wind light form the south-- light wind chop on a mix of sea--

Boats asking about if Pyrimid is open this evening-- according to the SCI Web's site-- it looks to be active /Hot for the next few days Fri/ Sat and Sunday to 5 am--haot after 9pm Sunday night

Pacific Carnage-- says they'll be out front of Avalon every Morning with live squid as long as they can keep catching it-- Ch 11 VHF

Not much said on the radio so far today-- couple of guys-- saying they'd two fish aboard-- fun fishing-- but lost others-- took a guess they were near the cornor US/Mex

barracuda off Box canyon-- must be cooler water--

Yellowfin -- on the troll about a 60lbers he said, 8 outside the canyon-- ( ?)

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION Alert System Status: Final El Niño Advisory Synopsis: El Niño has transitioned to ENSO-neutral, which is most likely to continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2019-20 (50-55% chance). During July, ENSO-neutral conditions were reflected by the combination of below-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs). Overall, oceanic and atmospheric conditions were consistent with a transition to ENSO-neutral. he odds of El Niño (~30%) are roughly twice that of La Niña for next winter. In summary, El Niño has transitioned to ENSO-neutral, which is most likely to continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2019-20 (50-55% chance;


------------- Wed's Report ---------------

------------- Better weather - yet still overcast for most of the day-- not much of a Satilite water temp inages but judging for the talk for those coming back from Catalina theyfound 67 ddeggree water and not much oin the waof Yellowtails-- caugh a few smaller bass and that was it--

the Marlin fishing-- Jumper seen off the East end yesterday-- quiet today-

Spent most of the day wotking on tackle and helping anglers getting their tacke ready for this weekends outing- inter club touraments- - and in checking the weather they say it might blow up on the outside---

hope to get a better report tomorrow-- but it looks ike it's cooling off-- stand by--


--------------- Tuesdays Report -- Aug the 6th 2-019------

Windy this morning stiff from the west at a 10-12kts-- wind chop and a mix seastate-- light overcast-marine haze

Took the day off yesterday-- plans don't always go you way they're planned for-- wanted to drift that ledge for swordfish from the outer oil rigs all along the shelf into the Newport Canyon - got up their in a light west , the marine overcast sky put a slight tinge of green to the water's 67.8 degrees,. Started on the southeast inside ledge, sent a rigged squid down with 10 lbs of sand tied to 6 ft of knotted 4 lb test line - it tied to the curve of the hook on the squid-- above it 15 ft of leader, swivel and a 10-oz chromed torpedo sinker and light stick rubber banded on below the swivel. The biodegrade bag of sand dropped overboard sinks out quickly , pulling all the above down with it-- to the depth desired, 600 ft -- then in gear the 4 lb line breaks free and the squid drifts off to the side , the 10 sinker keeping it in that depth all tangle free- . the drop and rigging all went well-- But I didn't count on the downhill drifting current flowing 1 1/2 to 2 knts! by the time the baits sank out it was behind the boat at a 45 degree angle-- I had to row uphill in order to keep it under the boat-- and watch for a strike, must have spent 4 hours rowing into the current and still drifting S/E down that ledge-- no bites-- but I did get a sand dab on a dropped flatfall lure as I got over the flats outside the NP canyon-- long day for a sand dab-- -- JD

The 48th Annual Channel Islands Billfish Tournament will be held this year from September 7 to the 13th. Our kick-off dinner party and raffle will be held Friday, September 6th at 6:00pm at the Channel Islands Yacht Club. The awards banquet and raffle will be held Friday, September 13th at 6:00pm also at CIYC. We're always looking for new anglers to join us so if you're interested and have some questions check out our website at or you may call any of our directors listed on our website.

busy day working on reels -- and not much said on the radio-- windy-- much better forecast tomorrow morning-- good luck- JD


----- Sundays report ----------- Aug 4th ---still closed on mondays--

- Almost a light fog this am hours, warm and sunny inland--- wind light south 2-4 kts

We're over here in the lee of Clemente-- seeing lots of kelps but nothin' on them - yet-- lots of bait balls too-- nice and glassy- were maybe 5 inside the middle of the island-- swordfish boat 10:08

Decker tells me they fished the bass at clemente yesterday- and seeing bluefin from the 200 ft depth all the way out to the 1,000 ft curve where most of the meat was-- after repeated casts their Rapala subwalker got bit--70/80lb fish

- yesterday outside the whistler buoy there was a wide open barracuda bite-- 1/4 outside the whistler birds everywhere-- outgoing tide--

one 35lber -- about a 1/2 hour ago-- on a jig-- iron-- 11:03

Surly Mermaid calls in----came up in the pattern --fell off- saw some other feeders-there too-- 11:12

Lots of salps ( little sailors) showing up the the local waters outside Dana--

Quiet on the radio compared to yesterdays babble--

we're 5 or 6 below the 209--- ah-- we're 5 or 6 inside of you-- thet're eating the stick baits--- 3:23pm

Yesterday's chlorophyll charts-- shows that band of cooler clean water below clemente bending into the beach in that gyro fashion

still waiting for that afternoon bite--

good luck next week- JD



~~~~~~~~~ Sat Aug 3rd 2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dido weather as yesterday--- overcast warming to sunshine and a light wind

good radio transmissions today--

Last night just before getting out of the shop- a call comes over the VHF-- JD-- JD's Tackle- you here-- - -- JD's back-- what's up-- it's Mike on the Reel OverTime-- we just put one on board- 3 hour -- it's taped out 355-- finding a strong current break off the back side of the island (SC) they hooked three fish- got one about 140 , lost another one and tried for one more- ate the Yummy off the kite--

Albacore!! good fishing for them and Bluefin-- up North they've moved in off Oregon and Washington --

Yellowtails- slow trolled sardines was the ticket at catalina--

67 degree water haven seen a kelp all day-- it's bumpy it's not gnarly but if lumpy-- I got started at 5 this morning-- -- went west-- then north-- now headed towards the Corner-- dosen't sound like any thing is wide open yet--- 10:28

He said they had all their bluefin on the troll on cedar plugs--- then on the stop it turned into bait-- if I heard him right they were at 45/ 118.10 which puts it west and north of the corner--

and the seiners are knocking the shorts out of most of the yellowfin crossing the border--

4 out-- off Long Point, tons of birds macs on the surface-- hang on--- we just jig bite--- had a 26 over 20 real fishy-- 12:54

Slack tide today-- 12:16

tuna fleet hit and miss afternoon bite just coming on-- 12:55pm

we just had a big foamer up-- went down before we could get a bait to it--

yea we just put one on- 2:12pm


Biggest bluefin weighed in at the club this year 280 and the little one a hundred congrats to Steve Beck the angler

Water temps from 63 to 75 degrees, cloud cover ( in gray)


they were down on the 43--- thought they come tight on a fish-- turns out it was the prop!

There's huge meter marks here-- we just put one on the boat--



were here at 44 and 13--- tht might be you there - got the Boston Kite up-- we're inside from you-- congrats-- 49/15 on the drift-- just put it out-- and got bit-- had'nt had it in the wate two minutes drifting w the frozen flyer

foamer up-- 45/18 we got to get down there--- 3:35

Starting to get thick here on the meter-- 20 fathom, we're gonna get bit here soon- 3;14pm -----now 15 and I cant get a bite!!!

we had a 80 lber sornar mark ate a flylined bait 30 and 50



----- August the 2 2019-- Friday -- friday again-- boy the week goes by quick----

Sultry warm here on the beach this morning--- marine coastal clouds backing away from the lands heat-- wind light and fair-- 2- 5 kts seas good lite ripple to it--

The weekend boating crowd out the harbor early today-- finding that stretch of warm water stretching from the east end of the island (catalina) inward towards the 14 and spreading below to the 267/ 279 and San Onofee and below-- 70-73 degrees a mix of sealife in it-- some of the kelps further south and a dorado or tail under them--

A call out to Bob this morning--- Donnie reply's he's not out today-- where you at-- we're here on the drop-off just past the rigs--- looks good lots of bait shimmering schools of it-- birds it looks good here-- 11:15 am

you trying to make bait-- got one--

there were some of the 50- 100ers up real quick moving fast -- but I've got anothe schools of those yellowfin up-- OK go get em- 11:53

Slack tide today 11:35 -- stand by--

how far off were you-- 5 6 miles kelp- got couple of 20-25lb yellows and a few 10-12 lbdorado-- La Jolla area

Seiners chattering away-- (inside Clemente)

Tuna fishing off Desperation and down the SC canyon-- still better towards the southern side of the 43- and the SD fleets down below Punta Banda and out 30 miles -!

Scratchy report--- all I've seen today were small schools of YF, here and there-- they weren't even 10 lbers just little schoolsof yellowfin-

We're seeing a lot of marks here on the 43 marks at the 100 ft depth- 12:15

Even- how ya doing-- - we got one in the box,, we've a couple in the 2 size--- on the Yummy's-- --just saw one free jump--- (Swagger)-- where you at-- just a ballpark area --- off the Head! 12:45 had some good blow up on it--

we worked over the 182 to the 181 then towards the 43 -- haven seen anything yet-- we followed about the same course -- got one yf and bf - just before the 42 S/E of it

we left the 43 North up the line towards the clemente about 1/2 way there's bluefin everywhere--- feeding on mico baits-- they will not bite anything-- 1:35pm

Donnie calls in--- just had a lazy tailer up--threw a mackeral at it-- but it wasn't hungry- out front of Avalon here-- got some numbers for another boat out here- 21 over 17

These marlin-- from where they came from is still open to discussion-- from the south of from the west-- in either case these fish have come from an open ocean environment, perhaps thousands of miles - the only noise they've heard is other fish , now all the boats trolling around, speed boats, freighters, cargo ships, etc the worlds a different environment to them-- they may be curious and selective on taking baits until they get used to us-!-

Damn thats a bummer-- go get anothe one-- 1:40

San Clemente Island Security for this weekend-- Zones B and C-- the inside and Pyramid Cove and adjacent waters will be active from 7 am till 5 pm each day-

And Donnie , calls in-- Hey JD we just played with a swordfish for the past 1/2 hour-- every time the bait hit the water it'd spook-- there's been 4 6 marlin seen here today-- 21 over 17 2:52

Hey JD-- I'm pulling on another one here--2:59

Observation- reminiscent of Spring time events-- saw a striped mullet jump out of the water yesterday here in the bay---- and today circling daisy chained mullet were seen in the shallows and the posturing barking of sea lions in the harbor--

any reports for the 43--- no bait no fish we left--- east of the corner we say-w them come up

naw-- he spit the hook--

we had some pulled up on a couple foamers definitely bluefin in the 70lb class--

just got a double on the deck-- ya baby-- 3:34--- where at someone chimes in??-- ---- silence-- west of the 43--

He;'s fighting one now and we just got bit- 3:57

we just left the lee of Clemente towards catalina-- seeing schools of breaking tuna there too - all on that micro bait-- couldn't get anything to go

you left too early-- they start to bite at 5 pm to dark was the relay--

we got a nice 80 lber-- hooked anothe lost it-- just about ready to leave and we hung a big fish on the drifted live bait-- 5:04

Much nicer weather today--

Good luck this weekend if you get out--- JD

18 line/48 bait - Rissos whales-- they feed on squid-


------ Thursdays report- Aug the 1st 2019 ----

Morning haze went early-- pushed out by a light west wind at 5- 7 kts + seas OK - still that mix to the seastate-- more westerly this afternoon-

School of Lepoard sharks seen near the shoreline-- off HB

a lot of working on reels-- and rods--

- Wed's report

Not much to say-- weather ok- Bob M. fished the A bank to the East End-- 152- not much bait metered - didn't see anything

The tuna fleet was working the deep water side/ south of the 43 and shelf below there- to the inside's 302

Big tide exchange- tonight-- quake-- stand by

-- Tuesdays July 30 2019---

Gray this morning- lifted away to a sultry warm day--- high clouds from the south-- wind light from the south too- seas ok- not much of a swell but a mix of it and only a light wind ripple on it--

Radio chatter confused with local sailboat races and the Navy with it's exercises---

not much said on the radio today-- couple of boats down near the 302 371 into tuna-- the lee of Clementes had the seiners still working it- no marlin reports-


Some nices catches over the weekend--- congrats--

303 bluefin Awesome fish on the yummy ,bent butt 130 spectra 46 lbs of drag fight time right around 1hour 45 min,the girls did a great job

E-Mail-- Hi JD. The Tuna Club Light Tackle Albacore and Tuna Tournament was held over this past weekend. We had 18 Boats and 75 anglers. The fish didn't really cooperate for most of the fleet. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to battle this amazing 250 lb Bluefin that we landed on Saturday just after noon. We got him on #80 Dac and on a Yumi Flyer. The fight lasted 30 minutes. A great time on the water with George, Jack and Butch. Doesn't get any better. Tight lines, Steve

Sunday-- July the 28 2019--- Still closed on Mondays--

Still a little muggy and warm, sunny inland hazy on the water-- May grayish-- kinda a bloody mary type Sunday morning-- wind light / south 2 4 kts seas ok w a light mix of seastate

The fleet ending up in the kiddy pond today-- sleepers, a few tailers feeders--- maybe 6 fish released there this morning-- Jock got one on his Birthday-- congrats Jock--

Nice going-- sorry I didn't hear what you were saying-- had the radio turned down-- I said nice going - Oh kay thanks-- nice little fish-- didn't get too far from the boat-- thanks -- there was another one here just a few minutes ago--- thank--s go get em!" 10:20-- -- sounded like Bill released one-- --

What happend Andy-- going to a tailer and got a jig strike?10:34 am

after we hooked the one-- the orther one kept playing with the bait--

they wern't hungry-- there were three of em' --not hungry-- 10:57

we just let one go--- 12:07 a scratchy report says--

Swordfish--- it's circling right now--40.4/ ---? it's about 100 ft from us now-- must be a 10ft fish-- ! 12:27 Slack today 12:36---

We just had that one fall off-- we're over here by the slide--

another Swordfish up--- 1:02

Navy and the sportfishers --- Navy wins

Sounds like -- after the days chattering -- there were tunas up towards the mid late afternoon and a couple spots of tailiers up towards the incoming afternoon tide-


-------------- Sat report-------July 27 --the Spanish version-- yack yack yack--- yack--- yy yack-- yack-- - I ya yai!

still working on the images-- JD











Hazy blue morning on the water- wind light from the south/southwest 3- 6 kts seas good-- yackk-- yack-- yack

Morning Slack tide at 7:30 and again this

see anything this morning--- nothing for 4 1/2 hours---

Boy the radio got ugly today--

Reports of Broadbill Swordfish being seen and taken- deep dropping--

Seen no sporties no birds no baits and the one boat I saw was chugging west-- Im downhere on the Hidden--- starting to blow up 11:39

Balboa Angling Club, Weighed In Friday! Balboa Angling Club Member and a multi-world record holder Tom Pfleger, fishing aboard his boat, the Hana Pa’a with a 261.5 lb Bluefin on 50 Pound!!! Possible new IGFA World Record


------------- Fridays Fish report -- July 26 2019---

Warm and muggy- still light marine haze to the west and on the water-- wind 2- 5 kts from the south, seas good and warming-

Lots of radio chatter-including the seiners in their spanish verbiage--

28.86 lbs Catalina,, Yellowtail Wiki-- Wiki -

This is that small lane of clean water 70- 71.1, 71.2 right in that little strip of blue water I've got 8 balls of bait on my meter---- most of the other guys 3 -4 guys about a mile off the end of the island--- don't get too far from those other numbers I gave you, there's fish there-- 10:22

Big schools of little tiny anchovies--

Mexican navy boat off the South end of the island ( Coronado) was checking earlier --

Phone call- tells me he got a good one last night-- hooked around 6 pm and landed just at dark-- -

coiple of batches of tailers found this morning-- Kyle stayed on wone batch Dave on the other no bites either way--

23 17-- I've got one here up by Long Point 12;11pm

How much bait is up there-- tons of it-- it's everywhere-

that breese is starting to come up--- 1:27 27/ 17

lots of water covered today -- for not much-- waiting for that afternoon slack--

You guys got that one on the Yummy-- not the frozen -- but the plastic-- yep-- color blue--

Hana Paa- pending Pacific Bluefin Tuna World Record-- on 50 lb tackle-- 261.5 lbs-- over the old existing 233 lb fish-- congrats to Tom-- and crew-- Yummy Flyer


(Left ) Water temps 60 to 75 and Chlorophyll chart ( Right)

sorry still working on the images-- JD


and the spanish keeps on chattering-







----------------- Thursdays Reports------------July 25 2019 ---

Morning hours found a light rain and a south wind following it-- seas good and plenty of boats out-- several up coming club tournamets have the boats searching far and wide- Seiners still working on the inside of Clemente island, and the yellows at the islands not as plentiful as before.

Hoe we can get the images back uploading soon-- JD -

Bounders First fish flag for the Peskys!


First cast got one-- second cast got one-- now were following them around-- on poppers-- 11:07am

31 over 43--


Seiners chattering away--

Your missing a good tailer show Jim----- we just hung one--- tailer--- 11:18 marlin, single tailer released -- slowed down-- nice big fat fish---Joint Venture-- Curt W the angler-- 16 squared, both side of the ledge, just a little puff of wind and it came up-- off the East End--

we just baited another-- 12:20

fish are following our baits but won't eat it--- ah-ahh 12:31 pm

We've been trying to find that elusive swordfish, haven't seen one yet-- day eleven--

just had a batcvh of tailers come up--- spun on it-- one went downthe side of the boat another 3 or 4 more came up

the one jig fish yesterday was right on the tide 4 pm

we've seen numerous so far today-- yesterday saw three- and today lost count--

Slack tide today--- 4:40--- you've got a tailer at your 4:00 4:30pm

seeing the marlins but getting them to take a bait was difficult-- thoughts believed they were full of those big mackerels in the area--

it sunk out just tipping-- there were a massive abount of fish there for a while-- Id start there tomorrow--

- Wed's the 24 of July--

still working on getting images back on line- JD

Warm and muggy- wind light fro the south 2-6 knts seas fine-- light wind chop- lots of boats on the water looking for tunas--- some breaking fish seen on the ridge- 181/ 182 and closer to Clemente-- the Nave doing some exercises keeping boats at bay--

bait balls 7-9 off Dana lots of terns--hole heads--

mid afternoon -radio-- scratchy - saying they'd covered a lot of water today-- and only seeing a few scattered spots where there were a couple of more boats gathered--

------------ Tuesday the 23 of July-2019 -

Different weather program with a humid day and a west wind at 10 knts this morning- light wind chop with it-- the place to be--- the Kiddy Pond in the lee of Catalina--- where a phone call this morning from the Bounder-- Alyson G. released a Marlin there today--- came in on a old beeper ( without the battery) mackerel colored jig-( correction Flying fish color) - 2 miles off the East End of the island-- 10 minute battle on 30 lb tackle , water 70 degrees and turning blue-- captain had a rum! The first for the Pesky's Congrats to the Crew, angler and Andy-- , Congrats from the C'est la vie too!!


- closed- on Monday Went fishing - got drug around by a shark-- Nantucket sleighride!

---------- Sunday--- July 21-- we've lost 20 minutes of Sunshine since the longest day- last June 21st--- enjoy it while it's here- weather ok- hazy clear blue sky- light west with that mix of gray haze to the seaside, light wind chop.

Radio trafic common for the summer boaters--

Hope to get the images back on line by the first part of this next week- JD

Water's cool---- I'm 59.3 where I'm at -- 10:01 am

You see anything recently or was it was earlier--, it was earlier-- but were seeing solid marks now all along along that line---

- you fine anything back there-- not much there was some bait back there and nothing between here and there-- yesterday we worked from here all the way up north for nothing 10:40


----------------- Sat Report -----------

Morning brings broken cloud cover and a light west wind due to pick up later today- seas fine for now--

how's your fishing-- we had one one-- busted him off-

A call this morning from Catalina while watching the ski race out front of Avalon- they had seen a boat flying a marlin flag-- saying they had caught one a couple days ago off the East end? and Mark W reports a Marlin caught ( released/taken? ) out of the San Diego/ La Jolla waters also a days ago -- further reports say a stick boat had seen three tailers passing them and they called in a sport while they were inside clemente island- Standing By

--Hooked--- Great day dropping flying fish into schools of monster bluefin tuna. Caught this one and lost another after 1.5 hours when the hook straightened. Thanks Jim K. and Sivory for burning your eyes out to find the zone!! 217.4#! Geoff H, Congrats--- JD

I misssed several radio calls today-- I was told-- linewinder kept me busy and I didnt hear them-- from the looks of things what warm water there is- is inside Clemente with a strong temp break running in towards the beach--

I'd guess we'd be seeing a few more swordfish around-- stand by

-------- Fridays Report --- July 19th 2019 - images coming soon-

Better again-- overcast but its high up and looks to break up earlier today- seas look fine light south wind 2-4 kts. Catalina's East End Slide golden in the morning's sun.

Boats out looking for squid from ch 11 VHF no reply yet- 9:29

The SD fleets working the banks below Ensenada for the tunas or the Coronado islands for the tails

"We've got reports of Bluefin tuna off East coast of Catalina island, over and out" ??


That offshore body of cooler 60 degree water that has pushed it's way south from Point Conceprtion has bent in towards the beach towards the US/ Mex border area--

Boats running over and back from catalina-- metering some bait- deep most of the way across but no bird life seen-- couple boats working off the east end-- beautiful day on the water--


------- Thursdays Report -----July 18--------

At least there's a better look at weather today-- spot of sun and a broken sky w/ a light west wind so far-- westerly later this afternoon

Reports show the Bluefin were on a better appetite the past few days-- and it looks as there's there's seiners working some very small tunas between the Head , Mackerel and the 289 fathom banks, good place to bridle up a couple of em' and slow troll- one up one down deep-


As the marlin season appears on the horizon-- some of upcoming tournaments include the Masters, Pesky's, Channel Islands Billfish, the So Cals and Tuna clubs events and the ABC

Give Russ or Hi Tide Traders a call- 310- 510-1612 or 310-948-1011



------ Wed's report ---------------

Still working in the images- if I knew what I was doing it's be easier!

First day of morning sunshine here on the beach for several days , the marine haze/ light fog lays a 1/2 mile out- wind fair 5- 8-9 kts from the south seas a bit mixes with a small mix of swell and light chop.

Radio reports these days are far and apart-- not that there's no boats out - there are a few but radio chatter is limited - personal phone calls took over.

Overcast came back with a fair wind from the south-- choppy-

San Clemente island pretty much off limits for the weekend SCI web site----


19 th Annual Helen Smith Offshore Tournament

Marlin, Dorado, Tuna and Yellowtail

Friday and Saturday, July 26 & 27, 2019 ENTRY FEE $50.00 per Angler/$55 Non-Members TOURNAMENT HOURS 6:00 a.m. on Friday, July 26 th to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 27

At the BAC--- TUNA TACTIC SEMINAR & Potluck Porch Party With Hult & Hoose Wednesday, July 24 th @ 6pm Balboa Angling Clubhouse Balboa Angling Club is very pleased to announce a Tuna Seminar with “Rick Hult” (Seeker Rods) & “Bob Hoose” (Costa Sunglasses & Pacific Coast Sportfishing Author.) Not only are they our guests but they are also Balboa Angling Club Members! These two gentlemen are leaders in the Sportfishing Industry but also are expert Anglers. You won’t want to miss an exciting evening of Tuna education, this season’s inside tips, fishing friends, spirits & good food. Please bring a addition to our potluck if you would like and we look forward to seeing you! Balboa Angling Club Members – Free | Non-members - $15 (at door)

-------------- Tuesdays report -----------

A little different this morning-- yesterday dead calm morning -today wind from the south 5- 8 kts- light wind chop on a small mix of seastate- Overcast still to late midmorning- coastal strong downhill current- see surface currents--

E- Mail this morning-- Hey JD, Wanted to send you a quick fish report. We fished Saturday starting near the 43 and working toward the Southwest. Around 11am we had a strike on the Yummy Flyer. Fish weighed 258Lbs on the Green Pier in Avalon. Boat: Pirates Life Angler: Chris Halliday Captain: Brett Clarke

congrats-- JD








- Closed on Mondays--- went fishing- caught two green backed mackeral and a Spanish mackeral- ! put them on a hook and pulled them around for about 4 hours, along with a squid about 500 feet deep--



-------- July 14 2019-- Sunday- light haze here on the beach-- comes and goes with some shifting wind- currently out of the south 2-5 kts-

Where's the warm water go- one voice spoke up last week it was 73 now its 63?---

Radio report say there Bluefin were starting to bite better yesterday by some of the sportboats-- dead boat fishing these tunas with the lighter lines ( 50lb and below) just wasn't working for these 50- 80/90lb fish-- privates can hang and even lead these fish for a better chance at them--

Spotter plane reported seeing 10- 15 miles of smaller tunas further south with prospects of it looking like to be drifting northwards-

and they are saying there's more yellowtails pushing offshore to some of the kelps-- the yellowtail counts at the Corornado were in the hundreds yesterday -

Boats were out prowling around looking for that 1st marlin of the Season--- Standing by-

Hey K--- check out that tern off your starbord side---- i saw one fish in that swell- how frustrating in this--- there's so much bait here-- it's thick here--

you guys doing any good on the 181------ -- really on the baits or troll-- thanks 1:40

low tide slack today 2:02pm


we saw quite a lot of fish-- he said when that water temp hit 62 degrees that's where it all happened

for the most part- above the border not many open water fish - the outer tuna grounds, clemente weather bouy and inside to the Ridge held the bait and some tunas -- maybe the night time bite will develop with at Full moon?

Last years 2018 water temps same time for a 8 day period- notable that cool ( Blue) 60 degree water coming off Pt Conception and starts to dismiss quicly there after-- , vs this years 2019 where that same water temp 60 ( blue) that extends half way down the Baja penisula-














----------- July 13th 2019--

Saturdays report

Still that overcast weather here on the beach--- saw the sun for a few hours mid/to late day yesterday-- about the same so far today- wind light at 3-5 kts from the south seas light mix and wind ripple-

Boats far and wide-- asking about conditions elsewhere from where they were at-- not much said about seeing fish or hook ups so far-- slack was at 8:30 this am-- low around 1 pm- standing by-- moon building--

radio checks from the 43-- hey skipper out there on the 43-- seeing anything-- only bait fish! same on the Ridge 181-182-- so far-- 11:07

if your thinking about going in from the 302 area-- to warmer water---- dont-- there's not even any birds here-- so one spot of YF up and dow that was it--

headed back in from the 43- 6 miles it 66 degrees and it's a desert- 11:59


Hopefully we'll get the images back in--

A good customer of ours came in-- finding this small fish washed up in the back bay of newport-- do you know what it is?  heterostichus rostratus Girard






----- July 12th 2019----------

Milky light fog this am, wind from the south a couple kts-- soft-- seas calm w/ light mix to it- light texture on it--

Working on the images-- JD

Came all the way up here to the Head--- pretty much a desert all the way upp meetered bait but taht ws about all- - we're ot doning anything-- fishing tuna but were on are way in to fish yellowtails--

San Clemente open sat and sunday-

We're trying to make something happen it's lot of show but not much go, we're here on the inside of you-- a few breezes, maybe they'll get going when the sun goes down?/

We did have a bunch of fish up around the boat-- up above the 302 but they didn't stick around-- -- were here now on the 43 made a drift for nothing--- you see anything lately-- oh sure there's plenty around here- lots of show but no go-- we're here by the weather buoy--4:31pm

Long Beach carnage- out front of Avalon-- selling live squid--


----------------------------- July 11th 2019 ----Thursdays report ----------------

Working on the images-- JD

Light morning marine haze leaving early- wind light from the west following the receding mornings haze- seas fair- light mix to the seastate.

Good customer came in this morning-- singing the blues- having fished all day out of SD yesterday-- they ran out to the 302-- not much there-- down to the 425- and out west from there-- water started getting cooler and not much seen-- worked they way up to towards the 43 and the weather buoy-- back over to the 182 and inside to the 9--- for nada-- saw one yellowtail under a paddy-- sunk out-- that was it--

El Niño Advisory Synopsis: A transition from El Niño to ENSO-neutral is expected in the next month or two, with ENSO-neutral most likely to continue through Northern Hemisphere fall and winter.

During June, El Niño was reflected in the continued presence of above average sea surface temperatures across the central equatorial Pacific Ocean However, SST anomalies across most of the eastern Pacific decreased during the month. as anomalously cool waters expanded at depth Low-level wind anomalies were near average over the tropical Pacific Ocean, and upper-level wind anomalies were westerly over the far eastern Pacific. The traditional and equatorial Southern Oscillation Indices were slightly negative. Overall, oceanic and atmospheric conditions were consistent with a weakening El Niño. The latest plume of North American Multi-model Ensemble forecasts of the Niño-3.4 index shows a rapid transition toward ENSO-neutral by the late Northern Hemisphere summer, remaining neutral through fall and winter. In summary, a transition from El Niño to ENSO-neutral is expected in the next month or two, with ENSO-neutral most likely to continue through Northern Hemisphere fall and winter

----------------------------- July 10 2019 ----Wed's ---------------

Working on the images-- JD

Light morning marine hase leaving early- wind light from the west following the receding mornings haze- seas fair- light mix to the seastate.

Not many on the radio so far-- it's early- SD/ counts look to be on the slow side-- so far -- last month at this time the 3/4 moon phase-, days on end we were covered up with that gloom overcast -- the- overcast weather keep bait on the surface longer , the tunas bit well, we're at that phase now-- hopefully they'll turn on again-

Outside the 302 there were some yellowfin--- they bit real good--11:20

Coastal water temp chart reveals that plume of cool 60- 63 degree water extending southwards off Point Conception towards Guadalupe island

Working on the images-- JD--

------------ July 9th the year 2019--

Tuesdays-- cleared off earlier today-- wind still light from the s/w in the morning (2/4 kts) -- swung to the west afternoon hours-( 12/14) light seastate- tides starting to flatten out-

local kelps holding calicos and a few sea lions- maybe a breezing yellowtail may be found--

Service on some of the older reels this week- old scared leather drags and worn gears show their previous use!

Good sign of bait schools all along the Clemente Canyon and the Ridge - from there southwards-- and schools of tuna-- casted poppers and jigs being top on the catches- Spin or connventional -- it helps to have a sholder harness-

----------- Still closed on Mondays--worked int he yard/ house and took a nap!

Sunday July 7 2019---

Moring clouds gave way later today by 1 pm light sunshine- wind light to fair form the westsouthwest

More radio chatter today-- coming from the south where driving around chasing tunas was the game-- up- down-- for most-with run and gun and a fast cast scoring a fish here or there-- -

- Cast popers, plugs, surface crusiers and hard jigs was the method- and too many backlashes !

tuna grounds the water turned over-- green water and no tuna where were were at--

--------- July 6th 2019-- Quakes and moon phases!!- Morning cloud cover due to go away mid day-- wind very light- still a swell but very travelable.

Years ago- an angler John H and student of the sciences down in Zihuatanejo Mexico way- where prone to earthquakes he had at home instruments measuring the intensity of the local quakes--comparing these notes with his own fishing experiences and that of the local fishermen to ascertain about if the rumbling improves or slowed down the catch for the day- Unquestionably the days where there was a shaker the water trembled and the fish were of their feed-

Boats out on the 209--- looking not finding much yet-- slack tide at 1:40- standing by--

Hi JD, Jeannie and I took our daughter, Kendall and her boyfriend, Evan out for a day of fishing yesterday. We looked around offshore near the 267 a little and didn’t find anything so we came in and fished the kelp at San Mateo hoping for some Kelp Bass. We got a surprise and caught a little Dorado. Maybe a sign for good things this season? Go figure. Best Regards, Geoff H

Decker calls in-- they left early and went to about the same spot as last weeks area-San Clemente canyon below the Head 5- 10 miles- this time 175 degrees 54 miles from Newport-- spots of fish were up- the SD fleet was there too-- quick schools of breaking fish--Good show 9:30- by- 11:30 it slowed down with only a single fish here- there-- they went three for four--- not bad for bass tackle-- two fish around 80 lbs the other close to 100 lbs,!!, cast Rapala Subwalker and a Yozuri Hydro Pencil

- ----- Yozuri Hydro Pencil ---------- Rapala Subwalker

-------------------------- Todays the Fifth of July- We need a fifth now! local morning marine clouds wind light from the south blew most of the smoke inland--

Strong tides---

Local whales watchers- not finding much today--- Catalina's three B's continue on and good sized Yellowtail around-- Slow trolled macks!

E-Mail this morning--- Hello JD,Tina says thanks, your casting lessons paid off. She caught your guaranteed 10 fish on the new Tranx and then some. All at the island on fly lined deans, front side, shallow.


ore------------------------------ 4th of July----------------

Nice weather-- coastal marine clouds burning off by noon light wind south/southwest 3-6 kts- seas still mixes with swell from both ways-- New Moon Phase and earthquakes---!

Happy 4th of July!!!

The year was 1984 -travel into Mexico was in it's hay-day then-communication via sea to sea or sea to land was done via a Single Side Band radio where radio waves were bounced off the ionosphere back to earth hundred to thousands of miles away depending on the angle the radio were sent out at- the earths sun/ shadow and atmosphere conditions determined the receptions and clarity - at best a chancy - -It was the4th of July weekend, no internet in those days about the only weather forecasting could be done was watching the TV's weather channel for their tropical updates a couple times day.

Private Sportfisher yacht Oasis had left the coast of mainland Mexico to go deep see fishing --- headed out to the offshore Revillagigedo islands off Baja. Their weather Fax was on the blink and a SSB radio call up here to the States told them of a depressions further south from them-- - The yacht- a brand new sleek, lightweight and fast vessel continued on their way to the west- The captain keeping aware via the SSB of the weather-- the feeling aboard was the boat could out run any danger- ha -- I remember seeing that mornings tropical update showing the intensity and broadness of hurricane Douglass and remarkably- it's speed 22 knts!! --SSB reported - It's Big- Mean and traveling fast and coming right at them!!!. Fishing at the islands was good , except the sharks-- they're everywhere.- so they elected to spend and extra day there-- heck they could outrun any storm- ha-- The following morning the swells had increased and wind began - and they increased and increased as did the swell, by the mid morning they knew they were in trouble--wind one directions swell the other way--- what protection San Benedicto land could give was very limited, the cone shaped island offered little in the way of protection , wind and swell wrapped around it intensified . SSB radio air waves seemed to be distorted by the hurricanes wind - wavering in and out the reception talk was limned. A phone call was made to the US Coastguard that there was a pending dangerous situation developing hundered of miles offshore the Mexican coastline. The 4th of July Weekend was not the best timing to contact for help-. Vessel description Lat/ Long crew aboard- etc given. Expected time of assistance, if any would be 6 - 8 hours. Wind and swells building -- 145 kts and 15- 20 ft +seas, the vessel tossed in the seas. Losing and engine the boat heals over to one side, refrigerator breaks loose and cairnes across the saloon crashing into crew and interior , up on the bow the dingy tear loose crashing back into the bridge- water everywhere when the batteries began to shorten out-and the engine sputtered. Crew down in the engine room, sparks flying about at the touch and queasy stomachs squelched, on the bridge and below the crew tried to kept up with the ever increasing problems, taking on water--- . Tempers ran short over loud yelling in that deafening howl of wind. They held their own into the sea on the one engine trying to make some headway into what lee there was- At last the Coast Guards plane arrives and able to talk with each other, an pump was to be dropped to them to help keep them afloat. The wind and drifting boat carries the boat over the parachutes shroud lines, it fouls the one remaining engine. Like an old time pirate, the deckhand ties a rope around his waist and knife in teeth dives overboard in the 20 ft seas, the ships hull ready to crush him- or the sharks eat him- . He gets the lines cut free and is pulled aboard-- engine again gets them back into some headway --- to wait out the nightmare of the night's hurricane. By dawn still afloat but a mess, seas calming-- - 300 miles away the day before - the distress call went out from the Coast Guard for any vessel who may come to their assistance.. by chance and cargo boat caring a load of Chiquita bananas was coming up the coast from Panama- they diverted their course and found the survivors still afloat and safe-- Transferring to their ship was a challenge in itself but they all made it safely home--

it was a 4th of July weekend to remember - JD

Be safe and sane--

----------------- Wed's report -- July the 3rd--

Full and low tides this week- tops out over 6.8 and drains to a minus 1.4 today-- Grunion should run Thursday- - Sat/ Sunday

Wind again from the south this morning- stronger and gusty made for some morning sloppy traveling to the tuna grounds or to the islands--

More dorado chatter-- seems below the border-- scratchy reports--

Anyone out here on the 43--- we fished there yesterday for nothing---

We looked at a lot of bluefin--- but we're coming home with a dozen yellowtails

New Moon Phase

Water temps 60- 74 degrees-

---------- July the 2nd 2019---- Tuesdays report ------

Surprising stronger south wind the expected- 15+ and gusty- by the mid morning hours it had backed off somewhat still bumpy- mixed seastate has it confused .

Hurricane Barbara making her presence know as she starts spinning a strong series of swells from the south coming this way--- over time it helps- wind=waves, waves=swell, swell =surface current, surface current = water movement.

nice bluefin on the popper- lost him at the boat--- 10:32

A call from Mike-- they were in the lee of Clemente-- flat calm and hot-- still looking for signs of those tuna that were there this past weekend-- - and AIS has half a dozen commercial tuna boats working the shipping lanes east of Catalina and the Avalon Bank!

San Clemente Island Security schedule shows the zones C & D hot from 1300/ 1 pm to 2330/ 11:30 pm today and tomorrow --- above the White Rock area it's open zone B, the island will be open on Thursday the 4th of July- then again Hot same schedule 1 pm to 11:30pm for Friday and Sat -- open Sunday-

There's like 60 dorado under this paddy -- Im looking for someone to come over here with some bait--they follow the jigs up but won't take them-- 3:49

That comerical fleet worked it's way up to the outer ol rig shelf late afternoon-

and boats were still finding a few fish along the Clemente canyon-


Closed Monday--

-- Sundays report----------- June's last day 2019-- morning marine clouds left early leaving light marine haze seaward- inland warm and hot-- building tides and better fishing, a lot of water movement these past few days-- 14 Mile Bank offcolor and 67 degrees- 2-4 miles to the southeast there's a 3-4 degree break with terns and kelps-- looks good-- very good for the upcoming Forth of July Holiday week---

Calicos and Bonito some yellows at Catalina- and the barries too-

Light radio traffic compared to yesterdays barrage of voice- and the fleets fishing past out radio reception- feels like the wind might pick up-- 12:20pm

<--- Chlorphill charts shows that body of warm blue water

Seeing some of the big boys on the inside of the island ( Clemente) must have chased them 10 miles towards the north-- didn't get a bite-- tried the kite-had one blow up-- cast lures, bait -- hard to get on them traveling so fast-- we did get some of the smaller grade- 30lb stuff- but those big fish eluded us--

Long range forecast has that hurricane Barbara coming up north quite a ways - and it looks like two more depressions below that - stand by--

Schools of good sized yellows pushing bait seen off long point 5:45pm

------- Sat's June 29th report--

Morning breaks with high scattered altocumulus clouds and a clearing sky- coastal waters still under morning marine haze or light fog- wind light to fair 4- 6 kts west early- lots of boat traffic

Like a light switch the radio again becomes active-- - from long and short the air waves's squelch is broken with talk- "we're gonna try out to the west-- they said the 302 and 425 were slow and not much inside from there--- How ya doing-- good -- we lost one on a jig--!- 10:23

Seeing a lot of breezers-- 10:32-- Slanck Tide today-- 8:07 low and 1:05 this afternoon

An enormous school of bird life and an acre of fish below it--- about halfway from the 230 to the 302 it was up for for 40 min-- wouldn't touch anything we had C/S, surface baits, poppers would not take anything -- They seem to be eating the cedar plug lots of birds north of the 230-- north towards the San Salvador we're down here between 371/ 390-- where terns gather up we go through them, get one or two-- the were decent sized fish-- we had shots at then 6 or 7 times we'd run up on them-- nothing-- Yellowfin - 10:35am

We just got a double on Yellowfin- just leaving the 425--- 15- 25lbers - 10:48 --w/ Rapala sardine color--

We just another one on the popper--10:52 stopped foaming now but it was up for a while-- on poppers --so far -- small spots of bigger fish - you couldn't get near them- they go down-- 10:54

They're foaming up all around here--- they're right under my boat-- and I can't get bite-- the other boat over there has yellowfin and four fish over a hundred- Where you at-- We're S/E of the isalnd--10:59

We just got the one yellowfin--

14 yellowfin at the 43-- fish were on the 43 cedar Plug- no sign of bluefin?

- Got real nice weather wise--

they're on the tern's --they're moving so darn fast--

How ya doing-- we got that one nice blufin -- we got a bluefin too-- had a marlin come up on us--- we're just inside the high spot-- had a couple of tripples lost a couple fish -- working our way back to that spot where the bleufin were--- between the 9 and the high spot ---that's where we saw the marlin, came up on the baits--we had a hook up - thought it ws the marlin but it turned out to be that bluefin!--- 12:33-

three yellowin and a yellowtal- we've got one one now hang on-- we're on onw--

What you use to get the bluefin on--- hooks!

We just lost on on the popper-- 12:35

we'll we got him ---maybe 185/ 200lbs- 2:08

Congrats--- to Hooked / Dana saying they just boated a tuna well over two hundered-- 3:31pm

And Disco Punk scores again--- Decker calls in-- he's just below the 14 and it's 72 degrees--- they're returning and had been at 180 degrees from Newport 52 miles - having caught, using only their bass casting tackle--- 7 tuna, 6 of em' Yellowfin 12- 20lb and a 35 lb Bluefin-- all in small cast lures-- Just days before Jimmy discussed these same tactics at the BAC's Tuna seminar-- it works! ( that puts then on the San Clemente canyon )


------- Friday again-- June 28 2019-----

Light morning cloud cover breaking up early by 10 am- wind light at 2-4 kts south/southwest, seas calm- time to go fishin'

Live Squid out front of Avalon- ch 11 VHF- Carnage--

As that body of sealife/ Tuna appears to be moving northwards from their wintering waters off central and northern Baja to today's fishing areas towards the 302 Fat spot and northwestwards towards the banks of the

43 an deeper water of the lower San Clement canyon / basin escarpment. The tunas, both Pacific Bluefin and Yellowfin will be crossing over the US/ Mex border, the commercial fleet now having as good of a squid season will be waiting for those Yellowfin to cross the border---Stand by tuna wars

Just brought the boat back from up North chasing Salmon and Halibuts to Ensenada- to join the fishing grounds below the border-- A Tri fecta in Ensenada Yellowfin, bluefin and a yellowtail. 2 grandsons; Dylan and Jake plus a friend named Tom. Jon B

Yellowtails hooked at Clemente-- getting them to the boat is another story-- Sea Lions taking 90%+ of them-- bring the paint ball gun!

That was all solid fish-- smaller fish- was yours that nicer grade stuff--1:47 , Low slack today-- 12:22pm

Divers were scoring with the bigger bluefins -off foamers-- 150+ fish--

That wind came up again-- westerly-- made it a little sloppy and nasty this afternoon

Spots of smaller 20-+ Yellowfin up - couple of boats running up on them- poppers and cast jigs- 4:56pm

Good Luck this Weekend--

---- Thursdays 6/27th report -----------

Still gray- seas calm sky gray- maybe some wind later on this afternoon--

good radio reception--

You see anything down there on those kelps-- some yellows-- saw all that red crab down there too!-- the fish we got were quality-- 15- 25 lb fish only a few small 3- 5 lb stuff, for the most part the paddies that were holding had quality fish but wouldn't take a lure, jig or squid--- they were where the the red crabs were-- yea when they on them -hard to get them off it--we might fish at 43 area or keep on going to Clemente--- ---- --- after you get your squid you might look around outside the Can Dump mid day-- 70 ft on the drift out front from the dump and another 1/4 mile down the beach for a while-- find out what bait they were on--- squid--

Sna Diego fleet fishing general area inside the cornor of the US Mex Border 32.21 / 117.44 drift fishing and some kelps or marks--

Not much else said on the radio-- Carnage was selling squid out front of Avalon--

And if I heard it right -a Swordfish seen off north Laguna by a whale watcher--

------------- Wed June 26th Gray again but brighter than yesterday-- sun should poke throgh today- light of any wind 1- 2-3 kts south, seas calm.

TUNA TACTICS SEMINAR with Captain JIMMY DECKER will put on this year’s Pacific Bluefin & Yellowfin Tuna clinic at the Balboa Angling Club! Wednesday, June 26 th at 6pm Balboa Angling Clubhouse 200 ‘A’ Street Newport Beach,

Local expert, Decker is an extremely experienced Tuna fisherman and has many various salt water IGFA records. We are very excited to have him as our guest speaker for the evening and as a Balboa Angling Club Member! Decker will give a seminar on tactics, which will put you on fish, and put fish on your decks. Balboa Angling Club Members – Free | Non-members - $15 (at door) --949.673.6316 BAC Website | BAC Facebook | BAC Instagram, Organized 1926 | Incorporated 1927 |

weve only landed 7 ofg then and got 6 yellow tasil in the process-- kelp fishing-- in US waters--- 10:31

San Clemente Island is open this weekend Sat and Sunday only-- and hot for most of the week except the Forth of July (thurs) --- then hot the 5 & 6 th ( Fri- / Sat) -- then open Sunday the 7th



------------- Tuesdays June the 25th 2019-- another not gloomy but overcast light drizze and overcast , wind light from the south southeast 4-6 kts- light chop

And the big fish over the Weekend came from the Yellowtail Shootout this year! t. - Team REEL E-ZE, who competed in the tournament caught a 275-pound bluefin ( Rumor has it they caught the fish on the 43 fathom Spot) and were a shoo-in to win our $2500 Tuna Jackpot. Unfortunately, the Coast Guard held them up for enough time that they missed the check-in/weigh-in time to weigh their fish by 15 minutes (rules are rules). The team who won the jackpot, Los Bastardos, won with a 15.4lb bluefin and handed over the $2500 check to team REEL E-ZE at the banquet yesterday. It was a great sign of respect and the whole audience stood to applaud the gesture BDOutdoors

They tell me some of the Bigger Bluefin have moved up the line along that 1000 fathom drop-off below the 43 and the San Clemente Weather Buoy - time to get the Kites Up!

Breaking Daylight comes in the harbor flying a bunch of flags-- half dozen Tuna flags and I think a Yellowtail flag--

Overcast for all day-- I doubt if we'll see the sun before the Forth if at all then--- but the ocean is warming under all of this cloudcover-- as long is there is no wind it'll warm up-

Closed on Mondays--

--------- Sunday's Gray morning hours brighten by 10:30am- wind light west 4-6 kts- seas calm- looks quiet-- radio quiet-

White sided Dolphins off El Morro/ 1400 ft of water headed south

Tuna fishin below the border- it helps to have the baits for chum- a lot of drifting with sinkered baits 100 ft down-- some of the flatfalling jigs- iron- and some up on the surface picking at the chum line behind the boat-- JD Tip --those large clear Cast-A Bubbles can help cast a small sardine out 50 ft or more for the bite -

Strong coastal downhill surface current-- Mag: 34.66 cm/s, 0.674 kts, Dir: 136.17° from N

Windy- this afternoon-- long boat ride uphill for the fleet that ran south of the border for those tunas--

Sloopy afternoon-- and not many fish reported- 20lbs+ Yellows off the East end of the island-- JD

---- Sat June 22 2019-----

Broken cloud cover as that low leaves us- wind light and fair from the southwest- 4- 6-7 kts- seas good except looks offcolor for several miles out-

Whales and a few dolphin along the 1000, 1400 ft depth outside Balboa pier-

Fishing Catalina's bac side of the island had its moments-- Bill D's Pacifc Charters found yellows bass and berries

Offshore coastal waters lacking much in the way of anchovies and krill- scatter sardines found tight to the coastline- and the flats-- offshore pretty devoid of much sealife till you get to the islands--





We'll take em' any way we can--- -Fishing the 302-- - after a 40 minute battle he wasn't moving much-- hooked in in the belly with a Popper-- !

Westly winds this afternoon- 12-15+



- Friday-- again-- and the last day of Winter- Summer officially begins and the days will get shorter-- Carpe Diem as they say--

Morning light drizzle and sprinkles accompanying the clouds as they blew inland. Wind light and fair 5- 8-9 kts light chop- Sun breaking out mid morning--

Weekend boaters headed to Catlalina and Clemente--

Long Beach Carnage-- Ch 11 VHF selling live squid for Sale--right out front of Avalon-- 12:39pm

South wind increasing as the day gets along-

Yellows at the islands really depend on that current movement, either ocean or tidal flows starts their activity-- We fished it for most of the morning for not much-- started on the back side-- by noon that tide changed and tossing a few sardines brought up that brown hoard of calicos-- some really grumpies in there too- then the yellows came through-

Not much sealife mid channel seen-- water still dirty and cool-

SD Report-- Still on the Plus Side-- The Pegasus 11 Bluefin Tuna (60-90# avg.) up to 140# with 2 hanging The Pacific Queen 11 Bluefin Tuna (50-90#) to the The Condor returned with LIMITS of Bluefin Tuna (30@60-100#), 3 Yellowfin Tuna and 2 Yellowtail for 15 anglers The Tomahawk 18 Yellowtail, 7 Yellowfin Tuna (25#) and 25 Bluefin Tuna up to 120# for 27 anglers. They reported great signs of fish.

-------------------- Thursdays Overcast day-- June 20th -

Light wind from the south eddy like- seas calm and flat- a little gloomy out there-

Clemente's the spot-- fish are finicky Yellows with a good sized 12- 20 lb fish found-- 20 lb test and #1/0 with lively sardines in the chum line works--

Live Squid for Sale--- Pleanty of Live Squid for sale -- out front of Avalon--- VHF ch 11 11am-

Still quite a few boats at Catalina today-- fishing barracudas and basses-- yellows were hard to find off the east end/ Backside/east - not much seen on their travels back from the island-- bleak he said

A little better image of a Water temps - from yesterday's breif cloud clearing-


SD report-- The Liberty called in with 2 bluefin 50-80lbs. with more hanging and great signs of fish. The Condor ( 32.06 / 117.34) called in with 7 Bluefin Tuna with 6 hanging (60-90#), 1 Yellowfin Tuna and 1 Yellowtail for 15 anglers on their 1.5 Day Offshore trip. The Tomahawk called in with 18 Yellowtail, 2 Yellowfin Tuna (25#) and 3 Bluefin Tuna for 27 anglers. They reported great signs of fish



With Captain JIMMY DECKER will put on this year’s Blue & Yellow Fin Tuna clinic at the Balboa Angling Club! Wednesday, June 26 th at 6pm Balboa Angling Clubhouse 200 ‘A’ Street Newport Beach, CA 92661

Local expert, Decker is an extremely experienced Tuna fisherman and has many various salt water IGFA records. We are very excited to have him as our guest speaker for the evening and as a Balboa Angling Club Member! Decker will give a seminar on tactics, which will put you on fish, and put fish on your decks. Balboa Angling Club Members – Free | Non-members - $15 (at door ) RSVP to the Club--




----- Wed's report -----19th

Nicest day of the week so far--- light marine clouds drifting away early mid morning- wind light from the West/southwest 2- 5 kts- seas calm - light texture

Spotter plane up-- Clearing off nicely-- maybe we can get a good satellite image today--

SD boats still after the tunas-- hard to make a big score on them-The Pacific Queen called in with 13 Bluefin Tuna (60#-90#) on their 1.5 Day Offshore trip for 34 anglers. The Islander returned with 20 Bluefin Tuna (50-70#), 4 Yellowfin Tuna and 2 Yellowtail on their 1.5 Day Offshore trip for 27 anglers.

Couple Humpack whales outside newport today 5 off-

San Clemente Island for the most part will be open Thursday- Fri, Sat and Sunday-- get your flyers while you can--

F & G out checking boats-- locally-

Good get togeather at the BAC this evening--

Good Luck this weekend if your get out- JD

Just a quick outlook of the West Coast past ten years for June and changing water temps

--Ten Years ago ------------------------------ Five years Ago---------------------------This Year ---












- Tuesdays June 18 2019

Closed Mondays-- Finished up varnishing the five big game bamboo rods , now curing, reel-seats, grips and guide thread wraps and epoxy- a long ways to go yet--

Coastal fishing fair + the Calicos and Sand bass were biting better-- even small mako's around- and watch the birds for signs of yellows or sea bass under them--

Strong tide and coastal currents uphill above Dana- downhill below Dana-

water 66 - 67 degrees- some terns working the edges of the kelp beds- bass and berries

waters clean green-

San Diego boats still finding the Bluefin outside Ensenada (31.59/ 117.17) and the scattered yellowfin bite-- SD Report --- The Islander called in with 7 Bluefin Tuna and more hangging. The Pacific Queen returned this AM from a 1.5 day trip with 8 bluefin, 9 yellowfin, and 19 yellowtail.

Nice Day-- Grunion run late tonight-10:30+pm have fun---


Sundays-- Pop's Day--- June 16th --------Happy Pop's Day---

remains overcast today-- but not cold-- wind light from the west/ southwest 2-3 5 kts-- light wind chop-- offshore more westerly- 8- 12 kts-

The Tuna fleet below San Diego stretches from the 302 southwards- lots and lots of boats not as many fish--

Coastal fishing-- improving with a few marauding big yellows around the HB flats--

Grunion run tonight- and for the next couple of nights


never really cleared off today-

Vick sommers with a 36 pound local yellowtail caught on 12 pound test Grandfather, father and son. Nice catch congrats


Conditions looked good off the backside of the island but not as many fish caught as hoped for, the seabass were scarce , but halibuts, bass, berries and smaller yellows kept the boys busy --





-------- Sat June 15th finds the morning with a high overcast sky- wind fair at 5- 8 kts south/southeast, more light wind chop- seas good-

lots of traveling boats out today--

They say the lee of Clemente has lots of smaller yellows and some seabass in the cove and the bass fishing good -- all depending on current flows

They also say there's been some of the big 200+ Pacific Bluefins seen above the border- towards the 182/ 181-43 and even said to be seen between Catalina and San Nicholas!

As the summer begins-- the working tow boats were in full speed today--

The US /Mex Border's corner outside San Diego/ Coronado Islands-- harboring a lot of boat traffic today as is the line stretching all the way down south outside Ensenada 20 miles ,

BAC-s YSH- had aome nice halibuts in the counts-- and yellows to add to the catch-- no sea bass


----------- It's Friday again-- the weekends upon us-

Still cloudy high marine cloud-cover-- wind light to fair from the south southwest 4- 6 kts light chop on a calm seastate. Only seven more days till they start to shorten again-- Bring a sweatshirt if you headed out on the water

Strong tides this weekend--

Steady flow of small and larger boats headed out of the harbor today-

Boys fishin here in the bay-- learning about the pull of batrays-- pulled them rods right into the drink!

radio reports from the 182 -- looking for tunas- and they say the 9 Mile Bank had yellowfin too??- 302 holding fish as the 500 and below-

weather cleared off nicely 2-/ 3pm today-

Have a grea Father's day Weekend--!-


----- Thursdays Report June 13 2019----- light drizzle here on the beach this am- wind light at 2- 4 kts south, seas calm light swell mix-----------

Don't let this overcast put a damper on the fish scene - the sun's ultraviolet rays penetrate the overcast, bound back and forth under that canopy peculating it's thermal energy to warm the water-

that said--- Cool and drizzly here today--

Going to the beach--- bring a sweatshirt!

By 4-5 pm the weather cleared off to the afternoon cloud cover coming back again-

not much said on the radio-- bass were biting here and the islandsand live squid being sold at Cataina- ch 11 VHF Pacific Carnage-- Newports Bait receiver has 5- 7 inch sardines

Kick off for the BAC YSH tournament at the club house this evening--

Go Warriors, Angeles and Dodgers--


EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: El Niño is predicted to persist through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (66% chance), with lower odds of continuing through the fall and winter (50-55% chance). During May, El Niño was reflected in the continued presence of above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across most of the equatorial Pacific Ocean The latest weekly ENSO indices indicate the largest positive SST anomalies were within the central Pacific Upper-ocean subsurface temperatures were nearly average at the start of May, but positive anomalies increased toward the end of the month in association with a downwelling Kelvin wave.. Overall, oceanic and atmospheric conditions were consistent with El Niño. The forecast consensus reflects this uncertainty, with slightly lower chances for El Niño compared to the previous month. Ongoing subseasonal variability within the tropical Pacific contributes to an overall murky picture, but the current downwelling oceanic Kelvin wave should fuel the persistence of El Niño at least in the short-term. In summary, El Niño is predicted to persist through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (66% chance), with lower odds of continuing through the fall and winter (50-55% chance


-------- Wed's report- June 12th -

Gray again here on the beach -- inland two miles sunny- wind here light from the south 2- 4 kts seas calm light ruffle on the surface- Building moon each night with a Full expected over the weekend-- might making squid a little more difficult-- ?--

San Clemente Islands is open for the weekend except the northern sections-

Catalina has some nice yellows and just below the border the bigger model Bluefin were on the chew over the past day or so-- (building full moon?)


Yesterday, the Liberty full day trip caught two cows. 249 and 223 The 249 was hooked on a rent rod with 50 lb test. The 223 was hooked on 80 lb test.




the BAC weighed in a quad of seabass today-- all good sized fish! - the moons filling-- just in time for the BAC-s YSH tournament--

Troy’s 1st WSB -- A call late in the day-- coming back for the island--- BAC you still open- we've a fish to weigh-in-- BAC back-- hi- yes were open and look forward to your fish coming in---

Nice catch!! JD


Hey JD , got this yellow and a couple sand bass local. Yellow was on 30 lb mono on a fly lined sardine fishing meter marks. Got that yellow first thing in the morning and fished another 6 hours for one short bite then decided to go bass fishing. Bass were everywhere on the bottom on the live sardines. Bob



-------- Tuesdays June 11 2019-

Light fog this morning-- uphill coastal current- seas calm with a light south wind- light wind texture on the water. Still offcolor milky green for several miles offshore- cleans up 5- 7 off the beach-

Nice day - stayed a light south wind for most of the day--- not many on the radio, couple of party boats at Catalina--- seeing a school or two of the smaller yellows around-- bass, berries and bottom fish filling the sacks-

Squid boats making it at Clemente island--and the yellowfin tunas were coming from the tuna grounds below Ensenada/ outside Colonet, Bluefin above from there-

War Heroes on Water· . continues to grow in support!-- To donate, please visit:warheroesonwater

Next weekends BAC-s 16TH ANNUAL YSH TOURNAMENT YELLOWTAIL, WHITE SEABASS & HALIBUT 30lb tackle Anyone can enter, no membership required. Friday, June 14th through Saturday, June 15th - Good Luck-


------ Closed Mondays-- Went fishin-- rowed around for a while w/ a squid 300- 500- ft deep in search of an swordfish or opah - no bites- went in to the beach and caught a few calicos and short barracuda-- got the lawn edged and mowed and some bamboo blanks resanded down for another varnish dip- came out good this morning-

--------------- Sunday June the tenth 2019 - Light fog and haze went away early- pale blue above, wind -light an fair- from the south 2-4 kts light wind chop on a calm seastate.

Wooden Boat Parade today here in Newport-- some of the classics of the past-!

I was hoping for a better satellite cater temp image this morning-- not as good was we'd like- but the Chlorophyll images was interesting-- couple places of interest outside Oceanside there's a swirl of off colored water and those bluefin nd Yellowfin were found along that edge of blue/ green water off Ensenada 20+ miles

Small Thrasher Sharks and Bonito Sharks were found off the local coastline today-- added the sighting of schools of Anchovies and reported a few schools of bonito in the area gives hope for better fishing-- Surface current movements are generally in an uphill movement that's encouraging too-

And those headed to any of the offshore island - Flying Fish were found with the night nights and a long handled net-- get em while you can--


------------------ Sat June 8th 2019--- High overcast seems brighter early on-- wind light from the south southwest 2- 3 kts- seas calm

The new Thunderbird did well on the Yellowtail yesterday-- not wanting to fight the hoard of seals at Clemente-- they ran out to the Tanner Bank-- did well--

Good to hear some VHF radio fish chatter this morning- summers finally here-- scratchy reports spoke of yellowtails and tunas--

Definitely some volume here- I couldn't believe it--

and the beaches opened up to some sunshine before noon--

Long Beach Carnage still has squid for sale-- off Avalon- ch 11 vhf-

Heck of a Fathers Day Gift-- now that there's both Yellowfin and Pacific Bluefin Tunas to cast to-- nothing better than the Shimano Orca Spinning Popping rod rated 50- 100 lb and their Twin Power 1400 spin reel loaded with 400 yds of 50 lb Super Slick V2 power pro line and a flourocarbon leader- comes with a free casting lure-- guaranteed to work! - all for only $999.95 He deserves it!

Fun day on the water for most-- sunshine and a little breeze to keep it clear, We should be able to get a good satellite water temp image today to see what's changes over the past several weeks-- and there's rumor of Bluefin Tunas behind Clemente Island--go get em"

Good Luck tomorrow-- JD


Gloomy June the 7th 2019------

A little different this AM- with a westerly springing up early on- 2 -3 kts but west- light ripple on the otherwise calm sea.

Live Squid being sold at Catalina- VHF ch 11- There's a lot of fish around he says-- "We had a spot of Yellowtail come up right next to the boat--- crew got all excited and tried to throw a plastic on it- got all tangled up in the riggings and that was that-- there's a lot of fish around-" Live squid for sale right out front of Avalon-- !

Hi JD, Just wanted to thank you for the awesome tackle you rigged us. My son and I, got 4 and probably lost another 8. These memories will never be forgotten. Thanks again!! Blue Fin coming your way!! Regards, Dave M


Still a good tidal swing for the weekends fishing good low( minus) in the morning 7-8-9 and a steady flow till 2-3 4 in the afternoon . Both the yellows and sea bass should be hungry! good luck

Local sportfisher partyboats Thunderbird did well on the yellowtail today--

Bonito along the coastline-- 5-6 lbs--watch for bird schools--

Want some good and fun fishing-- go north-- Salmon are biting off Morro Bay and there-a bouts-- good fishing for them-- down deep-- 200 ft depth-- cool to see some of the pure salmon boats working down from the northern waters-- works of art some of them are-- boats taking counts of 50-60 fish a day!!!

Starting to look more like a fishy harbor these days- more sporty sportfishers are moving about- their outriggers polished and waxed, hulls cleaned and decks oiled. -it's coming-- Surface current mapping shows a general uphill flow of water so prospects look promising for the push of that approaching El Nino warming trend

Dont forget Father's Day-- right around the corner--

Looking for a great Graduations or Father's Day Gift-- how about a personal charter for them

A four person charter operating out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing. Custom 26’ Anderson designed for Southern California Fishery. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and take all necessary steps to produce the best possible results. The fishing may fluctuate but the efforts and good times are always full speed. You can get more info on what we offer or book at trip at

or Call- (949) 630-6749


SD reports are better-The Pacific Queen called in with 1 Yellowfin Tuna and 33 Bluefin Tuna (25-30#) on their Overnight trip. The Condor returned this morning with 13 Bluefin Tuna (60#-140#), 2 Yellowtail and 1 Bonito on their 1.5 day trip for 16 anglers. The Royal Star returned this morning with 26 Bluefin Tuna (60-80# and 1@130#) on their 1.5 day trip. The Tomahawk returned this morning with 19 Yellowfin Tuna, 26 Bluefin Tuna (50-80#) and 12 Yellowtail (15#) for 28 anglers on their Extended 1.5 Day trip.- and spotter planes off Carmel- seeing tuna 60 miles offshore


Gloomy June the 6th 2019--------

Marine overcast still remains , like yesteday-- never saw the sun yesterday either-- maybe today---

Weather looks good for the weekend-- not much wind at least-

Pleanty of Live Squid for sale-- the Long Beach Carnage was saying ch 11 VHF right out front of the Casino-- Pleanty of Live Squid for sale--

Time to start thing about the upcoming summer fishing tournemnts-- among the top- the BAC's Master Angler Tournament-- Early entry saves the team of four $100 Bucks!--

Again no sun today and a very quiet day on the radio--

San Diego boat scoring on yellowfin tuna this morning--

The Tomahawk called in this morning with 12 Yellowfin Tuna, 12 Bluefin Tuna (50-80#) and 12 Yellowtail (15#) for 28 anglers on their Extended 1.5 Day trip. The Pegasus returned this morning with 28 Yellowfin Tuna, (14-25#) and 3 nice grade Yellowtail within Full-Day range for 19 anglers. The other boats in the area are catching Yellowfin Tuna and seeing Bluefin Tuna. The Pacific Queen returned this morning with 5 Yellowfin Tuna for 34 anglers.

------------- June the 5th 2019 Wed------------

Again gray but not as dark- light drizzle early on- seas fine and calm- wind light form the south maybe 2-3 kts-

Water and sealife conditions seem to be growing offshore - more small schools of baitfish appearing-- halibut jumping in the bay--

Long Beach Carnage has live squid ----sitting right out front of the Casino-- live squid for sale-- ch 11 VHF

Don't be surprised if there's not some swordfish swimming around out there-- and kelps could or should have some of those yellows under them-- and--- Opah!

Two years ago---- My boys were at it again ! Just happened to be Brian Dunham's B-Day Two big white seabass 58 lb and 52 lb !! Not a bad Birthday ! Wtg !! Mate and Brian--- Mom-

Those thinking about the run to San Clemente Island this weekend-- the Island Security Web Site shows varied times for Friday, Sat and Sunday please check beforehand- - Slow fishing thee past few days-- seeing fish but not getting any bites--

SD Report-The Shogun returned this AM from a 1.50 day trip with 7 bluefin the biggest at 130 lbs. The Tomahawk returned this AM from a 1.5 day trip with 4 yellowfin tuna

Coastal conditions fluctuating water temps and clarity changing daily-- -- had the water warming up to 62/63 dropped again to 59/60 and offcolor

Fun fishing for small coastal thresher sharks-- 40- 60 lbs-- slow troll live mackeral, Circle hook bridal rigged w/ single stand wire --- mackeral fishing this morning-- they said it was tough!


------- June 4th 2019 Tuesday--

gray sky's and calm seas-- June glossy seas- --

Never made it down to the water yesterday-- spent most of the day preparing and varnishing some new 9 and 24 thread bamboo blanks - came out nice--

-copied from facebook- nice catch for the Tuna Club-- in their 20th Annual Paxson H. Offield White Seabass Tournament. -- congrats-- JD

Great time this past weekend fishing the Tuna Club White Sea Bass tournament. The fishing gods looked upon us favorably. Two nice sea bass and four nice yellowtail. Great time with family and friends. Took Top anglers on both Dacron and Linen lines and Top Boat!!

And the BAC's Helen Smith YSH (yellow/ white / halibut) tournament is coming up Jun 14 and Jun 15th-

And congrats to Bill W. for his 51 lb halibut--on 20 lb tackle new BAC Club record-- nice catch!

Nice conditions so far today-- no sun but it's calm-- sand and calico bass so far-- locally-

The Pacific Queen returned from their 1.5 day trip with 61 Bluefin Tuna for 34 anglers.

Catalina has all the barracuda you'd want-- (Tip-- wash the decks with water before you boat one-- their slime sticks to the boat otherwise-- ) fair to good halibut fishing off the back side and a few sea bass and yellows to fill out the bag-- many of the sea bass were shorts--

good crossing from the island-- bait schools seen-

nice weather all day-


---- Sundays report -- Closed Monday--

Light moring drizzle in the amarine cloudcover-- mid day still overcast wind light from the south 2-4 kts seas calm- baitschools abound offshore as boats return from Catalina say-- good conditions near Frog rock- at the island- changes alot with the oceans currents and tides swings--

Didn't fisd any whales but did find a about a 8 ft shark-- looks like a White!--offshore oil rigs area--

Fishing--- fair today-- never really went off- -maybe the low pressure?-- it's suppose to ease away as a high develops over the area next week- hopefully so for the fishing too as that moon again fills--

Calicos and short barracuds in the kelp beds-- and seals-


-------------------------------- Saturdays June the 1st 2019------

Another gray morning- though marine layer higher and seems to burn off earlier-

San Clemente Islands been the hot spot for the yellowtails and a few white sea bass this past week- a lot of boats there now-- coastal water warming and the bite activity is improving all along the coastal kelp beds and offshore island

there's flyers around-- reports saying they seen a half/dozen flyers into the night lights at Clemente at anchorage- as well as Catalina-- get em' while you can---

Barracuda in the schools of anchovies below the border-- drifting northwards

we're 6-7 off Main Beach there's a lot of bait and birds here-- dolphins orbiting there's a lot of em here--

The San Diego fleet fishing approx 45 miles 183 degrees from Pt Loma outside Ensenada 20-25 miles

Whale watchers seeing a couple blue whales, well really not seeing much- four breaths 1/2 mile away then down for another 14- 20 minutes

they were talking of 66 -67 degree water mid channel! Bait at 17 outside Dana - sealions barking away in the harbor--

whalewacher seeing seabass push bait to the surface-- 3:34 tide changed about an hour ago--


-------- Friday-- it's Friday again-- May the 31st-- 2019 --

moring marind coastal cloud cover by noon starting to fade away-- seas good a w/ light south wind

They said it was close to 5 0lbs scale said 61 lbs-- Sea Bass at Dana this morning--

Not much in the way of sunshine here on the beach today-- wind still light from the south-- dozens of boats headed out today - for the weekends outing--

Tides filling and draining better- might be some grunion starting to gather along the sandy beaches - halibuts and bass

San Pedro weather buoy show water temps starting to rise again showing this afternoon 62/ 63 degrees-- as well as the Oceanside and San Diego waters-63 degrees

Thief is not a good thing-- especially prized fishing gear-- a call earlier today about a boat thief of fishing tackle, all good stuff- Accurate, Shimano, Calstar, G Loomis- Some of the rods have Custom wraps of blue/black/silver w/ pink strip and the Accurate 50W has engraved Coast to Coast-- if you hear or see something give me a call- JD

Cool here on the beach today-- bring a sweatshirt or jacket---


------ Thursday's late report-- nice day-- wind light from the south- hazy blue- quiet on the radio so far-- the boys fishing San Clemente Island today-- after the Thunderbirds score on Yellowtail / should be a few sea bass there too- the boys got asked to leave-- Navy was doing exercises there today-- the island is open from 2000 hrs/ 8pm tonight then over the weekend--

Boats were call for any squid boats off Catalina word has it there's very little squid being caught and waht was was sold very quickly-- better bring the frozen stuff too!

--------------------Wed's May 29 ---------------

Morning marine cloud cover went away leaving a lazy hazy blue behind, wind light from the south 3- 5 kts- light chop on a mix of sea-otherwise nice

The upwell of cool water below Pt Fermin towards the oil rigs is holding krill, blue whales and sardines-- commercial quanity as a boat and spotter plane were working the schools of bait mid morning through the mid day- 39/05

Lots of lots behind it--est- 210 ton school of sardines--right where that pelican goes that's the bulk of it-- from top to bottom --

Weather looks good for the weekend-- San Clemente Island looks to be open--

This Weekend the Tuna Club of Avalon is hosting their Paxton H. Offield Memorial White Sea Bass Tournament light tackle using dacron and linen fishing lines for scoring points--


------------------- Tuesday May 28 -------------

Blue skies and a light south wind followed by an uphill coastal uphill current-- a little mix to the seastate-- and light wind chop - Made two cast off the dock two little nudges on the plastic - maybe mackeral

Blue whales being seen up by the oil rigs-- more krill up there--

An E-mail to Baitmasters back in Florida in reguards to any Flying fish being harvested yet-- ---- Nothing yet!.

Which brings up catching them yourselves-- or buying them from a licensed bait boat-- I'd be nice for some enterprising person to catch and sell them but they'd be in violation of Fish and Game laws and can be cited for buying and selling sport caught fish. Fish caught via a sport fishing license may not be bought, sold, traded or bartered (FGC, section 7121). $10,000 fine? Both buyer and seller may be fined!

best time for Spawning Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus is May, June, July, Aug-- better start thinking about catching them yourselves-- your 'r going to need some good quick arms and a long- long handled net- JD's stocks the 16 ft/ 20 inch dia mono nets, the right one to use-- --JD

May 28th, 2019 The Pacific Queen called in at 7:30 this AM with 7 bluefin on the boat on their first stop of the day. They also report seeing lots of fish and great weather


Nice afternoon weather-- things are warming and improving--





-- Monday---Memorial Day--May 27th 2019 -

clearing weather, nice and warm in the sun-- light south wind blue and a few clouds lsland




Looked like their were nice sized seabass and yellows also off the backside of the island today-- --

Santa Rosa?

coastal water improving--57 this afternoon and not as green/ brown colored--a few bass-


------- Sunday May 26 2019--

Morning sky looks gray- ocean and Catalina also look gray- yet there looked to be a good number of boats out- sailing and motering out the harbor today-- wind light to fair from the West/southwest 5-7 kts light wind ripple on a small mix of seastate. coastal surface currents-- 0.227 kts Dir: 120.96° from N

Bluefin bite below the border slowing down ( backside of the moon?)

interesting to hear on this morning's radio talk show speaking of the small striped marlin off the East Cape-- 40- 60lb stuff! good to see an fresh crop growing-

coastal weather above hre harbor lumpy and cold and some wind- better below the harbor--


------ Sat May 25th 2019-----

Wind fair from the south/southeast maybe 8 kts- seas fair and small wind cap VHF weather radio as snow levels at 5,500 to 6,000 ft- crazy-- marine layer expected

coastal water still cool- sea level air feels cool

Water temps from 55 to 65 degrees--



--------- Friday-- the 24th - light marine haze early on-- blew away by the mid morning's west wind-- 12- 15+ kts- light wind chop along with it-- a good numberr of boats headed out today to get to Catalina --a little sloppy ride over there

Looks like the San Clemente Island Security web's site is back on line again--it shows this weekend and next weekend open for boating-- check first !


E-Mail from Lisa K.-- My daughter and I went fishing over Mother’s Day weekend on the Independence and caught some (small) BFT. The Indy included our photo as “Girl Power”

Windy this afternoon-- not much going on in the fishy world-- there's some lee at the islands and some coastal holes but otherwise slow on the fishing side A couple of Blue Whales spotted outside Laguna--


Have a great Memorial Weekend- remember what it's all about--






------ Thursday-May 243-- never made it to work yesterday!-- instead went golfing with some old friends--!-- it's a game of inches-- and I missed by yards!




--------- Windy Wedensday-------- May 22 -Note will be open late thursday- 1:30pm- JD

By the 10 am mark winds pushing 15-- 22 kts from the northwest-- sloppy seas- I did see a large yacht head out the harbor and a sailboat too-

Reel and Rod repairs today--

Clearing wind gave us a better image of the west coast's aqua proporites- watching that plum of offcolored cold water work it's way southwards off Pt. Conception to below and outside San Clemente Island--


----- Tuesdays May 21st-- 30 more days of growing sunlight!-- Windy today-- Small craft turning to Gale warnes this afternoon-- Good luck!

Coastal water temps dropped to 54 1/2 degrees this morning- by noon up to 56 degrees! light offcolor- and a few mackerel to be caught-- otherwise it's getting sloppy out there today--

no word on the updated San Clemente Islands Security's web site- about the weekend or next month yet--

Windy day and book keeping and some rod/ reel repairs


yesterdays SD report -May 20th, 2019 The Shogun returned this AM from a 3 day trip with 44 bluefin 40-90lbs, and one at 182lbs. The Pegasus returned this AM with 17 bluefin for 18 anglers on a 1.5 day trip.

Closed on Mondays -- May 20th, 2019

------------ Sunday May 19 2019 ---cloudy light rain clearing mid moring--South wind expected- seas look ok in the morning hours, S/E wind- against a downhill coastal current--

I had my grandson in the shop yesterday-that's a lot of fun-- a five year old boy in a tackle shop-! - On his own he drew me a X marks the spot chart where the best fishing spots were!- looks good to me!

Grunion running over the next few nights--

that afternoon wind came up and shut down the fishing-- 15- 20 kts-- not much to speak about today-- water temps dropped a degree and greened up a bit-


San Diego fleet still doing well on the Bluefin-- Full moon phase--May 19th, 2019 The Pacific Queen returned this morning with 47 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#) with 1 at 140# for 34 anglers on their 1.5-day offshore trip. The Condor returned this morning with 13 Bluefin Tuna (50-135#) for 22 anglers on their 1.5 day offshore trip. The Tomahawk returned this morning with 36 Bluefin Tuna (40-120#) for 27 anglers on their 1.5-day offshore trip. The Royal Star returned this morning with 20 Bluefin Tuna for a 1.5-day trip for 25 anglers.

------------- Sat May 18 2019 -------

hazy marine and cloud cover-- wind light and fair from the south- seas better- still a lump with it- due to blow up later this afternoon-

Reported that there wasn't much in the way of squid being caught up off the Channel Islands but the White Sea Bass and most other fish were on Red Crab-

And the Bluefin continue to tempt anglers below the border-- 50- 60 lb fish-- morning and late afternoon bite-- touchy on the heaver lines and leaders

SD report --May 18th, 2019 The Pacific Queen called in with 30 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#) for 34 anglers on their 1.5 day offshore trip. The Tomahawk called in with 21 Bluefin Tuna (40-120#) with for 27 anglers on their 1.5 day offshore trip. Rougly 30 miles 200 degrees from Pt Loma--

Seabass still in local waters-- full moon phase helps--

Nice Catch-- !


Looks like morning rain on Sunday- good for the fish I guess-




------ friday-- its Friday again-- May the 17th --- May showers brings more weeds--

Clear heavens last night with the parting wind should give us a better water temps image---- seas still bumpy and will stay so for a while-- tomorrows speedboat/ water skier tomorrow- mainland to catalina should be fun! the weekends weather-- fair--

Stayed windy since the 11 am hour- westerly-- Tomorrow a short day of ok weather then more wind and rain Sunday--

Good day for sailors--

Not many on the radio-- some tanker and barge workers-- port shipping etc

Boats calling the pacific Carnage looking for squid or a response -- no reply-- probably a bit sloppy back there this evening-- being frozen stuff!

Good Luck this weekend--




----------------------------- May 16 2019--- the months goes on quickly-- Mornings showers with blue to the west- clearing winds forecasted westerly- --- stronger running tides -By 11 am that

westerly blew--

245# swordfish. Team RETRIEVER That's a big Swordfish for Cabo-- Congrats to Martha and the crew--

2 1/2 hours. At leader 5 times!

SD Report -- May 16th, 2019 The Shogun called in with 5 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#) for the start of their 1.5 day offshore trip for 11 anglers. The Condor called in with 2 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#) with 5 hanging for the start of their 1.5 day offshore trip for 10 anglers. The Pacific Queen returned this morning from their 1.5 day offshore trip with 12 Bluefin Tuna (3@25# / 9@60-80#) for 28 anglers. The Tomahawk called in at 5:00 this morning with a 135lb bluefin on the boat to start the day for 9 anglers.-


-- Wed's May Gray 15th--marks the first day of the Pacific Hurricane Season-

Light overcast clouds-- wind light and fair from the west seas fair light wind chop to it--

A dozen boats out searching for those elusive Sea basses - didn't look as though many were caught--

Filling moon phase---

By late afternoon-- to the west looks dark- we'll see what this weather does to the fishin-

better luck tomorrow-


----- Tuesdays May 14 2019-

Still gray by the noon hour--seas calm , swell on the beach and there was a kayakers tied to a est 300 lb Thresher Shark- 1/4 from the harbors entrance-- Lifeguard boat standing by-

Coastal water looked good-- quite a few pelicans and seagulls about-- cormorants too- schools of baitfish around - should be some seabass too-

San Diego report-- The Liberty caught 14 Bluefin Tuna (50-75#) on their Full Day trip. The Shogun called in with 12 Bluefin Tuna with fish hanging. Recommended tackle for these Bluefin trips should include a 25# outfit for kelp patty Yellowtail, a 40# live bait setup with a 1/0 sized circle hook and fluorocarbon, a 50# sinkered bait outfit, and a 60 or 80# flatfall jig setup rigged with fluorocarbon! These past few days, the schools of fish these tuna boats are chasing down can range from 25lbs to well over 100lbs!

Northern report-- Bayside marina- There were only a few boats out looking for Bluefin that I heard of. There were some jumpers seen straight out of the harbor. I have not hear of any hook ups yet. The winds were down in the morning but it did blow in the afternoon.


------- Monday-- closed-- Took the boat out of the harbor-- motor ran ok, fished the kelps below the harbor-- caught way too many pencil barracudas ( good swordfish bait if you could use them) and the Calicos were hungry- swallowing the tossed plastics and a seal ate all the mackerels I put out for seabass-


And a Happy Mom'S Day to all the Moms-- Carpe Diem!

My Mon and my first daughter

Blue and Fin Backed whales 7- 1/2 out of Newport 220 degrees

good sized swell agains the beaches today-- mixing up the coastal surfline

Yellows at catalina--- 8- 10 lb stuff Empire landing-- slow trolled rapala or macks-/ sardines- bridled baits last longer- -



---------- Sat's Report ----------May 11 ----

Scattered clouds overhead-- light south wind-- not as many boats out today as one would think-- seas fine weather fine so far--

They said there were Yellowtail at Empire Landing ( catalina)

Northern Report Bluefin from Bayside Marina-- May 10 The fishing for Bluefin is still going well for the anglers who are putting in the time and hunting for them. The tuna were spotted at 36'49/122'01 and 36'46/122'07. There have been some big 100-200 pound Bluefin hooked and lost so bring the right gear! The anglers are having good luck with Flat Fall Jigs, Yozuri Hydro Popper, Rapalas, and Cedar Plugs!

One of the wonders of running a tackle shop-- is the folks who also enjoy this sport- world wide- had a couple in this morning from Africa- Chris is a guide for safaris into some remote parts of the bush and also for coastal nd offshore fishing-- Dog Tooth Tunas he spoke of and big striped, blue and blacks marlins and a bunch of toothy critters that needed heavy wire-- If your looking for adventure-- try giving Royal African Safaris a call- Chris is the Guide-- -

That afternoon westerly put a chop on the sea--- and cooled it off a bit--


Tomorrow morning's Mom' Day on the water-- bring a light jacket- light wind 8-10 + from the south-- Happy Mom's Day!--


------------- Friday-- Friday again-- boy they go by quickly-- May 10th- only 42 more days while sunlight grows--

Gray sky and lowering cloud cover-- wind light from the southeast- 3- 5 - 6 kts-- fair + seas-- good water visability-- but they're only seeing common dolphins so far--

Kelp paddies should have a few smaller yellows under them-- casted Colt Sniper lures med fast reterive worked for them--

SD fleet having a tough time filling all the sacks with bluefin--

Long Beach Carnage was sell the squid today-- headed to the back side later this evening-- Ch 11 VHF

Up- North---- Bluefin--from Bayside Marina--- Santa Cruz-- May 9 The weather is still perfect and the anglers are out looking for Bluefin tuna. I had a great day yesterday trolling Cedar Plugs, Yozuri divers, and Rapalas in the Canyon edges. I ended up catching two 70 pound Bluefin. There were anglers who also caught some Bluefin using Flat Fall Jigs and Poppers. The fish are spread all over the place in the canyon edges from Davenport to Big Sur. The key is to go out and look for the bird activity and creep up on the Bluefin. If you position your lures over the schools with out spooking the fish you will improve your chances.

Have a great weekend-- and Happy Mon's Day too!


All we saw was a big Mola- mola -- run over by a speedboat!

Not many whales these past days-- some common dolphins who live along our coastline- and they said a Basking Shark was suppose to be around here--


ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: El Niño is likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (70% chance) and fall (55-60% chance). During April, above-average sea surface temperatures persisted across most of the equatorial Pacific Ocean, reflecting the ongoing El Niño.While surface indicators were relatively unchanged during the month, Suppressed tropical convection was evident near Indonesia and enhanced convection continued near the Date Line,Low-level wind anomalies were weak over the tropical Pacific Ocean, with easterly anomalies evident over the western Pacific. Upper-level wind anomalies were easterly over the western Pacific and westerly over most of the eastern Pacific. Overall, oceanic and atmospheric conditions were consistent with El Niño. The majority of models predict El Niño to continue through 2019, with SST anomalies clustering between +0.5°C and +1.0°C. However, model predictions made during the spring tend to be less accurate relative to the rest of the year, so uncertainty remains whether this outcome will occur. In the shorter term, a recent increase in westerly wind anomalies over the west-central Pacific Ocean portends the possible development of another downwelling oceanic Kelvin wave, which could build up the above-average subsurface temperatures needed for El Niño to persist. In summary, El Niño is likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (70% chance) and fall (55-60% chance


From Anthony Facebook-- Here we go WHOW 2019. 14 boats already committed with total of 18 for this year. Thank you, thank you, thank you for those that stepped up offering your yachts. Expect to see more posts in the coming weeks of how you can help those that sacrificed to protect us. This year we will have 45 heroes with 15 returning from last year. Kick off event on August 15 with an auction at my home in Newport again this year. Please get involved and be ready to help in anyway you can. Please contact tournament director Rod Halperin. Pepper Ailor and Freedom Alliance thank you again for partnering with us.


~~~ Relentless ~~~

Gary Floyd’s 1991 Skipjack 35, Flybridge, super clean, twin diesels $109,000.

Call broker Curt direct at 714 322-7265 or email Stan Miller Yachts Newport Beach, CA 92663


--------- Wed's- May the 8th of the year 2019 ----

gray and a bit of morning drizzle-- ocean looks fair- small mix seastate- lowering gray overhead clouds, Catalina looks dark -light wind ripple

Looks like that Bluefin bite further south below the border is touchy-- dropping barometer in this low pressure systems, moon rises daylight and falls early in the evening, lots of factors to consider-

A check with the San Clemente Island Security shows the island open this weekend starting 8:30 Friday morning -- should be excellent Calicos and those yellowtail are around--, halibuts, Black Sea Bass, and probably WSB in the shallower water and and Yellows off China pt. 100 ft. Good Luck

Remember to keep an eye out for Flyers-- better get em' while you can--

The Pacific Queen called in with 9 Bluefin Tuna. 2 Bluefin between 130 and 140 pounds and 7 of them between 40 to 70 pounds. See very good sign.



--------------- Tuesday May 7th 2019---------

Morning wind backed off leaving a few clouds behind and a southwest wind 4-6 kts , seas seem fair and the weather the same

Rested up after a couple of days on the water ( bay waters) fishing the Lily Call , fishing was OK overall - a second year without any Spotfin Croaker being weighed, some small yellowfin caught but not big enough to qualify, Halibuts pushing the 6 lb mark were the top fish caught with the light 4lb test lines used. Alyssa Corum took top honor with a Corbina catch at 4.77 lbs and a 3.35 lb Bass by Davy S was the biggest bass caught. 69 Anglers participated in this 56 th Annual event, and a special thanks goes to the local sponsors who support its prizes, thanks you-- JD

Zing --- Pow! the line snaps - one after another, after another, after another-- four lb IGFA line doesn't stand much of a chance against the 40- 60-80 lb bay rays that were gobbling up your baits this weekend-- lots of Zing-- Pows!- and the stupid sting rays-- way too many of them-- at least we got re-rigging down pat-- -


Bluefin-- up North too!-- May 6 Go Fish Charters with Captain Greg for Bluefin today. We hooked two nice Bluefin but one came off. The Bluefin are biting on Cedar Plugs way back so make sure you have lots of line and a big reel. We saw fish all over the bay as we tacked down hill. There were jumpers at 36'47/121'58. and Blue fin spotted at 36'49/122'01 and 36'44/122'09 There is a bunch of warm water out there so if you want Bluefin get out and troll Cedar Plugs out on the edges of the Canyon.


----- Friday May 3 rd 2019 - Friday its Friday again!

- Morning clouds and light south wind today-- clouds went away leaving hazy sky wind still light from the south 5- 6 kts- seas good-

We'll the tournament begins at Midnight tonight-- Good Luck--

Quite few boats out either traveling to the islands, or local fishing-- some for the sea bass others asking if there was live squid for sale at catalona ( no responce?) but I think it's there-- boats went to the backside of Cat for seabass or yellows this morning-

by the noon hour today- the squid boat selling squid at Catlina -- was sold out we'll try for more tonight

The search of the worms- shop will be closed from 2 to 4 pm today in search of worms!!

And the shop- JD's will be closed Sat and Sunday this weekend--- - gone fishing




and the SD boats- still hanging fish-- The Pacific Queen called in with 19 Bluefin Tuna (50-80#), reported great weather and seeing lots of fish. They are still fishing. The Pegasus called in with 7 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#), 25 Yellowtail and reported great weather with fish hanging. . The Shogun returned this morning with 27 Bluefin Tuna (50-80#'s) and 6 Yellowtail for 31 anglers on their 1.5 day offshore trip. The Tomahawk returned this morning with 8 Bluefin Tuna (50-100#) for 29 anglers on their 1.5 day offshore trip. The Condor returned this morning with 4 Bluefin Tuna and 40 Yellowtail for 15 anglers on their 1.5 day offshore trip.

-------- Thursdays May 2 Report --------

May gray early on--`Wind light to fair-from the west 4- 7-8 kts-- light wind chop on a gray ocean

Sounds like a few of the boys were into the flaberlassing brews this morning- asking and giving fish stories--

Tides building again--

Newport's Bait receiver- back in operation-- they should have sardines available and for those fishing the Lily call Bay tournament they will give a discounted Kayaker special for the small amount needed here in the harbor--

Don't forget to fly your BAC yellow flag if you plan to anchored up in the harbor, and always anchored up off to the sides of any channel-

A quick check with the BAC the Lily Call is up to 65 anglers as of Noon today , limited to 75 -- another quick review of some of the prizes- well over $4,500 worth of stuff!!!

Couple of partyboats talking-- fishing outer oil rigs/ Mussel farm - they had a good school of yellows up early at the morning's high tide mark-- tide switched and they went down-- waiting for this afternoons low tide switch-- standing by-- 1:22

Fishing the 14-- no one home under what kelps they found

Krill and birds -- looks fishy oil rig / mussel farm area--


SD report - The Pacific Queen returned this morning from their 1.5 Day trip with LIMITS (60) of Bluefin Tuna for 30 anglers. The rest are 50-80# with 2 at 130# and 1 at 270#! May 1st, 2019

------------ Wed's report May the First-- May Day---

Light coastal cloud cover seems to be going away by mid morning hours-- wind light to faie west- light wind chop swell-

"Come and get it-- out front of Avalon-- Live Squid for Sale"-- the barker barks out--

Note:-- FYI--- This coming weekend- Sunday Morning from 4 am to 9 am the Bridge to Balboa Island will be closed for the marathon ,

Lily Call - note-- JD's Tackle will be closed on Sat and Sunday and even Monday-- gone fishin!

San Clemente Island Security shows the southern half of the island SHOBA and inside to be Active " Hot" for most of the daylight hours for Sat and Sunday-

Westerly picked up pretty good by noon-- 12- 15 kts--flags stiff- this winds' going to knock off some surface heat the water was getting -

Good day for sailors---

JD's has IGFA 4 lb test lines-- also check Katchums Tackle and Anglers-

- SD report -May 1st, 2019 The boats reported to catching Bluefin on live bait and flat-fall jigs. They are also reported beautiful weather. The Shogun returned this morning with 11 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#) for 31 anglers on their 1.5 Day Offshore trip. The Condor returned this morning with LIMITS (60) of Yellowtail and 20 Bluefin Tuna for 12 anglers on their 1.5 Day Offshore trip. The Tomahawk returned this morning with 24 Bluefin Tuna (70-80#) for 28 anglers on their 1.5 Day Offshore trip. April 30th, 2019 The Liberty finished with 8 Bluefin Tuna 55 to 65 pounds for 19 anglers. Please bring a 40 pound live bait rod with 1/0 and 2/0 circle and 60 or 80 pound rod to fish flat-fall jigs.


- Tuesdays April 30 2019--

Cold, derry wind overcast-- must be getting near the Lily Call tournament weather--- stand by

wind from the west 10+ light wind chop and swell-

Took a few minutes off yesterday-- made bait and had a couple good bites with it-- -- water clean aqua green, Bay fishing should be improving- the freshet of light rain runoff- should spur the Croakers to come up into the harbors.

And the buzz about the Bigger grade Bluefin continues to expand-- night time fishing with Flatfalls and daytime slow drifts with bait on 30lb F/C leader-- that will change and heaver leaders will come around--

Weather's backed off and seemed like it'll glass off later this evening--

Good Luck if your headed out-- JD

-------- Sundays report -------- April 28th 2019 -----Closed Monday- worked on the boat--

Morning's gray- faded away by noon- wind light from the south-, seas ok- tides are starting to build again-

Not much to speak about- although there's good signs that the ocean is transforming into s Spring mode-- it'll take a while but it's coming-- maybe even Albacore? - or go north for the Seabass and further north for the Salmon


Locally the bass continue to nag at the baits

Good Luck this coming Week- things will inprove--

--------------------------- Sat April 27th 2019 ------------

Gray May- ovecast sky lighter towards the seas horizon- wind light west 2 - 4 kts- seas calm

Whale waters finding dolphins- and early morning reports say some of the Bluefin were found further up than the past week. 32.00:7 / 117. 13.09 or there -a- bouts--

That small body of 63 degree water had drifted north over the past few days-

That patch of gray and dark blue/ purple may be due to cloud cover not actual water temp

Cool and a bit of drizzle this morning--

Local fishing fair plus- the usual catch of calicos-- some whitefish showed up--puking up fresh squid!, and even a thresher shark or two around-

San Clemente looks to have a good yellowtail bit going on--

Westerly picked mid late afternoon , seemed to back off towards sunset--

with the arival of those Yellowtails off Clemente-- California Flyingfish should be soon here too-- better get them while you can- JD


- It's Friday-- it's Friday-- again- my how they fly- Ensenada Sailboat race today to head south--- wind currently, 3 kts from the south- looks like it'll be a slow start-- dozens and dozens of spectator boats out watching the 11 am start-

Ryan Griffin shows up to the Anging club with a nice 59 lb Sea Bass!-- congrats- JD

A check with the San Clemente Island Security shows much of the island open this weekend-- should be good fishing -

No sunshine here on the coastline today--

they say that the Bluefin tunas what was seen had moved north 20 from their previous grounds, from 62 to 63 degrees water temps-, not much bait metered , clean blue water --- a few fish seen caught with bait- for the first boat on them- , not much in the way of bird life, no terns seen, but several albatross were spotted!

small 6- 8-10 lb yellowtails made up the catch-

May Gray- for most of the day--- going out on the water bring


----------------- Thursdays Report ------

Catalina still lost out there in the morning's haze- seas look flat with an slight wind texture to it-- gray to burn off- wind light 2- 4 south-

Harbor sounds- the rumble of the morning's whale watchers mingle with excited kids

Lily Call half Full already-- better get your name in-- Bay waters looking better-- with seagulls and pelicans on the search of baitfishes, couple more seals thrashing fresh caught's

Good phone call today-- just coming bank from Catalina yesterday afternoon4 pm not a rod and reel aboard-- about 4 before the 14 came up on a kelp paddy- looking down- a dozen Yellowtail- not real big-- 4- to maybe 8 lbs-- and water 63 degrees - so if your offshore keep your rods and reels ready-- JD thanks


SD Boats-- where'd the Bluefin bite evaporate to-- back side of the moon have anything to do with it-? this mornings report - The Tomahawk returned this morning with 105 Yellowtail and 7 Bluefin Tuna (40#-90#) for 28 anglers on their 1.5 day Offshore trip. The Condor returned this morning with LIMITS (185) of Yellowtail and 10 Bluefin Tuna for 37 anglers on their 1.5 day Offshore trip

--------------------- Wed's report April 24th 2019 ------

Gray sky, same for ocean and texture, light wind south/southeast 4/7 kts-

Waters still cool along out coastline-- coastal downhill-

Current Vector Direction Mag: 3.29 cm/s - 0.064 kts, Dir: 121.32° from N , San Pedro Buoy Water Temperature ): 60.4 °F, Mission Bay West/ : 62.6 °F, San Clemente Weathery Buoy- at: 63.1 °F


California flying fish - The California flying fish, Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus, is a subspecies of Pacific flying fish.Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii, Order: Beloniformes Family: Exocoetidae Genus: Cheilopogon Species: Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus. It may grow up to 15 inches (38 cm) in length and is the largest member of the flying fish family. It is found in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, from Oregon to Baja California. As with all other flying fish, the California can not actually fly, but it can launch itself into the air, using its specially adapted fins to glide along the surface. Flying fish spend most of their time in the open ocean but come close to shore at night to forage and lay eggs in the protection of kelp beds. The flying fish commonly seen around Catalina, has large scales, a forked tail and grows to 18 inches long. They glide on extended pectoral fins that resemble wings and keep their bodies aloft until they hit the water with a splash.[

best time for Spawning Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus is May, June, July, Aug-

Latest reports of the Flyers that come in from Florida/ back East- doesn't look all that good-- only a few harvested so far-- better start thinking about catching them yourselves-- your 'r going to need some good quick arms and a long- long handled net- JD's stocks the 16 ft/ 20 inch dia mono nets, the right one to use-- --JD



Here's a couple of water temp images from two months ago( March) and this month ( April) --over a 14 day period,

Interesting to see that 45- 50 degree temp seemed to diffuse and move further south, and some of that warmth from may Bay south went south, it did start to increase up the Gulf of California/- Sea of Cortez


---------- Tuesdays the 23rd of April-- Mays just around the corner-- amid the Lily Call Bay Tournament--

Bright full moon the past few nights-- light morning haze and overcast develops pre dawn and into the mid morning hours-- wind light to fair from the southeast- 2 5 kts-

Tides will flatten out this week then rebuild the following weekend for the Lily Call-

Up-coming-- All day long the private yachts have been coning into the harbor to find their designated space for the show-- lots of big yachts!

Easter Sunday and Monday closed-- JD

---------------------- April 20th 2019 --------Sat----------

It started out good- some low coastal clouds light west wind some leftover swell from yesterday- high tide around 10 :30 am- a fair to good morning bite on the bass on the art reefs north of the harbor/ HB flats- by 11 it's had picked up 10 kts and started to bump up small wind chop --

SD report -- The Condor called in at 10:30 am with 10 Bluefin Tuna (50-70#), and seeing great signs of fish for their 1.5 day offshore trip! The Tomahawk called in at 9:05 am with 9 Bluefin Tuna and more hanging on their 1.5 day offshore trip! The Shogun returned this morning with 66 Bluefin Tuna (50-80#), 42 Yellowtail and 30 Bonita for their 4 day trip.

bait was there-- looked good-- but no one home this morning for the local WSB fishers--

Blue whales seen locally- Krill metered in the area off Laguna--

They tell me it's slow fishing at the Cape these days-- bottem grabbers mostly-- a few tunas way on the outside-- but a 815 Blue taken out there amoung those tunas--

Weather held for the day-- not much sun- seas stayed fair-- no marlin or tuna or swordfish weighted today- mybe one seabass lost below the harbor?-

A trip to Cabo for a family outing-- the 8 year old daughter does well on a big Jack Crevalle- those Sargossa spinning reels work well with children- not having to balance the reel top side- just hang on and crank when they can-- Nice Catch

! JD


Happy Easter to all!



------- April 19th 2019- Friday-- it's friday---

Marine coastal clouds-- fog to the north of Newport reported , wind light from the south/southwest 2 3 kts- nice weather

SD sportboats still finding the Bluefin Southwest from ensenada 30 miles+ and a few yellows under sea paddies!

The Shogun called in with 59 Bluefin Tuna (50-80#) for the last day of their 4 day trip. The Tomahawk returned this morning with LIMITS (56) of Bluefin Tuna (50-80#) and 11 Yellowtail for 28 anglers. All on live bait and great weather.

Bay and harbor waters have cleaned up nicely- that algae green moss is breaking up and starting to wash away in the tides, Remember the Lily Call coming up in a little over two weeks from now--May 4 & 5th--limited to 75 anglers-- get you entry in while you can- call the BAC or E-Mail them

Grunion should make their appearance on sandy beaches over the next few nights- maybe 1/2 hour after the highest tides is the best period-

Sun's still trying to burn through the coastal cloud cover-- 1:00pm

Channel Island's had a great WSB bite going on-

Wind came up afternoon hours- west and sloppy- and that was it-- no Sea Bass locally


---- The 18 of April 2019 Thursday ------------

High wispy clouds above 18000 ft say wind aloft- closer to the water 3-5 kts from the southwest-- small med swell west, calm seas-


Attended the Tuna Club of Avalon's 120th ( 120 years) Annual Awards for last years catches-- very well attended and very well presented, professionally done-- Angler of the year for them- went to Dave Pfeiffer with an astounding catches of a 219 lb Pacific Bluefin tuna on 24 linen fishing line, wooden rod and old A.J.Coxx reel. Along with that spectacular catch he caught a 191 lb tuna on 50lb Dacron. Joining Dave in the Linen catches was Michael Fowlkers' 46.2 Yellowfin on 9 thread and tunas on 6 thread Linen,and Bob Hoose's Striped marlin on the 9 thread linen.. In the Dacron line classes, Kent Valley with a 190 tuna on 80 lb Dac, Greg Stotesbury's 184 and Carl Lambert's 175.3 on 80lb dacron, remarkable catches on 50lb dacron went to Casey Dodge with a 209lb Tuna ( New Tuna Club's record) , Colby Durnin's 198lb Tuna and Dave P's 191 Tuna, 30lb Dacron awards went to Bart Glass 128 lb and George Garrett's 82 lb Tuna - remarkable catches by remarkable anglers. Hard earned prized Club Buttons were awarded and Vintage Fish Flags reflect the clubs heritage.

And earlier in the week Billy took the First Fish Flag for the BAC -- Nice Catch!!

Local boats are metring Red Crabs- up by the pipe 11:14 anm

Dolphins feeding under bird school -- off laguna-- 20 fathoms -big bird school 12:14

Working here in the shop-- you hear a few fish stories- guy walks into the shop today-- saying I wouldn't believe the great fishing they had-- he and his sons 6 months ago charted a 6- pac- -- first sea paddy they came to-- caught a wahoo--- mile later they came up to a second sea paddy, caught another wahoo- couple miles later the third sea paddy and the captain says "hold on to your hats, there's hundreds of them"-- says they caught 30 wahoos there- I was a little dubious- till I showed him a photo of a wahoo-- and then a tuna, yellowtail and finally a dorado--- says they might have been dorado!

anyway nice fish story-


112 Marlin for the trip-- Provider arrives home to Newport after the 1000 mile trip up hill from Cabo-- good traveling for them on the whole-, stopped into the Ensenada's fish market the other day-- lots of short white sea bass for sale there-- Welcome home-- JD

It's Spring-- and those ventoring over to the ilsands-- keep and eye out for Flying fish to be near the kelp beds come sunset-- it's time to stock up--- a call to Baitmasters in regards to if they have gotten in there supply of flyers in yet--- nope- so get your own when you can--

A call in to see when the Newport Bait receivers will be in-- coming you way April the 26th-- looks like the better tide and time to tow it down to the harbor and get in in place between the jettys at a slack tide to set it up-- weather and bait availability they might get a set into it Sat morning the 27th - we welcome the receiver Yea!

The Big scores of White Sea Bass coming from the Channel islands


-------- April 17th Weds 2019 --------------------

Nice morning, light marine cloud cover went away early--- wind form the south 2- 4 kts-- seas have a short period swell to them West, One cast this morning-- one fish quit-

SD report -The Tomahawk returned this morning with LIMITS of Bluefin Tuna (56) for 28 anglers on their 1.5 day trip. They all reported beautiful weather. The fish are 35 to 75 pounds caught on live bait.

Strong tide exchange this weekend--

Looked like half a dozen boat/ skiffs came back in the harbor--by 2 pm -Sea Bass fishing, didn't see any flags flying--


-------------- Tuesdays April 16 2019 -----------

Light marine coastal cloud cover, uphill current- wind light and fair from the west- wind against current- light swell and chop as the days gets along-

We'll the boys were out again today in search of those elusive White Sea Bass, an filling moon phase and good tide exchanges helps to nudge them into biting--

I believe the BAC First WSB flag went to Billy Seiler yesterday-- a fish over 50 lbsCongrats--- and Vick followed up with a 65 lb fish

That west wind picked up again today-- got a little sloppy for boat heading up hill-

SD boats--- The Liberty called in with 50 + Yellowtail at 12:00pm. The Tomahawk called in with an update at 9:00 AM with 14 bluefin on deck 50 to 75 lbs. and more hanging. They also report beautiful weather.

Off day on the bite for the sea bass-- maybe it was a barometer change?



.Sorry Closed on Monday---

Sundays April 14 2019 ------- Morning marine fog overcast obscured the island of Catalina, wind light and fair from the west light wind chop along with it..

Advisory for waters above Newport to Santa Monica ... Mariners should be prepared for abrupt visibility changes down to one nautical mile or less.

Here comes May Gray!---

San Diego's report - The Liberty called in this morning with 90 Yellowtail for their full day Coronado Islands trip and they are still fishing. The Condor returned this AM with 21 Bluefin Tuna between 40 and 130 lbs for 26 anglers on their 1.5 day trip. The Tomahawk returned this AM with 11 Bluefin Tuna up to 100 lbs for 27 anglers on their 1.5 day trip.

Hey-- aluminum boat that the right kind?? naw it's got a long tail-- well it looked good-- yea better than nothing-- Small Thresher Shark 11:22am

E-Mail this morning-- Hi JD, The BYC/NHYC “Battle of the Bay” fishing tournament this weekend was a huge success! BYC hosted the event with 108 anglers participating. The BBQ and awards ceremony took place on the Flag Deck of the BYC. Thanks to generous donations from sponsors and BYC members, we had a fabulous raffle. This tournament has always been about the kids, and by the end of the raffle, each of the young anglers went home with an armful of fishing gear and goodies. Thanks to all who participated, and especially to those who took a kid fishing! Here are the winners:Adult 1st Place Mark Ammerman 2nd Place Rick Fischel 3rd Place David Schweickert Juniors 1st Place Lionel Corona 2nd Place Colin Kennedy 3rd Place Chloe Carson 4th Place Jack Noyes 5th Place Presley Wentz 6th Place Brady Kenned -Congrats JD

Sand and calicos bit OK on the art reefs above Newport- HB

Afternoon clouds moving back in--

You knew someone would bring in a decent sized White Sea Bass soon- Cracker just brought one to the BAC this afternoon over 60lbs -- nice catch!


------ The 13 of April 2019- Sat ----

Much calmer than yesterdays afternoon blow-- still a little residual lump left over and light wind ripple on the water-- light southwest this morning 2-4 kts- clear sky

Wind and tough conditions over the past week have kept the search for the Pacific Bbluefin tunas on the slow side- as it's backed off several boats out last night for that early morning bite- Fisherman's Landing reports- The Legend has hooked 20 Bluefin 80 lbs and up this morning with 1 fish landed and 5 currently hanging

The Condor called in at 12:30PM with 13 Bluefin Tuna between 40 and 130 lbs. and have 5 fish hanging. The Shogun is up to 10 Bluefin so far today. These fish are between 40 and 80 lbs.

roughtly 31.40 / 117.10, below Encenada 30 S/W

Bay tournament Battle of the Bay had close to 100 anglers---!

Lots of boats out-- some to Catalina, some to Clemente and the coastline has it's share

They said 108 anglers ont he Battle of the Bay-- Barracudas, halibuts, sand and spotted bay bass, smelts and mackerels were among the winning catches


------------------ Friday-- again-- April 12th 2019--------------

Better weather- still in the cool side- wind light fair from the south- some marine haze to the sea air- small wind chop and waters offcolor - not a whole lot of tidal change today a little better Sat and Sunday

Battle of the Bay this Sat between local clubs of the harbor-- catch as many as you can in the 7am to-1pm time - Guluck- chum helps!

San Diego boats hitting the small yellows again-- The Condor finished up with 45 Yellowtail and 55 Bonito for 11 anglers on their 1.5 day Offshore trip! . The Liberty finished their full day trip with 167 Yellowtail and 14 Bonito for 41 anglers

Just a little something written several years ago about the advancement of yellowtail coming up the coastline from their birthplace in the kelp beds of Cedros Island. Yellowtails are a Jack-

The Battle of the So California Bight 2014 , Initially, Jack’s father, Sir Jackson Sr. led his troops, the fighting Seriola Ialandi yellowtails up the inside coastline under the cover of darkness and floating kelp beds. The sportboat kings countered and ordered their ¾ and all-day cavalry boats, under the command of his cousin Bessus, to keep pace with this outflanking movement. Furthermore, as the Seriola Ialandi line advanced, they were subjected to 'phalanx drift' - a phenomenon that occurred as each angler huddled instinctively behind his right-hand partners rod, resulting in a gradual crabbing drift to the right, one cast after another they lobbed deadly baits and lures into the advancing tails. Aware that the Seriola Ialandi line might thus move out of his prepared ground, Darius ordered his left flank to envelop Jack’s mercenary troops. Jack then launched a determined assault on the centre of the enveloping Cattleboat left wing, which was counterattacked by private sportboats and small skiffs. Although the initial envelopment was thrown back, fresh reserves of younger yellowtail led by Jack Jr. rallied the fleeing left wing and a savage battle erupted in which many on both sides had eavy losses. The Jack’s yellowtail troops were fighting against some of the finest anglers in the modern world, many veteran anglers, or newbie’s that were particularly well armored in the fashion of the day- nylon shorts, baggy t shirts and knee high rubbered boots. Their weaponry marveled with invisible fishing lines and geared levered winches. But the Seriola Ialandi’s persisted in their assault, and the sportboats left finally began to waver, as Jack’s troops shifted offshore an continued up the battlefield into Southern California. The inflections was heavy though, by now sportboat kings had recorded over 1,561 fishy lives taken and another estimated equal number by the private boat fleet, all which have gone to the bright light in the sky.

Found a spot below the closure zones of Laguna-- kinda tracking /metering along the coast, saw a sewer pipe come out from the shore-- man was that good fishing there-- four nice sheepheads some grumpy sand bass-

blowing like stink this afternoon- white capping in the bay--

---------------- Thursdays report April 11 2019----------------

Light marine coastal clouds , wind light and fair from the south due to swing aroung west later thois afternoon- Small Craft again-- there's a fair swell out there-

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION April 2019 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: A weak El Nino is likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (65% chance) and possibly fall (50-55% chance). El Niño continued during March 2019, as above-average sea surface temperatures persisted across the equatorial Pacific Ocean The anomalous upper-ocean heat content decreased during March but remained well above average as the above-average temperatures at depth peaked in early March in association with a downwelling equatorial oceanic Kelvin wave Enhanced equatorial convection . Overall, these features are consistent with a weak El Niño. . However, because forecasts made during spring tend to be less accurate, the predicted chance that El Niño will persist through fall is currently 50-55%. to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (65% chance)

- yea gobal warming

turns out a nice afternoon light med southwest wind


-------------- Wed's April the 10th 2019 ------

Clear and blue-- morning wind from the south southeast 10 kts-- wind chop against west swell , still bumpy out there, water color has a light green tinge to it--

water temps-- mid channel, San Pedro south weather buoy has Water Temperature (WTMP): 56.1 °Fs

what was southwest turned to a brisk west wind by noon- seas choppy and sloppy-

she's got the sailboat riggings chattering in the wind-- clang -clang --clank-- clank-- sailboats!

Long Beach buoy-- this afternoon- Water Temperature (WTMP): 53.1 °F


- Tuesdays April 9th 2019-

What started out nice, a few coastal low marine clouds-- went away quickly as that west wind came in steady and strong- by 11 am a solid 17 kts- seas building along with it-choppy and sloppy

Tides are starting to flatten out--

Not many on the water-- only the barge and harbor workers on the radio--

Looking forward--- WHOW 2019 dates will be August 15-19. This year we will have up to 25 boats and 75 heroes. More than doubling the inaugural event held last year with the host boat being the 144. This year I am happy to report that the historic and elegant Avalon Tuna Club will service as the host location. The logistic for this August is already under way. Standby for information on how you can help and support this great cause. Comment here if you like to get involved with any donations, yachts, food, gifts, trips for auctions etc. Rod Halperin tournament director.

And this next weekend for some of the local clubs here in the Newport Harbor they have their Battle of the Bay fishing tournament 7 am to 1pm- variety counts--

And thousands of baby fry White Sea Bass were delivered today to Newport Harbor's White Sea Bass grow-out pens - hosted by the BAC-- each individual fish has a scientific coded wire inserted in it's cheek for it's identification.

If your luck holds and you've caught a White Sea Bass , save the heads and turn them in to the local landings ( call first) or the BAC has a freezer designated to receive them-- on going studies require these heads to be returned-- thanks- WSB-

Wind swung aronund to come out of the south by mid late afternoon--seas still a bit lumpy- Bay waters and local coastal water offcolor light green -- then wind switched again later on in the afternoon-- west strong --- 18- 22 kts+

got nasty after that--- by 5 pm a stiff 25- water temps will drop a bit, upwelled water will bring green water and a concentration of sealife develops

----- April 7th 2019 - Sunday----Closed on Mondays -yard work- lots of wweds to pull-- -

Today--Nice DayLight to med west wind along with small wind chop--

Lots of boaters out-- fishing--- fair so far--

Bass fishing keeping the locals active-- thats about it-- that afternoon wind came in and mane it bumpy and sloppy above the NB pier and Huntington flats-- -- better below the harbor , no marlin, tuna or swordfish reported --

------------April 6th 2019- Sat ------------

April showers brings May Flowers- Light morning showers and a broken sky, wind light/ med- from the west-- light wind chop

Some nice bigger Calico's this morting on the live macks off the local structure spots-- and-- the fleet below San deigo- below the border are chasing yellowtails and for those wanting to fish in the middle of the night they can chase the Bluefin tunas, remember limit only two per angler per day-- --

Salmon Season opener today-- early reports from the Morro Bay area say a few fish being caught, still early in the day for the totals to be up but at least there's a few around, weather ok today- wind and swell to build tomorrow- A call to Avila Beach Sport Boat Launch reveals maybe 20 fish came in so far by noon -- fist boat back in with limits by 9:30 in the morning ( 5 out of the 6 fish were on bait) - second boat in had a 20 lber- -- looking good for their opener


It's been almost 11 months since they were first requested- only for those fishy advocates of the truly old stuff- Split Cane Bamboo was used for fishing rods. More than 1000 kinds of Bamboo are known to science - but only one is uniting all characteristic qualities for the production of split-cane-rods - "arundinaria amabiles" These stems are hand picked Tonkin Cane from China's Tonkin coastal regions of Kwangsi and Kwangtung they are free of scars, bug or other imperfections. Transported via river and pre-dryed and shipped via boat and train to the northern reaches of Montana, where it's cut, further dried and formed to the specifications of taper and strength needed. Bound in a spiral twist wrapping the 6 pieces of split cane are glued and sandwiched together . Hours of scraping, sanding and fitting to hardware are yet to come, followed with varnishing more sanding, varnishing, drying and finally the guide wraps . These will be for Light Tackle/ 9 thread (27lb), or Heavy Tackle- 12-15 or 24 thread lines. Limited availability.- JD





------ April the 5th 2019-----New Moon Phase-- - The dove are cooing, plant life abundant, fish are jumping and the cotton is high-- Ocean wise it's improving too- first cast this morning-- a 8 inch green backed mackerel- quit-- 100% - A few clouds backed up against the coastal hills it's broken to the west- light southwest 2- 4 kts-- nice day

Several boats fueled up and headed to the island early already coastal whale watchers happy there's dolphins and a few whales about-- good signs of sealife- bait, smaller sardines 4 5 inch stuff closer to the beach- outside it's some small micro stuff.

New Mook Phase should have the Sea Bass active

-S/D partyboats--April 5th, 2019 The Liberty called in this morning with 30+ Yellowtail and reported great signs of Yellowtail for 21 anglers.- Couple miles below the Coronado islands--

Only 30 days away-- this time next month-- The Lily Call Bay Tournament starts at Midnight--Friday Night and goes till 2 Pm on Sunday-- there are those who fish it straight through-- and that's tough! your a zombie by then-- The Balboa Angling Club host the event and entry forms are available at the BAC's Club house, Katchum Tackle in Costa Mesa, Basin Marine and there should be some at West Marine also at JD's Tackle, or I can also send you a copy-- JD remember only75 anglers-- and the sponsor gifts are growing each day-- if you'd like to help sponsor the Lily Call give the club a call-


Strong Tides this weekend

A pod of 50 or so False Killer whales--- spotted off laguna-- headed uphill-

just saw one Flase Killer take a slug of a Sea Bass-- -- 3:49

Sloppy out there this afternoon



Balboa Angling Club · Tomorrow, Saturday the 6th, from 1pm to 5 pm! Balboa Angling Club New Member Orientation and Open House! Beer, Wine, Cocktails, soft drinks, AND Hamburgers and Hotdogs


-------------------- Thursdays report-- April 4th

A solid ocean horizon line with the island held in the mornings sun. A few lowering clouds with a mix above- wind light and fair -west, seas light wind chop

A check with some of the San Diego party boats-- they're stil having a hard time with any quaninty of yellowtails being caught- mostly bottom stuff for them., While the Channel Islands Sportfishing boats had a score of 45 Calico Bass and 9 White Seabass

Baja Mexico- Cabo-- Smaller stuff around, Amberjacks and such.

Those wanting to head to San Clemente this weekend-- will find only a small leeward side open ( section B) above White Rock to Wilson's Cove open the rest of the island Hot--


All quiet on the western front--


Interestind in becoming a member of the The Balboa Angling Club? this Saturday is their Open House and New Member Orientation- BBQ from 1-5pm! We hope you will bring your friends and neighbors and let us show them what the BAC is all about! Have a great weekend! -- Balboa Angling Club 200 "A" Street, Balboa, CA 92661 949.673.6316 or E

The Club is still looking for a secretary - if interested send resume to the club--



--------- Wed's Report - April 3rd 2019-----

Nice day-- light south wind maybe 2-6 kts- seas good with light southern wind chop

Strong tides today and this weekend-- Stand By!!

bay fishing OK on the small halibuts-- and small spotties

Whale watchers in search of the Big One-- Blue whales were at the 8- 9 mile range outside dana where krill was meetered

Yellowtails below the border -- hit and miss so far-- as it seems everywhere else-- mostly missing in action-

A check with the offshore water temps looks promising, almost all indicators show an increase on water temps from central Baja north

---------- April 2nd 2019 - Tuesdays'- report -

Oceans gray-wind choppy from the south-- Broken sky cover- sun pushing through

Sounds like the water temps moved up a notch or two- yesterday sunny afternoon rose it locally her to 64 degrees, a few more bass and halibuts in the mix-

- and in springtime those Giant Black Sea Bass like to take your baits-- or hooked fish too!

Good News! Between 2 and 5 AM this morning the Royal Polaris caught 31 Bluefin Tuna (60 to 80 lbs.) within 1.5 day range. 30.29:48 / 117.14:54 to - 30.48 / 117.16

The Royal Polaris called in at 11:30 with an update: They have another 10 Bluefin on the boat 25-40 lbs. fishing at 120 miles.

Doesn't make much difference whether you have a 60 ft Viking, 35 Cabo or a 14 ft row boat-- they all need boat work, some interior fiber-glassing, painting, bottom paint and or course the added engine repair needs.







The Clemente Monster

Out of the Depth, The following is set down somewhat hesitantly. He who ventures aside from the accepted groves of believe lays himself open not alone to jibes, but to direct attack upon his veracity. It is human nature to scoff at those things which are not understood, or which are not simple of explanation. The most startling incident related in the following pages I experienced myself, saw with my own eyes.. Some twenty-five or thirty personal acquaintances, all of them reputable, many of them men of substance and standing in their respective communities, also saw with their own eyes the identical thing which I saw. The reader is at liberty to believe, or not to believe, what follows. However the fact remains that it happened: that I saw what I am about to describe.

It happen in September of the year 1916. I was over at San Clemente Island after Marlin Swordfish. We had left Mosquito Harbor about seven o’clock in the morning. The day was overcast with a high fog, and windless. The sea was like glass except for a small roll coming down the coast. All objects on the surface, birds and driftwood, appeared black. Visibility was perfect, the sea stretching away to the sharp line of the horizon. These details are important, so bear them in mind. By about eight o’clock we were perhaps a mile and a half off White Rock which is some three miles above Mosquito. I was sitting on top of the cabin watching for fins, my field glasses beside me. My boatman was busy at something down in the cockpit. A bait was out and the rod lashed to the fishing chair. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, and to seaward, I saw something big and black lift above the surface. I whirled, gasped, then clapped my glasses on it and yelled to my boaman to head for it. A scant quarter mile of a mile off there reared up out of the water the Thing which I instinctively knew was what, for years, we had called the “Clemente Monster,” which many had see, and about which there had been endless wonderment. I shall try to describe it to you as best I can. Try to imagine a great columnar neck, or body, eight to ten feet thick and lifting twenty feet above the surface. Surmount this neck or body with a flat-topped, blunt, reptilian head. On either side of the head place two huge, round and bulging eyes. I dont believe they were an inch under a foot and a half across, perhaps more. There you have the essentials of what we saw. At my first shout my boatman stuck his head out of the cabin jitney and let out a queer little squawk. I don’t know that I blame him particularly! Steadily we forged towards the Thing. Remember, it was about a quarter of a mile away. My glasses were of seven power. I had them on it from the first moment I caught a glimpse of it. I don’t know precisely, but would guess that they brought it up to within a couple of hundred yards of us. Certainly I could see it plainly enough to note various details. Two things stood out above all others- those enormous eyes and its unbelievable huge bulk. I never want to look at such eyes again. They were like the creations of a nightmare! Their very size, of course, left one breathless. But that was only a detail. It is utterly impossible to describe the coldness, the expressionlessness of them. It was like looking into the dim past when earth’s life consisted of great, slimy, horrible creatures dragging their way through gargantuan forest and over dead, sullen seas. They litterally froze me in my seat. Later my man said I was as white as a sheet, my teeth chattering, my knees shaking. I wouldn’t be surprised. Neither in a museum, nor in any reconstructed picture of a prehistoric creature have I ever seen eyes which resembled those. The trunk, or neck, or whatever it was appeared above the surface, seemed to covered with a coarse, reddish-brown bristles. It wasn’t hair. They stood out rigidly from the body. It is strange that I should have gathered any impression of color in the light, but I did and, as will develop later, it is quite likely that I was correct in my impression. The trunk, or neck, was more or less erect. The head was turning slowly as though surveying the surface of the sea. The Thing did not rise and fall in the slight roll of the sea. Instead the waves broke against it. Give full consideration to what that statement means! I gathered the impression that the head was lowered. Certainly I saw nothing resembling a mouth. Others who have seen it say they saw a mouth. I didn’t. The great head continued its pivoting, seeming to make three-quarters of a circle. Then it saw us. The pivoting stopped. Those terrible eyes fixed themselves upon us coldly and without any expression noticeably through the lenses of the field glasses. For a few moments it regarded us fixedly, then, as though some great, hidden hand had seized it, it slowly sank. There was no visible movement of the great trunk, no commotion on the surface. Slowly, majestically, by comparison making the fluking of a whale seem a panicky, convulsive dive, it sank and disappeared beneath the surface. There was no swirl, no bubbles to mark where it had been, or where it sank. I don’t know how long it was up; perhaps a minute and a half, My boatman claims five or tem, but that is ridiculous. Out boat being slow, by the time we turned towards it I doubt that we approached appreciable closer. So what I saw I saw from about a quarter of a mile away and through the lenses of field glasses. It is a little difficult to describe my emotions after the Thing sank. I had always loved the sea, particularly around and about San Clemente Island. With the appearance of the Thing, and its disappearance beneath the waters across which we were fishing, something of the friendliness went out of that sea and didn’t come back for a long time. I caught myself glancing furtively overside and with a strange prickling sensation up and down my spine. We went on fishing that day but neither of us was particularly happy. I know I felt a pronounced sense of relief when we dropped our hook in Mosquito that night and I stepped out upon the security of land. Well, there it is. You know as much about it as I do. I don’t think there is a shadow of a doubt but that, here in Southern California channels there exists an unknown species of great sea creatures. Ralph Bandini, Veiled Horizons, 1939.

--- Sorry closed on Monday-- working on the boat--

------- Sundays Report------ the 31st, of March-- 2019-- in like a Lion out like a lamb-- Well finally a nice day - ocean looks good after the afternoon breezes of the past few days-- Catalina out there on a seas of light marine haze laying on the water-

Bottom fishing improving for the local catches of Sand Bass, 1- 3 oz white lead heads tipped w/ squid worked wonders

never saw so much bait before on my life--- yesterday there was about a mile of it-- up-- yea it's still there- went by there this morning-- - off the Domes'' 3 miles--11:21

Dolphins, humpbacks, lots of bait there feeding on--

This Springs abundance of reported surface small fry fin baits and the bottom layer of red crabs infiltrating from the south brings the hope of an improved fishing this Summer, -we'll see-micro baits are hard to mimic if one were to "Match the Hatch"

Spring time and we start to see more of the Giant Black Basses show up on the structure spots--


- Sat's report March 29 2019 --------

Nice Day-- hazy blue sky, morning wind light form the S/W starts to swing around to the west med day-- westerly this afternoon-- coastal water offcolor , green

29/40 an est 100 shortbeaked common dolphins in a tight pod travleing south, north of Dana- 9:23am

Lots of boat traffic, air and water still feels cold-

Not much to report in the fishing world-- the bay waters - fair at best starting to see a few more smelt appear-- bigger sized 7-9 inch stuff- no birds diving into bait schools, only a few seals around not much barking going on -- yet- the bottom of the bay covered with a green moss algae, smaller halibuts around- a few bass, , outside the harbor , close to the beach offcolor dirty water- strong color break outside that, lots of micro-baits, terns on them- Whale boats still out there today in the slop-- outside Dana seeing several at a time, "I just say four in a tight bunch"

Windy afternoon--

--- Friday 29th the last weekend in March of 2019 -

Light southwest wind this morning-- maybe 5-7- 10kts seems it's backing off mid morning-- several boats headed over to Catalina early today-- light wind chop, hazy sky

Spring Breakers out on the beaches today-- whoopee!

One of the first Blue Whales sightings yesterday--- sealife environment is slowly changing--

A check with Sailflow shows the weather blowing up tomorrow afternoon-- 5 pm 15 + 20 kts west sundays a better day

reports of a few homeguard WSB up off the PV point kelp bed , and the SD boats working the Coronado Islans had Yellowtails in the 12- 20lb range--

---- Thursdays report ---------- Ahaaa-- nice Spring Day-- patchy clouds around blue behind them- wind light from the ocean-S/W 2-4 kts seas good- we're on the back half/ 3/4 of the moon phase an early morning high and afternoon rising tide, water conditions continue to improve-- improved clarity and temps. -- one cast one bite- quit-

For what it's worth- here's the latest water temps and Chlorophyll charts-


Couple of smaller boats came back in the harbor just before noon-- no big catches / flags flying for them--

and Clemente Island/ Pyramid Cove SHOBA "active today and Sat from 7 am till Sat 5 pm open and all day Sunday--

Wind came up in the late afternoon- west again


------- Wed's 27th report-- light west early-- couple of goofy looking clouds on the oceans horizon-- light wind chop from the west-some swell with it- water holding at 59/60/ 61 cooler north warmer south- cleaning up

The BAC is still looking for a new secretary if interested give the club a call--( 949) 673-6316

Nice day-- ! wind stayed fair from the west--no marlin, tuna, swordfish or opah reports today--


- Tuesday's Report March the 26- nice day, coastal marine clouds, no wind or very light south if any, better than the past two day afternoons- a morning bite on the calicos and sand bass on Izors reel and probably most other little structure spots- he mornings tide's current swung and bite slowed down- still picking at em'

Del Mar and the boat show this week , there should be tackle there too-

Not much in the way of spectacular fishing--so far-- the botom fish keeping the action going-- it's a steady growth till June-- there are years where May and June are the coldest water temp month- when we have the Gloom-

and the waters from below the border start their northern drift, with them yellowtail and some sea bass, barracuda, bonitos etc. lots of red crabs along with it--

weather held better today-

and yet no major catches sea bass yet-- some divers were getting a few further south--and Catalina had a few--


- closed monday's - working on my boat too!

--- Sunday March 24th 2019------- it's a zoo out there--- too many people!-

Light cloud cover- wind like yesterday light from the south morning and mid day hours afternoon- a westerly develops--

There were some who braved the midnight stroll along the sandy beaches last night-- and some, not a lot but a few grunion were to be caught.

Dragging a deep diving Rapala lure along in inside of Clemente Island -- found its hooks embedded in a large Thresher Shark the other day.. Clemente's deep water canyon along the inside of the island holds many mysterious creatures.

Sand and calicos rounding out the catchers here on the beach--

Nice afternoon, beter weather on the horizon--


---------- Sat March 23 2019------ Nice day-- morning coastal cloud cover breaking up slowly, light south wind maybe 3 4 kts seas fine

------------- Friday March 22 nd 2019 - --

Looks like a early Spring day-- a few lingering clouds around- blue behind them- light southwest wind maybe 2 kts- seas fine. Whale watching boats jammed to their gills with watchers- lots of kids on school trips enjoying the ride--

Grays still coming northbound-- 20 fathoms making about 5 1/2 an hour comes up about every 3 minutes for a blow something a fluke. Aliso creek

Dophins and lots of birdlife off Blueroof- laguna -50 fathons out from there to the 1200 ft dropoff shelf

San Clemente Island, south and inside looks open this weekend--

Not much said on the radio today-- and it looks only a few smaller boats out-- weather stayed good for most of the day-- inner waters looks good for the weekend--


With all the freshwater rain run off one might conjecture that salmon and maybe even steelhead might look to freshwater outlets further south along our coastline-- if schools of anchovies move in later on I'd bet we'd see some Salmon in our waters again--

Slightly Improved’ Forecast for California’s 2019 Ocean Salmon Season California’s 2019 ocean salmon fishing season should be slightly better than last year’s, according to information presented at this week’s annual Salmon Information Meeting ). The ocean abundance projections for Sacramento River fall Chinook a main salmon stock harvested in California waters, is estimated at 379,600 adult salmon, an increase over 2018 forecasts. This may result in increased fishing opportunity in some central coastal areas. The Klamath River fall Chinook (KRFC) abundance forecast of 274,200 adult salmon is lower than 2018 forecast, but still an improvement over low forecast numbers seen in recent years. “We are cautiously optimistic that the increase in ocean abundance of SRFC will translate into more fishing opportunity this year,” said CDFW Environmental Scientist Kandice Morgenstern.

Pigeon Point to U.S./Mexico Border (Monterey and South) April 6-30 Minimum size limit: 24 inches total length Daily bag limit: 2 salmon of any species except coho


- Thursday March 21st- the official First Day of Spring- cloudy spitting rain drops otherwise calm light south at 2 3 kts- seas smooth with a mix of direction to it-

And for those in some of the local Yacht clubs here in Newport Harbor an upcoming bay fishing event-- Battle of the Bay Fishing Tournament April 13, 2019 7am to 1pm Email or Return to BYC Front Office 1801 Bayside Drive, Corona del Mar, CA 92625 Email: Entries due by April 7th

-------------- Wed's March th 20th 2019 - First Day of Spring--- starts at 2:58 pm this afternoon--

Cumulus stacked up against coastal hills and mountains , light wind and chop from the south due to swing west stronger this afternoon- seas a light mix to them--

Well its the First Day of Spring and we're all looking forward to getting back on the water-- - , Nice tides today- - Where's all the Seabass and Yellowtail--

Reports say maybe some carry-over yellows out by the oil rigs-- and Seabass-- ?

the moons filling and reports say there were some below Dana outsides the kelps , but the false killer whales ate them up!


------- Tuesdays March the 19th 2019-----

Overcast sky- wind light to fair from the south- small mix to the seastate--Beautiful day-- a little lumpy but beautiful- water slowly improving 58-59/ 60 degrees after yesterday's sun-- Moon almost full, should be some Seabass on the chew-- and there's only a couple days left in the Lobster season--

Strong tide exchange-- Stand by!

Queit day on the water--

- The weekend of March 16th and 17th---------------

Nice and sunny, light and fair form the south/east 5- 7 kts, seas have a light wind chop to them otherwise good

Boats were still calling out looking for Live Squid for sale-- no response-

Lots of boaters out welcoming the good weather--

Wind a little too strong for some-- ha- - Northbounders still coming--

Coastal fishing --- OK-- lots of white fish and a few goatheads, small calicos and such-

Regular Summer type day-- boats out everywhere, airplanes flying banners along the beachfront's , bikers and strollers out, kayakers and paddlers

3/15/19 Freelance fish count for 37 fishers 3/4 Day 205 Rockfish, 150 Red Snapper, 10 Whitefish, 5 Sheephead

Nice day--- enjoy-- JD

Have a Bar-B Que this afternoon!

Happy B day Ruth G.!

-- Sundays report- still slow / fair on the fishing but the weather Grteat--

BAC's Annual Awards today, Sunday ,

Outstanding Angler of the Year went to Greg Taite, World records were caught by father and daughter Tom and Ali Pfleger and Club records by Vick Sommers w/ 4 1lb Halibut and Tom Pfleger's Pacific Bluefin Tuna at 207 lbs on 20 tackle.!

Anthony Senella caught the First and Last marlins of the Season, Bruce Binnquist / Swagger released 12 marlin for the year and the KEA KAI released 20 marlin for the Season-- Guest speaker for the Dept of Fish and Wildlife spoke giving an in site to their daily operations and a general Q and A which was rewarding--


-------- Friday- March 15 2019 -------

Light Santa Ana's keeping the sky hazy N/E wind 12- 20 kts-- wind chop on a relativity clam sea--

Waters off San Onofree holding red crabs-- whales feeding on them

Note The BAC is looking for a new secretary-- if you have interest give the club a call-

Couple of boats calling on VHF ch 11 looking for live squid for sale--- no response?


A sad note to pass along-- one of the founders and the modern use of sportfishing fishing rods passed away this week-- Leon Todd- from Calstar/ Tackle Specialties. Leon known to the many tackle shops for 50 years plus-- I worked with Leon and his wife Pat as a sales rep for Saber rods 45 years ago. He was a craftsman leading the recreational fishing field in his development of the fiberglass fishing rods, graphite composite and their flex's and tapers--- . Fiberglass fishing rods came into use after WW2 - an offshoot to the radio antennas needed for airplanes. Among the early pioneers of fishing rods were Roddy, Siloflex, Harnell and Conolon and Leon was right there in the first manufacturing. I don't think Leon fished a whole lot-- maybe some lake fishing for Bass, Crappie and bluegills but with advisors like Yo of Yo's Tackle in Gardenia he build a unparallel reputation of superior products- and to this day--all Calstar rods are a pride of ownership- Thanks Leon for all you've done- RIP JD


---------- March the 14 2019 - Thursday-

Coastal breeze from the south east 5 -6 kts due to swing around west this afternoon- ni9ce and sunny light marine haze- light wind chop

Gray whales showing more and more-- off Three Arch Bay/ Laguna - 4 1/2 off the beach--

Coastal water temps, San Pedro weather buoy-- 57 degrees, Oceanside buoy- 58 degrees, San Clemente weather buoy 59 and 58 at Taner Bank

Whats out there?-

A phone call prompted the question -- we're headed over to the island ( Catalina) this weekend looks like the weather should be good-- Any Yellowtails reported under the paddies yet-- what should I be throwing or trolling-?- We'll the waters still cool- 57- 59 degrees , I haven't heard just lately of any kelps holding -- could be-- worth a cast or two or a slow trolled Rapala by a paddy - waters are cold and maybe not a real quick retrieve those fish are still in the winter mode-- but you don't know this Santa Ana might start to stirs up something-- come to think of it-- maybe swordfish?

A check with the local party boats on their catches for the past few days revels-- Freelance-- 3/4 Day Trip, 38 Anglers- 28 Vermilion Rockfish, 88 California Scorpionfish, 100 Sanddab, 65 Rockfish, 175 Ocean Whitefish

Catalina nd Clemente should be nice this weekend-- Green and lush they say-- San Clemente's SHOBA Pyramid Cove and inside the island open this weekend-

Satellite water temp images from 55 to 62 degrees and the Chlorophyll shows and finger of green water coming down from PV might hold some kelps as t butts up against that 59/ 60 degree edge East of Catalina-

acres of fin bait seen 8-9 below Dana lots of sealife there- Lot's of Northbound Whales seen today-- lots--

Building moon phase should enhance the sea bass and yellowtail bite at the islands--














EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION 14 March 2019 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: Weak El Nino conditions are likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring 2019 (~80% chance) and summer (~60% chance). El Niño conditions strengthened during February 2019, as above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) increased across the equatorial Pacific Ocean [Fig. 1] and the associated atmospheric anomalies became increasingly well-defined Overall, the features are consistent with weak El Niño conditions. The majority of models in the IRI/CPC plume predict a or greater through the Northern Hemisphere early autumn 2019 [Fig. 6]. Given the recent downwelling Kelvin wave, and the increase in both the SSTs and subsurface ocean temperatures, most forecasters expect positive SST anomalies to persist across the central and eastern Pacific for at least the next several months. During that time, forecasters predict the SST anomalies in indicating weak El Niño conditions. . In summary, weak El Niño conditions are likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring 2019 (~80% chance) and summer (~60% chance);

Yea gobal warming!



March 13 tth 2019 Wed Report

Marine haze in the onshore flow of a fair to strong wind-- wind chop from the south against a west swell Mixed seastate

There's a steady flow of Grays ( whales) coming up form Baja now-- we're in 3oo ft off the point (Dana) and theres four of em'--

Had a odd phone call the other day-- couple of hours before closing time--- Caller #1 ( never gave his last name) wanted to get a late birthday gift for his father, something really special- mispronouncing of Shimano and Talica started off the conversation- it went from there to wanting a Talica 10, 15, 20 and something bigger for those big fish. Given what I had in stock it could be worked out for three outfits ( yea I'll need poles too) an Talica -20-2sp and a couple smaller sizes of Trinidad reels with matching rods, and he wanted a full tackle box too and anything else that would be special. #1 guy never even asked prices, The order totaled over $2,800. Could I get it all together and his friend #2 guy would be calling with the credit card number and his cousin #3 guy would pick up, he was out of town picking up his mother from the airport. #2 guy calls in with a credit card number along with security code and billing address for the card. I run it through and it's declined, call #2 guy tell him it's declined, say's he'll get right back to me , he'll call the CC company. #1 guys calls back and becomes angry that I dint run the card through properly and time is running out. #2 guys calls and says he's got AMX on the other phone and they have a "Force" authorization number to use. It goes through but I still have my doubts. #1 calls asking if the card went trough and he's have #3 guy come pick up the tackle in the next 30 minutes. I think- best to double check things- Goggle search shows the billing address as a small building in New York with office space for lease-- It Doesn't look good-- I call back #2 guy and tell him, I'd rather not complete the sale, he's mad and complains I've encroached on his privacy by checking with Goggle. #1 guys calls right after that complaining that I've ruined his fathers birthday gift. Unkonwn customer, no idea of cost or what he's getting, second person to give the CC number and a third person to pick it up--- Go figure?



------------ March 12th 2019 ------

Bright blue sky- Catalina Island lay on a peaceful ocean- building to small craft this afternoon- diminishing bands of green colored water stretched outwards towards the island- light south wind-- water holding at 57 degrees-

Whale watchers enjoying a good showing today-- mid moring that breese from the west started to develop stronger--

In response to an E-mail to Baitmasters in regards to the availability of Flying Fish for this comings tuna season-- Sorry-- JD, Nothing on the flyers yet. They haven't seen the flyers show up. Not sure when I will have them back in stock. we'll let you know.

If past seasonal apearances of Pacific Flying Fish here in So Calif. then we'll probably see them when the water temps warm to above 62, maybe by the upcoming full moon in late April

This is amazing, what a good find I've never seen so many white-sided dolphins, 4 off the beach of Newport--1:13pm

that' a full breach- we saw that one a 1/2 away-1:17 --Breaching Grays-- two of em'--

water temps still on the cold side-- not much going on except a few bass and not many halibuts caught today-- bay fishing improving as the water cleans up lots of green algee growing


- Sunday ------------ March the 10 2019 ----closed Monday ---

Gray morning with a chill to it--wind light rom the south 2- 5 kts seas a light mix otherwise fair to good- made two cast no biters water has a lot of plankton life in it-- only 2 -3 ft visibility- strong bright green algae growth on the bays bottom as well as on boat hulls

The last day of the Show in Long Beach-- one of the better days to attend, other than most of product sales, a good chance to talk to the booth personal without all the background hoopla. It's hard to imagine how much money, time and discussion were spent in the desire to catch a fish! See anything remarkable - Let us know- JD

Turns out a nice day still on the chilly side-- sand bass were biting-- that it-

---------------------- Sat the 10th ----------

South 8- 15 kts- more cumulus everywhere---swinging to the west later today-- gusty---- Choppy out there, a few brave souls and some sailors too! Local party boats fishing the cods, goatheads and rattlesnakes along the outside HB flats, Whales watchers down off Aliso Laguna and lots of sightseers around-

Tanner Bank water holding at 59 degrees- local it's 56 air--57

we still have the windy months yet ahead-- Salmon fishing is best May and June in the overcast gloom of those upwelled wind swept water of late April- --

Skys cleared- due to rain late Sun afternoon SD inland

- Friday-- 9 th it's Friday-- 2019-

Clearing westerly, cumulus everywhere, light wind chop sloppy and S/C today

Couple of skiffs went out early-- came back eary too!



------- March the 6th Wednesday- Gray sky, intermittent rain , strong wind Southeast, sloppy--

New Moon phase has the mornings tide high-- the outflow pushed by rain water should be upwards to 3 kts , you'll need a little heaver sinker to keep the baits on the bottom!-- Freshwater floats over the saltwater, the fish prefer to stay a little deeper.

Quiet on the western front

---------- Tuesdays March the 5th Mardi Gras!- ----

Wind light to fair- West/southwest, Broken sky light wind ripple - Coastal currents and a mix of wind direction making it a bit hard to set up on a reef or structure.

Sand and Calicos for the most part fair to good fishing for them on the structure / rocks spots

Fred Hall Show in Long Beach opens tomorrow-- dozens and dozens of shows, acts and even some fishing gear, lots of bargains for the bargain hunters, sportboats charters and fishing lodges offered and outdoor sporting events. The works

Building clouds from the west- spitting rain-

Hole head watching-- good- Thousands of dolphins 6 or 7 maybe 8 humpbacks - hard to tell- 25 over 47 , outside Dana Pt. 5 miles

These Humpbacks were Lunge feeding incredible-- I haven't seen that for a while-- 3:47, 5 Outside Dana-


---------Closed on Mondays------------------------

--------- March the 3rd 2019 - Sunday------

Calmer this morning, mid morning a light west sprang up- broken cloud cover with seas starting to get some wind chop to it too.

coastal water 57 1/2 degrees and still a bit off colored

Good Sand bass fishin on the art. reefs north of Newport and the HB flats and even a few Makos Sharks around

Turns out a nice day on the water, clouds building to the west and south-- Waters warming and the bass were biting better--

Tides increasing , I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see a Grunion run right after the next full moon- Springs upon us--


----- March the 2nd 2019- Saturated in grays, the sky gray the ocean gray and the horizon gray- , Wind gusty strong from the south seas mixed and very choppy- no ones out except a few crazies, AKA whale watchers and sailors.

Good day to keep up on some of the paperwork and tackle repairs--

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday, Feb. 18, 2019 that he will close the famed island penal colony and will have it converted into a cultural and environmental education center.

In the News--- MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexico will close its infamous Isla Marias prison, the last island penal colony in a hemisphere once dotted with remote island jails The four islands — only one of which is inhabited — will be turned into a cultural and environmental education center. The prison founded in 1905 on Maria Madre passed through periods of infamous brutality. It is the history of punishments, of torture, of repression for more than a century,” Lopez Obrador said of the prison, which as recently as 2013 held 8,000 inmates.— toward the end the Islas Marias had harbored many lower-risk or well-behaved inmates. While the prison kept mass tourism at bay, the islands suffered severe environmental degradation from over a century of use as a penal colony.


------ March the 1st 2019----- my how the tide does fly-- Daylight savings the end of next week- light coastal cloud cover wind light from the west-- seas calm-

Rockcodders were out today-- covering the bases and any deeper water spots that haven't been allowed over the past few years-- seas are good so the catch should be plentiful- remember only two hooks allowed.

Last nights Northern Pacific Bluefin Tagging program with Dr. Barbara Block speaking at the Balboa yacht Club was filled to capacity with interested anglers and guest- CCA California co- sponsored the event- educational to say the least--

The life cycle from spawn, larva and juvenal bluefin tunas born in the Taiwanese waters- migrate up to Japan for the first year or two- a swim across the largest known ocean on the planet to our shores and northern mexico- spend years here traveling north and southwards depending on relatively cooler water nutrients which house the anchovies one of their main diet. The big question is how long will they stay here as past studies indicate they migrate back to the Japanese waters as they mature. The good news is that there are smaller fish ( recruits) coming in each year. The business side of the equation is foreign seafood harvesters believe they spawn earlier in the 5 year class meaning they may "take" more, whereas fish that are found off our California coastline in the 6-7 and 8 year class ( roughly 200- 300 lbs) prior to their returning Pacific crossing are not quite mature for spawning yet-- it's a ocean management conflict.. The Archival and pop-up satellite tagging program will help put some scientific facts on the table- This coming summer in August 19- 23rd an effort will be asked of the sportfishing fleet to help with this tagging .. When one boat hooks a giant bluefin-- they call in the tagging boat- which tosses them a heavy line via a tennis ball w/ swivel snap attached to it-- the fishing line attached to the heavy line and the fish is brought aboard the tagging boat. If your club business or personal desire to help sponsor one of these tags please contact the Coastal Conservation Assoc. California. CCA Cal



-------- Thursdays Report - Feb. 28 Rock Cod season opens tomorrow--whoopee!

Seas look dark gray under the mix of gray, blue and white above- calm though- two cast no bites-- quit

The dog just jumped off the dingy and is now swimming with the dolphins with it's leash in it's mouth!! -- bright orange inflatable with a dog on the front-- it just jumped ---that dog just jumped on top of a dolphin!

it's amazing, there's thousand of dolphins here-- 12 million dolphins here-- Humpbacks 5 and 6 off the beach and at least 10 grays went south pasing newport 9-10 am-

I'll bet there 4 5 6 thousand dolphins here--

A giant baitball over here -- hope that whales come in a joins it-- 11:04 Slack tide today 12:27pm this is an incredible bait ball-- off Laguna's Hospital--

One out of four was legal - good fishing for them-- sand bass? WSB, Halibut?-


The boating recreational fishery for rockfish is open: Mar 1 - Dec 31 These species may only be taken or possessed in waters less than 450 feet (75 fathoms) deep. Take is prohibited seaward of the 75 fathom depth contour (450 feet). The daily bag and possession limit is 10 fish in combination of all species within the RCG Complex (includes all species of Rockfish, Cabezon and Greenlings) per person, with a sub-limit on black rockfish (3 per person) and canary rockfish (2 per person), also included in the 10 fish RCG Complex aggregate limit. Yelloweye rockfish, link opens in new windowbronzespotted rockfish, and cowcod may not be retained (bag limit: zero). When filleting fish on a vessel, the fillet must have the entire skin attached.

---------- Wed's March 27 2019 -------- planet Mercury is in the morning and evening's sky-- tides starting to build again- Sky had some morning coastal clouds, more this afternoon. Enjoy the sun while it's here-- 3- 5 kts south wind seas calm and still on the cold side-- offcolor green

Whale watchers-- seeing a few Humpback Whales outside of Dana/ Laguna 5-9 [27/53] and the northern bound Grays for the most part are staying to the outside too- an Brutus Whale too

whale watcher-- we've already seen two elephant seals out here--smallest I've ever seen-- seems early in the year to see them?

With the little break in the weather-- couple of boats ran to catalina to enjoy some hooping while they still can--

West Coast and Baja water temps



With interest on the seminar tomorrow on the Pacific Bluefin Tuna, see if today's studies with satellite tracking , improved technology to read the oceans currents, SST etc. differ that much from the past studies based on basic tagging programs In a 2001 California Living Marine Resource Status report it states the largest Bluefin landed via a purse seine topped 1009 lbs during that run of giants from Oct 1988 to Jan 1989. The biological knowledge at that time shows spawning between Japan and the Philippines in April, May and June by May spawning was off the Sea of Japan. Larvae, postlarvae and juveniles that were produced there were carried northwards by the Kuroshio Current . Fish in their first years of life about 6 to 24 inches were found in the vicinity of Japan during the Fall and Winter, some remained in the western Pacific others departed for the Eastern Pacific in late fall or winter of their first or second year The journey across the Pacific takes as little as two months. After a sojourn of 4 or 5 years in the Eastern Pacific, which may or may not fe interrupted by temporary visits to the Central Western Pacific, the survivors return to the western Pacific where they spawn at five or six years of life. Of note: red crabs are a significant part of their diet south of 29 N, Boiling and jumping tunas were common north of that line where fish were more of their diet.


-------------------- Tuesdays Feb. 26 2019--- only 15 more days till Daylight Savings begins! sky clouding up air temps seems to have dropped to-- seas fair- good traveling weather-- light fog this morning

Mix of coastal surface currents today- water temp's when asked -- is it warming up any 55 degrees and a corrected 56 1/2 degrees - not much warmer--

Those bigger calicos still in the catch mode early morning hours.

The squid boats made a few sets last night-- approx 33.39:03 / 118.05:26

This coming thursdays will be the

Presentation On The Bluefin Tagging Program Scheduled For Feb. 28th

As a reminder what little we know of our fishy friends as we discovered with the Great Marlin Race tagging program sponsored by IGFA and the Dana Angling club during the Masters a couple years ago , Who could have imagined the travels these fish make- in 216 days this striped marlin swam a total estimated distance of 5,560 nm!

The Pacific Bluefin Tagging might open our eyes too-- looking forward to learning more about them this Thursday- JD


DANA ANGLING CLUB WINS THE 2016-2017 IGFA GREAT MARLIN RACE Striped Marlin Takes First Place for the First Time in IGFA Great Marlin Race Team Hooked on behalf of Dana Angling Club's winning marlin The sixth year of the IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR) has officially come to a close with 57 tags deployed on 28 blue marlin, 27 black marlin, and 2 striped marlin in the Bahamas, Bermuda, Hawaii & California, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Panama, and Seychelles. Altogether, the billfish swam a combined linear (location of tag deployment to location of tag pop-up) distance of 16,429 nautical miles (nm) and collected 2,632 days of tracking data. One small marlin, however, accounts for 8.5% of the total distance swam last year: an estimated 36 kg (80 lb) striped marlin that swam a remarkable 1,397 nm in 216 days this striped marlin swam a total estimated distance of 5,560 nm!




- Closed on Mondsys -------

------------ Sunday Feb 24th 2019---- hazy blue this morning--wind light from the west/southwest 4 or 5 kts, light wind chop on a2 -3 ft west swell . warming in the sun. Coastal bays and harbors showing the growth of green moss with all the phosphates washed into the water over the past months- and now warming sunlight will enhance the growth-

No reported swordfish yet--- but the thought of deep dropping for them has an ever growing popularity.

Local squid being caught outside Long Beach/ Izors Reef was said to have yielded the squirts over the past few nights

Squid being sold outside Huntington-- Live Squid for sale--- Live Squid for sale--touts the seller VHF radio-

Now that the rain clouds went away we can see what's left of the water temps world and chlorophyll world

A radio check with local water temps--- 56 degrees---- Yikes--


Got windy by mid late afternoon-- west and a bit on the cold side-- it's still Febuary!--


------------- Sat the 23rd of Feb. 2019---- clear and warming in the sunlight- seas better and not much wind- light south-- Catalina off in the distance looks welcoming-- - another Swordfish seen this morning 2 1/2 off the Newport pier-- we didn't have anything on board that would do any good-- did see lots on whales directly out of the harbor of Newport- a couple of miles- they were heading north--

Not much said on the radio today-- an increase of northwartd bound whales seen throughout the day--

water's cleaning up nicely-- still cool but given a few more days to stablize and the fish will feel and feed better--


------- Friday's Feb. 22nd Report --burrrr- its a little on the chilly side-- maybe warming up a bit inland with he sun but it's still a down in the 50's here next to the waterfront- made one cast one nice 11" Spotted bay Bass- quit Clear sky and a light cold west wind , seas still a bit mixed. clearing

Working on the web site- thats not responding well- sorry-

--------- Thursdays report ------------ Feb. 21st 2019 We've added 1 hr and 18 minutes of sunlight since the Winter Solstice of Dec /21/18


The work goes on- a pair of workhorses put out by Shimano years ago TT80Ws and a pair of rode-hard-put to bed wet Penn Int 50 SWs. Good solid reels, just what those Giant Bluefin need.





-------------------- Feb 20th 2019-----------cool and getting cooler a mix of clouds and wind from seaward--- -Tides still strong, and coastal water still dirty in most places, but cleaning up each day-- till the next flow of rain water comes along-- Made two cast off the dock this morning-- waters a lot cleaner-- a green color to it-- one good strike-- missed it- quit

Not much said on the radio today- some barge workers talking about pushing some stuff around and the boat yards seems to be keeping busy with boats coming into the harbor for them. Whalers were happy to find a few dolphins and pair of Grays off N Laguna

The up-coming fishing tackle road show for next month should add some zest into the fishy world. What new fishy flyers or falling flatten lures will be there along with plastics and the latest string. Deals and eels for sale!

Retail sales today a little on the slow side-- a bag of anchovies and a drop line--!


------ Feb 19 2019 ------------Tuesday's Frosty!---

Ice on the docks early this morning-- ! Air 39 degrees, water 58 - degrees- Seas OK, light cold wind from the south and and coastal downhill current, That outflow from the Santa Ana rive and LA harbor/ Long Beach still like a cloud of dirty milky brown water ( freshwater floats over saltwater) , Below the harbor ( newport) it cleans up nicely 15- 20 ft visibility-- bass fishing OK and a couple of Halibut Bites too-

Squid boats / Light boats out after the squids last night hard to make when competing with that bright Full moon.

It took some effort- find and catch the bait, find a area that was fishable and not too dirty of water-- find the depth the fish were laying at-- find the right direction the current flowed and how to set up for the proper drift. Deep water drifting for halibut require a heaver 8oz + lead sinker and the right type of hook rigging and the right way to bait the hook- and then not miss the bite at 120- + feet in depth.


Vick caught a nice one today-- 33.54lbs on 16 lb test line, 100 ft deep w/ greenback mackerel


---------- Sunday Feb 12th -------Closed on Mondays-- JD -------

Cold Northwest Wind-

She started off calm and clear a few puffy clouds on the horizons - by noon the northwest wind blew at a steady 25 ktsand sky's littered with clouds, strong tides now even pushed out harder by the the remaining draining water flow- bay water like cold dirty coffee.

Only a few sailboats out- and some cold whale waters all huddled togeather.

Dosent look all that inviting out there today-- couple of the daily boats came back in

rainbows and clearing afternoon sun should make for a good sunset--

If you saw something of special interest at the Sportfishing Festival and would like further info about it-- call me/ E mail and I see what I can dig up- glad to help- JD

-------- Sat Feb 16 2019---

Clear sky- cold wind approaching from the west- today and tomorrow and clearing out on Monday-- coastal waters still a mess with a dirty brown color and strong out flowing tidal/ rain water pushed in the draining tide

Whales watchers following a Gray Whale off Victoria Beach Laguna-- that's it so far

Water filters, saltwater intakes and engine are subject to the dirty silty water

Everyones been cooped up for weeks now-- byciclers out- walkers, kayackers stand up paddleboarders and a few boaters out - draining water from catches and general boat check ups-

Steady 20+ West this afternoon-


-- Friday--- the 15 2019--- 1/2 way through the Month of February-- supposedly the coldest month of the year--

Broken skies with building Cumulus clouds all around-- wind light to fair from the southwest-- seas the same-- building this afternoon to a Small Craft

No word on the fishing-- or if those Giant Bluefin stuck around this winter-??

Bay water looks ugly brown- probally not the best to go swimming in! or fishing for that matter-



------------------- Thursdays rainy day report ----------Feb 14 Happy Valentines Day! -

Wind and rain from the south steady and gusty-- about the only boats moving around-- Sea Tow keeping an Electric Boat from sinking-- Rain and Wind and electric boats don't always mix well-

Another set of small reels serviced-- Small but they've done their work-- Drags replaced, gears and bearing replaced or re- lubed, just standard wear and tear on reels that get used often-- also you can tell a woman used them! as there was long black/brown hair all wound up in the handles !

no swordfish reported today!-

Westerly blew in after noon-- strong a gusty-- skys grayed up looks like winter


EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) 2019 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: Weak El Nino conditions are present and are expected to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring 2019 (~55% chance). El Nino conditions formed during January 2019, based on the presence of above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across most of the equatorial Pacific Ocean and corresponding changes in the overlying atmospheric circulation. Positive subsurface temperature anomaliesincreased in the last couple weeks in association with a downwelling Kelvin wave that contributed to above-average temperatures in the central Pacific . Overall, these features are consistent with borderline, weak El Nino conditions. The majority of models in the IRI/CPC plume predict a Nino 3.4 index of +0.5°C or greater through at least the Northern Hemisphere spring 2019 [Fig. 6]. Given the recent downwelling Kelvin wave and the forecast of westerly wind anomalies, most forecasters expect SST anomalies in the east-central Pacific to increase slightly in the upcoming month or so. Because forecasts through the spring tend to be more uncertain and/or less accurate, the predicted chance that El Nino will persist beyond the spring is 50% or less. In summary, weak El Nino conditions are present and are expected to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring 2019 (~55% chance;Due to the expected weak strength, widespread or significant global impacts are not anticipated. However, the impacts often associated with El Nino may occur in some locations during the next few months


------------------- Wed's Report -------Feb 13th --------

Gray sky-- wind light to fair from the south/southeast--light wind chop

And look who shows up unexpected

yep Willy - local photo take yesterday by Ryan, Newport Coastal Adventures--- --Hey JD Look who we saw 2.8 miles off Abalone Pt. yesterday, Feb. 12th

and snow capped mountains in the background!!







-------------------- Tuesday the 12th of Febuary -------------

Crispy morning hours- and the sun seems to have found the clouds again-- coastal water clean green and 58 degrees-- a few Sand or Calico Bass to be caught--no other reports-- even the dolphin and whale watchers were quiet.

Having to use a 5 gal bucket to bail out the water in my 14 ft skiff tells me the canvas cover was leaking--- a quart of Thompson's waterproofing should help seal the deal-!-


This Valentine's Day give her something she'll really appreciate-- A Shimano Wax Wing Lure! Currently no longer made, a few precious ones left in stock- Pink or Mint in color # 138/ 2 1 oz-


the Calm before the storm--

not much said on the radio-- seas slicked off- no swell and very little wind--


Closed Mondays-

- Sunday-- Feb. 10th my how the weeks fly by- before you know it it it'll be Spring- signs are already showing early- Clearing westerly this morning- puffy clouds and fair + winds from the west/ south/west- cooler offcolored water from the upwelled flats off Long Beach Huntington Flats being pushed by these winds further south in an downhill current for the post four days.


Made two cast off the dock this morning-- water sickly looking green tint to it-- no smelt seen and very few birds seen diving- no bites- water felt cold-- barometer down--

forecasted to stay wet for a while!

Closed Monday- JD

----- Sat Feb 9th 2019-----

Gray then Blue again as this front clears to the East-- Seas fair with light mix of seastate-

Boats out this morning after being cooped up for a weeks time-- , checking electrical switches, VHF radio checks-, bilge pumps in order- canvas re fastened and a check for fresh water the bane for dry rot on wooden boats.

Nice day-- not as many whales as the watchers would like-- one lonely one in 55 ft of water was watched off laguna--another one in fifteen fathoms had it's escort of three boats- white sided dolphins and a few commons also .

only fair fishing reported so far-

Todays water temps from 58 to 62 degrees-



------------ Friday Feb 8th --Nicest day of the week-- still a bit frosty early on but the sunlight fixed that-- seas calm wing a light wind and chop west-- hazy blue above--

Sculpin fishing keeping the local party boats alive--and the use of fresh or frozen squids and plastics keeping the sand Bass at bay-- waters cleaning up nicely- cold surface water helps-- made two cast two bites-- missed em-


Sometimes simple is best--

Becoming popular in the bass catching world is the Ned Rig--great for the coastal bays, harbors and inshore fishing-- from the Freshwater bass world, using a simple shaped worm looking plastic / rubber and an very light weight mushroom headed lead head w/ thin wire hook - the lures is cast and allowed to settle to the bottom-- the non-descript slender worm shaped plastic maybe only 3 or 4 inches long is buoyant, along with the jig head having its hook positioned up, allows the suspended plastic to wiggle and float upright, just right for the bass to slurp up- got-ya the hook says-- thin lightweight 8- 10 braid line helps. Decker showed this to me several weeks ago and radio talk shows speak of its use-- - its another good method - if you into bay fishing -try it- JD

Speaking of Bay fishing-- the BAC's Lily Call bay fishing tournament is set for May 4 and 5th - good tidal movements with the New Moon phase and by them most of the rains should have passed, water warming for the Springtime run of Spotfin and Halibuts, the Corbina's and the Bass will be active too- give the Club an call to sign up!

Nice sunset


----------- Feb 7th - Thurasday --

A cloudless sky, cold nights and warming sun - light west wind keeps it cold in the shade. water temps here in the harbor 57 degree bay water - 60 outside

Despite the cold nights, rain and wind , there's a shot at some good Calicos and maybe seabass or Yellows at Catalina this weekend and Clements Island is open on Sat, "Hot" for most of the day on Sunday

Turns to a nice day-- still a bit cool but sunny wind stayed light and fair from the west-- strong draining tide--

Jimmy K on vacation back east -- Spending the week in South Carolina hoping to catch a wahoo tomorrow then inshore for redfish on Friday. (from facebook)

Got one!

Nice one! congrats-- JD


----------- Feb 6th 2019 ----

Clearing wind from the west-- Cold and clear sky, water offcolor and tea looking-- the drainage outflows of the santa Ana River, Huntington, Long beach, Dana and others carrying lots of c---p

Again not many boats out - those that have been held up over the past few days took advantage of the little window of weather this morning and made it to the boatyards or out for a quick sea trial-


----------- Feb 5th 2019 ----------

Small craft advisory posted although the seas are not that bad this morning--cold clearing N/W wind later today stand by--

Tide waters high this morning, it'll be pushed out by all the rain runoff and ebbing tide this afternoon - draining at 2.2 + knts

Not many boats out, if any--

Despite that nasty cold breeze the water temps are still holding at that 59/60/61 degree mark- and there's an uphill current-to help

It's still winter !

-Closed Mondays--

------------ Super Bowl Sunday Feb the 3rd 2019--------

Cloudy rainy and a wind out of the south fair to strong-- seas mixes and still a bit sloppy- and the Whale watchers are still getting paid for the efforts--

Still holding at 2.5 points over the Rams-- Lure bets taken up the the kickoff-

Pretty cool stealth looking patrol boat came in the harbor this morning-

Cool day down here on the waterfront today--

couple of sailors even stand-up paddleboarders out-- crazys


~~~~~~Go Rams! ~~~~~~



------ Feb 2 2019------------- A lot of big sheep out there today--Nasty-- wind gusty to 30+ kts Southeast strong wind against west building sea- nasty-

Still holding at 2.5 points over the Rams--

* At 10:09 AM PST, Doppler radar was tracking a line of strong storms from south to north currently south of west Malibu. This line will produce very strong winds possibly to around 50 knots, and very low visibility from heavy rain. A funnel cloud or waterspout are also possible. This line is moving to the east at 25 knots.

No one in their right mind goes out there today- yet-- there were a few--!

Saltwater Reel repair generally one week service at JD's Tackle, 42 years experience-

Shes a blowin! and dumping a ton of water--canvas working and replaced mooring lines will be needed- she switched around to a strong northwest- 1:22 then became becamed by the afternoon-

-------------- Febuary the 1st the Year 2019 -----------

Clouds on the horzon and overhead- wind light and fair out of the south seas a small mix of seastate to it- Small Craft and rain tomorrow!

Goggle still says Patriots over Rams by 2.5 points- we'll see-- so far were running about 50/50% Good Luck- JD

Couple of sailboats out-- another private yacht headed south-- taking a leg to SD today--

Not even a bird--- Whale watcher reporting in-- 10:52

Pure Fishing was sold to New York-based, Sycamore Partners by Newell Brands, for $1.3 billion in November.

Not much was said on the radio today-- couple of med sized boats came in the harbor-- after a days outing- no flags flying-


------ The last day of Jan 2019 ,the 31 Thursday------

Small Craft--- Sloppy and nasty out there today--- White caps pushed by a strong south wind--west swell - even a few Whale watchers out-- crazy people--

No change in the point spread yet--

Still working on tackle these rainy days-- surprising how some little things crop up that can cause problems, a screw backs out and james into gears, salt water crystallizes and retards bearing from spinning, drap plates become worn and full of grease and handle shafts loose their lubrication just from commn use.. it's good to go through all of it top to bottom-- they last longer that way--

Lighning strikes cracking the VHF radios!

Good weekend to watch a football game!

Yesterday--- Hey JD, Took my dad’s boat offshore for a quick look today. Tough catching mackeral this morning – got a late start and only managed a handful of smelt. Water looked best off of Dana 5-7 miles, 63.5, clean blue. No gamefish on the kelps – only blue perch. Weather got nice after the haze burned off. GO RAMS! Bob H

Should be a nice sunset-- Clearing westerly-- Governmental officials say don't go in the water below outfalls, beaches and harbors health hazards and more government officials a say stay off the beaches and water in case of lightning strikes till next Monday---!

------- Wed's report Jan 30th 2019--------

Gray and a little gloomy- East/southeast wind 6- 10 kts cloudcover and small wind chop on the water-

Only a few whalers out- today-- common dolphin filling the bill- so far--

Gulf of California: Fresh to locally strong S to SW winds are expected N of 29N Thu Fri. Looking ahead, another disturbance will move into California with a slightly stronger cold front moving across Baja California Norte and the northern Gulf of California by Sat evening into early Sun night. This will bring another pulse of strong S to SW winds to the northern Gulf of California Sat evening through early Sun. The front will also be accompanied by longer period NW swell of 8 to 11 ft reaching Guadalupe Island and the northern portion of Baja California Norte by Sat afternoon. The swell will decay as it moves south, but seas of 8 to 10 ft will cover the waters off Baja California through Tue morning.

Now that the Governments back in working order--



Nice day-- waht wind there was backed off- stayed overcast most of the day-- calm before the storm?

--- Tuesdays Jan 29 2019---

Spots of Fog this morning-- and a light south /southeast wind 5- 8 kts-- seas calm with a long period west swell- nice- other than the fog and it should go away.

Reports from Dan B this past weekend who made the run all the way out to Desperation Bank in search of the tunas-- found good signs of bait out there but no tunas- -- more so from the 277 down to the Mackerel Bank where seeing good meter marks of bait deep and what could have been good solid marks form tunas down deep-- but no surface sightings of them -- but all sorts of bait-- kelps housed a multitude of small Mola- Molas football sized but no yellows under the paddies they found--

Vick released a small 20 lb Mako off a cast plastic lure intended for a bass. north of the harbor waters a little cleaner up there

Water still holding at 59/60 feels cold-

------- Closed on Mondays - Went fishing caugh a nice sand bass and a calivo and a ( I think a Tope Shark)

--- Sunday Jan 27 2019----------A week away from the Super Bowl-- Stand by--

weather ditto like yesterday-- soft milky clouds made for a nice pastel sunset probably the same this evening-- nice ocean-

No reported marlin or swordfish today-- and hopes still are there for the tunas

Not much in the way of bass catches this morning --above the harbor good water visibility 20- + below the harbor-- dirtier green 5ft

No wind to speak of today and not much of a tidal influance on the currents making the halibut drifts a little mor challanging-

Finished up working a few fishing reels that needed service , actually gave up on one of the three- there comes a point that corrosion does too much damage to the interior and frame of a reel to make it worthwhile -the other still has a frozen side screw to it before it can be opened up to find the other corrizion parts and the third was in very good shape!

This time of year getting a head of the Springtime rush for rod and reel service, an assortment of reels that did their work down in Mag Bay this season-- lots of marlin, wahoos tunas and such likes for this set of reels, all need attention and new line. Glad to work on them- JD


We're too far from you---- but we found them-- 50 miles fron here we found a good school-- no bites though---- 3:21



And yet another nice day here in January -- it's the 26 2019 ---- same as yesterday-- nice- you should be out there-- instead of mowing the lawn, which it needs!

Lots of small craft went out the harbor this morning-- being cooped up for some time now boats need canvas opened up and a general check on the boats needs-

Gray whales 180 ft off Main Beach/ Blue roof, Laguna-- headed south- some dolphins there too-

The fleet out searching for yellows under paddies and reported schools of bluefin down near the 181/ 182 Ridge-- Standing by-- Slack Tide this afternoon 1:14pm

Weather sure flipped around today-- Northeast then South then strong stout then east again then went calm now light west southeast almost an Indian Summer like weather--

seas calm not much said about the fishing other than calicos good early this AM

A good halibut drift in deep water tomorrow might bring a bite-- try off the Newport Canyon both sides of the shelf in 140- 150 ft of water, greenback mackeral as bait-

- Jan the 25th of 2019-- another fair weather day here in the middle or winter--wind if any from the southeast 1 kts-- seas calm and smooth, light spread out cloud cover- nice

No reported marlins or tunas yet-- although there's interest in swordfish these days-

Moon's starting to back off leaving a midday's slack tide-- maybe something will "Pop" then--

the radio-- still quiet on fish talk-- couple of humpbacked whales out towards that 350 fathom spot 1/2 way from Dan to the 14-- upwelling there w bait- but no tuna reports yet-

Light to med westerly began mid afternoon-- add some wind chop to the seastate , couple of boats headed over to Catalina to do some hooping and bass fishing later on tomorrow-- back sides of the islands should be beautiful- San Clemente islands looks to be open- be great fishing there this weekend---

Jan 24 2019------------ Cool nights warming sunlight-- overhead scattered lazy thin clouds, coastal haze to the west, wind if any1-3 E seas glassy smooth, wandering paths of wind rippled water- nice- We should both be out there--

The 267 / 279 fathom spot outside Dana- holding some bait/ dolphins, and searchers of tuna-- and above the 14 Mile Bank other tuna searchers found shearwaters, on the water sitting waiting-standing by- Slack today 11:05 this morning--10:39

Stick boats out too!--good bass fishing for us this morning -- got another seabass--

Closed for the rest of the day--- Tax appointment--

---- the 23rd of Jan 2019--------Wed's-- fair blue sky light coastal haze- dry cold air again settled the sediment in the water-- surface water temps went below the 60 degree mark in the morning hours-- gets above the mark in the afternoon-- light downhill coastal current-Direction 0.197 kts Dir: 122.64° from N

With the good weather and prospects not all that bad you'd think there would be a few "layoff" anglers out for a days fishing-- Deep dropping for swordfish an option? or bass, sand or calicos or yellowtails or Pacific Bluefin Tunas - good luck JD

Light westerly this afternoon-- lots of sparkle on the water-- be a good day to drift a bait off the bottom for a halibut- 8-10 west wind-just enough swell to lift the baits off the bottom -

For these bigger halibuts those snelled octopus stylized beak hooks work well as the stinger trailing hook- you just have to insert them on the right side of the bait to keep the hook's barb exposed.

No word on the tunas or marlin today- with the weather good , there should be some coverage tomorrow-- stand by- JD

----------------------- Tuesday's the 22 of Jan-----10.19 hr of sunlight------

Mild to Med Santa Ana winds blew this morning by mid lat morning hours it had started to back off-- due to swing N/W this aftern0oon that big ground swell has also backed down-- water holding at 60 degrees and cleaned up remarkably

Deep water halibuts are the target so far-- no marlin or tuna reported yet this morning-

Whale watchers tell me the schools of Anchoves has moved up the coastline a few miles this morning-- 3- 4 off Seal Rocks/ N Laguna Beach.

We'll the weatherman said it was going to back off-- it didn't blowng harder now-- hailbut drift fishing-- now taking you offshore instead of drifting in towards the beach-- heavy sinkers 6-8, 10 oz needed to fish at deeper stuff-

Super Bowl Payoff Special-- stand by-- for details--

------- Closed Monday--earthquakes, eclipses, storms and major tides-- stand by!

-------- Sunday Jan 19 2019 ------- tomorrow night the Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse--total at 8:41 pm- yipes! Calm seas for now--

Weathe doesn't look like it yet but theres a Small Craft Advisory coming later this evening- standing by-

Reports say there were some Yellowtail taken out from a kelp on the 267/ 279 fathom spot outside Dana this morning-- and reported that a school of the Pacific Bluefin tunas were seen on the 14 Mile Bank yesterday-- - not bad for the middleof the winter--

Yesterday's turn of the tide during the afternoon seemed to help in the feeding activity of both of hole heads and sea life

Good water clarity/ green water break , kelps below Dana to San Clemente/ San Onofre

Just saw a big spot of fish come up down-- we're here on the 14 some birds and bait-- we've got some mackerel ready to go--where are you?--- -we're south and just outside the 209, seen em' a couple times up and down-- are you seeing a good volume of fish ? we've seen three spots of fish-- 12:00 pm noon

a few bass and halibuts bites rounded out the day--


Right in the middle of Avalon Harbor #188 the Mooring is for sale- 50 ft -- give Barney (see Catalina Avalon Mooring Chart-) - Interested buyers may contact me at Thanks for letting prospects know about this mooring for sale. As far as I know this is the only 50' inside the bay for sale.




------- Sat the 19 of Jan clear and crisp this am-- warming sun welcomed by all- bay waters still a mess but looks to be clearing a bit in the strong tide exchanges--give the salt a few days to works it's way before things clean up-- the cold air at night should help to settle things. Ocean wise seems flat and no wind today- lots of boaters and whalers out

- Common dolphins 3 miles outside Dana-- waters starts to clear up about there--couple of humpbacked whales there too-

I'm markin--- I'm markin---- the afternoon slack tide brings a little more radio activity marking something of good size maybe 150 up as high as 100,,,1:25pm

Tide on the floood-- come over this way-- got some anchovies here up on the surface- and I thing there were some boils behind the these dolphins-- 2:27pm

one boater said they had seen some fish but they had gone down before they could get any baits to them--?

Halibuts up off the Huntington Flats -- a few bites there--

---------- Friday Jan 18 2019--------

Light cloud cover and haze- wind from the south fair at 8-10 kts seas swelly and small chop

I keep waiting for the radios squelch to break-- with reports of someone finding those pacific bluefin tunas-- but not yet-- a couple of boats do go out this morning no word yet--

Bay waters look like Sh#*t, smell like S---- and probably are S-----

Outflow from San Diego to the North every watershed will empty out everything it can carry- coastal water are tainted with muddy water and debris, plastic bags etc.use caution when boating, on the plus side- adding some sunshine over next few weeks should encourage plankton sealife-baitfish- we'll see red tide?

Stong tides developing--- stand by!

It's a three day chlorophyll composite but it still shows the off colored water close to the beach-- whale watchers report seeing dolphins Risos ( squid eaters) whales and some bait birds 7 off the beach-- Dana-


Super Bowl LIII will take place on Sunday, February 3, 2019. Kickoff time is 6:30 p.m. ET. It will either the Saints who arte facing the Rams in the NFC Championship on Sunday, or the Chiefs battling the Patriots for the AFC Championship,

--------------------- Jan the 17 2019 ---------------

Another rainy day- w/ wind from the south blustry 15- 20 kts- seas choppy and sloppy water looks like mud and no ones out--

Drizzly rain all day--

Baja these days--


-- Jan 16th 2019 --------

Coudy and increacing rain today - wind out of thtesouth stiff- and gusty- seas mixed and sloppy, coastal and bay waters look like the mississippi -

on one out so far today--

more paperwork today-- and reel repairs --

San Clemente weather buoy still holding above 60 degrees--Air Temperature 61.0 °F - Water Temperature 61.3 °F

San Pedro at Water Temperature (WTMP): 60.8 °F

and Torry Pines outer- San Diego Water Temperature (WTMP): 60.6 °F

A cold front has moved over the northwest part of the area, and as of 18Z it extends from near 32N134W to 28N140W. The front marks the leading edge of a rather extensive set of long period, northwest swell that is producing seas in the 12 to 19 ft range. As the front continues eastward tonight, the swell train will propagate through the rest of the northwest and north-central waters, with seas building to 19 to 23 ft north of 27N between 131W and 135W. The front is forecast to reach from near 32N127W to 28N132W by early Thu afternoon as it weakens and dissipate from northern Baja California to 28N122W by early Fri.

Jan the 15 2019----- Tuesday--

Settling down mid morning-- with rain likely this afternoon -- wind from the southeast 10+ seas still bumpy and coastal waters offcolor from the rain runoff-

Tuna fishers and the whale watchers report the lack of bait schools that were present a week ago--?? not much tide movements building by this weekend--

getting rougher out there as the day goes on-- birdlife seen a couple of miles outside Laguna--

Vick ventured out this morning-- twice-- found a few mackerels for bait and had a couple bites and a lizard fish that had gotten mauled-- that's the fish report for today

good day to do some paperwork-- finished up the 2018 4 qt sales tax-- off 14 cents!


--- Closed Mondays---------Jan 13 2019--Sunday nice mix of clouds this morning-- soft wind south- seas have a west mix to them , smooth- sounds like the tuna fleet is out again-- others tail bound- -

I'm markin' em'--- I'm markem' 10:39am 100 ft I've got them at 140ft--

that stuff really starting to happen-- where you were earlier-- thanks-- 12:01pm

we had a full blown foamer when you guys slid up on it-- it's been the past half hour when things really started happening-- ( Slack tide today) 1:39 -- we cast right into that foam-- didn't get bit-

they were up high and dry--- we were the first boat on them-- they just wouldn't eat -- yea-- we'd meter them 80- 100 ft down , second pass they were up- right on the bank here--

so and so hung one on a mackerel-- busted em' off- yea we should have spent more time making bait

got on--- 50lb er

Hey JD you on this side-- Bimini-- 31 and 58 they'reup -- and this mornings showing 10 off the qeach at 29 / 02---12:45--------------Thanks JD

It's going Ape--S#!*# here now--- if only they'd bite--- 3:29pm now they up crazy pushing big balls of chovies-- chovies are pretty big--


Tomorrows weather ( monday) South winds will increase ahead of a cold front Monday morning, gusting 25-30 kt through Monday evening. This front will also bring moderate to locally heavy rain and rough seas Monday morning and into the afternoon. Showers will linger into Tuesday. Additional storms may bring periods of rain and gusty winds Wednesday through early Friday.


----------- Jan 12th 2019 ------------my how the days go by --

Showers this morning- clearing off mid morning-- broken cloud cover- seas look bumpy but smooth not much wind -Tidal waters influenced by the heavy rain waters--flushing out the harbor may make the bait fishing a little chancy--

Saw only one boat come back in-- they were wet in a small open skiff- doesn't looks like the party boats are out this morning- afternoon runs look to happen--

as the morning gets along couple more boats, skiffs ventured out-- seas look better-

Beautiful Day---


------- Jan 11th the year 2019 - a Friday-- it's friday---

Overcast morning cool but not cold-- wind light as is the seas from the south east 3- 6 kts

No marlin or tuna reported yet today-- seas and conditions aren't bad-- that feeling of that once in a lifetime to chase and catch 50- 75lb Pacific Bluefin tunas in less than 10 miles from Newport during the winter month of January is fleeting-- they cometh and they goth


nd then the radio's squelch is broken-

We were like 6 or 7 from there---saw the most discussing foamer I've ever seen-- obviously it sunk out--- saw that one foamer-- Good kelping though---- we're fishing yellowtail-- probably got got like 25 of em' total-- 50% of them the good stuff-- a few big ones-- jugged w bait-- --- seen a load of boat's over there-- straight-- Straight foam here-- a guys chimes in--- 12:01--- were you where you saw it earlier?--- -- just saw a birds school then it foams up masive--33. 25.01 over-- what-----that nuts-- probably where you saw that foamer earlier -should we run over there-- great--meter marks under my boat-- 6 `1/2 basically straight below us-- a few good kelps-- it doesn't matter cause they don't bite either-- ever get a jig in it-- negative-- that foamer we saw earlier was the size of a football field-- -- straight below you two miles solid bait- 12:15pm,, Slack tide today 11:38 am

That was good---- we had maybe two good shots -- they came up five or six times 1:37

Good meter marks here-- they reacting to the chum-- that first stop they did 1:42


And Brian calls in- they had made the run this morning down to Dana for live bait--then out within ten miles-- found a nice kelp for these beauties -

Another call from Brian-- while out there this mornings-- finding odd things on the water-- what's that white thing over there-- turns out to be a bowling pin?-- then they find a 10 ft floating dingy and an custom made gaff floating on a kelp-- with college colors on it-- a full day- plus the Fish and Wildlife guys stopped by while they were catching the yellows and asked for 2019 Fishing Licenses!

21/51\ meter marks-- 3:21

late into the afternoon a few boats come in-- making a full day of it--

----- Jan 10th 2019 Thursday ---

Soft white clouds obscuring the horizon hazy blue above-- wind south at first then swung to the west 7-8 kts-- west following seastate.

I haven't heard anyone yelling -- Hook Up yet-- standing by

Whale watchers reported a big bait ball 27.8 / 47.4 outside Salt creek 3- 4 miles-- birds dolphins and lots of bait-- 1:55pm nice blue water there

Not much said on the radio today?- weather stayed reasonable-- only one or two small boats went out that I know of-- no fish flags flown- that bait ball below the harbor in blue water sounded intresting


------------ Jan 9 2019 ---------

Clear and a light hazy sly this morning, we're gaing few minutes of daylight each week now- cool but not fridge enough to prevent dozens of boaters out looking for those bluefin-- or at least looking for signs of them-- lot of bait is reported-- sardine red crabs-- mackerel bait dolphins- a few whales-- from 1- 4-5 off the beach Abalone Pt (probably south from there too) but going north towards the rids along the 50/75- 100/200 fathom line the baits been stacked up there--

Inflatable comes back in the harbor-- hard to glass in the up and down of the swells they say -so they slow trolled and cast jigs--- Something took it---Mint colored Wax wing lure--dove down and finally the braid line parted- we think something ran into it-- but were were hooked to something--!

Another boat - headed out the harbor stops by the shop to get the latest dope-- , no tunas seen but the bait were there-- and there were yellows under a paddy 7-8 off the beach outside Newport-- and hungry too-

At least one nice 70+ Bluefin was taken yesterday -- not seeing any surface signs of the tunas he slow trolled a mackeral, in the deep canyon east of the outer oil rigs .

wind and swell picking up 1:08

Today's social media and phone ap's are keeping things at a light speed commutation, AIS and tracking devices let one almost virtually go fishing-- Remarkably one can see other friends make turns while trolling of if they're stopped at a kelp paddy-

West wind came in steady along with that swell- many of the boats came in--

better luck early on tomorrow-- JD

San Pedro weather buoy Water Temperature : 61.5 °F

------ Jan- 8th 2019 ----------------

Calm morning with a light overcast and high clouds above-- seas fine swell fair and the waters around 61 degrees-- still a good amount of bait found 2-3 miles off the beach-- several boats out today with hopes of getting a bluefin strike - couple lost yesterday-- hooks pulled/ sniper jigs-- or chewed through the leader-- 2-5 out of Newport- along the dropoff- no reported hook- up as of yet today-- noon-

Nothing ventured--- nothing gained-- as the old saying goes-- those out seeking the inshore tunas or a second choice at local kelp yellows--ventured out this morning-- bait making easy with perfect sized greenbacked mackerels-- lures readied and leader w hooks set to to go-- ---but nothing gained so far---- seeing birds, bait marks- dolphins and good sealife but the tuna did not show for those that I spoke to-- maybe tomorrow?

------------------------- Jan 6 2019 ---- Sunday --Closed on Mondays---

Broken cloud cover clearing and a strong draining tide flow-- , no word yet on the bluefin catches-- bait making was a little more difficult this morning-- but enough to be had for a good days fishing--

Go SD & LA Chargers !

Westerly winds building--

So far quiet on the radio -- for all the boats that went out of the harbor this morning-- its quiet -- not even any of the trash talk that comes with youngsters on the radio.

strong running tidal drain today

Couple of boats back in later today-- having caught Yellowtails in the 8-10lb range w/ mackerels off a kelp 1/2 way to the 14-- there were others who had hung the tunas-- after long battle lost them too- but not many hooked and again they're up and down and skitterish to take hooked baits--

afternoon winds backed off --much better as the day wore on-- tide turned at 3:57

Better luck next time-- JD

Marlin fish off Baja still good -- there must have been a good biological comfortable conditions for these 2- 3 -4 year's to have been hatched and as many of them reached this age.

--------- Jan the 5th 2019 ----------

Cool and cloudy--wind developing from the south as the day goes on-- light wind chop against the west swell- 100 boats out today-- well maybe not that many but quite a few-- the bait schools basically are along the 200- 250 fathom curve from the rigs down to Dana and below--

Judging from the small skiffs that were coming back into the harbor after their mornings cold run out to the tuna grounds--- with a thumbs down jester says they'd hadn't found any tuna-- there were schools spotted even a jig strike on a small marlin lure-- but the catches were limited-- if any--

see anything---- we were following these dolphins when this whale did a full breach-!-


As the day goes on , fewer and fewer boat were left trying for the bluefin-- the fleet dissipated due to lack of bites and the cool and building choppy weather

Good day to stay at home, sit back in a Lazy boy with feet propped up in front of the fireplace and good video or book at hand- maybe go fish for them next week when they're bigger!


And a call from the BAC they just weighed in a 57lb Bluefin- the boys and gals had gotten away from the fleet and slow trolled a greenback mackerel-- said there were several others up there in the area who also were hooked up-- and maybe lost-- ! just weighed in before the rain began-- catching bluefin in the rain in January-- amazing--

it may get the best photo of the year award--

Congrats-- JD








Yesterday I was flabbergasted as a tourist came in the shop - from Germany they had walked out on th Balboa Pier-- and shot some video of breaking fish on a ball of bait off the end of the pier-- in showing it to me we zoomed in-- breaking tuna--!


--------Jan 4th 2019---

cold and crispy morning- warming in the sun-- light south wind seas fair

And Deckers's on a Bluefin-- and not to far from home-- a giant foamer-- and he tackles it with his bass gear-- still hanging 10:00 am Deckers fish weighs in at 61 lbs on 65 lb braid w 60 F/C leader-- and a small Sebile casting lure-- Abu Garcia bass reel!

It's all over the place here-- get out here--

blowing up all over the place -- up and down quickly-- some boats out here-- not many bites though--

Can't keep up with them-- up and down before I could get to them-- 11:26am

and there's yellows under paddies-- too!

The fleets chasing em' but not many hooks up said on the radio-- suggestions of putting up kites was made for the finicky bluefin- as well as running up a white flag to surrender the chase--

Also seen off Crystal Cove by the whale watchers this morning- --

Im way inside-- seeing it here too by the harbor-- we'll give it a try here for an hour or so- -- kinda all by myself here-- 11:54

Humpback Whale off Main Beach Laguna-- feeding

and one fellow said he's caught 4 so far-- might be yellowtail?

here's a good meter mark--

I'er got a big old foamer here off the bouy-- 12:09

we're 4.8 from your headquaters-- good foamer but I didnt get bit 12:21

yea they sink out before you can get to em-- even then that dosent help- 12:36

I just watched a whole school swim by my boat-- 12:40 I've got a tank of squid were going try slow trolling em-- let you know--

good to hear the tuna fleet jabbering again--

Deckers fish weighs in at 61 lbs on 65 lb braid w 60 F/C leader-- and a small Sebile casting lure--

Red Crabs and small bait fish 2- 3 miles off the beach-

Quiet for the mid afternoon hours-- another foamer reported 4:13 "they're all around the boat"-- no bites--


------ Jan the 3rd of 2019-------

Crispy cold early on this morning-- coastal waters have turn clear and clean-- 12 ft visibility -- if you can see the fish , they saw you a long time ago-! Light Southwest 2- 5 ks- seas arefine--

Several boats , now that the holidays are over are headed south, not much spoken of on the fishing scene till you get mid way of below to the Ridge , Yellows on some of the high spots- nice size grade of fish 25- 40lbs and some Yellowfin out by the Uncle Sam Bank - and of course the stripers below there to the Cape-

There's still a good amount of bait off the coastline between here and Dana / Oceanside-- there's Humpback whales, dolphins and in closer the the beach and kelp lines were the Grays-- headed south-

The Yellows up by the rigs-- should still be around-- meter marks and a quick drop w/ jig one of the best methods-- they were biting better on the slack tide

Nice Yacht/ sportfisher went by the shop today-







And dont be too shy about chasing Bluefin Tunas near home-- Whale Watchers spotted a breezer right here between the piers of Newport today- a mile out-- - Stand By for the 1st Tunas of the Year to be taken--


--------------------Jan 2 2019 ---------

Clear morning-- light wind and the waters a bit cooler to start the New Year---Cool west breeze

At least there's a few Whales around for the visiting relatives from back east to view-- off Main Beach Laguna and this morning off the Balboa Pier-- Humpbacks--

No Marlin or tuna or swordfish reported yet- only one small yellowtail weighed for the 1st fish flag for the BAC -that it--

------------------ Dec 31st 2018 ---------------------------------

IT'S HERE THE LAST DAY OF THE YEAR!---been waiting for it for a whole year now- reasonably good weather--wind a little cool from the south west here on the beach-- 2-5 kts- building north seas look ok some bump to it-- wind expected this evening building clouds

No marlin or tunas or swords reported yet-- standing by-

California Scorpionfish Season opens tomorrow-- Boat based anglers Open: Jan 1-Aug 31 Closed: Sep 1- Dec 31 , 5 fish per person 10” total length

Looks like it was a bust for the yellows out by the oil rigs this morning--

Happy New Year! !--JD

----------Dec the 30th 2018 -----

Cold and crisp this morning blue sky and frost on the roofs and grasses this morning-- warming in the sunshine- wind South by Southeast, 4- 8 kts seas fair with a small mix of seastate to them - with daylight gaining each day now-- we've added 5 minutes so far since the 21st--

Note!!--- A call to the Avalon Harbor Master confirms they do not recommend coming to Avalon tomorrow or New Years Day -- Strong Santa Ana winds do not make that a safe anchorage during them - the blow expect to peak somewhere around Midnight-- Trying to wander back onto the boat after the evenings festivities probably not a good idea. The wind backs off later in the day and better on Weds.

Whales watchers continue to dominate what radio conversations goes on these days--working the ares inside and below the 14, 23/ 54

Boats fishing out of the Cape finding the concentrations of Stripers condensing around the Cape's Golden Gate , Jamie and above there to the Finger Banks-- -- good fishingfor them-- bring lots of bait and hooks! -

No marlin or tuna or Swordfish reported yet so far today-- 11:19 standing by but the Wintertime Yellows were showing up--

Reports of the Yellowtails that had been up by the Rigs were on the chew--- seeing a few fish on the surface-- breezing and a slow trolled mackerel might work but most of them came from Yo-Yo' ed type jigs down deep- 33.35:27 / 118.09:35 and 33.51.648 N /117.51.507 W --- Reel fast!!-- as the seal have been a problem--

Now that the moons going away and it appears there's more squid to be had-- there should be some available for tomorrow but watch out for winds on New Years Day! Starts New Years Eve-- blowing like stink down the Santa Monica Basin and out to sea - and out from the Long Beach / Huntington basin and flowing strong mid channel towards the 277 and beyond to Clemente Island - it backs off that afternoon- better weather returns Wed.



~~~~~~~~~~Dec the 29th 2018 -~~~~~~~~~

Clear and cold moring-s Santa Ana's still with us but light- w/ a NE at 10- 12- kts- seas OK with a west lump rnning with it--

Whale watching and catching a bunch of Whitefish to highlighs so far--

Seems like the Gray Whales have increased their presence with sightings of two and three and even four at a time- headed south and the Humpbacks feeding on the balls of bait about 5 - 5 1/2 off the Beach of Laguna- and south from there-- off Box Canyon orthere-a-bouts out 5-6 was a large body of birds and bait being worked by Bonitos and the dolphins and whales on it too- -- 14 Mile Bank had thousand dolphins--

No marlin or tuna or Swordfish reported yet so far today-- 11:06 standing by

<---------------Water temps from 60 to 65


Cold and windy--- and choppy too----much better tomorrow-


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Some of the year 2018 catches~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~











































































The year of the Pacific Bluefin Tunas


----------------------------- Dec the 28th 2018---------

Brisk Santa Ana's and a gusty Northeast winds kept most boaters off the water-- although there were a few out-- A few whale or dolphin watchers as always with paying customers-- a couple of sailors with visions of sugar plums in mind and those visiting from out of town looking for a place to go fishin'. Made one cast one bite- quit- it works-


-------- Dec the 27th 2018---------

Light haze and a fair wind from the south/southeast-- a bit on the brisk side early on--

No marlin or tuna reported yet-- only the Swordfish from yesterday--

Several private sportfishers and yachts headed south right after the New Year--

3 2/1 off the ritz- 1/2 spread of dolphins--

And those fishing Angling Clubs for points or records-- the start of the New year brings paid memberships before fish can be counted!

------------------ Wed's Dec 26th report ----------

Clear sky a few clouds to the southwest and west- air cooler and water temps dropped a degrees after the Christmas Day blow-- slow to recover-- 6-9 kts Southeast this morning- seas a bit mixed and small chop- -- First cast this morning off the dock with a whole new approach-- a bite within seconds--- it works!

This mornings weather buoy reports, San Pedro Channel at 62.4, Outside Mission Bay / San diego at 63.5 and the San Clemente Island weather buoy shows 63.1 degrees-- still good for late Dec. late February will be the test-- - a plus ( guess) was the reportsof red crabs during this last full Moon-- show at least some food for the tunas

A pair of Grays whales seen off Crystal Cove this morning -- in tight frolicking in on the beach-- further offshore Laguna where the baits been a a pair of Humpback whales were around.

Last tuna? last marlin? and who's on first ?


water temps from 60 to 65 degrees


Todays posting of a Broadbill Swordfish - just the right size Congrats--














---------------------------- Christmas Day -----------

Monday- the 24th


Lighter fog and a soft south wind - seas have a west swell to them- both building-with11 Pipers Piping, tomorrow they'll be 12 Drummers Drumming too!

Stormy weather headed down the Baja peninsula-- boats should be headed into ports by now-- JD

Closed Christmas - JD

and The New Years is right around the corner--

Last tuna? last marlin? and who's on first ?


----------------- Dec 22 2019 -----------------

Foggy--- heavy and thick in placesand slowing burning away by noon-- light west 2- 3 inside that fog and as it lifts- Seas OK-with 9 Ladies Dancing.

Strong tides 8.8 ft drop this morning-- running out at2.8 kts -- earthquakes?

Boats were deep dropping again today- no reports yet--

Merry Christmas

And the afternoon sun settleing behing a wish of clouds to the west-- and all was well

Boat Parade at Newport full of watchers -! from miles around they've come to enjoy the lights

Offshore Baja and Sea of Cortez-- The next round of large swell is forecast to reach the offshore waters of Baja California Norte by early on Mon, and the remainder of the Baja California Peninsula offshore waters by early on Tue. Wave model guidance indicates that seas will build to 12 to 16 ft N of Punta Eugenia on Tue. By that time, fresh to strong NW winds are also forecast to affect the offshore waters N of 26N. These winds will increase to strong to near gale-force by Tue evening before diminishing early Wed.

With this scenario to take place, expect for the pressure gradient to increase over northern Baja California and the northern Gulf of California on Tue leading to possible minimal west to northwest gale force winds across the northern Gulf of California, with seas

------- Friday Dec 21st a short day-

Gray cloudy sky- no wind low swell cooler - stable environment except the sweeping flow of the tides-- Shorted day of the year-- and 8 Maids a Milking-

No marlin or tuna reported so far today- there's still hope!

PAC FISH - Incoming WSB - DEC 26 & DEC 27 next week to the Balboa Angling Club pens. let us know if you would like to volunteer to help. If you are not able to attend and would like to donate to the Pacific Fisheries Enhancement Program , you can send in a check to the BAC, or pay online with a credit card Thank you in advance for your contributions to our conservation efforts! Merry Christmas! -- AMY FOX | Club Secretary 200 "A" Street, Balboa, CA 92661 | 949.673.6316

Have a great weekend-- JD


------------- The 20 day of Dec's report - --

Light marinse haze- milky to the west and south-- seas calm no wind, 1 kt S/W and not much of a swell - west- nice

Today marks the final day of Fall, tomorrow Winter officially begins and it's the shortest day of the year- 7.1 ft. tidal drop today- by Christmas eve day its gushes out at 2.9 knts and drops 8.9 ft. A lot of water moving around--

Christmas party's are fun- especially when fishermen and women gather to tell stories and pass cheer to each other- -- fish dope gets out-- only a couple of days ago-- three feeders were spotted , ultra clear blue water, 64 degrees and bait was balled up---and only a few miles from shore--- off the self outside Box Canyon--

Has the last of the marlin been caught yet?-- or the First of the Year?

New Years resolutions and a fresh start on a new season-- After the First- several private sportfishers and yachts are headed South for warmer destinations. As is those getting the chance to fly to further fishy waters-- Costa Rica, Panama, and Australia and New Zealand . JD's will be glad to help supervise any tackle needs.

A few days ago-- a radio discussion was heard about smaller sized ( 60lb) fish being caught-- I think 5 for the day--not sure where or how but the belief is they were deep dropping -and what were they catching? speculation ran from swordfish, opah and sharks--- couple more caught yesterday or the day before-- small ones--- broadbill swordfish!--



Over the past month I've been working on some heavy Tackle Bamboo blanks designed to out battle some of those giant Bluefin Tuna's this coming year-- Regulation Tackle , for Heavy Tackle Linen or Dacron tip length no less than 5' and not greater than 6', and overall rod length 6'6" a minimum , The tip's deflection also at a minimum drop with 10 lb weight at the 60 inches of 10 inches..

a work in progress

Nice wispy cirrus clouds overhead this afternoon- above 18,000 ft- As the proverb goes, “Mares' tails and mackerel scales make lofty ships to carry low sails.”

Couple of Lobsters catchers talking-- last night OK for them till the tide and current pushed through too strong--

--------------- Wed's Report- Dec 19 ----

Azure blue this morning-- light marine haze to the west- a few jet contrails overhead- seas calm very light southwest wind- 1-2 kts- if that- - Tides are starting to build again with the filling of the moon, major King tides by Christmas-- 2 casts, one small nibble- quit

Long range weather forecasters show 40 % chance of rain Christmas day- outer waters windy and bumpy- nice weather on the 1st--

Balboa Angling Club· BAC Christmas Party with the 110th Newport Beach Christmas Boat ParadeWED, DEC 19 AT 5:30 PM Balboa Angling Club (Members and guest Only)

No marlin reports for a week--

Word comes down the line that the Bluefin--- where'd they go-- well some went south- and others went north- reports out of Morro Bay- both a good showing of big Swordfish and Big Bluefin-- !

---------------- Tuesdays Dec 18 2018-------

Calming effect from the aproaching mild Santa Ana's- seas calm no wind yet and a N/W swell far apart on the smooth seas-- nice warming air temps seas still holding at 61- 62 degrees , further south off Oceanside 63

A few bass - that's all reported so far today--- made three casts myself off the dock this morning- good draining tide but no bites- quit


E-Mail today's says -- U.S. Senate Passes Modern Fish Act Sportfishing-Focused Legislation Heads to House for Final Passage - more studies and rules both for rec and commercial


--Dec 16 Sunday----~~~~~~~~~ Closed Mondays~~~~~ -

Again calm and sunny- inland blue coastal some marine influance- wind 1 2 from the west, light wind texture on seas- flat-

The Pacific Queen returned this morning with 2 Yellowtail for their 1.5 day trip for 23 anglers. ( they fished the 60 and Mushroom Banks for nada)

Couple of Orcas seen off Ventura and single off PV

Coastal fishing ok-- a few sand bass- water temps 61/62 degrees, offcolor green close to the beach

------------- Sat's report -------------

Morning hours finds a light 3-4 kts west wind with a ripple on the water from it- seas relativilly calm, overhead-hazy blue-

Word on the Giant Bluefin saying they'd moved southwards towards the Ranger Bank and below outside Cedros--- while other sport boats still working the outer waters below and outside Ensenada-- 60 mile Bank Mushroom and Airplane Banks-

No marlin reported yet today--

some dolphins south of Dana

sounded like a couple of guys were deep dropping- -commercially? -- caught something --50- 60 lbs?

he had another one - small one too-- came up all tangles up in the lines- ( came up like a Christmas tree) he also threw a harpoon at it?--

this ones a nice one maybe 180-- 3:36 -Opah, shark, swordfish? pulled my last one-- that's 5 for the day-- this one's still hot! 4:51pm

----------------------- Friday-12 14 18 --------------

Gray morning hours--seas calm and no wind-- flat-- ---- not much of a tide exchange this weekend-- made three cast off the dock this morning-- no bites quit

Cabo report-- some of those Stripers are showing up on the Golden Gate banks --

San Clemente Island's Cove looks to be open for anchorage at night over the weekend-but closed during much of the day- Catalina has a bunch of lobster traps - use caution when entering to anchor--

Interesting to lessen to one of the whale watchers following a whale this afternoon - only coming up a breath of air every 20-22 minutes --that one was 17-- traveling about a 1 to a mile each time before it surfaced for a blow-- traveling along the 300- 350 fathom line moving north-- 3:42-

Merry Christmas-- JD

------------------------------ Thursday's report -------------

Inland sunny and blue-- coastal it's sunny w/ marine haze to the distance- Calm - maybe 1 -2 from the south- nice- Weather looks good for the weekend-- Monday it starts to blow--


Posted-- by Martha M. · Finger Bank still on fire! 49 Striped Marlin hooked Tuesday, released 37. Wonderful day with friends Mike, George, and Tony. thanks to our fabulous crew: Capt Tony Araiza who finds the feaders, Omar Araiza Amador who hooks and releases and tags, and Hector Cortez Ritchie who is everywhere hooking, releasing and tagging> What a wonderful crew!

OFFSHORE WATERS WITHIN 250 NM OF MEXICO... Over the open waters off Baja California, another pulse of NW swell is expected to reach Baja California Norte and Guadalupe Island tonight. This latest round of swell will sweep SE and cause seas to build to between 7 and 11 ft for the offshore waters along the length of the Baja Peninsula by Fri afternoon. A cold front approaching 30N140W late tonight will introduce more long period NW swell to Baja Waters by Sun morning and maintain sea heights. A much stronger cold front will reach Baja California Norte by Mon night. Strong winds associated with this front could brush 30N as the front crosses 30N140W


Calm seas and clearing water-- seas flat and wind if any 1 or 2 kts Southwest-- light marine haze.

When asked the other day if Shimano still produced their Fluorocarbon wind-on leaders ( used for their butterfly lures) but work very well as a wind on leader for everything else- had to say sorry they have discontinued them-- but a thought occurred, that this coming year AFTCO will introduce their new Fluorocarbon Leader Material. An E-mail to Dave at Aftco to see if something like that was in the works?=- the reply was ---- Not at this point.  We did find a feeder today at 16/18---- try again tomorrow  Thanks, Dave-- No wind-ons but there were still seeing Marlin off the East End of Catalina!-- Merry Christmas!

A thought on leaders--- years ago when the tapered fly leaders ( mono) were first used, I would reverse them tieing the small tapered end to the fishing line which was small also, easier to tie the two together with -which made for smaller dia. knots with the hook or lure attached to the thicker end where it's needed- it made better sense - easy to cast and strong on the right end, just a thought about leaders- JD

reports of tuna in the warm water outside the 9 - outside to the 302?

Prospector-- how you doing-- Hammer-- oh were over here off the East End looking for a Carp-- couple feederes seen here yesterday-- we're over here by the rigs-- tons of bait here too


-----------Dec the 5th 2018-------

lowering skys and spots of rain--coastal -light wind from the south seas calm and flat- despite the weather forecasters 20 S/W knt winds -- its still calm-- - but picked up mid afternoon--

Going into the winter's New Moon phases-- extra strong tide exchange -- Tides and quakes?- Alaska's Magatude 7 + quake and today's other side of the Pacific Rim of Fire-- off New Caledonia swarm of wakes starting with a 7.5 and 6 aftershakes at greater the 5.5 and this mornings back on this side of the Rim of Fire off Chile with a 5.5 quake--Stand By!

Quiet on the water front today--

---------- Tuesdays Dec 4th 2018 ---

High clouds sweeping in from the Northwest-- storm tomorrow coastal waters today calm seas flat and nice-- Paul went over to Catalina-- to check it out--- and sand bass for those fishing the coast so far- Strong tides again-- Beautiful day -- sparkly water

Spent a few hours fishin the halibuts yesterday--- all I got were healthy sand bass-

Lunge feeding-- small Humpback whales ! 10 miles straight out of Newport -- -1:15pm---32.25.58 / 117.56.89

- Sun Dec 2nd the year 2018 -----Happy Holidays- ! -

Light hazy sky otherwise blue-- coastal waters from the south-- we're in that eddy, outside strong N/W winds and seas-- and it looks to back off outside for a short window for those traveling off the Baja waters before another round of seas and wind are due in late Wed and into Thursday/w Fridays clearing wind and swell-

No word yet on marlin fishing off Catalina-- or maybe they've moved on?-- a lot has to do with available food and water conditions yet there's some instinct to move on when the sunlight is shallower-- 10 am


----- Sat Dec 1st the year 2018 -----Happy Holidays- ! -

Leftover cool air and light overcast sky seas a bit confused and getting worse tomorrow, short choppy seas on Sunday- Monday looks better- am hours- light wind so far mid morning hours building from the west--

No Marlin reports just yet-- 10:00 am

I got lucky and found one--- the radio's voice breaks the scan's squelch-- 10:50-- nothing else heard---?

Several boats out today -- bay crusing with friends and relatives from back East- enjoying the day on the water--

Whale watchers finding shearwatrs and dolphins outside Dana- today-- lifes up and feeding-- 3:34- Humpbacked whales around too- ! Windy Too!


Annual Balboa Angling Club Christmas Decorating Party is THIS SUNDAY! From 1:00 - 4:00 please join us in decorating the Clubhouse with lights, ribbons, and holiday cheer for us all to enjoy this holiday season at the Balboa Angling Club! Feel free to bring some of your extra decorations and/or a snack to share, we appreciate it all.This is also a great time to get started on your Christmas shopping: shirts, koozies, sweatshirts, cool dry long sleeve, hats, dry bags, burgees, and more! See you Sunday! AMY FOX | Club Secretary 200 "A" Street, Balboa, CA 92661 | 949.673.6316 BAC Website | BAC Facebook | BAC Instagram


-- Thursdays report- Nov 29

Listening to the VHF radio weather report this morning--Small Craft! strong winds and bands of heavy rain with possible lightning and thunder storms-- 20- 25 knts gust 30 kts - swell up to 14 ft+ wind waves 5- 7 ft

Tanner Bank buoy shows 65 degrees, S/C weather buoy 65 degrees air at 62, San Nicolas weather buoy with swell at 12 and SST/ 63 degrees

Maybe this front or the one and Saturday or next week's Wed's storm will push these marlins out of here-- they'll catch that kinetic energy supplied by these northern storms swell and surf / tail all the way to Baja and beyond--- remarkably how far they will travel and return back to these waters a year from now--

E-Mail this morning- from Randy--- they fished yesterday-JD, Just wanted to give you a breakdown of our Marlin trip yesterday. 7:30 hooked a large jig fish tight to east end that ended up breaking the line somehow. Tons of birds and Rizzo’s picking on the massive amounts of squid in the area. Found about 8 to 10 tailers thru the day but hard to get on and no bites. Got on a group of feeders real good but again no bite. This was all in the 18/16, 17/16 and 16/16 areas off the east end. Running home had a nice group of feeders come up while running home outside the shipping lanes at 28/11. Fished til dark. No fish but a great day of fishing at the end of November. They should stay around if the water holds up. Randy--


Mexico's Baja Finger Bank on fire- Martha , an old salt-- posted today-- Finger Bank on fire today. Raised 41 strippers, hooked 35, released 20. Whew, these old muscles are pooped. Thanks to a great crew Tony Araiza,Omar Araiza Amador, and Hector Cortez Ritchie. You guys rock!



Good rainy day project-- to service a pair of Pflueger 1419 3/5 Templar reels--


7 caught and 13 made it to ashore-- in Laguna this morning-- - what a boat ride they must have had--



----------- Wed's report Nov 28 2018 ----

Broken cloud cover-- increasing as the days gets along-- wind fair from the south due to strengthen-- seas mixed and becoming worse-- sounds fun-- another round of weathe mid late next week too!

Made 4 casts- one smal nudge- quit- pelicans diving into bait schools- looks good--



------------ Tuesdays report Nov 27 2018-- only 25 more days till the days begin to get longer--( Dec 21st) still losing not quite a minute a day of sunlight till then--

High cloud cover starting to fill in with the northern storm approaching-- Large west swell on beaches facing

Good local halibut fishing-- try the deeper water 80- 100 ft depth-- live mackerel

Couple of boats still fishing marlins off the east end-- no reports yet-- tide slacks off 11:22 standing by--

Vick comes through with a nice one-- How he every got it off the bottom in deep water is a wonder-- but a nice 32 1/4 lb fish on 8 lb IGFA line-- nice catch!

Nice sunset!

---- Closed on Mondays---

-Nov 25 2018 ----- Far better weather today-- almost flat with some left over s surge and lump- light cloud cover- water holding above 64 degrees westerly this afternoon

Coastal fishing fair-- sea lions a problem again-- Haliibut fishing getting better

Not much said on the radio today-- coastal fishing fair- I believe one fish was hooked up at Catalina by the quarry and some morning feeders seen--

Couple of boats headed outh over the next few days --trying to get ahead of that aproaching storm and swell-- it'll push them---- other's headed back up hill from Mag or the Cape- finding only short weather windows ahead o them for another week--


--------------- Sat Nov 24th -Broken cloud cover this morning clearing with a southwest wind fair--8- 10- 12 kts-- seas a bit bumpy and small wind chop on it- Strong tidal exchanges today

-Sounded like one of the local wahle watchers-- spotted a jumping marlin outside Dana- 12;30pm

Bumpy out there today-- better tomorrow--

E-Mail this afternoon--- JD, They are still here! Got one this morning off Church Rock 9:30am-- after slack. Eye Candy pusher Petrolero. David DuBois

Weather looks to be backing off late in the afternoon--


------- Friday-- 18 of November------ Sky blue with scattered clouds, wind from the south due to swing to the west and build this afternoon Small Craft- through Saturday--

No word yet on any marlin fishing off Catalina yet-- standing by-- last I saw was Wed's fish with Jim Kingsmill and daughter

Water temp image for the past few days-- it stills shows a little warmth off the east end and backside / north of the island

Bluefin Tunas-- where do they go?--- earlier this week-- a 146 lb Bluefin Tuna landed 15 miles off Cayucos --- Where's that-?- just north of Morro Bay) ! Water 64 degrees blue and lots of Bonito and bait in the water--- It's been raining had heavy seas since

------------- Happy Thanksgivings Day !---------

-------- Wed's the 21 of November-- only 10 more days until December-- !

Very light morning marine stuff on the horizon- seas calm light S/E 2 kts-

Only a few boats chattering on the radio so far this morning-- Gadzuks released one yesterday--

Holiday boaters in search of something to look at-- -- a thousand dolphins off Aliso Creekthis afternoon--


------------ Tuesdays Nov 20 2018 ----

Light marine cloud/ haze - seas calm and nice-- wind, if any from the south 1 maybe 2-- leaving wind rippled and slick windy paths on the water-

Full Moon approaching with it's building tides exchanges-- Marlin bite-- Bluefin Tuna bite, White Sea Bass? - Stand by-- low pressure systems also come into play

Took the day off yesterday-- worked a good current break a couple miles out front, weed line , shearwaters, dolphins feeding, good bait marks, looked fishy- Put a Swordfish squid down 500- 600 ft another rigged bait out at 100 ft-- slow rowed up one side and down the other side of the break for a couple miles -- no bites- not even a shark!-- but good exercise !-






E- Mail from old friend and customer Pat-- he was a young boy when I first knew him now his boys are catching marlins!-- nice ! congrats ! JD


John - Here are a few pictures of a fish we caught yesterday. It was my 9 and 12 year old boys and me on the boat. Beautiful day off Church Rock. Hard to believe we got one in late November. Anyway, thanks for all the fish reports this year....there are still a few around! Patrick




Couple more boats out today off the East end-- Marlin fishin-- seeing some sleepers and feeders early mid moring-- been quiet since then--- one jig bite for the fleet ( 4 or boas) so far-- 1:30pm

we're on---- Came up on the jigs--- ate a dropback--- 3:03pm




~~~~------- Nov 18 2018 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Light morning marine haze wind light from the southwest- seas are calm with light wind relief - the marlin fishing continues--

We just had a fish up in the jigs--- Where you at-- East end-- -- anyone fishing Dana- Newport for marlin-??

Just lost a jig fish here---- My fault -- should have stretched out more line -- it came up behind the short one ate the jig before we could get the drop back to it-- just lost it---10:47

Go Get- em--- go get em'''' 11:10am

Aaah--- that one just came off--- go get another one--- 11:24

14 Mile Bank had feeders, Avalon Bank ? Stayed a little hazy all day wind light west 4-6 kts--

Yellows under paddies-- outside Oceaside/ La Jolla

16 over 21 for the late sleeper yesterday--- --we just now came up to a half dozen sleepers-- - 16 over 14 -- looks like a picket fencejust sitting there-- good luck- 3:01 yesterday they had a double around 4 pm at 16 over 17

We had a triple this morning--- they all came off------ maybe two or three fish today?

Motivator comes in late afternoon from a couple of days out-- yesterday's marlin count around 9 fish caught- Gadzuks had 4 of them the rest of the fleet had on or two-- fish were behind the boat for the most part-- a few Jumpers seen, today's 4 fish catch for the fleet started with the Kei Kai and an morning sleeper and Motivator catching three fish! Mostly packs of feeders or some sleepers- East End / off Church and around the corner a little.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sat Nov 17 -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-

Light cloud cover seas calm with some light wind texture to it-- small mix of seastate

Local boats out looking foe some of those bonitos or Skipjacks but they seem to be gone or up/ down quickly- 2- 4 off the beach under the birds-- coastal fishing-- maybe a white sea bass or tow around -- moons about right and tides should help--- and maybe a shot at those yellows up by the offshore Oil rigs or that Mussel farm area, Bass should be a early morning bite--

Offshore the Bluefin tunas 40 90lb bite was going strong this morning-- Cortez Bank area- live sardines 3/0-4/0 hooks, even yellowfin still there too- and they'll hit the trolled feathers or X raps--

Pacific Fisheries Enhancement Foundation fundraiser Today at the BAC-- --- Saturday! Come by the club between 1:00 and 4:00 for a tasting ($10 donation) and 25% of all wine orders placed will be generously donated by Cholame Vineyards to our conservation efforts of PAC FISH.

Marlin fishin in November--- Last ones still be sought after-- day after day-- East end of the island-- fish in the jigs and dropbacks or quick feeders -- maybe 5 fish released there this morning before the tide switched--

there's one boat west of us--he's hooked up now-- 2:02pm

and it went into the afternoon-- Hooker released one too! Congrats- JD

Go USC, ---Go UCLA


2019 dates for WHOW Aug 15-18 2019 , with the 15th being a full moon. Mark it in your calendar now. It was be as epic as the inaugural event x 3!!!! Get involved, show your love for our Troops and for this great country we call home of the brave and land of the free. Standby for more details. But mark your calendars now.

Rod Halperin

------ Friday-- the 16 of November 2019-- marlin fishing!

---------- Nice -----------------

Had three fish up behind the boat-- Two on the Jigs and we had a drop back --- it got ate-- fell off, then the other jig fish came off-- we're glad to get the one fish-- Great to get that fish after two years of engine work and now get one-- 10:29am

Go Get em' Willy--- 11:07 am

Congrats--- go get another one Good going Willy--- 11:27-- released--

Charlie-- nice going-- it come up behind the boat?--- go get another one--12:18pm

Tons of birds and bait 4-5 off South Laguna 12:40pm

JewelLure -- JewelLure-- JewelLure back --were almost to the border--- this is Hooker there still a lot of them left up here-- we're headed across now--

The marlin bite seemed to quiet down after the mid day slack tide--

One of the nicest well kept boats around-- ~~~ Relentless ~~~ For Sale---

Gary Floyd’s 1991 Skipjack 35, Flybridge, super clean, twin diesels $119,000.

Call broker Curt direct at 714 322-7265 or email

Stan Miller Yachts Newport Beach, CA 92663 714 322-7265 Website


--------------------- Thursday Nov 15 2018 -

Beautiful and there's marlin's biting out there this morning---!

We just watched you get that one- East end of Catalina- good show--- 10:48am

We just got a jig fish you guys!--- 10:49 am-- congrats from the C' est la vie

Lots of bait and birds working -- 4-5 off Main Beach Laguna--

Just had a feeder that didn't go for us-- thanks -- 12 to 1:30 was a good bite time yesterday--- 12:56

We had like 4 fish tailing around us-- one under the pulpit-- we just broke off a 200 lb fish-- that's ok --Go get another one 2:31 pm

Plenty of action today-- off the East End of the island-( I think) maybe the 14? - we went 1 for 3-- dumped a big fish 200 lb jig fish-


Had a trolled bait out for the marlins that have been around-- using a ballyhoo w/ a rigged circlehook that's held in check via a small release clip -- JD 'Tip ---adding to the dropback's timing, strip off another 20 -25 ft of line and repack into a bucket which will allow the line to come out unobstructed , that extra " Dead in the Water" time allows the bait to act stunned after a strike giving the fish that extra time to take the baits and turn with it--

With the Big Bluefin Tunas still around and their seems to be a good amount of those 2 year old class of fish 40- 60/80 lbs-- and the reports that Squid has moved back into the deeper waters surrounding the offshore islands and even here along the dropoff shelf along out coastline-- that squid should hold these bluefin throughout the winter of 18 and into the spring of 2019--- now the benchmark even higher that the 350b fish -a 400 lber would be the goal-- and the grand prize would be a 500 lb Bluefin-- ya going to need a bigger boat-and tackle!

I spoke to Baitmasters today in regards to the availability of there frozen 8inck flying fish-- the bait (Flyers) come from the island of Trinidad, the bait catchers there have been trying-- but its the wrong time of year, ( spring better) and even if some are obtained now, their sizes are generally much smaller ( 5- 6- 7 inches) the ones we were able to get from the last year were and an abnormality for them to get that big-- - Still hopeful - we may have to wait till early Spring to get any more--


------- Tuesdays the 13-0 went fishin-----

Monday Nov 12 1018 -----

Warm and sunny once the sun warmed thing up-- even frost on the roofs early today-- light S/W wind stared mid morning-- seas calm and deep blue

Tides are starting to flatten out-- Mid day high slack period should bing up something!--

They said there was a ball of bait up with 6 stripers working it-6 off the beach-- !

Coastal waters have a good mix of clean blue and enriched plankton green water-- and the bait is in that mix-- 2 off Abalone a good spot Skippies caught there earlier at the tide change--

Dolphins balled up the bait --comng up threw the balls of bait --

--Sunday Veterans Day!- Nov 11 2018 --

Light haze and calm seas Light west wind 2 3 kts- -- S/A's due to start up again later today and tomorrow strongest Santa Monica Basin and below San Diego and the Upper Sea of Cortez Stand By--

There must be 8- 10 boats out searching for those elusive Marlins-- outside Dana this morning I think one boat is stretched out--10:48 am

So far this morning not as many signs of those Bonitos or Skippys seen today between Newport and Dana bait and birds showed up on the high tide--

6 off the San Clemente pier another jumper / feeder and bird seen

---- Sat's report --Nov 10 2018------

Winds gone for now- seas have laid flat-- light marine haze to the south tinged to brown to the West

For the Whale watchers -- I've got 300- 400 common Dolphins headed down the coastline-- (south of Newport ) 2-3 miles- \

Wanted to congratulate you -- we had just left Avalon -- saw you off the Slide -- oh thanks--didn't have to burn much fuel!. 10:05 am

240 degrees- 4-5 miles out of Dana 150- 200 dolphin/ bait-

Strong Offshore- Santa Ann's develop below Ensenada to Turtle Bay on Monday and Tuesday

I'm working N/W of you a couple miles from where we were the other day-- birds nd bait up looks good-- Thanks were trying to get some of those skipjacks' All I saw there was anchovies mackerel bonito I didn't seen any Skipjacks 10:56

They say-- Bonito outside Newport --

we had a knock down- 277 - right on the high spot-- blind jig strike-- gave it the old try--

good radio reception today--

Good customer came in the shop mid afternoon-- just having come back for right outside the harbor 2- 3 miles----- left em'-- 5 was enough for the nice sized Skipjacks-- good fun for them on the light tackle--trolling small mini- jet heads-- 1/4 oz jets - light colors


----------------- Friday-- Nov 9th 2018 ----Dry and windy ----

Northeast Santa Ann's with gusty winds- seas ok pushed flat by the winds some chop -water's blue close to the beach and overall there's a 80% uphill surface current from Mexico to the Channel Islands--

Weekend weather - The window for offshore fishing is Sat by Sunday those Santa ana's winds blow strong again by 10 am in the morning , not the time to head back from Clemente or Catalina--

We're about a mile away from were that bait was, was the bait on those numbers I gave you-- no closer to home-- we're there skipjacks on that bait-- there' might have been-- there were a ton of bonito on it-- the water is great- 69 degrees mexico blue and there's bait-- hopefully we'll snag one here-- OK good luck--


----------- Thursdays Report Nov 8th -

Light marine haze this morning-- wind 2- 5 kts south due to swing to the Northwest later today Santa Ana's this evening Avalon to get windy!!! --

Western Outdoors Jackpot Tuna Tournament starts today in Cabo-- should be fun--

I'd forgotten about the snowbirds this time of year--- --- some privates yachts but mostly sailboats headed south for the winter from all ports north-- -- dragging hand lines for the food fishes tunas dorado's and anything else than marlin--

- E Mail this moring--- JD, You are mentioning a possible 400 pound BFT in California waters, this is a photo of Ken Corwin with the fish taken on his trip this past Sunday at 364 pounds on the Cortes Bank, this is the largest one I've heard of this year. -- taken on a Flatfall Lure!


Im on the numbers where we got bit yesterday-- same area from Sundays fish-- / Marlin) 12:07

Let me get behind you so I can get a picture of the marlin jumping behind the boat--- 1:31,

It took the stinger-- took it down into the braid line--- super stoked-- I was talking to my bud over in Hawaii, he was trolling for wahoo-- we had a bet going- who'd get bit first---- 20 sec later it went off-- we're getting it to the boat now-- he's close now--- yea I'll get in close when he jumps-- and I want to get bit here too! That way you can take a picture of me-1:43

that was rad-- I think I got some sweet shots of you--

That was fun-- they're in tight-- they're here-- ???

Turtle Bay-- fuel around $7.00 a gal--

Stan had a sleeper this morning --

Still a strong flow of tidal currents with the new moon tonight--

Sportboats and a few privates still targeting those Giant Bluefin Tunas-- S/E side of the Cortez Bank this morning-- with the water staying relatively warm so far-- we haven't really had much in the way of major weather systems coming down from the northwest so far- it's good chance they'll stick around for another year - a lot depends on bait availability and the presence of squid in these waters bodes well into the Wiinter- Stand by for next years 400 lb mark to be broken, along with some busted rods reels and lines--

This coming weekend-- San Clemente Island looks to be open for anchorage in Pyramid Cove

Given a few extra hours this time of year- I get the chance to work on the big game bamboo blanks that I've got started-- The outer enamel of each of the bamboo's six sides has to be removed. The original shapping and flex of the blank is done with a flat scrapping of a rasor blade. Each side of the six sides have a distinct flex, twist or strenght to them and shapping and sanding helps to define the top and bottom of the blank. Lots of scrapping and sanding! more to come--


-------------------- Tuesdays report ------------

Light marine haze this morning-- wind, light to fair out of the South/southeast -seas good- rest of the week looks good too

Western Outdoors Tuna Jackpot this week in Cabo-

I think Vintage had a marlin yesterday off the East End-- 152- and Sleeper just released one this morning 11:56 off the East End too Vick's brother caught and released the fish on 20lb--- --Still more sportfishers and yachts/ ships headed south now--and some headed back to the States after getting their fill of fish and excitement-- Mag Bay and the Ridge has been fun so far this year--

Whale waters were absent of finding much in the way of sealife offshore today- working the 1-5 miles off the beach from San Onofee to Newport- there were some Humpbacks up past the oil rigs last weekend and a reported Gray whale seen off laguna couple of days ago in shallow- the first one of the first of the season's migration-

Not many boats out today-- though nice weather- one other marlin released off the East end this morning and there's lots of bait still there--

Water temps on the Tanner 67 degrees!

Closed on Mondays--

-------------- Nov 4th Coastal fog light to med across the channel, flat calm not much wind if any

Still a strong tide flow- the marlin bite around 1 pm yesterday- tuna fish offhsore still good but starting to scatter out-

-not much sign of those skippies offshore so far today-- lots of birds sealife 6-8 off the beach-

they were here--- - At least your seeing em'---10:30am ( marlin)

Fog thick - reduced to 200 yds-- close to the island- 152 it gets better--

Jumpers seen off dana-- 3 off the beach-- 1:43 --- he was headin' south!

Clearing mid afternoon--

Naw it didn't stick--doing a grass check-- letting it back out and again and zipp-- still a bit foggy here ( east end) 2:12pm

Ohanna just released a marlin 5 off Dana-- 3:19 with wife and daughter -- good times!

------ only a few bites off the east end of Catalina this weekend-- could be the fat lady is getting ready to sing--

Still good fishing for those making the run-- the corner US /Mex border ares holding yellowfin- yellowtail bluefin and dorado and probably soon marlins-- slow trolled live sardines worked better when around the porpoise schools--


------ Nov 3rd 2018 Sat bright and sunny again, light S/W wind 2 kts seas flat great visability and radio reception-

That second school of bluefin I think that was the biggest school I'd seen all summer-- they sunk out on us-- 10:20am

Whale watchers-- outside of Dana watching White -sided dolphins and a few sea lions-- and a marlin! -- 10:44

I checked out that paddy a little south of you-- it's loaded wide open- (425 or south from there) Yellowtail 31.56:01 / 117.18:538

Chasing foamers off the upper 9 mile bank all day--

Couple of boats working the East end this morning-- one boat pounded it for an couple of hours for nothing-- moved back just

did not eat-- kathy put me on it--- put the bait right in front of his nose-- didnt want it-- 3:34-

Mike-- Just released the fish--bite number 57--- finally got one to stick-- had a double fortunately one fell off after a while--- Contrats-- 3:56


----- Nov the 2 2018------- Bright and sunny Friday-- shouda gone fishin' --

Pale blue sky very light marine haze to the horizon line- seas calm and nice weather--- enjoy it while you can maybe some fog developing over the next couple of days--

The Boys were having fun yesterday--- catching big fat skipjacks-- casting colt snipers or other good casting shinny jigs and they were on-- 8- 10 off the beach between Newport and Laguna--- have fun

Catalina- has a steady bite on the calico--s a few Yellows and even seabass reported off the west end of the island-

Couple marlin boats out today-- no reported fish so far-- 12 noon

Common dolphins 4- off San Mate-- feeding on squid 20.67 43.50

We're on a double right now-- standard spot-- right off the cornor-- had a couple of tailere come up 1:10--Marlin-- It ate both of our dropbacks and we've got a jig fish going too!

there's fish jumping all over the place here now- (Marlin) - we're here in 50 fathoms- ( east end) 1:20pm

Lots of baitfish here in the harbor- pelicans diving on it-- incoming tide-

Just had three sleepers here right on the numbers we had earlier-- 2:05

A triple, single and another single and couldn't get any of them to go--

- this is insane--- I mean we've been casting to these three fish tailing- up swell presenting good bait to the and nothing it's insane bait all these fish and they not biting-- ( must be on squid) we must have casted fifteen times on these things--- all right find some more-- 2:55pm

Geoff's on one-- ---we've got the whole Dana Angling club out here--

General area the Slide off the east end of Catalina--- 18 over 16-- Tyee may have had caught three so far today!

Sport boats working the Tanner hard for the Bigger Bluefin--

-----------------------Nov- 1st 2018-----------------

Nice weather------blue sky , calm blue ocean, light northwest wind beautiful--

We got one, the seal got the other one-- I don't know where they came from -- they weren't here yesterday-- its thick here-- - you saw it-- it was ugly -- 10:54

Chelsea Marie-- you on this side-- you have any squid?-- he's here at the Isthmus he's got bait-- thanks--

Looks like the party boats were working out near the oil rigs today- and right off our coastline below Newport were were some Bonito to be found-- under the birds-- 2-3-4 miles out--

We just picked up two skipjacks inside the 14-- 2:57pm Lots of fun

High Tide got one this moring off the East end of the island -- Richard the angler and drop-back king-- great weather-- we checked out the west end of the island a jumper about a mile off the 125 that as it-- East end had another jumper and maybe another fish on the 152 this morning--

------ Oct 31 2018-------- Spooky ------------

Light marine haze light fog- burning away early mid morning-- seas fine wind 2 -3 kts S/W

Not many boats out so far today-- - radios quiet-

10-29-2018 Pacific Dawn Sportfishing Seventeen Bluefin Tuna over 200 pounds. Everyone got a cow on this 1.5 day trip. Biggest fish weighing in at a whopping 265 pounds! There's still big fish to be had-- mostly fishing the Tanner Bank and up to 30 miles S/W from there to the outer banks

A couple of local water temp charts-- Looks like a warm spot in the lee of clemente--

and the chlorophyll - waters clear blue all the way to the beach-


---------- Oct 30 2018-------------- Halloween's tomorrow night!

Light cloud cover with some clouds and a mix of blue developing-- wind light from the south seas calm with a west roll- waters blue all the way into the beach - practically-- turns green a mile or so out-- not much bait in it though in the interface .


View of t he coastal flats off Long Beach-( not showing the various hard and soft bottom hills and shelves inside 50 fat) and the oil rigs adjacent to the canyons and that Mussel farm inside a could miles to the north of the rigs ( lots of Black buoys and a yellow working vessel- )

Those marlin were seen up surface feeding there on Sunday--- out of the 4 or five boats that worked the areas yesterday, only Paul saw some morning feeders near the top of the canyon, dorsels up high- splasing around- it got quite from then after - oh a few shearwaters spread apart flew by and a couple of seas seen-- little bit of bait , but that was it--

I was looking forward to a Nantucket sleigh ride-- but never got it--

Bait out-- ballyhoo w/ snelled 8/0 circle hook on 100 fluorocarbon leader, Rod- Daiwa 30lb fiberglass trolling w alum butt-old school, Reel- Penn Int. 30 1988- old school w/ 450 yds 50 lb Garcia Greenspot Dacron- old school, double lines w/bimmi twists and butterfly knots- old school, South-Bend blue & white scooped marlin teaser- old school, Fintrix live-like sardine dredge teaser. It all looks good behind the boat-- wig wagged, up and down the inside drop-off from 8 till 2 pm- no bites bit a pleasant day on the water-- got back home safe and still had fuel left!



We're in the zone--- there's a few balls of anchovies-- -- he saw some breaking fish in the gyros-- OK were headed up above you--- we're going to give it a shot-- 1:09 tuna fishers-- maybe outside dana? - couldn't get em to take a bait--- 1:11pm there's anothe little spot of fish up there-- lot more birds here-- see if they'll take the sardines---

This looks like all dolphin out here-- there fish were inside from here-- they were confirmed fish-- they went under the boat-- didnt get the bait to them quick enough-- OK hope we can get a foamer here-- -----

---- Sundays--------- Oct 28 2018--------

Still heavy marine layer- amongst some fog- vis 1/4 or better-spot of blue- some southwest wind 4-6 kts light bump to the seastate- building

Where you at-- we're about 6 7 off the island, just getting them in-- how bout you-- were here next to the Slide-- couple of fish here already this morning tight to the island-- - OK we'll cover the outer water let you know what happens out here-- thanks-


fshore's ran in to the Rigs-- hung a toad--! 12:50pm--- released

Vick gets into the action with a fish beating up his dazy chained squid teaser- has a dropback bite-

When you have these Slack tides under the major tidal exchanges -- that Slack tide period may only be a short while-- as was the case today-- if you got there an hour after the tide --- you missed it-- -

Swagger comes in - swaggering with flags- -- season still going strong--


And the Dodgers lost again--- tick- tick--




--- Sat Oct 28 2018----

Foggy- not much wind and foggy--clearing a little offshore--some blue further offshore

Lots of bait- 5-6 off the island- between the A bank to Avalon- mackerels and chovies


Marlin fishing-- Locally-- They fished em' to the dark-- Off the East End I beleive- aboard the Tyee- angler Geoff H posted this Seriously epic day of pure hunting on TYEE with no action until 3:30 pm then hot action into the dark. 3-4 guys in gyros most of the day. First marlin released was from a single tailer that ended up a group of three Hooked at 3:30 and released in 4 minutes. The second from another group of three twitchy sleeper/tailers. Second fish bit at 5:40 pm and released in the DARK at 7:15. Memorable day!!


Stan geta a bite and another marlin was hooked--that wanted to go to Mexico-- good job Willy! I just saw the one tailer -- I counted three


And the B & B finally weighted their late arriving fish in at 308 lbs a qualifier for True Grit, so there were 117 entries, 3 winners and 114 losers! A 510-pound black marlin on the final day of the Bisbee Black & Blue Tournament was worth a staggering $3,004,900 to angler Charlie Lee and California-based Team Chinito Bonito.

1st Chinito Bonito 510 lbs, 2nd 4 Yahoos 395 lbs and 3rd True Grit 308 lbs

The Coast Guard medevaced an injured person via helicopter and rescued 17 passengers, after a vessel collision near the maritime boundary line. The crew of the 332-foot yacht, Attessa IV, contacted Coast Guard Sector San Diego's Joint Harbor Operations Center watchstanders at approximately 7:50 p.m. reporting a collision with the 65-foot sportfisher, Prowler, approximately nine miles offshore of Imperial Beach that resulted in extensive damage to the starboard quarter of the sportfisher and multiple injuries


And they won--! pulled it out late in the night 18th inning--!

---------------- Friay Oct the26- 2018---

Foggy in spots- mostly light 1/4 vis others pea soup- Whale or dolphin watchers glad to see anything-- finding a few outside Dana 4 miles- fog stars to clear up further out .

Couple of boats out marlin fishing off th East end--- party boats up towards the outer oil rigs

San Clemente Island looks open for the weekend and there's Yellowatils to be found in the lee-- nice sizes ones- who knows maybe a marlin or a swordfish good mid day high tide slack periods--

A quick check on the Black and Blue Tournament in cabo--- 117 boats some 700+ anglers over 4,000,000 US dollars at stake, one marlin weighed the First day at 395 lbs- no qualifying fish either yesterday the 2nd day and today's the last chance with minutes ticking away-- away-- away-- it gets a little tight on boat crews and anglers about this time-- tick-- tick-- the minutes tick away- a strike is all that is wanted - currently there are half a dozen boats fighing fish-- we'll see-- Chinito Bonito boats a Black Marlin after a 2 hr battle! 11:38 am

- Chinito Bonito's fish--510 lbs- And they're across the board--- except the 20K challange-

Bull Rider, Tag Team and TEAM PELAGIC is on fish-- 2:30

Tick-- Tick-- True Grits yet to weigh their fish - tand theyre across teh board except the 20K and two other fish hanging-- 15 minutes to go-- tick tick--

Lines out-- now the last fish to weigh True Grit's-- STANDING BY!


Dr Mike Thomas;'s big Wahoo caught on the way to the famed marlin grounds off Mag Bay/ Santa Maria-- Nice catch! 90 lbs +


Greg gets a bite-- off the east end-- didn't stick-- 1:11pm

25 ft boat comes in the harbor today flying a marlin flag-- Lady di-- Congrats--

There were three in the at the end-- even one had pushed the bait up to the boat and pinnned it there-- I couildnt go anywhere-- 3:33- East End?-- \

Got some tailers up-- OK go get one-- 4:15PM


It's Still open-- Go Dodgers---

You can bet there's a few bars down in Cabo full of marlin seeking gringos, watching ball games and getting juiced up!

------------- Thursdays Oct 25 2018 ----

Light overcast sky- some fog further north-- seas good-- Octobers Full Moon phase--Strong Tides

Several more boats headed south this weekend-- Weather looks good although there's a following sea developing outside north--

Reported off Mag Bay- Pescador's Captain KK landed and est. 92 lb Wahoo that's a beast and some of the marlin fishing below Tasco - the Finger Banks had 44 marlin released in a half days fishing last week!

  1. The Black and Blue continues with better seas today-- As of 10:30 our time no other Big Marlin boated -- standing by - Quitena #58 hooked up again 12:30 pm releases the fish- and Cowboys/ Karma 3 #37 been on a fish for over 2 hours-- Boats it--and they're across the board except the 20K jackpots-- - Not Sure What happened? -- No fish weighed today-- so the $$ Jackpot $$ rolls over to tomorrow and if no fish tomorrow it rolls back to the first days catch! Karma 3's fish had a fateful encounter with a prop voluntary DQ 

And here come the sailboats-Baja Ha-Ha XXV.Departs SD the 29th/ Turtle Bay the 1st ofNov, S/M the 5th and Cabo the 9th

Theft is not a good thing!!-- especially stealing fishing tackle ---Bad Karma comes from it-- recently this past Sunday- Basin - Dock C viewed this guy with a fish shaped skateboard- if you know him tell em to give back the stuff!



----------------- Wed's Report Oct 24th 2018 -------------------

light morning overcast-clearing off - wind light from the south 3-5 kts- seas have some texture to them and a low mix of swell-

May Bay Fishing???-- Magdalena Bay, Baja, Mexico. Released 89 striped marlin in 4 days. Really good fishing. Denise& Pete Foxi Lady! Bring more Ballyhoo's they say--'-

Mag Bay fish location! Latitude : 24.82462 (24.49) /Longitude : -112.44406 ( 112.25) roughly 6-10 miles N/W of Cabo San Lazaro ( Bahia Santa Maria)

Several boats headed to Baja/ Mag Bay over the past and next few days-- good traveling expected-


-------------- Tuesdays report - Oct 23 2018

More coastal marine / light fog this morning- seas still good with a mix of swell though calm- wind light and fair at 5-6 kts west early

I guess I left early- two marlins released yesterday afternoon off the east end of the island 4off the end- ( Vick)

PV's and Mazatlan in for trouble--

Coastal waters off color but have a lot of bait in them-- anchovies they look like-- 4-5 inch stuff-

San Clemente Island open this coming weekend- water looks warm in the lee of the island --yellowtails around White Rock and maybe Yellowfin and marlin around the Mackerel bank and the lee of Clemente-- always nice there--

JewelLure III heading south today--

Baja Water temps 65 to 85 degrees

-- Closed on Mondays-- Went fishing- caught mackeal , barracuda and lizzard fish --

Oct 21 Sunday---------- almost as nice- more marine haze and a southeast wind rumpling up the water, making it a bit uncomfortable for those smaller boats anchored up early for the Air Show-- it's due to build up some 10-12 kts by 1 pm more westerly backs off this evening

Cowboy released one this morning-- off the East end of the Island --Congrats to Teri and Chuck-

just got zipped on the flatline-- same place as last time-- wish they stick! 2:52---- 2 off the Slide 19 / 14

Boy -- there sure were a lot of boats heading back into the harbors once the air show was over-- a bit sloppy with all the wakes crisscrossing--

overcast cloud clouds late afternoon--

I received them in a month ago-- but haven't had the devoted time to work with them, Heavy Duty Big Game bamboo rods ( blanks) - hand build by master rod crafter Glen out of Montana - it took a year and a half to get them -- he's in great demand.




These blanks are designed to fish for those giant Bluefin Tunas -It'll take another 6 months of scraping and sanding and varnish finish work before the guides and reel seats and handle can be added.

Photo from Glen

Fall fishing with my fishing buddy,. Glen-

----- Oct 20 2018 ---- Saturday----- Nice ----------

Lots and lots of boats out today-- some whale watchers-- or those heading to Catalina for the weekend, those enjoying a days fishing-- yellowtails up towards the Mussel farm outside Long Beach, those headed offshore for marlins and tunas ( marlins were tight to the island yesterday 400 ft depth- great show of feeders the yesterday- thought they were porpoise- nope 20+ feeders ) the tunas both large and small bluefin or yellowfined around Clemente island -

Pacific Air Show! they say over a million folks will view it today!

And the fleet of boats the armada of boats headed up to the Huntington Flats for the Air Show-- anchored with with sun screen umbrellas , others with banners and flags flying- Should be a spectacular show there today and tomorrow-, clear skies and not much wind-- it gets lots of boats up ther use some caution when returning when the show is over-- too many boats causing too many wakes --small boats take caution!-

great radio reception today--

We're up to 10 so far-- we just got an 102 lbers you copy Mike-- 10:34am S/W of Clemente-

We one on a jig then a bait fish -the jig broke off-- found a paddy with fish on it yellowtails, were near the Slide-- 1/2 way between the 14 to the island

Were out here with the fleet , bluefin there's a dozen sports - were 18 southwest of Pyrimid cove !

In looking at the forecast of the approaching Hurricane which at this point appears to be be crossing directly over the Tres Marias Archipelago an island group located 50 nautical miles off the coast of Nayarit, Mexico in 1905, then president of Mexico Porifirio Diaz placed the islands under federal jurisdiction for use as a federal penitentiary - good fishing there too! it's going get very windy and very wet there- so will PV Stand By!

Greg gets congrats from the fleet for a released fish--off the East end-- 11:50am

We just had some fish up-- soaking a bait now---- maybe they're coming up-- 11:55am

Slack tide today--- 1:30pm


Keep your eyes open -- there's a swordfish up on front of your--- Louie-- there in front of you --- 5 boats-- off your port--- we've baited it several times now--- 12:06

Scratchy report from behind Clemente- see that foamer-- 12:10pm

just had a feeder up-- 2:03

--Great Air Show-- !

The Little Bisbee's got Martha M in the chair for over hours now-?

and I think one or two marlins today east end? and a lot of folks got sun burnt today too!

Looks like there were several bigger marlin taken today and a big 200+ Yellowfin in the little BB tournament in cabo today and latest hurricane forecasted shows it to move onto the Mexican mainland coastline even sooner than expected- heavy rains and winds expected Manazillio and PV.


Go Dodgers--they need help! They Won! Stand by for the famious World Serries Playoff Special !

------------ Friday the 19 of Oct---------

Blue sky- light south wind, low mix of swell- nice-

We saw one sleeper this morning's that's been it for us so far--

A pair of 140's, both baitfish, bluefin tuna we spent the night out there couple of nights ago-- not much of a sunset bite for us although there were some other sportboats out there who seemed to do well- I think their count as 17 or 19 fish for their trip-- we didn't do much there at night nor the morning bite but around 11 am they came up, all over the place- behind us, in front of us, off to the side- all over the place-- we got bit with a live greenback and a sardine (South of Clemente Is. 25 miles 267 bank)

We had quite a few quick feeders-- I think 6 or 7 bites and there was one released- ((East End)

------ Oct 18 2018-- and the month just keeps rolling along----

Fine weather-- a little dry to the sinuses , clear blue sky- light marine haze to seaward , small mix of seastate otherwise calm with light west wind 5-7 kts- building

The Last one--- of the Season- local Marlin fishing-- or for those chasing numbers they're still here- or at least it sure looks fishy off the East end---- the Pescador, traveling south--was heard via VHF from the lower 500- heading south great weather--

The Mackerel Bank also looks good-- as the question raised about Clemente /Pyrimid Cove being opened - open after 1700 hours today, open all day Friday, Sat and Sunday-

Relentless just finds a marlin within 500 ft of a fish's numbers from yesterday-- ! 12:26

Pacific Air Show this weekend off Huntington Beach-- great entertainment-!

You guys doing any good--- well we saw a nice jumper about an hour ago-- right next to the boat-- 2:56pm

Water gets really nice and warm right next to the island Catalina---- 70+ and a report from the lee of Clemente, nice and warm there too- should be a swordfish or two or three or more basking in the area-- very nice there too- yet no signs of marlins and no signs or swordfish yet- -


The big boy games in Cabo-- The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

--------------Chupacabra 499 ----------------------- Carpe Diem 467 --------------------------Second Wind 363 ----

The Black and Blues and Los Cabos Offshore starts tomorrow-

-------- Oct 17 2018 Wed ------

Clear and Dry again-- very clear and very dry wind light from the southeast maybe 2 3 kts seas calm , flat- swordfish weather!

and you can bet there's several sleepy marlins out there today just sunning themselves- Tyee went 0 for 2 on the marlins this moring- between the Slide and the A bank!

That was a decent show this morning--- yea sure was-- I'm going poke around to the back side ,-- I saw those fish come up from behind me-- then came in between us --- then worked up hill from me-- ok --keep getting em'-- ( my guess between the lines says they were off the East end of Catalina and had a school of Yellowtail come by?) 11:57am

Im on the 371-- skippy--- same here-- were seven from you-- skippies--

Such a beautiful day--- and several of the local private sportfishers having left for Baja and their annual Mag Bay pilgrimage

brings lots of hooks! and facemask and snorkel for the hurricanes!

Go Dodgers---

---------------------- Tuesdays Report Oct 16 2018 ---Oct. marks 42 years here--!

Clear and dry- N/E Santa Ana's- coastal waters dropped to 61 - 62 degrees , bay waters still a dirty tea brown caused by the precious rain debris /crap , and a meager tide to wash it out.

Just had one come unbuttoned on a Jig-- literally acres of bait here- looks like some bonito pushing it-- birds everywhere-- I'm 4 off the Slide- 69.1 degree water it's Blue and lots of bait marks- looks good-- 10:45am Vintage an antique tackle!

Just had a quick feeder come up-- -- 11:34

Just lost another one inside the freighter lanes-- mid channel 12- 15 kts--- 2 -3 ft wind chop-- much nice closer to the island-- 12:58 -- jig fish! It's not over yet--- !!

<---They brought it in yesterday morning to the BAC-- --kept on ice, 249 lbs-- A Party of Three , no details yet!

Reply on the photo--- In 1997 I caught a swordfish off of Catalina and weighted it in at the Balboa Angling Club. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with catching another swordfish and my goal was to catch it alone. For the past three years I’ve basically ignored all other fishing and focused solely on swordfish. I’ve been mostly using the deep drop method and on my 116th drop I finally caught my fish. On Sunday, October 14th I was north of Santa Barbara Island on my boat, the “PARTY OF THREE” and around 2:00 PM I got hooked-up. I was fishing alone so it was very challenging to work at the rod, maneuver the boat, leader and gaff the fish. He was in 1000 plus deep water and ate a squid, it was a 2 hour fight on 100 lb.line. Obviously the deep drop method is very inefficient in California waters and for safety reasons, I’m not advocating fishing alone. >> >>> Sunset Aquatic Shipyard. > Just chasing a dream, >>> Karl Adriany >>> Congrats- JD !




-- Sorry closed Mondays---

----------------------- Sunday Oct 14 2018 ------

Light overcast against, Seas are like a Lake "he said" , cooler water pushing down from the HB flats and outside- 64 reported off the pipe,

I'm on the A Bank headed to the East End-- wanted to call you before I got out of range-- there were two boats off the backside of the island this morning who had fish ( marlin) I'm headed there now-- 10:27am

Bonito being caught by some of the locals out front of Dana--Newport 1 1/2 - 3 off the beach-- Fun fishing for them-

See what's left over from this wind tonight and tomorrow-- stand by--Avalons on Storm Watch! or should be---

Santa Ana winds weather-- Gulf of California: On Mon, strong to near gale force NW winds will rapidly develop N of 27N in response to robust high pressure building over the Great Basin of the United States. Winds could gust to gale force for the waters N of 30N when this event peaks on Mon. Seas to 9 or 10 ft are possible in the northern Gulf Monday, then seas will gradually subside below 8 ft by Tue evening as winds die down.

----------------- Oct the 13 Saturday rainny ----

Overcast and light rain- wind blew itself ' out leaving seas Ok but still a bit lumpy-

Bonito fishermen , both here and outside Newport chasing a few schools round-- birds are the key , a little white water behind the boat and a skipping feather draws strikes- - Water turning ugly green up west of the harbor-- 68 degrees at the entrance of newport 65 -64 and offcolor to the west towards the Rigs--

Lobsters should be crawling this evening!

Long range weather forecasting for the lower Baja and Mexico shows an hurricane working up Mexican mainland --Stand By--

Afternoon water conditions-- beautiful as it's glassed off from this morning's leftover slop

Foxi Lady Mag Bay Report -- Wed fished 5 miles east of Thetis. Raised 27 released 15. Fishing 4 teasers and pitching ballyhoo Because of hurricane Serigo. Moved boat Wed nite to Finger Bank. Releasing 18 Thursday. Friday anchored at Cape. Back to Mag on Thursday. Tell boats coming down to text us at 310-905 5827. To get up dated info tight lines


-------- Oct 12 2018 - Friday Go dodgers! Well --they lost-- ---

Wind up early today from the west 6- 8+ kts light wind chop and ground swell still mixes but low.

From the reports off May Bay- bring lots of hooks! and bait too- squid teasers help to eliminate some of the unwanted dorado's attacking the jigs-- dropbacks with either rigged ballyhoos or macks for the marlins

- She's a bit blustery out there today-- swells from the south against a stiff west wind it's all jacked up and confused-- yet their are boats headed south today-- Vaya Con Dios!

Weather forecast to get better on Saturday- some left over lump and swell Sunday better- then along comes Santa-- Monday morning--- -- Santa Ana Winds strong at times blowing southwards, Boat traveling south head caution it can come up strong out of the Northeast


Nice morning-- seas have a light mix of swell but othesies flat- by noon a light west began building

Took the morning hours on the water-- soaked a rigged squid at 600 ft deep and a live green backed mackerel out another 150 ft-- water, starts to clean up at around 2 miles, shearwaters and porpoise marks the appearance of bait schools-- - by 9 am the clock on the wall said its time for work- so packed up and headed back escorted by several black n' white hole heads-- nice morning-- no bites- thanks everyone for the good wishes--

E-Mail this morning from the Quitena while haeding south--

700 pounds from yesterday. Died on us, Tiagra reel completely failed and we tied on a new rod and planed her up on light tackle 150 leader. Caught on a Nomad wahoo jig. Rich saw a big sonar mark and was bitching we hadn’t got the marlin spread out when she bit.


Mexico's Water temp


Looks warm down there--



A check with San Clemente's web site

Schedule/Safety Zones shows the Cove to be open for anchrage form 7 pm till 7 am Fri and Sat and becomes active hot again 6 am on sunday- backside tuna grounds open , watch the weather


Boat for Sale--


-------- Tuesdays report --------- Oct 9th 2018 -----

Nice day-- Seaward , a bank of coastal cloud, wind light from the south seas have that sparkle to them- Swells on the beaches, churning up the water a bit--

Yellowfin and skippes and a few dorado in the mix below the 312 south to the 9 mile Bank and US/ Mex Border and out to the Ridge 182- 181 and maybe as high up as the 209 - better

Heading to Mexico-- price of fuel up these is days-- Island Marine Fuels, out front of JD's shop has a Baja Mexico Special going on -- VALVTECT treated Diesel fuel is 30 cents off the Preferred Customer Pricing with an 400 gal minimum required. Please call for reservations and exact prices as it can change daily --406 South Bay Front . Balboa Island, CA 92662 . (949) 673-1103 Tell em' JD's Sent you!

Struggled with a couple of reels today-- hours to get the bearing out- and replaced-- boat headed to Mexico needs good gear-- no use going south with tackle bound to bind up-- , couple of suggestions Hooks-L J's and leaders and line were common go through's, some small wire and other goodies to fish the inland areas

--- Closed Monday--


Por Vida calls in late yesterday afternoon-- they had caught a marlin with a US Vet aboard, he's been wounded in Iraq and this was his first time out Deep Sea Fishin' the quote-- "these sure don't pull like a bass but more like a stock car!" Michael Doole Congrats!


Three marlin off the East End/ Church Rock yesterday


------- Sundays report --------- Oct 7 th--

Wind out of the South, breezy seas have a wind chop and a west swell to them- a little bumpy- not many boats out of the harbor this morning-- and those over in Catalina for Buccaneer Days have a lumpy return back to port today- yuck-

Reported from boats already making the journey to the Cape before the storm-- of smaller/ med sized Yellowfin tunas from San Benito's southwards to the Cape-- a few wahoos on the high spots on the ridge, timing was part of that and of very good Striped Marlin fishing on the Finger Banks, halfway below Mag bay to the Cape . No report of fuel cost at Turtle Bay yet and we'll have to see what transpires there depending on weather this coming week-- Some helpful items may be brought down to them afterwards by private boats

The Baja Ha ha Starts Oct 28- runs to Nov 10th

Weather backed off somewhat mid day-- still bumpy- not many whales or porpoises around for the local whale watchers-- they are seeing breaking fish offshore 4- 5 miles under terns- bonito or skippies

Go Dodgers-

--------- Sat Oct 6 2018 -

Cooling off with a bit of cloud cover and a brisk morning south/southwest wind at 8- 14kts seas a bit bumpy and a mixed of seastate-- -We've still got a ways before the marlins leave, Santa Ana's and a storm or two to concentrate em' and move them southwards-- Tunas a tails will be out savior for the winter-

Not much to report --facebook says a few skippies around and a marlin heard of, best I can give is a water temp chart today- JD

----------------- Fridays Report -------------Oct 5th ---

So-So out there this morning--- a wavering of the hand denoted the seas were only only so so- VHF radio says newport beach at 4 ft and water temps 66 degrees- water greening up- hazy clear sky w/ few horizon clouds lingering on-

San Clemente Islands Security web site shows the "Cove and inside of the island" up to Whites to be Active from 7 am till 7 pm Friday, sat and Sunday-

Zone- C & D 06-OCT 0700 to1900 SFC:10K SHOBALSHGT

Marlin bite near the A- Bank today-

Good luck this coming weekend-- -

Go Dodgers!!

------ Thursdays report --- beautiful out there today-- clouds and sun- light refreshing breeze- couple of boats out-- one fish I think hooked off the east end of the island

Come on down, the Pargo are biting ! a 56 pound Pargo, Nice Catch--!

I'll have to call you back-- I'm a little busy right now----oh yea? 1:31pm

Hey you've got to turn!!! --- hey can you hear me on the skiff-- you've got to turn-- Sorry-bro-- yea we were way streched--1:39

Go Dodgers!!

Couple more bites towards the east end of the island-- good temp break there--

Beautiful day

-------- Wed's Oct 3 2018 --

Wind steady from the Southeast, seas fair and calm light mix of swell- cloud-cover

Some of the biggest yellowfin tunas many of the newer crowd have experienced are here and still fishable-- finding a school of porpoise and working around the perimeters of them with either trolled plugs or cedar plug lures-, smal jet heads had the skippies on them . Also getting in the middle or get in front of the pack with dropped down live baits sardines or small greenbacks macs - fish up to 60- 70 lbs reported- and a mix of Big eye tuna to boot-- prime areas have been from the 289 it towards Clemete is. and a mile or two from the Head- ( afternoon hours) and down the S/C Canyon to the 43 and back towards the border from there-

Any offshore school of porpoise this time of year may be holding--



E-Mail this morning-- JD, I caught my qualifier ( Tuna Club of Avalon) over the weekend aboard Rod N's Matador! 20 lb Dacron. Tag and release Ryan M

E-Mail from Genesis Team... Catches a Big Eye Tuna on the troll. An additional mixed bag of 15 other tuna... Bluefin,yellowfin and Skipjack.






---------- Tuesday October the 2nd,

Most of that swell as backed off- seas fair and calm some lump to it, a mix of sea - waters lost some of it;s clarity- baits showing on the 14 but not much else, several boats out searching-- three cast no bites-

Hot Reels releases one 32 minutes on 30 dacron he was towards the east end of the Island 72 degrees 1:16-- slack tide 3:38 this aftenoon

Nice ocean today--

only the one fish off the east end that I know of-- good amoung of bait on the 14 but no fish- water greening up inside waters


-- Sorry closed on Mondays - Didnt catch anthing-

----------- Sundays Report Sept 30 2018 ----

Coastal light clouds- warm and sunny inland-- wind light West/southwest switching to West 2- 3 kts- nice-light texture to the water- mix of low swells- northwest wind building- being sucked southwards by Rosa--




the flags keep on flying--

Offshore and Pescador

and Vicks on another one in the afternoon hours-- inside the 14-- and it's released-- congrats- from the fleet

Overall fishing today was off for the marlins today--

Should be nice sunsets and sunrises the next few day--


Go Dodgers they won- playing tomorrow against the Rockies - Angles- who?-



------ Saturday-Sept 29th - feels like spring- with a few puffy clouds around in the morning hours-- light south wind- 2-5 kts- seas fair with building swell-

A pod of a dozen or so Orca's outside Newport / Dana 8- 10 off the beach-- 2-4miles?

T/C we've got a 12?-- 20 lb bait fish 10:54- ? Control--- it got cut off? Stand by we're pulling on the second fish, one cut the other off- 10:56

Miller time were hooked up on 30 lb-- 11:09

Hey-- boat with no one up on the bridge-- slow down and turn we've got a fish hooked up-- ~!!

Looked like the shipping lanes between the 14 and A bank and the oil rigs was the hot spot--

T/C Cameo is hooked up on 9 thread lines line-- 12:26

Joint Venture hooked up on 30lb-- 12:33--

T/C lines out at 3 pm today and roll call seemed to be a dozen or more boats in their Hunt Tournament--- unfortunately I did not hear the counts but there must have been a dozen or more fish hooked

They tell me the bigger tunas showed back again off the back side of Clemente-- divers speared a 150 +

we got a double going!-- Prospector-- came up on the jigs right next to Randy-- 27/ 11 --- 3:51

sounded like randy also had a pair of them too-

and Prospector gets the releases and congrats

sounded lik good local marlin fishing- feeders tailer- fun-


Go Dodgers--

and Old Joe still fishing through is son-- with Joe Winkelmann's 9 thread Dorado - Congrats- JD


----------- Friday the 28 th - last weekend in September 2018 -

Almost a June Gloom atmosphere here today-- overcast warm- light wind from the south seas calm light mix to it- building swells this weekend from the south-- made two casts, no bites quit

Looks like Broadbill Swordfish tides to me--

You guys have a swordfish rig?? -- we've been playing with it for quite a while-- come on over and give it a try-- all we've got is 30lb tackle he's a big fish!-- 10:59 am


E-Mail this morning We headed out of Newport looking for tuna a full bait tank of sardines and Mackerel. 25’ Pursuit “Reel Friends”Found poroipus schools, whales and birds around the 277 but no strikes. Went towards the 289 and it was lifeless so headed to 182. Windy and overcast so tracked back up to the 209. We got a knock down on the daisy chain cedar plug around 12:00. Saw it was a Marlin. Long time friend Don Kemby dropped back a mackerel at and we watched it inhale it. My son Duncan Wilson brought it to the boat for his first Marlin a Great team effort! Came back in to try around the 14 mile bank and found 5 seiners wrapping Bonitas

See where our bows pointed-- that's where there were all those crashing tunas-- 11:21--

Parker on the 181 , this is the Cabo off your side--- you had any luck---- had one short bite, we've done well on the Halco and a hex head purple and black -- about a half dozen they'd range from 25 down to 15---what color Halco?- purples and blacks seem the hot color-- we had out a cedar plug out the back there, early on with a triple, they seem a little shy right now--- good luck to you- thanks--

San Clemente Island looks to be open for fishing this weekend -- pay head to the weather and swells--

Anybody fishing the 14--- ??-- i've got only a couple skipjacks so far-- anybody? 12:09

You know it slow when guys "on the water" are calling in here via to ask me if I've heard anything?-- quite out there today !

Where's all the big tuna go? Japan?--

Just had a couple feeders up-- you just getting to the zone?-- we had a jig strike about a 1/2 mile behind you half hour ago-- 2:03pm

anybody on the 43--- we're about 11 up the line from it-- had double jig strikes of dorado-- that's been about it-- yea were here rolling into a pod of dolphins right now- -- some kelps here too- we'll let you know--2:12

We're on our way to clemente-- we're on the ridge now -- we didn't see anything interesting all the way --- you into dolphins-- I got you we'll cruse over your way-- drag some cedar plugs-

We worked it for quite a while just about to give up on it-- when we got a really nice one-- ! 3:30

- Lobster Season due to open-- lots of game wardens around-- Make sure you've got all your paperwork and personal gauges on hand--

Reports of Drift Gill Nets being phasaed out by law-

Boy oh Boy--- that was a big fish-- We heard the report of a 500 lb Blue being landed today-- but ours wasn't quite that big but it was big- 300lb + hit that black and sliver jig with a little green on it-- big jig aways back took that 50 W with all ha 80lb Mono and the 100 brad backing down to almost nothing left-- getting it down from the bride rod holder was something - and we stayed on the fish for another 20 25 minutes slowing gaining line-- when something happened maybe the fish was just wrapped but the fish shook and the hook came out-- pulled it-- Just south of the 209 for that bite-- we caught as many yellowfin as we lost- that X-Rap purple and black and the P/BK Halco-- maybe a mile above the 181 is where we found that mile long pod od dolphins the fish were off the back south side of it. Boy oh Boy was that ever a big fish! and reported two wahoo taken today- how's that for a friday late afternoon report-- -


---------------Thursdays Sept 27 2018-

Hazy blue, inland hazy gray seaward- light west wind 2- 4 kts- seas calm, wind light, mix of seastate- Made three casts, one nice 10 inch spotted bay bass- quit-

AIS shows the local sportboat fleet chasing the smaller grade tunas, skippies and yellowfin from the 209 southeastwards

--------radio quiet -------

Water temp/ chlorphill images shows a band of warm blue water pushing up the backside of Catalina- still off-color 68 up on the Osborne-

Where ya goin?? calm down we just got hooked up to a marlin--- twice! 11:31

had a double on the skipjacks on the 277 not mucj else going on here-

10-12 offshore birds and bait mackeral bank

Early afternoon report-- Bill was out--- past the 14 2-3 miles and down to the 267/ 279 bank-- not much going on-- meetered some bait deep 200 ft -- most life seen was S/E of the 267-a few more birds and bait there-- otherwise quite-

Hunt Tournamet tomorrow for the Tuna Club of Avalon-- martlins and tunas the goal--

-just had a marlin greyhounding-- 3:07 Jumper---


Sept 26 2018 Wed- report

Heaver marine clouds this morning- almost a light fog-- wind light from the west-- seas calm a mix of sea , Warm water pushed in towards the coastline-

Areas of fish on Monday dried up on Tuesday-- birds and bait disappeared-! moon phase?currents-

Looking forward Cedros Island and Turtle Bay looks to get wet and windy early next week- -!!-

A congrats went out to a marlin being released- 11:02--

Congrats again --- what's that your third fish for the day--- !! 12:04

remained quiet for most of the day-- a few whales watchers out outside Laguna-- some hole heads there

--- Sept 25 2018 Report-

Took the day off yesterday-- went fishing for marlin in my skiff- had the old Zane Gray blue and white teaser out there bobbin an weaving around -starboard side, a set of lifelike plastic sardines rigged in an enlarged umbrella rig -port side, looked real fishy and the rigged ballyhoo looking like a snake back there just swimming along-snaky like- in dark rich blue warm 70.9 degree water , just outside the Forbidden Zone of Laguna-- spent about 5- 6 hours there yesterday, nice boat ride, saw an sea elephant and a patch or of kelp that was it for the day-

Vick ran over towards Catalina-- had a triple and camino had a fish there too- Vintages over on the ridge off Catalina 125// 152 and towards the 277 - lots of bait still showing there- too-

Clemente Islands was reported slow so far this morning-- Full Moon?- hard to catch any flyers there last night--

there's all sorts of smaller yellowin on the 277- skipppies there too-

and some tunas behind the island too-- both islands 20- 30lb stuff-

overcast here on the beach and on the water for most of the day-

We had three sleepers 6 miles outside your house this morning ( laguna) spaced about 1/2 apart- there was some bait there, mackerel chovies-- we pounded it out for couple of hours through the tide change for nothing-- you doing anything?

West wind picked up clearing out that cloud cover-- not much else said on the radio-- boat coming down from S F said inner waters inside Channel islands offcolor- but had sea life in it- seals etc-


---- Sorry will be Closed on Monday!-----

---------- Sundays Sept 23er-- first full day of Fall----

Feels like it too- a different set of morning coulds today-- seas calm- light swell nice-

ALOHA- ya picking me up Dan-O-- Steve Brackmann tournament High Angler aboard team / boat “Time Out” at the awards held at Catalina for the Pesky's . Went 2 for 5 over the last two days below the 14 Mile Bank. Funnest tourney there is “The Pesky Tournament”!






ALOHA- ya picking me up Dan-O-

The Bounder and Crew arrive back safely into the harbor-- ALOHA



Swagger comes in flying their laundry--

As well as Nuevo --








Upcoming the Tuna Club of Avalon will host their Hunt Tournament -- one of the last of the season-- Light Dacron line for the marlins and heaver Dacron lines for the Tunas-- if if you really got brave- using linen fishing thread lines ! Just in, 20 lb Cortland Dacron fishing lines also stocked are 30, 50, and 80 lb test Dacron in buld spools- sorry no 12 or 8 lb Dacron-- .


Headed to Mexico--- SAC Sportfishing Asso of Southern California . has the links for that FMN Permit--


Saturdays First Day of Fall- Sept 22 equal day and night time-

A great Pesky Morning to all -- from the Play-N Hookey. Go get em!!

. · Yesterday’s jig fish on the Bounder. 1st days Los Pescadores Marlin Derby multiple fish in the jigs 8 fish released so far good turnout 42 boats ALOHA- ya picking me up Dan-O---

Light marine coastal clouds haze -Light west wind early-- forecasted to blow 15- 20 midday west- light wind chop on otherwise nice seas for now--

- We're three for for so far--

What time is it!!

ALOHA- ya picking me up Dan-O Nuevo releases a fish-- on the 14 Mile Bank- 11:14

ALOHA- ya picking me up Dan-O Noon Update--- 12 fish yesterday and 4 so far today. Caught on the 14, A Bank and the Rigs.

ALOHA- ya picking me up Dan-O I think he said 23 and 14 jig, rubby, morgan-- Black &Purple- hokd on-- 1:37

I think were Bite--- 2-- 2-1/2 off the light-- 2:48 pm Slack tide today-- 2:28 pm today

ALOHA- ya picking me up Dan-O Time Out gits a bite minutes before lines out 19 / 05 bait fish- ballyhoo- His Second!











------------ Fridays Fish report- 9/12/ 18---

Seas calm with a light roll to it- light wind ripple on it-- nice Full moon building--

ALOHA- ya picking me up Dan-O-couple of morning bites 59/ 29

We had radio troubles just got the hand held working we had a double on the 277,


That's the second bite we got off that tournament lure-- is that with the palm tree leaves out or laid flat, I'll have to check-


Reel Five-O this this the Hooker-- 11:19 ALOHA- Reel 5 O ya picking me up Dan-O Bill's fishing w/ Stanley--\


The gal' s were out making bait this morning--!



-We just lost one about a 1/2 mile behind us-- yea we had one too - tried to get the bagel on it-- but didn't'

Stanley-- Congrats from the Sel le vie--!

Reel 5- O ya picking me up Dan-O 34/ 05 Kea Kai-- 11:05 we've got a hook up -- and the rest of the stuff- 11:05 released

The fleet's circling the outer oil rigs---!! There's maybe 5 ot 6 marhin release so far today--- 11:54am--










Slack tide today 2:00 Standing by---

Motivator releases one with the garb and all the dressings on-- 2:12

Reel 5- O ya picking me up Dan-O -- Flying Fish also hooked up with Kingmill the angler the crew putting on their garb as well as the angler-- grass skirts- coconut bras and hula looping adds to their points--20 over 09

Reel 5- O ya picking me up Dan-O - another hook up-- 2:43-- the tides turned and the fish were up in it.

And the days radio sparks agiain with another- Reel 5- O ya picking me up Dan-O - something- and - 59 3:50 pm

and for the old timers-- Badges-- we dont need any stinking badges!"

<-----Photo of Beek in his early Days

and Stan in the good ol days too!->

Prospector calls in grass skirts and all-- Reel 5- O ya picking me up Dan-O - 4:59 -- there's no lines out tonight -- so they can fish till 4:08 pm on sat


















-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tuna Stuff ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

They were biting there this morning-- but the Navy has other ideas about fishing there---

They ( scientist) were doing some archival tagging on the Bluefin these past few days--- three different tags in one 150lb fish released

JD, Here is a picture of Todd's 2nd fish (before 8:00 am) caught this morning on a JD's rigged yummy flyer. 1/2 way to limits.. Hello JD, My brother Todd Niles is at SCI trolling one of your rigged yummy flyers and has 2 Bluefin on the boat at 8:00 am. Todd said conditions are good !



--- Thursdays Sept 52- report ---------Coastal clouds lingered longer than expected till noon- light S/S/E wind- seas fair light cross bump to it- Weather looks to be ok for tomorrow but blowing Sat mid-day /afternoon with a left over lump on Sunday--

The marlin fleet out and about---couple of marlin bites between the inner banks and up towards the rigs-

We got a jumper here-- couple around anyway--- thanks buddy we had a jumper the other side of that break-- ( 14) that's all we've seen in the past hour- 11:50 Slack tide today--- 1:30pm

Aloha-- Reel Five-O and Hilo Hookers are the tournament boats-this year for the Pesky's Mahlin Derby--- - Pickin' me up Danno! is the call and Grass skirts, Hulu-Hoops and sandles are part of the garb to wear when hooked up and opened breski's and baggled released mahlin add to angler points- Aloha !

Custom Hulu skirted Tiki God mahlin lure!

Aha---- its a Mako Shark-- no-- turned into a nice big dorado! 1:52

Warren hangs a double up by the oil rigs-- 2:28 released-


---------------------- Wed's report --------

hazy pale blue sky- light S/W wind 2-3 kts- seas fair and smooth, a little wrinkle here- there-

Said they were finding skippies 7 inside the 209 area and a couple of jumping dorado on a kelp-- others inside and below them towards Oceanside by a war ship reported offcolor green water- bluer outside them

Oil Rigs off Huntington- they were still looking for bird schools 10:12am

Pesky's Kick off Dinner this evening-- ALOHA- ya picking me up Dan-O---


Orcas' still hanging around, lots of common dolphins off the coastline the Killers were swimming amongst them.

We're next to that paddy where that marlin was hanging-- our slow trolled mackeral got crushed!

Tsunami Warning Test today at 3:00--!!! this is a test only---

The 47th Channel Islands Billfish Tournament was held this year from September 8-12. Good weather and poor fishing resulted in 4 fish being released by 11 entered boats. First place went to Brett Bannerman's "Skol" with two releases. Second place with one release was Jim Dal Pozzo's "Hydrocarbon". "Ruckus" with C.G Miller and crew took third place with one release.

Sleeper this moring on the 14 that didnt bite and some more jig bites and a few tailers off the East end of the island--

2018 Masters a fish story

Creak--- Creak----Creak each step betrays me as I crept down that old wooden staircase wondering to myself of how many others have also creep down these same stairs in the dark morning hours not wanting to wake the others upstairs. Yet they too would soon be up and about to test their skills in this sport of deep sea fishing. I was a guest at the Tuna Club of Avalon this past weekend- to act as Radio Control for the Balboa Anglings Clubs Master Angler tournament--

Stationed high up on the hills above Avalon the site held an spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean below and onwards to the East and it’s coastal coastline, the hills of San Pedro rising above the morning’s marine clouds, soon to go away in the daylight.

Up early

Wow—what a scramble during that midday bite --- , now to sort it all out--- , as a precaution I had taken a little tape recorder along to reconfirm all the boats, anglers, tackle and times, only one double check was needed to confirm a 16 lb vs 20 lb fish was hooked— Pleasant up there –no noise other than a few birds chirping and fluttering in amongst the shrub and cactus beds- couple of hiker passed by with a wave, saw an big old shaggy buffalo and what a nice view from up there- till next year

5 Clubs, 39 boats, 172 anglers, 40 hook ups- 27 released, 17 bait fish-, 28 Jig fish


------------ Monday Sept 17 2018 ----

Light blue sky after some morning coastal clouds left us-- wind fair from the west early--- light wind chop with it-

Up dates on the Masters catches ( See below)

-While were out chasing marlins and tunas-- Pete's chasing trout--E-Mail-- from Pete- JD Caught a nice steelhead today. 6 wt fly rod w a stonefly nymph. Vancouver Island, BC Cheers PB

Quite a feww boats out today--- fishing both the marlins and tunas 277 had good bait and bird life 71 degrees

Marlin boats chasing bait in 72 1/2 good clear looking water-- 267 Downhill current pushing the bait southwards West wind picking up-- 2:45pm

We found purple blue 72 degree water and 9 dorado while trolling for marlin--

Sloppy mixed seastate this afternoon



Just a few of the photos from the Masters thanks to Eric L.














































Radio Control!










Daily catches


High Club this Year went to the Light Tackle Marlin Club's Team #1 Joint Venture, Pacific Pioneer, Flying Fish and Prospector, High Angler the Master Angler Award went to Don Butts aboard the Magellan catching back to back marlins on 20 and 16 lb test lines. and the High Boat Award went to the Motivator from the Los Pescadores club- Congrats to all the winners! JD

________ Saturday Sept. 15th ________

- Osprey angler John Shaper hooked up on 20 lb, Grid 28 - bait fish -

- 12:43 Donnie Hooked Up on 20lb tackle - Fish came off -

1:00 PM Update

- 3 Fish Being Fought Right Now on Gun Slinger, The Patron (now released on 20 lb), & Osprey -

- 21 Hook-ups -

-10 Bait-fish -

- 11 Jig-Fish -

-12 lb on the "Swagger".. be careful - line breaks too easy -

- Swagger 2:10 PM Hook-up -

- Burning Dayligh: 16 lb -

- "Jack Harris - - 4:18PM So Glassy, Tim, 16 lb, Jigfish Grid -OFF! Darn.. - 40 min left, good luck - Make a couple zigzags and a U-turn, you might get him again, .. Best of luck!"


- 17 Released Today -

-8 Lost -

-1 DQ'ed -

- CONGRATS!! 100% Radio Participation today! - 98% Yesterday - 1 on the head count of the yellow-jacket(s) - Spanish Radios's are tough! - Davy 0ut! -

Radio Talk

Quiet today -

2:22 PM The Breeze is PICKING UP

209: "Any fish today? .. Dorado under the paddy's .. Can't find any paddy's"


The shop will be open from 12 till 5 pm , Thursday, Friday and the weekend-- probably closed on Monday-- JD

-------Wed's Sept 12 2018 Report ---------

Nice morning weather for the inner waters- gray sky, gray ocean flat and calm-- by mid morning marine coastal clouds still lingering light southwest wind 3-5 kts- Weather on the outside starting to blow up--

This evening's the kickoff for the BAC's Masters held at Marina Park 5:30 here in Newport-- Tagging the fish under 10 minute rule reinstated- ( I think)

Last minute rigging of tournament tackle and strategies developing as the Fridays morning start approaches quickly-

Couple of boats out near the 209- south , jig strikes on Dorado-11:22am

Weather cleared up with a light westerly building---

Said there's some big bull dorado under kelps below 209- 14/ over 07



------ Spet 11 2018 Tuesday----------------

Wind light and refreshing from the south 8- 10 knts-- seas light bump and wind chop

Something about a life-raft up on the beach ( red rock) and some debris in the water- commercial boat?

Do you need any bait-- no we just hung one on the iron--9:56am

Sportfisher on the 277 you seeing anything we just came from the 209-?

Vick released another one yesterday morning,/ East end Catalina- one out of a pair hooked up-- other's also had hook ups both on baits and jigs-- Black and pink, greenish brown both had action- as well as the rigged Ballyhoos ( available at JD's)

Not as much bait showing this morning off Catalina-- only one fish up in the teasers

Just south of the 267 a paddy with a couple of boats on it-- to the third boat aproaching--- saying three's a croud and to keep on moving---


------------------Sept 10 Monday---------------

Morning hours find light coastal clouds and fair seas---

Tournament time-- Mumms been the word but there's still good fishing goring on especially for those Bluefin out behind Clemente-- "LR boats out of SD been clobbering them" The island's got some Navy restrictions this week but look open Thursday

San Clemente islands looks open for anchorage in the Cove beginning Thursday Fri and Sat and Sunday--

Dorado under paddies outside Oceanside-- 267/ 14 mile bank, marlins around the island- some school tuna below the 209- deep water side of the 277

They said the wanted to buy it--- a rubber flying fish not a yummy but the original rubber flying fish-- years ago while digging in the bay here in Newport looking for worms at low tide 4 am-- my feet got tangled up in some sort of wire on the bottom- tripping me into the drink-- frustrated and dragging up this heavy wire and glob of mud attached to it. - tossed it aboard into a bucket and never looked at it till later in the day-

It must have dropped overboard some time in the late 50's or early 60's it's a rubber flying fish rigged with a pair of 10/0 hooks and heavy cabled wire- - preserved perfectly underwater then--now over the years it's degraded in the air - otherwise it probably could still work!




Sept the 9 2018- Sunday--- report -

Morning coastal and ocean fog, inland warm and sunny- seas calm and not much wind maybe 1 2 south- seems a fair numbers of fishermen out today- Sorry to say the foul mounted crowd back at it again-- rudeness is not needed on the VHF radio, Grow up- speech like that is for pimply faced teenagers who aren't mature yet- The oceans big and deep, we need all the friends we can get out there--

We came from the 181 one dorado a small yellowtail 5 or 6 kelps were empty--

33:07 / 117:49---- 209 and the 267/279 had dorados--

<---Photo from Jenny

He said they ran over to Clemente to fish the giants-- sickle fish he called them, ( meaning their large rear spines in their dorsal fins) roaming schools of maybe 8- 10 fish at a time, the big 250 lb fish-- chasing up some bait-- they run and gun seeing their sickle up fining and try to get the balloon and rigged flyer over to it-- blow ups and missed bites- ahaa- then they were gone- never metered them after that-



they just got one on that boat next to us-- saw him hook up on a jig-- thats about were we were 12:15


E-mail this morning-- Yesterday I made your ballyhoo work, released a nice marlin about 6 miles SW of the East End of Catalina. Clean release, even got the hook back Don P

Anybody-- see that that large jumping fish at 5 off?--- 1:16pm

Late afternoon fish report-- Stil a few marlins around -- East end of Catalins/ Church rock and good looking bait schools down to the 152, weather like a lake out there today-- Sleeper released two, Bounder had one , Kea Kai was there-- and several others got into the action -





--------------------Sept 8 Saturday 2018 -------

Visibility reduced to a mile or less this morning pea soupy fog that looks to be burning away by mid morning-- wind light from the West/southwest 2- 4 kts-- light wind chop/ ripple-

They've stopped the boat three or four times so far-- they're about a half mile for me-

Mid day afternoon hours tailers came up off the East End of Catlalina- giving anglers in the CIYC a shot at some local fish-

We had a 200 lb marlin off the troll--

209 or thereabouts had skippys with the porpious and yellowfin under them-- Mexican Flag worked well for the skippies--

found some nice kelps on the 277 but no one home--

We're back out here where we saw those sleepers this morning--

Yellows at Catalin- 7- 12 lbs-- maybe a bigger one in the mix-- and the Bonitos were 1 1/2 and a bigger grade at 5- 7 lbsers--

We've been watching the meter marks --about 100 ft deep--they're the ones we want-- they won't come up-- another voice chimes in--- they will when the sun comes out-- 11:55 - Slack tide today--- 2:50 pm-- standing by--

117.55/ 33:02 and 04/ 15 holding tunas-

Still overcast on the water - noon-- 1-2-4 kts west

Just south of the 14 just got a skipjack-- waters a little warmer in here-- we're going to Zig- Zag our way down 10- 12 something like that off the beach-- 12:37

we're here at that temp break- 72 degrees, off cat's east end-- that's where it was happening there this morning only some birds here now-- maybe that afternoon tide-- 12:40

we just had that one bite this morning and we also had that feeder this morning that we missed

Sounded like someone was baiting either a swordfish or a marlin-- get a bait on it-- 1:01 pm

Ahh --that's too bad--- jig or bait-- well go get another one--- 2:06 pm

Wow----- Wow--- he's on fire-- couple of rods some teasers and their doing it-- -- they're starting to snap -- get ready-- they were in that exact bit of water-- 2:21pm

White Shark Bites--- they must have been over 50 boats back ther last night-- we were following that fish and had to dodge through the boats drifting-- lots of boat back there-- got one on that new Flatfall 260 with the stripes on it- nice 250+ fish--that outrigger trick work great-- an Big Shark bit the tail right off! --- Jokers fish also had a White Shark bite of their fishes tail too-- Yikes!

One fish released around the cornor a few minutes ago--

We're right on top of the 181--baiting another fish before we go in-- 5:26pm

Skipjack----We're on the 267 got a marlin on----- right behind the boat-- --- thank you--- go get em-- 5:42pm

Nice weather for most of the day once it cleared off-- still light winds inner waters--


----- Sept 7 2018 Friday-- Friday---

Overcast almost dismal looking-- seas OK with a light wind from the west- swell low with some light wind chop-- good traveling and seeing weather--

Several boat headed to the island for an weekend adventure-early today-- - others out to San Clemente looking for Yellows, Dorado and the different sized tunas-- from Med to Ex Large-

Ah -Skipper on the 209 were baitfish or on the troll-- on the porpoise? 11:02 appreciate that-- we're in the area--

100er pounders in the corner-- it was ridicules--! ?

bait been an issue at some of the receivers-- " It's a Joke" ?

Hi JD, went out yesterday on the Wide Open with Terry J. and make quick work at the wedge on the mini macks. Headed towards the 209 and found a nice paddy about 2 miles inside the bank, first cast was instant and we had a double on the Dorado. Landed both! Second cast I handed off to Terry which was instant as well, this was a big Bull and after about 40 minutes on 20 lbs, Terry tapped out and I put the wood to that bull. We ended up with 4 before that paddy became a parking lot. Rest of the day was filled with wind, whitecaps and cold beer!

We've got Teaser hooked up- pretty sure it's a marlin-- bait fish-( CIBT) -1:11pm Big fish!

Master's Boundaries ---extended to a 115 nautical miles from the Newport's bell buoy. the wind forecasted for 23 to 32 knot winds for Santa Cruz on the 13th and 14th, sounds sloppy!!! so maybe this is a mood point?

We're here off Farnsworth there's tuna here-- couple seiners too-- some guys were flying kites--- we came all the way down from the Channel Islands dirty ugly looking water al the way-

One marlin off the west end of the island/ Cat this morning Jig Fish- big fish too

Thunderbird just came back in this afternoon -- looked like some nice catches -- fishing Clemente - private charter for the Dana Angling Club--



------- Thursdays the 6th Sept Report ------------

Still a west morning wind and it blew weat all day yesterday-- a steady 10-12 kts--seas have a light lump and wind chop to them- -


Went to the BAC's Master Angler Tournament meeting last night- to help finalize some matters and put things together before the event-- -- and I guess like some other board meetings individual expressions get let out of the bag- or some repressed - depending on personalities . Confirmed were the the new IGFA ruling on fishing lines whereas you can use a continuous length of line tied directly to the reel spool, or use backing as specified below: The use of backing is permissible. The catch shall be classified under the breaking strength of the first 16.5 feet (5 meters) of line directly preceding the double line, leader, or hook. This section must be comprised of a single, homogenous piece of line. Leaders The length of the leader and double line is determined by line class. For line classes up to and including 20 lb. the leader shall be limited to 15 feet. The combined length of the double line and leader shall not exceed 20 feet. The leader on all classes of tackle over 20 lb. shall be limited to 30 feet. The combined length of the double line and leader is limited to 40 feet.

And to let the anglers / captains to be sure to get their The “MABT Marlin Count Verification Slip”l be completed, signed and turned in by each Boat Captain for all team members who earn points. The slips must be brought in, telephoned or emailed to the BAC prior to 11:00 a.m., Sunday, September 16, 2018. In addition, the score sheet must be brought to the location of the dinner for confirmation on September 16, 2018. Fishing hours shall be 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Friday, and 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.

1) Ten (10) minutes prior to lines out, radio silence will be in effect on the Tournament Channel (Channel 65). Any boat hooked-up during this time MUST immediately contact Tournament Control, Tournament Committee Boat (BACCO), or Relay Boat (Fin & Tonic). If unable to make contact, the boat must relay their hook-up information through another tournament boat to Tournament Control or the Committee Boat. Hook-up information may also be called into BAC Clubhouse by VHF Radio, Cell, or Satellite Phone (949) 673-6316. Roll Call will follow the announcement “Lines Out” approximately five (5) minutes after stop fishing. Radio control has a good chance for broadcasting from high atop Catalina's Black Jack mountain- so everyone will be able to be heard-- hopefully- JD

And the question on boundaries- comes up-- looking back into the archives of the BAC records it's revealed that at one time the radius extended 115 miles from Newport-- over time it was reduced to 90 miles ( maybe small boats vs big boats?) and at times has been extended outwards to allow those fishing the Channel Islands to get to fish- and that's where that 90 Nautical mile radius cuts across- There were expressed points of view as to will the boundary be extended outwards again this year-- well that's a good question-- as I left the meeting last night it had remained at 90 miles - still not sure-- JD

Windy moat of the day looks 12- 15 kts for most of the time offshore this weekend--

still a W/N/W wind fair at 15- + kts in the early evening, due to back off a bit--

-----------------Wed's Report ------Sept 5 ---

------------- Light morning west/northwest wind maybe 6-9 kts- coastal marine clouds being blown away- light wind chop

And Kea Kai came in the harbor yesterday--flying their laundry-lot's of it-- - Last weeks catches--

Boaters fishing offshore by Santa Barbara Island are reminded to observe the State and Federal Marine Reserve closures, Permitted/ Prohibited Uses:-- Take of all living marine resources is prohibited! - basically it's a square box with the boundary's running from about the middle of SBI- due East to 118.54:527 and due South from the southern end of SBI to 33.21:792 . The Osborn Bank is West of it's westerly boundary and fishable but you have to watch it if you troll back towards SBI for anchorage

I'm up here five or six off the 175 -above it- but I can run to you if things develop-11:08

Backside of clemente still active for those giant bluefin-- more over the 300lb mark every day now--scarry to think of next year's 400 lbers-- -

Mid day low slack tide--- still standing by--

Marlin tournamet time soon-- fish catches /locations are started to be kept on the quiet side

Bait boat-- bait boat --- any bait boats at Catalina have any flying fish for sale--- bait boat-- bait boat-- no answer-- !

Had one good blow up on the Yummy flyer-yesterday--- - big fish just missed the hook-- it shredded the flyer- tore off it's wing-! good foamer came up on that turn of the tide--


----------------- Tuesdays Sept 4th 2018----------

High overcast with a light west wind-- maybe 50 6 kts-- seas calm light wind chop-ripple on it-

Couple of Emails this morning-- Congrats to Bill Mc aboard his Agitator releasing a fish by himself 80 years young- and some tunas behind Catalina

E Mail- Hi John, I caught a Marlin today near the 175, jig fish. i was solo Not bad for an 80 years

young angler. and -- E- Mail- Worked the temp break offshore and went 8 for 12 on the yellowfin all on poppers, biggest went 35. Saw 7 breezes on the way in, one in a 4 pack but no one wanted a bridled mackerel. Tom

--Where's the marlin----???- well- Vick calls in mid-late afternoon--- he'd released two himself today and had 4 other bites!!!

they're still here!-


Labor Day--- the 3rd of Sept-- Overcast and a bit cooler- water offcolor and not exciting-- the lawn needs mowing and yardwork to be done-

Fish report-both good or bad still needs to be expressed--E-mail this morning-- JD, Went to Catalina for a last hurrah fishing trip, which turned out to be not so hurrah. We trolled all the way over from Newport, then down from Whites landing to the Isthmus, chummed for a while and didn’t see so much as a mackerel. Trolled all the way back up to the East end/slide area, had one blind strike that didn’t stick off Avalon, and trolled all the way back to Newport for nada. Water was off-color disgusting brown all over until we got around Long Point, then it blued up nicely west of LP. Wind was nasty, southeast 15+, and current was uphill the entire weekend, not pretty fishing wise! -Robert , Reelt

he said he was leaving em' W/O yellowfin bite on the 209 ? ?--- 12:47-

Not many flags flying for the amount of boats coming back into the harbor this afternoon--- better luck next week-- -- Kai Kaen came in with two release flags--


-------------- Sept 2nd Sunday ----------

Light overcast a spot of drizzle here and there-- wind from the south soft at 2-4 kts-- better than forecasted seas calm but a cross X lump with it--

Radio reception from up north, limited but from what I discerned there were only a few boats up there fishing yesterday - seeing a fish fish ( marlin) but limited coverage and not very fish were hooked.

We're lucky to even see a 5 - 7 b Bonito these years-- if you get the chance for some morning fun- put some smaller feathers out, go fast enough to get some white water behind the boat and look for some birds 2- 5 off the coastline now--

Clemente Island had a good Yellowtail bite- backside was a bit on the lumpy side last night-- better this morning- /

We're south of the 43 a few paddies holding Dorado-- nice sizes ones--

Bumpy in the moring hours by noon and beyond it was much better - but not much better on the fishing for those elusive Tunas- I did hear of one sailboat travling south out of Catlainas and near the 277 having seen a big bunch of tuna come up

In the afternoon hours several boats came in th harbor flying dorado flags-- no tuna flags!

Big Bonitos at Catalina too

Andy pulled out another fish today-- a fair + showing on tailers around the Santa Monica Weather Buoy - out near the 175 fathom spot-- - not much else happened in the northern section - scattered fish reported- bumpy-- ,

Reported An estimated 250- 300 lb fish Sleeper was baited above the W / end of Clemente this morning - and a jig strike in the shipping lanes--

Upcoming--- Stand By!!

----- Sept the 1st of 2018 a Saturday --------

A bit on the overcast side- a light south wind 8 9 kts -seas fair and travelable--- bumpy---even for bigger boats

Boats were turning around with some of the bump- having a shot or two at fish- now trolling feathers for more-

We got one good bull ; I worked back up towards the 14 - cooler up there -67 67 degrees - and plenty of good kelps up here-- but no fish under them .

About a mile outside the point-( Dana?) - along the dropoff -- trolling around looking for marks ---- pretty much below the red bouy is were everyones working along that 100 fathomn cruve -- Bonito 5-8 lbs--

We're on a double--- 11:02 am

There's schools of the boneheads up to as far as Newport Pier---

Reported that Andy released one today and the other couple of boats up there had chances-- -

And Dorados were hitting the Yummy flyers off the kites in the wind!

- End of the Month- Aug 31 2018 ------

Hazy blue above, seas fair with a light cross mix of swell- light west wind early---

What's going on---- oh not much-- just trying to stay out of the weather-- scratchy report-- hung a couple of yellows - sea lions got em', some bonito-- (Coronado Islands)

The story on Flying Fish-- frozen from Baitmasters- --Not available till next year!--- they actually collect them from the islands of Tobago and Trinidad in the Caribbean with a Springtime spawning season-- so for now a quick hand with a long handled net will have to do-!--

Weather kept on the fair side-- reported a 250lb tuna from the A Bank yesterday on a Popper!

Boats fishing the local reefs this morning reported only fair fishin- and water was off color all the way down to the 209-- - looks like a good temp break below the 279/ 267

Have fun this weekend-- south wind on Sat- morning eddy wind--


These fish are biting-- it's full speed on the deck--- We up to maybe 50 so far and a couple of Dorado-- 12:5332.58 117.31

We're down here off San O-- it's a desert

Wind backed off late afternoon hours--- - still very quiet on the radio today-- not sure waht happened off the backside of Cat today- yesterdays fish 8 -10 off the island (4 5 outside farnsworth)


Not sure if it's considered fair game- Years ago during some of the World Tuna Tournaments in the mid 50's, East Coast stuff-US vs UK, South America, Those big tunas when they were hooked in the southern deep waters just spooled them- bigger and bigger reels were developed and many methods we use now were formed then-- some good, some--- well maybe on the shady side- To keep the fish from diving deep- Alka Seltzer tabs were wrapped with aluminum foil inside a rigged bait, when the strike was made the foil was torn and the fizzing foaming seltzer would get into the fishes stomach --preventing it from diving down far! --



War Heros on Water Video-- War Heroes on Water is with Freedom Alliance. “Our goal was to give these brave and selfless heroes the weekend of a lifetime,” said CEO Anthony Hsieh. “But as it turns out, that’s also what they gave to us in return.” Watch as this epic adventure unfolds.

--------------- Aug 29 Wed-------

Wind ruffled water greeted the boaters out this morning-- light wind texture to a otherwise calm sea- Wind from the west feeling a bit like Falls in the air-- Looks like a mix of Cirrus and Altostratus clouds above

Boats out on the 209 chasing dorado-- - the Marlins grounds up north has slowed down it's been quiet for a couple of days--

Water nice and blue out here 73 1/2 but not a whole lot of life out here- started to run for the 289 but it got super green -- turned around--

Radio quiet again today-- Couple of boats headed to Catalina to get there before the next holiday's rush--

Ain't AIS great!-- looks like there's been a few stops on the 500 fathom line , Southern edge of the banks below Clemente, - from there down to the 302

Mid to late afternoon sun and the cleansed air making for a beautiful day, wind backing off--- but looks to be blowing hard up north and out west-- Stand by-- Sat looks much better-

They were cautious-- for the first two times coming up to those massive medley of 200lbs + Pacific Bluefin Tunas - hugh boils-- bait fish flying out of the water-- massive tuna under them-- they were cautions on the first two schools they saw - the school going down before they crept up on them, then finally they charged into the boiling mass - right to the edge-- the green back mack's were gobbled up-- 10:30-- 11:00 am they were up- back side of Catalina-- losing one fish , another after a 3+ hour battle on a massively big fish, the Talica 20/2 loaded w/ 100 lb line/ 130 lb F/C leader 8/0 Demon 3X Circle hook bridle rigged w/ Mac worked great-- but time took it's toil on angler and reel--and leader- they were max ed out Talica and not making headway-- a splice of line onto a 50 W and the advanage brought the fish up-- to within almost reach- it turned and the leader parted-- - they're still there-- Bring the heavy gear!!!! JD

With the advent of both Marlins and these Giant Tunas the use of a rigged Ballyhoo bait comes up- here's a basic about them, remember to loosen them up a bit before deploying them- Pre-soaking them in a brine solution helps to toughen them up as well as adds to their shinning color-


-------- Aug 28 th 2018-------- Tuesday--

Another nice morning coastal clouds still lingering around-- but the sun will get them later today- good mid day slack tides periods this week stand by for Broadbill Swordfish catchers- along with Striped Marlin and Giant Pacific Bluefin Tuna- and the smaller game just as prized with Dorado and Yellowtail in the mix- Good Luck JD --

San Clemente's Islands Security Web sites shows much of the island to be open this coming weekend- starting at 3 am on Sat morning and opend till Tuesday night-

west wind today-- 12- 15 kts--

Quiet on the radio--

Call this morning-- asking if we still had any frozen flying fish left-. He said they were trying to catch the flyers last night at Catalina- failed- - seals got to them before they could reach out and get them as they swam by in the light-- a extra long handled net works better-- JD's Has them! 16 ft with a light mono netting-just the ticket for flyers--

Reports on bait making here in Newport this morning-- OK- with water at 71 degrees- and a good amount of mix to the sizes - West jetty 100 yds- squid tipped on the LJ's and a couple cans of cat food helps--





--- Mondays- 1/2 Day report -! Took the grandson out fishin', only one small spotted bay bass but lots of birdnests and fun!



Nice morning-- a little bit of evening breeze left after the some came up light overcast sky- seas calm with a small west lump to it- wind textured by noon west-

coastal water clean green -some bait in close to the beach - making good sized mackerel a challenge out from of Newport--

Back side of Catlaina giant tuna- north to the Channel Islands Marlins

All big fish-- don't think any of them were under 190 lbs-- one was closer to 300 than 200 lbs-- Swagger went 7 for 16 strikes,





----------- Sunday-- an peaceful Sunday Aug the 26 of 2018--

Coastal moring clouds giving way to spots of sun, more to come - seas calm

The fleets out covering most of the water-- kelps were dry if they found them--

Water south-- 76 degrees and off color green-- a few bonitos jumping around, some bass in the kelps nothing to shout about--


Quote of the day--we went down to the 14- 277, 209 up to the 267--saw a few but they didn't want to bite-- - we got skunked!

They said it was nice on the water today-- but not many fish found, a westerly came up coastlines afternoon hours- weather looks fair for the next few days windy up north next wek-

Better luck next week- remember they only get bigger the longer we wait-- do we want 400 -500 lb Bluefin!

And Decker with a 200 lb fish too! --they ( Eric and Jim) had beat they way up the back side ofCatalina this moring-- getting to the Cat Canyon around 10am for the turn of the tide-- he says-- I guess we're here- as a foamer appears right in front of them-- if they had had four guys aboard they would have had four fish going-- on a popper and a Fathom 40 two speed-- 100 to 100 lb tackleand pined tight drag--- they taped it out at 215lbs-- I think-- No one there- we tried to calling in other boats--- by the time we left you could have seen fish anywhere you looked-- , busted off the gaff- got it twenty minutes I had that drag at sunset-- good battle-!-



Yesterdays water temps and Chlorophyll charts-- ;looks like a great break running off the 152 in towards the beach to below the 267/ 279



---- Sat Mornng-- nice--- moring cloud cover going away mid morning-- wind lithft to fair west 4- 7-8 kts- seas a ligt mix to them small chop-

Not sure waht happedn so far in the Linen or Benifit tournament for the Tuna club of Avalon-- will get a report later today-

inside dope says there's marlin's up north and tunas right out front of Avalon-- -

sorry about some of the lack of fish reports-- other parts of the bis keep me from an ear to the radio-

we're on the S/W side of the209-- got one jig strike Dorado-- we're doing fine-- 11:31am

Afternoon call-- report form yesterday-- they had been out chasing a few dorado below the 267- -- ran out to the 277 and worked down towards the 152- inside ridge- they came up from 3:00 to 3:30 from 40- to 200lb lb Bluefin a regular foamer-- they weren't shy-- we lost 5 of them-- three on 30 lb tackle and one after a 3 1/2 hour battle on 80--late into the afternoon they were still coming up around us-- ate the mackerels real well --

42 and 09 a few keps here-- and some big yellows-- 43 and 09 dorado--


Windy afternoon-- 28 kts- he said-- others said nice and not the wind that had been forecasted -- green water over much of the ocean-- 73 degrees and not many paddies --

went up the backside of the island all the way up that 500 fathon line-- no life- no birds no bait-- came back down to the 209 and back home - didnt see a paddy all day!


----------- Fridays Report -------- gray morning hazy sky afternoon-- wind from the west light chop-

Fair fishing today-- couple of boys took a 27lb yellow by slow trolling a mackerel a longs ways back out off the HB flats- bird schools / bait yellows

Others made the crossing to Catalina this morning- finding some nice big kelps but no ones home, or those at home didn't want to come out and play--

Back side of catalina had the action with a couple of LR sports back there chasing tunas-- marlins there too-

Clemente-- the fleet's moved away- but there are still a few fish there!

No word yet on the Benifit tournament today-- I think most of the boats were working the backside of Catalina, from Cat Harbor Canyon and along the Catalina encarpment .


--- Thursdays report - Aug 23 2018 -----

Clearing sky and a stronger morning west/by/southwest wind-

South of the 209-- 4 5 miles-- mine was a free swimmer- nice bull-- there was another under it-- yea-- you say there were more over by that paddy next to at tender to the freight-- that paddy was 400 or less yards from that freighter-- those fumes are strong downwind from it-- hope that paddy drifted away from them-

If I remember right-- about a month ago- that Bluefin bite slowed down just prior to that Full Moon-- Building moon phase now

Lots and lots of life here outside Laguna/ North - 2-5- off the beach-- terns, pelicans, seagulls, shearwaters- porpoise-- bait-- drifting north-- 11:07- low Slack tide today-- 2:11pm


Today's the Linen One-- tournament for the Tuna Club of Avalon- only pre-1950's antique tackle allowed- tomorrow they upgrade to Dacron line use only for their Benefit tournament--

Seems the tuna moves on-- I've been everywhere-- the bait left -- there is bait below the osborne -- waters looks right - good color-- maybe thats wher they went?

We spent most of the morning trying for some of that smaller yellowfin 6-7 8 miles below pyramid head with the 6 and 9 thread lines lines for the Linen One-- but all we did-- was watch the seiners wrap the fish all around us-----


-Un official report on the Linen One has a big Pacific Bluefin Tuna caught by Dave P on 24 thread Linen ,24 is not greater then 66 lbs- and has not been made after 1950-- the line is passed from father to son or purchased from a private collector's collection-- by now the lines test if their lucky 45 or 50 lbs, it swells up in size when it gets wet and drags heavy though the water and rots with age-and another angler had a caught marlin on 9 thread linen-this morning-- 9 th not to break over 27lbs-- men battles

ZG with a Hickory rod and 36 th linen line and a black marlin-

Hi JD Got this today on vintage gear in linen one. 24 thread. Hickory rod. Coxe reel. Taped at 215. Fish of a lifetime! Out. Dave

Flying Fish won the Tuna Club’s Linen One tournament with Dave Pfeiffer’s awesome 219 bluefin tuna on 24 thread linen line that tested 51lbs at the club. This is the largest locally caught and weighed tuna on Tuna Club regulation antique tackle since 1901! Ash wood rod and 1930 J.A. Coxe reel. With Michael Stotesbury, Steve Behrens, Dave Pfeiffer and myself. Congratulations DP!!


Yea they eating the mackerel real good-- , you get a marlin in there-- good- that same area?--- beta ya if you put out a ballyhoo out there real long ad swung around it you'd get clobbered!- 3:11pm

Caught on Flying Fish with Greg, Michael, Dr. Hansen and Steve Behrens.







Couple three boys were in this early afternoon- they had been out in their small skiff- looking for the dorado's-- didn't find any-- headed up towards the HB flats-- to chase the Yellows-- found a few bird schools maybe 10 or more with yellows under them-- had several bumps and a hook up but lost it-- - so there's a few fish around on the flats-- good casting outfits- help- Colt Snipers with Spinning tackle the ticket!

Lost one on twenty-- backside of the island with all those birds- went through them - got bites both times going throught them--

west wind fair plus since noon 1 pm on -- cooling effect

Newport's sardines were said to be fresh and lively good enough for yellowtail and dorado bites out past the 14 towards the 277-

Hoose released a marlin today on the Prospector first one on the boat!-- congrats and on 9 thread Linen line--- Jack R- boated a est 160 Bluefin I think on 50 lb dacron and - Larry S released a marlin on dacron line on the Pacific Provider-


-------- Wed's 8/22/18 report --------------

A lot like yesterday-- but cleared off earlier-- light southwest wind 4- 6 kts due to swing west this afternoon-

He said the simplest way to catch the tunas was to get there before dark- put out a 12 oz sinker tied about 6 ft above the 6/0 Circle hook w/ with three sardines pinned on it and set down a couple hundred feet-- sounds easy--

Competition starting to develop between anglers and divers-- who's got what paddies to themselves--

The Navy being sure to insure the vessels in it's area to be aware of their live firing exercises Standing- by-- San Clemente Island Security

We came down from the 209-- not much bait -- it's the same all the way-- one bunch of tunas and that was it-- it's either the moon or the stars, Im not sure which - hope it gets better-

We just picked up two dorado on blind jig strikes-- 182--

Spent the night at Clemente last night we got two big tunas this morning--


Words out the tuna were on the 277 today-- foamer around 2:00 pm and fish on kites- baits even dorados around-- gonna be a few folks there this afternoon and tomorrow- good luck-

25 dorado and 10 yellowtail-- be in about 7:30 --fish count form sport boat--

What you fine today -- nothing-- and we traveled -- got three dorado-- heard of some life about 4 1/2 off China pt, by the time we got there it's gone down --- we worked from Cat Harbor down to Church and back 4- 10 miles never saw any bait---

We were East of the island ( Clemente) - down to the 43 up to the 289 never saw any breaking tuna fish all day-- saw four or fish marlins had one bite- spit it-- there were reported a couple swordfish seen that way 's that's way we headed that way--- Saw the biggest school of porpoise I think I've ever seen-- probably 5 6 miles long heading west chewing up a lot of bait in their path-- yea they don't leave much behind-- -

Looks like getting behind Clemente going to be tough with the Navy activity-- --- All that dried up back there yesterday!!--








This weekend the Tuna Club of Avalon will be hosting one of their prestigious tournaments of the year the Linen One-- where antique tackle only to be used-- Linen line- Bamboo or wooden rods and reels made pre-1952, Pacific Bluefin Tuna the goal--

Hey JD, Kenny And crew on “Field Trip “Fished a short day. Found ourselves just N. Of 209--- got a good bite on the Xrap, pulled some line and fell off ---a Marlin followed one of the jigs back in , got the drop back on him at the swimstep! And successfully repelled the boarder! Inspected Xrap and he was all over it KC



Genesis Team scores again with Another Big Bluefin Tuna after a nine our fight!


E-Mail- this morning--- We went deep drop fishing for the day 1 mystery bite loaded up didn’t stick. Then at 5:00 after seeing a few marlin thru out the day we went looking for tailers. Found a 2 pack got two bites one on ballyhoo and one on Mac. The Mac stuck for Travis C’s first marlin. Captian was Swaggers owner Bruce B. The gyro man and leader man George G / Joker partner proceeded to get busy with this very healthy release with a 3 min Marlin. Great times had by all. Bruce B/ Swagger--

E-Mail this morning-- Hi JD, We ran 70 miles from Newport to the 279 to the 209 to the 277 to the 14 for one little yellowtail that weighed in just shy of 16lbs. There was a lot of life between Dana and the 279, desert on the 209, and a few dry paddies between the 209/277. We did see some breaking yellowfin pushing up bait about 4 shy of the 277 but they wouldn’t play. 14 had the most life, and we had a blind strike on the outrigger trolling past a paddy on the 14 that we think was dorado that didn’t stick. Better luck next time... -Robert B Reel-T

--------- Monday's Aug 20 2018 ----- 1/2 day report!-JD

Gray calm morning- light wind texture to the water-- not much of a mix of swell-

From- Anthony H· Not a dry eye in the crowd last night. Words cannot describe the patriotism and American pride we all felt last night. The evening was simply magical. Thank you again to our wonderful vets and our yacht owners for supporting this great event. Thank you to all who supported us. Next year planning is already under way, but in my opinion no matter how big this event becomes, the inaugural first annual event will never be duplicated. It is that special. Check out the video of WWII planes fly by. More photos and videos will follow as we sort things out. God blessAmerica.



Jeff C We caught the 1st bluefin tuna over 200 lbs on my boat this weekend fishing the Southern California Tuna Club Intra Club Tournament. Official weight was 209 lbs. Waiting for tournament results now.

Dorado fishing- improving-- even local San Pedro party boats catching em-- 75 degree water-- kelps by the oil rigs--

Flying Fish --Dave Elm joined Michael Stotesbury and I, and we found a few at Clemente. The big ones got the best of us this time as we had 10 bites, hooked 5 and landed Dave’s 225 yesterday morning. Great trip with a stellar crew!! Thanks again to Anthony Hsieh and all the WHOW heroes!

Abalone Point-- holding a school of Yellowtails just on the north side of the rocks--



--------------------- Sundays report --- Aug 19 2019 -------

Light fog and humid here on the beach-- clearing wind as the inland warms up- The Pacific Bluefin Tuna phenomena continues - one for five - all over 200 and one close to 300 lbs- Back side of Clemente-- these fish are getting bigger and their teeth are also growing --130 lb fluorcarbon leaders being chewed off- at the boat-

Bob and Sally release one this morning off the East End/ backside--

181 was warm and clean a few early morning kelps with unwilling dorado under them

277 was 75.5 not much life/ bait metered.

most kelps were empty - a cople of dodos found by a oil rig paddy-

He had two short bites that did not come tight. 10:43

The WHOW team aboad the Wild in Sac a 65 Hatteras w / Captain: Dave H. had his Vets aboard in a 3-4 hour battle with another giant Bluefin Tuna yesterday--- lost it at the boat---

Scattered radio reports say very few paddies were holding-- one out of 31 one guy said-- and that one paddy they didnt want to bite-

Waters Hot-- earlier in the day they were saying Wahoo-- Wahoo--- on a kelp paddy--- no -- what he really was saying it was some Yahoo who had come into a paddy spooking all the fish-- but warm waters are bringing in warm water fishers-- Spearfish hooked off Catalina on a marlin jig-- --27lbs beautiful fish!

Looks like the WHOW Tournament went off great!-- weather was great!- fishing good and exciting and a positive vibe felt by all involved-- results posted as soon as I know-

it came up a couple times-- good hunded lb fish--

Nice day but not a whole lot of fish-


-----------------------------Sat's Report ---------

Morning gray high overcast leads to good on the water visibility mix of swell and chop low greeted those out this morning-- by mid day it had backed off for a while--- picked up afternoon- Water temps dropping and condensing towards the Oceanside area- W

ater clarity improves a a couple miles inside the 14 -

The 7 Am start of the WHOW with the assmebly of boats outside Avalon this morningit's is as Anothony asked of one vet if he is having fun “fun is a day at a game or going to a concert, this is a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget”. We hope it helps all those in need, its a start- JD



Bad Co on a triple. All vets hooked up on monster Bluefin.!










· Got all 3. We put the Navy guy in the skiff.!!!!



Bam! WHOW. Love our vets.







Between the 267 and 209 paddies had Dorados-- 7-8 west of Ocenaside there's doplhins with tunas but not biting--


Big Hammerfore seen--

The came up for us around 11 am yesterday-- we'd spent the morning's dawns hours without a bite- don't think the fleet either had much luck- we worked up the line towards the west-- they came on the around 11am- all over the place-- got the kite up with a frozen flyer- wham!- got it and lost another--

Did you see what kind of fish it was? was it marlin size?? 10:22am

277 got lots of life-- as from the 277 towards the 289 kelps and Dorados-

It'sd a little crazy- seeing all these fish and they wont take anything--- must be little baits--9:49am

Doardo-- the're not big ones-- but we're keeping everyone happy

Randy caught a real marlin!

Hey JD! Had a great trip on Geoff Hersch’s Hooked yesterday. We hooked a big BFT on a yummy flyer at 1:00. I fought it for 4hrs before tapping out to our son Jack who fought it for another 2hrs. He tapped out and my husband Jason finished it after another 45mins. Long fight but worth all the pain! It was a mean fish that did not want to die. Taped out at 235#. A true team/family effort. So stoked to have gotten in on that bite!!!




E-Mail --- Hi JD: Tom Bass and Rob Boyer tag teamed to land this gladiator on the backside of Clemente today on Ken Verheyen’s boat, the Pura Vida. Going to weigh it in Saturday!

And another E- mail -- saying the other luckyguy's beautiful BFT by San Clemente island. On the kite on the Apollo this morning- an close up image reveals Red Crabs spit up too!-



Subject: 300# (!!!) PBFT on kite. Took team effort including me and 4 gaffs. The entire boat shuddered when this beast hit the deck. Epic trip on the Apollo. And this is just day one of a two day weekend trip!






----Friday Aug 17 2018 Report ------

Coastal cloud cover giving way mid morning to a hazy blue, oceans calm with a mix of swell off shore just a low swell light wind texture to the water. The weekend promises to be good . Enjoy it-

Reports of Dorado some 10 miles off our coastline not real giants but catch able 8- 12lers -the live small greenback mackerels help-

A steady flow of boats headed out the harbors this morning- the crossings to the islands look gentle and pleasant--

Last nights kick off for the WHOW an tribute to the War Heroes on Water was needed - it brought together the sportfishing community to aid in a much needed cause-

As a salute to all those men and women and their families of the Armed Forces where ever they may be Past, Present and those who sacrificed the most-- it would be honorable if every boat out fishing this weekend would fly the American Flag!- Encourage it if you can- JD

War Heroes On Water Fishing Tournament We proudly announce the War Heroes On Water Fishing Tournament which will be held August 16-19 right here in our local Southern California waters. The tournament will host 25 American Heroes who have greatly sacrificed for our freedom. We have partnered with Freedom Alliance to select our Veterans and create a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Humpback whale off Emerald Bay several miles--

Boat on the 181 catching the dorado--- they still going? 1:12pm

Came up to 10- 15 wind--

We're just coming south from the 43-- lots of yellowfin on the 43 small fish--2:29pm

north of the 289 kelps and dodo's

-------- Thursdays report -----

Light gray overcast this morning-- wind light from the south- stayed steady S/West all yesterday and last night-seas OK, mix of long period swell

Pending World Record-- Pacific Bluefin Tuna by Ali Pfleger on 30lb Tackle- 211 lbs-- Earlier she had hooked and fought an absolute monster of a bluefin for 3 hour battle having lost the fish at the leader right at the boat !!! The crew, her dad and all were were defeated- Nope-- She says "I'm not Done !" lets get another!- 211.7 lbs at the BAC's weigh in dock this morning-- True Grit, a proud Tom calls her-

Mackerel catching out front of Newport - better in the deeper water 100 ft depth maybe up towards the Balboa or Newport piers better- the smaller stuff was at the harbors entrances-

Good Luck tomorrow-- wind again stay from the south all day--fair- swells building--



War Heroes On Water Fishing Tournament We proudly announce the War Heroes On Water Fishing Tournament which will be held August 16-19 right here in our local Southern California waters. The tournament will host 25 American Heroes who have greatly sacrificed for our freedom. We have partnered with Freedom Alliance to select our Veterans and create a once-in-a-lifetime event.



--------------------- Wed's report's Aug 15th-- -

Nice- morning coastal clouds just holding back the sun- mix of light wind at it's interface, seas calm nice

Yellowfin-- how big- where you at-- saw the breezes, then saw the foamers-- that was on the troll?-- 11:02

Nice weather like this and the tides are starting to flatten out mid afternoon - expect tosee willy around with a afternoon marlin bite this weekend- stand by-




See that bird school off my bow-- we're here off the East end doing pretty good-- come on in-- 2:41pm

Humpback whale-- up on the HB flats mussel farm area-

- From what I could gather-- shoals of mackerel seen chasing bait along the deep water side of the Ridge ( 277- 152- 125) off the East end of the island and up the backside towards Silver Canyon-

- Wind stayed south all day 10- + kts light wind chop against a west swell-


Thinking about deep dropping for Broadbill Swordfish this season-- here's a diagram of a proven method. The simplest way to send all this down is to lay it all out in a straight line - traveling uphill- maybe just idling along 2 3 kts- The 8 oz sinker goes out first, then slowly pave out the bait and rigging and rest of the line to the desired depth/ length you want- stop the boat and let it all settle down evenly.












--- Tuesdays Report Aug 14 2018 ----------

Beautiful day- light coastal clouds, maybe 2 3 kts from the southwest seas calm andfair- we should both be out fishin' ----

Swordfish off Crystal Cove in 200 fthms, photo from Nick at






JD, Greetings. George Garret, Cory Wells and I finally got a Tuna to bite a flying fish rigged from the kite at Clemente. The fish taped out at 69x49 (~207lbs) Fun 4.5 hour battle that ended properly- with a flying gaff sticking solid. Cory Wells the Angler

This weekends San Clemente Security schedule shows on Friday and Saturday -- Zones C ( inside of the island White Rock) and Zone D ( Pyramid Cove) to be active/ Hot from 1300 ( 1 pm) until 2300 (11pm) with the back side Eel Point/ tuna grounds to be openboth days-- On Sunday Zones C and D are Active from 5:30 pm to 2300 (11pm) and the backside Hot from 6 to 9 pm at night--


Quiet afternoon on the radio--- Afternoon west wind slowing things down a bit-- a few bass and halibuts - there were some dorado mid channel too!


----------- closed most of the day 1/2 yesterday ---

Sunday the 12th- Another hot and muggy day - sky's fair and blue- light south wind- coastal marine to the west-

The one's last night were along that 900 to 1,000 fot ledge, then the fleet split up - half to the west the othe half to the east -- they came up this morning - went on for about an hour or so-just as the sun was just hitting the top of the island .

Keep your eyes open and looking for Willy-- he's around-- Deep drop method took a fish this past thursday-- an Est. 400 lbs swordfish lost at the boat- off the East end 152 earlier this week too-

Slack tide today 11:03- standing by

Inner club- BCY and NHYC 200+ big tuna took the prize- It Never Ends--- They ran all theway down south first day -then back uphill 90 miles to the tuna grounds behind Clemente Island- right at sunset-- first drop with the Flatfall lure, rigged with extra big hook off the bottom and assist hook up top- an early gaff shot and a bolting fish took gaff away -4 hour battle gets the fish next to the boat again- feels like the big hook comes loose but the assist hook hangs in there and they get the fish on board! They came back into the harbor with dorado, yellowtails and tunas flags flying! great trip-

E-Mail this afternoon for the results from the BYC/NHYC Interclub Tournament this weekend. BYC beat NHYC this year. High Boat: 1st: It Never Ends (BYC) 2nd: Time Out (BYC) 3rd: La Vieja (NHYC) Top Team (3 highest scoring boats from winning yacht club) BYC It Never Ends Time Out Surly Mermaid Male Angler: 1st: Joe Flexen (BYC) 2nd: Matt Wentz (BYC) 3rd Alex Pico (BYC) Female Angler: 1st: Ali Johnson (BYC) Junior Angler: 1st Morgan Pickney (NHYC) Largest Fish Male: Joe Flexen (BYC) - 202 lb BFT Largest Fish Female: Ali Johnson (BYC) - 15 lb YFT Largest Fish Junior: Morgan Pickney (NHYC) - 20 lb YT Jessup Award: It Never Ends (BYC)



----- it's Sat Aug. 11 2018---

Still warm and muggy-- but it's sill a good day Baby Granddaughter born this morning -mon and baby girl doing well- 6.14 lbs-19 3/4" a keeper!


and there were dozens and dozens of boats out on the water just fishing-- a 20+ yellow from under a paddy 6 inside the island--

Sounded like Andy released a fish-- and someone else also had a fish too- 11:42am --Nice work they were saying

sounded like another boat not too far offshore of Newport had a tuna and a yellow?-

Long ranger SD boat put on a 305 Bluefin yesterday- back side of Clemente

The fleets back there now-- A few fish here / there- 200- 250 depth for the Flatfall's lures rigged with an assortment of hook arrangements- others with a live mackerel or live squid soaked under a bobbing balloon , others with a kite or helium filled balloon suspending either live or frozen flying fish- getting the flyers now required you get your own or buy some from some boat having caught them at night- they're , the real ones are of good size - 2- 3 lbs- some extra rigging is needed as the big baits are harder to take ( swallow) then the smaller frozen ones), keeping the hook exposed helps-

wind picked up from the west this afternoon not bad but steady 10+

They said they had a swordfish up to the swimstem yesterday till a Mako got it!

we stayed away from the fleet last night found a nice pocket of water/ bait-- no bites for us but a nice night for drifting-!

Radio was quiet for most of the afternoon - wind still blew fair plus maybe 12-15 +


Limitess scored well for Carl with his two fish on 50 dacon-- that's tough fishing-- no rail rod fishing!

First fish in 30 minutes. Second one in 4 hours and 40 minutes. Both on 50 Dacron. I will be ordering more soon. The second one humbled me like no other fish! Carl

Couple of rigging tips-- JD






----------- It's Friday-- Aug 10 2018 -----

Warm and sultry- swell at the harbor's entrances- and surf spots-- otherwise fair sea- wind 2 kts south-

Boats working the East End of Catalina finding bait but not much else so far--- the rest of the fleet is south off Clemente Island- Long rangers too- and others ranging even further south to the Cortez Banks / commercial fishing the Yellowfin there too

-New Moon tomorrow night-big tidal exchange-- stand by!

it was a big one loaded with birds-- had 6 or 7 dorado, got 4 or 5 out of it-- yea thanks we've looked at a lot of kelps empty- but it's starting to look better more terns- here-

We'll they got a couple of Dorados-- one about 20 on a bait 9-9:30 this morning on the A Bank- came up on a nice paddy and there they were- got one on the rod reel and after a while things quieted down so we got one on the spear-- went over to the island-- soaked some baits-- not much going on otherwise--

Sportfishers out of SD targeting the waters off Encenada and adjacent inshore banks for thr yellowfin and dorados-- and skipjacks too!

and the afternoon hours were spent with others headed over to Catalina to get out of the heat- and just to enjoy the boat ride- inside dope says there's spots of yellowfin between the two islands and some more marlin dope being kept on the QT. -- back side of the island?

Have a good weekend- JD

------ Aug 9th 2018 --Thursdays report -----

Hot and Humid-- coastal marine some relief-- seas starting to be influenced by stuff-

Slow trolling the sardines resulted in 20- + yellowtails-- he said-- maybe the Coronado Island

They said there were Wahoo's around and reported a Blue marlin lost after several hours of battle! --- and they say I'm not one to push rumors around!

W're in tha bubble of warn hot water and the inland heat contuines to warme it- reporte yesteday outsie the 14 Mile Bank 80.22 degrees!

very nice school -- we got a few out of it-- big school--we just sealioned othewwise we would have got more-- but the sealions have a different plan for us--

Those elusive flying fish--- yep Baitmasters is completely sold out-- be awhile before more are obtainable-- I guess a long handled net and a ride to Catalina or Clemente is needed-

We're just coming up to a fleet of maybe 7 boats here on the 277- guess we'll start trolling from here in -- how'd ya do on the tunas-- oh-- we got a few-- 6 -8 and a yellowtail-- all on the troll-- yesterday afternoon we had em' up a great big area of 50-60 lbers-- cast the poppers-- jigs-- just didn't want anything we had-- this morning we found em's again-- big school--- again casting the poppers, jigs just couldn't get the to go- then two seiners came in and it was over-- had em all around the boat incradable-

You here just here on the A Bank -- you on a fish? 2:25

reported -Gad Zukes released a fish this morning off the East end--

17 over 12 ate the Jig- off the East end- several boats here but overall slow on the Marlin bite--

19 over 14- 3:07pm, tide turned an hour ago- just had a good one come up on the teaser-- switches ver to the corner--- came off-- edge off the bank- out front--

Sad to see our skies filled with smoke -and the devastation these wildfires cause-

Coverage was good today-- inner waters not much happening- some kelps most are vacant meter marks show bait deep- outer waters/ Clemente and tuna grounds were reported still catching-- 3-4 hour battles still on going into late afternoon hours

Letting the outrigger's lift and drop helped with the drifting flatfalls--


------- Aug 8 th 2018 -----------

Phew--- it's hot---- even here on the beach-- blue sky seaward- hazy brown inland

Calm with only a few knts of wind--

Nice out there today---

not much said so far on the radio?

One of the local Whale Watching boat captains came in the shop mid day-- having just returned with group of folks and about to take out another bunch-- tells me the waters crystal blue 5-6 off the beach - what bird life he's seen was mostly closer to the each maybe a 1- 1/2 out or so-- he also say he's last group got to see the King of the Sea and come within 15 feet of a fining Swordfish- yep up high and dry- sunning itself - these smaller craft and their captains are water wise and able to get up close for a good eye full! --- maybe a 150 lb fish, just the right size! He was taking the next group out Broadbill Swordfish watching !

Boats out searching the local waters --- haven't seen a thing--- maybe 1 out of 15 kelps hold a few shy dorado that didn't want to bite--

77 degrees and green up the inside of the isalnd--

yesterday the terns were pickin a the surface baits --today no terns

Great White out there today-- following the Whale Watching Boats!!


---------- Aug 7th 2018 --------- Not the Dogg days yet--

Where's this fog come from--mile vis- gray and a bit sloppy from the south this morning- the lands heat drawing it in- blue inland--/ break at the coastline- visibility starting to clear up 3- 4 off the East End of the island, Catalina--- Yellowfin tunas down the Ridge from there---

Must be some Spanish sailors on the radio-

Fog evaporated with a south wind at 10 kts-

It was pretty good on the macks for the tails-- -- till the dogs got got on us-- pulled out of there got on on the rapalla, where are you-- on the weatehr side of South Island --that place lit up yesterday afternoon evening--

Boats worked from the shipping lanes to the A Bank this morning-- offcolore warm water - no kelps not much, 152 blue and lots of bait showing but no strikes yet--2:00 pm



Stand By! It's tournamet time--! Local inner club yacht clubs going first-- them the big guns arrive-

Inner Club-NHYCvs BYC All Species this weekend- the Tuna Clubs in there too


War Heroes On Water Fishing Tournament We proudly announce the War Heroes On Water Fishing Tournament which will be held August 16-19 right here in our local Southern California waters. The tournament will host 25 American Heroes who have greatly sacrificed for our freedom. We have partnered with Freedom Alliance to select our Veterans and create a once-in-a-lifetime event. WHY US? This event is an opportunity for the southern California sport fishing community to give back to people that are true American heroes, people that have made the ultimate sacrifice to so that the rest of us can live free and achieve the American dream. FOLLOW US ON Facebook



------- Monday the 6 th of August --------

Another peaceful day on the Pacific-- light blue sky- wind light from the west/southwest- seas calm

Not many on the radio so far today---

From yesterdays gathering there were a few of the 150 lb class Pacific Bluefin tunas caught in the late afternoon hours outside San Clemente's' Desperation reef 81 fathom to the 86 banks- some of the smaller yellowfin were seen splashing around the top of the bank -the bigger Bluefin were on the edges of the bank- Boats took their fish with squid. 8 oz lead rubber-banded to the lines and sunk out, couple more on the kite at dusk rigged flying fish or yummy 5-9 pm

South of the border- 371 area held a fair amount of kelps-- holding yellows and dorado but they were lock jawed-- further south 378/ ---

we just ran over a ton of bait--

Got a triple-- all on jigs -no-- it was a triple on Marlin 33:18/ 118:05-- on 50 lb tackle El Enchanto -east end-- -(got em all ) on that temp break-- 10:50 now trying for a fouth fish on the 14 on their way home!

Offshore waters are blueing up nicely-- lots of sauris in the water--

Were here on the upper 9 looks good but noithing for us so far--- - we're out here-- there fish! -- not enough wind to fly the kite so were throwing poppers and suchlike at em' let you know if we get one--

Two guys-- Hooked up on the spinning rods-- 32:51 / 118.04--- 3:27pm Bluefin

a few kelps on a line by the 289 up towards the 277-- didn't bite-- \

Again overall only fair fishing-- but it looks to be improving--- See what this weather below us brings this coming week-- Stand By--!--

Sighting of tropical bird life over the past week- Brown Boobies and it was either and albatross or a frigate seen with the description given--



And the marlin Boats come back into the harbor flying their flags-- Congrats- JD

<------------- Matador














<--- Bull Pen release

El Encanto's Triple release-->


And facebook today's shows Lasley and Anthony and crew doing it again!--

Lucky 7. First fish seen for me this year, one cast, one bite, one boated. The last personal surface sword was 2 years ago, we casted on 41. Hooked 6 and pulled hooks on all. Over 70 days dedicated to surface Sword fishing last two years until this one. This is a great moment for my Captain Steve Lassley and our dedicated world class crew. We snagged this one on the pecs. I can’t seem to hook them right. But I’ll take it. 1 hour 40 min on 80 stand up. Talica 25 and Cousins custom rod. I love these purple things.



-- Sat Aug 4 2018 ---

Soft morning cloud cover-- giving way to a hazy day- wind light to fair from the southwest- seas ok- little lump- waters cleaning up on the outside 70 10 off the beach-

Reported one more marlin this morning off the East end of Cat-( I think Gad Zukes had the fish) - other's tried for them in the same area-no other reported hook ups-- - some scattered big kelp from Cat to Clemente- empty-

The good news is there's still a few fish around-- not a lot but with todays boat coverage there were some smaller spots of fish up-- mostly the smaller 30- 60 stuff- but a few shots at bigger fish with poppers or the kites at fish up to 150lbs

Congrats Dave-- Bullpen -- Marlin--2:47pm

Slack tide today 3:34

They were down wind from us- they were really big--- huge-- we saw that shinner-3:45

- Big schools of fish up now--- metering them from all the way from 75 to 250 ---each fish was over 250 --easy--- no bites but they're still blowing up around the boat now-- 4:02pm -- (East end of clemente I think)

and more bigger tunas seen "shiners" big brutes rolling on their sides, their glistening bodies reflecting the sunshine- shiners - halfway from the 277 and Mackerel bank--

Overall the fishing was disapointing for most of the boats out in search of anything-- Still seeing few tunas in the late afternoon- some boats elected to drift and soak baits for them-- still only a few bites if any-

we just got a bite on the Yummy we're just outside of you-- 6:29pm

-------------------- friday-- Friday-- it's friday--Aug 3rd report -

Again hot and blue sky- light S/W wind maybe 4 kts seas fine--

Quite a lot of spanish radio chatter these days- seiners??-

Panama report -

LLisa and I are in Panama. 350 lb. Blue Marlin, 3 sailfish so far. Just finished second day of fishing. They completely remodeled Tropic Star main building and cabins. Beautiful original Guy Harvey paintings here too. Nice adventurous group. Lots of teenagers. Lisa

Got one dorado and one yellowtail from under a paddy the rest of them were empty-- (Scratchy report maybe off SD)

and an E -Mail about the Striped Marlin where-a bouts--

I notice that in recent days, your web site has not made any mention of any catches or sightings of them. -- reply--We had a few fish seen/ hooked prior to that Full moon-- not much reported since then--- going back to the old school of thinking the thought was that there were "scouts" just like the belief that there were Albacore scouts that came into the So calif waters, these "scouts were looking for the main area of feed/ bait for the rest of the school.. The first caught albacore's were set free to go forth and tell the others to come on in-- maybe those hooked marlins and one killed marlin were subject to that same instinct, the one that was released went back telling the others to stay away there's danger here? Old school-

Did you see those brezzers-- they were up behind you-- 11:55am

Im outside sthe 271 maybe three miles-- good to have a triple again on the tunas--how big were they- 8- 12lb that's all- 2:14

Slack today 2:42pm stand by--


The big picture on water temps along the Baja Peninsula and up to So Calif--

San Clemente's Security web site shows an update with the Cove open for today and the weekend-- they had completed their operations early and opened up the area- thanks- Navy!

Ahaa-- what a tough working atmosphere we have here--


It was a pale blue sky---they rode smoothly over the seas with hope in their day, refreshed by a light west wind,

We saw a little bird school- that was all we've seen-- 9:12

Good cell phone reception this morning from the back side of San Clemente island, Verizon he said he had-- the Navy had a lot of exercises going on back there-- fishing was slow-- no signs of bait and no other boats except a few far west of them- - In past times the Cherry Bank ( 1/2 to San Nicolas from SC) was a hidden spot for swordfish, marlins and tuna-- maybe again--

reported only one Bluefin taken off the backside of Clemente yesterday, back side of the moon and the bait disappeared.

Just in the Flyers from Baitmasters 5 pack only $14.95-- also in rigged and unrigged Swordfish Squids, as well as rigged and un rigged Ballyhoos--

Couple/ three guys back from Catalina this afternoon-- they had bought squid from the Carnage off Avalon this morning-- - looked for the yellows and had a couple of shots on them --


Hey JD- just got my qualifier for the Tuna Club for Marlin on 30 lb tackle, went south out of the harbor towards the 267- Casual ride with the family, slack tide today- 2:50 --- I'd put that Bleeding Dorado colored lure ( Orange/ Yellow /Green) out on the port rigger-- -we came up one some kelps and porpoise, looked good -couple of flyers came out of the water--- the reels goes off -- it starts zingging - naw he thinks must be kelp strike- out comes the marlin. The brand new Talica 25 first time in the water, maybe an hour in and the new dacron line w/ regulation leader and doubles are stretched out ( T/C rules) and good luck was with them, the fish up half the time, a 45 minute battle for all-- The family all aboard-- as they were really just headed to Avalon for the weekend-- -- good way to start the weekend!

And a update on the San Clemente Security web's site - it's up again but not very good! - showing the Cove to be Hot this evening 7 to Thurs morning 2 am- --- Thurs Hot from 5 pm to Friday 2 am, Friday Hot from 7pm to Sat 2 am, same schedule for Sat and Sunday. open Monday --the back side of the island looks to be open all the time-

Spoke to several boats today- as well as light radio chatter- revels not a lot going on today in the inner waters-- maybe a few tunas seen traveling up the backside of Catalina towards the Osborn Banks- just an rough "read between the lines" observations- one report said only a few smaller 20- 40 tunas popped up here and there but no real show of fish-- Boats that traveled to the 277 down to the 209 and in towards the beach 267/ 278 did not get much- only a few kelps and they were empty - only heard of one small dorado taken- waters warn but not much life- no bird life ,no bait in the inner waters--

Couple of boats down Ocean way were also on the search

All I got today was wind!

A check with the Bad Companys / Lasley;s facebook shows

Steve Lassley Yesterday at 6:44 AM · Well I gotta say it was pretty cool watching Anthony jump out of the helicopter yesterday. Never sure how some of this stuff is gonna work out. We had a diver in the skiff ready to go just in case.... found some really nice schools of more than agreeable Bluefin yesterday. Pulled the hook on a tanker at the boat. Bent butt in the chair. Ate a fresh dead flier on the kite. Got chewed off on one my kid had on a sniper with 90# flouro pulled the hooks in 2 others. Managed to catch one that taped over 200. Didn’t tape the second probably 180. Both those were on our Swordfish casters. Casting off the bow into the foamers. Fun half day. Anthony had texted me Sunday he wouldn’t mind starting off the season with a tuna. Check. Willy here we come.......


------------ Tuesday's the last day of July 2018 ---

Still muggy here on the beach , salt in the air-- light west wind near the coast- building a little more this afternoon but refreshing-

Water temps pushing the 80 degree mark around the 14 to the A Bank- but offcolor- below and to the south blue water from the 152 down to the 277 and tow.ards the coasts 267/279 banks

Strong uphill current against the coastline-- good healthy downhill wind against it 10 am

Quiet on the radio today-- some sailors and what nots--

On the tuna grounds- night time with the squid lights out/ backside clemente-- the squid came into the bright squid lights, they were even able to jig it-- re tipped to flat fall or other heaver jigs-- the squid attracting the tunas, once one person was bit there were multiple hook ups-- the tunas were jugged with squid--

Late afternoon report from a boat who had gone th distance to San clemente island -- Hopeful that the island was open for fishing went around the bottom of the island and the Navy suggested they turn around-- so they did-- saw only a few kelps, no birds on them-- not much bird or sealife= came all the way back towards the 209- 267/697- for nothing- long boat ride--

Another boater reported catching a couple of dorado off a Kelp paddy out by the 14 this morning -mackerel as a bait.


-------- Yea- it's Monday--- July the 30 2018----------

Mornings coastal marine haze - lingering - salutry humid seabreeze at 3-5 kts west-- light chop otherwise fine seas

weak radio chatter has the Navy doing some excersixes off Clamente island-- maybe a bite developed 6 below Desperation Reef

A check with the San Clemente Islands Security web site shows for today the Zone D Pyramid Cove area to be pretty much Hot/ active all day today- until 2 am on Tuesday morning -- open for most of the day on Tuesday but again Hot / Active from 1900 hours ( 7 pm) to 2 am on Wed morni9ng- -- their site at this time does not show further information for August-

---- Sundays report --------

First day in quite a while where there was a morning's clear sky at the beach--- ok light marine haze but sky sunny and warm- seas smooth with a few paths of wind ripple on it- nice

we were metering all that bait at 150 with fish in it- 10:37am

it's insane-- the closer we get to the 209 there's more and more bait-- there's breaking fish-- it's insane-- 20-40 lb yea-- the first school we saw they were coming completely out of the water-- and the first school we were running for them with the poppers but they got down before we got to them.-- look over off your bow there's birds gathering up-- 11:04

Hi JD. John on the DOLORES, with his friend Mark, came in yesterday afternoon with this 210 pound PBT. Backside of Clemente on live squid.

They need a bigger cleaning table!- JD

I think he said they had a Striper --slow trolling---bait?- 11:19


Not much of a water temp image yet-- tomorrow we'll have a good shot of today's temp- but yesterday's Chlorophyll shows that blue water moving in- --->

The Condor called in with 100+ mix of Yellowfin tuna, Yellowtail and Dorado. They reported great weather and have all day left to fish! -- fishing down off Baja-- outside Colonet-- 15- 20 miles--

Their busting up all over the place-- 11:54, Slack tide today-- 11:29am

Amazing how close the formula was said 201 and it weighed at 191-- 76 (Length) X Girth squared -- 46 x 46 divided by 800 --the first one we got was on a live squid down 150 ft off a balloon and the other one was off a fresh rigged flying fish and the kite-

- the phone rings, Jason says they been haveing good yellowtail fishing on the kelps around the 277- and below there- 15 and inside the 209, while fishing a kelp (most of the kelps were empry) a spot of 40- 60 lb tunas came up- and another one- -and another -- live squid took one tuna, flat fall lures took the others-

This week looks to be a better weather window- enjoy summer while it's here!- JD


------- Sat's report - July 28th------

Morning- Gray sky at the coastline-gray to the west, almost a heavy marine layer, humid and brightening inland sun beating back that marine layer- seas good with a wind from the south, Hi Eddie as billy would say-- light wind chop on a relatively calm sea.\

Southwind picked up harder then exected - 10-12 kts --gray gave away to a hasy blue day

Reports come back for those who were out trying to catch the wily tunas-- - Backside of Clemente Island- miles of bait and miles of tunas -- and not attracted to the multitude of fake fishes, aka- lures and jigs, live or dead baits presented to them, - boats who drifted there at night amazed at then amount of sealife/baitfish in the lights--- come daylight and through the midday hours were frustration- not much seen on the surface but meter marks showing they were there, some boats took a break and played with the calicos along the backside of the island-- best break of the day-- -- the afternoon hours were different-- maybe it it's the Full Moon but that afternoon/ sunset show was up- and still hard to get a bite even then-

Grunion run over the next few nights-

We started near the 181, looked good some bird life some bait-- waters blue- small dorado on the jigs-- we're over here now on the 277 it's off color and green looking-- not much life-- How'd you do back there-- We may have quit too early--- Jack got one about 8:30 and I think Jock got one around midnight- I'd call it very scratchy--

Conversations about the natural flying fish and their capture- or rigging of them-- , flyers- from open ocean come into the protected kelp beds along the coastline and offshore islands to lay their eggs-- just prior to dusk and into the dark the flyers seek sheltered kelp beds, depositing eggs to the underside of kelp blades. Commercial catches -Prior to their banning, a length of 1 1/2" mesh gillnet was strung in front of the kelp line before dark, a midnight's pull would harvest 50- 100 at a time. Bagged, sewn and frozen for later use. Some of the old school private boat method involved a Coleman lantern lit behind a white bed sheet, strung up and funneled into a bucket. A deck of cards, some rum and a good nights sleep found fresh flyers in the morning--

Rigging tips:- Their extra strong backbone is naturally shaped to wiggle back and forth-- when using as a baitfish, before putting them in the water, work that stiffened backbone back and forth to help keep it limber and attractive.

Some of the Long Rangers would freeze the flyers with their wings spread out, stapeled to a paper plate, later removed after the frozen riga-mortis had set in.

----------- July 27th Friday's report ------------

Still muggy or salty here on the beach- Coastal marine layer holding back the inland heat at least for a while but it feels like it'll sun up . Greasy calm out there this morning , soft swells on a gray morning- not much reported so far in the catching - but boating was nice-

E-Mail this morning-- Thanks for the 20 pound IGFA line--- it taped out 213. We will see mañana. Tom ----

Tom's Fish weighed 207.2 lb. for a pending W R BFT caught on 20# test; . It only took him 15 minutes and he caught it at San Clemente Island on bait. His fish fish hooked the other day -a super cow engulfed the bait and almost spooled them-- broke off. On this fish they were 5 miles above the fleet-- they metered fish on the first sweep of the sonar-- a cast bait and they were on- fish went nuts --all over the place, they were able to with good boat maneuvering and still able to keep in touch with the fish without breaking it off- Nice Catch!

Tom's got a few under the belt so far--- Pacific Bluefin Tuna

M-06 kg (12 lb) 59 kg (130 lb 1 oz) San Clemente Is, Ca 17-Aug-2017 Tom Pfleger

M-08 kg (16 lb) 58.8 kg (129 lb 10 oz) San Clemente Is, Ca, 10-Aug-2017 Tom Pfleger


M-10 kg (20 lb) 78.24 kg (172 lb 8 oz) Guadalupe Is, Mexico 03-May-1992 Tom Pfleger ( the good old days)

M-15 kg (30 lb) 96.87 kg (213 lb 9 oz) San Clememte Is, Ca 25-Aug-2016 Tom Pfleger

and his daughter Ali has the womans -24 kg (50 lb) 67.67 kg (149 lb 3 oz) , 24-Aug-2017


A check with IGFA shows the larges PBT at 907 lbs north of New Zealand , 19-Feb-2014 by Donna Pascoe


one fish on the boat so far--- yea we've got a decent yellow on the boat-- thanks were down here trolling between the 181 and the 182

Yellowtail off Ben Weston and squid to be had there too-

Say hello to Scott for me---- OK he's down below cleaning a yellowfin-- where ya get that ---- around the 277, thanks for the relay-- Tell JD there was a couple of tailers seen 3 off the Isthmus yesterday around 2 in the afternoon--- thanks-- hows the swordfishing been for the Lessly Ann-- pretty good so far this season and a good sized fish too



The Pacific Queen called in this morning with 6 Bluefin (150-250 lbs), 2 Bluefin (30-80 lbs) and 12 Yellowtail at 6:30 AM


Stayed funky all day-- never saw the sun and it remained a south light wind, offshore the sun made it through towards the islands but still not much of a Sat temp water temp or Chlorophyll image today-, from what I could gather from the surface charts that bulge of blue water moving up from the south continued up towards the mackerel bank this afternoon-


Hi JD. Hill caught this 33 lb yellowtail in whites over the weekend. We were fishing in the Ol’ Joe Tournament through NHYC. This was “largest Catch”. Thanks, Kevin (Ebb Tide) Good battle with a light tackle 196-6 old Sabor rod, nice Catch!


----- Wed's the 25 of July report----

Only muggy and warm here this morning - wind light, 2 3kts- South, seas fine -light mix to the seastate-------

Sporties and privates working off the Backside of Clemente for the tunas- I believe some off the Head, 289 to the Mac Bank too.

A check with the San Clemente Island Security 's web site shows the "Cove " to be open this weekend- from Friday Midnight through the weekend--


With a few marlin around, Dorado a reality, some tunas around, now both bluefin and yellowfin and the yellowtail at Catalina or Clemente-- Anglers are looking forwards to the BAC's honorably named after their past secretary the Helen Smith Offshore Tournament , it's coming up July 27 and 28 Friday and Sat, awards the following Aug the 1st-- Entry $35 for Members. $40 for non members-- give the Club a call or check it out at their web site--


Weather here on the beach still muggy and a soft shadow under the marine haze-- not much said on the radio today- several tournaments coming up the next weekend, full moon , sea bass, bluefin and marlins

late afternoon radio reception better--- yea we got the yellowfin on the porpoise about one or two every stop-- glassy out here now-- 4:12 pm

Today's ( or really yesterdays) water temp images and Chlorophyll chart showing the warm offcolore water on the beach with a strong arm of blue water meeting it below the 209 area and bending S/W to Clemente Island , sure should be some kelps, bait along that break . And the temp/ color break from the 14 to the 152/ catalina



Team Genesis lands 253 LB Pacfic Bluefin Tuna after 3 hours on the rod. Captain Bob Goldstein at the helm, Angler Vic Jedlicka, crew Larry Mestyanek and Eric Wilson on the gaffs. Congratulations Guys!

Good E mail this morning--

Hi JD, Greg H and I took the "Dixie Ann" out yesterday looking for the marlin around Catalina. Warm water all around the island but no signs or bites. We tried some spots around the east end of the island to no avail and ended up fishing the bass around the quarry. not much action. I had one bite all day, and that turned into a forty minute pulling contest with about a 200 pound Black Sea Bass. Once to the boat and unhooked it took a few trys to get the fish turned around and headed back down to deeper water. Note to self, it might be wise not to fish sea bass with a marlin caster. Thanks Dick S.


------------- Tuesdays report -Morning pea soupy fog greeted the morning boaters-- not till you got within 1/2 of the beach was it apparent, dropped the air temps to 74/75 degrees matching the water temp. off colored green-- Light S/E wind maybe 5 knts seas still a mix to them- a little rolly polly-


Cool Sea breeze welcome at maybe 4 or 5 knts mid day-

Radio quiet for the most part--- a few Sea Bass to be caught and from the looks of the AIS some of the sports and privates are working off the backside/west of Clemente island--

Whale watchers commenting on such a beautiful; day it was out there--

Well the only warm water shows to be here in the So Calif Blite

65 to 80 degrees

SD Report --he Pacific Queen returned with 11 Bluefin (6 between 180-290 lbs.) The Shogun finished with 25 Yellowtail. The Liberty returned from their 1.5 day trip with 3 Bluefin (206, 202 and 180 lbs.)

Unbeleavable calm out here-- we're going troll the Avalon Bank--

light coastal haze towards the afternoon hours-- seas calm- nice-

-------- Monday July 23rd 2018-- Works still got to me done, something about the grasshopper and ant fable my Mom spoke of-

Warm to hot-- sky clear-marine haze to the west -wind from the west/southwest light this morning due towards 15 this afternoon west- leftover lump on the sea-

Buliding tides as this Full Moon aproaches-

E-mail this moring asking about marlin rigging-- I go back to old school--


Hook rigging# 101 for marlin--- it's all theory mind you- they (the fish) may be striking short one season, then next climbing all over the jigs the next - Whacking them aggressively this morning or just tapping them with just the slightest interest later on.

Single hook or double hooks- stiff rigged or free swinging or a mix of both. Which is right? New ideas emerge or fade away each year, conceptions change. But the proven theory's over time prevails. The fish are built in a physical way , their mouths bills and jaw bones are always shaped the same, maybe even their philosophy remains the same. You can use these characteristics to improve the strikes and the solid hook ups-

Over the years I've developed my own theory - On the question of Single or Double hook Rigs. Double hooks hook or snag more fish, simply two hooks catch more things than one hook- they also catch more weeds and everything else in the water. They are a maintenance issue, you have to check them for weeds more often and keep the hooks straight within the skirts to swim well. Single hooks are easier to work with and will allow the lures to swim and look better in the water. The single hook drives well but it's hooking radius is limited. 6/0, 7/0, and 8/0 sized hooks are most common for Stripers, those fishing light lines of 16/ 20/30 lbs can fish the 6/0 and 7/0's well but an 9/0 is to big to drive. 50 and 60 lb test lines can support the bigger hooks. Striped Marlin have a fixed upper bill and a flexible lower jaw that clamps upwards, the inner roof of its mouth is the softest area to lodge a hook in or adjacent to it where that soft tissue joins the jawbone. Hooks have to find a home in that soft tissue, wrap around the rounded jawbone and hang or drive into the hard bill it's self. The style of hook must adopt to the bone or flesh. One theory of mine and there are many- is that the fish either strike or take a lure presented to them- They like to "Strike" brightly colored lures (Oranges/bright Greens/Yellows/ Reds) and "Take" resembling or natural colored looking (mackerel colored, dark greens or dark colors) lures- and this method of attacking the lures require a different style of hook to be used. When Striking or bill whacking at a lure- a hook a curved-in barb style (7691S) catches, snags better than an opened throated one- which doesn't hit at the best angle it bounces off. With an more resembling looking lure the fish try to "Take" or swallow /eat it from behind, the hook style (7732) with the bigger "bite" radius will catch deeper in the fishes mouth where it finds the softer tissue. A Fixed or stiff hook rigging helps position the hook, acting like a keel to run the lure better as well as helps starts to drive in the hook's barb better-- just a theory - JD


----------- Sundays 7/22/Report -------closed 1/2 day Monday- not sure which half!-----

Clear sky and a mornis west wind more this afternoon though not as strong as previously forecasted, Swells building and wind chop expected--

And the Kea Kai also reported to have caught a Marlin yesterday-- Whos on First, Whats on Second and I Dont Know is on third!

68.3 water on the 43 blue-- looks good we've got the kite out-38 over 59 - thanks we're 1 mile south of the 181 headed your way--

Lots of Sheep out there today-- I said breezy - not breezers!

We're west of the bank good sign of birds- 11:12

we're at 39 over 05 --three really good spots -- they're really coming up now--- 11:37 am one school looks like 50- 70 lbers--

Water from te 277 into the east end-- green \

I'm between the two seiners, there up-- it's all that small stuff--- those are yellowfinseiners--- 2:04

E-Mail from Santana--- Hey JD just wanted to give you a report on Thursday we fished thesouth end of san clemente had good tuna fishing and also baited and released a nice striped marlin saw two other jumpers

Looks like a respectable sized fish-- Congrats-- JD

and the claicos bit well eariler in the day--





Sat's report 7/21/18 ------

the coolness of the coastl waters are refreshing-- warm insland- wind allready starting to blow out of the west-- light chop with it-- Mare's Tails-- she's a blowin--

Marlin report - we're only out for a half day with the kids- out of Avalon Swagger-- finds a fish in the gyros, lazy tailer-- a trolled Dorado clored lure get the strike-- George Garrett the angler , Bruce at the wheel , 30 lb tackle and the fish is released--9:25 am- Congrats from the fleet--- !! First release for the BAC that I know of ( I din't hear of Kea Kai's friday fish till sunday) -- JD--- not bad for a half day's fishing!

How do you catch the first Marlin of the Season for the clubs - you go out a try- and keep trying- gave some swagger to the boat!

or be lucky


So Steve L calls in--- they had run the new Bad Company 92 ft sportfisher up from Cabo--some 900 miles to come up to SD then Catalina-- anchore up yesterday and leave anchorage at 8:45 this morning-- by 9:15 they had a marlin hooked, a baitfish! congrats to the young angler of 15 years , Joshua Masuda of Palos Verdes his first Marlin---

And Kea Kai also had a fish on Friday!!

Good reception-- below Clemente-- boats scattered all along the Clemente Canyon and escarpment below the island-- and up the backside, down to the 60 and out to the Mushroom Banks too-

We went down below the 43 came up the line metered more down there- where you at-- I'm up higher than I was yesterday--- metering lots of stuff-- seeing lots of bird schools , there's scattered tuna all around us now, foamers staying up yellowfin-- there's lots of micro baits around--- we've got the two dorado and one nice yellow off that kelp--- just waiting for the tunas now-- 1:48

20 kts by mid late afternoon -- your not going to like it when you come around that East end of Cat--

Where you at-- about two outside the Cove-- there's about 4 or 5 boats in the cove now-- and a half dozen trolling around- dosen't look like we'll have a problem- 4:56pm

Spots of fish all around, just waiting for it to bite-- calming down here-

Sea Bass fishing good for thoses in the know--

------- Fridays Report July the 20th ----August just around the corner--

--Coastal coolness welcomes those who come from the inland-- wind, light to fair from the west early- cloud cover left early-- Seas OK light bump/chop

Building moon phase

Looks like the tuna fleet below Clemente are spreading out-- some to the west off China Pt. others to Desperation Reef and still along the Clemente canyon.

Hello JD Well…. We got one yesterday! 230 lb on the kite. Thank you for your posts and fishing updates. Kevin - Jammin'

Beautiful fish--! JD

They popped up in all that mico baits - 11:15

we worked down south not much down there-- came back up -- we're 10 below the 43 now--

west wind up early-- by 1:30 starting to cap

Good radio recpetion- were her up at SBI doing any good- yea a few yellows some sea bass-- hows the tuna fishing-- we're just getting there-

39 and 05 we're running up on some foamers now--- 2:25pm

they're up right in front of us--- get a cedar plug out-- 4:16

Swordfish boat was saying another harpoon boat had stuck a fish yesterday--- somehow theline parted and the lost the fish--Today the Swordfish boat found their fish-- being munched on by a big Mako Shark- head and tail and body had large bite on it-- the dart and lily line still in it!

Couple of divers came in the shop mid afternoon having come back from the tuna grounds-- spent the night out there- metered lots of them but reluctant to take the flatfalls- the did get two big tunas--speared em- under the smaller yellowfin-- said his buddy while deep saw a big bluefin come up an smack- ran right into at 40+ yellowfin- chasing them out of their neighbored, water bluish on top down below green and poor visibility-

We just had the kite up here towent minute lots of fish jumpoing all alround us-- we had some small tuna inside us-- Yea we got on on the popper-- this is far as Iv;e gone seeing them on the upa nd downa nd side scanner--


-------- Thursdays report - July 19th ---

cCoastal marine clouds faded away early- wind fair from the south/southeast 5-6 kts, seas ok light chop.

Coasatal water warm at 73+ and green-- swordfish water--

An customer in the shop this morning--buying flatfalls-- going out to the tuna grounds this afternoon-- his buddy- with divers had 7 fish this morning-- all over or close to 200 lbs--

A check with he San Clemente Island Security- shows the Island " Pyramid Cove" to be "Hot/Active" Friday, Sat and Sunday-- and flying kites regulations observed

A question posed about the FAD's that were placed in the waters off Catalin's East end May of last year--should still be there-- if you in the area check em' out-- FADs at 33' 14.432 N / 118' 10.873 W near the 152, the second one is at-- 33'01.40 N / 117' 47.996 near the 209--

The tuna fleet centered below the Head in the deep water-

Kite Wars!!! this dum* *## @#** just got my gear again!! I was 5- 6 miles away from the fleet and he comes downhill right over us again-- !

Windy this coming weekend, good friday sat but blowing Sunday---

SD report- The Condor called in this morning with 8 Bluefin tuna, (1 @ 213#) and (7 @ 25-70#). They are still fishing. The Shogun returned this AM with 15 Bluefin tuna weighing in up to 206 lbs and 1 Yellowfin tuna 35-40lbs. July 18th, 2018 The Pacific Queen finished with 13 Bluefin Tuna (1 @ 205#) and 3 Yellowfin Tuna on their Overnight Trip. . The Pegasus returned this AM with 26 Bluefin Tuna and 5 Yellowfin Tuna (Up to 180#) on their 1.5 day charter. They reported great signs of fish!

See that Black dark seiner -----no I don't see anybody I'm at 46 and 09 there's nobody here--- I'm at -42 and 09 now--- giant foamer right in front of me and nobody's on it- - I'm heading to it now-- inside those number you gave me- maybe a couple miles away--- that dark blue seiner trying to wrap em'- there's a giant foamer right in

front of him-- he's trying for it-- 6:01pm


---------- Wed's the 18 - July-----------

Very nice morning on the water- almost tropical- calm seas, light cloud cover giving way mid morning blue and sun- wind slight from the south-

Really nice day-- went out to the 14- water green and 73 turned 71 past it and started to blue up-- a little bit of a trash line some weeds- seal and a small mako shark swimming-- but that was it-- we turned back into that green water where we'ed seen those birds working-- Bonito-

Sounded like there were dozens of sportfishers out today in search of the bluefin-- and yellowfin - dorado- yellowtail and marlin or a swordfish- and bonito or sea bass too!

It sounded like he said marlin-- but not sure-- saw a swirl, I said throw a bait-- -- we're on--- and its on a spinning gear-- 11:21

Yellowfin on the troll-- 11:34

Yellowfin of the troll- flyer 12:01

We're getting this marlin up to color now--- 2:05

he's headed west now---

Tropical this afternoon - stayed south

We're headed home--- how'd you do-- we'll we lost more than we caught-- think we hooked 5 and got two-- tuna fishing! 4:25pm

looked like some maui back there--- saw some blue behind the jig--

Good temp break running from about the Avalon Bank S/E to inside the 209 then bending down to the 181.

never did hear if they got the marlin or not??



They stayed out of the fleet- who had been working down the line along the San Clemente Canyon-- the sports and dozens of others-- staying above the fleet- a half dozen + miles away they had them to themselves- Leaving the harbor at 8 am by noon they had tag teamed the first fish by the two young boys Pete and Haden for an hours battle at 203 lbs--- the second fish by David at 199 lbs--and a 30 lb yellowfin to boot --Yummy flyer on a calm day without others to bother them- nice catches-- Salt Shaker--


---- Tuesdays 7 17 2018 Report ---------

Muggy warm and coastal drizzle- gray morning wind light from the west 2- 3 kts seas calm and flat--

Still good tide swings and morning and mid-day/ early afternoon slack periods-

So he came in the shop late yesterday afternoon yea, I know I wasn't suppose to to be here- but I was- getting some tackle together to take my Grandson who's 4 1/2 out for afternoon bay fishing-- - The customer sorts out some of the hooks, he'd been whale watching earlier in the day-- seeing a few small dorado under kelps not too far out- he comes up to the counter with a bag of #4 hooks $2.95'w worth-- that should do it! - he's out the door for a late afternoon run at the dodo's. By dusk my grandson and I , a bass and a bunch of bites on frozen squid among the corralling of a small boy on a small boat- with casting practice, baiting hooks, snacks and clearing tangles lines we're back ashore. I look up and the earlier customer goes by- holding up a nice Dorado-- he says 6 miles out !


Hi JD - Hope all is well. Here are a couple of pictures of Michael’s Bluefin from Sunday. The fish taped out at 210 pounds and took him 40 minutes to land. We had a number of other blowups on the Yummy and also caught a yellowfin on it as well. Hope all is well and have a great week. Thanks Gary

E-Mail from Costa Rica--- Foxi LKady Just returned from our last trip to the seamounts/fads Tuna Club friends Rich Palys and Mike Mcgrade did them selves proud releasing 27 blue marlin to 350#. This will be our last trip in Costa Rica, after 6 years here its time to bring the Foxi Lady back to California. We will spend some tiime fishing in Nicaragar, and Guatemala, Puerto Vallarta(big tuna) , Cabo, couple of months in Mag Bay tight lines Pete

A check with he San Clemente Island Security- shows the Island " Pyramid Cove" to be "Hot/Active" Friday, Sat and Sunday--

Well once in a while ya get a few odd ball phone calls - guy calls up wanting to know if he needs a fishing license to knife a fish! yep!

The Pacific Dawn finished their trip with 11 Bluefin Tuna 6 over 200 pounds and 5 over 150 pound and 25 Calico bass, The Liberty just called in with 7 Bluefin Tuna and 2 Yellowfin Tuna so far on their full day trip.

30-day weather outlook Summary- High pressure is expected to continue in the northcentral and northeast Pacific and W of N California and Oregon There continues to be a risk of very hot conditions alternating with very warm and humid weather due to strong upper high pressure in the SW U.S, and weak low pressure off the central and S California coast. Monsoonal moisture and thunderstorms (TSTMS), will increase, following the normal seasonal progression in late July and first part of August. High pressure will continue to produce very hot and dry conditions over most of Mexico and all of Central America during late July through about 20 August. Sea surface temperatures have been colder than normal off Baja California, but a shift to unusually warm anomalies (SSTAs) appears to be returning. The El Niño (warmer than normal sea surface along the equatorial central and E Pacific, is developing. This long term process is expected to continue through the fall and upcoming winter.

--------------------- Monday closed or should have been--------------

-------------- Sunday-- so far so good--- July 15th half the months gone by 2018 -



--------- Sat- the 14-- phew-- we got by the 13th-- July, now all we only have to worry about are earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tsunamis!

Nice Summer morning-- coastal cloud cover seemingly to go away early mid-morning-- wind light from the west-- a few swells on a otherwise calm sea- High tides and Extreme lows- almost a 9 ft tidal exchange-- Stand By!

I'm in need of something--- text me you numbers--- 34 over 03! 10:03 am

Blue whales still around-- - furthere offshore

Swordfish boats working the lee of catalina-- some bait on the 14-- not much other than that--

Weather's a little up out there today-- better if your traveling with it--

Coastal fishing on the reef last night-- wind against current and every so often a swell to jolt you in keeping you balanced upright-

Sounded like one of the partyboats-- in shearch of good fishing for their passangers had to circle the island ( cat) in order to end up with 20 bass and four yellows-for the day

radio quiet for the Sat of a Summer's day--

Pacific Carnage -- the red & white squid boat was off Avalon- Lover's Cove with live squid for sale--


Only scratchy reception this afternoon--- something about flying kites and going to Pearly's

We just lost a big one---- there lots of fish here---- we're off 7 miles from where I told you I was going--- must have been a 300 lder! We're headed down from Clemente 7 miles before we got there--- there's lots of fish here--- 3:00

Right where your at right now about a hour ago we got fat one-- couple more on the poppers ---yea we got one up above you--- a good one too- going to put out a couple marlin lures and troll on the way home-- good day for us- likewise-- 3:14

wind seemed to be backing off afternoon hours--

Prospector-- did just that prospected south towards the 302 this morning found a bunch of the smaller tunas that didn't want to bite for them-- worked back uphill towards Pyramid-- lots of boats out covering the water-- fair fishing for most-- a few kelps holding dorado that don't want to bite either--




Hooked fish yesterday went 215-- interesting to note from Geoff's comments-- never saw a bird nor surface fish- only sonar and meter marks kept them in the fish -- at least for a hour or better during the low part of yesterday's slack tide period. Meter marks showed the fish down at 125- 150 feet then shoot up and attack the Yummy- blowing it out of the water --fish after fish competing for the flyer-- At one point another boat's yummy flyer was within good eyesite of their boat off to the side -- and they watched fish after fish come up attacking the yummy



If I heard them correctly- the squid boat had dropped off a load of bait at the pedro receivers--


E-Mail this morning-- Hi JD, I just want say thank you for keeping it real and wholesome all these years. These pictures are from yesterday in us waters with a yummy flyer. Angler is Benny F. on the Fish Nut.Keep upthe good work. Leif





Hi JD, this last Tuesday I caught this 175 BFT on Limitless on 80 Dacron captained byTom. Caught on a pink yummy. Need a few more Yummies and Dac!! Carl


There was the question on rigging the Yummy Flyers to be compliant to IGFA rules and local angling club rules . One of the questions was in reguards to the use of a treble hook and it being attatched to the lure-- the question posed to IGFA-- replys-- that a treble hook may be used but must be free swinging, it may not be attatched as is one of the treble hooks prongs embeded into the yummy or the hook strapped to the lure, zip tie glue .. Yummy Fliers rigged in this fashion where the hook is not free swinging is not compliant with IGFA rules. Hooks and Lures # 2. IGFA regs- Gang hook ruling-

Windy Afternoon--


-------- Thursdays report ------

Sorry still limited web access on my end for reporting--

Mix of high and low clouds, blue behind that- wind light and fair from the west- 3- 6 kts- seas calm ,light mix to the sea but smooth-

Avalon had live squid being sold-- boats down south were throwing poppers at tunas outside the 9 Mile Bank-

From the AIS overview- looks like a bunch of San Pedro seiners were on that yellowfin today---

off the north nine looks green water--

A report striped marlin caught over the past few days down by the 302 , first one of the season for the SD fleet- new we need one up here in US waters!

A scratchy voice comes through the squelch -- were on----- it think he says--- you flying any flags yet--- no but were almost on a double now--hung one fish - all right Ill let you go back to work- let us know what happens--- Tuna and Hooked-- 3:01PM

---------- Wed's report ------------

Clear sky this morning-- hazy marine weather on the coast-- wind southwest early in the day- small mix to the seastate and some small wind chop with it--

In house web conections off somewhat today?- limited access- JD

waters warming up to 74 degrees--

we just got the kite up--- havent seen really much except that one batch of fish and there were all those really big ones-- 2:50pm

We're here off the north end-- ( Coronado) seeing mostly breezers--- mostly yellowfin--- a few bluefin

were at 45 over 45---

the 181 looks to be holding--west side of the 9 mile bank to the border went off earlier today yellowfin and smaller bluefin-- at the turn of the morning's tidewe got good cast into that bunch of fish-- colt snipers, poppers, right into the middle of it-- no bites there must have been 25 other boats in the areanorth oif 302-226- 30 over 21 was the zone this morning we've got dorado under a paddu between the 182 and the 9- 46/16Hey-- the gray hulled pilot house coming down on us--- we're on a fish-- and streached out--come on give us some room--- 3:53 , we're pulling on a fish-- please turn offwe got good info--- we're headed west north other side of the 181---this mornings 43 looked good but flat and no wind-- ran inside to the cornor west of the 9 found a mix inside

-------------------- Tuesdays report ------- July 10th -----

Muggy-- and warm- light seabreezz from the south again this morning --seas ok- grease and calm morning hours -light west wind chop afternoon hours-- swells far apart-- good visibility for spotting things-- fishWe got two spots just popped up ---no bird on it-- tossed the jigs at em' got hooked up- passed if off - I think he lost it--we're three miles inside from there and just put a nice sized one on board. 11:18amMarlin dope-- rumor says a marlin was lost off the east end this past weekend-- and several swordfish baited off Pyramid -

The meats here-- the big bluefin ---they're still up foaming right behind us-- get down here--- plus 17 and plus 8 11:46

We just got a fat on-- slow trolling that mackerel-- 11:51

We haven't been able to get them to eat the bait- so we're about to put someone in the water and give em the steel!

33 up and they're all over the place-- 12:32

Aren't they pretty fish-- Dorado-- Josh takes the First Fish Flag , Dorado for the BAC this past weekend-- Nice Catch!





- Still taking Monday off- JD --

------------------ Sunday's cool breeze Report--sultry - wind still from the south though not as strong as yesterday-- there's wind chop with it-- and a small mix seastate There's yellows under that paddy-- we just pulled out a 30 lbers we're here on the Corner-- not much for us so far--- a few pods of dolphins that's its'It was insane there were boilers all over us--we just got here-- upper 9 -- what size are they are they all those footballs--- I'd say they were in their 30's, We're outside you towards the 181- 43-- We had a good stop ---stayed up really good-- up 13 up 9 off those numbers I gave you--they're staying up really good-- couple of sporties on them, we've got 5 on board- they're up for hundreds yards then move off--- come up again a hundreds yards off- 10:09Outside the Isthmus the Chelse Marie has live squid for sale-- Pacific Carnage out front of Avalon also has Live squid--Good radio reception--- hearing full voice of boats fishing the Coronado Islands --we've got 5 or 6 30 lbers ion the boxwe're were working a two finner-- then this guy came by and ran him over-!--stupid guy--

Bluefin on the slow troll-- 371 area-- thanks--- sardine on 20lb about 40 lbs-- we dint see nothing blind strike-- 425 had lots of boils-- Guy outside Oceanside power plant--- had some yellowtail on a paddy- marked yellowfin---There's some big fish there--- 267--- the ones I saw were fricking huge!--- I'd put the yummys out!I just lost a ---- 160 lber at the boat--- sardine-- troll-- kite?-double on yellowfin at the corner-- 1:30Water temps and chlorophyll charts today---32.36 and 117:55 we had em pop up-- triple digits we hooked about a 240 lb fish at 6:30 spent 4 hours on it-- lost it at the boat--


------------------- Sat's cool seabreeze report-------

Come on down-- the water's fine-- south/ southwest coastal sea breeze -cool and refreshing at 10 kts-plus---- puts a chop on the water and a mix swell uncomfortable for the smaller boats.

Lot's of different radio chatter this morning-- - commercial spanish? commercial draggers? some sailboat regatta stuff- couple of boats headed to Catalina--

How big did you think it was --- off the east end-- bait fish! that's too bad 10:26

The harpoon stick boats working the Ridge- below Catalina-- reports of lots of bait between the two islands-- cat and clemente--

Pacific Carnage- selling live squid -- out front of Avalon--

Where you at-- we're at plus 11 and plus 14---- we're N/W of you 12 miles-- seeing a few of those big ones-- not ready yet--- time of day deal--

Were at +18 and + 17 --we're 10 N/W of you-- yea it's a time of day deal-- most of the stuff were seeing is in that 69.1/2 degrees dio reception this morning--- there's tunas popping up all over the place here-- got a yellowfin 11:08 am

We got a buck fifty on the deck--- first thing this morning- they blew up right in front of us - set up on it--- (kite) -- on the 118 11 line-- right now- it's down here now-- it's spotty --- we got lucky right spot right time-- we're below you ---we haven't moved - we were reallybusy this morning-- we had three solid bites - I pulled the plug on one fish- you below us? we're at 32.39 / 118 04 it's everywhere here down for now but it was there earlier -- it's all big up here nothing small -- thanks--


--------------- Thursday sreport ------July the 5th-Report --- Hot weather developing-- a stiff inshore westerly began mid morning as the heat inland drew it in. - to the west a light blanket of marine layer on the horizon line, blue above it with high clouds . Light wind chop

`````````````How ya doing-- were just above the 182- where you at? I'm at 30 over 31--- your inside me-- I lost two fish at 43 and 31 on the poppers---- any size?-- naa maybe 30 maybe 40 -- that's about ten from us now--- OK we'll talk to ya later-- thanks dan-- 10:08 It's a bit choppy-I'm about 20 below Clemente by the 43 -- that winds come up it'll make for a long run uphill into it-- -We're on a second bird school, pretty good school -- 12:23That point just below Black Rock (Catlina) lots of bait balls -- black schols of bait and we saw a giant school of Yellowtail go by-there-you doing anything out there--- we got one- but it's ugly out here---Crappy weather pushed most of the smaller craft off the water by mid afternoon-20-25+ kts west-- probably the same tomorrow with this heat wave--

``````````````````````````````````````````Sea bass bit well yesterday at the island-- some boats limited out-- as boats were calling out VHF ch 11 to see it there was squid for sale-- ??July 4rd, 2018 The Pacific Queen called in at 6:30AM with 10 Bft 60-80#, 1 at 180# fishing San clemente Island- I heard by 8 am almost a 90% hook up ratio-!ot of crazies out there today-- Have a Happy 4th- ! JD


----- Tuesdays July 3rd Report ------

Light overcast and a wind from the south fair at 8- 10 kts-- short wind chop on a mixed seastate - bumpy- Heat inland will increase out coastal winds

The BAC weighed in a big 586 lb Mako Shark- yesterday--on 50 lb tackle! Breakaway the boat Chrissie Jackson the anglerette

Fair to good calico bass fishing-- earlier in the day better- even a few White Sea Bass around-- even a few White Sharks!!

SD report --July 3rd The Liberty just called in with 100+ Yellowtail and still fishing. The Dolphin just called in with 105 Bonito (8-10 lbs) The Pacific Queen called in with 7 Bluefin, 3 at 180-200# and 4 at 30-60#, and still fishing.


You can tell it's summer- all the local kids are in the shop- picking up droplines and a tub of shrimp or package of frozen squid--

Have a save and sane 4th- JD


--------------------- JULY 1st 2018 ----------Sunday's report ---still Closed Monday at request from old time friends-- -

The first of July starts out fine with a lite morning coastal cloud cover away in gaps by mid morning, seas fair and calm and wind is light from the southwest 2-3 kts-

reports- from the radio say fair to good yellows at the island backside, east,

The remaining sand bass- after the uncontrolled take by small boats and partyboats based off the lack of supervision by the F & G that just about decimated the breed, now their slowly trying to make a comeback-- targeting fish during their spawning mode dosen't seem to be the best answer for their comeback-

Nice day-- lots of folks out-- I guess if I took the lock off of the VHF's scan, I'd hear more-

----------------- Fridays--- its friday June 29th-- 2018 Report -

The June Gloom over the coast this morning has put a hush to it-- a few boats starting to move around-- some action on the waterfront- as the noon hour approaches and clears off- a light south wind's got a crinkle on the water - seas mixed-

Mixed surface currents both inshore and offshore-- with what looks like a upwelling between the Mackerel and the 289 banks-- Mag: 9.71 cm/s 0.189 kts Dir: 111.52° from N

Looks like the SD partyboat fleet went south today- general area between the 425 and the upper hidden bank roughly 175 degrees 30 miles below Point Loma, 33.10/ 117.14

Slack tide this morning 11:30- standing by-- - Couple Stick boats working out ther today--

Wind stayed south all day-- fair and brisk at times-- sailboat stuff

Again not munch said on the radio today-- smaller boats heavy with visiting passangers from back East were fishing below the harbor ( newport)-- fair fishing-- those who went up the coastline also found fair bass fishing-- and a wet ride back to the harbor- Local party boats fished the "Pipe" both inside and outer ones- Sand Bass and sculpin-


War Heroes on Water to Honor Veterans with Epic Outdoor Adventure Fishing Tournament and Excursion In conjunction with Freedom Alliance and Freedom Fighter Outdoors, 27 wounded war heroes will be honored at this one-of-its-kind event

In coordination with Freedom Alliance and Freedom Fighter Outdoors, the inaugural War Heroes on Water (WHOW) Veteran's Sportfishing Tournament will host 27 wounded Veterans, and give the SoCal sportfishing community an opportunity to display immense gratitude and respect for those who have sacrificed so dearly for the United States of America. The WHOW Tournament will be held August 16-19, 2018. Show appreciation to our nation's greatest heroes – our servicemen and women. Raise awareness of the challenges Veterans face after their tours are complete. Raise funds for organizations dedicated to supporting Veterans.

WHOW! Help - we need a celebrity to sing the National anthem on Saturday morning August 18 at Avalon, Catalina island. Any FB friends with connections, please contact Rod Halperin tournament director. It’s been full speed of planning, look at the spread sheets. We are up to 27 vets now and 12 total yachts including the 144 as host yacht, 9 tournaments yachts and two support yachts. I can’t wait until this event to support these vets. Thank you all for stepping up so much on this event.



- Wed's report - June 27 2018 --

Almost a typical Summer day-- overcast morning here on the beach brightens by 10 an and sun showing through by noon- wind light from the south seas calm- should be a nice day on the water .

Strong tides with the full moon, Grunion to be found along the sandy beaches?

They worked back up the backside of Clemente yesterday-- 15- 20 miles found a few kelps the were not holding- down to Desperation Reef area- didn't see much there- Over to the Weather Buoy and up to 6 below Clemente flying that kite--- they weren't big-- but there were schools of them-- foamers-- 20- 40lb Bluefin-- we pulled in the kite-- and made casts off the bow with jigs for a 20 lbers and a 40 lb bait fish to follow-- they were 50- 100 yards off the bow boiling on small anchovies 2- inch stiff came flying out of the water tuna crashing everywhere on them-- made a cast directly into that melee with a 6 inch sardine- -- wouldn't touch it - were on that 2 inch stuff-- Thinking back I should have thrown a 2 inch mega bait I had---- next time--

Other similar reports out there today--

They just came up--- we had our opportunities-- didn't want to bite-- 12:39

For those headed out to San Clemente Island is search of the tunas-- Basically closed on Friday, open most of Sat until 11 pm "Hot" till 2 AM on Sunday morning then again open onward the rest of the week- -

San Clemente Island security web site shows for the anchorage at Pyramid Cove (Zone D) and inside the island (Zone C) that they are "Hot/ Active" starting on Thursday night at 11:30 pm until 4am on Friday- Active again from 7:00 am in the morning until 11:00 pm at night. Open the rest of the night, all day Sat until 7pm - "Hot' to 2 am on Sunday -after that open the rest of the week

39.26 real foam here---seen it up like 5 times nothing like it was earlier-- but run up on it and cast a jig -- you'll get bit--- real foamer-- -- 2:21pm it's like 5 inside Pyramid Head--

Nice day-- the bass bit well-- sand bass in the Full moon breeding phase now-- inshore bay fishing good for those in the know--


---------------------- Tuesday's 26th of July-- it's going fast! ---------

High overcast this morning burning away before noon -leaving a west wind at 5- 7 kts- light wind chop -nice weather

Catalina still giving up some nice yellowtail of the back side/ middle/ west of the island

The Tuna grounds had experienced some tough fishing the past few days- moon. weather ?? but it's looks to be a better catch today- with several of the bigger sportboats hanging 150 lb + fish this morning--


-- Sundays report June 24 ---

He said it was a lot better than yesterday-- weather wise-- still a light bump to the south wind -5- 7 + kts- sky -gray but lighter than yesterday - sun should come out-- never saw much of it yesterday--

Stand by let me get the kite out-- we've got breaking fish ahead of us- 10:09am

Coastal surface charts shows some uphill movements Oceanside/ to south laguna

Boats returning from Catalina-- found OK fishing backside/ twin harbors area yesterday- a little lee there from the wind-- some nice yellows on trolled rapala lures-

Strong Uphill coastal current-- - first time in two weeks--

Weather turned around mid day- still a little bumpy for the new boater-- tomorrow promises to be better yet-- Guluck- JD

Tomorrows - Day of the Seafarer----

------ Sat's Gloomy windy gray sky report -- June 23rd --

Wind out of the south fair with small wind chop associated with it--

Boats were calling Pacific Carnage-- with hopes of live squid for sale-- ne reply? 10:01 am - they came back to them- but the boat didn't reply?- I think they did have bait for sale-

Reports abound of both good and only fair fishing-- I guess it depends on if their selling tackle or not!-- Several of the privates I spoke to who went to Catalina said a fair bite on the calicos, one yellowtail hook up- and some slimy barracuda- Locally a few bass at the pipe and art reefs-

Possibility of a 12 month California fishing Licence Bill is up before the legislative voting-- a call requesting the bill be approved can be made to 619 338-8090 Senate Bill #518

Airplane spotter reports most of that body of Pacific Bluefin Tunas- mixed schools 25-40 stuff then a mile away 50-60 fish seen in a school of 50- 60lb fish and near by a school of 200 lbs-- the baits the key which seems to be staying in that deeper water below the 43 fathom spot- Southwest and South and Southeast from there. seeing em's one thing getting them to take a bait, jig or anything has been difficult- - They say these Bluefin have some of the best seeing eye's of all the tuna species-- that's why daytime fishing requires the stealthiest approach thin or fluorocarbon leaders. Guluck- JD

Whales watchers outside Dana/ South Laguna Aliso creek report a humpback whale and seeing lots of birds sealife-- 44/ 22 10:39


------ Fridays-- it's friday-- it's friday--report of the 22 of June--

May Gray/ June Gloom still overcast here on the coastline-- wind light from the west 2-4 kts- seas calm and carry a little win ripple wit them- made three cast foru little bites quit- Sun peaking out noon hours--

A slow start to the weekend as boaters were scare in getting away from land-

Summer fishing- even harpoon stick boats out---

Squid bait-- was in short supply at Avalon as the Pacific Carnage was about out by noon-- saying there had been a good bite back there this morning--- The hope to get more tonight- last night they got a full load, the night before they struck out--

Despite the fair weather and the want to fish without crowds- there wasn't much said on the radio today-- - The weekends upcoming venture has boats up to the HB Flats, fishing the mussel farm and that general area for the barracuda/ a shot an yellows and a seabass on the art reefs there. Catalina- has the Sea Bass ( East end under the light) , Yellows and Calicos and Seals around the rest of the island . travleing -- Keep your eyes open for any breezing Bluefin-- not out of the question to see them this time of year between the islands-- or a Marlin and Broadbill!

Good Luck this weekend-- South wind Sat and Sunaday afternoon-

Swager comes in the harbor flying a tuna flag--

----- Thursday's Report June 21 Longest day of the year-- also June Gloom too!

Overcast weather - wind light from the south 2- 3 kts seas calm--made two cast one good strong bite-- missed it--

Several private sportfishers down to the tuna grounds this morning-- standing by for their report--- 10:20am

The Pacific Queen called in at 8:30am with 2 Bluefin 180-200 lbs! The Liberty called in this morning with 80 Yellowtail and still fishing.

The flats- Huntington flats has some log Barracuda roaming around-- birds, a good indicator of the schools

Sounds like the Pacific Carnage was sold out of Squid for the day-- we'll try again later this evening-- ch 11 VHF

Yellowtail shoot-out this weekend--

Still scrathy VHF radio reception from the boats down in the tuna grounds-- did hear- one congrats in the afternoon hours 4:05pm Afternoon high tide slack today 5:48 San Diego time--


-------- Tuesdays report ------------June 19th

Sunny weather with some coastal marine haze and a west wind and small choppy seas--

Took my skiff out yesterday-- 3/4 mile out saw some birds picking at something-- turns out a floating Opah- and that starting me thinking about fishing for them again. Therehere--- -- there's been a half dozen or more caught between Newport and Laguna and not at any extreme depth either- from 50 ft to 300 ft- along that 400/ 500-600 ft dropoff running along our coastline-- Weather yesterday didn't warrant drifting around -- so next time- JD

Past studies of the fish explain why they're so hard to get a bait hook lodged in their mouth, it's a hard fleshy round structure that's hard to get a hook to sink in-- Lures and jigs or baits that are engulfed taken deeper seen to hook/catch better-



EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSIOAlert System Status: El Niño Watch Synopsis: ENSO-neutral is favored through Northern Hemisphere summer 2018, with the chance for El Niño increasing to 50% during fall, and ~65% during winter 2018-19. ENSO-neutral continued during May, as indicated by mostly average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across the central and easternequatorial PacificPositive subsurface temperature anomalies increased over the past month as another downwelling equatorial oceanic Kelvin wave reinforced the already above-average subsurface temperature. . Overall, oceanic and atmospheric conditions reflected ENSO-neutral. The majority of models predict ENSO-neutral to continue through the summer 2018, with El Niño most likely thereafter The forecaster consensus favors the onset of El Niño during the fall, which would then continue through winter. In summary, ENSO-neutral is favored throughsummer 2018, with the chance for El Niño increasing to 50% during fall, and ~65% during winter 2018-19


---Closed Monday -

-------- Happy "Pop's Day" June 17 2018 ---

Some soft clouds overhead- breaking apart mid morning-- wind light to fair out of the south 5- 7 kts- seas OK better than yesterday- but sill a lump to it-

I'm blessed with two daughters, both have made me proud of them- the older one Rebecca- is married and an accomplished school teacher w/ two growing boys and soon to be joined with a daughter of her own, Hunter's a research biologist at Oxford England with preservation studies of animals throughout the world-- Both are doing well.

Tom P calls in-- you want any Bluefin-- sure--- we were headed down to the tuna ground zones when we saw off in the distance a couple of big splashes-- tunas-- the wind and sea was right so up went the kite-- 15 minutes later we were on-- 204 lbs-- metered Yellowfin too-



And the Sea Bass were biting too---

Hope all the Dad's Sons, Daughters wives and friends had a pleasant family day of it-- Best of luck this coming week- JD



--- Saturday June 16th 2018 - report -

Wind fair and gusty- 8- 12- 14 kts from the south- like the guy said bumpy- gray sky -

Pacific Carnage had about 20- 25 scoops left ( 11:00 am) outside Avalon-- then headed into port for the day and tomorrow--

Bad Company 144 made it's way back out the harbor this mid morning-- amongst the scattered electric boats, skiffs, kayakers, sailboats and stand up crazies the harbor has to offer- probably glad to get back on the open high seas-- Gook Luck to them this season--






Anthony tells the story of one of the first jobs he had was working on the Thunderbird as the lowly deckhand, he's grown from there to owing one ofthe finest sportfishing yachts of the world. So you too , if your working as a deck now you can make it-- your goal set for- yes you can do it--


She's big- when you see her in person she's appears big and sleekand dark looking --bad company to mess with -- Welcome to Newport!


and a helicopter too!

Nice big spacious cockpit to work out of--





The Pacific Queen just called in and 9 AM with 1 Bluefin weighing 195 lbs and seeing signs of many large Bluefin

Couple of photos of the Bluefin - inside Clemente towards the 43--










---------- Thursday's Reports-- June the 14-

Gray morning calm weather, seas have flatted somewhat- still lumpy the further south you went

Storng running tides both ways in and out--- made three cast at request off the dock- third cast- nice 11 inch Spotted Bay Bass- - thanks--

This morning's facebook post some nice Sea Bass photos

Scratchy reports of the tunas fishers-- saying to stay here' they're seeing and metering fish there- 11:12am

Spanish voices-- ??

We're about 45 mils out--- there's so much life -- not sure which way to turn-- I'll keep you posted--

We've got a little left on the boat now-- we'll try again tonight- Pacific Carnage- in reply to if they would be there ( offf Avalon) tomorrow morning.

we're seeing lots of sauries

E-Mail -- Hawaiian report --- Hi JD, I just got back from Kona and the fishing is hot right now! We chartered a trip with Hula Girl Sport fishing and ended up with 2 Blues (160#, 180#), 1 AHI (109#), and a few missed shortbill spearfish. The weather was perfect and It made for a great day!


Tuna fishing-- weather- yuck NW swell originating from north of the area supports 7-8 ft seas W of northern Baja California, merged and reinforced by swell generated by the remnant low Aletta and Tropical Storm Bud, creating a confused state of swell direction W of Baja California Sur today.

------ Wed's report June 13 2018 ---------

Light overcast- going away early today- wind light from the west-- seas calm/ fair still with a mix seastate to it-

They were 30 lbers-- we got tow out of that bunch--- looks like those divers were on it too-- we're 15 below you and a little outside

Ryan L. dropped by the shop this morning-- he had the pleasure of a spotter airplane ride earlier this week- showing me some photos he'd taken from the plane-viewed from 800 ft up in the lee of Clemente there were schools of Pacific Bluefin Tuna evenly spaced apart-- another shot of feeding bigger tuna and a shot of a massive school of big yellowtail off Catalina. remarkable of what you could see from up there- and of course Carl the pilot deserves much of the credit of his skills at finding the fish and sealife-

Finally got one of the big boys to go-- where' you at-- were down 24 out 5 from the earlier numbers--

-Is there a lot or just one here- there? -- there's a lot-- no real foamers but they're here- 12:46pm

Scratchy report from a couple of boats-- maybe the Ridge (181-182) or the lee of Clemente-- they've been chasing the tunas all day long - hung a few- mostly they went down before they could get to them--


--------- Tuesdays report -June 12th ------------

Moring coastal cloud cover wind fair from the south- putting a bump and light wind chop on the mix of swells wish/washey, coastal curren donhill agains the uphill wind-and a mix of sea- unconfortable- Several boats out early today- bothe coastal and longer ranged- headed to the tuna grounds they said-

Tomorrow night at the BAC is the Kidkoff for the WSH tournament - give the club a call so they know how many seats to put out!

Major tide exchange over the next week-- something about tides. earthquakes, volcanoes- stand by-

coastal fishing-- wind againts current- today--a few sharks - small makos and threshers, rays, BSB, Calicos, seals, --

Newport Harbors, Balboa Yacht Clubis going to berunning aJr. Angling Program this summer and non-member kids are invited to participate. Two days a week from 7-9am fishing out of kayaks in the bay.Thanks, Sign Up Links

Junior Angling Program After a successful program last year, BYC is ready to offer the summer fishing class again! Proposed class format: • Jr. Anglers will bring their own kayaks, anchor, rod, and gear • Meet Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00 – 9:00am • Basics: Knots, rod and reel care, the art of fillet • Selecting time, location and lure/bait by species • Casting 101 with tournament for distance and accuracy • Summer fishing tournament for youth kayakers • Prizes awarded at Junior Program banquet Program Cost: $250 Comments? Share your thoughts and let us know if your Jr. Anglers are interested. We need at least 7 kids to make this happen. Send your comments to member Gordon Wanlass at

-Closed Monday--

------ Sunday - June 10 --------------

Just like yesterday-same wind sky and water- but stronger tides forming-- and that downhill coastal current remains -

Upwellings of krill in the nighttime, diurnal vertical migration was where they Blue Whales were in-- 800- 1000 feet of water--

Weather backed off --- very nice in the afternoon--- lots of fish catches-- a reported 70lb seabass from Catalina--the WON tournament went off with good scores and the Yellows over in the lee of Clemente were there- not really abundant but they were there- good catches of upwards of a dozen fish a boat- 12- 30+ fish- -- 30lb Bluefin reported caught off cast poppers around the 43 seeing lots of fish- and the weekend was topped of with a pair of twin big 58lb Sea Bass weighed in at the BAC- this coming weekend there's the YSH tournament give the club a call-

-------------- Sat- June 9 2018 report -----------

Cleared off inland quickly, out to the oceans a marine haze- wind from the Southeast 5-8 kts texture to the water and a mixed seastate-

AM radio reports of giant schools of Pacific Bluefin Tunas by the spotter airplane-- saying he'd neve seen so many bluefin tuna in his life!-- thats saying a lot-- !

The SD Tuna fleets been working the general area 35 miles SW 222 Degrees from Point Loma-- Roughly below the 43's southern shelf adjasent to the San Clemente Basin and inside from there towards Mexican waters--- JD's carrys Mexican Fish

Lee of Clemente island great yellowtail fishin" cast jigs slow trolled Rapalas or live baits-- 12- 30-40lb fish-

Next weekend--BAC- host their - the YSH Yellowtails, White Sea Bass and Halibuts-

I weighed in a 35lb tail also came from yo-yo ing an Scrambled egg pattern jig- 250ft of water along the inside of Clemente Island-

Decker fished there too with Eric and they conked the tails too-- on surface iron Candy Bar Mint green in color--


A pulse of NW swell prevails west of northern Baja California, with seas greater than 8 ft. This swell will merge with swell generated by Hurricane Aletta west of the Baja Peninsula generating confused seas greater than 8 ft that will persist into early next week, possibly becoming reinforced next week by the developing special feature low pressure system.

------ June 8 th 2018-- the month goes quickly-- Friday-

Weather- what coastal cloud cover there was went away early leaving clear blue behind it- a light coastal haze to the west- Southwest wind starting to show it'self. seas calm stil a light mix to it-Surface Current Mapping still shows a flow from the Long Beach area down the coastline towards Oceanside/ La Jolla where it bends Southwest from there out to sea- with a Mag: 26.61 cm/s or 0.517 kts Dir: 162.42° from N

Pacific Carnage has live squid for sale right out front of Avalon- (10am)-VHF ch 11- says they will be there most of the day till 6 -6:30 this evening then work they way up inside the island towards the Ithumas for the night -be back there tomorrow morning

Got the call late in the afternoon--- of the Pacific Blue Finned Tunas-- those big bruits -Yesterday-- all by ourselves he said-- we had em' up for three hours but boy are they shy-- the one I did hook - cast a 160 gr flatfall into a foamer of those big boys--- w/ a Talica 20 II and 5 ft of 100 lb Fluorocarbon--- I think I had that drag pinned down to full maybe 30 35 lbs of drag pressure-- and I couldn't slow it down- finally got it near the boat and it chewed through the leader-- lost it--prime time-- 10:30 am- Slack low tide-- on the 43!!!! in with 137 Yellowtail and 20 Calico Bass for 41 anglers.


to date for 2018 these are the Recreational Pacific Bluefin Tuna Catch are Estimates in California

Total est between 819 and 1,106


Bud's about to grow-Latest computer models suggest that this low could become better organized over the weekend as it moves westward and offshore of Acapulco. -- Formation chance through 5 days...high...90 percent! Cabo---- stand by!

- Stand By for El Nino!!

------ June the 7th 2018--

Better day- gloom went away early slight southwind maybe 3-5 kts- seas fair a mix in it-

Wind picked up--- by noon 10- 12 S/W

Spent most of the day working on tackle-- couple of rods rewrapped epoxied, several bigger reels refurbished and made ready for those giant Pacific Bluefin tunas and then work on the light reels for game fun fishing-- this year- for what ever reason the develop of the offshore fishing season is slow coming- yet it will come, give it another wave of tropical weather and some steady growing warmth to the oceans waters and a moon or two and we'll be in the thick of em'. If you still need service or your tackle give us a call or drop by - work schedule's about a week to two out-


---------------- June 6 2018- Wed-----------

---------Again June Gloom------- clearing after noon

seas calm with an mixed swell-

They were in the 35- 40lb range, the kind we've been trolling for--- 11:00 am VHF radio chatter- some of the first of the season on tuna fishing reaching our ears-- that would put the VHF reach around the 43 fathom area----???

Got about a 12 lb Butt on the bobber-!-

Yellowtails- White Sea Bass, Halibuts, Tuna and Marlins-

This Season one of the favorites among the off sportfishers was the Stan Miller Invitational , sorry to say will not go on this year-- The big one will be the Master Angler Billfish Tournament hosted by the Balboa Angling Club-- there also the 47th annual Channel Islands Billfish Tournament to be held on Sept. 7-12. A kick-off party will be held on Sept. 7th at Channel Islands Yacht Club at 6:00pm. Tournament fishing will begin with a radio start Sept. 8th at the Channel Islands Harbor breakwater at 6:00am. Fishing ends at 4:00pm, Sept. 12th. An awards banquet and raffle will be held 6:00pm, Friday, Sept. 14th at the Channel Islands Yacht Club. For more information visit our website at And thers Russ Armstrongs ABC Avalon Billfish Classic and the always the Pesky Marlin Derby


Long Range Forecast

Summary- High pressure is to the west of northern California and Oregon, with mostly dry westerly flow into central and S California. .Cool sea surface temperatures off N California continue to contribute a dry and cool airmass on frequent occasions, with continued cool mornings and daytimes Warmer than normal sea surface off S Mexico and west to south of Baja California contribute to an environment favorable for tropical cyclone development.

As is normal in June, we will see quite a few coastal eddy periods with deep marine layer and morning drizzle. Monsoonal TSTMS increase about June through August, What is significant in the longer term is the continued tendency for the long range model to show above normal rainfall in SOCAL during September, focusing into L.A.-Ventura-Santa Barbara Co’s, here appears an increased risk for rainfall in SOCAL during September, especially the southcentral coast and specifically Ventura-Santa Barbara Co’s. There is a higher than normal chance for upper lows to form off the coast of SOCAL and N Baja. This, combined with warmer than normal sea surface off Baja suggest greater risk of rains and TSTM events in SOCAL during September. ...Alan Fox, Fox Weather LLC...

--------------------- Tuesday's Report -------------

Derry overcast June Gloom day-- the 5th don't for get to vote!

Wind light and fair out of the south -- seas ok, slight mix of swell- waters warming to a 64- 65 degrees-

Took the day off yesterday-- thought I'd get a early start and was on the water by 6 am-- got to the spot by 6:30-- found out the bite happened a 1/2 hours before I got they-- have to get up earlier next time! did have a good halibut bit-- and hooked an est. 150 lb Thresher that did a cartwheel out of the water - nice Jump- bit me off-

Metered lots of Red Crabs all along the shoreline - almost every bass that come up- is jugged with em!--

Sun appeared out of the gloom midlate afternoon-- wind still light from the south- fishing fair on the bass - calicos and sand seabass?-


------------- closed mondays --------------

- And the month continues, June 3 rd only a couple more weeks till the days begin to become shorter again-- enjoy it while you can--

Morning coastal clouds giving way under a light west 2- 4 kts- seas flat under the grey overcast.

Coastal surface currents still remain in a downhill /south mode although the strong push from Oxnard/ Malibu had lessened and what force there is remains off Dana to Oceanside- an up hill flow emerges up from the Clemente Canyon and spreads towards Catalina's East end where it again finds that southward bound downhill current inside the San Pedro Channel - things are changing--

Weather stayed fair- westerly afternoon - as expected--

better luck next week- JD

--- June 2nd 2018--------

Sunny day-- moon was bright last night and into the morning hours-- good rising morning tide-- seas have a small bump to them, mixed and a light to fair south wind 4- 7 kts- lots of folks out-- Same surface current flow- downhill- -

Channel islands doing well on the White Sea Bass and Yellowtails-- Catalina has seals, Clemente better and improving on the bass and tails, San Pedro/ Long Beach / Huntington Flats a few more schools of Barracuda showing up- they move around a lot- some tails and bass there too, structure fishing, - party boats happy to score sculpin around the oil rigs--Water 63 and cleaning up---

Spotter airplane for the S/D fleet says seeing signs of Pacific Bluefin Tunas 40-- 50 miles Southwest of Point Loma, also a big spot of yellowtail under kelps in that area-

Mum's been the word-- to a degree- Dana- Salt Creek went off for the Sea basses the last few days--the Pipe and Newport Aft reef had a few fish too- the BAC weighed in a couple of 50lb'ers this morning another 30+ fish and still other 40- 50lb fish caught but not weighed--

Word was the Calico Bass were just starting to get into the spawning mode- Orange tinted bottom jaws

Nice day- wind stayed fair for most of the day-- westerly afternoon small wind chop w/ it-

S/D fleet were challenged to put many tunas aboard-- smaller grade better

The First Annual WHOA Tournament War Heroes on Water is approaching in 2 months. The team led by Rod Halperin is focused and working hard for our vets. We are now up to 9 boats total and 25 wounded heroes for this event. Please show your public support here by donating towards this great cause and to raise awareness of our wounded heroes. I also like to thank many of you that have offered products and gifts, along with the boat owners that offered up boats to take the vets, we have announced the boats selected thus far in earlier posts. Please support this great cause and check out our website. http://www.warheroesonwater.comThank you. Anthony H.


----------- June the 1st 2018--------------

Nice day coastal marine clouds backing off early, puffs of clouds remain- blue haze behind that-- seas fair, light mix of swell otherwise calm and nice-- Ocean surface currents still in a downhill trend from Oxford it spits half to the soutwest below the channle islands the other half stays againts the coastline strongest as it aproaches ocenside wheres its magitude is 0.545 kts Dir: 154.41° from the N . it flows again offshore southwest from there-- Good morning and afternoon tide swings--

Something's going on below the harbor this morning- dozens of boats out fishin?-- no idea what for yet--- JD 11:01am

Live Squid available off the Pacific Carnage right out front of Avalon-- Ch 11 VHF Newports receiver has nice 6 inch sardines

The fleets out chasing sea basses-- but not many around--- and or they're keeping it mum-- a 45er at San Onofee, another report/image of a nighttime fish around 60+ reports of others lost at the boat-- so they're around--

lot of small boats out but not many came in with fish

Have a good weekend- JD

----The last day of May- the 31st- 2018 -----

Low broken clouds w blue showing behind, wind soft from the south- seas calm, Nice

Bay waters green incoming morning tides-- 3 cast two nibbles-

Beach waters cleaned up with the undisturbed nights weather- Crossings to catalina yesterday afternoon reveled - not much only a couple of coastal gulls seen- no sealife seen crossing the channel-- 63 degrees-.

Today's the start of a Sea Bass tournament by the Tuna Club ,

CA Senate Passes SB1017 vote--- 32-0.

Whale watchers starting to see more and more Mola Molas-- big ones too , a few Minki whales around too -


---------Drizzly May Gray day the 30th-of 2018 ------

Overcast heavy drizzle then clearing to a overcast sky- wind light from the south 4- 6 kts-seas calm w light texture to it.


The Pacific Queen called in with 6 Yellowtail, 1 Bluefin Tuna (195#), and lost a few Bluefin around the same size. They are a Definite GO for this evening!!! The big blues are out there, but they are stubborn, luckily the weather is looking great for the week with minimal wind.

We're a little late to the party-- but if you have a minute--- A vote is scheduled most likely today so we don't have much time. Recreational anglers need to make a short call to their State Senator requesting that he or she support SB 1017. Be sure to mention you're a recreational angler in their district.

It's important to call first thing today since a floor vote could happen any time.

SB 1017 - a Bill that would phase out the use of Drift Gillnets in California's offshore waters. . SB 1017 provides a plan that would help commercial fishermen transition to a targeted, more sustainable gear type - Deep-Set Buoy Gear. This Bill has a realistic chance of passing, but we need every vote in the Senate.

Both IGFA and CCA-California support this Bill, as do numerous recreational fishing and boating organizations

. Senate District 34Janet Nguyen 916 651-4036 Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Westminster, Garden Grove, Senate District 36 – Pat Bates 916 651-4036 Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, San Clemente, Mission Viejo, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Senate District 37 – John Moorlach 916 651-4037 Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach,Irvine, Lake Forest, Tustin

8 --

Gray May-- light west wind 2 3 kts downhill coastal current , strongest S/W of Oceanside, waters holding 63 + degrees-- and clean-- maybe 40 ft visibility this morning-- fair fishing reported so far-- partyboats targeting sculpin outside LB.

Glassy flat calm-- no whales spotted yet--

Water temps ranging from 55 to 65 degrees--

sounds like there were some whales seen below Dana Pt- heading uphill

Still wouldn't forget about any Broadbill Swordfish around-- they're out there

May 29th, The Liberty called in reporting good signs of big Bluefin with several XXL Bluefin hanging.

Quiet day on the water--- never saw any sunshine--


-------- Memorial Day May 28 2018 --------

Overcast May Gray day-- wind soft from the west 2- 4 kts seas calm w/ a small swell to it- The day's slow with boaters getting out - taking their time-

To our fathers, mothers, friends, relatives and all who have helped serve this great nations of ours - Thank You- JD

My father, as many of us at our age had served in World War II, he as a Army Air Force Sergeant, Gunnery Instructor versed in demolition, aircraft armament and aerial gunnery. He taught us boys to fish and hunt-- he was a damn good dove shot too-- Thanks Dad for all you've done.

My old man and his twin boys--



Where's all the Sand Bass go?


------ Sunday Mayo- 27th of 2018-------------

High overcast- a few clouds behind it- looks to brighten up early today wind light from the southwest small lump to the seastate. slow downhill coastal currents.

Only fair fishing so far reported in the local Sea Bass world .

Nice Day--- yet still on the overall cool side-- wind picked up mid afternoon-

Radio quiet today---

---------------- Sat Mayo 26 2018 -------

Broken sky cloud cover and a clearer past evening-- wind fair and light from the south- starting to get ugly outside north but inner waters much better Afternoon wind expected but not as bad as yesterdays blow

The great news broadcast to the public saltwater angler this morning was the catch of several Giant Bluefin Tunas within 50 miles from San Diego-- private boats scored with 180 and 190 lb Pacific Bluefin tuna using rigged "Yummy" flying fish and kites, blow ups on the flown yummy, with strike after strike . Stand By--! 200 lb fish in May-- by Sept and October they'll be over 400 lbers!

A Spotter plane for these Bluefins has been contracted to relay informations to the SAC sportboats, due to go out this coming week to better locate the schools and sealife.

May 26, 2018 The Pacific Queen called in with 1 Bluefin at 190lbs and another Bluefin at 25lbs and 5 Yellowtail.

sloppy out there today-- tomorrow 's a better day- as is Monday--

Guluck- JD

-------------- Fridays Mayo 25 2018---------

Broken cloud cover, more like fall than Spring- light morning west wind seas fair with a light bump and wind chop on it--

A few boats headed to the island early-- others about to make the afternoon journey for the holiday's weekend --

Good visabiliy yesterday in a glazy sea conditions not so today- Whalers out - not seeing much-- yet-

Looks like from returning boats back into the harbor and the gloomy looks that nothing was going on today in the local sea bass world-- downward turned thumbs said so--


------ Thursday Mayo 24 th of 2018-----

Couple of boys were out today-- in search of those WSB-- both boats came back - didn't look like they had fish in the box-- nice weather- a little drizzly earlier this morning seas fair with a south swell and overcast sky, starting to break up min- morning- / Noon-

Fisherman's Landing reports today . The Pacific Queen called in with 35 Yellowtail and 4 Bluefin Tuna (25-30#) for 18 anglers!

Still a overall downhill surface currents against the coastline-- some uphill on the outside from Clemente to Catalina island -- A check of last months good WSB bite found dozens of 50 lb fish or better landed in the May 5-9-10 in a waining moon phase, the surface currents had changed from that downhill swing to a uphill push for a four or five day period- coinciding with a draining morning's tide. Same tide movement this morning, draining but it was a uphill current- -

-Old photo of Zane Grey with a nice White Sea Bass taken at Catalina


they say good Yellowtail catches developing at Catalina-

Another funky weather day-- south so far today- overcast-sun's trying to come out-

The upcoming weekend's weather shows a blow on the outside Saturday afternoon/night- Sundays better and Monday better yet-- still overcast low pressure dominates

Ocean was calm today--- all the way to Catalina grease

------Wed Mayo 23 2018 report ---------

the month's slipping away-- again light overcast some light morning drizzle w/ a light clearing west wind after noon-- seas fair- south swell and light west wind chop- Water holding 62- 63 degrees

If your traveling to Catalina or San Clemente ( the island's open Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday) keep your eyes out for Broadbill Swordfish-- water's ripe for them-- stand by-

stayed funky west wind all day-- -

Just before the Lily Call Bay fishing tournamenrt

Wildlife Officer Matias assisted Newport Beach PD investigate illegal fishing activity within their city limits. After a late-night traffic stop, by NBPD, over 75 fish were discovered stashed within an SUV. Three subjects were arrested for multiple outstanding CDFW warrants and charged with: use of an illegal gill net; over-limits of several species of fish; possession of undersize halibut, spotted sand bass, and barracuda. California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife


------------ Tuesdays Mayo 22 Report ------------

Light high cloud cover-- wind south 2-4 kts- seas OK-calm light mix to it--

Good morning low tide today-- with the swing mid morning you'd think someing would bite-- so far just Bat rays-- water temps 62 +

Light west wind- 6- 8 kts under a overcast sky- filling afternoon tide-- just enough driftthat should bring a strike or two on the halibuts-

Good graphic view of the flats that extends seawards out side Laguna towards the outers shelf above the Oil Rigs - Although it doesn't show the inner bottom layout very well, there's row after row of shelves and small flats where coastal current, like wind sweep hills of rocky hard bottom w shells on the seawards side/ sculpin, mud flats (clam beds/ sand bass) on the leeward side of these small hills, where the Mussel farm is now. It also shows the Newport Canyon where a good drift from the deep part of the canyon- 150-100 feet up the canyon's wall to the 80- 60 ft flats where sunlight just penetrates and where upwelling of the canyon bring little baitfishes for awaiting halibuts all along that shelf and to the west the escarpment ( Bank Perch/ Sand Dabs) of the San Gabriel canyon and it's fissures where the oil rigs are placed


---------- Sunday Mayo the 20th 2018 ---------

Light Drizzle overcast , wind from the south maybe 2- 3 kts- seas calm-

Several boaters out--- whalers too-- might be some Orca's seen southwest of Dana 6-7 miles

A check around with da boys to see what's been caught today--- 5-6 boats out--- not much to talk about-- the locals had a few bass and other stuff but no big Sea Bass came in to the Club today--- maybe one 30-40 lb fish caught local-- the Reef, (Newport Art reef) had a dozen or more boats fishing around there this morning--


------------ Sat's Mayo 19th--- --

Mayo-- gray-o, light overcast, wind light from the south maybe 5- 6 kts- seas calm with a mix to the sea state- -

Morning hours has the partyboats rumbling out to sea with the passangers aboard either the whale watching crouds or entuisastic anglers waiting for their catch.

Squid was for sale at San Pedro and Catalina although small in size -5-6 inch stuff and sardines here in Newport - I think the same in Dana-

Check out web site -- Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System and their Surface Current Mapping to get a updated surface flow of our waters-- it helps- JD

On Wednesday, May 23rd at 10:00 am Pacific Fisheries are going to conduct a fish count of the WSB in the Newport Pens and they need volunteers to help. Please call (949) 673-6316 if you can assist next week.

Sticking it out through the tides swings--- a few short White Sea bass, some calicos and a smoothound or two oh and a barracuda that took a jig - only fair fishing so far-- still waiting--3:44 pm


-------------------- Fridays May 18th Report --------

Mix of clouds and blue above- wind still fair from the south, coastal currents still downhill but strength backed down a bit from PV to Dana, from Oceanside to SD strongest towards the south then southwest to the 43. Water remains 60 - 63 degrees, red tide seems to have dissipated somewhat, waters are still green against the coastline and blues up towards the tunas grounds

Strong tide exchanges these days-- -- something about Full and New Moons and Earthquakes and Volcano Eruptions-- Mount St. Helens eruption May 18 1980 two days before the new moon, Hawaiian's eruption one day after the new moon!--

Several boats headed to Catalina for the weekens outing-- -- fair traveling- 10- 12- 15 kts, 3- 6 swell, looking to get within the shadow (lee) of the islands protection-

Good tide movements-- should be a sea bass or two biting--- watch for working bird schools--both the seabass and yellows and even barracuda schools are around--

Pacific Carnage out front of Avalon- selling Live Squid--


FOXI LADY REPORT COSTA RICA---Back from Panama and on our 1st Fad trip in Costa Rica for the season. The rainy season has started here, scatted showers and squals are the norm but the seas were very comfortable. Couple of my friends put new tops on 5 of the fads and placed 2 new ones. The range of these are from 60 to 135 miles out to sea. most are placed on high spots in depths of up to 3000' ft. We were 11/19 on blue marlin plus 5 dorado to 50# we fished 5 different fads and raised fish on 4 of them largest #400. Tight lines Pete--

Stayed south all day-- fair at 8- 10 kts seas have some texture to them and a mix of swell

Good Luck to you this weekend if you get out--- some afternoon west wind expected after 1-2 pm


---------------- Thursdays Report-----------

You could call it sporty-- south wind this morning fair and strong-- seas mixes and choppy- water offcolor green- water temps holding at 60- 61 - just reaching 62- 63degrees in the afternoon sunshine - four cast no bites-

---- Wed's May 16 the 2018 Report ----

A real Spring like day-- a few puffy morning clouds-- blue behind them- wind light from the west- no Drizzle like the weatherman said-- seas fair-

BAC Board Member Nate Dunham will be presenting a White Seabass Seminar today- Wednesday, May 16th at 5:30 pm at the BAC and everyone is invited. He gave a spellbinding presentation at the BAC last year and recently spoke to over 50 interested anglers at Newport Harbor Yacht Club. This is definitely a seminar NOT to be missed! Just show up- We hope to see you there!

Light to fair Westerly today

rumors of BFT in US waters has the buzz going--- I personally haven't hear the private boats on the VHF radio spo3eaking of it-- but it's the middle of May- June's only 15 days away and we should be having the Bluefin travel through this time of year-- good luck-- send photos- JD


------------------- Tuesday - May gray 15th report -------------

Light cloud cover-- wind from the west a couple of knts- seas a small mix with some texture to it- coastal currents switched yesterday from the previous 5 days of a uphill current to a strong downhill- still downhill this morning- New Moon tonight strong tide swings---

Fishermans Landing report -The Liberty called in at 11:00 today with 2 Bluefin 50-60 lbs with one hanging and 3 Yellowtail. The Pacific Queen called in at 10:30 AM with 4 bluefin 25-35lbs.and 3 yellowtail. They also report good weather.

Seabass fishing--- there's still a few around but they seem to be off in their biting habits so far today--

Skies cleared w/ a westerly building by noon

Shark kill fishing tournamet held this past weekend out of the Oceanside harbor-- they killed a few and a White Shark ate one of their bigger threshers-- maybe one day they wont have these shark kill tournaments - JD

Calicos and sand bass- waters still holding downhill and water temps creeping up to 61 degrees-

-- Closed Mondays-

--Mom's Day--- Sunday May 13 2018 ------------

San Deigo Fish Report today-- Sunday May 13, 2018 The Pacific Queen called in this morning with 1 Bluefin tuna at 50LBS and 3 Yellowtail so far. Captain Gavin reported gorgeous weather. Yesterday---May 12, 2018 The Condor called in with 5 Bluefin Tuna and Limits of Yellowtail.(The bluefin being 40 to 60 pounds) The Pacific Queen call in with 20 Bluefin. (1 being at 180 pounds and the rest being 50 to 60 pounds). . The Liberty called in with 6 Bluefin Tuna 1 at 140lbs and 5 Bluefin Tuna at 60lbs. They see good sign of fish. Bring 25lb up to 80lb gear. Flat fall jigs are recomended. .

A quick tribute to my Mom- raising my sister, my brother and me, taking care of the household and part-time jobs, a wife to my Dad and making life rewarding.

Photo of my mom with my daughter at two and now she's to have a daughter go along with her two sons.

Happy Mom's Day !


---- Sat the 12th---------

Mix of clouds from the south- wind backing off mid morning from the southeast fair seas and wind - some wind chop- not many boaters out- except a few Jet skiers and sailors and whalers. Coastal curent still advancing from the south. Oceanside area northwards

There must be some boats out today-- weather backing off- tides low at 1-2 pm starting to fill in this afternoon- - but the radio was quiet--

Mercedes Benz commercial-- where they started out with a good idea, saying your hooked up to a 800 lb Blue Marlin--- its fighting right next to the boat-- and then-- That was the right time to think about buying an $40,000 + Mercedes Benz ------- - IF the Ad guys only knew-- it probably took the angler $40,000 or more just to hook that 800 lb Blue Marlin and a car was about the last thing he was thinking of!


----------------- Friday Mayo 11 2018----

South wind and overcast drizzly weather today-- not fun-- wind 12- 15 gusty- wind chopagainst a west swell and mix sea state-- I was going to go out this morning but the sloppy weather said no-- made two casts off the dock- one nice 10 inch spotty- quit


Week ago there was reported a gill net being used in the Newport Harbor's Back Bay--- update-- Three guys we’re stopped by the Police Dept for a traffic violation the PD called Dept of Fish and Wildlife because they saw and smelled fish, they had in posession a long 200 yard gillnet and four buckets of fish The three fishermen were charged with up to eight violations.

A reminder that we still need for people to turn the heads White Sea Bass to the collection centers to see if the fish being caught are hatchery raised fish so they can be scanned for the coded wire tags that are imbedded in their check muscle . This is extremely important information we need to have , especially in light of the criticism the naysayers are having about the ORHEAP program currently.


And if you dont go fishing tomorrow---


and this coming week-- May 16th Wednesday at 5:30 pm: White Seabass Seminar by Nate Dunham for informative methods on how to catch these elusive giants of the sea--

One of the newer casting lures on the market- ( Kept as the secret weapon last year) for Bluefin Tunas , was the

himano's new Coltsniper sinking stickbait lure--- there's is an internal weight that slides to the back tail during the cast, and then spring forward when the lure hits the water, increasing casting distance by up 22-percent. the slow-sinking Coltsniper stickbaits have a wide slide swim action when retrieved. Pretty cool lure- comes in two sizes 120 and 140 gram-- I like the #140 for size and distance casting--



Gray day-- sun came out mid day for an hours showing then went back behind the gray- wind still light from the south--


Balboa Angling Club yesterdays weigh ins--- It's a White Seabass day at the BAC! Three in one day! Non-member Ryan Corum caught his 65.1 lb. WSB yesterday on 30# test on the Malia Jean captained by Ryan! Then Billy Seiler came in with his 63 lb. WSB caught on 65# in the ocea


The possibility of a transition to El Niño weather-pattern is nearing 50 percent by the 2018-19 Northern Hemisphere winter, the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center (CPC) said in its monthly forecast.



EL NIÑODISCUSSION 10 May 2018 ENSO Alert System Status: Final La Niña Advisory Synopsis: ENSO-neutral is favored through September-November 2018, with the possibility of El Niño nearing50% by Northern Hemisphere winter 2018-19. During April 2018, the tropical Pacific returned to ENSO-neutral, as indicated by mostly near-to- below average sea surface temperatures along the equator . Subsurface temperature anomaliesremained positive ], due to the continued influence of a downwelling oceanic Kelvin wave Atmospheric indictors related to La Niña also continued to fade. Overall, the ocean and atmosphere system reflected a return to ENSO-neutral. The majority of models in the IRI/CPC plume predict ENSO-neutral to continue at least through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2018 As the fall and winter approaches, many models indicate an increasing chance for El Niño. In summary, ENSO-neutral is favored through September-November 2018, with the possibility of El Niño nearing 50% by Northern Hemisphere winter 2018-19


Newport Harbor High School First Annual NHS Rat Fishing Tournament. District spokeswoman Annette Funachello said a rat problem has grown and jeopardized campus health and safety."As a leader of the school, it's a privilege and a huge responsibility to look at the diverse ways to address the issue". We came back from spring break and found out it's a much bigger problem than we realized. It looks like we're getting our arms around it, but it doesn't look like we're out of the weeds yet. Closing the school, either fully or partially, "wasn't even a topic of discussion at this time".

Chuck Ouchtech knew exactly where he wanted to cast his hook. "Just down the middle of the hallway, near that water fountain,"Ouchtech said early Wednesday. He wasn't talking about easing a carefully tied fly onto the surface of an inviting pool in a challenging trout stream or flipping an artificial frog into a lily pad Ouchtech was one of nearly 40 contestants who cast hooks baited with peanut butter-smeared bacon, bits of hot dog or raw steak down openings in drainage pipes or over full trash cans for the NHS 1st annual Rat Fishing Contest. Joe Ouchtech's took first place, reeling in a 12 inch, 1 pound rat. "Joe, you catch it honey and I'll club it." said his girlfriend Shirley, a red aluminum baseball bat at the ready. The "anglers" paid a $3 entrance fee. Covering the cost of trophies and a charity donation, to cast their baits down hallways and alleys in the Newport Heights newly constructed school. They aimed for puddles that might attract rodents to drink or particularly pungent piles of school garbage. "We're sportsmen," said Ouchtech, who organized the first tournament after Months of complaints about a rat infestation at Dodge Hall, where math and world language classes are held. "There's a lot of technique to it." The contest actually has a purpose. "What we're trying to do is bring attention to the problem," Ouchtech said. "There's more rats in Newport than there are people! "Thanks for the help, but no thanks, say city officials. "This just does not sound like a responsible way to address a rat problem," said Vector Control District manager Tommy Toostep, a spokesman for the Newport-Mesa's administrative director of facility support.


----------- Wed's Report ---------

Typical Spring day-- overcast morning hours till the mid morning's sun comes through. soft wind from the south starts to back off to build later from the west- seas calm- still somewhat a bit on the cool side-

El Nino?-- Conditions are likely to be ENSO-neutral through summer. The next update will be May 10.

With weather like today-- it signifies a positive change to the atmosphere here along the coastline-- the afternoon wind is fair but not enough to draw off surface water temps-sunlight remains strong for most of the day. Upwelling of cooler offcolor water are to the north and central or northern Californian Ocean currents show these plumes of cooler water pushing further to the west and offshore- and there's a developing northern bound California current pushing up against the Baja peninsula-- Looks positive-

-- -

------------ Tuesdays report -----------

May Gray--- light overcast morning - wind light and fair from the south- still a downhill current- stronger than the uphill wind-- seas OK a slight mix to the seastate- , local seabass fishers - were doing fair - fish up to 62 lbs over the past few day's others lost on the lighter tackle-.

Tide switched at the 11am hour-- a few bites on the Sea Basses just before then--quiet for much of the day after that--

Just when you think you know where the fish are at-- they move or dont bite--- so you leave-- the next guy fills in your spot-- and he gets the bite!

Another big WSB taken locally- and several more followed it up to the boat!-





---- Closed on Mondays --------

----------------------- - The 6 th of Mayo--------- Sunday- still a light west wind and a bump to the sea-- - Mix of cloud cover almost tropical in nature- and wispys mares tails aloft . Cirrus uncinus is a type of cirrus cloud. The name cirrus uncinus is derived from Latin, meaning "curly hooks". Also known as mares' tails


Persistence pays off and luck too!-- Derek New aboard Chris's Prime Time shows us how it's done with this hugh 72.9 lb White Sea Bass-taken on 20 lb test line! Nice catch! JD

Hey JD, Went out yesterday with plans to get away from work and stress. Came back with a WSB 1.1 lbs from world record on 20lb. She weighted 72.9lbs caught it on sardine with a 1oz. Slider. Glad to check it off the bucket list. Best, Derek

Wind still a afternoon factor-- west at 10- 12 kts- seas still a bit bumpy-

Strong downhill coastal current

Sloppy yesterday on the way home-- but happy too- they metered good sign of fish up off the West End of the island-- an hours efforts and no bites-- worked down the backside to the 3 "V's" metered a few more fish in the deeper 120 ft depth-- tide and current started to switch so they ran back up to the bank- and lost some tackle there-- but they were biting for that first hours of current change-- Nice colorful Yellowtail Big "G"


Weather looks promising for another week-- Good Luck-

---- Sat's report ---

- Happy Cinco de Mayo ----and a horse race too!-

Again blue sky with a light morning west wind maybe 5- 10 kts-- seas still have a mixed seastate to them but far apart. Tides are starting to mellow out--

Most of the gray Whales have passed -- now a few more Humpbacks are showing up in pairs--

Rock Cod fishing ( sculpin fishing ) remains the target fish for many of the local partyboats-- Reported a school or two of Yellowtails- 12-15 lbrs patrolling the fishing grounds above the Huntington Flats at what's to be know as the Mussel beds-Latitude / Longitude: 33.61° / -118.11° located 6 miles offshore outside Long beach- 150-foot depth (an Aquiculture enterprise ) those fish are boat shy by now so slow troll a sardine or mackerel a long ways back might tempt a bite.

-Windy and sloppy out there today--- and only fair fishin - Tomorrow Sunday morning looks a little better

The Celebration of Jack Cole's Wonderful life will be May 5, 2018 at the American Legion post 291 On 15th Street, on the Balboa Peninsula from 1:30 Pm until 4:30 PM.

Boats in Jack's sea burial will begin gathering at the Legion guest dock at 11 AM or the public adjacent to the Legion. Contact Larry Hehr for information on boat participation @ 949 230 748


--------------- Friday Mayo the 4th report-----------

Blue sky light west wind- light marine hazy seaward- seas, calm -still a of bit mixed sea state but small and apart.

Sailboats gatherings at and private yachts headed to the Island for the weekend's festivities of the Cinco de Mayo -

There must be 30 boats on the mussel grounds-- ( off Long Beach) 60- 61 degree water 10:33am

Nice day overall-- this weekend looks to be a standard afternoon westernly breeze 12- 15 kts from 1 pm on-till 7 pm

good luck - JD

Couple of images of intrest , for a 8 day composite-- water temps range from 55 to 65 degrees and on the chlorophyll you can see the defined coastal upwelled green water and a plume coming S/E from la jolla-


----------- Thursdays Mayo 3rd 2018--------------

Clear morning skis generally mean a westerly breeze-- and no different today- clear sky west marine haze and wind 10 + seas mixed and small caps on it-- water temps remain close to 60 degrees- downhill current- of interest there's a battling uphill current around the 60 mile Bank-- with a current Direction 0.338 kts, Dir: 333.52° from N

Rummors have it that the Bluefin have made it as far north as the "Ridge" and spots of tuna seen above that?-- go get em!"

and on May 2nd, 2018 5pm The Shogun reported they has landed 20 Bluefin Tuna (around 30#) for 14 anglers on their 1.5 day trip. They are also seeing bigger fish!

Live Squid was being sold long beach receivers-- - sardines at newport-- Sculpins were biting- windy today

sure is ------------- quiet on the radio today--

Halibuts-- were said to be around in good numbers at night with the grunion run, even a reported Striped Bass taken-

Go Angles!-- Pujols at 2998 -- now 2999!


------------------- May showers may brings May flowers - the 2nd ---

Wind out of the south/southeast many 5 or 6 kts- seas mixed but no real wind on it yet- a little lumpy- coastal waters hovering at the 58- 60 degree mark -the barometer is on the rise-

If your up at 11 pm this evening- should be a Grunion run--

The day's brighten and wind backing off- bay fishermen still hanging a halibut here and there using live smelt as bait- Pelican's diving into bait schools here in the harbor-- and prospects look good for weather.

Coming Up this next weekend----~

the Celebration of Jack Cole's Wonderful life will be May 5, 2018 at the American Legion post 291 On 15th Street, on the Balboa Peninsula from 1:30 Pm until 4:30 PM.

Boats in Jack's sea burial will begin gathering at the Legion guest dock at 11 AM or the public adjacent to the Legion. Contact Larry Hehr for information on boat participation @ 949 230 7480.



----------- May 1st- my how the past month flew by- 2018----

Wind south/southeast fair to fast- wind againts coastal current- tought to fish in it-- seas not as bad as yesterday but still lumpy , Broken cloud cover and light spirnkles with it-.

Well the Lily Call Newport Bay fishing tournament hosted by the BAC was fun-- Fair to OK fishing- there were shots at Halibuts and although most of the Bass were on the small side they were not shy at the baits or lures.The Croaker and Corbina catches were challenging-- Only one small Yellowfin Croaker weighed in and no Spotfin at all!

( Left photo- the PCH Bridge )

Now there hasn't been many reports of the Spotfin up and down the coastline over the past month, so maybe there wern't that many to fish for --- yet still disturbing information comes out that previous to the tournament the Dept of Fish and Wildlife/ Game had apprehended some bad guys who had stretched a Gill Net across the waters of the back bay and just about anything that came in or out of the bay was subject to the netting. Reported that hundreds of fish taken.

Still the tournament went on with favorite fishing spots juggled between anglers and tides.

( Left- Josh and friend on a double halibut hook-up!)


A drifted live smelt gave Tommy T this 6.19 lb halibut-- ( right)

Some anglers made the grade of mighty men or woman by starting at midnight Friday night- and by Sundays awards they'd had 38 hours of fishin in the bay--enough to wear anyone out!-


Couple of the young salts playing with the bass and halibuts--


1st place Bass went to a late Sunday weight in by Ryan Lawler and his 2.06 Bass. 1st place Corbina to Tim Humphreys, 1st Croaker to Trentin Humphrey and Tommy Tupman's 6.19 Halibut put him on top- 60 anglers 17 bass weighted, 9 Corbina, 1 Croaker and 4 halibuts


he new young salts all telling fish stories large and small -- plying for the assortment of prizes all donated by local people and business sponsors- We Thanks You- Aftco, Anglers Centers, Balboa Saloon, Basin Marine, Battery Mart. Big Fish Printing, Bluewater Grill. Catalina Passenger Service, Crew West, Daiwa, Great Mex, Harborside Restaurant, Harry's Marine Service, Island Marine Fuel, JD's Tackle, Ketcheum Tackle, Marker Broiler, Newport Dunes, Newport Landing, Owner Tackle, PCS magazine, Pompanette, Pro- Mar, San Pedro Bait, Shimano, 12 Hour Massages and Vessel Assist. all good business- support them if possible- JD

If you fished the Lily and have a couple of good photos- please send them into Mindy at the BAC - thanks JD


Thanks to KK for MC'ing the event-- and to Mindy Martin the BAC's enthusiastic relentless club secretary- JD




Hi JD, Thanks for the great advice, tackle, and Mexican licenses last week! We just finished another great PV trip on the Apollo highlighted by my sons 361 pound Super Cow! Trip of a lifetime! Eric S.






------- Friday's Report April 27 --

Gray sky- wind from the west 5-6 kts- seas good- Sailing Newport to Ensenada raceto begin off the Balboa pier-- as they ziz zag getting ready for the start- quite a few spectator boats headed out to watch.


The Lily Call starts tonight at midnight - the tide'll be dropping like a rock just about then at 2.2 kts! - A 6 hour flood and a 6 hour drain- same thing with the Saturdays afternoon and Sunday

Gray burnt away- fair sunny skys following with the breeze picking up a bit--

good mackeral fishing off the local piers today--

Good Luck this weekend-- The shop will be closed Sat and Sunday-- Gone fishin! JD

---------------- Thursday's report ------------------

Hazy blue morning- light marine clouds-- seas fair-- wind from the south/southwest couple of knts- bay waters coming and going strong in the tide- offcolor green-

Whale watchers report them to be far and few in between- they're happy to find dolphins--

Reported a 70 lb sea bass taken

And another nice catch by the Quitena - a fat pargo!--

Hey JD-- Check out the Jurassic Pargo Paul just caught on 30 lb test! Great catch! -- Nice catch!-- JD

The Start of the Ensenada Sailboat ragatta is tomorrow- the bays filling up with sailers! RACE START Friday, April 27, 2017…Race Starts off the Balboa Pier at 11:00AM

Took a walk-a-bout in search of bait again today-- rewared with a dozen ghost shrinp and a few more worms-- - I'm ready-- JD


------------------------ Wed's report ----------------

- Morning light fog and marina haze-clear towards noon fills in again mid late afternoon - wind, light from the south 2- 4 kts-- air and water feels cool- sun helping to warm the air- bay water still dirty but seems to be clearing a bit--

Tides dropping out like a rock today-- 2 kts-- by 11 am this morning they'll' be a few worm diggers out

They're kept quiet like prized fishing spot, the prime locations to gather bait for the upcoming Lily Call here in Newport harbor bay falls on the days of low tide prior to the tournament. Tramping around on the muddy shoreline- in search of Innkeeper worms, Grass and Ghost Shrimp, Cockle clams, Rock Scallops Bay, slimy mussels and any lively smelt you can get.

Like fishing sometimes it's the search- that composes the trip- to be successful in the quest- looking for bait or innkeeper worms can be like that, a creature from the Cambia era that burrows in favorable sea bottom mud. And it's like most fishing the search for the favorable conditions is what counts-- finding the right type of sea mud. And like goldilocks in search of the right porridge -Innkeepers Worms don't want it too granny sandy, not too greasy oozy oily black stinky stuff and not too brown sticky mud but just the right consistancy to support their burrowing habit. Finding these favorable spots takes a lot of walking, wading and trial and error . Today was another search - past locations had been dredged no longer good, in another spot an 1 hours search netted one worm and two small shrimp but the search went on and I found a new spot, worms galore ! Success ! Good luck in the tournament if your fishing it-- JD

Called “gaebul” (개불) in Korean and Urechis unicinctus in textbooks, . It’s also called the “fat innkeeper worm” because it creates U-shaped tunnels in the mud where other species like small crabs and tiny fish take up residence, feeding on the gaebul’s leftovers. And about those eating habits: The gaebul creates a slimy mucus “net” inside its tunnel and sucks water in, trapping plankton and other particles until the net is full, then gobbles up the entire net, plankton and all. and their-- delicious!!.

Pretty good for an old guy. Took Peter 3 hours to land this 200 pounder off Zihuatenejo, mainland Mexico . Almost killed him but he got it done. Quitena



------ Tuesday' the 24th brings light wind from the south a bit cool on the beach warm inland - seas fair and could-cover pushing a marine layer/ light fog- water in the bay - dirty green cold-

Tides starting to strengthen all this week-

The Sea Bass fishers-- hit the reef too hard this past Sunday-- the fish moved on-- others targeted then down off Dana and the kelp beds between the tow probably are holding fish too-

Weather backed off for the afternoon


The Lily Call Bay fishing tournament is - April 28 and 29 th-- limited to 75 anglers--over 1/2 full now!!! - get you entry in early!- give the Club a call-- ( 949) 673- 6316 or E mail to












--- Closed Monday ---boat work-

------- Sunday the 22 of April- seems like Spring finally arrived- nice day light marine haze- seas fair light south wind 3-4 kts- lots of folks out-

The buzz this morning was of the Pacific Bluefin Tunas upwards to 150lbs taken yesterday below the border by one of the SD fleet boats. there's a fleet there today-- they had lost a good number of fish in their bite- the fish preferring the light lines and leaders broke off early in the fight-, the other half of the buzz were those big Sea Bass taken yesterday locally out of Newport, they've been up off Palos Verdes for a week or better- the fleets out after them today - So far -bat rays smoothhounds and a lot of waiting- current just starting to move after 11 am 8- 10 boats

Scratchy radio report-- we've been fishing the bluefin foamers for a while so far- hope to get lucky- 11:12am

Wiffs of fog here and there along the coastline--

And a fishing boat said they'd seen their first flying fish of the season!

Catalina Fishing fair-- others ran to Clemente-- fished the 30 fathom for the cods-- fair at that too-

-- Sat the 21st of April--- Nice day-- warm and sunny- light S/W wind at 2 to 3 kts- seas calming.

Sounded like the PBT were biting very light line on the early AM rado fish talk program this morning-- down to #2 hooks- 25 lb test lines and light flourcarbon leaders with sardines nice 20- 40/50 lb fish

West picked up early today--

There's a garage sale here on Balboa Island today--Lots of crazies out--- among some of the oddballs prizes that came in the shop today -- A green two burner Coleman stove- in perfect shape, a couple old fashioned 1950 bamboo rods and black crusty senator reels and a medallion awards badge from a English Sailing club formed in 1896, the Prize- a small stuffed Elephant's foot that was hollowed out to store tobacco in!.

At the Boat Show this weekend stop by the Seakeeper boat display -- check it out, if you can see you way clear to put one in you boat you'll he grateful.


Just when you don't want a crowd around-- it happens-- Billy S and youngTristen S. brings in a pair of 50 lb + White Sea Bass to weigh in at the Balboa Angling Club-- right when they were having their IGFA Knot Tieing seminar- the dock and clubhouse alive with anglers, the questions came rapid like the photos-- where did you get them, what was used for bait, how were you fishing them, on and on. Ttisten's fish tops out at 54.4 lbs taken w/ 50 braid-- Justin had another one an 60 lbs get away right at the boat. Billy said the water was dirty red colored but they stuck it out getting their bites off the bottom. Interesting out of all the four fish they hooked they all came up towards the surface to fight- he's only seen that one or twice before in an entire season - good healthy looking fish- and a proud angler too! Congrats-- JD .


boat coming back from Catalina saying they'd made just enough to fish with making three squids at a time under the lights with a mono brail net-- wished those other things ( WSB/ YT ) would start to bite--

Good Luck


-------------- Friday the 20, Lily Call starts Friday next week at midnight!-

Blue haze morning- a few lingering clouds-- wind light southeast- 2- 3 kts- seas a light mix to them- 4 casts two small nibbles

Cow/ calf off the hospital heading north and some dolphins in eighteen fathoms-

That west wind began again at noon-- not bad but enough to take off the surface warmth of the water--

They caught one small sand dab-- that was it-- fished out of newport this morning S/E made it a bit sloppy- fished off Crystal Cove-- lots of bait some mackerel chasing the baits around but that was it-- went up to the reef-- cold and offcolor at 54 degrees- slow- the fish didn't want to bite!

Mackerel and small sardines being caught off the Jettys and newport and balboa piers

Next weekends weather forecast for SAT APR 28 Sunny 68°56°, 10% chance of rain wind at SSW 11 mph, and SUN APR 29 Mostly Sunny 67°56° 10% , SSW 10 mph

That afternoon westerly backed off towards the later hours of the afternoon--

Still cool although- If you get out- try some Rock Cod fishin--

Bay waters seeing more and more terns hitting the water-- topsmelt-


---------- Thursdays 19 of April- 9 days till Lily Call---

That light rain shower this mornings cleaned up the air and left a few puddles around--- Wind from the south at 3-5 kts- looks to swing West later. Seas still on the cool side but seems to be trying to warm up. Bay water's light green- - 4 casts no bites-

Newports Boat Show-- opens today through the weekend---

Received word yesterday about the Final rulings for 2018's Pacific Bluefin Tuna Commercial fishing regulations--

Revised 2018 Commercial Fishing Restrictions for Pacific Bluefin Tuna in the Eastern Pacific Ocean; 2018 Catch Limit Final rule and notice of availability : The National Marine Fisheries Service is issuing regulations under the Tuna Conventions Act to revise trip limits on the commercial catch of Pacific bluefin tuna applicable to 2018. U.S. commercial fishing vessels are subject to a biennial limit for 2017 and 2018, and the catch limit in 2018 is 114 metric tons (mt). To avoid exceeding the biennial limit, NMFS is imposing a 1-mt trip limit—except for large-mesh drift gillnet vessels, which would be subject to a 2-mt trip limit— throughout 2018 or until the 2018 catch limit is reached and the fishery is closed. This action is necessary for the United States to satisfy its obligations as a member of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission.

New Regulations for 2018 This final rule revises the trip limits for U.S. commercial vessels that catch Pacific bluefin tuna in the Convention Area (defined as the area bounded by the coast of the Americas, the 50° N and 50° S parallels, the 150° W meridian, and the waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean (EPO)) for 2018When the 2018 catch limit of 114 mt is reached, the fishery shall be closed through the end of the 2018 calendar year.

------------ Wed's the 18 of April- only 10 days away from the Lily Call tournament-

Clear and hazy blue and still cool weather here on the beach--South wind at 5-7 kts- water has the air chilled off till late in the day if the wind doesn't blow too hard -- -- made 5 casts, one small bite that fell off- quit- schools of 5-6 smelt and sardines in the bay-no bird life though-

Some Common Dolphins off North Newport 8-10 fathoms actively feeding-- birds and bait - not much seen from there southwards towards Laguna

said he had a yellowtail pushing close to 40lb takens south form Newport -- near dana ( kelp bed fish) was going to eweight it at the BAC club later today--

----------------- Tuesdays April 17 report-------

San Pedro Weather buoy said 55.4 degrees-- that wind yesterday removed any surface warmth there was- coastal air feels cold - inland the sun's warm and sunny Made 3 casts no bites - quit

Only a few boat out today-- mostly traveling-- there is the upcoming Newport Boat show- a few boats headed into the harbor for that-- Whale watchers finding porpious off Laguna-

Vick was out-- come rain or shine he's out-- no bites for him so far except the sea lions wanting his baits- water temps off the newport pier this morning--54 degrees, Northwesterly blew up again 12- 15 kts cold air.

Looking for Sharks?

Hey JD, I was wondering if you might be able to help get the word out that NOAA is looking for female thresher shark reproductive parts.... we need to look into their maturity schedule to help our assessment team.! thanks, Owyn E. Snodgrass Natural Resource Specialist III Contractor with Ocean Associates, Inc Fisheries Resources Division Southwest Fisheries Science Center NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service 8901 La Jolla Shores Drive La Jolla, CA 92037 (858) 334-2884 Lab (858) 334-2879 Office (858) 342-6372 Cell

The Southwest Fisheries Science Center conducts research on the reproductive biology of common thresher sharks and is looking for samples from females 140 cm fork length (4.6 ft) or larger, preferably pregnant. Please do not kill threshers for the sole intent to donate samples.



------ Sundays 15 middle of the month Report --- remember closed on Mondays--

Calm seas, gray and green lay slumbering under a mix of clouds, wind light from the southeast due to swing around later.

Whale watching boat reports pea green water off Dana, at least the upwelled water will bring plankton and feed for plankton eating fishes, aka; anchovies, sardines and red crabs.

Again the pre- fishers of the Lily Call were at it-- sneaking in on local bait spots and diminishing the supply - Ketchum Tackle will be bringing in live Bloodworms for the tournament..

Red R ock Cod fishing and some small Corbina where the highlighs of the days catches- !

Angles won in the snow! ( canceled today) and Dodgers got mauled in the sun! winning today--

--------------- Sat the 14th-- we survived the 13th- ------ report-

Bright blue sky this morning-- a little haze towards the ocean, wind light from the south southwest 2- 4 kts-- expected to blow west this afternoon- San Pedro Weather buoy has the water temp an 58.8 remarkably the San Clemente weather buoy has air temp an 61.5 and the water at 61.7 and holding relatively steady for the past few days

The SD fleet is targeting those Blue finned tunas this morning- down and outside (S/E) Ensenada/ Punta Bunda 40-50 miles 31.24:01 / 117.28.47 Below the 295 fathom spot-

Whale watchers report offcolor green cool water 12 mies out!

Strong tides this weekend-- should get some seabass to bite--

Nice Day-- almost like a regular summer day-- lots of folks out

Hot-- Hot--- and the wind did not blow up--- High pressure should get something to bite!

Couple of pre- fishers for the upcoming Lily Call tournament came in the shop this afternoon --- having caught a leagl halibut , relasing it and a close second sized fish too- trolling lures

go Angles! and Dodgers!


------ Friday the 13th! Yikes--- 2018-

Hazy blue with a light to fair south wind, building west-- seas inshore fair- some swell- offshore still rolly with a leftover lump, three casts, no bites-- Air feels cool, water temps have dropped and its refective in the air temps-- by mid afternoon choppy-

Water themps dropped another degree with this wind

the Long Beach Grand Prix starts today through Sunday--- several boats headed up the line to go watch it-sloppy ride - and starting next week is the Newport Boat Show-- 19-22nd

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION DISCUSSION 12 April 2018 ENSO Alert System Status: La Niña Advisory Synopsis: La Niña is expected to transition to ENSO-neutral during April-May, with ENSO-neutral then likely (greater than 50%chance) to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2018. During March 2018, La Niña continued to weaken While negative anomalies were weakening near the surface, the sub-surface temperature anomalie) warmed due to the eastward propagation of a downwelling equatorial oceanic Kelvin wave . Overall, the ocean and atmosphere system remained consistent with a weak La Niña. Most models predict La Niña will decay and return to ENSO-neutral during the current March-May. The forecaster consensus similarly favors a transition to neutral, with a continuation of ENSO-neutral conditions through the summer 2018. Thereafter, there is considerable forecast uncertainty, in part due to the lower prediction skill for forecasts made at this time of year.



------- Thursday's Report -April 12th ----------

Milky blue sky- inshore--west wind light for now expected to increase throughout the day to 20+kts, outer waters 20 now up to 30/40 kts-this afternoon-- one cast, one 12 inch bass, took my lure- quit-

When working on reels-- there is usage of a reel and there is real usage of a reel- once in a while you come across something that's strikes your eye-the clickers ratchet plate reveals the intense wear the reel went through. Thousands of yards of line under stress must have caused this much damage to the plate, a lot of leaping marlins and diving tunas!

Shes a hooting!!!--- there's a small sailboat ragatta here in the bay today--- got blown out!! must be gusting 25+ now-

Sure hope there weren't any small boats out today-- it's dangerously windy out there now-- 12:45pm maybe 35+

Wind stayed strong for most of the day-- that'll drop the water temp a degree or two-- stand by-


Just a couple looks at the chlorophyll charts/ water temp chart- of the Central and Southern Calif offshore waters-- Stronger flow of the Davidson current will drive that offcolor ( red/green) water further south , it's driven currently by these offshore northeast winds , concurrently there is a counter inshore current the California Current flowing up the Baja peninsula, they both counter act each other in a counterclockwise gyro depending on their strengths. . The geography of the So Calif Bight aids in this rotation, swinging the offcolor cooler water in towards the coastline below San Clemente Island by late spring , summer. It's something to keep an eye on, it does bring plankton larvae and bait fishes with it.

--(L)-Water temps from 50 to 75 degrees , - ( M & R) Chlorophyll chart this week and chlorophyll chart 30 days ago---- .

-------- Wed's the 11 of April--------Report - She'll be blowing tomorrow afternoon-- stand by--

Light blue sky- wind fair and light from the south/ southwest 3- 8 kts adding a wrinkle on the water, no swell to speak of. Bay waters seem to have a lot of green plankton in it-- made three casts, five little bites, must be very small bass. Tides starting to flow stronger these days-- couple of guys out -- Pre fishing for the Lily Call-- anchoring up in likely spots-- Remember if your fishing the Lily Call bay tournament - it's the end of this month- and your anchored up in the bay ( out of flow of traffic) it's requested that you fly one of the BAC Yellow flags, it'll help keep the harbor patrol boats from give you any hassle for anchoring up outside the designated area. - flags are available at the club.

Report that the BFT have reappeared in Southern California waters. 44 caught yesterday on Shogun, avg 60 lbs. Half on flat fall lures, half on live bait. 28 caught on Monday on Old Glory and another 1.5 day boat

So he was down in PV mexico- chasing those big yellowfin Tunas-- they saw em', saw em' by the hundreds-- hundred to two hundred lb fish jumping all around the boat they were on those 1- 2 inch fish bait and wouldn't take anything else-- disappointing-- back at the marine docks that night- the underwater light brought up all sorts of krill, little bait fishes-- a cavito bait dropped straight off the transom w/ 65 lb braid line and heavy leader- woof- gobbled down and off the the races it went-- he had the drags pinned tight not wanted any snook (that he was after) to get into the marinas pilings-- a stop, a head shake and the turned the fish-- to be fought all the way back to the boat-- they didn't weigh it-- he's a big man but could hardly get it lifted-- close to 60 or heaver-- biggest ever any of the locals had ever seen a huge Orange Mouth Corvina , they cut it up and ate it! A check later reveals it may have been a World Record-- the heaviest recorded on All Tackle weight was off Guayaquil, Ecuador July 19 1992 at 54.3 lbs--


----------------- Tuesdays Report ----- Light marine haze this morning behind it a hazy blue sky- seas calm and good,wind light 2-3 South-

Couple of boats out fishing the basses up on the Art reefs and stones above Newport and HB Flats, Magumbo's was the hot plastic on suspended fish.

Beautiful day-- not a whole lot of boaters out though- A few calicos found in the deeper water column outside the kelp beds-- not much bait above the Newport harbor's entrance-- more down by the kelps and the uphill side of it--

Fished for Salmon yesterday-- made the run from Newport Canyon down to Balboa's pier and the Newport Jetty along the 200 ft depth, there was a good dirty green/ clean green break running downhill- worked it for about 2 hours no bites, no mackerel , no barracuda, no thresher sharks, nothing, no bait marks , south of the harbor more life-


N swell off Baja California will subside below 8 ft today. Another round of strong NW winds and large NW swell are expected starting Thu. into Fri, bringing seas to near 13 ft over the waters north of 20N and west of 120W. Yet another NW swell will move into the NW waters Sat, with seas once again reaching near 13 ft over the far NW waters.

---------- Closed Mondays -----------

----- April the 8th 2018 ----------- Report --------------

E-mail this morning--- Hi JD, Thanks for helping us promote Balboa Yacht Club’s “In The Bay” Fishing Tournament. We had a terrific turn out of anglers - around 80 kids/adults participated. The entry fee included a tournament Tshirt, BBQ, award’s ceremony, and raffle at the BYC. Thanks to all our sponsors for helping make this tournament possible.

Here are the results: Children: 1st – Mason Baumann 30 pts, 2nd – Ryan Davis - 25 pts 3rd – Ryan Taur - 22 pts 4th – Olivia Norton - 22 pts 5th – Jimmy Glidewell - 22 pts 6th – Tate Ogier - 20 pts

Adults 1st - McKenna Duley - 67 pts 2nd – Robbie Baker - 25 pts 3rd – Steve Bird - 22 pts

Congratulations to all! Ali Johnson

Nice weekend-- with the warming sun and softer wind- Tides starting to move again-


--------------- April 7th Sat- Report -------

Nice warm overcast morning- light south 2-3 kts- light wind ripple with it seas calm-

"The waters are a completely different day than yesterday, it's cleaned up not green at all-- Clear as a bell". He says- off South Laguna Beach whale watching Bottled-Nosed Dolphins--- 2 - 2/12 of the beach 28/46

Newport's bay has 70+ bay anglers fishing the "In the Bay " tournament today-- scattered throughout the harbor they're seen trolling, casting lures or anchored and drifting with baits.

Private Sportfishers - or commercial sport fishing partyboats were finding some weather with 8-10 ft seas has they head north /central Baja over the next couple of days- a short weather window behind that then looking ahead, another cold front will move into the waters north of 25N early next week, accompanied by larger NW swell, with seas peaking 10 to 15 ft over the waters north of 25N and west of130W waters Tue.-

Alan and crew fishing the Bay-- rewared with a nice halibut to add to their muti-species list-- slow trolled deep diver lures worked off Lido --- Right off Lido where you said to go! Thanks for the guarantee!

Lot's of halibuts caught in the bay tourney- mackerels and even barracudas, not sure if many, if any bass were caught?- but they had a fun family time and maybe over 80 participants-- good show- JD

It's still not quite there yet-- Spring-- waters are still on the cool side, in years past even May and June the upwelled water even dropped it to 56- 57 degrees so that may still come .



-----Friday 4/6------- Feels more like Waters a complent differnet day-- it's ckeane dup not green at all like yesterdya Spring morning--a little more sunlight through the morning's clouds-- seas look calm, light wind 2-3 out of the south small wind ripple to the sea.

You'd never believe what I just saw--- "Breaching completely out of the water"- never seen that before the guy says-- "Fin Whale completely out of the water!"


First Fish Flag for White Sea Bass for the BAC went to Nate Dunham today with a respectable sized fish-- there have been smaller fish caught but this one was at least respectable-- at 57.1 lbs--- Congrats--

---------- April 5th Report -----------

Dreary - light to fait wind from the south overcast cool and some drizzle- seas fair, made three casts no bites- waters cold- -one small halibut yesterday-


and the tradition continues-- The Clemente Monster- Out of the Depth, (See Below)



---------------------- Sat's the 31st, last day of March report -- -

Marine coastal fog and haze this morning vis 1/4- 1/ 3/4 or better-still that cool air feeling due to the cool water, hope to burn off later today-- wind 2- 3 kts S/W seas calm- made two casts no bites waters cold- cold bloodied fish are lethargic. A lot more Whales this year-- cooler water


Boats still calling out for any live squid out front of avalon-- no reply-- I think `there was not much taken -

Coastal fishing for the Calicos-- fair + water still cold but the fish bit- mostly sub legal but there were a few keepers found--

Sardines and small mackerals found at the harbors entrance in good numbers for the fishing bait -


A close up look at the Northern Baja's' Chlorophyll and upwelling's of cooler water


And a look at the West Coast/ Northern Baja water charts from last year at this time and this year- same 8 day period

drew roughly the 60- 63 degree boundary lines, which shows astronger up welling of cooler water along the Northern Baja coast/ Colinet this year


The following is set down somewhat hesitantly. He who ventures aside from the accepted groves of believe lays himself open not alone to jibes, but to direct attack upon his veracity. It is human nature to scoff at those things which are not understood, or which are not simple of explanation. The most startling incident related in the following pages I experienced myself, saw with my own eyes.. Some twenty-five or thirty personal acquaintances, all of them reputable, many of them men of substance and standing in their respective communities, also saw with their own eyes the identical thing which I saw. The reader is at liberty to believe, or not to believe, what follows. However the fact remains that it happened: that I saw hat I am about to describe.

It happen in September of the year 1916. I was over at San Clemente Island after Marlin Swordfish. We had left Mosquito Harbor about seven o’clock in the morning. The day was overcast with a high fog, and windless. The sea was like glass except for a small roll coming down the coast. All objects on the surface, birds and driftwood, appeared black. Visibility was perfect, the sea stretching away to the sharp line of the horizon. These details are important, so bear them in mind. By about eight o’clock we were perhaps a mile and a half off White Rock which is some three miles above Mosquito. I was sitting on top of the cabin watching for fins, my field glasses beside me. My boatman was busy at something down in the cockpit. A bait was out and the rod lashed to the fishing chair.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, and to seaward, I saw something big and black lift above the surface. I whirled, gasped, then clapped my glasses on it and yelled to my boaman to head for it. A scant quarter mile of a mile off there reared up out of the water the Thing which I instinctively knew was what, for years, we had called the “Clemente Monster,” which many had see, and about which there had been endless wonderment. I shall try to describe it to you as best I can. Try to imagine a great columnar neck, or body, eight to ten feet thick and lifting twenty feet above the surface. Surmount this neck or body with a flat-topped, blunt, reptilian head. On either side of the head place two huge, round and bulging eyes. I dont believe they were an inch under a foot and a half across, perhaps more. There you have the essentials of what we saw. At my first shout my boatman stuck his head out of the cabin jitney and let out a queer little squawk. I don’t know that I blame him particularly! Steadily we forged towards the Thing.

Remember, it was about a quarter of a mile away. My glasses were of seven power. I had them on it from the first moment I caught a glimpse of it. I don’t know precisely, but would guess that they brought it up to within a couple of hundred yards of us. Certainly I could see it plainly enough to note various details. Two things stood out above all others- those enormous eyes and its unbelievable huge bulk. I never want to look at such eyes again. They were like the creations of a nightmare! Their very size, of course, left one breathless. But that was only a detail. It is utterly impossible to describe the coldness, the expressionlessness of them. It was like looking into the dim past when earth’s life consisted of great, slimy, horrible creatures dragging their way through gargantuan forest and over dead, sullen seas. They litterally froze me in my seat. Later my man said I was as white as a sheet, my teeth chattering, my knees shaking. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Neither in a museum, nor in any reconstructed picture of a prehistoric creature have I ever seen eyes which resembled those. The trunk, or neck, or whatever it was appeared above the surface, seemed to covered with a coarse, reddish-brown bristles. It wasn’t hair. They stood out rigidly from the body. It is strange that I should have gathered any impression of color in the light, but I did and, as will develop later, it is quite likely that I was correct in my impression. The trunk, or neck, was more or less erect. The head was turning slowly as though surveying the surface of the sea. The Thing did not rise and fall in the slight roll of the sea. Instead the waves broke against it. Give full consideration to what that statement means! I gathered the impression that the head was lowered. Certainly I saw nothing resembling a mouth. Others who have seen it say they saw a mouth. I didn’t. The great head continued its pivoting, seeming to make three-quarters of a circle. Then it saw us. The pivoting stopped. Those terrible eyes fixed themselves upon us coldly and without any expression noticeably through the lenses of the field glasses. For a few moments it regarded us fixedly, then, as though some great, hidden hand had seized it, it slowly sank. There was no visible movement of the great trunk, no commotion on the surface. Slowly, majestically, by comparison making the fluking of a whale seem a panicky, convulsive dive, it sank and disappeared beneath the surface. There was no swirl, no bubbles to mark where it had been, or where it sank. I don’t know how long it was up; perhaps a minute and a half, My boatman claims five or tem, but that is ridiculous.

Out boat being slow, by the time we turned towards it I doubt that we approached appreciable closer. So what I saw I saw from about a quarter of a mile away and through the lenses of field glasses. It is a little difficult to describe my emotions after the Thing sank. I had always loved the sea, particularly around and about San Clemente Island. With the appearance of the Thing, and its disappearance beneath the waters across which we were fishing, something of the friendliness went out of that sea and didn’t come back for a long time. I caught myself glancing furtively overside and with a strange prickling sensation up and down my spine. We went on fishing that day but neither of us was particularly happy. I know I felt a pronounced sense of relief when we dropped our hook in Mosquito that night and I stepped out upon the security of land. Well, there it is. You know as much about it as I do. I don’t think there is a shadow of a doubt but that, here in Southern California channels there exists an unknown species of great sea creatures. Ralph Bandini, Veiled Horizons, 1939.




arch- 2018 ------

We we can forget the rain barrels, it didn't come- (A little bit-- got 17 Gals!)- clearing sky wind from the south strong at 15- 18 kts- seas a bit on the dark side blue with generally a downhill current against that south wind- choppy-

Rock Cod fishing is open - remember only two hook ganions allowed ! Take is prohibited seaward of the 60 fathom depth contour (360 feet)and 10 fish in combination per person


Strong Tides this weekend-- some big sand bass up off the flats above newport- the Pipe and other art reefs north of there.

A Dad came in the shop this morning-- spending some time with his 7 year boy, they've been trying to enjoy some pleasantries of nature while his young daughter is in the hospital, cancer. The father and son having sat off one of the docks here in the harbor trying to catch something-- it's Feb/ March cold and a strong running tide flowing against the blowing wind, fishing has been slow for them-

The Drop Shot method works well with me and I explained, here at noon that draining tide water was running out at 2.5 knts you'd have a hard time keeping any bait on the bottom except straight downhill or out with a 4- 6 oz sinker. You had to work with the tide-- make a series of fan casts by using that wind to help make a long cast upcurrent, let the drop-shot's lure sink to the bottom then work it back with the draining tide, bouncing along off the bottom with a one oz. sinker. That drop-Shot method works well, the sinker on the bottom and the hook tied upright on the line some 3-4 ft with the plastic bait being hooked there. any fish coming up

--------- Wed's report --------------

Cold, though not as cold as it was-- more frost on the lawns and rooftops this morning, maybe a bit of ice on the docks this morning . A few lazy lingering clouds around-- otherwise blue sky-- wind 10 + building from the south as it gets sucked into this approaching low from the north-- seas a bit wind chop with it. Wind against a west swell- sloppy-

Should have quit after the first cast, one nice 10 inch spotted bay bass, two more cast and nothing-- but was encouraged to find scores of small 3-4 smelt swimming into that outgoing tide-- couple of seagulls with a pelican working across the bay from me- more sealife than I 've seen in a week or better-

Stayed a cold south wind all day-- only a few boats out-- not even the whalers talking--

Couple guys came in the shop -headed to the beaches south of Ixtapa, mainland Mexico for some shoreline casting to Roosters and Jacks-- sounds like fun in the sun!-- Waters in the 80s and gentle surf- good sport- Somme Fluoro Carbon leader material-- couple of shinny lures and some poppers-- that's all thats needed-

stay warm-

----------- Tuesdays the 27th of Feb 2018. --------

Broken cloud cover-- clearing sky, wind slight from the west/ southwest maybe 5-7 kts. Made 4 cast on small bite in that mornings draining tide. Increasing tides. w/ full moon on Thursday

Interesting- this afternoon a customer comes in-- asking a question if I knew of a book published in the late 30's- called the Enchanted Vagabonds-- of a couple named Lamb from Santa Ana area during the depression times- they built their own canoe/ kayaks/ sailing craft and took it all the way to Panama. His questions was in regards to a certain vessel that was seen in Cabo San Lucas when the Lambs were there in 1934/ 35 . The Lambs published journey makes for good reading , being blown offshore hundreds of miles with nothing but a little compass to guide them or making landfall through crashing surf breakers and distilled saltwater or fighting off coyotes, alligators and jaguars. Of fighting off hoards of mosquitoes in the Central Americas jungles, of hidden gold mines and buried treasure. Good read for a cold winter's day-

Turns out to be a nice day--

A few boaters out- some rowers and kayakers, electric boats buzzing around-- nice afternoon--- not a soul on the radio- better luck tomorrow-

Airs nice and clean--good sunset - tides building strong these days --


----- Sunday the 25th of February my how time fly's-- -- Closed on Mondays ---

Clear and crisp- wind fair out of the west 8- 10 kts- light chop-

A call comes in-- Hey JD-- What's the laws on White Sea Bass how big to they have to be, to keep them-- 28 inches is the minimum length, not the weight?- nope just the length-- OK thanks-- -- so these some sea bass to be caught

------ Sat's report ----

Wind and seas calm, wind maybe 3- 6 kts west- Catalina islands lay off in a light offshore brown hazy- sky light blue, clear- seas med blue, flat- Looks like a nice day to take a few folks out for a boat ride-- warming in the sunlight. Not a whole lot of whales reported in the past few days-- weather related- but there are both southern and nothern Grays around-- and the dolphins too-

Water's have cleared with the cold nights-- sea temps dipping below 60 degrees, subject to quick water temps dropping the fish will be a little slower in their aggressive behavior on taking baits or lures. Made two cast off the dock tide draining out. 57 degrees, no bites, quit.


----- Friday's Report------- Feb 23rd--- --------

Boy she sure switched around. 90 degrees+-- mid morning from the northeast to a west with gust over 20-22 kts-- morning brisk winds and clear skies. Seas short period 9 sec 3 to 4 ft chop on that-- Small Craft--

This time of year- like the fish, the fishermen take a rest but work still goes on-- time to work on a couple of older reels that needed tune up and cleaning--

Works of art and function


While working on reels you pay attention the small things that get overlooked that can cause problems down the line, like most moving parts preventive maintenance helps--

-------- Wed's report -------------

While rummaging around in some old boxes the other day-- ran across a bunch of photos-- Like we all have several boxes of photos taken while fishing that we hardly ever look at--

A dip into a handful of photos reveals a trip to the Cape around 1980 joining George K and friends on his Compadra and out to San Benedicto and Socorro Islands for some wahoo and tuna fishing. Good fun trip, boat ran well, weather was fine and the fishing great, we ran out of freezer space real quick and had to release the wahoos and tunas after the second day-

- One of the highlights for me was to take the inflatable over to the volcanic island San Benedicto itself. Anchored up in a nice little cove after a morning's wahoo fishing, blew up the inflatable and rowed over to the beach. The cone shaped island ( still active) is composed of black lava flows and caulky white Pumice stone sculptured by wind and rain, the porous pumice was soft and crumbly you could break off foot wide pieces of it in your hands. It's counter, the hard black lava was laced with sharpened glass chard's of black obsidian cutting sandals and hands to pieces quickly. I made several cast off one the lave flows that extended out off the beach with a shinny plug, missed a small wahoo bite and caught sparkly blue trevelly .

We got back into the little inflatable navigating the shore break and made our way back towards the ship-- where the rest of the crew was having lunch- a paper plate innocently blew overboard landing in the water right in our path to the boat, up comes this hungry Big 8 -9 ft Galapagos shark trying to eat that paper plate-- he gets frustrated each time trying to take a bite at it as it floats away, it's 10 feet in front of us and comes over to our inflatable trying to nibble the back of it-- Rubber boats don't row all that fast with three guys in it-- with all the yelling, oar slapping and arm jesters we finally get to the boat-- a fun trip-

August 1st, 1952 on a beautiful sunny and calm day when the crew of the tuna clipper M/V Challenger noticed a vertical plume of steam on the tiny island of San Benedicto. The steam rapidly turned into a towering cloud of heavy smoke and ash with explosions hurtling bombs into the air. Daylight turned to darkness. The air became thick with pumice. San Benedicto had erupted and continued to erupt for the next 10 months as a volcanic peak emerged from the sea with magma breaking through a notch on the southeastern side of the lava dome and flowing into the sea forming a spectacular semi-circular lava delta



----iHope all had a Thankful day yesterday


- took my 4 year old grandson fishin'- he caught 10 fish!




His first fish-- a nice bass that needed a close inspection



Great to take a break and enjoy some time on the water---Pre-Fished and fished Los Cabos Offshore tourments in Cabo San Lucas , A lots changed since the last time I was down there-- - Fishing fair + for the number of boats out, Weather hot , just like here.


A two billed fish-->












Spent a lot of time watching lures splashing-! although one lure in particular had 6 of our 8 marlin strikes, - ----






































Hey JD... the whales may be "far out" off Laguna but they're "tight" off Newport. Breaching humpback from 3pm trip today right off #2-Newport Coastal Adeventures---- Boy that would

crush my boat! --JD -

























the end of the year 2014

I did some research on the number of fish caught here in California, Dock totals recorded by the landings and an estimate of those numbers of fish caught by the recreational anglers-- yes I'm off on some of the estimates for the private boat catches- if anything shy of count on a few fish and maybe more on others but it gives one a perspective of what harvest is caught- others fish get away or are released so you get an idea of how many fish are out there- or were--

-- ------------------------ -----------------

Fishing the old stuff- known as regulations tackle, AKA Linen fishing lines-- 6 thread linen lines, both the Balboa Angling Clubs and that of the Tuna Club of Avalon records were challanged this weekend as anglers who were trying to break the past years catches- - it's test is under 16 lbs ( dry) made from twisted lengths of linen flax. JD's tackle is the only tackle shop in the world which sells this fishing line!- Put a challenge in the game- JD


A pending club record for the Tuna Club of Avalon-- 51 lb White Sea Bass caught with 6 thread linen line, it's test is under 16 lbs ( dry) made from twisted lengths of linen flax. JD's tackle is the only tackle shop in the world which sells this fishing line!- Put a challenge in the game- JD----------------------------------- -------Fish Stories----~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It’s piscatorial soup of mixed sealife that beckons our shores let's see what happens through the course of this year.

June's Report - Bill, the Striped Marlin,Tetrapturus audax  has been following the west winds flow of Central Pacific Gyre’s energy as it translates towards our West Coast, higher in latitude than he feels he’s got a right to be but mother nature takes her course there and so will he, besides he’s got those exploring genes in him and wants to wander around – soon he and his adventurous buddies will be riding those California currents south.   Quick as a wink and just as fast, he’s finding he needs to be. At almost 5 feet long now he’s appetite is becoming fond of the abundant Anchovies he’s finding now. Although small they taste good, he just has to eat a bunch of them. The unusually warm water has spurred the hatching of  20 000 to 30 000 eggs per Northern Anchovy or Engraulis mordax from the Greek word Engraulis (European anchovy) and the Latin mordax (biting) they feed on plankton, primarily euphausids, copepods, and decapod larvae.  This year 39,000 metric tons of Northern anchovies will reach about 25 cm in length and a life span of about 7 years. Diel migrations occurs, remaining at depths during the day and approaching the surface in low-density schools at night. The eggs float, first with the major axis perpendicular and later with the major axis horizontal. Eggs hatch in two to four days, depending on the water temperature. Bill and company will have a steady diet of mineral and protein Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron and selenium rich baitfish this summer.  Bill’s southern cousins will soon be chased from the compounds of the Baja Peninsula and make their way around to the Pacific side where it’s a little cooler in semi -tropical conditions.  By August they will visit the sunny shores of California. Those Hurricanes are quite distracting to ones appearance. Bluefin “Tom” Thunnus orientalis  We made it-- Bluefin “Tom” Thunnus orientalis - we’ll at least a few of us made it. In two and a half month’s crossing some felt that urge to bend it to the north following that cooler flow of water but we stood our ground, followed that Magnetite in the neural pits of our snouts, being warm blooded we just swam a little deeper that’s all. Made it here to the West Coast off Northern Baja to find the surface water a little too warm for our liking, the only place of relief was right up close to the beach where it upwelled cool water from a thousand feed deep and that’s where those anchovies are. We’ll stay around for a while till things heat up. June Gloom’s overcast mornings are shorter with longer bright daylight hours now, Tom’s staying deep unless it’s overcast then come up or towards sunset when those choves came up following that Diel migration. Still only a adolescent at only 20 lbs and 2 years he’s relying on the older mature 4 and 5 year olds of his kind, like freshmen and varsity players in high school they know the ropes. There’s a lot to learn and not many teachers around, some of them have already followed the call of the North and on their way already.   Pesky gangs of their southern brown bronzed yellow skinned cousins are here too, greedy little brats they steal every scrap of food around. Tom and his black sheep cousin Stink Eye have bigger eyes which help in the chase of their favorite foods, California flying fish, Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus the largest member of the flying fish family. Laying egg sacks in the kelp beds of Cedros Islands where they, themselves were nurtured and now follow the course of the yellowtail and have come north in waves, the Leaping Bluefin will follow-- Mike our Yellowfin Tuna,  Thunnus albacares  For two hundred miles out to sea juvenile yellowfin are beings wept along with the California Counter Current as it moves up along the Baja peninsula  Fueled also by the El Nino event Michael and friends have reached 18 lbs and are growing quick, gulping down those Red Crabs their finding along the way. Hummm—like little lobsters –tasty, his own flavor will take on the trait.. Joined in their travels are the dinosaur reptilians of the sea, Chelonia mydas the Green sea turtles and the Caretta caretta, Loggerhead turtles who’ve like Mike’s blue finned cousins have come across from Japan making the overseas 5600 mile crossing just to join in the party.
His bigger brother, Big Eye’d Charlie is along for the ride too. Stink-eye Charlie we’ll call em’, his lifespan is up at 12 years and he’s had sex at age four, lucky guy.  He’s a little different –he’s hemoglobin is able to extracts oxygen efficiently in oxygen-poor condition. And heart has the ability to function effectively in cold subsurface water while following the vertical migrations of organisms into the deep scattering layers. Spending prolonged daytime periods as deep as a 1,000 feet deep preying on sources that the yellowfin does not have access to.  Charlie preys mostly on cephalopods in deeper waters but must periodically return towards surface waters to warm up and watch that afternoon’s sunset
Mike and all his friends will be at our doorstep soon. Happy Birthday Jack Yellowtail  Seriola lalandi   Coming to America-- one year old this month, he’s weathered the storms of early life, gotten away from nasty sealion bites, diving long billed birds of prey and big lipped seabasses--- so far.  Pushing 20 inches now and 3.8 lbs with a birthday surprise to his diet’s- Pelagic free-drifting red crabs they taste just like chicken lobsters of the sea  He’s not the only one’s, those overweight Calico Bass in the kelphood also relish them too, stuffing their faces with them like candy bars “ Crunchy on the outside but good inside”. They need to go in a diet.  Jacks older brothers and sisters, older by a year at 8- 12 lbs along with his parents sent word via Jonathan of the assault on their ranks, another 2569 of them taken this month, that 4,747 in 60 days, not counting the privates loss. Like following gospels they go up into that world “up there” and never come back- a fishy heaven sort to speak. Jack will leave his home now and follow the flow of warm water to the north seeking shelter wherever it’s found. His parents and siblings have crossed above the border undetected and finding better lodging and table fare while visiting old uncles and aunts in their retirement homes of Clemente and Catalina Island.Thunnus alalunga, Art, our four year old North Pacific Albacore is 12 ½ lbs , 25 ½ inches and has come to a border of his own, being chased from the west with the unpleasantries of oppressive summertime heat and to the southeast a finger of that high salinity low oxygen waters that’s moving in– ahh but to the north there’s a path of the beautiful California Current, rich in anchovy larvae, pinheads and sauries. Let’s hope Art finds his way towards our offshore banks before heading north, maybe that tongue of the C C will finds its way below Clemente and 60 Mile Bank, We’d like to meet him again. The Dolores’s, Dorado Coryphaena hippurus and her girlfriends are still on hold, We’ll see them in the middle of the summer Strong currents run deep – better sharpen you hooks!  JD

 Jan's report - The first Striped Marlin, Tetrapturus audax  we see in the season may have been born in the Kuroshio Current a year ago as it flows the ocean’s gyre off the North Pacific. he’s 35 lbs now and festive, having survived the snatching beaks of nasty birds and other deep sea gobblers from below. Later on in the season if currents allow are other year old brothers and sisters of his breed are off  the Southern tip of Baja by a thousand miles. Moms were 2 years old and 60 inches when she spawned 20 million eggs with hopes that Dad could fertilized them to develop into planktonic, lecithotropic larvae. Conditions this past year in the northern hemisphere favored a better recruitment of hatching larvae to drift and grow. So right now somewhere swimming in the waters above the Hawaiian Islands or south off Baja hundreds perhaps thousands of miles a 3 or 5 foot long striped marlin lives—let's call him “William” or Bill for short.  Bill will live in the upper surface layer on all sages of his life. Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus orientalis, Born of 5 ft long parents and 130 lbs late in the summer four years ago off the southern coast of Japan, now as one or two years old weighing in at  5 to 10 lbs they begins a two month, 6,000-mile cross-oceanic migration to the Eastern Pacific off Baja California in the Spring. After two to four years foraging off the Mexican and California/ Oregon coastlines they'll be returning home to those same Western Pacific waters where born and remain for another 15- 25 years 10 ft and a thousand pounds, slow growing in later life. While here along our coast the younger fish travel further to the north onto Central Calif. in late springtime and return towards the south as Fall and Winter approaches, the older fish mostly stay south off Baja.  Magnetite, a mineral found in neural pits in their nose detects the earth’s magnetic field for their navigation. Warm-blooded they can heat their bodies 11° F warmer than surrounding water, that’s why the fight so well. Must consume 5% of their body weight daily and must continually swim with their mouths open to force water over their gills. We’ll call him “Tom” the Bluefin tuna. –Hi Tom. His buddy the Yellowfin Tuna,  Thunnus albacares , “Mike” we'll call em’, he’s a resident here on the West Coast part of the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem and doesn't migrate across the Pacific like the Bluefin. Mike’s a fast grower as a youngster, feeds on plankton and then small fish, krill, squid and. crustaceans. At one year he’ll be 24 inches long and might grow to about 300 lbs . Mike reaches maturity at about 2 years and around 40 inches but he doesn't live that long with average age being just 5-6 years old, he'll be a old man at 8 if he makes it that long.  March 24” grows about 2” a month, by Dec 40 inches, March 24”, Apr 26, May 28,June30, July32, Aug34, Sept36, Oct38, Nov 40 Dec And the North Pacific Albacore, Thunnus alalunga, “Art” ( Starting this lastJan 2014 he’s only 18 inches and 5 lbs ) and his family we hope to see more of, they travel around a lot. Mon and Dad matured at around 35 inches, 28 lbs at 5 or 6 years old and hope to see 13 years.  Albacore are an iteroparous species that breeds seasonally only once a year. Moms lay eggs that are fertilized externally (oviparous) by scatter their eggs throughout the ocean months from November to February which float to within a foot or so of the surface, wave actions mixes them with Dads offerings. That's what a lot of birds are picking at.  A 40 lb female can produces 2 to 3 million eggs then migrates towards two regions of the Northeast Pacific. One towards the northern part of Baja the other is off the coast of Washington and Oregon. In the warmer waters off Baja they make dives to depths exceeding 656 feet during the day and stay near the surface at night, while off the coast of Washington and Oregon they stay near the surface the entire day. Albacore move across the Pacific during the fall and appear in Japan in their late winter/spring fisheries then migrate back to North America. Art never really rest; he’s always on the move because of their demand for oxygen and he eats one-quarter its own weight in food a day. Yellowtail,  Seriola lalandi  We’ve got to call him Jack—Jack comes from the Cedros Islands area.  Last July his Mom and Dad were 4 year olds and 10 pounders Mom laid 450,000 eggs that year – she hopes to live to a ripe old age of 30 years and give off 4 million. Jacks been growing quickly he’s a pound now, darting in and out of kelps beds chasing food and/or not being food himself.  By this summer he’ll be a year old and 4 lbs, by 5 years he'll be 16 lbs.  

Good luck this seson- JD


some day chickens- some days feathers


--------------------- no longer fishing the reefs  and kelp beds off Laguna-- the Forbidden Zone-- -


Those pleasant trips below the harbor - enjoying the scenery and good fishing with your children, wife or friends are no longer permitted due to some idiotic woman and the Laguna Beach city council--  shame on them- Hope they all get voted off their positions,


Mexico's--- Subject: Temp import permit

 And for those entering into Mexico for a intended trip a E- Mail forwarded to me for the Temporary Import Permit---  From: Victor Barreda Jr.. [] -( he's a good contact in Cabo/ San Jose- JD ) It takes about week or better

to apply for - JD -


Mainland Mexico


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This last year marks  40 years I've been here in this same location on Balboa Island  hearing fish stories,  30 years + from calling in a weekly fish report to the WON and local newspapers, now this -the web site, this past month 1,750,000 hits, 30 +years of outfitting private boats, yachts and super yachts,  of fishing around the globe or watching the Balboa Island Ferry go back and forth with it's little hoot as it crosses the bay. 30 +years of helping kids with drop lines and cut shrimp to growing up and fishing marlin, now their kids come in and I outfit their boats. This shop may not be the easiest to get to but it's one of the nicest locations to have a tackle shop-  Thank you for all for your patronage over the years- JD

  --  Great fishin' off Puerto Vallarta, ....some Huge Yellowfin Tuna!  302 1/2 lbs, 80lb tackle, 1hr 12 min: ---JD

Later in the afternoon when the telephone booths began to grow dark at the edges, I punched out of the creek and went home. I had that hunchback trout for dinner. Wrapped in cornmeal and fried in butter, its hump tasted sweet as the kisses of Esmeralda. -----  Uncle Mlford and Dad---My old man on the right- uncle on the left-- sold em' for a $1 apiece and went dancing at the Rendezvous ballroom that night--


A good site for the seabirds is  , or--  Online Cataloga   nihil lucratus sine labor laboris    Damn Pesky Sharks-- Nate Dunham with his Thresher shark f- Great photo-- shows how using circle hooks  lets the angler hook the shark in the mouth and can be released if wanted








------------- Photos of the year- 2012