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.Weak onshore flow will continue through most of this week, though stronger northwest winds will occur near San Clemente Island this afternoon and evening.

..WED...Wind 10 kt...becoming NW 10 kt afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft . Mixed swell W 2 to 3 ft at 5 seconds and SW 3 ft at 17 seconds. ..THU...Wind v 10 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 2 to 3 ft at 12 secoSW 3 ft at 15 seco.FRI...Wind 10 kt. Wind waves 2 ft . Mixed swell W 2 to 3 ft and SW 2 to 3 ft. SAT...Wind v 10 kt. Wind waves 2 ft Mixed swell W 2 to 3 ft and S 2 to 3 ft.

MARIE A LITTLE STRONGER... ...FORECAST TO RAPIDLY INTENSIFY AND BECOME A HURRICANE TONIGHT..-- Looking forward 9-10 days has Marie bending in towards San Francisco!

Eastern North Pacific hurricane season runs from May 15th through November 30th. Amanda uh-MAN-duh, Boris bor-EES, Cristina kris-TEE-nuh, Douglas DUG-luss, Elida ELL-ee-dah ,Fausto FOW-sto, Genevieve jeh-nuh-VEEV, Hernan her-NAHN, Iselle ee-SELL, Julio HOO-lee-o, Karina kuh-REE-nuh, Lowell LO-uhl, Marie muh-REE, Norbert NOR-bert, Odalys oh-DAL-ess, Polo POH-loh, Rachel RAY-chull, Simon SY-muhn, Trudy TROO-de,e Vance vanss ,Winnie WIN-ee, Xavier ZAY-vee-ur, Yolanda yo-LAHN-da, Zeke ze

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2020- Tide Logs








--------- Wed's Report------ Sept 30th 2020-

Another change in coastal weather-- warm and sunny this morning-light south wind changed to a west by noon- light wind ripple and a small mix of seastate-

Full moon aproaching we'll see if the Bluefin counts go down and maybe the yellowfin counts come up--- ? should be a good marlin bite today tomorrow stand by--

Fish story- Earlier this week Monday I took my small skiff out- gentleman fishing leaving at 10 am -ran out 3 or 4 miles to the dropoff where shearwaters, gulls and pelicans were working on bait pushed up by some of those smaller bonitos. Kelps held bait but I didn't find any yellows or dorado under them--- - out in the distance a marching band of dolphins was heading my way- figured to toss a colt sniper lure right out in front of them some 30-40 feet-- -- made the cast-- the lures fly's through the air-- just before hitting the water a Dolphin leaps up and lure smacks him right on the side and bounces off- I hit him right when he was in mid air- first time I ever did that-- lure sunk out no bites- went home-


Tomorrow 4:30 in the afternoon War Heroes on Water 2020 Boat Parade Thursday Oct 1 in Newport Harbor-- Boat Parade starts on the end of Lido Isle- up the Newport Channel- back down the peninsula to the Newport Harbor Yacht Club-around Bay Island - the ferry and Pavilion and along the inside channel leading out towards the entrance and back around towards Balboa Island and up to the Coast Hwy Bridge- then up and back the Lido Channel

Show your support to these fine men and women who protect our rights!--





Boats fishing backside of Clemente speak of white caps- not worth fishing it.

San Clemente Island Security's web site shows the island closed on Thursday but open Friday, Sat and Sunday active again Monday morning


------------------------------- Tuesday Sept 29th 2020- --

Foggy here on the beach-- pea soup for the early morning hours-- brightening up as the days goes along-- coastal stiff west wind as it clears off- wind chop with it 5- 10 kts--small mix of seastate

Filling Moon this weekend and building tides exchanges--- Stand By!

A*IS has the tuna fleet working N/W of Clemete Island-- moving northwrds

He said there were out near the 371 only found one kelp--- had to see them today ( foggy)

Fished the Butterfly for two days in a row- only some rat yellows--- we're East of the BF finding some kelps and small yellows too 11:55

Couple of boats fishing off the east end saying things seemed to have changed-- fished the morning tide for nothing yet-- waiting for the afternoon swing--- reports a couple tailers seen off the west end of the island yesterday

Wind started to back off somewhat towards the late afternoon-- one boat still out off the east end saying it had laved down - still a bit of swell but no chop-- no fish yet for them





And Congrats go to Sean Norton for his 24 thread catch of a Pacific Bluefin Tuna at 132 lbs on that old line-- and it's old! Who's next with that same old line-- remarkable it still fishes





------ Closed on Mondays-----

------- Sunday Sept 27 2020-------

Calm morning-- overcast light south wind 2 3 kts at best seas calm - fishin calm

Looks like some of that bluefin further south off Clemente island slowed down most of the fleet working to the back side of the island now-- also schools of fish seen inside the island ( Clemente 289 area/ east from there to the 181)

Marlin fishers still plowing the grounds off the East End of the island-- the area hasn't changed in a hundred years-- real old timers would sight a line from Church Rock to China Point ( backside of the island) and again sight a line from the inside of the East End ( Little Farnsworth/ Can Dump) to the point of Long Point -- they called it the Gun-Site --still productive today and for years to come-- 16/16





E-mail this morning--- from Alan B with their catch--- nice size Tuna

Congrats on 50 lb Dacron---- Which probally breaks a 42-45 lbs-- nice catch! that takes both boating and angling skills

Just had one come take a sniff at the long one-- right about where you are now--- 11:24am

We just got him--- put him on board--- 11:55

800 ft on the bouy-- Local Swordfish ?--



Good fun fishing for the Tuna boys---

Congrats-- JD

The day passes witn not a whole lot of radio chatter-- I think most folks just enjoying the good calm weather--and a boat ride-- soft overcast sky developed for the day-






--- Sat- Sept 26 2020 the months almost over- October is right around the bend-- Overcast light south wind maybe 2-3 kts seas Calm for the most part-

Chinese again on the VHF radio-

AIS shows the tuna fleet stretched out from behind and west of Clemente southwards to the Cortez Banks- others centered around the Catalina's southern end looking for roaming schools of tuna and the marlin strikes

Stan on the Hooker was congratulating another boat saying they had made the rest of the fleet look bad as they had been catching all the fish- 10:32am --Dave E is the highliner---

Tide change due at 12:30 standing by--

Lots of boats out---- looking, hoping and wishing for a bite-- East end had a few bites on the marlins -- I don't know of many, if any swordfish hook ups- maybe one-- not sure where- Gadzuks relased one too

reported a few of the kelps at only 2 1/2 miles outside the newport harbor holding smaller yellows- 2-4 lb fish-



-- Friday-- yup friday ---Sept 25 2020-------

A comfortable morning here on the shoreline - light south eddie wind 3-5 kts small wind chop with it-

The weekend adventures out all ready- booming music and chattering laughs disturbs the quite of the bay---they fade away to the distance.

AIS shows sport part boats ranging from above Clemente island ( 9 fathom spot) to below Ensenada, private sport boats working from the Channel islands, 172, and the 499 banks southwards to below Clemente and inside by the 289 fathoms spots- Catalina, 152, 277 209 included

And Congrats to Guy Sacco for his Catch for the First Swordfish Flag for the BAC --- 276 lbs on 80 lb tackle nice catch!

For the most part -- for nothing a desert so far-- Pacific Pioneer released one this morning, backside east-end- and still a few knock downs off the end of the island today-- not many but a few--

Nice weather today--- !

thats it--

---- Sept 24th Thursday's report for 2020-------

Morning- Starts out clear with a little haze light fog and marine cloud developed- light south wind maybe 2-4 kts, seas good- a few boats heading out the harbor nice and quiet like-

Can you guys spare a 1/2 scoop of anchovies ----we're all out--- not to bother you while your working that paddy-

Sounded like the Chinese were on the radio air waves again--- mucho---

3-5 lb yellows under what paddys were found 371/ 425 area---

Channel Islands Tournament Update - Twenty boats entered this year's tournament trying to chase the Covid blues away. A tourney record of 19 marlin were released over 5 days of fishing. C.G. Miller's "Ruckus" came in First Place with 5 releases followed closely by Brett Bannerman's "Skol" with 4 releases. Mike and Gina Haase's "Tight Riv" came in Third with 3 releases. A great time was had by all.


Boat fishing the 43-- anything going on out there-- there were some marlin jumping just south of it-- maybe 8 miles---12:55

3239 117 49 had a marlin jumping--12:53

oh oh marlin jumping---

One for two--- The first one inhaled it ---saw it come up - ate it-- went ballistic --30 seconds later got it back- 1/2 hour later had another one come in-- released him--- one for two- hopefully that'll get the stink off the boat-- nice weather I've got it all to myself-- saw a feeder earlier--- super nice weather I'm a little N/E from yesterday--- give me another call -----between you and me sounds like there's another batch of fish--- both on the rigger same jig---3:05pm

How's it going--- without--- beautiful weather--- Erik got a fish-- PP /KK was out-- saw some--- ---





Please come out and support our heroes!!!








And having been postponed till a later date-- the Famous Lily Call Bay fishing ( here in Newport harbor) is scheduled for Oct 17 and 18th give the BAC club a call for details---













Sept 23rd 2020- Wed------------

Light marine haze this morning -- went away leaving milky overcast sky- wind light from the west/southwest 2-4 kts seas good--

Fishing off the East end for marlin several boats working up and down the ridge-- no fish yet-- better bait schools out front of Avalon to long point meter marks and dropped snag lines brought up good sized sardines

You get one Bill--- Yep fair and square--- where were you?---- oh just south of church rock along the drop off- 4 -5 miles--- one in enouth for the day--- got-- him fair and square-- got all wet getting the leader line untangled from the props--- Nice Going from the Hooker --- I was letting the jig back --- almost took in right out of my hands-- setting the jig back thought that's about right and it kept going!!!---


E-Mail this morning---- Hey JD Got out yesterday and finally made it happen. We were in an undisclosed location but got the fish of my life weighing in a #227! We got another one at #132. What a day. We weighed her in at around 10:00 last night and even though they were closed they came in and opened up for us so we could get the weigh in and the picture which was so nice! I told my wife Lisa to get the kids and come down to see the fish since I only catch this size fish once every 49 years. Just want to thank you for all you have helped me with over the years and share our catch with you. Thank you, --Justin G.

Pretty quiet for the afternoon reports-- but nice weather--

Good Luck if you get out tomorrow---looked good near the 14 the other day-- JD


------------- Sept 20 2020 ----- Sunday-

Nice morning--- some marine clouds seaward--s wind light from the south 3- 4 kts-- a few boats coming back into the harbor early after a long weekend

Deep dropping for swordfish--- I've heard of at least three bites here off Newport- yesterday--- one being lost quickly another a 2 1/2 battle not sure where that ended up as- and anothee bait mauled.

A call in from Greg- H coming back from the island-- reports seeing a few smaller schools of small bluefin just above and outside the outer rigs--- cedar plugs or Rapala lures migh do the trick there--

Lots of bait up near the 312-- but no fish yet

Stan and Kathy released another one this morning-- Woo-on had 7 fish on Friday and maybe 2 or 3 yesterday--- two of the fish up towards Long Point the others off the east end of the island from the 125- out to the 152 and even in tighter tot he island than the 125-

Scratchy report--- pusher type jigs--- Black and purple has been good for us- this one this morning--- brown and green---

later afternoon report of wide open tuna going off on the 209---- 2:33

Hey JD-- Spike Spot-- we headed down the Ridge between the 277 to the 209 found good tuna fishing got a couple--- good fishing for them--yellowfin he said 3:24

Have a great week-- JD


--- Sat Sept 19 2020----- the day began with blue overhead with a light marine haze seaward- wind stronger from the south, steady eddie they say- light wind chop small mix of sea.

poorer radio reception--

Woo on control- a scratchy report this morning----not recognizable- something about decreasing radius

Woo on control- raffle drawing--- for a Costa package-a pause while the name is drawn---- - See Ya---you win!

we're out here deep dropping here outside FR

Couple marlin bites so far this morning-- real slow so far-- high tide 11pm-

Woo on control- 6:48 Rick E aboard the Hooker had a hook up- released him uninfected 7:15--- Go Away with Jerome hooked and landed at 7:32 a 17 minute - not bad-- then at 10:30 something call it 10:32 Gadzuks hooked a fish released it and 10:42 congratulations to all you guys-- standing by for the afternoon bite--

Spanish interplay on the VHF Radio-- with those ordering their lunch-- extra salsa please-- please pull forward to the window-- gracias

mostly quiet for the mid day tide--

Skipper on the289 catching dorado---you got numbers?

Royal Slam released a fish off the Slide--- about ten minutes ago-- eye candy bubblegum hot pink 16/ over 12

that was a big foamer ---slid in on them first cast -- broke me off on 65 braid--- they're here-- see that spotter plane just outside us--- 1:27pm

Go ahead Sally you called in first--- 1:45----

Seems marlin fishing sucks today--- want to get into the raffle bag-- anyone want to do that? -- ok Tail Chaser lure pack-- Bill G donation-- thanks it goes to the Spray it-- Spray it --you out there-----??=--- alright congrats ----we're gong do one more raffle--- by a major donate-- Costa--- this go to the Iris Dip ship--!-

any points for a pesky flag on the mooring -- you get an atta -boy-- we need to check that was a swordfish yesterday a chunk to me and another to andy-

we'll do another raffle in about thirty minutes --- a reminder were down to two hours --were going through the number and it's going be close---

there are those who want to be- but aren't in it--

hold on-- we got a fish in the jigs---3:28 --

Hey Bill when you go in to town can yo pick up some rum and limes and ice---- --- ha- hu-- sure what kinda limes do you want-?-- we want the ones ---the ones we've got have brown spots on them-- infected we want un-infected limes--Ok I check with Greg---

shisss- be quiet were baiting tailers--- 3:41

Raffle package-- Aftco- package the full works-- --- scratchy report--- go-- goes to Kuna Kai Congrats-

Just had a Indian attack we're only 4 off seal rocks--- 4:45pm

we just got one about 250lbs 10 outside Pukey point--

and the cluck cluck cluck ck-ck-cluck--ck ch--ch--ch----ch cluck! Cluck!!!! song -- The whoo- on invitations thanks all their sponsors---

Wind came up early today-- by noon most of the fleet were looking for some releif - Kiddy pond fishing-

better weather tomorrow and the rest of the week-


------ Friday yep it's that day again Friday Sept 18 2020-------

Second day in a row where the morning's sky held some blue and a few clouds to it-- Coastal marine haze light south-- eddy wind is seems like

Morning ventures to the marlin fishing off the East end of Catalina where a half dozen boats were concentrated-

some sort of a tournament with bagles was going on congrats from the C'est La Vie came-- around 10:20 no bagel - sorry-


we're went 1 for 3 hook up on these tuna- just dump a lot of bait and they'll come up----

spot of tuna here on the 277 it's massive-- 10:25am-- right in the high tide of the day--- 10:30am High-

Hooker hooked the fish 9:05 --Congrats to Stan and Kathy-- we're still fighting the fish-- tell her to lick it. Chrisma had a jig bite that fell off--and Chicken wing released one---

Come in we've got a full school or dorado here- come on in--- 10:31

Took us over a mile since we hooked it-- what's you get it in 75 ft of water??--

Congrats Kathy--- how ya doing I'm a little tired-- ya got the kinks worked out go get another one-- OK--- thanks--

Parker- with the tower on it-- we just had a marlin on-- there's a couple more around here too- 11:54

This being the Hammer we're be infected and bent over hard!--- 12:06 we' got a sword- how ja' know its a sword- maybe its a thresher-- naw we saw it's nose---one more chance who's the angler--- earth to Hammer over--- one more chance before we d q you-- Larry C's the angler -- what type of underwear he's wearing--- -- green and red stripe---righty tighty or hangers- finally were getting some good information--

We got the fish ---got the fish !!!------what in like three minutes----we' weren't sure what it was till we got the weight off it---so basically you called it in too late----- it's a small version 100- 125lber---we'll have to see- you know if you release it you get more points!

Hooker says it was a hell a of a fight all the way to the end-- Beak had a fish up in the teasers--- jig fish - beak almost had it-- it jumped off the jig 100 ft behind the boat---

1;!5 raffle prize Fin in Tonic gets a lure packages form tail chaser lures--

Ok your---- your infected-- cough-- cough- 118 19 33- what the captain drinking
??--- Miller lite-- underwear- ? all ya got to do is go look---- we've got the spot-spike hooked up---- Kevin martin the angler--- 2:10 bait--

5 west of the 43---- 30 and 03----- five off the 43 big foamers of 50- 100ers up-- just shy of the weather buoy-- 2;19

UpDate- inner club-- 9: 06 Hooker called in with kathy on a fish--- bait- released at 11 ---- Charisma had a hook up--- Hammer Hammer had a swordfish called it in at 12:08 released it at 12:13 --- ! quick swordfish !!

Woooo- han Derby control--- come back--Surley -- just released it--- 3:00pm---DC- who drove the boat?-- they wouldn't let woman drive the boat would they?---

Spot Spike-- You did catch it- bagled it w/lox and cream cheese- on a spanish mackerel --uh ha was caught in the US side of the Border or below the border----- the mackerel or the fish??--- were were up here ----so hwo did you get the spanish mackerel up here? -- remember we built a wall?- we got it in Dana harbor maybe someone brought it up in a panga? a spanish mackerel how's ya know was spanish? was it lazy?- the fish---- no not fish- the mackerel you idiot you said it was Spanish-- well anyhow-- congrats with a release with a spanish mackerel can you send us a pitchure with the bagle and cream cheese and the nose-- it'll help with the points

Congratulations from the C'est La Vie

T/C we have two hooks ups----- but we're not in the tournament-a woman's voice comes on--- - then be quite---3:16-!

Cough cough this ---Kona Kai-- we've got Chris W- we be infected --Chris is bending over---- hard---purple lure- 33:19- 118 16---3:28

Tournament control boat-- we just released our fish-we're not in the tournament---- they why are you talking

TD- come on back with the details--- ballyhoo--- boxers- capt wit, a coors lite-

Woooo- han Derby control-? sorry we had the volume down--was it spanish ballyhoo Apache ballyhoo

Chris-- bageled and relased w/ cream cheese--- we need a pitcure of cream cheese and lox-- ---

Congratulations from the C'est La Vie

Woooo- han Derby control- this be the Hammer--- 3:58- that little swordfish we got was 148 lbs--- do you need us to give you some zip-locks---no we'll get another one tomorrow--

amd into the late afternoon it went- and into the night--

6 O'clock update-- no lines out till tomorrow-

----- Thursdays report -----------------

Best morning sky we've seen in a long time-- even clouds-- wind light from the west

Whole fleet down here stopping and going-- small fish though-- a few kelps- mackerel sized yellowtails--

Doesn't sound like there were many paddies above the border that held anything--

Upper 9 Mile Bank had a few deep dropper buoy guys- nothing yet-- still looking for that deep scattered stuff-

15 south off the east end of Clemente picked up a tail quiet since then

We lost one a half hour ago-- we had one up here on top a while ago- little fish and a zip down below -11:14

difference conditions here from yesterdays -- wind chop and more meatballs-

are you catching em'-- commercial boys got a lot of buoys out around you-

General area the East end of Catalina--- jumper here there- a zip-- still fishable along a good temp break there

Anything going on on the 181--- nothing here how about the 209--- we're here now not much here also-- we came by the 209 this morning-- nothing there either-- had a marlin on the 312 two days ago-- that's my next destination- 12:21

We're seeing foamers--- 289--- five schools a little east of the high spot--1:41pm

not little tiny baot baoos 150ft deep only saw one pretty good mark next to the meatball- that was it- ows the old mand doing in the cockpit-


After years monitoring the VHF radio-- voices and boats names go together-- Aqua Mar- JD you on this side-- I've got some hot dope four you-- acers of Bluefin!! -- at least eight schools ---we're here inside the 277 towards the beach--- got spooled on on outfit--- another had a 100 lb fish to the boat three times before got loose. What you get bit on--- red and white Rapala --- around 1 pm is when it all started---- we're here all by ourselves--- 3:20pm


Water temps from 64 to 75 and the Chlorophyll charts
















Annual Hunt Tournament is fast approaching. Tournament dates are Friday September 25th and Saturday September 26th.

------ Wed' Sept 16 2020-

Hazy day again- overcast and warm on the beach inland hotter-coastal co0nditions were calm- wind if any form the south 1 -2 kts- seas still have a mixed swell- and a little wind texture to the surface its' warming too

Boat's looking forward to this falls trips to Mexico and Mag Bay--and what fishing tournaments they will have-- still a bit touchy down there now-- -

Bluefin tunas were said to below China Point/ San Clemente island 10 miles and a late afternoon bite----

Building Tides this weekend--- stand by--

181 reported dry-- and dry paddies-- one paddy had a bunch of small yellowtails--- 12:48 we're south of the 181 trolling and haven't seen anything either--

We're west of the 371-- there's paddy's and some fish- but not biting-- yet-- 1:00pm

we saw some breezes out near the 43-

Wind stared from the west around noon stayed steady 12 for the afternoon-- radio reception dwindled to nothing-- except some Chinese , spanish and whales watchers---

wates 73 1/2 --but no fish seen-- yet 4:55

Those marlin that were hanging around the 181-- may have moved up the line-- the fish that were down on the Cornados - moved north also--


Masters results below--

---------JD's will be closed Tuesday-- Sept 15 th-- Dentist work yikes!

Well that wes fun!

-------------------------------- Monday Sept 14 2020-----------

Morning fog turns into overcast warm days-- wind light to fair from the west 4-6 kts-- light wind chop and swell accompanying it-


Well the Masters is over for this year--- 42 boats 5 teams and 130 anglers,

First Days results had 30 marlin hooked with 9 fish released (17 fish lost , 7 of them on the light 12 lb test lines and two fish DQ' ed) , Second Day, there were 16 marlin hook ups and 11 fish released and only 5 lost. Add in some Bluefin tuna, yellowtails and a few shark bites rounded out the catches.




The Master Angler -- Dave Knecht who on the fist day released one fish on 12lb tackle and two more fish the second day on 16lb test lines,


2nd place Angler went to Jimmy Decker with his two fish released on 16lb test lines, and Third place angler went to Mitchell Firestein aboard the Royal Slam with his 20 and 30lb fish released on the second day of fishing--

High Boat award to Hooked with their 660 points awarded and High Club went to the Dana Angling Club --2 High Club Los Pescadors amd 3 High Club the BAC

Fusion took top honors in the Gamefish division with Bluefin tuna being taken on 30 lb test line

Weather was ok the first day foggy and blew up the second day- making it a long ways home for those who had worked down to grid 47 which was near the 181 fathom spot and most of the action centered there. The boats that traveled north to the Channel islands did find a few fish up there but getting on them ( water 67 degrees) was difficult and they just didn't seem to bite much--No surface Broadbill Swordfish were hooked ( Deep dropping for them was not allowed this year)

Kick off Captains and awards were at the Wayfarer

A copy of the days Catch and hook ups results---

Radio Control !


-- Sept th 2020 Wed

Morning foggy condidtions wind fair to light from the south southwest-- seas ok foggy- small mix of seastate

Tonights the kick off for the Masters-- being held at the Wayfarer , 843 W 19th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 --- corrnor of Placentia and 19th--- N/W corner of the shopping center---5:00-5:30pm

Balboa Angling Club presents the MASTER ANGLER BILLFISH TOURNAMENTAugust 19 · 2020

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 & 12, 2020 Welcome all Anglers and Fishing Clubs! You are invited to participate in the oldest and most prestigious all-release marlin tournament on the West Coast.

Best of Luck if your in the tournament----JD



sure is quiet on the waterfront these days----- some boats down south - catching dorados, trying for the yellowfin and the big Bluefin still being targeted--

Boat 5 off Fish hook -- I could use some help pulling in this fish-3:21pm

Blue boat approaching our buoy gear-- please veer off--


We're Bit-- was it on the kite or the boogie----- on a boogie--- he had back to the Bluefin area they were at last week and last night they were on the same numbers-- this morning no surface sign but there were some good marks--- they went away --- as the day went on several spots of radio fish showed up- but he said he's stick it out for the tuna of the tide - hour after high tide - he almost got spooled of the 50W - big fish- he's still on it now--- 3:31 persistence pays off-

Still looking for assistance for help to pull in this fish---- boat just leaving Clemente you read me--- could you give me a hand with this fish-- the rod broke and Im handline it in with the other fish still in the process of cleaning I'm sliding all over the place-- 32:51/ 118:17--- 3:40pm---

we got em' Whew---- that was a tough fiosh maybe 300-- 4:35

late afternoon E-mail from Chris JD, Big grade tuna SW China PT. I could not get hooked up AGAIN! ---On the way out I hit 87 degree water on the way out and back in W of the 289. Got a few small YT on paddies 5 off SCI.-

The past few days water temp and Chlorophyll charts













--Sept 8 2020 Tuesaday ---- Well the party's over and back to work for many-- others getting ready for the Masters Marlin tournament , Kick off Wed night , fishing starts Friday till late Sat afternoon

Today's weather it's like a high fog-- not really overcast just sultry overcast-- wind still from from the south/ southeast 5-7 kts light wind chop with it--

Radio seems quiet so far--

E-mail this morning--- Marlin Tag and Release by Mas Tarde Monday--At 11:30 trolling around the 279 we get a strike on the 20 pound and it’s a striper. Eric Monte as the captain has to fight the swells while Matti Monte the angler has to keep the feisty Marlin under control. A difficult fight lasting 3 hours ending at around 2:30, the Marlin finally calms down and we grab the lead to finally claim our catch of an estimated weight of 110 pounds. Catching my first Marlin on 30 pound a year before on the same Labor Day weekend with the same lure, this is a moment I will never forget.

From Facebook---Team Motivator. We went 2 for 5 on Marlin today.(Monday_) Caught a few lost a few. Great fun as always. Where???

Boy--- the radio is like a morgue-- silent-- --- except the local barges and ship traffic.

JD-- you on this side--- Yes JD's back--- This is Mas Tarde we just released another marlin here on the 152, short corner, coggings 12:44pm Congrats--- I thought you had sent me a e-mail this morning on one yesterday?-- yep this one is today- just now--

East wind developing stronger by the hour--then backing off to a light south wind-- almost dead calm towards sunset--- gra6y most of the day--

the Big Bluefin continue to bite off the Backside of Clemente-- some bigger fish showing up now--- there's anothe " Fake" flying fish almost relasitic in size and shape thats had some remarkable success - we'll see if they are avaialbe to resale--

JD's will be closed this coming thursday, Friday, Sat and Sunday-- doing the Masters Tournament Controll- Ch 65 tune in or check out the BAC's Facebook post as the tournament develops-- JD



Labor Day Sept 7 2020 - Monday--

Well what could you expect-- cooler water temps and hot inland-- brings a strong marine layer and foggy conditions- by late mid morning most of the fog had lifted leaving the marine overcast sky -wind strong to fair at times from the south, bumpy seas and poor visibility--

Pretty good size pot holes out here--- !

Vessel heading towards the Parker--- turn right--- your right ----were tight to a fish!! ---go right-- 11:18

Stayed overcast for the day-- wind backed of a little - still keeping it a little bumpy out there today-- Tuna fishers still plugging away at the bigger tunas more it seems S/W of China Pt/ San Clemente and spots of med sized fish up on the inside of the island along with kelps and dorado's- they say-

Yesterdays-- Arrons Swordfish fish went 228lbs aboard Vicks Sleeper-

Mako Sharks doing damage to quite a few Broadbill Swordfish these days--biting their tails off just before being boated--- there was in years past a Stick boat (Little Richard it think)?- seeing quite a white water battle on the oceans surface they ran over to it-- , a giant Mako Shark had come up from behind the big Broadbill basking on the surface, bitting off part of it's tail. The Broadbill striking back with it's sword had wonded the shark-- round and round it went , the stick boat slid in and harpooned the swordfish, the shark giving them problems so they harpooned the Mako --both fish close to 500 if I remenber right-- must have been a site to watch that battle.

I 've heard on one fish being hooked eariler this morning-- jig fish off Catalina-- wind and poor conditions slowed down the eforts today

Long day for many-- just to be glad to get out of that washing machine

Better luck tomorrow- JD


------------------- Sunday Sept the 6th the year 2020-------------

coastal marine clouds light giving away to the heat of the land -- wind light from the south 2-3 kts-- seas good w/ light swell mix- yesterdays west wind leafing some residual wave.

Trump Day here on Newport as the boats begin to line up for their parade

we had a nice one up off the slide earlier- 19/16

Grinding it out on the 152 where we saw one yesterday-- just driving around till we raise one up-- Ok go get those girls a fish good luck-- OK

we got a fish here yesterday , tight to the island--

E-Mail-- JD, Went to SCI 3 times last week, mainly looking for Big Bluefin, N/W end lots of boats, Didn't catch any bluefin metered plenty 30 to 50 lb fish, Ran across some small dorado at mackerel bank 77 degree water, yesterday and small sets of YF around the east end of catalina. SCI had all you can catch zone E, B,B,B. Catalina east end was a little slower but still good. -- Chris K-- thanks for the report JD


And another eailer E mail--- Congrats-- JD--- Hi JD, I had to send this. It was my dream fish. 330.5 at the green pier. Feel free to post. Geoff D'Sena


Keep coming---- get ready to dump all the dead bait you've got---10:39 trying to keep em at the boat



We got our first deep drop swordy yesterday and I already feel it, thanks tommy .Angler is Steven Beck and I was the captain aboard the KASTAWAY! It was a deep drop fish and we must have hit it in the head because we were hooked up in minutes! Unfortunately when we got the fish to gaff it was severely attacked by a 300# mako That ripped the fishes tail off and almost pulled steve in. We quickly put 3 gaffs into the fish and pulled it aboard. Although the tail and right side of the fish were missing We were able to salvage the left side of the fish for some great filets! Cheers and tight lines.. Joshua Kast

We had one on for 20 minutes--- before we got the hook back- bait fish--!

Came up on the same teaser --followed it three or four times -hit the ballyhoos, I dropped the mackerel back in his mouth-- though we had him-- got the hook back-- there was a good color break-- almost a weed line I was just coming down to clear the jigs-- when it came up-


by the 1:00 hour-- spanish covered the VHF 65 and others covered the other radio channels --Catches of Dorado and smaller yellotails and a few Yellowfin came out- marlin jumping downoutside Camp Pentelton- 06/36 and Vick calls in with a Broadbill sword fish catch today

local deep dropping

had one of your kind (Marlin) about 5 off White Rock-- nice one -slow tailing 5-6 off the island from the Mackerel Bank down the inside of the island lots of dorado '

We just had a Jig Strike--- blind strike-- 1:51

That you decker--- right in front of that sailboat there's a big spot of breezers--we're off the East end---they've been up for a while-- how yo doing--- the amount of tuna behind Clemente is amazing and they weren't biting at least not for us we've been chasing them all day-- --3:05

- Jimmy six off long point we just had a batch of feelers up- didn't have a stick of bait on board, they're with those risos' 3:15

I had to use the come-along to get it into the boat-- we got the one fish 160lb- not big giant spots of fish up- just single fish blowing up couple hundred yards from each other-

sounded like Chronic was on another fish, pulling for an hour now--- standing by---5:24

Go Get em Willy!--



----- Sat- Sept 5 2020--------- Nice morning hours, cool - sun heating up quickly after that- Here on the beach the seas look good- light marine haze,, off shore it turns sloppy , east end of Catalina white caps already---

The crazy's are infiltrating the beaches today, from early morning drunks, Kayakers paddleboaders, blow up tube fishers, skiffs yachts, sailors and electric boats all converging to the coastal waters-- by noon a few more will have succumbed to more drinks - We almost got through the Summer months without too much profanity on the VHF, almost-- yesterdays vulgar language so there's still un mature boaters out there-.

Boats scattered far and wide , Stan and Kathy released one this morning-- right on the 152 ( east end of cat)

Wahine boats working the waters south of Dana in search of another marlin-- --

Yesterdays quick shots at east End yellowfin tuna--- Decker with a pair of em'-

He said He though it was a Blue Marlin-- eating the smaller dorado and bonita --

Hey Bob--- we're Wired we're right next to you-- stand by--- 10:21 Slack tide today--- 11:44am

We released it--- 10:40---

Cabin crusers, sailors, cussers---- yea its starting to get ugly early today--- -

Dorado catches and rat yellows starting to be caught above the border--

Several more jig strikes reported--- more boats on the water too- still scattered bites and I think one or two more released for the fleet

Sloppy seas this afternoon--- better weather expected tomorrow--

Satellite images of the local water temps from 65 to 75 degrees---







------- Friday yep Friday again-- Sept 4th 2020-------

Coastal fog this morning not yet to burn off mid morning-- out in the ocean- clear ligh marine haze and warming day and some wind expected

425 bank (below the border) find the right paddie and its WFO dorados , smaller yellows above the border line

No word on the Wahine Tournament so far--- 9:30am

- Slack tide this afternoon 11:10 standing by

Pacific Pioneer reports seeing a sleeper this morning for their efforts - good meter marks and lots of bait around them this morning-- waiting for the tide to turn--- 10:32--

We'll the tide came and went--- bait was up - reports of breaking smaller tunas below the 209-- Kelps 20+ below Dana/ South had dorado on them-- good sized swell 5-6 ft in between the islands-- no wind on it but lumpy-- lots of kelps out there too - with bait but nothing else. Surface seen swordfish and marlins were far and few between.


A call from PP- Kyle-- saying they had worked their' way down towards Carlsbad area in search of game--- what kelps they found were empty and no more marlin sightings-- nor for the other Wahine tournament boats-- which were also working they way back up-hill towards the 209/ 277---2:00 pm update---

Casey ( Fin-N Tonic) you hooked up---- Yea--- 2:50 hook up time--- Julie is the angler--- Jig fish or dropback, Jig fish--- 10/38, 2:52pm

3:13 released--- fish---released it twice!-- --- released the fish the first time at 3:13 fish swam away and got tangled with another line-- it also was released- we were just contemplating what and what to do for the afternoon when the reel went off

Only the one fish so far today--- more kelps holding dorado unwilling to bite- divers on them--

5;05: fish comes into Pacific Pioneer spead, short corner 14/ 41 not far from the earler fish by Fin N Tonic-- no signs of bait in deep water-- Black and Purple jig-- zipped it-- two drop backs and Paddy gets bit-- 5:22 its released--- good jumping fish 120-130 lb est on 20 lb Dacron--- nicley done-- JD

Years past--practical jokes are played - like dumping a bucket overboard w/ leader and snap attached to a trolling rod's line-- bucket and slides down the line till it hits the lure-- Hook Up !!!-- the unsuspecting angler waking up for his nap in the hair is handed the rod and reel with everyone yelling marlin!!-- hooked ---pull- pull- pull- wind- wind -wind--much to his regret it's only a bucket he fought-----

Ahhh-for the Hawaiian tournament an old fastened vinyl phonograph record ( preferable Hawaiian music with Don Ho) is used with leader line through the center hole tied to small ball,. Same idea , angler falls asleep in chair, vinyl record and leader w/ snap is attached to trolling line-- it slides down the line-- Hook Up!!-- be careful it might be an Hawaiian record!!-- the round shape darts it back in forth in the fight-- and a hawaiian record s the catch-! -

Have a fun weekend-- JD


------- Thursdays ( almost Friday) report Sept 3rd 2020---

Comfortable day with a cool marine sea breeze coming in form the south west 2-4 kts at best seas good- Lots of boaters making their way to the ocean and relief from the land

E-mail received today--- Spent the weekend in Catalina Island with the family, they caught the Catalina express home on Monday as we got the gear ready to head offshore got into the zone Monday morning. Didn’t take long to get a bite. Went 8/11 on bites biggest went 388# on the scale at fishermans landing.Measurements on the fish 86.5x 60.-- Wow--- That big-- Nice catch JD

Queit for most of the day on the radio


late afternoon chatter-- saying the fish they got yesterday was late in the afternnoon too-

found a little kelp dorado under it-


Spoke to a boat having just returned from Clemete this afternoon-- they needed to wash the salt off the windows-- sloppy headed back this afternoon--- and not much to claie for the two days fishing-- good bait marks-- but no fish for them--

Wahine Gals tournament starts tomorrow morning



---- Wed's Sept 2 2020---------

Morning hours welcomed seas- with those meandering paths of glassy and wind ruffled water as the overcast lifts, seas calm- nice day ahead-

Party boats out of SD working out to the Tanner Bank this morning-- still a few boats off the backside/ west end of the island for tunas--

Marlins fishers-- still working the waters from the A Bank it towards the island and down the Ridge to the 277 and again the 209 and 267 good locations for fish and bait--

Text report from Vintage-- mid channel -- tuna on micor baits 40-60lb fish shipping lanes--- 68 degree water 10:34 am

Couple of photos for this past weekend-- Biggest I've heard of at 361 lbs+ Hammer--






and Brandy B with a nice one too







Afternoon Newport slop-- westerly winds

They said they made it to Clemente's west end Monday in the late afternoon got the kite up for a while and searched around -- seeing no signs of fish they spent the afternoon in search mode-- no marks nothing--- then 5:45 it seemed the ocean came alive-- mixed tunas from 20 to 150 + brutes- all on micro baits and wouldn't take a thing- all cast lures, baits flying fish skipping over them- mackerels-- nope--- jump in the water and at least stuck one -- following morning- ran out to the Tanner - sport boats there plnker fishing with baits-- they hung another one there with sinker and bait deep- Not much found on their way home Catalina east end look quiet, one quick batch of smaller tuna up- down on the A Bank -the 14 dead-

west wind for the afternoon--



-------- Tuesday- Sept the 1st the year 2020-----------

A light gray sky darkling to the horizon line seaward- calm with a light mix of swell--

it was said someone had five strikes this morning-- missed em' all--

Boats or fishing for the Giant Bluefins-- and marlins too- Yellowfin of good size also present 50-+ lbs- Yellowtails a by product of the day as would be a dorado if caught-

-- A check with t he San Clemente Island Security web site shows the Cove "Zone D" and "Zone C" leeward/ inside Fishhook White Rock" active for the upcoming long weekend--from Aug 27th till Sept 7th - C 27-AUG 1918 07-SEP 2359 SFC:3000 SHOBA D 27-AUG 1918 07-SEP 2359 SFC:3000 SHOBA-- Backside of where the tuna are looks to be open still-

A few marlin -- but not many around so far-- Like Kenny said very few fish seen except those behind the boat up in the jigs---

Quiet day on the waterfront--- boats behnd Clemente too far for me to hear much via the VHF -- the SD sporboat counts show fair catches


Closed on Mondays--- (got the car fixed-)

Aug 30th-- Sunday 2020----------- Best day of the week so far--- morning overcast melts away midmorning- wind light from the west/southwest 2-4-5 kts- will pick up to 15 kts this afternoon West- seas good light wind chop- small mix of seastate--

Congrats go out to Alex on a marlin catch--- jig fish---10:40--- you have one up in the jigs for a short bite eariler?- yep---- we also had one come up popped it out of the rigger - scuffed the new leader up--- green and black-they're not real agressive-- just tapping the jigs-- -we're seeing lots of bait here--

Bob released another-- I hear--

Sounded like they were on the Ridge below the East End of the island---

Clemente island back side still looks to be full of boats-- fish?- yep they were biting-- flyers- baits, lures even marlin there too!

2020 Tuna Club Avalon Benefit Tournament




And they were biting--- some caught and some lost after quick or extended battles into the night-- congrats to the T/C club and their anglers for catching fish and the Benifit that helps so many in Avalon---










Afternoon hours wore on with the bait showing better as the day went- closer to the island they came up good--


E-Mail--Details Marlin update.. JD, had a late start yesterday and wasn't able to make bait...Fortunately we were able to run over a feeder a grab another one on the Eye Candy again. They appear to be feeding on the small Bone Heads. Saw a jumper and tailer in the same area today off the East End. Sean -- Nice catch and release-- JD



And another E Mail--- Hi JD, Went three for three on Stripeys this weekend. Sally got two, one on a Bubble Gum Eye Candy Pusher lure. Also,Trentin Humprehy, Tim Humphrey's son, caught his first marlin today aboard Royal Slam. Photo of Trentin reviving his fish . Best regards, Bob--- Congrats-- JD




Coming up -- -

And the BAC presents the Ladies Tournament!

Contact the club for details--- should be a fun event---

Fishing hours shall be 6:30am to 5 pm on Friday, September 4th and 6:30a to 5 pm on Saturday, September 5th


And- the famous

Balboa Angling Club presents the MASTER ANGLER BILLFISH TOURNAMENTAugust 19 · 2020

It’s Time to Sign Up!!! Don’t wait, the entry fee is going up!!! Tournament: FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 & 12, 2020 Welcome all Anglers and Fishing Clubs! You are invited to participate in the oldest and most prestigious all-release marlin tournament on the West Coast.


Note: the 2020 Los Pescadores Derby. Due to the fact that we have over 220 people at our awards banquet and kick off Avalon can't have a spot that is safe with social distancing. Unfortunately this years derby has been postponed until next year due to Covid 19. We could have fished no problem , but a big part of our derby is the awards in Avalon. We just felt with no awards there is really no tournament just a fishing day. Next year we are planning on having a bigger derby than ever.


And for the $$$$$-- side of the tournamnts give Russ an E-Mail @ avalonchallenge@gmail.com,

Sept 20-21 &22 Avalon Billfish Challange---






- Sat Aug 29th 2020------- the months gone by quickly-- light morning overcast that went away by noon- wind light from the south- seas still a small leftover lump and a light wind chop- seems a bit cooler air and water temps---

Not many marlin hooks up so far today-- a quick feeder- a zip and a brief hook up around the East end of Catalina-- boats on the 209 or thereabouts reported couple kelps holding smaller yellowfin---

The Tuna fleet concentrated to the backside of Clemente island--- added boat pressure there for the weekend--

Slack tide change coming up--at 1:30 - stand by-

building moon and tides\

Water temp images a little distorted by wind these days-- so here's the Chlorophyll chart showing that clean water coming up the backside of Clemente and up to the 499--

First fish on the New Boat he yells out--- 1:30

Congrats to you as well-- we got a 135 and a 200lber--

Had two fish up in the jigs--- 2:01 pm

Crazy goverment-- shutting down the beach at Huntington because they someone saw a shark--- Yites a real live shark--- by now that shark 40 miles away--

Congrats Bob and Sally from the 0ooker-- nice going---

Yellows off Salt Creek-- 3 off the beach--

Only had it on for a few seconds-- wasn't sure about this water -- but who knew

Come on in--- Yellowfin tuna- she said--- there's plenty of em' 3:47


Cameo in the T/C Benifit Tournment · Middle son Robbie makes first trip for tuna. We planned to fish Tuesday to Saturday, but weather, boat acting badly, kept us from the tuna grounds till this Saturday am. Robbie hooked fish at 8:03, and boated it at 11:45, a Tuna Club of Avalon rule conforming catch! He’s one for one! Con coached him all the way, and proud Dad kept his mouth shut! Great week for Crean Team Cameo! 147.5 pounds on 50 pound dacron.!



Weather backed off not a bad day overall- not as many fish on the inner waters as we hoped for-- but there were some big scores on the giant bluefin---

Good luck tomorrow if you get out-- -JD



Now having to defend her Thesis submission after years of research and studies ,

An evidence based behavioral intervention on Saiga horn as a traditional medicine in Singapore.

Saiga are Critically Endangered antelopes from Central Asia with horns (often marketed as ling yang) used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Hunter Doughty Doctoral Researcher University of Oxford, my daughter- Congrats - dad-







----- Friday again---- Aug 28 2020-- hazy blue this morning wind from the west fair at 8-17kts depending where you were-- good tailer weather!

Building moon phase and building tides this weekend--

Congrats go out for a released marlin- I think a qualifier for a Tuna Club member--- was that a Jig or bait?--- jig fish-- had another one up on the stinger-- so they're here----- tell Rod congrats and Pete on the wire--nice going--- 10:51am

-SD report--The Pacific Queen returned from their 3 day trip with LIMITS of Bluefin Tuna (144) and 4 Yellowtail for 24 anglers. 15 of the Bluefin they caught were between 120 and 220 pounds. The Condor returned from a 1.5 day trip with LIMITS of Dorado (68), 25 Yellowtail, and 14 Yellowfin Tuna for 34 anglers. The Tomahawk returned from their 1.5 day trip with 41 Bluefin Tuna (5@ 120-180 lbs.) for 25 anglers. The Pegasus returned from their 1.5 day trip with 22 Bluefin Tuna (1@260 lbs.) for 19 anglers. -

T/C gave their noon roll call for their Benefit -- if I heard it right maybe two fish?- Fusion had a fish released and another boat released one?

just west of the 267 lots of birds bait-- a mystery bite there? Osprey had a fish hooked -- came off 30 minutes later--

Sounded like the Chinese took over VHF ch65--??

Wind stayed steady 12+ the rest of the day--- afternoon high tide saw more bait up in the lee of the island---

better weather tomorrow-- JD



- Thursday's Report for Aug 27th 2020-

Hazy blue this morning-- wind already on the make for the west-- coastal it's not bad at all- by noon its to pick up and by 5pm windy and a swell to boot-

There was talk yesterday of smaller bluefin on the inside of San Clemente-- as small as 8 and 10lb fish--

Sounded like someone was deep dropping and maybe a couple of lines tangled up and a fish on the other end.

Notes from last nights seminar

Another Swordfish being weighed at the Club today-- I think they were local?

A call from the tuna boys up off Anacapa/Channel islands-- snotty getting up earlier this morning-- but it's laid down for them now-- ( 3:25pm) actually almost grease where they were at-- no fish though- good meter-marks bait, lots of birds, porpoise around but no billfish yet--- standing by




So they were fishing for halibuts---- no bites-- after a while - why not let go Swordfishing-- deep dropping --- --- look at all that bait------ and four hours later--- 284lb Swordfish-- Congrats-- JD -- he said it wasn't fun-- -- Brutal he says---

Bryan Corum angler 284.4 lbs-!



Wed Aug 26 2020--------------- Starts out as a light overcast mild day-- coastal wind light from the south-seas OK fair with a leftover lump and due to get lumpier this afternoon as that westerly picks up-

We're markijg fish -- waters 74 and greenish--- kelps off La- Jolla--- they say there's some Dorado in tha body of warm water off Oceanside---

Where'd the tuna go-- and when is the main body of marlin due in---- aaah time will tell

Full day winding line on reels again---

Good marlin seminar at the BAC last night-- Thanks Jimmy,


Tuesdays Report - Aug 25 2020------Warm gray morning turning to a hazy milky blue sky- wind light to fair from the west- seas ok-- fair starting to lump up outside--

For what it's worth-- latest three day composite of the water temps from 65 to 80 degrees and the Chlorophyll Chart

Windy and getting more windy---

spent the day winding line on reels and fixing them-- JD

--- Sunday Aug the 23 2020-- we'll we made it through the night, and what a peaceful night it was for those out drifting on the sea-anchor - starlit sky, warm, glassy smooth and a light south swell-

High tropical clouds and hazy blue -wind light southwest 2-4 kts- seas calm

lots of folks out - finding relief from the lands heat

Seiners apparently wrapping sardines or mackerel-

Marlin, Tuna, Kelps and Yellows maybe a Dorado-- wahoo-- swordfish-sharks--- halibuts bass, even WSB around--

And the story goes round of Stotesbury and crew fighting a giant Broadbill Swordfish up at Anacapa Island - into the night-- with a giant Mako about to eat the Swordfish--- finally getting the swordfish into the boat-- minus the swordfish's tail which the shark had bitten off-- ( loose the propeller and they are helpless)

Motivator, got a big fish too- CI, and Vintage puts a big fish aboard too -over the past few days--

Marlin Seminar for next Wednesday, August 26th - 5:30 on the patio here at the club house

Slow marlin fishing- so far-- only one sleeper for the fleet -- others circumnavigated the island for nada-- good looking warm blue water with plenty of bait around--- -- soon coming-- -- they just may not like that warm surface water and are hanging out down deep on the cooler thermocline depth?



Sat- Aug 22 nd a swelting night and day, morning sky, overcast and brassy- seas glassy light wind from the south-

He almost got it-- 6:30 in the evening-- we got a bite --- we also got a bite yesterday on the inside of the rigs-- he almost got it up -two or three times --20- 30 ft from the boat ---each time the fish would go down --- finally the hook pulled-- he was around 300 trying to put a little heat on him and leader him-- no way-- humbling experinace--ok - good luck--- thanks go get em-- hammer--

You see that--- those wern't mackeral--- they were tuna-- we watched them-- not porpious either-- tuna-- ( lee of catalina) 11:23

Slack tide today--- 12:35

there was a Jumper- here and a few tailers- around--- pulling my gear had a tailer go by too- 12:19am--

Puddling tuna seen-- not breaking water but they were there-- off the east end of the island-- 152 area--- here- there- not great numbers but some fish-- marlin seen eariler off chruch rock 6 --1:37

randy-- was that a Great White there behind your boat----?-- \

Center consol off our bow come on in theyre up good--- 2:06

and someone comes on saying he lost a Wahoo at the Rigs-----?? 2:09--- at the rig-- just lost a wahoo--- slow trolled sardine?

Wish my dad would call me in on kelps and tunas fish!

down here where Scott was-- theres a bunch of feeders just came up-- looks like a yacht just hung one--- OK let me know - go hang a striper--- 3:26pm

Afternoon hours gave way to repairting reels, rods and settingup tackle for IFGA records

warm and stick-- boy what a day-- you were luck to get to the seashore or some water releated relief

tomorrows the same and looking forward--- Hernan her-NAHN is next weekend----

No further Wahoo reports---- Guluck tomorrow- Stay cool--


-- Friday- yep-- it's that day again Friday and the weekend is here--Aug 21 st - we've lost almost a hours of sunlight - Hurricane weather, it feels like--- now that the earthquake threat has passed-- for now-

The foamers were up pretty good one time-- we just came in a little too late-- we've seen a couple schools here with the dolphins--10:12am

A pod of a dozen orcas between the islands were report thursday, 05/44 a pod seen today--one big male with a ragged torn fin--

297 lbs. Swordfish on the No ReMorse, thanks to wireman Bill Weilbacher and Doug Armstrong at the wheel. Tuna Club button fish.

San Clemente island Security shows the island open for the weekend-- good luck-- my be some swell in the Cove-- from the south--

Had one short bite on the black and purple just coming up to the 209

When was that?/ --- we'll my hearts still beating if thats what you mean----- we're here on th A Bank and just had some of those big Tunas came up----- they were big one's -- 1:19pm

West wind swung to the south this afternoon and backed off to 4-6 kts--

Maria Jean capt Brian Shimizu

Spoke to Decker this early afternoon - they had just returned back in the harbor-- out to Catalina this morning--spent the early part of the day there-- back out to the A bank- down to the Slide and the ridge ridge to the 152 and 277- back over the Shipping lanes and 14 Mile Bank--- for-- Zero--Zero-Zero- lots of kelps on the A Bank- very warm water there and no fish under the kelps--

And the BAC presents the Ladies Tournament!

Contact the club for details--- should be a fun event---

Fishing hours shall be 6:30am to 5 pm on Friday, September 4th and 6:30a to 5 pm on Saturday, September 5th


And- the famous

Balboa Angling Club presents the MASTER ANGLER BILLFISH TOURNAMENTAugust 19 · 2020

It’s Time to Sign Up!!! Don’t wait, the entry fee is going up!!! Tournament: FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 & 12, 2020 Welcome all Anglers and Fishing Clubs! You are invited to participate in the oldest and most prestigious all-release marlin tournament on the West Coast.


Note: the 2020 Los Pescadores Derby. Due to the fact that we have over 220 people at our awards banquet and kick off Avalon can't have a spot that is safe with social distancing. Unfortunately this years derby has been postponed until next year due to Covid 19. We could have fished no problem , but a big part of our derby is the awards in Avalon. We just felt with no awards there is really no tournament just a fishing day. Next year we are planning on having a bigger derby than ever.

And for the $$$$$-- side of the tournamnts give Russ an E-Mail @ avalonchallenge@gmail.com,

Sept 20-21 &22 Avalon Billfish Challange---


------- Thursday Aug 20 2020---

Hazy milky brassy sky this morning--- light wind from the sea- west 2-5 kts-- seas light wind chop/ texture to them-bigger south swell picking up--

Some of the fleet of tuna boats found themselves out to the Cortez and Tanner Bank this morning some smaller grade tunas-- 30- 50lbs nd the Yellowtails there -

good meter and bait marks on the 152 this morning--

East End Swordfish bite seemed to center around the 1 pm mark yesterday--

At the the tail --it's over a foot wide -- it must be over 400 lbs-Swordfish---! Sergio!Official weight 440!

he said his meter read 76 degrees on the 14-- stuck it out threw the tide change-- not much metered there-- one feeder on the high spot at slack tide-- that was it--

Others working off the East end of the island-- deep dropping the 152-

they say the deep dropping for the swords up to the channel islands has improved--

Building south swell--


------------- Wed's Aug 19 2020--- Warm-- and humid-- almost glassy conditions this morning-- light wind from the south 2- 3 kts- seas small and a light mix to them-- lots of boats out-- getting off the heated land-- waters cleaning up and warming--

Couple of reports of tunas-- near the border-- breaking fish 29- 40lb still-- a slow tailer seen off the east end- others deep dropping off the 152

A jig fish dumped off the can dump -- this morning

says almost too much bait in the area--- bird-- terns-looking good 11:53

he calls with a low muffled voice----I'm going to head for the barn--- you want a chunk!?- yea I'll be over in a second---

Another quick looks at the local water temps and the Chlorophyll charts




Update on what's going on here at the Balboa Angling Club. We have rescheduled our Marlin Seminar for next Wednesday, August 26th - 5:30 on the patio here at the club (speaker to be announced.) We are working hard on the MABT tournament, and will have updates on the tournament this Friday along with an exciting opportunity for lady anglers. The re-introduction of the Ladies Billfish Tournament which will be September 4 & 5.


He said there were really good bait marks for tuna on the 277-- 12:59--

The radio seemed quite for most of the afternoon--- reason is --it had followed the secret channel up two, down three and over to your last two numbers of your phone # - somehow ended up on ch 61- wasn't anyone there---

Hot and muggy with the weird tint to the sky- - wind still stayed light from the west all day-

Boats speaking of kelps and paddies holding bait and tails-- along a tideline/

Deep droppers --- 700 ft just saw a red mark among the scatter other stuff , yea that's where Bob got bit winding up







- Tuesday Aug 18th a hot an humid day-- earthquake weather some would say-- add in the major tide swings-- ? Light west wind picking up mid morning hours

Hi JD, We left on Thursday night at 11:00pm. Went to the east end of Catalina and started dropping at 3:00 am. Fished all day Friday and through the night. On Saturday we finally started to mark some fish in the afternoon. Dropped upwind from our marks and hooked up on this one. Same crew as last time. Ricky G and Keith McD from Scales Gear!!! Cheers, Kevin with Ebb Tide




Hey JD, TJ did pretty well..... The Latitude took 4 awards at the BYC & NHYC Interclub Challenge this week, and took biggest fish.. a lot of fun! Hope you had a good weekend!









Came across these whales Friday afternoon on our way back from cat



Hot-- Hot and humid--

scratchy report saying there were breaking fish--it's been pretty quite for the past several hours-- maybe its the breezes that's sprung up ( south7-8) or the swing of the tide to incoming--- something's changed. 3:15p

Sportboat Thunderbird had a score on the Bluefin today---


--- Closed on Mondays----Went fishing-- at least went on the boat and had rod, reel, lin and bait out-- deep dropping for a nice morning row-- no fish-- Sherrif's dept boat came by, circling me-- seeing if I was in distrees- no just out fishin' -

------------ Sunday -- muggy and warm-- it's hot--- wind from the southeast fair to strong -- most of the night and into the morning mid day ---seas have a developed wind chop to them against the light west swell-

Sportfisher dragging for marlin off the fire road-- you on this side-- 10:37am

Saying there was some action on the ridged elow the east end of catalina-- this morning-- 152 to the 277 and west of the A bank

Colby released one this morning- Joint Venture--

we acually netteed up about 500 of those anchovies

some were talking of a mixed up wind and currents-

A single but no bite-- yas we could get to those other's either- 11:31

Blue whales up by the outer oil rigs-- 34.4 /118.16

We got on our second marlin--11:33 on the candy?

We just broke one off-- about where you are about 15 minutes ago-- 12:09 Jig Fish

There's about 6 boats deep dropping around the 152 today--- marlin hooked 19/ 15 good looking fish! 12:18 pm

15 due south of Dana-- lots of bait-- lots of seiners-- -

Just west of the 14-- two seiners just warpping away--- with two planes---sad--- 1:04pm

Same spot second fish-- two hooks up in the past hour--- 19/15

the guy downwind of you is on a swordfish--- been on it for quite a while deep drop-1:09

Standing by for the tide swing---

Congrats-- go out to -Swagger with the marlin release-- congrats-

All sorts of entertainment today--- sailboat (?) lost off Long Beach-- no idea where he was, another boat taking on water-sinking-- coastguard and military boats assist, other's fishing in the MLPS's - marlin hook ups and seiners wrapping schools of tuna-- entertaining-- today--

got a good one here 34.8 /15.8 Whale- blue 2:03



---------Sat. Aug 15 middle of the month and tropical -- getting more tropical by next week, a lot more tropical- stand by! Hot-- Hot-- !!

light wind from the west/southwest this morning- seas good and sky blue with marine haze seaward.

We just had a zip---- couple of em--

Go get em''- -- Yea-- we're on one--- 12:01

sounded like there were a few more bites here-- there 1:24 - slack tide today 1:04

front side of clemente had some puddlers-- we were able to pick up 40 of em-- 1:28pm

all you marlin guys out there--- 22 over 16-- six off the island- 2:26

deep droppers fishing the east end of Catalina-- and into the flats off Avalon as that wind on the outsdie picked--

74- 75.3 water temps reported off Dana-- no kelps--

They say maybe 5 ot 6 mrlin hooks ups today off the east end to the A bhank and Long point

lots of bait meetered on the banks-- 14-- backside of Catalina-- marlin will have a feast as they show up more and more-

A lot of folks on the water today-- just getting relief from the land and conferment there-- welcome to the sea shore




--Aug 14 --- Friday-- yes it's friday again, blue sky morning some light marine haze seaward- wind light from the south/southeast 2-3 kts' nice ocean--

first words I heard this moring on the VHF-- nothing yet---- yesterday they came up pretty good around 1 0'clock--- Tide?

We're not doing anything-- stopped on a little kelp-- good meter marks but nothing showing for us-- no use sitting around here with 50 other boats we're about to go exploring--- maybe west of here a few miles--10:32

boats down to the 371 finding 10 lb dorados under kelps--reported very few yellowfin in the area.

- Looks like the Cape is in for some nasty weather next week

Stand by--

see anything-- saw a jumper here a few minutes ago-- trolled around here for nothing--- looks pretty quiet-- couple guys deep dropping couple guys trolling one guy has a kite up--

deep bouy fishers complaining of bigger sharks 9or something on their gear?


JD...Marlin update...Was able to catch and release a stripe inside the 277 yesterday. 2 bites on a pink Eye Candy we purchased from you ..baited a feeder and tailer in the same area on the temp break....Sean McWhinney / CHIRON

The tuna we got were a little closer to clemente island and we got all our fish on a blue and white daisy chain trolled way back and slower---


we just had one come loose--off Long point--- 3:50pm

that big yacht just had a blow up -on the yummy--- they backing down on something--- 4:41pm

there's nothinbg out here--- there were about 60 boats there this morning--- just coming back around the west end now-- (catalina)


---------- Thursday Aug 13 2020-----

Becoming more like the Fall days each day now-- maybe we'll get an Indian Summer?- Morning high tropical clouds and a 56 % humidity - wind light to fair from the west by 10 am00 light chop on otherwise calm seas-- westerly this afternoon--

Looks like the Tuna fleet has centered of the backside of Catalina and up towards the 172 and the canyon walls leading up to it-

Others up to the Channel Islands targeting the Swordfish and maybe Marlin nd probably the bigger Bluefin as they make they way up to the Santa Rosa Flats-and beyond-

Hi JD Had some luck today on the 30-40 lb BFT Mark

San Clemente Security's web site still shows the Cove to be "Hot" From the 13th till the 23 of this month- --- Just changed for this weekend --- looks open---

13-AUG 0700 till 23-AUG 1700 SFC: CEIL SHOBA

Circled the whole island for nothing--- saw em' but couldn't get them to go---


From what satellite images there is of the water temps and chlorophyll charts











EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION ENSO Alert System Status: La Niña Watch Synopsis: There is a ~60% chance of La Niña development during Northern Hemisphere fall 2020 and continuing through winter 2020-21 . By early August 2020, sea surface temperatures (SSTs) were below average in the equatorial Pacific from the Date Line to the west coast of South AmericaThe four Niño indices were negative during the latest week, Overall, the combined oceanic and atmospheric system remained consistent with ENSO-neutral. The models in the IRI/CPC plume ] are split between La Niña and ENSO-neutral during the fall and winter, but slightly favor La Niña from the August-October through the November-January seasons In summary, there is a ~60% chance of La Niña development during Northern Hemisphere fall 2020 and continuing through winter 2020-21


Wed Aug 12 2020-- Light fog this AM and a clearing breeze going with it as it lifts, wind west , fair at 5-7 kts early seas ok with light wind chop , forecasters speak of a quake over the next week-- just prior to that big tide change in seven days--as the mood darkens - stand by--- Feels like Fall already!

Coastal waters-- cooling off 61 degrees off Newport this AM

Well this mornings AIS shows the fleet of tunas boats heading up the back side of Catalina Island-- mostly in the deep water off Ben Weston up towards the 172/ Santa Barbara Is,, there's some big-- big mako's who live there too!








And a late congratulations to Pete Wishney on his qualifying Swordfish catch!-- Nice going--- Tuna Club Qualifier. East end of Catalina 159# on 50# Dacron

Scratchy report coming back from the back side of Catalina-- Decker-- saying a little tough so far with sightings of surface fish limited--

if I recall several years ago when thsoe tunas were in the same area-- chum really helped-- either live or cut dead baits brought them up ---

I got three shots at them-- got hooked on the poppers--- -- and pulled the hooks--11:37am

you smashin em' --- not really threw back a sculpin and all the sea lions you can eat-- ! --- sounds like coastal fishing slowed down---

we saw one kelp paddy one yellowtail-- we go him and we hooked and fought a marlin up to the boat and eleased em--

21- 22 miles offshore we saw a couple sealions on a bait ball--

Big Bluefin breaking off my starbord side-- a loud VHF radio voice comes through the squealch 3:24

we found the tunas- really moving with the dolphins--- really finicaly-- hooked three of them -- lost them all--

anyone fishing the back side of Catalina today---- yea we did how'd it go--- a little tough-- seemed the bite shut down after 10 am---- we got one--- did it seem they were headed north up the line to the other island, yes it did---- lots of boats up there--- not as many as yesterday--- where's the kelps-- with fish--- haven't found a tail all day-- we baited 30 of em for nothing--

Sounded like the deep drop bouy gear guys had a fish or two-- and some nasty sharks too--- south of here-- maybe the La jolla to the 9


Tuesday Aug 11 2020 --------------- morning marine clouds left us early- leaving blue and a light west wind as it left us-- light wind chop and seas relatively calm-- westerly afternoons cause some chop

Swordfish starting to show up again both up north at the channel islands and off Catalina

Any scrap of kelp you find -- check it out-- we just stopped on a 3 ft stringer -- there were yellowfin under it-- 12:09

Full day in the shop today-- not much time to stay in touch with the VHF-- rumor tells me there were some bigger tunas up off Santa Barbara Island-- no biters-- traveling fish

and this weekends San Clemente Island looks to be Hot /Active from Thursday the 13-- all the way till the 23rd of this month-- no anchorage in Pyramid--


---------Closed on Mondays---

------ Sundays Aug 9th 2020-------

Nice moring hours on the water---light haze to go away-wind light from the west 3-4 kts-

Boats spread far and wide-" throw some bait at em'- you'll get bit!
" the radio says-- others having just left Clemente's lee and 5 yellows aboard were out looking for the tunas-- other's marlin fishing off the East End-- tight to the island and long the Ridge heading towards the 152/ 277

And just about anyone heading off shore now has a chance at a tuna- dorado or a yellowtail-- or marlin-- ! there' a like of kelps here-- you guys can come in here closer if you'd like

Look for the bait on the shadow side of the kelp- and the fish too!









Afternoon reports of hook ups, casting into foamers w/ colt sniper lures or baits-- 4:06 pm--

Speaking to boats having just came back in from the days fishing out by Clemente-- starting on the Mackerel Bank this morning -- tacking to the 289 - water having turned cooler and off color they turned back into the island for tails-- then finding schools of tuna a mile or less in the lee of the island-- 30- 50 lb stuff- their everywhere there- poppers, baits, pencil-poppers -- Fun Times

New-- from Shimano SP-Orca FB 150S Sinking Pencil, 5 -7/8 ", 2 1/2 oz has a side to side swimming action! primarily for tunas!

Boy they really attract both you and the fish!!!



And Motivator come in the harbor flying a Marlin flag--- Congrats-- JD

and Rasta Fish also had a marlin--!


------- Sat Aug 8 2020-------------------

Nice weather--- light west morning wind

And a call early on from Ryan L out on his Newport Coastal Adventures Whale watching-- 2.4 miles out of the harbor this morning pods of Dolphin - and 15- 25lb Yellowfin in with them jumping around-- yep Yellowfin 2.4 out of the harbor-- Ryan also got a nice yellow tail 4 off Main Beach yesterday too---

Stand by--

Boats fishing for the marlins off the East end of the island-- no bites for them but the Slide area / can dump looked good for them--

E-Mail the clock reads 1:33 pm---- Hi JD: just put one on the boat 3 miles off Hoag Hospital!- was throwing sardines at them for and hour with no bites and was about to give up- when looking into the bait tank I see one greenback mackerel in with the scoop of sardines I got-- put that on and slow trolled it though the dolphins-- wham- o 30 lb yellowfin---


just had a feeder up and a knock down, so we'll stick it out here for a little while longer-- 3:02

A call in the afternoon hours-- 7 boats had traveled from the back side of Clemente down the-to the banks below and came back inside the island- miles and miles of travels-- and not one big school of tunas seen by any of the boats-- smaller fish found but the big boys---? MIA

Today's work-- a work of art-- 1960's Penn International 80, one or the originals-- with two asbestos drag washers and S/S friction plates, I don't think the reel has seen water to 50 maybe 60 years-- oil and grease had hardened and bearing were gummed up- glaze on drag plates re sanded smooth and all moving parts cleaned and re lubed - resembled and ready to see action again---


Blue Whales showing up-- seeing 6 this afternoon--

Windy afternoon--west 12-15-+


--Aug 7th Friday-- yes its Friday again--- Beautiful day so far-- a few coastal clouds holding sun behind them, seas nice- wind, wind soft at 3-4 kts- wish we were out there--- Tides starting to flatten out-- Swordfish tide's Stand By-

Local waters covered in small 8-12 inch bonito-- some occasional bigger ones--

lots of boats and radio traffic this AM-- mostly looking and checking with others boats on how they were doing--

Did find a kelp that had plenty of fish on it-- if we only had someone who could catch something-- went 2 for 6

Sounded like it was tough fishing for the tunas today-- at least not much said about catches-- only a few sightings-- splashes, some birds working in the early afternoon hours- etc. - boats paddy hopping to fill in any catches

afternoon report-- we looked around the 381 and Desperation--- for not much-- looks pretty quiet --- big swell out there--

Keeping towards the beach there were a few yellows 10- 12 lbers under kelps 8-10 off the coastline

Good luck this weekend- JD-


- Aug. 6th 2020 Thursday- tomorrow it'll be friday again-- low clouds this AM with overcast sky wind from the south 4-6 kts- small mix of seastate, back side of the full moon these days

Boats off the east end of Catalina this morning looking for the marlin- reports not looking good for them on the 152-- still looking

The question posed to me the other day in regards to why do Striped Marlin seem to strike the lures early on in the season and go for the baits later on--?

Not sure if that's always the case--a lot of factors go into what theoretically a fish does and thinks --currents, tides, bait, moon, sky and sea conditions, sunlight, wind, thermocline, topography , all factors and more goes into their behavior. Or it could just be these marlin 110- 120 lb fish 2 -3 years old's maybe having lived in the open ocean all their lives have never seen or heard a motor boat and are simply attracted to that big dark whale shaped thing going through the water the white water and bubbles and those little things trailing along-- they look tasty- maybe just go over and tap them with their curious bills to see what they are-- ?

who knows-- we're not fish--

The Pacific Queen called in with 11 yellowfin and 8 bluefin 6 of which are 140-205 lbs

San Clemente Island Security shows today Hot / Active today 06-AUG 1500 06-AUG 1800 - tomorrow Friday Hot/ Active from 07-AUG 1800 07-AUG 2200 and Open all days Sat till 9:00 Sunday morning--

The BAC-s Helen Smith Offshore Tournament was covered by the BAC's board members -Congrats-for-- - Marlin - Jimmy Decker , Bluefin Tuna - Casey McCann and Yellowtail - Dave Edmondson,

There's still some brutes out there--- Jokers brought in a est 330lb ( taped out) Bluefin caught on the Joker, taped @ 330lbs., caught on kite. Great Fishing trip for a dad (Mark Murtaugh) his son (Zach) & his buddies all tag teamed it!


One of the nicest days of the week so far-- maybe we'll get a satellite water temp image today-- JD


Aug the 5 Wed 2020---- Morning hours quiet here in the harbor-- light south wind gentle seas calm- water warming slowly 64 today here on the beach

Afternoon call from Drew--- having fished off the East End of Catalina today-- looking for that elusive 1st Fish for the Tuna Club--- 8:30 am a lure hook up-- on older 20 lb dacron--- an hour and ten minutes next to the boat- just about to tag it- for the release and the fish shakes it's head takes a swipe at the leader and the shock snaps the line-- so close---

Quiet for the rest of the day--


------------------------- Tuesdays July- oops-- August the 4th 2020----light to med overcast sky- seas ok calm in the morning hours till around noon or so when it freshens up a bit--

Baitfish ---smaller green back mackerel and lots of 5-7 inch sardines along the coastal waters--- mix in small 1 ft or less bonitos in with it too- but the bigger mackerel for marlin and the bigger tunas- were absent--- where'd they go---

E-mail--- JD--- My dad landed a 46” halibut on a sardine. Huntington Flats--- ( last Sunday)

I fished yesterday--- got bit 5 or 6 times, and slammed twice- on bigger halibuts-- missed em' both, when the hook fouled turned into the bait, the second time fish coughed up the bait all scarred up -Lizzard fish for bait.

Bay fishing- Terry S send in this one--

And Pescador gets talked into one this morning--- Nice Catch-- for both of you!

First marlin for the new wife! Twenty minutes on 30#. !! Happy Happy!


This coming weekend San Clemente Island is hot/ Active on Friday till 2200 hours ( 10pm_ then open the rest of the night Fri- all day Sat and Sat night till Sunday morning-- 9 am--


BAC Member Lisa Kitagawa with a couple of light line tuna and a button fish!!!

8 lb and 20 lb tackle!


Closed on Mondays-

Aug- 2 2020 Sunday-- Pea soup fog covers much of the coastline today-- by 10 am better than 1 -2 miles vis still overcast marine with bright sun behind it-

Tuna boats stretched far and wind with boats targeting tunas off the West end of Clemente-- some smaller 10lb ers there- others chasing marlin 11/16 and , coastal fishing well on bigger halibuts and the bass bite was improving--

We just went through a foamer of Giants-- drug the flyer right though it- solid foamers of 150'ers I'm not kidding-- 10:40

Still a overcast sky preventing much of a water temp image but the Chlorophyll charts still viewable-- looks like a band of deep blue water coming up from Mexico-- Dorados/ Yellowfin-

Swagger hangs a double on Jigs this morning-off the East End--- - releasing two of them--

Great seeing Swagger double up today and release them both photo credit Erik L

W've gone through about 4 foamers-- everytime we go through them with the flyer's it puts them dow-- so were going to just drift--- 11:12am

Sinker rig-- we've got one fish hanging-- 11:12

Another marlin hung ( hooked) off the East End of the island this morning

Nice going Scott-- 11:41am coming up from the tuna ground to Catlina-- finds a fish soon after getting here--

We just had a couple blow ups on the Yummy going through a bird spot--- 2:10

The sun never made it to the beach today--- things seemd to quiet down after the low tide today--

Better luck next week- JD -- it's getting interesting--



- August the 1st 2020--- Sat Blue sky-- light to fair wind from the south-- lumpy seas unless you were in a lee somewhere


The phone ringing has a broken voice on it-- can you hear me-- yea -- you get a Marlin--- Yes---7:45 --this morning Erik and I got to the Ridge ( below Catalina) this morning-- put the jigs out-- ten minutes later Goatfish 1210 Clone/ swimmer gets bit---oh maybe a fifteen minute battle on 30 released-- we got some good photos I'll send you--- Congrats the First for the BAC/ Pesky for Decker's Disco Punk First fish Flag---

We're on a pod of Killer Whales--



and Halibut fishing is still good--

Scott Matthews with a 46.4 pound halibut on 50 pound, breaking the old BACrecord of 29 pounds

E-Mail this morning--- Hi JD, interesting fish story. Middle daughter Erin & I were trolling Rapalas for yellowtail in my Caribe about 7:00 pm last night at Whites. Hooked what at first we thought was a nice one (in the anchorage, amongst the yachts, 120’ of water) till it started towing us offshore & I couldn’t lift it. An hour & a half later & over a mile offshore just about dark & up comes a 9’ white shark a few feet from our rubber boat! Was at full drag anyhow so instant extra pressure with my fingers on the spool & popped it off. Spooky part is, lots people swimming off their boats while at anchor at Whites this time of year. Hope you are well JD Russ-

PP you on this side-- yes--- you fishing marlin--- we're between you and the island we just saw 8 or 9 marlin up feeders---just came up 12:03pm

We just got Jig bit--- 16 over 18---1:45pm-- came up and tore it out of the rigger-- didn't want anything to do with the bait---

not a whole lot of bait here-- if it wasn't for the jig bites I wouldn't be here- just a little surface bait-- 70.8 degree water-

And the tuna fishing continues--- sporadically the squelch gets broken-- We just had a blow up--- didn't stick-- there's a ton of fish here-- but all small 3:24pm-

we just had one pull the hool on a rubber flyer--

I've got a huge foamer-- 150 125 fish - all 150 lbers-- I'm going set up up wind of it-- 33.1/ 12.2 4:25pm

And the Helen Smith Tournament has Bluefin in their catch---


July 31 --- Friday-- it's Friday again-- can you believe it--- the weekend is upon us - bright blue sky this morning and a greeting wind from the west early--- bumpy seas early on-- wind at 4-7 kts S/W seas mixed from the west and south-Strong tide exchanged this weekend as that August Full Moon fills-- by all rights today and tomorrow something big should bite--

Sounded like boats were " Cat fishin'" off the end of the island--- no bites yet

Weather forecasted to hoot today, back off Sat morning- then a South wind springs up Sunday morning

Not a whole lot of talk on the radio today--- wind up - although I did see a smaller Parker come up the bay flying a tuna flag and some salt on their windows

So the weekend has al lot in store for everyone-- you can fish for halibuts-- both locally and at the islands- coastal high spots and structure fishing doing well for grumpy sand bass and there's small micro bonito bonito around-- Calicos on all kelp beds- mid ocean-- maybe a tail under the kelps-- as you get out 6-10 miles for the beach-- Swordfish and marlin should be seen this weekend maybe caught--- the tunas still below Clements and off the backside of the island more and more--

and yellowfin along the ridges below Clements to the border- and any school of dolphins travleing-- stand by get the cedar plug out


good luck -- JD

--------- Thursdays July the 30th 2020------------

Typical summer day--- morning marine layer backing off to seaward by 10 am- sunshine behind it- wind from the west as it evaporates light wind chop- windy on the outside- getting winder---- will dislodge kelps from the Channel islands to eventually find they way here-- A second look at the weather for Sat-- looking better!

10 off Monterey they're biting! ( yesterdays photo)

July 29 The Blue fin are still being caught all over the place from Monterey to Half Moon Bay. The majority of the fish seem to be moving around near the edges of the canyons. There were some 150 pound fish landed today. The Salmon fishing was good near 3 Trees and Davenport in 240 feet of water. The Salmon are still being caught near the bottom. The Halibut fishing was great in front of Santa Cruz and down in Capitola. Rock fishing is great. The wind was down due to fog. July 28



Today the tab says-- Viking 44' Controlled Chaos out of Half Moon Bay--

Catching Salmon--- and Pacific Bluefin Tunas Remarkable!---


And the BAC extended the HS tournament to include Sunday due to weather concerns-- \ We have extended the Helen Smith Tournament with the addition of Sunday due to weather. Lines out will be the same as Saturday, Sunday @ 4pm. Weigh slips will need to be turned in by 5pm @ the BAC clubhouse via email or drop off.

Report for Facebook- S L via boats headed uphill from the Cape Those Stripers were actually from the Finger Bank to 27/44 and beyond. They are still seeing them as they are heading towards Mag Bay heading home. Seeing occasional fish without any glassing......

Not the best satellite water temps images yet- cloudcover-- and still the Chlorophyll charts are not that good - but they do show some blue water towards the backside south and inside west ends of Catalina- green on the beach,

Looks windy tomorrow--- Stand by!



----- Wed's July the 29th 2020-------- Light morning overcast went away by noon- still a bit on the refreshing cool side with the light sea breeze from the west 4-5 kts

Results from this past weekends Tuna Club tournamet were great--with 20 Boats and 79 Anglers resulting in 8 total Button Fish caught. One fish qualified it's angler into the Club. One new Club Record and one pending World Record.


This coming weekend is the BAC's offshore Helen Smith offshore tournament--

a check with the weather for Friday, Sat and Sunday-- Looks a windy and a swell building on the outside and below Clements on Friday and Sat and backing off on Sunday

The anchorage at Sam Clemente Island ( Pyramid Cove) this weekend- opens up 8 pm on Friday night- open all day Sat till Sunday mid day


- Tuesdays July 28 2020-------- Light overcast wind light from the south/southwest-- seas ok a cross small mix of sea, coastal water still offcolor green and cool- warming slowly

Boy what a weekend for the boys in the Avalon Tuna Club-- showing off their angling skills in besting those big Bluefin tunas in which their club is named for-- - Obtaining prized recognizing via weighing to fish caught with a limited test of breaking lines made from Dacron. Old school-stand up and fight it like a man style of fishing--

Excerpts from From Facebook---

Sawyer Jones · Went 1 for 3 in the tuna derby. After loosing two to light tackle failures Calen made it look easy getting this nice 134# BFT to the boat in 20 minutes on 50# dac.

Always fun fishing with these guys on the Island Fox

Rob Webster · Life ain’t fair my old man used to say but sometimes, if you work hard and as part of a team, life hands you a really sweet moment. I had one of those today. I hooked and landed a 215 lb Bluefin Tuna on 30# IGFA class dacron tackle. That is a new line class record for the 122 year old Avalon Tuna Club-( and pending W/R) - the quest was to help me get my light line Purple button for the Tuna Club. . 2 hours and 25 minutes later, Jeff gaffed my fish. When I was a kid fishing in my tiny skiff, I never thought I’d be a member of the Tuna Club much less hold any record there.-- Congrats- JD

Bob Hoose Spent my birthday fishing with friends on the PROSPECTOR. Birthday wish was answered and caught a #208 bluefin on stand-up 80 lb dacron. Awesome battle!

Neal Shaver Great Tuna Club tournament with a nice 122.6 pounds bluefin on 50lb Dacron. Lost a couple battles as well. Congrats John Shaver on a great catch..

Johnnie Crean We fished the Tuna Club of Avalon Albacore Tournament, and Con caught two bluefin tuna on 50 pound dacron. Only two fish per angler count for angler score! Are they big enough on light enough line to win? Stay tuned! There are 80 anglers heading to scales, and weight slips due tomorrow nite at 5pm. Maybe we'll know Tuesday!

Eric Noyes Epic weekend with great friends and my son Jack on his 12th birthday. Very special to be able to share this with him. Couldn’t have done without the crew for sure. Happy to finally be in the triple digit bluefin club and obtain my green button for the Tuna Club


Dan Barnett· Another Epic trip for FUSION got 3 BFT today (Sunday) 137-141-152 all 80 Dacron. . Lots of huge fish caught and records broken by a few great members! Congrats to all that participated!






And Darrin Norton 127 on 80 Qualifier for the Club

























Reports of the Giant Pacific Bluefin finding their way up the coastline-- Monterey Bay-- 8 off the beach reported jumpers seen--- big fish -- trolling through a pod of Risios whales they had a triple all 150 lb fish


and Albacore report--- off Fort Bragg- the albies were caught inside (closer to the beach ) than the Salmon were being caught!!


And Pete's new ride showing off with the four big Bluefin caught this past weekend---










I took my skiff out yesterday- Monday- with hopes of catching a Halibut-- watched Vick catch three and all I caught was a Smoothhound shark-!


Closed Monday ------ Sunday morning greetings with overcast light foggy conditions cool and a fair west wind 4-6+ kts-


First Marlin of the Season in US Waters----- Yahoo!--- that was a single tailer--- we didn't get the tag into it--11:20am and we did see a foamer at 45 07 and a good kelp where we got that marlin

Lazy tailier-- Colby Durin/ Jount Venture on 30 dac-- but we missed getting the tag in it-752057-- and a second marlin also caught by a skiff - off that kelp too!

-Hey Sporty-- off my stern--- give us room we're bit!--- 12:48pm

E-Mail this morning--- Hi JD - good seeing you Friday. The repaired reel and new JD’s shirt for Michael put tuna on the boat yesterday. Lots of mixed grade fish but few biters. Thanks and be well. Gary

And another E Mail--- All kinds of bluefin on the ridge. Got one on a dropper loop, one fly line sardine. My buddy tail hooked one with one of your single hook colt snipers. All 30 to 40 pound fish. Last week we got a 130lb on your blue yummy. Hope all is well ,Chris

"My what big eye's you've got"


--The fleet- returning to various ports in the afternoon's wind, some downhill to SD some uphill to Avalon to weigh tunas for the Tuna Club of Avalon's tuna tournament-- Tough to get bites and even tougher battles with the breakable dacron lines testing under 30, 50 and 80 lbs. some big fish caught and good tales to be told

Tales of tunas being eaten at the boat's swim step by huge Mako Sharks---! Yikes




And another E mail today--- Started at the ridge for the yellows and dorado off patties. Then got the bft 3 miles east of 381 on poppers. good temp break there

Many of the paddys were dry-

A little windy in the afternoon hours





------------------------ Sat July 25th 2020--------- Nice day- wind just lifting the flags - west 2-3 kts- seas good light wind ripple

radio reception better today

All Im seeing is the little guys-- Im 17 off the Head- kinda southwest-- 10:14



Not much of a water temp image these days but the Chlorophyll Chart comes out fair-- ?--

Boaters reported seeing lots of fish (tuna) but unable to get them to bite-- tossing spoons, plugs, poppers hard jigs, plastics - saving the day with yellowtail from out under a paddy or a mako shark bite

Got here around 3 am this morning put the squid light out-- made a couple of scoops of squid-- first drop this morning nice 20/25lb yellowtail-lost it at the boat--



A picture of a bluefin Cameo caught yesterday prefishing for the T/C tournament outside Clemente. They pulled the hook on a second one

Fishing can be dangerous-- especially with hooks, gaffs and fish that don't want to get into the boat---


------- Friday-July 24th - it's Friday again--- morning overcast at the beach giving away to light sun by noon- seas good wind light from the S/W 2-4 kts--

Most of the tuna fleet working below Clemente to the 43/ Butterfly bank wings and into the US/ Mex border- reported a Bluefin foamer off the East End of Catalina resulting in a 200 lb fish taken there!

Great weather today--- wind stayed light for the day-- lots of coverage in the tuna grounds too many boats pushed the fish down--- looks like the fleet spread out from this mornings main area below the 43- towards the west and the Butterfly banks and int Clemente fo rthe afternoon anchorages

God luck this weekend--


The 49th Annual Channel Islands Billfish Tournament will be held this year from September 12 to the16th, 2020. We're always looking for new anglers to join us so if you're interested and have some questions check out our website at cibillfish.org or you may call me, Charles Farrell, at 805-256-4227.

------- Thursdays report------------ June Gloom- warm and a light wind from the south 2-4 kts seas good- VHF reception still good under this marine layer-- boats working S/W of the 43 chasing foamers-

S/D tuna boats still centered by the US/Mex border to the 43--Boats are recommending 25-pound outfits for the Yellowfin and Yellowtail. 40 to 60-pound outfits for mid-size Bluefin Tuna. 80 to 100-pound outfits for the bigger size Bluefin. Hook size, they are recommending number 1 to 2/0 size circle hooks. They are catching the Bluefin on fly-line rigs, sinkers-rigs, and flat fall jigs.

Good show yesterday afternoon at the BAC with Capt Jimmy Decker and his seminar on tuna fishing - Tuna Fishing BAC Facebook--


We saw your flyer go right in that foamer-- and didn't get a bite--- there's dorado and yellowtail under that kelp-- we're going to work a little to the west looking for a little bigger grade tuna-- 11:03

We got the kite up-- got 4 smaller bluefin and a yellowtail---

AIS today showed the fleet of tuna boats centered below the 43 for the first half of the day-- then seemed to scatter to the west and Clemente as the day went on-

Catalina still good for the tails good sized fish - maybe a few of the bigger halibuts still hanging in the depths - and who knows about the swordfish and this upwelled cooled green water--

Good luck to those fishing the tournaments-- JD

Satellite water temp and chlorphill chart images have beed held back due to cloud cover- from what little I could see was a band of blue water inside the head to the 289-

-------- Weds July the 22 2020 ----

Overcast this morning light drizzle- wind light to fair from the west-- seas good- better radio reception this morning--beach weather cool- bring a sweatshirt--- Tuna boats working mainly below the 43 towards the border corner-- Yellowfin being the main fish caught so far today---

We're gettin on the fish-- but not many landed-- 10:40am we hooked 18 and landed 2- pulled the hooks or broke off everyone else-

Where's the big bluefin tuna go?? MIA

25-30lb yellowfin--we went two for three--

With that upwelled water along the coastlines-- I wouldn't be surprised if Elvis wasn't around these days-- he's probably out there just sunning in that mid day slack tide-- Stand By

That stick boat has about 6 sets of gear here--- they're all in a line- not scattered, yea and there's some deep drop gear out there too- 4:56pm----

He's got a big one on the line--- ( swordfish) commercial boat

Good luck--nice weather tomorrow--


------------------- Tuesday July 21st 2020- a month has gone by since the longest day of the years-- Hake hay while theirs still sun- as the old adage Overcast here on the beach this morning-clearing off mid morning-- warm no wind and calm seas- a little roily that's all- Water temps still cold on the beach--- the Calicos that do bite are lifeless and cold when you bring them up from the deep-Halibut fishing is good and the tuna are still hard to catch-

Took my skiff out yesterday-- motor at least ran--- couple miles below the harbor - tossing plastics to Calicos- pretty good bass fishing- and too many pesky small barracudas - all the bass came to the boat very lethargic - cold to the touch - should have gone halibut fishin--

pruple blue out on the A bank ---turns greener from there towards the beach

Whale watchers say some Minki whales just showed up from the outside-- saw them and a swordfish- by the rigs-- inner waters towards newport puke green


Ready - AIM - Fire! War Heroes On WaterTtournament

Look for an even bigger and better WHOW 2021, we are targeting 75 total vets and 25 yachts and a 1m dollar donation target. The late Ron Ashimine to right of bow, we honored him naming the top Vet anger award in his name. Captain Steve Lassley focused on the foaming Bluefin Tuna school while I get geared up for an underhand cast. Www.warheroesonwater.com


Wind kelp on the mild side-- but not much said on the radio so far today--

Better luck tomorrrow--

Balboa Angling Club · Good news, we plan on having our Tuna Seminar with Jimmy Decker this Wednesday, July 22nd @ 5:30 at the Clubhouse patio. We will keep the attendance at 25 people, outside. There will not be a potluck but we will order pizza. Please call the clubhouse after 1pm tomorrow (7/21/2020) to sign up to attend the seminar (first come first serve.). Please check out the June BAClash for entry information regarding the Helen Smith Tournament starting on July 31st.



July 11-- Russel and his kids caught their new halibut record 56.8 pounds Huntington flats on sardine 20# they are getting bigger and biting.


Closed on Mondays -----

------------ July 19 2020- Sunday--

The cool upwelled water has an effect to the atmosphere here on the beach and 1/4 mile inland where marine clouds

reported 57 off Dana pt this morning--

Decker and Erik called in saying they were still catching the Calicos this morning locally-- course they're professionals!

With the cooler water temps-- bait fishing for Mackerel became a little more difficult--

Afternoon wind picked up-- many of the smaller craft took towards home ports-

Had a foamer right next to the boat-- for ten minutes-- couldn't get a bite!--1:31pm

Windy-- and we'll see just what this latest batch of wind will do the allready upwelled cool water--- Stand by--

Good luck next week-- JD

- Sat July 18---Nice morning--- coastal morning clouds drifting away- wind soft from the south/southwest- better radio reception today-- at least more folks talking on the radio - Forecasters said there would be windy days in the tuna grounds - though reports say otherwise--

Coastal fishing holding fair despite the recent drop in water temps-- they say some barracuda up by the HB Flats- (WSB like to hang under the berry schools picking up the pieces, or unsuspecting mackerel with the berrys) Calicos on the structure and small reefs above Newport.

Yellowtail under paddies- not unreasonable to check them out - birds sitting a kelp-- bait--

Bet ya there's a few out deep dropping for Swordfish, maybe an Opah will grace our scales this weekend- marlin? and the Tuna bite continues around the US/Mex border both above and below--

We're going to work up a little farther-- that was a pretty decent show of fish-- but I didn't see anyone hang any fish--- 10:40am

We're still fighing that fish-- we're into into it some three hours now-- 10:51am

These are the same marks as we saw yesterdayy--- these are big fish!-- Im marking a big school now-- at what depth are you seeing them-- I've got one good mark at 100 ft and another here at 50ft 11:20

Just turn towards me-- there's breaking fish a 1/4 mile streach of fish-- 2:44

The afternoon- went on with an increase of reports of the tunas - by 4:30 blow ups on baits and missed strikes,

He missed it-- another came clear out of the water--- took the flag down-- just didnt stick-- was the story of the day for a lot of boaters--- slow trolling baits also had strikes--


July 17 2020- It's Friday again-- can you believe it-- it's Friday again-- the weekends a head of us- June Gloom here on the beach this morning looks to be slowly breaking apart towards noon- wind feels like an eddy from the south/ southwest fair at 5-6 kts fair wind and swell with it- swinging to the west-

The first US tunas of the years have been caught-- as well as the seabasses and tails, some sharks and a swordfish was caught --- now we're waiting for the Marlins to show up--- Satellite tagging supports the path that some Stripers can and do travel from here (So.Calif waters) in the Fall down to almost the Equator towards the winter months- then back again to above Hawaii by Springtime and then to complete their circulation over to the West Coast/ Channel islands by June/ July and probably an second body of stripers move up from mexico waters towards the latter part of summer--

The boy's are out there now looking for them-- the First Marlin of the Season awaits and Dorado!-

Scratchy report saying he's cast his baits right on top of that big tuna-- still no bite-but looking good with fish all around them-- 11:34

E-mail---just now---- JD, I just got this dorado off a paddy. Hope to make your board. I’ve always wanted to be on your site. Dell



AIS has the tuna fleet scattered from Desperation/ San clemente Island down to the Butterfly Banks, and below the 43 and 302 fishing grounds-- lots of boats out--

Local waters cooling off --clean green by the rigs 66 degrees







Albacore-- yep-- up north-- July 2, 2020: The coastal albacore season has started off the Oregon coast. A number of boats have trickled out of port in the past week and are scattered from 30 – 200 miles offshore. There has been some small catches made and the sea-surface temperature seems to be still lower then normal



----------- Thursdays July 16th -----

Again coastal morning clouds that blend away by noon-- wind light from the west/southwest 4-5 kts seas fair to good, this weekend's weather looks ok for Sat yet Sunday there's a good westerly wind early in the day and windy outside all the rest of the week-- should bring some swell and broken kelps off the outer islands-

-AIS has the SD fleet working the 302 area and the "Corner" US/Mex border and scattered boats up the line towards Pyramid Head-- the island's open Friday morning 3 am for anchorage till next Monday

Whgale watchers-- see a pair of Humpbacks out by the oil rigs- outside HB- lots of sea life also seen

and more phots of big Halibuts came in today,

dark of the moon aproaching this weekend stronger tides


---------------- Wed July 15 the year 2020------------

Sunny inland and coastal marine clouds seaward- gone by noon- wind light west at 5-6 kts- light wind chop agains a small south swell

E Mail on the improved bigger halibuts catches these days--- Hey JD my buddy Russel and I got this Huntington Beach local halibut, weight it in at 45.7 pounds, but we are not sure if it's a record we think it is.

This coming weekend San Clemente Island " the Cove" looks open for anchorage - It'll be "Hot" most of today-all day on Thursday till 3 am on Friday morning then open the rest of the weekend










-- Tuesday July-the 14 2020

Still losing about one minute a day of sunlight coastal weather nice a few morning clouds to cover the sky- wind light from the south/west seas ok, light bump to it slight uphill current-

E-Mail-- JD---- Got our first bluefin on Sat at East Butterfly on the circle hook sinker rig you set up for us using a sardine. Same setup we caught the two yellowtail with at San Clemente Island. 35 lbs and quite the battle on that old rod. Congrats-- JD

and a call from Vick-- who've been chasing the sea bass around these past weeks--- spending some time yesterday targeting the Halibuts and was rewarded with too healthy legal's and today a potential 8 lb class world record-- the old one was at 42 lbs the fish this morning tapped out at 48 inches and would be pushing that 42 lb mark to it's limit-- Stand by for further conformation-- Nice catch!! Live mackerel 35 minute battle- on IGFA 8lb test line!

a quick snap shot of the fish

Hopefull of a W/R the fish weighed at 39lbs-- shy by three pounds-- but a real nice catch on 8lb test line-- Congrats-- JD

Not much said on the radio today??


We had a special trip on "Flying Fish' in pursuit of my 24-thread linen line blue button fish for the Tuna Club on antique tackle. a refurbished 1940's era Penn 9/0 an awesome 80 year old spool of 24-thread linen line a 70 year old bamboo rod on vintage tackle, Special thanks also to Steve B. and George G and Michael -- 2 hours and 20 minutes later buddy Jeff H sunk the gaff perfectly and we had my 127lb blue button fish on the deck of "Flying Fish".So stoked to get this one on the board! Congrats-- JD -- Nice Catch and congrats to the crew too!








------ Sunday July 12th 2020 begins hot with clear sun , seas ok calm for the most part - lots of boats out-- wind light from the south. Cooling sea breeze welcomed

From Facebook--- Looks like Captain Mouse is bringing me home some sashimi it’s good to have Fishing Captains for neighbors Way to go Mikey-- Sister hook

Great way to get the season started-- Congrats-- JD

SD boats were saying the water had turned over and was only 60 degrees! North and South islands but only a few miles from them 70 degrees?


Afternoon in the harbor-- a steady steam of boats coming back to port--- some with their tails between their legs others with their legs between their tales - Nice weather for the most part-- sun burnt faces for most and beards hanging off bow anchors for the clueless.

Good fishing overall for most

and this coming week also looks good to-- Marlin right arond the corner and more swordfish on the surface seen too- couple of deep droppers out front of Newport this morning-- no bites--

found only one spot back there missed it--- it's sloppy back there now----

any yellows here in the lee of clemente-- nice here-- hot and calm--- - a few breesers

----------- Sat July 11 2020-----------

Nice--- not much better can be said for being on the water this AM , boaters enjoying calm seas and a beautiful sunrise- coastal wind light from the west maybe 3-4 kts- sunlit water blooming with plankton sealife-- baits with it-

We're tight here buddy can you pull off- an excited voice peels through the radio this morning-- lots of boats out---- lots of tension on the coveted fishing grounds-- 9:45am

E-mail photo and breif wording-- all that's needed-- "Good fishing at Clemente yesterday, shallow"

We've got the smorgasbord out--- we saw jumpers, foamers lots of life yesterday afternoon


We've got them under the boat--- they're biting-- had a triple- turns into a double --smaller bluefin on the deck-- we got four so far--- 09 over 54 we'll keep em bighting for you--- all on live bait--- 10:54

we're on a big spot of fish ton of marks boxing it with the yummy, then settle down here with the balloon- we're about 5 6 off the island-- green here but there's a ton of marks-- we'll hang here for a hour

got a 80lb on a popper and a 35lb yellow off a paddy

Oh there up right behind us--- foamer--- are they the big ones? -- yep-- big ones 11:08



We got something I'be never seen before looks like a white sea bass, grayish- red, big spinal dorsal, sharp whaoo type razor teeth and allagater type skin--- ?? Oilfish?


We're on-- right on the numbers you gave me--- 12:33

mike hooked one, brian hooked oe- couple more now --we're limited-- just put on a toad on the boat-- 1:43

This was our fish from yesterday Caught on Grandpa Jack Bullard's rod he won in 1978..... the year before I was born for catching a swordfish in 1978...

302 lbs on 50lb dacron 3 hrs-- Pesky's First fish of the Season Flag-- I'm told--

And marlin seen today-- couple of sightings 277 on a paddy chasing bait and further south outside the 43 for a pair of slow tailers--

Fresh one---- we're on 2:53pm

We 've got a double going and they're blowing up all over the place!! 2:58pm


Swordfish @ 304lbs- Pesky first flag but non BAC member. Great guys . Boat Charisma

BAC member Ned’s nephew visiting from Texas, fishing on Chiron on his 16th birthday with Joseph’s first Bluefin Tuna.



and Small Fry tournament angler Brady’s weigh in w/a nice Sandbass!







-- It's Friday again--- July the 10th 2020-

Warm / hot inland generally brings a strong westerly later in the day as that heat lifts off the coastlines- currently coastal morning hours very pleasant-- soft cool sea breeze barely enough to lift the flags-- seas calm wish you were here--

Boats gearing up for the weekend heading out the harbor- water here in the bay still a light greenish tinge to it- but clear--

I thing I got a plunker bite- put on a mackerel I wasn't watching it but when I brought it up there was - 8 inches up the line it was chaffed and the macj=keral gone, missed the bite - I was using too small a hook only a 2/0 leader 15 and 12 ounce 44/08

lots of paddies today nothin on them

we did see a good bunch of them- where you were eailier--mainly yellowfin in the 100 lb class but couldn't get any bites 10:12am

how you doing-- not much --hooked one but lost it-- lots of paddies

Im 7 off the island looks a little green nothing for us now paddy hopping--

We're 6 or 7 above the 43-- seeing lots of yellowfin-- havent got them to go yet-- 10:49

Boy we just had a blow up with those big boys-- 11:07

we had one blow up on the yum--yum- we're pushing out towards the 43-- how you doing-- seeing good meter marks in towards the head-- seeing bait and some fish but nothing for us so far-- 12:15

Water temps increasing-- a call from the lee of Catalina saying they were outside the Slide in 76 degree water-! having just seen a large yellowtail pulled over the railing off a Paddy. He was looking for Marlin--- Where the Marlin???

Where's the Marlin is a question asked these days---

Had one blow up on the kite then the mackerel went off right away-- didn't meter much -- saw one little breezer as we came up - got that kite bite and then we got that other fish-- gonna get another mackerel out--- 3:3

and others report a few yellows outside the kelp of Dana

breezer or a kite bite-- we saw you guys start yelling-- 4:39 right next to us

you get it-- congrats--- yea we're still pulling--4:25

and a call-- JD's you on this side-- Charisma- calling can you call the BAC and let them know were on our way in to weigh a fish-- we're 50 out I'll get you a better ETA--- You see or get a a marlin-- no but we got a swordfish-- congrats-- who caught it--- I Did!-- OK congrats-- 304 lbs-- it was massive-- surface fish over a 3 hour battle--














Good luck this weekend- JD


--------- Thursday July 9th 2020------

Morning marine haze on the water- clearing inland early-- wind light from the south 3-4 kt s seas calm- nice morning-- wish you were out-

where I'm sitting is where there were boiling a while ago-- came over and got bit real quick-- came off-

We're west a few miles from where we started yesterday-- at least got away from the smaller stuff--- 9:56am

the guys just saw em swim right under the boat! ( yellows by the rigs?)



Anothe great day on the wate-- fishing-- fair yellowtail fishin and calicos kep them busy-

the Tuna fleet below Clemente spread out wide working further south from the Head , anchorage at the Cove open later on in the evening-- but the cove becomes active throughout the day Friday and ;Sat- opens up Sunday 8 am

Pending W R for Katie Kosch with her 171.8lb Pacific Bluefin Tuna on 50l line- taken July 5th Congrats-- JD





------------- July the 8th 20202 - Wed

Again light marine could cover went away early today-- hazy blue sky- wind light from the south- seas good-

The harbor starting to get busy again with folks redding for the weekend escape--

not much said on the radio so far today--

-- we got one one C note-- we're headed back up west again looked better up there-- 2:20 a faint scratchy report filters through the squelch

got one dead and one at color--- at 3:58pm

The small skiff- fishing inside the lee of Clemete-- popper fish 110lbs


---- July 7th 2020 Tuesdays's report-

Quiet after the Fourth's crazy weekend --- light wind from the south / light marine haze seaward- light wind texture to the water--- seems a light green to the waters tint here in the harbor-- maybe cooler

Coastal fishing ok-- c

hanging currents paying against the light wind- kept the boats repositioning themselves to set up on the structure spots-- bass fishing good

Good sealife at 7-8 off the beach birds, bait dolphins, Risos whales-- looks good 73 and Blue!

Divers finding yellows upder paddies mid channel, 277, 209/ 267- some of the bigger 12-20lb fish taking cast baits or lures too-

Stayed nice weather all day--




Closed on Mondays---

------ The day after-- the 4th-- and the morning brings heat inland with a scorching sun and a surprise fog to the coastlines- burns off 5-7 off the beach- thick in some spots ( outside Long Beach) seas good and still lots of boats out today- others coming back from the outer islands , weather had been decent for them wind coming up just before noon on the backside / south windward side of the island ( Clemente) good yellows and a shot or two at the tunas-- Large swells had caused the water along backsides of the islands to get stirred up-

we got a school blowing up right now 35/15 just got the kite up -- we'lll see you in a bit-- 11:14am

any good yet-- naw were just boxing the area where those fish blew up--- 11:24am

got it right through the middle of them-- didn't bite it-- right through the foamers-- these looked like the 80lbers not lit those big 200 lb ers we saw earlier-- 11:53

they're scattera all over the place-- one here- one here- heading the same directions Risos Whales being seen by the whales watchers headed south east-

One of the nicest days so far- wind hasn't come up - still a bit of that marine fog on the water-- and folks enjoying a day on the water-- beaches and piers still closed

Hope the weekend was good to you and your families - JD

- The 4 th of July-- Independence Day ------

Dawns with pastel shaded gold's and pinks after last nights bright orb in the sky. Light morning seabreeze brings fair seas- good sized swell pounding on the beaches- and high tides over low lying areas caused flooding--

The harbor- here in Newport setting up defensive measures against visiting fun seeking folks, the Trump boat parade gearing up for action on this bright sunny day-- Stand by!

Couldn't help but wonder what the anchorage must have been like last night in Pyramid Cove- the moon full a few stars twinkling above, grilled steaks and plentiful talk to soothe the days events away and prospects of good fishing tomorrow.

Quotes from Facebook--Steve B--- So I get a call from George Wednesday night. Hey let’s fish Friday. Let’s try to get your 24 thread linen fish and if we are successful let try for your light tackle Dacron button on Tuna. It all came together. Smooth, no drama. Fish did what fish do. Great day on the water today with team Joker.

128 on 30 dacron and 124 on 24 thread linen lines--

Have a great day - be safe and sane!



July the 3rd- 2020--Friday-- ------- morning sky cleared off before 10 am leaving a marine haze and water temps having dropped a bi,t water having upwelled and photosynthesied.

wind light from the west as that marine layer went away-

Partyboat fishing the islands and local coastal waters happy to get legal sized bass- or bottom fish- 3 os sinkers and a peice of squid dropper looped rigged accounted for the bigger bass-

We had two in a row on those poppers- 10:39

We got nothing over here on the 43 few guys here--- you guys doing anything-- 10:41, we've been marking a couple- scattered marks--we've got the kite out-- looking around--

we re tight--- 10:43

yea-- were on-- 32 on the top 22 on the bottom- subtract the 2 from the second number on my cell phone?-12;41

We got a good one on-- hooked it with a jig--- a hurried voice comes on-- 12:44 - getting near the bottom of the tides swing- stand by--- a little more wind up to wrinkle the waters surface and fly the kites

- Local whale watchers say slim picking for the whales-- even dolphins and porpoise are shy in their finding-- bait schools have moved away-- not much bird life


Spoke to several boats whom having fish Clemente basin for the Bluefin today and along that San Clemente Canyon running southeast out of the Head 5- 10 miles - lots of boats out-- almost too many --with flying kites, balloons, slow trolling baits drifting downriggers and there were probably drones out there too-- still fish were caught- but the number of boats kept the fish a little on the skitterish side.

Today's highlights for the angling club was the weighting of Pacific Bluefin Tuna taken with that old fashioned fishing line made of 24 threads of linen strands. 50-60 years old line - and a coveted light tackle category fish ( 9 thread not to exceed 26 lbs/dry)


last couple of days water temp images( left) and the Chlorophyll charts ( right)














July the 2nd 2020------ the mass exodus has begun- like rats leaving a sinking ship --- small boats, bigger boats, yachts-- sailors out the harbor's of California to destination cleaner and more in touch with nature-- ---- -- -

Light overcast sky- higher elevation, looks to give way earlier, wind very light from the southeast- seas calm-

The tuna fleet had broadened it's fishing grounds to the San Clemente Basin ( below Pyramid Cove) schools of bluefin - schools of them frustrating by the number of boats

Hey Sam-- there's some fish up here---- I'm looking at a couple of schools right now--- we got two so far--- up 13 down 22 -(?) --really looks good here ( I'd guess inside the lee of Clemente) 10:58am




------------------------ July the 1st--- Yippee- Summers here-- or July junk so far wind stayed light for the day soft south wind at 3 4 kts- seas great

Not much time today on the radio today-- late afternoon radio reports says they only had two bites on the yummy today-- neither one of them stuck- off to Clemente to spend the night by White rock

Long day at the office today-- getting ready for the Forth of July-- end of the month duties, inventories, Calif Sales taxes, , fish reports- phone calls looking for chicken livers-etc. think I'll have a fifth on the third!



------- June the 30th 2020 --------------

Calm morning- light overcast w a light west by southwest wind maybe 35 kts- ligh winc ripple wit it-- seas good- small mix of seastate-

Tides are building both major lows' and high this coming weekend with the Full Moon and the Eclipse of the moon Sat night ( Stand by for a strong earth - quake this week!)

He said they had seen a few jumpers in the area--- metered bait down 80- 120 ft found a cluster of bait compressed tighter with boomerang marks under it-- set up up wind for a drift-- sinker rigs down 100- 150 ft made the difference --all their bites were on the deep baits--- smaller mako's were attacking their trolled ( expensive) rigged flyers-

This coming weekend San Clemente Island looks to be open from Friday morning 3 am till Monday

SD report --- The Pacific Queen called in with LIMITS of Yellowtail (10-20#) and 5 Dorado so far on their 1.5 day trip.. The Condor called in with 60 yellowtail, 3 bluefin and 1 dorado on the boat to start their morning. The Tomahawk called in with 63 Yellowtail, 6 Dorado, and 4 Yellowfin Tuna so far on their 1.5 day trip. ( they're fishing down the line -off Lower 500/ Ensenada to Collent,)

Boy--- that west wind really pick up today- stiff for the afternoon at 12-16 kts + upwelling coastal water temps- and making it a little wet for those heading into it to come home--


- Closed on Monday- JD

----- June 28th Sunday 2020 --Gray and periods of drizzle and clouds

Southeast and drizzly and a ripping downhill current-- at least here on the coastline-- wind chop against surface current making it hard if not impossible to set up on a structure for the local bass fishing--

Morning incoming tide should spur things- standing by for that afternoon bite-

If you didn't’t already know that dragging an artificial flying fish below a kite can be a productive way to catch big bluefin tuna, Now reported biting in US waters

Coming back from the mussel farm area didn't see much out there-- sloppy yea we're here in on the beach having a hard time fishing the bass here

that weather just changed- swung around-- like a toilet bowl,

All on casting poppers, we were the only ones there--- weather was good out there-- got a little windy here at 6 off the beach-- coming back in-- early afternoon- a early start out of the harbor brought them out to the 43 -- Briggs got his limit on Bluefin -- an 105 and a 147 lb both on 65lb braid and a casting rod-- Congrats! JD saw a spot of yellowfin on the 289-- made their way down the Ridge towards the 43--- saw a couple of birds in the binos ---a few fish jumping around-- 15 minutes later were were on - went from there to chasing ones spot after another as they came up big time right on the tide change. Erik lost one right next to the boat too!


Hi JD, my son Wes and I scored the (not so elusive right now ) California trifecta this morning. Craig on Sea-B Fishing- Nice catch! JD

and the yellowtail fishing at clemente contunes to improve-- backside southern end had lots of boats working it-- dropper rigs w/ sardines



------ June 27 2020 Saturday one of the nicest mornings so far-- clouds went away early- wind light from the S/W 3-5 kts seas good - Lots of boats scattered far and wide- good for some fair of poor for others--

No wind for me

We're going s plans-- gonna do some deep dropping--- we just set up- got bite immediately missed it- now were looking for that mark again 10:17 up 2 / 26

we're out here anchored up rock fishing ( on the 43) doing well

we're out here by the 226 mark just put out the trollers haven seen anything yet- 10:38

Not much for us- one little spot popped up- went down--

From Facebook- Camio's Tuna catches-- Con limited out yesterday on Pacific Bluefin tuna! I have footprints on my back from him beating me to rod! It’s hell being old-JC

I got that one bite on the ballown everything else was on the floater(?)

They're barely puddling under the birds-- we got on them with the poppers--- 3:01pm

Pacific Pioneer -- Fishing tuna below the 43 at 150 ft sinker rig with a mackerel!


and the Provider weighs in a pair of nice Pacific Bluefin Tuna with Rodney's 136lb fish on 50 Dacron a 2 hr 15 battle and a 30lb Dacron fish at 124 lbs for over a 4 hour battle ! Congrats to Rodney , captian and crew -- nice catches-- JD


------ June 26th- 2020-

Better weather this morning-- the sun's pouring through the clouds mid morning- wind light from the west along the coastline as these marine clouds dissipate .

Good radio reception yesterday under that layer of clouds- bouncing the VHF radio waves along-- fair to good reception this morning - or the fish are getting closer-- maybe some of both--

Hey JD- E-Mail this morning-- My son got a nice one yesterday! Troy Smith with a 32.4 lb Yellow “The Sled” > Bait fish at Catalina Island

Nice catch! JD






Mid afternoon the radio again becoms more active-- one boat wishing for a little emore wind for his kite fishing- , the fleet moving up the line along the ridge below Clemente

A check with the water temp images (too much cloud cover) and the chlorphill chars were not much better--- but there was a little image showing blue water ( Purple) pushing up from the lower banks up towards the inside of Clemente island--

Good luck this weekend- JD

------ Wed June 25th 2020 ------------

welcome to the June gloom-

we saw two spots looked like the same stuff

could be a couple of bigger ones mixed with them- looked like it-----not much in the way of condishiions here- ( no wind) glassing around I can see another gorup above us-- this school was really getting ready --- then went down before we got to it by 1/2 mile us --- yea this one fizzed on us too --- lots of bait metered here 10:32am

AIS shows the fleet scattered from the 43 southwards to the 60 and inside to the 302


That yacht just hung one--- 1:07 at least he got a bite---

We got one blow up here---- it was a mile and half from us-- lots of big ones mixed up in it too- looked like it--- 1:37pm

It's about the same as we had yesterday-

looks like there starting to splash around out there-- off your stern 3-400 yds 1:52

Spoke to a customer earlier today-- they had gone to back side of Catalina Island yesterday- in search of the yellowtails -- said it was poor fishing for them- even with the live squids and sardines-- they did get a couple nice legal halibuts and the bass fishing was good- ok-

and another customer came in with a report of fishing Clemente Island yesterday-- spent the day in search of the yellows on the inside of the island -- the bite started well for them around 2 pm-- must have caught a dozen of them , kept two-

it aint easy today for sure-- fifteen shots for three bites--- 5:13

I'm running up the island--- its here man-- its really hard ---your really have to set up right-- it's all been moving west since this morning---

we got a double --one on the kite and one on the fly lined mackerel 6:05 pm

Good luck this weekend-- JD

------ Wed's June 24th 2020-----

Gray again--light to fair wind from the west 5-6 kts- light wind wrinkle to the water- mixed small swell-

SD reports show that those bigger Bluefin still willing to bite and a small mix of the yellowfin tuna-around the 302 fathom area ( below the border)

Wish I could tell you the fish report-- but I haven't heard much- except there was a good among of anchovies mid channel - and a young man came in picked out some small 2/0 sized hooks for trolling for the yellows along the mussel farm area- had to gas the throttles to pull the fish out from the buoy line- trolling the baits for the 10-12 lb sized fish - the bigger 20lb yellows were taken on the jigs--

mid afternoon the gloom came back in-

minus tides- earthquakes!

---- June the 23 2020- Tuesday--

Another gray day on the water--- sun came out for maybe 1/2 hr , wind light from the south/west- 2-4 kt- seas ok- light bump /wind chop to it-

Tides are still strong and conditions still favor a better summer to come

Congrats to Robb and crew aboard the Cameo· My friend Robb Ezzell caught a 181 pound tuna on 50 pound dacron to qualify as a voting member of The Tuna Club of Avalon! A happy crew! Happy Fathers Day! Con is our next angler to get one of these huge fish! Next trip his turn.


A check with the San Clemente Security's web site-- it's up and running again- - showing the island looks to be open this weekend--from 3 am on sat morning till Monday



Lisa and her daughter sporting colorful fish print clothing and a pair of nice tunas taken this past weekend- Congrats-- JD


-- Happy Fathers Day-- Sunday----Closed on Mondays----

- Gray morning again-- not much wind 4- 5 kts west-- seas good- lots of boats out moving about--

They say some barracuda were to be found along the coastline , outside kelp beds south of here (newport) and roaming the waters out on the HB flats-- they make good Swordfish baits-( but not allowed anymore.) JD's Tip before landing any barracuda on the deck, railing or otherwise onto the boat-- wash the boat first with water - their slime is sticky to dry boats- ( it'll be easier to wash off)

Locally OK fishing Western Pride fishing the Flats score for today--1 Kelp Bass, 52 California Barracuda, 2 Rockfish, 10 Barred Sand Bass, 1 California Sheephead

reports of yellowtail off the 267/ kelp-8-10-12lb fish--

Good luck this coming week- JD

-------- Saturday morning - again a light overcast gray sky- wind light from the south/west 3- 5 kts will build westerly later today- seas good- lots of boats out

Pacific Barracuda being found up on the Huntington flats-- chase the birds throwing iron or troll rapala diving lures for them- Bass are on the structure spots

The fleets really far south for the tunas---, Spotter airplane ( tuna) said he'd seen a wide 100 mile length of scattered schools of tunas 50-60-+ ranging from below the 302 to off San Quintin- close to 100 below the border (30.33/ 116.30)

Looks like another fleet of boats working around the San Clemente weather buoy,

We're going to make another tack here-- saw a bunch of fish up- just woundt bite-- a scratchy radio report-- 11:30 maybe towards the 43?

West wind kept steady arouind the Newport / Catalina channel--

Uphill they came, the Prospector from below the border and the Hidden Bank area- -- their goal had been to catch a Pacific Bluefin Tuna over the 100 lb benchmark and obtain the coveted Blue Button award for their club. Using fishing lines with 24 threads of the natural linen flax twisted to a strength not greater than 72 lbs, it get thick as it swells up in the water, like using hemp rope!. Passed down from father to son, this particular spool of 24 linen line has the distinction of being made back in the mid 50's ( it's almost 70 years old line now!! ) passed from Father to brother then back to son then re-loaned now to Bob and then to Jack- now to be carefully cleaned , dried and stored away for another shot at the tuna!

If I got the story right the tuna ate the flyers off the kite, got one ! might as well as try for more-- Jacks 122 lb fish came in quickly for that old tackle- in 20 minutes, (nice work Jack) , and skipper,George now Bob's 117 lb fish took some time-- over a 2 hour battle, putting stress on all of them-- that old line- back and forth over and over through the guides brings sweat to the forehead- glad they had good seas to fight the battle- and Grant Garrett also in the mix with a 141.3 lb fish on modern braid line- Congrats to the team Prospector--

and The Magellan one the board too with Rob's 119 lb tuna on 80 lb dacron

--------- Friday------------ June the 19th -----------

Light overcast this morning- and only a light south wind to lift the flags-- seas good- boats spread out far and wide- Sea Bass, Yellowtail and Halibut on the menu for most ( Tournament time) -- others headed towards the border and below in search of tunas - the smaller fish were beginning to bite better

Good tidal movements and moon phase should get things going, waters are warming up nicely-- up to 70 + in some spot-

San Clemente Island's web site seems to be down for now-- hard to tell whether it's open or hot??

Got one past the sea lions today at Catalina. 21 lb YT. Ali

Nice catch-- JD

That west wind again dominated the afternoon hours-- good ride downhill a- splash in the face once on a while going uphill!

Spoke to a customer who just returned from the island ( cat) having bought sardines here in Newport and live Squid from the island early this morning-- made the run to the back side- worked from their all around to Toyon Bay looking for the yellowtails-- no fish for him -bonito and barracuda and a few bass was it--

good berry bite HB flats--

SD report The Pegasus returned with LIMITS ( 2 ea) of Bluefin Tuna (25-40#), 45 Yellowfin Tuna (14-20#), 3 Yellowtail, and 2 Dorado. The Condor returned with LIMITS of Bluefin Tuna, 16 Yellowfin Tuna, 1 Yellowtail, and 1 Dorado for 22 Anglers on a 1.5-day trip. 6/18/2020 The Shogun returned with 53 Bluefin (25 to 35 pounds) 17 Yellowfin Tuna (10 to 15 pounds) 2 dorado and 1 Yellowtail for 30 anglers on a 1.5 Day trip.


-------- Wed's & Thursdays report------------ June 17 2020-----

Overcast clouds over the ocean today-wind still light to fair out of the south- 4- 10 kts- seas still on the mixed seastate- ok but a little lumpy at anchorage-

Yellowtails and bass being the main players now from the islands--

Weather backed off mid day as the sun shown and seas were better-

A call from Kyle this afternoon- they had taken a boat ride-- in search of big game-- reports good water 14 mile bank and towards the shipping lanes-- in towards the beach from there- greener water and good bait marks, seeing Riscos Whales in the area ( Squid metered 300-400 ft deep) looks good for the coming season--- coming up behind them was a Orcas- surfing his wake- 19 knts it kept up with the boat!

we need a bigger boat!

SD report-- 6/17/2020 The Royal Polaris returned this AM with 30 Yellowtail on their 1.5 Day trip for 19 anglers. The Polaris Supreme called in with an update from Day 1 of their 3 day trip with 5 Bluefin Tuna (60-80lb) and 1 Yellowfin Tuna.


------ Tuesdays Report June 16th 2020--- what- June Gloom--overcast and light wind from the south, eddy seas mixed with a small lump to them-

Phone call this morning asking about whether on not Pyramid Cove/ San Clemente island was open this weekend- a look at their web site for today shows that the Navy has not specified their scheduling for this weekend and into next month just yet- ( probably later today or tomorrow it will be posted) as of now there is a schedule showing both Zones B and C- SHOBA to be active ( Hot) from the 15 till the 22nd of this month- As of today the inside lee of the island (Zone D) and the back side still shows to be open.

SD report-- shows the fishing has slowed down somewhat- or at least the catches have-- 6-16-2020 The Pacific Queen returned this AM with an update from their 1.5 Day Trip with 37 Bluefin Tuna (25-120lb) and 1 Yellowfin for 33 anglers. .The Shogun returned this AM with 12 Bluefin up to 120lbs for their morning The Tomahawk returned this AM with 9 Bluefin Tuna 2 60lbs. 1/140 lbs. They also had 1 Yellowfin Tuna for 23 anglers on a 1.5 Day trip.

Got busy, reels to fix, line to put on and general shop talk kept me off the radio chatter-- but not much said-- Vick said he'd done well on the calicos and sand bass above the harbor-- better ability for making bait was above the Newport Canyon-

weather turned better as the day wore on - afternoon incoming tide had a few bass biting here in the harbor


--Closed Mondays-- --- Sunday June 14 -morning were greeted by a strong south/southeast wind- 6-8 kts+ setting the stage for a good uphill run if your coming back from the tuna grounds-- otherwise some wind chop and a bit of chop wind haze

Whale watchers say lots of food/ bait along the coastlines

Calico bass fishing good today below and above the harbor- sand and calicos

Lumpy off the backsides of the islands-

Overall OK fishing- bumpy this morning- fair this afternoon-- baits schools seems to be moving about-- here one day gone later that day - currents - looking forwards upcoming good late afternoon/ evening high tide

where's the june gloom go? these afternoon westerlys and morning south wind setting up a good rotations of the currents for this summer- stand by!


--------- Sat June the 13th 2020--------

Coastal morning haze went away by noon- light haze and a blue sky- wind light to fair-w/s/sw- due to blow westerly later on- seas OK some bump and cross swell tot hem- light wind chop

- The fleet went south to the tuna grounds- Catalina has some yellows, as well as the Rigs and reported a few near the mussel farm-

Nice Bluefin!! Fun day kite fishing. Sleeper-- Dave O.


That westerly picked up again-- where's the June Gloom go--

Mello tides - might be a few swordfish around??- whale watching boars seeing a fish or two over the past few days-- - one particular fish today-- was said to be agressive--- under the pulpit- charging the boat-! Yikes-



Purple in green water!! Taken by Brian Shaw aboard the Ocean Explorer whale watching boat




--Upcoming BAC Tournament--------












Friday June 12------------ Light marine clouds here on the beach- and seaward - wind stayed south all night- morning hours 3-4 kts - seas okay light wrinkle to them ---

AIS has the fleet south of the border- hopefully around the 302 and further south to the lower Hidden banks outside Ensenada is where the big show is- 50/ 174 out of PL on the average-


The Royal Polaris called in with an update of 6 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#) with 3 hanging on their 1.5 day trip for 19 anglers. ( 31.48:46 / 117.30:19)

The Royal Star returned with 11 Bluefin Tuna on their 1.5 day trip for 14 anglers. The Tomahawk returned with 8 Bluefin Tuna (7 @ 100-130# / 1@ 60#) on their 1.5 day trip for 23 anglers. The Shogun returned with 20 Bluefin Tuna on their 1.5 day trip for 14 anglers. The Condor returned with 15 Bluefin Tuna (up to 130#) and 5 Yellowtail (15#)on their 1.5 day trip. They would like everyone to make sure they bring heavy tackle.

Whale watchers tell me there's been a couple Humpback Whales down the beach off Salt Creek/ to SanO and lots of bait everywhere--

Yellowtail bit well at Clemente--- lots of em"

Rumors have yellowtails off Crystal Cove today--

Couple of images-- water temps on the left- chlorophyll on the right-

it's getting warm--













June 11 2020 ---- Thursday-------------

Another nice day-- wind switched a bit for a morning breeze from the south maybe 4-5 kts- seas good weather good

SD report -- 6/11/2020 The Royal Polaris returned with 8 Bluefin Tuna (70 to 120#) and 1 Yellowfin Tuna for 18 anglers. The Pacific Queen returned with 20 Bluefin Tuna (19 @ 120-220lb) , 2 Yellowfin Tuna, and 42 Yellowtail for 33 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Pegasus returned from their 1.5 Day trip with 4 Bluefin Tuna (40-140lb) and 28 Yellowtail for 18 anglers. The Tomahawk called in at 6:00 AM with 5 bluefin on the boat up to 150 lbs.

Not much said on the radio today-- several boats getting ready for this weekend-- tomorrow and SUnday might be the best weather wise-

Still no overall June Gloom so far--

Tides start to mellow out over the weekend--


-------- June 10th 2020-

Morning broke clear and blue and warm- time to be on the water early---

and so she was-- I think I'm bit----she says-- the seabass had gone for her suspended mackerel- yep-- I'm on and a 42.2 lb White Sea Bass finally get into her inflatable - gaffed-- and a pending woman's World record

Congrats--- JD



San Clemente Island , the"Cove" looks to be Hot this weekend until 5 pm- ok for anchorage at night- gets hot again at 6am-- Zone B is open ( inside lee of island above White Rock to Wilson

Boats returning from Catalina report good bass fishing-- a few bonito etc beautiful weather-- they did see a guy pull in a Yellowtail- said he was using squid for bait--





----- June the 9th 2020- Wednesday ------

Warm- Hot and sunny- light seabreese here on the beach maybe 5-6 kts west, seas good with a small wind wrinkle to them -light green - probably a little cooler with that wind whipping up things yesterday--


Coastal water dropped to 65 degrees, downhill switched to a light uphill against a downhill current-- fair fishing so far reported-

6/9/2020 The Shogun called in with 11 Bluefin on board 50 to 130 lbs. and more hanging. The Tomahawk called in with 5 Bluefin Tuna 25 to 35 pounds.The Shogun called in with LIMITS of Bluefin Tuna. They had 10 fish over 100 lbs. and the average was 50 to 70 lbs.

west picked stiff in the afternoon




--Closed on Mondays------

------ June 7th 2020-----------------Battle of Midway--4–7 June 1942-

- It's still out there-- just waiting for someone to go there and drop a line in.- They get bigger as you get further off the reef.

Wind from the south again southeast/ southwest- and small wind chop with it- pushing against an downhill current-- hard to set up on the spots-

Slack tide today around noon, a little window in the eddying wind for those looking for the swordfish to fin-- then the wind should come down from the west-- stand by-

Lots of folks out today-- yachts and sun seekers alike- West wind a blowin12-15+

Reported there were schools of barracudas roaming around the HB flats-- they move quickly from one spot to another-!-

and where's the Springtime migrations of the Sand Bass- ?

Better luck next week!- JD


---- June 6 2020-----as the month rolls on quickly-- Daylight's the longest over the next moth or two- make hey while you can--

Overcast morning clearing off as that westerly builds- wind 7-12 kts + coastal waters mixed swell- building west as the day proceeds- Couple boats, jet skis already returned back inside the harbor by10 am

Weather backed up somewhat mid day into the afternoon hours where at freshen a bit- still west-

Couple of boats fished the rigs-- bottom fish sculpin whitefish said they saw a bunch of breaking fish ( yellows) under birds

Clemente looks like the yellows bit again- at least the Thunderbird had counts into the 30's

A note from the BAC the YSH Tournament is set to go forward on July 19th and 20th with the YSH Award Party on the 22nd The 68th Annual Junior Angler Tournament is also set to go, starting on June 18th, We have also rescheduled the Lily Call for October 17th & 18th, , the club house is now open 7 days a week from 12-5 and we are following county guidelines on Covid 19. Welcome back, we hope you are all healthy and doing well. Truly yours, Alison Ryffel Club Secretary 200 "A" Street, Balboa, CA 92661 | 949.673.6316

Forecasted 15 -20+ west Sunday afternoon 5pm in the channel


Not to get too political-- a Email reguarding a good-intentioned bill designed to protect our natural resources but could have unexpected consequences for recreational fishermen. Officially known as AB 3030, this sweeping bill would set a goal of conserving at least 30% of California’s lands and waters by 2030. While every angler understands the importance of conservation, this goal has already been achieved by California’s existing laws – and at or more than the 30% goal. This proposed law is unnecessary and could potentially restrict recreational fishing in California by leading to the creation of new closed areas... In fact, the sponsors of the legislation have not yet eliminated this possibility. Please make sure you go to this link and send in your letter in opposition to AB3030 and donate whatever you can to help the cause.



------- June the 5th 2020-------

They said it was June Gloom- light morning drizzle and a overcast sky- wind seems to be building from the south/southeast-4-8 kts, Morning Eddie, seas a bit wrinkled with it.

Seems only a few boats headed out the harbor for the morning -mid/morning hours-- not much said on the radio

Big Tide swings this weekend-- Stand By!

South wind putting a little dampener on those fishing Clemente or the East end of Catalina- Thunderbird in their First Trip to the island ( Clemente) reports marking lots of yellows and had a few fish going early on-- should be a banner day for them--

And a good circulation the surface currents this morning- downhill from Pt Vicente to about Dana then a counterclockwise current develops outside off Oceanside

weekends weather has it blowing on the outside Sat a eddie on Sat morning better Sunday morning

Good Luck- JD

--------------- June the 4th 2020----------

Overcast weather today-- wind from the south 4- 7 kts- seas still have a mix of swell to them- and tides becoming stronger as the moon fills- (Quakes?)

I hear a dorado was caught yesterday , in that warm pocket of water below the border and yellowfined tuna catches improving--

---Wed --- June the 3rd 2020---------------

Anothe nice warm June day- warm inland and a refreshing light cool seabreeze from the west - 4-6 kts- light marine haze seaward- Tides are moving strong-

The radio so far today on the quiet side- Clemente still looks open from Thursday till Monday some offshore backside but the island is open for the most part-

Pretty Crazy day--- out of here a little early today caus of the protests

-- June the 2 2020- Tuesday-------

Mix of clouds the AM humid and warm light wind from the south 2 3 kts seas OK- a mixes seastate- wind on the outside pushing in a swell-

-Approaching Full Moon- should bring some action to the local waters-- stand by---, seems like some of the big game Bluefin tuna fishing below the border has weekend a little yesterday-- maybe fish on the move towards Clemente?

Clemente looks open for next weekend---! go for it!

JD has Flyers in stock! They must be very good, cause they are very expensive!

Congrats to Sean N aboard the Chumani for his fine catch on 80 lb Dacron line for a First Fish Flag for the Tuna Club and a Button fish for him for the BAC club-- nice going--- 134 1/2 lbs- 80 Dac

Quiet day on the water--

Late in the afternoon -- we got one hanging-- 5:35--


------------ May the last day of the month 31st 2020----- Closed on Mondays----------

Morning hours nice-- light west begins mid morning- sky mix of light clouds and blue haze-

The usual supects out boating today--


Yesterday was a special day.....my buddy Pete landed the largest white seabass to hit the decks of “Pacific Bills”. Fished weighed in at 65.5lbs.......head is on its way to BAC to look for tags. Lure fish-- Bait -O -matic-- w/ mackeral fishing for Threshers!!

Only 22 boats on the reef today--- and there Threshers sharks did there thing too- other than than that calicos and a few Sand bass in the mix, baits still there- coming in waves under the boat--

and Calicos abound at the islands--

wind West in the afternoon put things a little on the slow side

Better weatehr tomorrow and what looks like for most of the week , some wind on the outside

Enjoy the water--- JD


---- Sat May 30 th, the year 2020------------

Broken sky this AM with a light west,southwest wind 46 kts- seas still great- lots of boats out , sea bass fishing, deep drop fishing here locally and near the outer islands, below and near the corner of US and Mex lots of boats out scattered looking for tunas- nice 75- 100+ bluefin on the kite flown yummies, saying once you had a strike of found a pack of fish- then the frozen flyers went out - some big fish pushing upwards to the 300 lb range-! We're going to start needing fighting chairs for those 400 lb 'ers !

that westerly picked up early today-- by 10:30 it had fresshed to 10-12 kts from the west-- stand by-- Kite flying weather!

The reef had 15- 18 boats on it this morning--- and there were some sea bass to be had-- after weeding out those pesky sharks-- threshers- did a number on the soaked baits--

Squid at the island running in the $70 75 dollars a scoop range if they had it-- and a few yellows to be caught off the east end of the island-- but hard to get the bites-- you had to work for them, back side blown out



Congrats to Paul H. aboard his Vortex for his 50lb Sea bass on 20 dacron! A First Fish Flag from the Tuna Club of Avalon-








--------------------- Fridays Report ------------------ May 29 2020-

Building tides as this moon fills , weather today- overcast clouds have a little more break to them - wind light from the south, seas must be calm-- should be a nice morning on the water- we should be jealous

A good number of Private boats heading out the harbor early today with Avalon mooring hopes ,

Nice catch Billy--- 60+

A comment from a customer who was in the shop picking up a Flying fish long handled net-- about Bluefin up to and over hunderd lbs being caught through a wide area of water from the 302 to to the 43 fathom spot-- US waters holding fish-- catching then off the Flying fish and live sardines!

Chris calls in - in the afternoon hours-- saying they had made the run out towards the 289 today- did see some tuna up--- but they went down and disappeared! Worked over to the 181--- had a Great White Shark up around the boat--- Found good - no great meter marks on bait between the 289 and the 209--


For the weekends view of the water temps and clarity/ plankton/ chlorophyll images




Nice warm blue water along that Ridge from the 182 up towards the 209








-------- Thursday May 28 2020-----------

Feels like June with the overcast morning cloud cover- cool and a bit on the windy side-- from the west - 5-8-9 kts

Tomorrow's weather looks better wind wise from Sat and Sunday where there's a stronger westerly afternoon winds especially south of the border.

Private sport boats fishing the 371 ( below the border) area had a good pick at the 20-30 lb yellowfin-- Cedar plugs also took fish and late in the afternoon /dusk there were some good catches of the 100+ Bluefin tunas , Kites and flyers

Mid afternoon call from Stick Boat Lesley Ann headed back to Dana for the day-- he'd seen a couple batches of smaller grade 20-30-40lb stuff up quite a while--tuna-- numbers, 32:54 / 118:07 ( near the 289 fathom spot)

Stayed overcast for the full day-- no sky for the spotter planes but nice water

Katie Kosich Blue Fin Tuna on 50# 129.4 lbs. She also caught a 112.4 lb. BF on 20# - a potential World Record - weighed in @ The Marlin Club - What a honor to have you as a member of the Balboa Angling Club! —

and not to be out done Scotty pulls off another great Club Record catch-- Congrats--- JD--- thats a nice fish!

Scott Matthews New Club Record Croaker on 6# @ 8.31 lbs.
















------------------ Wed May 27 2020 -----------

Coastal overcast this morning-- refreshingly cool - wind very light this morning- maybe 1 or 2 knts from the ? south?- seas good

Deckers out today-- saying very good bass fishing above the harbor-- when it's this good hard to stay away from it-- 10:34am

s May 26 2020--------

Another beautiful day here on the beach morning marine layer keeping the heat away- due to burn off soon- wind light maybe 2-3 kts south- seas good-

Calicos and a few short White Sea bass in the mix below the harbor this morning-- seeing more and more short pencils barracuda in the kelps these days-- waters warming up nice-

This coming weekend San Clemente Island looks open--- starting Friday at 2am till Tuesday-- keep your eye's pealed for surface Swordfish--- they are there-- maybe five fish seen over the weekend-- --

The beach and coastal area remained unded a light cloudcover-- even the look of fog for a while-

reports of tonnage of mackerel and anchovies around 8-10 off the beach-- Dolphin feeding on the mackerels while the macs were feeding on the anchovies

Nice quie day--


--- May 25th Mermorial Day 2020-----


Morning light overcast- the sunshine breaking through bymid morning under a light south wind maybe 2-3+ kts -seas great- almost all boats passing the shop here in Newport are sporting American or California flags

Lots of folks out-- it's building as the sun comes out--

I've got marlin lures out were just over the 14--- I've got 68 degrees water here--

Beautiful day on the water---


There's a lot of things that happen to Newport Bay-- I dont think 've seen this much actitivty as a boat parade than this Mermorial Day and Rally for Trump -there must be 1,000 boats! - tooting horns-thumbs up -flags a waving , from one end of the harbor to the other- never seen anything like it in 40 years!-

It's still going on-- I thinks its the biggest boat parade this harbor has ever seen_!


Pretty sobering to hear Taps being played-




Bass fishing was good today- !

also !


That you Michael-- Yes-- it's Steve-- we just pulled the hook on one!!! --- nice one-- blew up before we could get to it-- Anthony threw a bait on it-- - soon as it hit the water fish turned over on it, had it to the leader a couple times--- big fish---- that's too bad- good going on that one yesterday-- there's a couple more around here-3:12 pm -


sounded like the Chinese were on the radio today---

------Mayo- 24th 2020-----

Morning marine clouds slowly evaporated to a hazy blue above-- wind from the west/southwest expected to freshen from the west later this afternoon-- tons of boats out

A faint scratchy report- saying "these were all big fish up--- hadn't got a bait to them yet"-- 10:12am

Boats out deep dropping since early dawn hours- others out to the outer islands, bass, yellows, a seabass or tow and some boats dropping for the swords off the outer banks--


Must have a dozen boats up the line fishing the local spots for sea bass and those pesky thresher sharks, only one sea bass that I know of but it was a BAC button catch for Josh

White Sea Bass-49.1lbs on 30# Button Fish -Boat - Kastaway - Joshua Kast - congratulations — at Balboa Angling Club.

Boy-- the bay was busy with just about everything that could keep you entertained - from sparking swimsuits to sinking boats ! Blairing music and Trump supporters too!


-- Mayo the 23 2020---- the start of a crazy weekend!

Early morning arrivals of inland folk and those needed to get out in the open- Morning light haze and light wind from the South/southwest 3-5 kts- seas ok feels a bit on the cool side- light wind chop

Good weekend to start fish rumors--- they say Albacore off Guadalupe island!!

Decker and Erik made the run to the West end of San Clemente for nice Yellowtail action on the iron- 20-25lb fish and lots of good Calico Bass fishin'

The harbor --today--- just seems like a celebration--- folks saying hi to each other-- boats w blaring music and laughs abound- hoops and hollers at passing sunbathers aboard the bows of boats with dancing gals in skinny suits in the cockpit with cocktails -- what a day!

Yellows off the East end of Catalina-- nice 10-12-15lb fish onthe live squid--

Coastal bass fishing above the harbor was said to be good-- on the art reefs and pipe lines-- good morning bite before the crowds got there

---------- Mayo 22 2020---------

Again a early blue sky morning- a few morning clouds/ haze early in the day-- wind light to fair from the south- eddie effect-- blowing west offshore- seas light mix seastate and water temps in the low to mid 60'd for the most part- San Pedro - Water Temperature Water Temperature 63.1 °F-- Mission Bay- holding at Water Temperature 64.2 °F, South Point Loma- 66.4 °F

A call this morning from the BAC having just weighed in a pair of Pacific Bluefin Tuna-- almost a matching pair 130 and 128 lbs-- Latitude 33 with BAC Member Tom Bass- photos to come-- nice catch-- below Ensenada- kites and flyers-- Congrats-- JD

Good luck this weekend-- - stayed south all day-- 5-8+ - afternoon marine layer forming-- should back-off some of the weather







Todays Local water temps 60 to 70 degrees waters- then the big picture showing cooler water outside Point Conception that appears to be retarding back northwards as the summer warmer waters develop-











-------------then charts with Water temps from 55 to 75 degrees and the Chlorophyll charts showing a strong body of clean blue water pushing northwards towards Calif













------------------- Mayo 21 - Thursday - sunny w blue sky----------------

Light wind from the southwest maybe 3-4 kts- seas much better---

As life emerges back out from under the rocks - looks like the Newport Harbor Bait receiver will be back in oporation soon this mornings entrance to the harbor with the Bait barge being put back in place---


Deep dropping brought up all sorts of jellylike substance on the lines---

How ya doing-- that you over there-- yep-- Soaking some squid-- yea were doing the same-- still haven't seen a bite yet--- it looked good here earlier- elephant seal- some bait marks right here-- you in about 1400-- no 1200---- we're trying haven't had a bite yet-- well-keep trying -you might be the chosen one--

That the beauty about this local deep -drop broadblii swordfishing , got a couple free hours-- go out 4-5 miles set up and have some lunch, relax and drift for a swordfish! --

The History of Sportfishing - today Facebook 4 pm--


West wind blew up again in trhe afternoon--- 12- 15+ putting a chop to the water--


Boats heading to Catalina or Clemente - there's a good chance there might be some flying fish to be had-- long handled nets- help!

Squid was hard to obtain these past few nights at the island- bring frozen baits!




The Avalon City Council met earlier this week and approved a limited re-opening of the harbor and city effective this Friday, May 22nd, Best check with the Harbor Master if you have questions!

#1 Moorings may be used by owners, permissions, and first-come, first-serve overnighters.

#2 No side-ties will be allowed. Tenders no longer than 14’ are permissible. The Green Pier will remain closed although dinghy docks will be in place at the pier. Transit using the pier will be allowed from the dinghy dock to land.

#3 Masks will be required for all persons on land.

#4There will be some kind of limited shore boat service although we do not have any specifics on that.

#5 Restaurants are approved for curbside pick-up and delivery only although we have no specifics on which restaurants will operate on that basis. The Vons is open.


------- Mayo 20 2020-at 8:20 pm tonight, it's20 20 2020

Blue sky this morning- blew itself out yesterday evening , this morning Wind fresh from the west/southwest 8-10 kts light chop and a small mixed seastate- water has turned a little greener and had a light brown tint to it

Still not much said on the VHF so far-- crowds are starting to gather for this coming extended weekend-- stand by-!

A check with San Clemente Island Security shows Pyramid Cove to be Active " Hot" for most of this week- but starting Saturday morning it's open all day/night Sat and Sunday but again the Cove becomes active Monday morning 6 am-- weather looks good- some afternoon westerly and morning south wind--


- May 19- only 12 more day till June the 1st---2020-

Clearing wind from the west has it a Small Craft Advisory today- mixed seas and chop- water turning cooler and probably will drop a degree or two and upwell offcolored- green water and concentrate some of the oceans temp breaks--

Windy-- she's a hootin!

I sold a hat today! whoopee--

Also sold a $15 t shirt!

and I put a new tip and fixed a kids fishing pole -another 5 bucks!

Not much said on the radio today-- sorry no white sea bass, nor yellowfin or bluefined tuna or broadbill swordfish or yellowtail or halibut reports--- the kid did say he'd caught a stingray and a small bass in the harbor--frozen anchovies


-- May17 2020-- Closed on Mondays---

JD's Store Rules-- only two people in the stop at a time-- and if you touch it--- you bought it!

May Gray returned this morning- seas good light swell, a mix and wind soft from the south- nice morning to be on the water--

we haven't see anything yet--

The Calico and Sand bass should start to bite better and there's halibuts to consider too-

From waht I heard-- fair to good sand and calico up towrds the art reefs above the harbor-- even a Threasher Shark or two-

Radio was quiet on the tuna grounds at least from our vantage point-- still lots of boats out today in hopes of something--sun- distractions from the chaos , half people wearing masks the other half disregarding it-

stay safe--and sane


----- May the16 Sat 2020----

Life goes on for most of us--light morning marine clouds- went away early hazy blue behind it- wind light to fair from the south-- 2-6 kts-- light mix of sea and wind chop

No word yet on whether a swordfish was caught last night and/or into the mid morning hours

Looks like that tuna fleet ( private sportfishers) were working the grounds outside Ensenada and a little above and below- big fish upwards to 100lbs-- Flying Yummies and rigged Flying fish off kites was said to work for them-

Low tide Slack today around 12:30 pm we'll see what develops in the rise of the tide-- stand by--

There's foamers 5-10 lbs---5 or six off the beach seeing foamers 20.8 /44.8 kids are having fun with them, biggest I've ever seen--- Bonito's on the anchovies, I can look up and down the break--- seeing lots of terns--- I'm sure there are plenty of them

1:03 pm

Outside Dana Point---- they're biting the rapalas too-!-

You got me Stan-- there's a foamer at your 10, 9 O' clock-- you went past em'-- --- your 6 O' clock now-- 1:29

Vick calls in mid, later in the afternoon-- they had been above the harbor for most of the day-- a few Sand bass, a Black Sea Bass released early and some thresher shark bites for a couple of the boys above the harbor-- good uphill steady current today bringing clearer and cleaning water conditions-- Pesky Sea lions causing havoc with their baits today and for the past several weeks--

- May the 15th my how time fly's- Stronger south wind that expected morning eddy, 10-14 kts- + mixed seastate, makes it uncomfortable on the anchor while fishing the sea basses , wind against current- also makes it hard to set up with anchorage and structure spots-

Avalon Harbor still on lock down for transit vessels- no mooring till later- Twin Harbor was said to be open this morning, best double check-


The sites, which include Isthmus Cove, Cat Harbor, Fourth of July Cove, Cherry Cove, Hen Rock, White’s Landing, Moonstone, Emerald Bay, Howland's Landing, Little Geiger and Buttonshell, will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning at 7:00am on Thursday.

That same old school-- just keeps popping up-- we had a shot -- but not bites-- 12:24

good radio reception today those tunas boaters maybe outside the 9 Mile bank?

yea that stuffs up roaming around-- hard to get on-- 1:12pm

-- Commercial Swordfish deep buoy fishing-- working local waters-- other private sportfishers out deep dropping too- local WSB anglers also out-- haven't heard if they got any-- it's been quiet

wind freshened up mid/ later afternoon from the west to maybe 12-14 kts- seas still offcolor

Good luck this weekend-- JD wind comes up on Sunday-

---------- Thursdays Report May the 14 2020---------

A little bumpy this morning in that southeasterly wind and a mixed current-by mid morning it had started to back off better- 3 or 4 boats up the line from Newort- fishing for the seabass others off the artificial reefs casting to plastics and crank baits to bass - OK to good fishing-- mix of that red tide but the bass bite-

For years past there were the famous skippers and captains who traveled up and down the Baja Peninsula, known boaters who fished the tournamets or made great names for themselves-- there were other who took the same voyages but just enjoyed the adventure in itself- among those Bob Hersch on the Adventure was one- Sadly a report this morning of his passing from his son- --Hi John, I just wanted to pass along some sad news that my dad, Dr. Robert Hersch, passed away yesterday evening.. I’m sure he is now walking on that eternal white sand beach of the Baja Peninsula or is floating on the tranquil Pacific where he found peace throughout much of his life. The “Adventurer”, “Baja Bob” is resting peacefully forever!! RIP - JD

A check with the San Clemente Island Security's web site shows the anchoraged at Pyrimid to be resticted Sat evening from ( Friday night- 11:30 pm till Sat morning 3am) then open throught out the day /night until the following day Sunday evening where again it becomes active at 6pm till 10 pm-

No anchorage SCI Hazardous Operations Area Schedule for 16-May-2020 Area Start 15-MAY 2330 to 16-MAY 0300

SHOBA 17-MAY 1800 to 17-MAY 2200

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) 14 May 2020 ENSO Alert System Status: Not Active Synopsis: There is a ~65% chance of ENSO-neutral during Northern Hemisphere summer 2020, with chances decreasing through the autumn (to 45-50%). During April 2020, positive sea surface temperature anomalies weakened and were near zero . All of the Niño indices decreased during the month, Equatorial subsurface temperatures declined further and were below average Also low-level wind anomalies were easterly across the central and east-central Pacific, Tropical convection was near average around Indonesia and suppressed over the Date LineOverall, the combined oceanic and atmospheric system remained consistent with ENSO-neutral. though considerable spread is evident at longer lead times. Nino values are expected to decrease through the remainder of the Northern Hemisphere spring and into the summer; with the possibility of below-average temperatures becoming more established toward the latter half of the year. The consensus of forecasters favors ENSO-neutral conditions through the summer and fall, and slightly tilts toward La Niña at the end of the year (~45% chance). There is a ~10% chance of El Niño from the summer through the end the year. In summary, there is a ~65% chance of ENSO-neutral during Northern Hemisphere summer 2020, with chances decreasing through the autumn (45-50%


-------- Wed the 13th of May------------

Morning hours brings a nice day- light to fair wind from the south sky has a few left over clouds from yesterday- seas still a bit on the mixed seastate- color - getting better but sill green towards the beaches and offcolor red tide in flourishes along the coastline with the tides and coastal currents-


this morning a downhill coastal current in some places pushing a 1 knot a hour


Weather looks a little bumpy thursday -- friday better ( still a morning south wind) by noon better and Sat looks good--


--------- Tuesdays report ----------- May 12 the 2020- We're open at least part way-- door's are open but only a limited amount of shoppers in the store at a time-- !

Your looking pretty excited over there---- anything happening---- not yet-- does it show-- 11:14--

From facebook- Another Swordfish weighed in at the club today ( May 10 2020)Kelsey Reisingee on the Susselburg, Captained by Jordan Susman and BAC Member; Sam Long !!


reported that was the First Fish she ever caught--- - they went outside the harbor for a short 3 mile ride- had lunch while drifting with baits out-- - stand up!



Said he was off the East end of the island ( Catalina) catching Yellowtails and sea bass--? ??

Going back through some old photos-- found this one of my brother Gene, cousin Mark and myself- with a string of barracuda and bonito--! those were the days-- carefree and barefoot-

-we'd camp on the beach at Salt Creek for the weekend

then this photo of my Dad and my Uncle- and their stringer of fish







A ridge dominates much of the northern forecast waters while a cold front extends from 30N125W to 22N140W. NW swell behind the front is supporting seas to 8 ft. The front is forecast to dissipate through tonight as it moves eastward across the northern forecast waters. As high pressure builds across the area, behind the above mentioned cold front, expect a slight increase in the trade wind flow, with seas building to around 8 ft W of 130W through the week. The next front will approach 30N140W from the NW on Fri night, moving across the NW waters this weekend with another set of NW swell at 8-10 ft behind it.


---- Sunday and its a Happy Mom's Day- May 10 2020- closed monday

May Gray today- with a light southwest wind maybe 2-4 kts seas are calm and gray building from the west-


It's a good day to celebrate one's mother- she deserves it - --

Westerly picked up to a steady 12 kts putting a bump to it-- water also turned a light green to it-- not much said on the radio today-- still quiet a few boaters out , the harbor being conjugated at times- mix in some wind , tide and drinks it gets a little chancy at times-

And a concentration of water temps and fish at the Cape









This Years ------May 10 --2020 (L) ---Chlorophyll and last years 2019 (R) charts for the waters off California and northern Baja












------ Sat Mayo the 9th 2020-

Stayed a steady wind flow from the south, yesterday, last night and still this morning--- 4- 5 kts mid morning-- much better than yesterdays afternoon wind- seas good for traveling-

Several boats huddled up off the 43 looking for those tunas-- a few went out there to Desperation Reef--(S/W of China Pt, SC island) now bottom fishing- and there's who are deep dropping for that elusive 2020 Broadbill Swordfish- ( Broadbill is named like that because its flat bill, like a broad sword of eariler times)

Not much said on the radio so far today-- couple guys bass fishing up the line

Reports from offshore where they had worked up from yesterday's Mex/ US corner to to Clemente last night-- and in towards the beach from there 67/degree water some life with a few yellows under a few paddies but not much else for them--

Spoke to a young boy-- just coming back from Catalina-- they had caught 6 or 7 Yellowtails -small fish 8-10 lbs but they had fun- using the live squid-- tight to the island back side, mills landing-- right on the high tide-- then they shut off---- others saying Frog Rock they had a 30lb tail and one bigger too-


----- Mayo the 8th 2020 ----------Friday- Yippee- the front door is open- tell us what you want and well ( I'll) get it for you-- sorry out of squid------open 10/10:30 till 6pm, Tues- Sun

Still a bit overcast and cool morning hours here on the beach , cloud cover begins about a mile from the coastline- sea breeze from the south 3-5 kts- nice- ocean's calm under the overcast sky- light mix of swell-

waiting for tuna reports-- so far it's been quiet- 10am

Only heard scratchy report-- -- sure wish they bite something heaver--- 12:04pm

Yesterday there were tons of bass & barracuda today it's like they don't exist-- good luck ( Catalina report) we got a good spot here good current but nothing biting-- that's Catalina-

A report from a offshore trip yesterday- they ran past Clemente's southern end in search of that good clear blue water green plankton break , the day's trip was delayed by the dozens of kelps they stopped on- finding a few yellows one paddy had dozens of 10-12 yellows not wanting anything, never finding the blue water they came back

Anybody up on the 43? we're headed up that way , spent the morning on the dumper-- nothing we looks all day there - no meter marks birds nothing-- we just got here to the 43, looking around a whole lot of nothing right now-- we're here around the 60--- you didn't like anything south no not much for us-- we're headed up the Ridge towards Clemente for the night- 3:15pm


Before you know it-- we'll be out chasing Striped Marlin ---!--- a brief backwards looks into the performances of tagged marlin via the Great Marlin race / BAC masters-- right now it's a probable scenario there are striped marlin northeast of Hawaii and if their past travels reveal anything they would take the Pacific Gyro flow of water and currants towards the West Coast of California and Northern Baja during the months of May and June-- stand by!

Tagged By: Matt Earl aboard Team Team Bounder , Deployment Date: September 17, 2015 Angler: Alyson Gillett. It popped up on April 24, 2016 to reveal that the estimated 77 kg (170 lb) striped marlin swam south, making several loops along the Baha coast, before heading southwest and then eventually north to Hawaii where the tag popped up about 200 nm northeast of Oahu. The marlin recorded a point to point distance of 2,005 nautical miles but as evident by the track, swam much further- a distance we estimated to be 4,978 nm! Our Stanford colleague also pointed out that this might be the first time movement between Southern California and Hawaii has been seen with a satellite tag for a striped marlin!

and a similar track of Team Hawk's fish on behalf of Balboa Angling Club that popped up on June 27, after reaching the exact programmed deployment period of 240 days, the tag popped up northeast of Hawaii, 1,690 nm away from where it was deployed!

Then the following year on September 30, 2016, Hooked Captain Geoff Hersch tagged the estimated 36 kg (80 lb) striped marlin with angler Jeff Acampora and 216 days later on June 27, the tag popped up 1,397 nautical miles (nm) away from where it was originally tagged. After deployment, the fish traveled south for about one month to the southern tip of the Baja peninsula before eventually heading southwest into the Pacific. Once the marlin reached about three degrees from the equator, it traveled northwest until it’s tag popped off Northeast of Hawaii . This striped marlin swam a total estimated distance of 5,560 nm!

Then Team Pacific Pioneer on behalf of Tuna Club of Avalon. On November 4, 2016 tagged an estimated 102 kg (225 lb) striped marlin after angler Paul Hoofe caught the fish . The tag stayed with the striped marlin for a remarkable 256 days and swam a from the original point to pop up point a distance of only 92 nm but a total estimated travel distance of 2,059 nm! The marlin initially followed a similar path as the winning fish, but then deviated. Where Hooked’s marlin moved south into open ocean, Pacific Pioneer’s fish turned northwest and remained relatively near the coast for the entire deployment, Pop-Up Date: July 18, 2017

so Stand by----


- Mayo the 7th 2020, Thurs------

Hot Hot inland-- coastal sea breeze are welcomed- - light to fair from the South maybe 7- 10 kts , mix of seastate with light wind chop-

Boaters reporting in from the lee side of Catalina say only some bass and bonito kept them busy but nothing to write home about-- looking for another spots 1:29

Others drifting for halibuts in the light breeze

Says foamer of Bluefin for sure- how ya thing they'd be here- Bluefin for sure-- 1:33

Aaaah this is frustrating ( where have we heard that before) if we don't get something I'm going halibut fishing-- 1:48pm

How's you do there, oh we struck out- well don't overlook that stuff inside there's bait balls in from here--- I'm been chasing em' all day--- saw one wolf pac that were well over 100--- we looked up from here but it didn't look good so we came back here-- that yellowfin proper grade- we're going to stick it out-- been metering fish all through here-- we're just 4 above you-

How's it look up there--- stay right where your at -looks like the mississippi up there-

we, my son had one on but dumped it-

they were in with the mammals

talked w Prospector Bob-- they were working the break below Clemente finding a few smaller yellows under the paddies but no tuna yet-

coastal fishing only fair for some bass- water a mix of green/ red/ green/ red with a downhill current and a uphill wind and small chop- fair--

we just got to them got out first bait into the water-- OK Im going to work further down--(halibut fishing?)

Really good marks under the boat right now---- 2:28pm-- Low tide today 3:30pm-- standing by---

got quiet after that--?

wind still from the south all day- good radio reception-

----Mayo the 6th 2020 Wed------------------

fair day light wind from the south southwest- 5 kts good seas- water still green

Folks are getting anxious to get back on the water-- a check with the San Clemente Island Security show most of this week the anchorage in Pyramid limited to only a few hours in the afternoon-- but Zone B looks open, not much of a anchorage along the lee but there should be good yellows around there. -


a closer looks at today's water temps

and the Chlorophyll charts


That break running S/E from the Head shold be holding









They're due-- one of these days will be seeing a migrations of the California Flying fish coming into the waters and islands It's May and due time for them--

Full moon phase makes it harder to obtain squid--



------------- May 5th Cinco de Mayo 2020---------

- Blue sky and warming temps - light west/southwest wind 4-8 kts light wind chop seas OK fair- water offcolor green- -----

Small retail shops are opening up early - trying to save some sort of retail sales for their businesses

As of this morning-- No plans have been made for the opening up of Avalon Harbor for visiting boaters---

Coastal water in a downhill flow at least here off newport-- compressing that red tide to the Balboa pier southwards smelly too- bass fishing fair + above the harbor

Catalina has a good sized Yellows along the backside of the island-- divers able to get a few- 30 lb + stuff and seeing more-- skitterish and not willing to take many baits presented to them-



------ Sundays Report May the 2nd----- Closed on Monday's ------ -

Another nice Spring type day- a few moring clouds left over from the evening- wind if much light from the south seas still good.Tthat red tide causing some degradation to local waters condidtions and I hear too at Catalina--


E Mail this morning JD, Saw this awesome whale on the 209 yesterday water was 67. Clear blue. I think it was gray whale. Lot of bait fish around. Didn’t see any game fish. Any idea when your gonna open up. I’m looking for something to toss a popper maybe one of those new Shimano reels, up for suggestions on the rod. Probably pick up a new trolling rod also. Up for suggestions there also. Take care

Reply : I'm here 4-5 days a week in the shop working on some tackle- etc ( call to be sure I'm here) , hate to see the doors closed to the walk-in traffic-- Maybe this coming week the officials will let retail stores open to the public, I hope so! Shimano is open for ordering, although they too are down in stock of inventory , we can see what they got and order from there- thanks for the mail- JD

Boy there's a lot of folks out today-- at least here in Newport Harbor- regular summer type day- with boaters of all sorts moving about, soaking up the sunshine--

Not much to report of the local boats fishing-- lots of them out -- fair fishing reported so far-- some guys were dragging for Threshers


- Sat May the 2 2020--- we were suppose to be having the BAC's Lily Call bay tournament today--- but like so many things have been put off to a later date--

Weather fair- a light to fair south wind 6- 12 kts- sky hazy blue- seas Ok w a light bump to them

Not as many boats out today as compared to last weeks melee- not as hot, weathers a little cooler and the overall restrictions , Loud speakers off Newport's police dept's helicopter flying over the beaches, reminding everyone they they are closed--

Some images from past Lily Call bay tournment, 4lb test only Bass, Halibut, Corbina or Croakers


















While rumming around looking for old photos came across this photo nice Spotfin Croaker 10.3 lbs on 8lb test









--------------- Friday MAY DAY--as a kid we use to run around a flag pole dragging streamers of different colors- wrapping around each other crisis crossing - the past -----

Nice day wind fair from the south maybe 7-10 kts- seas good a light mix of seastate

Pacific Coast hwy at Huntington Beach in protest of the closing of the beaches - crazy- Balboa Island still open

Got to hand it to who ever started the Facebook 10 fish photo challenge- maybe it was Steve or was it Pete- either way I and all of us thank you-- !

A late afternoon call asking if we had Owner Mutu Light 3/0 hooks in stock--- yep- got plenty of them- what's up-- oh we really did well today with them he says-- 8 ft leader of 15 lb Fluoro leader and those fine wire circle hooks really worked good using the anchovies-- 8-12lbs- and this last stop we had, few found a good school of 15- 20+ fish--, how late you open we'll be right over--- where you at?-- Monterey , heck were down here in Newport Beach- So Calif-- oh-- we're up here for the Salmon opener! -- really good fishing for most of us from Monterey to Santa Cruse, the launch ramps are closed but if you've got your boat in the water you can go--

Red tide below Crystal Cove and southwards, above the harbor much better

San Clemente Island looks to be Hot this weekend-- no anchorage that I could see on the web site

this past weeks Chlorphill and water temps charts--















--- Closed Thursday- #600 wet sanded and re-varnished 10 banboo blanks--

------- Wed's Report --almost forgot what day it was---- --

May Gray sky's gray with a light overcast to them, wind light from the south-- boating traffic here in Newport on the slow side so far today-- Newport Beach still open for the upcoming weekend as long as you stayed away from each other-- hell of a thing to type-

Rumor has it several boats out today in search of those elusive Bluefinned tunas-- hope they get em'

Not much going on today-- finished up on those old reels- at least got new drags and lube into them-- Line next

WSB about one a day from the local reefs being hooked -- some further up the line to the Art reefs off Huntington-- market sized squids being sold Nachos in Long Beach-

Will be closed Thursday-- back Friday JD -

--------------------------------- Tuesday April 28th ----------

Hazy Blue mid morning hours-- wind light to fair from the south- 4-8 kts- seas good-

Scratchy report saying there was a good White Sea Bass bite - having to catch the mackerels as bait- for a night time bite--

With the restrictions on gathering , if you did not know it already the BAC's Lily Call Bay Tournament has been postponed to a later date, maybe the Fall sometime during a good tide phase-- standing by

Not as many boaters out today-- like a regular mid spring week day


Always impresed on the workmanship of the early reels- Pflueger Atlapaca 9/0s w/ levered disk braking system on L/Side for control of the free spooling aspects, polished interior ( who looks at that) and simple precision fittings for gears and drag plates, impressive to see what was created and the time put into each reel



-------------- Closed Monday ------

Sunday April 26 - still foggy at the beach's coastline- 1/4 or more visibility- seas ok light wind from the south 2-4 kts-- not as many folks out os of yet in the morning's gray sky--- give it some time to clear off and too get busy-

-spanish radio chatter reminds me of seiners?

Got my work cut for me over the next few days-- refurbish service four antique reels A Julius VomHoff- Ocean, Edward Vomhoff- 621, Pfluger -Atlpac 9/0 and a Pfluger Templar and install new line




And a phone call today informing me of the passing of Ron Birtcher this week , past owner of the sportfisher Legend , RIP



-------- Sat Foggy morning here on the beach April 25th the year 2020-

I should have thought it-- yesterday they said it was 64 degrees off the Oil rigs and shipping lanes- colder that one would have thought - but these past few weeks of a constant west wind stirred up things-- cooler water- and hot inland spells fog-- 1/4 visibility slowly lifting towards noon

Catalina had a few hours of fog that rolled in-- by mid morning bright and sunny- nice, bass barracuda a few bonito- no sea bass or yellows so far--

It's a regular zoo out there today-- just about anything that can float was paddling around once that sun came out afternoon- sailboats, skiffs, yachtsbig and bigger, electric boats, kayaks , row boats, seal barking, harbor patrol roaring by while the ferry's dodging it all



Overnight ASCAT data showed the disturbance over the central eastern Pacific basin has developed a well-defined center. Furthermore, convection associated with the low has increased in organization since yesterday. Advisories have therefore been initiated on Tropical Depression One-E. The initial intensity is set at 30 kt based primarily on the aforementioned ASCAT data. This marks the earliest formation of a tropical cyclone in the eastern North Pacific basin since the satellite era began in 1966. The depression is not expected to stick around for long. Dry air in the surrounding environment appears to have already wrapped around much of the cyclone's circulation


- Fridays April 24th 2020--

Blue hazy sky- wind light to fair from the west-- seas good some swell and chop- red Tide - it's ugly in some spots and what bass are caught spitting up red crabs -

Santa Ana's high pressure periods in years past brought thoughts of finning Swordfish- probably one out there now!

Radio has some response with a few voices back and forth these day- glad to hear it still works-- it's been silent for weeks now--

First of the Seasons Tropical Storms developing off Mainland Mexico over the next few day--

couple of boats out Deep Drifting for Broadbill Swordfish up by the rigs today water 64 and dirty red tide-

making mackerel for bait was tough hours wasted with not much to show for it- a few more to be had when you found the green water above Newport -

Catalina boat reported clear water there and good signs of birds sealife before you got to the island-

( Left) A shot at last years Chlorphill image and of this years ( right) and the changes













------------------Wed April 22th 2020-----------------

The VHF radios says sunny and fair conditions, mostly clear high wind warning Ventura mountains and valleys 45- 75 mph watch out for wind blown branches --

newport's mid morning wind at 12-15 west southwest choppy seas

A thought about these Santa Ana's or offshore blowing winds that the west coast receives-- upwelling coastal waters bringing nutrients for the baitfish, anchovies sardines etc, from egg , larvae, fry, or baitfish it's all driven from Central California to the So. Calif waters by the summer months


What we're not seeing is that foggy conditions here in So Calif,

A look at the West Coast water temps and the Chlorphill chart ( over a 8 day period) for April 2020










We're Still closed and the fish keep getting bigger-- -

Sorry JD's Tackle still closed, By apointment only to drop off reels or pick up - leave message 949 723 0883- JD

Finished up the Pandemic! an heavy tackle 15-24 thread bamboo rod for the tuna club boys-- something to catch a giant Bluefin Tuna with--!


Speaking of tunas-- rumor has it there were some bluefin seen by the 302 and others have reported near the 43-- spoke to one customer today who had spent three days on anchor on the 43-- for nothing-- good signs of life but no tuna for them-- they were headed out there again this evening-- but a check with the Navy San Clemente's web site shows some of that area active this weekend- best check with the web site before heading out there the Cove is also Hot this weekend--

E-mail- Hi JD - Hope you are well and staying safe and healthy during these crazy times. Great seeing you rowing in the harbor a couple weeks ago ( I was out for some excerize) . You brought us good luck with this big home-guard yellow Michael caught on that trip after we saw you.



Another fish story- surf fishing cabo--

4/17/20 The Baja tournaments were over and a few days of relation and fun fishing was needed.

Offshore fishing has it's grandeur and excitement which is great and I enjoy it but for me when I need to spend some time for reflection of nature it's spent on the beach chasing roosters and jacks in the surf with a fly rod . Pounding waves, white water and foam sweep up the slopping sandy shorelines only to slide back into boiling clouds of brown sand mixed with the next series of oncoming waves. In the trough behind these waves, right in the middle of all this confusion life exists. It's amazing that smaller baitfishes use this swirling whitewater environment as shelter from marauding fish or birds.

Tropical storms a hundred miles away were sending in their marching soldiers of waves toward the beaches of Baja, If there's anything I've learned about fishing these shores of Baja is you can't fight Mother Nature, you can only live with it and that means a lot in this type of shoreline fishing, It's said that every seventh wave is the biggest and strongest and it may be something like that, they come marching in series building up for their assault on the beaches, like Normandy only to die in a last gasp on the sands. The first afternoon after the tournaments that I fished the beaches I found these monster sized waves pounding the sand. Could I fish this stuff, faces of waves 6-8 or 10ft crashing into a foot of water only to swoop up the beach spitting granular sand and white foam at you. The first cast brought me back to the meaning of working with Mother Nature, I didn't and I paid for it. You must let the wave crash and expend itself washing up on the beach, a gust of salty warm air rolls over you and then it's time to make the cast, to the back side of the wave. A window of opportunity displays itself only for a brief moment, then as the waters starts to recede you can hold the fly suspended in the upcoming face of the next wave. Silhouetted in the face of the wave the fly presents itself for a seconds or two maybe three, then you've got to pull it out of there or face the consequences of tangles and twisted lines as it gets all jumbled up in the next incoming crashing wave. But that moment of opportunity is there, and that's where you must force yourself to wait for the right time. Waiting and watching, and that watching is pleasant for me. Many a sight have I seen during those times. On that first afternoon no fish, no strikes only a nice sunset.

The second day's morning brought a nice sunrise but still no strikes, big waves, no baitfish along the shore, no birds. That afternoon I missed strike on a popper, waves still big but not quite so bad and a little more life seen on the beach. Third day, the morning looked better as pelicans were tacking along the waves crashing into the water up the beach about a 1/4 mile from where I started but they moved on by the time I got there. Stayed in the area working with an epoxy fly that looked about the right size and color I stayed with it. As the day brightened more birds began to hover over a small area only about 75 to 100 ft off the beach and slicing fins and cut through the surface. A long cast over the top of a wave brought a strike and the first fish, a jack of about 2-3 lbs and a tough battle in the surf zone. Beaching and releasing the fish then back out for another strike and another fish of about the same size. I switched to a Clousner Minnows in green or blue on a #2 hook and that did the trick. The bait had been pushed towards the beach by the bigger fish and held in hostage till that seventh wave approached then the fish would drive the bait up into the swell to get caught up in it's crash on the beach, to be knocked unconscious or dazed and be fed upon by the bigger fish as they get washed back into the trough. Mother Nature. Working up the beach I took a new fish to me a "Lookdown" about the most shinny fish I have ever caught, just beautiful. Shaped somewhat like a perch with a sloping down nose. How they can live in that pounding surf is beyond me. I took three of them that day along with another jack of about 10lbs and lost a fish which could have been a small rooster, lost another fish which bite me off I think a sierra, and also hooked a white skipjack which spit the hook right at the waters edge. For a few hours fishing was excellent for me, then things quieted down and it was time to make the walk back up the road and onwards to the airport for the ride home. Nice way to end a fishing trip.


~~~~~~~~~ Roosters on Cabrillos ~~~~~~~~~~

I don't think the horses spooked them, maybe the Roosters were used to them as the tourist rode by. We were fly fishing with #9 or 10# weight lines and short 4 ft leaders tied to blue/green backed white streamer and big glittery gaudy poppers. You'd see a few shorebirds wheeling and diving into the breaking waves right on the beach, the silvery baitfish were being pushed into the shallow shoreline by roosters or jacks. Some natural instinct told them just which surge of a wave would be strongest as several fish would corral the bait up tight against that sloping beach to when that strong swell would catch them and toss them up on the shore, stunned by the crashing surf they'd lay flapping on the wet sand till the next wave would wash them back to the awaiting roosters. Smack, smack you could hear em' being picked off as they drained back into the foaming suds. Then they'd be gone to pop up again another 50- 75- 100 yds further down the beach. Trudging after them in that hot white soft sand we'd be exhausted by the time you got there, we needed a better way to get to them quickly. We'd seen the jacks chasing the baits right up to the sand and not being bothered by the tourist as rode by on their horses, why not. The next day we rented a pair, at first we've slide off the horses and make a run down the sloping beach make a few casts, but by the time we'd either caught and played a fish or not the horses would wander off- it was easier just to stay on horseback and make the cast from there. Playing the fish up and down the beach and up higher on the horses we could fight the fish at a better angle. Jack, my friend made the big mistake though, on his back cast he snapped the horse's rump with a nice sharp hook, it stuck- and the race was on bucking and galloping down the beach hanging on for dear life, rod in one hand fly boxes and gear flying all about, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. These days anglers use ATV's, safer but it's not quite as fun-- JD


New signs placed along Newports fuel docks, marinas and boating ramps--Social Distancing when Boating! limiting boating only with limited family members No Guest--- not in your immediate household or your closest fishing buddies


The meeting for Fishing closures is rescheduled

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION ENSO Alert System Status: Not Active Synopsis: ENSO-neutral is favored for the Northern Hemisphere summer 2020 (~60% chance), remaining the most likely outcome through autumn. During March 2020, above-average sea surface temperatures were observed across most of the tropical Pacific Ocean The latest weekly Niño-3.4 and Niño-3 indices were slightly elevated Equatorial subsurface temperatures remained above average overall, but the anomalies decreased during the month due to the expansion of below-average temperatures into the central Pacific at depth Also during the month, low-level wind anomalies were easterly in the eastern Pacific, while upper-level wind anomalies were westerly over the central and eastern portions of the basin. Overall, the combined oceanic and atmospheric system remained consistent with ENSO-neutral. . In summary, ENSO-neutral is favored for the Northern Hemisphere summer 2020 (~60% chance), remaining the most likely outcome through autumn.


The Bay of Avalon is Closed to all transit morrings/ vessels till at least May 31st--

and Launch ramps up and down the whole coastline, California- and northern states and at least Cabo-- maybe other ports too- Newport harbor still open--

The fish just keep getting bigger the longer we wait ( and we get older too! )--

And more fish stories Black Sea Bass- see below-- JD

The Clemente Monster-- Out of the Depth, See below!

Added a fish story see below-- and a Costa Rica Adventure and Midway Atol too

And another fish Story-- Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Mainland Mexico- July 7th 2002 see below- JD

Homework-- Bamboo Rod Building----- it's got to have a name-- the Pandemic!

This Heavy Tackle ( 18- 24 Thread ) split-cane bamboo rod is built to T/C specifications and is available to purchace.- JD









Lots of threads to keep track of--











All guides have a base wrap to them- 1st, 2nd and 3rd guides on so far- clean and simple wraps with a little silver gliter shows off the bright chromed guides .



The work goes on---

Using a burnishing tool really helps in getting the threads to line up smoothly and even

another good tip to help align the threads is a clear plastic ruler acts as a straight edge-

Continuing with the Rod building , a band of blue tape cut on an angle and laid next to the thread wraps helps keep the epoxy on the wraps a clean presentation.

Using the plastic straight edge keeps the tape pressed tight to to each of the six sides of the blank helps preventing the epoxy to creep under it.

A small hair dryer heats the epoxy and a fine brush lays it on the wraps






and a gentle unwrapping of the blue tapes leaves a nice straight edge of epoxy on the thread wraps


A clean up of small thread nubs with a fresh razor blade, another complete re-wrapping of blue tape surrounding all thread wraps


and then another coating of epoxy and the decal installed






Rat Tailled Stingrays

Mainland Mexico Winter Fishing

The winter had taken it's toll and it was time to find some sunshine for the old bones. Opportunity came with a call from an old friend who had moved to mainland Mexico, Zihuatanejo a town located a hundred miles north of Acapulco. Visited by Cortez over 500 years ago this small cove holds excellent anchorage for traveling marniers for years. Today it's a growing metropolis with another city created as a tourist destination called Ixtapa only 5 miles away. Ixapa has mega Hotels and disco nightclubs for it's worldwide clientel. My friend John had gone through the hoops of goverment to have his 34 ft. Raddencraft accepted as a legal charterboat and invited myself and wife to come down for a visit had hopefullly we could work up a charter business for him.

Mainland Mexico is a far cry from the dusty brawly type city of Cabo San Lucas or the old town style of La Paz, Baja. That far south the coastline is lined with lush undergrowth and palm trees planted years ago for the copra business, clean white sandy beaches awashed with warm seas and tropical afternoon breases that keeps the heat of the day away. The trip was much needed and we had wonderfull sailfish fishing with something like 6 or 8 fish for an afternoons fishing and a chance at a blue marlin or two each day. Some of the best billfishing in the world occures along that coastline where one of the greatest Eastern Pacific continental shelf dropoffs is located The trip brought us in contact with another opportunity to work with the local tourist department and a group of hotel managers whom wanted to create an big game fishing tournament and help attract the tourist business during the slow months of January. I had worked with several major tournaments before and we struck up a deal. The goverment of Mexico Toursist Dept would share cost with the hotel assoiation and put up a guaranteed $250,000 as the draw, I would help in the drawing up of the rules with the local charter fleet and we would advertise the tournament in Mexico, the US and internationally.

All went according to plan and the following year the first Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Billfish Classic came to be. Anglers made their reservations, private sportfishers came down from Cabo and the local charter boats were ready for the big event. My family joined me for the week and we stayed in one of the many fine hotels in Ixtapa. If you never been there for a vacation during the winter months it's an excellent place to take the family. Great beaches to wade and safe walkways for evening strolls. It all seemed to be going well and I thought I'd take an early morning surf fishing trip the day before the tournament. I like to wade the beachs chasing Roosterfish with fly rods. It's a challange working within the breaking waves but the bait was being pushed in close and the seas were gentle so I had worked out to about waist deep. Fish were breaking just out of reach so I took another few more steps taking a few waves overhead and bobing up for that long cast.

It came with a sharp pain in my inside left foot, a piercing pain that left me falling back upon my back in the surf not wanting to put my other foot down and not knowing what was down there. Laying on my back being washed over by wave after wave I looked down at my left bloody foot and saw a 3 inch spine from a stingray imbedded. Blood gushing out and still fearing to let my other foot down I backstroked my way back to the beach. Clenching the rod between my teeth I worked my way into the shallows and got to my feet, at least I wasn't going to drown but the pain on my foot was madding. It seemed as though my foot had been put into fire and it was burning me alive. No one to look to for help I started back up the beach, my car was parked a mile up the beach it was going to be a long walk. Wenching the spine out of my foot took nerve but I needed to do it as every step drove further pain into it. The pain begin to work it's way up my leg and I began to panic, a thousand thoughts flood your mind but I had only one goal in mind, get to the car. About halfway back I ran into a couple of local fishermen who understood my delema and though broken spanish they wanted me to urinate on it. Which was not what I really wanted to do and I'm sure I didn't want them to do it. By the time I got back to the car the pain was up to my groin and things were very uncorfortable, the drive back was really a challange as it was a rental stict shift and luckly only a few shifts were needed. As I wheeled into the front of the hotel the doorman found me delirious with pain and he helped me to the lobby where the clerk called the hotel doctor which quickly took me to my room and gave me a pain shot. Plunging my foot into a bucket of ice and alternately into steaming hot water then back to freezing cold water the pain begin to eaze and reality begin to come into focus. The day was a blur from that time on and my family helped me throughout the next few days. The tounament went on without a hitch and I still have that stingrays spine as a decoration of courage. When you wade the beaches ---don't forget to shuffel your feet!


Black Sea Bass

The Time; Sometime mid-summer in 1975;

An early morning trip offshore Southern Calif. for Striped Marlin. Mark and I worked over the Fourteen Mile Bank and down to the 277 Fathom Spot, baited a sleeper with no results and chased down bait and birds throughout the morning. Towards lunchtime we worked our way to the protected waters along the backside of Catalina Island to an sandy shelf with stringers of kelp at about 100m ft. of water, toss in the anchored and swing to a stop. We put on the stove and cook up some beans and rice and open a can of peaches, washing it all down with a couple of beers. By the noon sun beats down and it becomes very relaxing in the cockpit. Out comes a deck of cards, some sunflower seeds and we gently drop in a pair of baited mackerel overboard for the big boys (Blacks) .

It takes some knowledge to understand how to fish these big Blacks, the hooking rigging, on what the strike is like and when to set the hook. A few mackerel are cut up into thirds and tossed in for chum every so often. The day goes on and it's about time to pull up and work our way back offshore and to the outside dropoff then downhill off the East End for the afternoon's trolling for marlin. Mark starts to lift up his bait when it doubles over and he's pulled viciously to one side, I grab my rod to get it out of the way and it's also yanked downwards without pleasure. Our lines cross and we uncross them. Mark's fish drives for the shoreline another couple of hundred yards away my fish parallels his, Marks on the heaver 80lb tackle and he's a big man at 6'3" and maybe 250- he buttons down the drag and puts the "beans" to it. His fish stalls, what a bow in the rod, it's gonna break, but it doesn't and he stops the run. The fish goes to the outside, my fish also stays with his side by side. We've got to get the boat started and follow these fish, I back off on my drag, throw the click on and dump the rod in the cockpit. Up to the bridge to start the engines, remember the batteries or off and then back down to the hatches, turn them back on again, back to the bridge again and start the engines up. Take a few winds on the reel and then run to the bow of the boat to tie off the anchor line to a buoy, toss it over and back up to the bridge again, another few more winds on my reels. Mark's about out of line by now and I put it in gear and spin the wheel, now I remember the pots and pans we had left dangling overboard to wash them clean, they get caught in the props and there's a lot banging going on underneath the boat. A quick reverse and they come out of it, we yanked them aboard, they’re all all banged up. Back to the controls again we pull forwards, both lines have stretched out through a stringer of kelp by now, I pull the kelp towards the boat with a long handled gaff, with no free hands to cut through the kelp I bite it off with my teeth, it's a little salty but we're free to fight the fish now and they both have turned to the outside.

Mark works his fish to within reach of the gaff, the gaff just bounces off it's thick scaly sides, a quick lip gaff controls the fish and we pull it onboard, it dumps into the cockpit and shutters the deck with all it's hundred and eighty pounds of weight, my fish still hanging on down there starts a strong pull to the outside, Marks gets on the wheel now and we follow it, the fish stops and shakes it's head, terrific head shakes that rattle one's bones, the fish turns and makes a B-line directly towards the shoreline and it's lear, some rocky cave buried in the kelp beds. We gun the boat and get in front of the fish, pulling him even more towards the beach, the fish stops and reverses direction and again heads to the outside, we repeated this over and over as we slowly work the fish back offshore. The next hour things go see-saw till the fish gives up and this huge brown shape rises up out of the depths. Another lip gaff and we try to lift it in, no way it's over 300 lbs, we drag it back into Avalon the weigh scales.

Marks fish at 181lb, my fish at 362lbs. Lowered back into the cockpit we travel back to Newport as the evening moon rises up in the east. In looking back down into the cockpit and seeing those two fish I came to the realization to never kill such fish like these again and have since learned how now to revive them. The fish were cutup and the meat was good, big tasty flakes.

Best of Luck when you get out


A good fish story for today---

The Clemente Monster Out of the Depth, The following is set down somewhat hesitantly. He who ventures aside from the accepted groves of believe lays himself open not alone to jibes, but to direct attack upon his veracity. It is human nature to scoff at those things which are not understood, or which are not simple of explanation. The most startling incident related in the following pages I experienced myself, saw with my own eyes.. Some twenty-five or thirty personal acquaintances, all of them reputable, many of them men of substance and standing in their respective communities, also saw with their own eyes the identical thing which I saw. The reader is at liberty to believe, or not to believe, what follows. However the fact remains that it happened: that I saw what I am about to describe.

It happen in September of the year 1916. I was over at San Clemente Island after Marlin Swordfish. We had left Mosquito Harbor about seven o’clock in the morning. The day was overcast with a high fog, and windless. The sea was like glass except for a small roll coming down the coast. All objects on the surface, birds and driftwood, appeared black. Visibility was perfect, the sea stretching away to the sharp line of the horizon. These details are important, so bear them in mind. By about eight o’clock we were perhaps a mile and a half off White Rock which is some three miles above Mosquito. I was sitting on top of the cabin watching for fins, my field glasses beside me. My boatman was busy at something down in the cockpit. A bait was out and the rod lashed to the fishing chair. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, and to seaward, I saw something big and black lift above the surface. I whirled, gasped, then clapped my glasses on it and yelled to my boaman to head for it. A scant quarter mile of a mile off there reared up out of the water the Thing which I instinctively knew was what, for years, we had called the “Clemente Monster,” which many had see, and about which there had been endless wonderment. I shall try to describe it to you as best I can. Try to imagine a great columnar neck, or body, eight to ten feet thick and lifting twenty feet above the surface. Surmount this neck or body with a flat-topped, blunt, reptilian head. On either side of the head place two huge, round and bulging eyes. I dont believe they were an inch under a foot and a half across, perhaps more. There you have the essentials of what we saw. At my first shout my boatman stuck his head out of the cabin jitney and let out a queer little squawk. I don’t know that I blame him particularly! Steadily we forged towards the Thing.

Remember, it was about a quarter of a mile away. My glasses were of seven power. I had them on it from the first moment I caught a glimpse of it. I don’t know precisely, but would guess that they brought it up to within a couple of hundred yards of us. Certainly I could see it plainly enough to note various details. Two things stood out above all others- those enormous eyes and its unbelievable huge bulk. I never want to look at such eyes again. They were like the creations of a nightmare! Their very size, of course, left one breathless. But that was only a detail. It is utterly impossible to describe the coldness, the expressionlessness of them. It was like looking into the dim past when earth’s life consisted of great, slimy, horrible creatures dragging their way through gargantuan forest and over dead, sullen seas. They litterally froze me in my seat. Later my man said I was as white as a sheet, my teeth chattering, my knees shaking. I wouldn’t be surprised. Neither in a museum, nor in any reconstructed picture of a prehistoric creature have I ever seen eyes which resembled those. The trunk, or neck, or whatever it was appeared above the surface, seemed to covered with a coarse, reddish-brown bristles. It wasn’t hair. They stood out rigidly from the body. It is strange that I should have gathered any impression of color in the light, but I did and, as will develop later, it is quite likely that I was correct in my impression. The trunk, or neck, was more or less erect. The head was turning slowly as though surveying the surface of the sea. The Thing did not rise and fall in the slight roll of the sea. Instead the waves broke against it. Give full consideration to what that statement means!

I gathered the impression that the head was lowered. Certainly I saw nothing resembling a mouth. Others who have seen it say they saw a mouth. I didn’t. The great head continued its pivoting, seeming to make three-quarters of a circle. Then it saw us. The pivoting stopped. Those terrible eyes fixed themselves upon us coldly and without any expression noticeably through the lenses of the field glasses. For a few moments it regarded us fixedly, then, as though some great, hidden hand had seized it, it slowly sank. There was no visible movement of the great trunk, no commotion on the surface. Slowly, majestically, by comparison making the fluking of a whale seem a panicky, convulsive dive, it sank and disappeared beneath the surface. There was no swirl, no bubbles to mark where it had been, or where it sank. I don’t know how long it was up; perhaps a minute and a half, My boatman claims five or tem, but that is ridiculous. Out boat being slow, by the time we turned towards it I doubt that we approached appreciable closer. So what I saw I saw from about a quarter of a mile away and through the lenses of field glasses. It is a little difficult to describe my emotions after the Thing sank.

I had always loved the sea, particularly around and about San Clemente Island. With the appearance of the Thing, and its disappearance beneath the waters across which we were fishing, something of the friendliness went out of that sea and didn’t come back for a long time. I caught myself glancing furtively overside and with a strange prickling sensation up and down my spine. We went on fishing that day but neither of us was particularly happy. I know I felt a pronounced sense of relief when we dropped our hook in Mosquito that night and I stepped out upon the security of land. Well, there it is. You know as much about it as I do. I don’t think there is a shadow of a doubt but that, here in Southern California channels there exists an unknown species of great sea creatures. Ralph Bandini, Veiled Horizons, 1939.


================ Fish Story =================

Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Mainland Mexico- July 7th 2002 It’ll be new moon on the 10th, with good upcoming tides this next week, Reports of some giant 300lbs, Yellowfin Tuna, and some 600lbs blacks, Boat name Espadon, owner Dave Denholm,

Gathered together in the bridge , "We’ll we gave it a good shot", "That’s all we could do". Licking our wounds as we head home after the first days engagement. "We paid our dues today" Ned say’s, I reply, "It's a learning curve, you know, you’ve got the right harness on, in the right position, you've gotten all the other stuff laid out", "And it could very well be I just put too much pressure on that 50 test line", "A ton of life there, wasn’t it", ----------- "How far off the point" , "16.4 from the point, plus another 4 to the anchorage inside Punta Mita, the northern end of Banderas Bay.

The area we’re fishing was nears one of the largest vertical drop-off for the entire west coast of the Americas, the Tres- Maria Islands with it’s summit at something like a 1000 ft borders along a sheer wall and a plummeting depth of 5,000 meters, strong upwelling occure along the volcanic fractures and fissures that bi-sect this shelf along the coastline, In the middle of it, a jutting outcropping of black rock and swells of white water foaming over it, a jagged underwater ridge runs north for a mile. Called Corbetena Rock out in the middle of nowhere, you wonder how many early spanish explores and sailors found their souls resting on its rocky shores. Not always do you find fishing good there. Strong coastal currents can create offcolor water and conditions can change overnight. We had heard from the local IGFA representative in PV that the fish were in conditions were good and so we made the trip. Aboard the new Espadon, she's 80 by 22 ft. and means Swordfish in French, owner Dave Denholm , it's nice yacht, Dave with just the four of us aboard, Capt. Ned Fallsctting , Kirt acts as Deck/Steward, Dave the owner and myself. Dave was not feeling well that day and were hopeful it’s only a 24 hr bug,, he was down for better much the whole day. So that just left the Captain at the helm the steward serving fruit drinks and ice and me the angler on this 80ft yacht, trying the hardest I could just to catch fish, I just wore myself out. Never saw a fish!! Whew’ I’m beat. we got here at dawn this mooring, it’s 5 :15 in the afternoon now, we’ve only put small tuna onboard, we’ve lost everything else,--------- I don’t know what they were , probably huge tuna, although we did see a black marlin at around 400 lb being pulled over the railing of a small charted panga and that was about 8 or 9 this morning. We must had a dozen bites or better throughout the day. Great fishing!

At the gray of dawn this morning we came up to the rocks then tacked downswell or to the North along the ridge to get accustomed to the boat, sea conditions, to get things in order and get rigged up in the cockpit. We put out a couple of tuna feathers short, a small pusher for sailfish and a long line out for any wahoo. One 30lb Yellowfin later we returned back to the rock finding a fleet of 5 or 6 boats from the PV marina working within 1/4 to one mile from the rock, the bottom structure really goes up and down here along this ridge, baitfish were rippling the water’s surface among the swirling tidal eddies that wrap around the rocky highspot. Looking into the waters depth you can see thousands of minute organism in every description, even egg-larva sacks the size of chicken eggs drifting by. The skipjacks were feeding on little 2 to 3 in fry silvery and shinny. A few floating turtles were around, some boobies hitting the water at the edges of the baitfish schools. Their diving bubble trails leaving deep tracks into marine blue water. There were some porpoise on the outside with school sized tuna underneath them but we were after bigger game. You’d slow troll the little hoochies, get bite by the skipjack, bring him in, put him on a bridled hook, then back in the water at 35 yards or longer trailing behind the boat, maybe get two baits out if I was lucky. Separate them so they wouldn't cross, either by holding the line by hand Hawaiian style with a long drop back loop of line trailing behind in the wake or eventually as I ended up by just running them off the riggers held in place with a rubberbands. We were fishing sporting 50 lb mono lines and I think it was just too light in the long run for these big fish, at least the way I pull on them it didn't last.. We had one big strike early in the morning. In making a turn near the rock the line slacked off a bit in the curve and both baits got nervous, it saw the fish flash on my bait, a big explosion, white water boiling in a giant hole where the bait was, these are/ were 4lb- 5lb baits that just got gobbled. The lines sings out, you grasp the rod, reel and get into the harness, it's snapped in place and your buckled up, rear back on the rod and hang on, it pulls over and you say to yourself Jesus Christ . The pressures on your back, there's no time for re-adjustments now, the harnesses and belts must be pre-fit for you. Even for all the different outfits, that particular rod we were using was an standard 50lb IGFA Class 7 ft chair trolling rod and a chair rod without the chair can just beat you up. You’ve got no leverage with it. I think I was on that fish for an hour, I just started getting dehydrated, rehydrated, and exhausted, finally my feet started hurting, legs shaking, arms were sore, I got to double thinking of myself to where I thought I just can’t go on anymore . But then I’d gain an inch or two here, then another two or three, keep it going for another ten minutes. We’ed get stalemated for maybe another 5 or 6 minutes and time goes by you keep working, then the line popped suddenly. ,Ahaaaa--------- wind it in, no idea what happened, worn line spots were evident, no idea how they got there.

Re-rigged and put out the bait rods rigged with the hoochie again, take a break,, cool of with some water, some fresh air, then get back into the game again. Back n’ forth, looking for signs of life, to find he birds once again and get hooked up, wind em’ in, bridle em up’with the needle and deno-tape looped around the 11/0 hook (the knot being pulled up short to the hooks inside barb). Put the needle through that soft membrane between the upper eye socket and eye ball, out the other side of the fish, then through the 6 inch loop of dacron hanging off the hook, twisted it up 4-6 times tight and slide the hooks barb back under that "V" that's formed against the fish, from the front backwards, the deno tape can then be repositioned on the shank to pull in more direct line with the leader. It keeps everything clean and neat, back into the water again in 20 seconds or so, put out 50 yards of line, then up in the riggers with the rubberbands and start going forward again. Half-hour later wham-o it blows up again, we struggle on that fish for a while and it too pulls loose, or comes up cut off or was bitten off, maybe a shark, or the fish got to the bottom and broke it off. A couple of times earlier while were trying to catch bait, either when casting a lure or letting a bait sink out, it would just get eaten. . They say there’s these things down here called Dog-toothed Snapper, there’re big, real big and real mean and that might be what’s chewing us up, they just gobble up those baits. We haven’t even got one to the boat yet, makes you wonder, every skipjack that settled down was taken, the leaders or line would come back all shredded or torn. As we rounded the rock one more time we did have a Wahoo bite, one bait was completely cut cleanly in half like a clever, no marks just simply cut in half. But these Snappers, I dont know, these baits would come back all ragged cuts, scared up, I dont know, looks like they got hit with a shovel and a rake at the same time. I think I broke off 6 fish this afternoon, tunas or snappers or who knows what. This last one we had on, I dont know 20 minutes, had em’ coming up nice and easy working it real slow, lifting it, lifting it and POW the line breaks again, that time breaks right at the double where it joins the swivel, I’d know idea what happened on that fish,. maybe the baitfish had came back through the double line and twisted up the line somehow, who knows it’s exhausting, we’ll give it a shot tomorrow. ------Unbelievable ---------- The water 86.7 degrees, We even got a bite on our green jack today,.

------------------------------- Day Two ----------------------------------

- Had one strike, our first a opportunity on a skipjack this morning, it got munched, might have been one of the snappers again, it just crushed it, munched it, probably another giant tuna. We’ll I blew the second opportunity too, we had caught a nice small yellowfin 4-5 lbs great looking bait, rigged it just fine, no damage to the bait, no bleeding, got it back into the water clean and looked good so put it back about 150 feet, made a dozen turns, 1/2 dozen tacks or so, I felt the bait get nervous, we were making a inside turn and again there was a little more slack in the line, I tightened up the line a little, not wanting the hook to become fouled in the bait. I could feel the bait getting a little more nervous, hang on to it one more time, the baits getting a little more nervous, a little more nervous, then it just didn’t get any more nervous anymore. When we finally brought back the bait in we could see where it had been crushed by a marlins bill, baseball batted in half, so I missed that one too. Hopefully that was not the only one opportunity we’d get for the day. We did see an marlin we think splashing around in the area earlier and Dave had seen a fish underwater, a marlin going down the side of the boat. Color spotting it, saying it looked to be a good sized fish, maybe we’ll get another shot later on.............. well were still trying to get another bait,............an half hour goes by nothing, ..............finally another bait. Another bait, another hooked up, we got hooked up nicely, solidly Dave says. Zeeeeeeee,zeeeeeeeeeeeeee,zeeeeeeee---he’s taking a lot of line-Ze-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, sounds good! the drags are all set,,, the tuna slows down, it stopped it’s run now and I start the winding, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind ,wind ,wind, wind, wind, wind, wind ,wind, "my arms getting tired", wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, "phew", wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, "We get some line back on the spool and the winding stops, " Got back a lot of line didn’t we, I pant". ---- the fish rips out another 50 yards then stops----- wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, turning the cranks a turn or two at a time, "Coming up.. there’s our first mark," a short length of Deno-tape tied on the line as a marker, Wind, wind, cranking in several an inch at a time, another inch, wind, wind, crank another turn, "phew", "there goes the mark again" as the fish takes out more line again, then slows to a constant heavy pulling. We gain a few feet, the feet turn into inches then a slows to stop, the creaking of the line as it’s laid on the reel under the tension cracks and pops then stops as the fish turns towards us, wind, wind, wind, wind, the feet turn to inches then stops coming in all together, the reels ratchet shouts out burst of clicks, dictated by its winding speed and the fish taking line. "There go the mark again", the fish's run stalls after 30 yards, Dave as he at my side , adding advice and comments ,"It’s better to be hooked up, than not" he quotes. My arms are being stretched out of its socket, wind, wind, we gain another foot then another and another, the boats slowly following a path through the fleet, Charted sportfishing boats circling us with their clients snapping photos. Dave and I discuss the bite, "The baits was getting twitchy and I let it go" he says, we joke at the baitfishe's eyes looking behind him ". The reels getting hot, there’s another boat over there hooked up also. It’s going off" the prime time for the fish to feed. I’m worried, the lines beginning to flatten out as wear begins to show by the working back and froth over the same area. We’ve got out 100- 200 yards of line. "I don’t like loosing line" I say as we discuss the fight, the line still see-saws back and forth The on-going fish story I had changed from the longer trolling rod to a shorter stand up style and that allowed me to put the beans to it. With the belt, harness and right set up really makes the difference, This one wasn’t going to get away, a deep bend in the knees and a foot of line was mine, another dip and another foot, we fought like bulls, it took line , I took line. In the end I could feel its power ebbing and it strength limited to its dives. Deep color was spotted, blue and metallic it’s shine came up from the depths, time and persistence wore it out. it slid out from under the corner transom with its enormous head clearing water, like a submarine is slid back into the depths and circled underneath the boat. Ned at the wheel kept up straight. Gaffs were readied and when within range we took it. It took the help of a large swell and three of us to get in on the step. Is that your biggest yellowfin someone ask? "We took one at 250lbs, that one was many years ago off Sororro Island . How long do you think that took?, Kirk guesses at an hour and twenty, they called it one hour, 22 minutes in the end and taped it out at 55’girth and 80 inches long "That’s a three hundred pound tuna, John! 302.5 lbs, a lifetime fish", "Ned, you did a hell of a job keeping us from getting caught up into the corner back there. Thanks", "I kept seeing that fray and abrasion in the line go back and forth", Glad we had it on 80lb" Ned says. The fish held the stage as it took up most of the swimstep, "We’ll better get alot of zip-locs!" Ned replys, "When I was doing the grocery shopping for the trip, I grabbed like 6 boxes of bags, thought to myself, man there’s some big tuna out there, so we took the rest", "There’s going to be some real happy people with this". Photos were taken etc. A beautiful fish. Signs of line wear patterned against it’s side of the mouth, "It never really went that far out and it couldn’t get that far down along this ridgeline. The process of cutting and saving the meat began, Knives were bought out and it was butchered on the step, 3 inch steaks of prime tuna were dipped in the bait tank and zip sealed for freezing. What a battle That night after talking about it we decided to fish with 20lb tackle the next day in hopes of setting a world record. Lines were tested, measured and the hooks pre-tied in preparation for today’s battles.

Back to the rock again, it had rained on and off last night thunder and lighting showed in the heavens. Our first bait in the water got whacked within minutes and the hook pulled as we set it up, another skipjack was caught and back in the water rigged, minutes later Dave’s on solid! 20lb test line, a bright colored green/line line so we could see it better, 700 yards were on the reel. It’s overcast now, a light rain, lightning still here and there on the darken horizon. An 1 to 2 ft chop 10 knt breeze ruffling the ocean’s surface. Against the Rock silhouetted were two small panga skiffs they had spent the night out here last night, what a tough time that must have been for them, their only protection was within that 15ft lee of white water the foamed and sucked in that surging swells that surrounding the rock,------ Dave’s second bait just came back, the hook had turned and fouled back into the bait, so we missed the fish, meanwhile while I sitting here trying to catch more bait with my light tackle outfit, I hook a maybe a 20lb yellowfin, maybe a little bigger, it gets ripped apart as its struggles below.. Ha! There’s fish here, and they’re biting! It’s still in the early morning hours, let’s see what we can do in the next couple of hours while the bites on. And another bait gets ripped apart again!. Boy these things are aggressive! We’re just missing them, the hook’s not sticking , that was a good strike too, the baits just get ripped apart. We get another bait and it too goes back into the water and it’s chewed to pieces. Out times spent trying to catch enough bait. Catching a small 8 lb Yellowfin Tuna we bridle it and get it back in the water finally after what seems an hour. The weathers still overcast, more drizzle and rain it looks like, The word must have gotten out as another dozen boats have arrived from the local marinas, pangas and other chartered boats with their guest alike. Another hour has gone by since our last strike, the baits not up like it was, maybe the bite time has past, you sit on the gunnels and start to daydream a bit. 9:35 am a big hole erupts on Dave bait, we’re hooked up on 20 lb test!. The dropback belly in the line is sucked downwards, Dave mans the rod, the line come tight and rips out from the reel, Dave hangs on desperately, the fish has gone wild, loosing line all the time we back up, following the fish, the reels ratchet click still left on so all can hear it’s progress, or loss. Backing into this stuff, Dave gains line, feet at a time comes in. till it comes tight again, a great battle has just begun, the fish is just going nuts. The first line marker goes by, "Did you see that crash, man wham-o! just a big hole", " Keep coming Ned", Dave calls out he’s steadily on the reel winding, we weave our way backwards with skilled practice. Dave has been on several 12 to15 hours battles with swordfish or tuna, winning most of them. Winding like mad Dave turns the reels handle, keeping things taught with this light line, the fish under its own will makes fast aggressive moves zig-zagging 50 yard stretches at a time. " Look, did you see that! a big marlin jumps up from behind us!. Our fish has spooked it. Dave keeps the pressure up , the marker comes up and goes away again, "Look at him go", the reel’s ratchet protest a hundred yard run, down and fast, a hundred yard run in less that 5 seconds I guess at. White water bouncing off the transom as we back into the weather. Back to the starboard the fish heads, this fish is cutting through the water as fast as it can, it rips out another 50 yards, The fish is going nuts!" Dave says, "Sometimes they wear themselves out" we jokingly say "yea he’s really getting tired we can see that". Dave attention is to the line and rod, a tight drag is applied. The fish heads towards direct towards Corbetena Rock and the jagged bottom, another burst of speed and it turns and heads towards an anchored panga, who sees or plight and raised his anchor and pulls off un molested. "There’s your marker again" as line comes back onto the reel. The line marker has slid along the line so we’ve lost it’s true reason, I had tied it on loosely not wanting to damage the lines strength in tightening the knot. Gaining line sometimes, the boats prop wash weaves a serpentine path behind us. Backing down, hard like this Dave gets the chance to stay close to the fish, it’s changing course puts us at a good 5 knts or better upswell, it’s starting to rain again, the droplets, like buckshot, pelt the waters surface. A building swell from the south and darkening skies approach, flickering with lighting. Dave really got some power into that rod, he’s "putting the beans" to it, 7 knots now backing into the swell and white water covers over the transom.. The fish turns and makes for a dive under the boat, Ned spins the boats transom away, we clear the corner, the fish is fighting harder now. Dave on it with the tight rod, no mistakes here, were right on top of the fish and not letting him get too far away, "We hooked em’, got the right tackle, got the right angler, got the right caption, the right location, the right boat, world record sized fish, and we’re hung to one right now". But it can be a long battle ahead of us, so many things can happen, line fray, scrapes in the line occure, other fishes bite the line, simple nicks in the line, drags fail, fingers fail, anglers fail, you never know, it’s a long battle,---- Dave's fish The rain increases with drops increasing in size, skies are darkening on the horizon. Dave raises the rods tip then drops it gaining another half a foot, the slow steady pull upwards lifting for the quick drop and maybe 6 inches or loose 12 feet as the fish bolts off. He gains another foot, then another, yards are put back on. The fish comes up and makes a turn to our inside starboard, the lines marker goes back onto the reel, the fish bends even tighter to the inside and the boat spins faster, the fish spins faster, --- I’m spinning, the line rising to the surface, it’s trail leaving the water in a roostertail of spray. This is a fast fish, it makes another turn to the outside and comes back to the port. 75 yards of line rip out it turns to the portside, then back again to starboard, it’s a big fish. It makes another hard turn and taking line, it’s bright lime green color shows it’s path, the fish is just going nuts! We back up in to it, Dave gains line. As the line slices through the water, lighting flashes off in the distant. The line marker at 100yds clears the water, the fish off our starboard side now it takes another long run. Dave takes a second to settled down and get the harnesses and gloves re-adjusted. The fish, still out quite a ways turns to the starboard side out 100 yards, it’s fast, it’s real fast, it can travel 50, 75 yards in just 10 seconds- at the most, it seems like only 5 . Back again to the starboard side it turns, the ocean’s increasing swell rolls by in the background. This fish. it knows it’s hooked and it doesn’t like it, it’s doing everything in it’s will to get away. Another ground swell from the south in a building sea. I think maybe we might use that swell to our advantage later on while lifting the captured fish onboard. The boats backing down at 3-4 5 knots. Dave’s winding like crazy, the line rips through the water, back to the port side again, this fish just traveled two hundred yards in less than 10 second , maybe it was three hundred yards, it’s just ripping through the water, its gone from one side of the boat to the other side of the boat, 300 yards behind the boat, as fast as it can. Back again to the Port side, then starboard --- were talking 75- 100 yds runs behind the boat. Completely going from one side of the boat to the other and back in just seconds, Amazing. The line again rips through the water towards us and Ned puts us over the fish. Dave gets pulled to the railing. More popcorn on the horizon as the winds freshen. Over the fish Dave’s got the drag up the button, just a hair above it. The rod’s tip just dipping, dipping, dipping each pulse of the fish’s tailbeat can be seen. Determination on Dave’s face, his fingers tense on the line, gaining another 6 inches, then a foot and more, then it stalls to a stalemate between man and fish. He loses a bit and hangs on, droppings the rods tip to gain some line, lifting slowly he raises the fish again. It starts to come up, gaining yardage now, up , up. The decks rattling as we back into the fish, Dave grinds and the fish makes a quick turn back to our starboard, taking line out at will, pretty much at will. But Dave been putting the beans to it, as much as he can at least. He’s got a good bend on the rod, but he just can't stop this beast. Straight down it dives, we get back over the fish and Dave’s hand signals guide Ned a direction the lines moving. We’ve traveled a mile and a half from where we were first hooked in a zig-zag swerving curve through the fleet. A building crescendo of weather, fishing and excitement was in the air. Dave’s face strains you can see it in him as he lays into the bow of the rod. More than you think it’s going to hold, it’s going to break you think and hope it’s not going to,.. it’s going to.. (Don’t think that, you say to yourself) Back to the fish again we’re staying on top of it a constant 4 --5 knts, backing into the building weather. The strain on Dave is wearing, the line slips steadily off the reel, his fingers holding the lines tension and just thumbing the line a little when he needed to apply pressure. The rod takes another strong dip and the fish gains 5 ft. pulling hard. Ned does the job in keeping up with this fish in grand style. The fish spins to the starboard side and raindrops increase in size, plopping into the flattened chop. It’s become a stalemate between Dave and fish. He’s leans into the rods and gains 6 inches in the dropping swell, the fish takes 5 ft, the line just see-sawing black and forth. Line worries go through your mind,as the fish bends to the outside and raises up. The line broke! ---- It’s recoil could be heard inside the salon, pow! When the line breaks the parties over. "Same drag as always", Dave mumbles to himself "I didn’t have any more or less drag on it , the line just wore out?, 1 hr and 5 minutes, on 20lb line on what might have been a 300lb Yelowfin Tuna, The largest recorded yet is at 213 lbs from Australia, The current 30lb class world record in at 338 lbs and was taken here off PV in 1999.

It very well could have been a world record, Dave owns the World Record for Big Eye Tuna 143.8 lb. on 12lb tackle. We discuss the fight and the loss like a detective agency routing out the reasons it broke. The line's got a small coil created at the snap of the broken line. "I’d like to know where the hook was? Dave questions "I could feel it thumping," We all could see the tails beat on the rod tip dipping in rhythm then it suddenly broke. "Well that’s the way it is" Dave’s voice trails off, "Time well spent" A great battle, 20lb tackle, an estimated 300lb tuna, for two miles we traveled backwards, abrasion on the line seems to be the culprit. We can’t give up now so we’re back to trolling. Catching another bait, Dave gets ripped as soon as we put it in. The bait comes back in all cut up and beaten to a pulp, missed that one! The skies have cleared off and all the baits gone down. Seas have calmed and it’s much nicer weather now. As soon as we lost the big fish the music stopped and the party was over except for a few leftovers. The dozen boats that were out here have dwindled down to only a few and nobody seems to be doing anything, were all looking for bait. Seas are calm and beautiful now with a little windline out of the west starting to develop. Finally after several hours go by we catch a small bullet tuna next the rock for bait and we drag him around for an hour, nothing. That was it and we called it a day, it had been a long day at that, back again tomorrow.

Day four: Back to the bank again, it’s a nice morning with a little ripple on the water, only one another smaller Panga it must have spent the night here. We’ve got a good and early start and we’re raring to go. Again after the 20lb IGFA World Record for Yellowfin Tuna, a challenge. We picked up one small skipjack early and have him bridled in the water on a 14ft leader of 250lb and a 9/0 J hook. Slowing trolling the baits out 50 yards Dave stands poised for action on one side of the boat, I on the other skip a blue hoochie in hopes of catching a second bait. Not having a live bait tuna tubes aboard we could tow the caught baits mid-ship, Panamanian style along the middle of the boat, tied to a cleat and use it when needed. The suns peaking through the cloud cover, glorious morning with patches of blue hidden behind in the sky, a ground swell 3-5 feet and spaced well apart. No bites so far and the day begins to look long, the birds and bait seem to have moved away. The day spent looking for signs of life which never materrrilized. Metering the rragged top of the bottoms ridgeline we opt to do some botton fishing for the Dog Tooth Snappers, being rocked several times we fianally manage to boat a small fish, it was tasty for dinner ! There are times when you've enjoyed the day and try not to push things , such was the day, enjoying it we relaxed and spent the day just goofing off, bottom fishing and some general boat work making an early day of it. While heading back in we were haled by a weak voice on the VHF mayday- Mayday- a small panga with it's two German charted guest aboard had ran out of gas and were drifting. Their red sunburnt gleaming faces relieved, Ah-- saved off the Mexican coastline, their fate was in question. A short tow back to the anchorage and with what little gasoline they had left enabled them to get to the beach. That night after a Dog Tooth Snapper filet we played in the bait-light watching hundreds and hundreds of jacks circling counter-clockwise in it's light. By midnight there were thousands of them. Once in a while something would go splash out in the distance an you wonder what was that! We broke out the light fly tackle and made sport of trying not to get hooked up. You couldn't get the fly three feet without 5 fish attacking it, snipping the hook off was the only answer.

Tomorrow another day. The mornings light found us 30 miles offshore to the El Banko, several others had made their way there from PV. The skippies were there but not in great numbers. We scored first with a small Blue Marlin around 200lbs at best, another one picked our bait and a third one released it'self at the boat, all were under 250. No other boats seemed to be getting strikes, who know why but by noon there only remained ourselves and one other sportfisher. A small boat had some divers in the water, armed with hefty looking spear guns. Out in the middle of the ocean. When you look at the meter and see the ragged bottom you wonder just what denizens of the deep they must meet down there. The rocky shoreline of the Isla Maria Cleofas, off to the north could be seen in the warm marine haze. Part of the penal colony of the Tres Marias Islands it's has kept the imaginations and wonder of what the islands are like in the minds of many mariners. Today the long range fleet out of San Diego have begun to work this same bank, calling it the Cleofas Bank , locals don't know it as such. Like the frigate birds returning to roost on land for the evening we too returned to anchorage late that afternoon, the day was well spent. A refreshing swim around the boat before dark and some casual after-dinner casting for the jacks and that was it. The run back to PV the next morning was punctuated by first one brown booby keeping pace with us, diving on the baitfish we displaced with the boats bow, then joined by another and another in the end a dozen of them were leaving their deep trails of bubbles criss crossing in their efforts in spearing the frightened bait. An afternoon stroll on the boardwalk and a quick lunch brought us to the airport and to home again- - JD -


A trip to Costa Rica-- many years ago---

A Costa Rica’s Rainforest Angling Adventure Jungle, Ocean, River and backwater fishing,

What's there? Saltwater Crocks, Freshwater Sharks, lure eating lizards, leaping tarpon. Who says there’s snook in there, Explore, search and try these waters, The atmosphere was set, the latest sportfishing show attracted my attention, encouraged by friends I approached the booth, Nestled between the shores of the Atlantic and the Pacific, beautiful, friendly and ecology minded Costa Rica offers the finest untapped sportfishing potential in the Western Hemisphere, I rose to the occasion as a speckled trout to a fly.

Two days later, March 1983 I arrived at Casa Mar Resort in Costa Rica and was lucky enough to be bundied up with a Mr. Harry Kime, an expert fly fisherman. This morning at 6:00 we fished the ocean maybe one to two miles outside the river mouth, seeing schools of 50lb plus Tarpon rolling on the surface, they look almost like marlin tailing. The fresh water that’s flowing out of the El Colorado river's mouth keeps sediment and other little morsels of bait suspended in the buoyancy of the fresh water. As it fans out of the entrance it creates somewhat of an umbrella effect with the shrimps and other baits floating overhead to slowly drop down into the clearer salt waters beneath. The tarpon ganging up in schools would fin for awhile then sink out underneath to feed. Cutting the motor we approached softly as our guide Thomas paddled from the front of the skiff towards them with enthusiasm. As we neared the fining fish the signal was given and we shook out lines, the fly rods being #12 weight and large Fenwick fly reels, the fly, called a Cockroach the creation of orange and brown feathers tied on a 4/0 hook, a shock tippet of 30lb test, the class line of 15lb. and 6 feet of 40lb line as the leader behind it. All tied to 30 feet of weight forward fly line and then a backing of 30lb Dacron line under all of this. A lot of connections but it all has a purpose and it works. We had a double hook up almost at once. I had let back my line, unrolling it from the reel the fly acted like a trolled lure. Harry had lobed his first cast off to the side and had let it sink out before his first retrieve. I was blessed to be with the accompany of Harry, his advise, help and concern balanced with my enthusiasm to land these fish, and we fought them

. Most of these fish we saw were in the 80 to 100lb class, leaping beauties, clearing the water 6’, 10, or even 15ft in the air. You soon learn to "Bow to the King", to relax the rods pressure and give a slack in the line when the fish jump. Enabling the fish to pull against it, something like Judo. This sport of “Jumping” the fish is counted high when over cocktails later on in the evenings gathering. With good timing and firm pressure when needed I brought to boat my first fish, approx. 90lbs, Harry followed with his shortly thereafter. I hooked another fish around 70lb which threw the fly promptly, too much pressure on my part. Changing to a casting jig rod and a red & white Porter Sea Hawk I again hooked up but lost the fish, maybe a nick in the line as it popped too early in the fight. Returning through the surf break at the rivers mouth we ran back to the lodge for lunch.

The afternoon's fishing brings us two more big fish, both fish lost or at least not boated due to pulling the hooks, although I learn later that just to "Jump" a fish is ok, almost it’s what you want to do. Hook the fish, get a few jumps out of em' and then let the hooks be thrown. To spend the time bringing the fish to the boat only to release it you loose that precious bite time, better to hook and jump 5 fish for the day that to struggle with one for hours .

Day two The following morning brings one LARGE lost tarpon after a short battle in which it skyrocketed a dozen times finally tossing my plug, a big fish, wish I had gotten a chance to watch it more. Caught a Toro or jack of about 12 lbs or so and hooked another smaller tarpon on the plug. The lure had just landed amongst a school of fish when up jumps this tarpon with my lure hanging in its lip, he also throws it. Hard to keep these fish hooked, their mouths are bony and armor plated. Schools of fish were seen breaking throughout the day. The weather has brightened up to a strong sunlight, yesterday and prior to it, it had rained solid for several days. Again back for a relaxing lunch with my newly aquatinted companions from all over. We'd re-rig the lines and leaders, tie on new flys and see what the other boys were doing. That afternoon I got my first chance to fish in the river’s mouth. I had seen several other anglers anchored in the smooth swirling brown waters, casting and working their flies and lures in methodical sweeping casts. Letting the current sweep their offering down and across the bars and flats. Shrimps and other tidbits were sweep along the bottom and the lures were matching them. Casa Mar is situated off the main Colorado River in a side lagoon. The river waters were the drainage from Lake Nicaragua and its accompanying river basins. We jumped more two tarpon that afternoon but I think I would have enjoyed either the ocean fishing again or to go further inland. We dig get a few good photos of others playing their fish and that was enjoyable.

- JD Day three Thomas and I are together again this morning. My buddied up partner, Harry feels he'll take the day off as he needs a rest, his battle yesterday with a big fish that had broken his rod in half was hard on him, he had to hand wrestle the fish back to the boat, took a lot out of him. He’s in his late 70’s and was willing to just sit back and enjoy the day’s rest. We traveled up river in search of small game today. Traveling in jungle rivers gives one a better understanding of the diversity of life pure and simple survival of the fittest, life as its always been. Overhead, the forest’s canopy is alive with parrots, kingfishers and a host of other colorful birds criss-crossing back and forth across the river. Tree Sloth’s, their slow movements and dark shapes disguise themselves among the darkened molten branches, leaves and tropical vines that are strung about. Orchids in fragrant powerful odors hang in draped displays, hiding peak-a-boo howler monkeys that glide in and out of tree branches. They eye us as we pass through a side channel of the river while casting into murky looking pools. Scattered leaves float in twisted swirling patterns under overhanging banks. A cast with a small popper, like what you’d use for bluegills and basses results in explosive surges of brown water as Guyapote and Majarres try to suck in the fly. Their slurping nature causing you to pause a second before setting the hook, letting them turn away a bit before the hook can strike home. A pleasant time was had by all.

That afternoon we went up river again, this time nearing a wide spot in the river with a small lush covered island centered in the middle. Letting back on the anchor line we sway in the wavering river currents, tarpon rolling on the water here and there or there. Tarpon, their silver sided backs exposed for a brief second only before they slink back into the muddy waters. Too silted up with mud and dirt to see but only a few inches through . It looks like rain coming, thunder rumbling now and again, we relax and enjoy the scenery as is, hearing the monkeys growling in the lush growth on the rivers edges. Yellow-tailed Orioles flying overhead, now again the rude distributing splashes made by rolling tarpon, gasping for air in these muddy waters. Nerve racking is a better word for it, then there right next to the boat one comes up, it's mouth opens and a gasp of air is taken it, again across the river, then again next to us, there must be dozens of these unseen fishes beneath the waters around us but you never see them until its too late. I’m casting a fly crosscurrent, letting it sink out and when it's straight below and sunk to the rivers bottom retrieve with short jerks resembling an tumbling shrimps or something like that. Thomas has the plugging rod with the Sea Hawk plug, deadly lure I’m told. I have a bump on my line, my black and red fly awaits its reward, nothing, and minutes pass, nothing. Thomas keeps up with his casting, fanning the water, he jumps a fish 30 feet from the boat, beautiful he gets four or five jumps out of it , clearing the water at least five feet with the tropical background behind it. Ahaaa - the hook tears free after five minutes of battle. I’m hit! Set the hook, one, twice, three short jabs just like old Harry had said to do, drive the hook's barb deep and up rockets a tarpon, water poring off the silver shinning scales, it’s eyes excited and bulging, bright red gills a flaring and rattling, one jump, two jumps and he throws the hook. Still more thunder in the background and now a strange noise is mixed with the jungle, bird and monkey, it sounds like some kind of roaring coming, maybe it’s a flood rushing down river. I wonder if we’ll be washed down to the sea, I’ll play it cool, C’est la vie" as I look upstream dark almost black clouds are approaching, the air’s gotten thick and stagnant, it seems as though you almost have to suck in to get a breath of air. Rain seems a relief, Thomas dons his rain gear and I follow suit. The rain washes over us in a solid wall, you can’t see five feet in it, solid water coming down, then it’s over with as quick as it started, the warmed air and rain dissipates to a rising mist of steam, swirling in misty winds. Back to fishing again, the tarpon showing again in the flatted smooth brown water. Thomas has another hook-up, a real battle going on, the stout jigging rod he’s using is stiff and short, it’s an honest to goodness one-on-one, stand-up, punch it out, knock down fight, he finally brings it close to the boat and released it, it’s a nice fish around 80lbs. Still hoping for a great one myself I miss a couple of strikes, change flys, shock tippets, sharpen hooks, try again and again. Time passes and the clock works its way. Thomas suggests to head back in shortly before it gets too dark.

. One last cast.----- One last cast, that never ending one last cast, all my thoughts were concentrated on it and the retrieve, slowly, slowly, there it is, that electric shock that’s telegraphed up the line. The line springs alive with a solid tugging. I drive the hook well but allowing a small loop to form in the flyline, just a small simple loop but oh so deadly. Yip's the loop has wrapped around my finger in a half hitch, what a mess, my finger is jerked up to the first guide, the line in-circling it, cutting deep as it being pulled out. The fish explodes right in front of me, its mouth is so large it could swallow a basketball, it’s huge! I’m about to follow it into the river and Thomas thinks he’ll lose and angler overboard when I ungracefully bow to the second jump giving slack to the line and freeing my finger, it’s all fine now except for the sticky warm blood flowing down my hand. The tarpon gives a fine series of high jumps as it distances away from us, can I land this fish? Thomas raises the anchor and we follow downriver, I cussing the SOB for almost taking off my finger, I’ll let him know whos boss, ha! The battle starts on this side of the river then that side, up river then down again, another jump, damn it’s a big fish, Pulling hard in every direction, reel, pump bow lean this way then that way, look our for that snag! Lean into it, whew, we just missed it. A large dugout canoe full of brightly colored tourist buzzes around us for a few minutes allowing its guest a taste of our sport. What a battle, the broad muddy waters with tropical birds, monkeys still howling and growling, the sights and sounds of it all. The guide offers advice. You’ll not lose this fish even if it takes all day and into the night. Another snag protrudes from the water, another near miss, a half-hour goes by and we’ve come down the river a mile or so criss-crossing back and forth. To be tied to this living environment with a fishing line, that's the life. Other native canoes pass shouting good wishes, this fish has you to your knees, no, you’ll not let it. The dried blood coating your hand won’t let you forget it. That damn fish he’s headed for another sang, turn him, turn him, pump, lean on it, 15lb tippet is sure taking a beating, will it last? The fish rushing downstream passing to one side of the snag, we to the other, Thomas tries the motor, cough, cough, sputter, sputter the engine roars to life. Thomas spins the boat just missing the 25ft log. Correcting the boats position all’s quite again and the only noise is me wheezing, this is a challenge! Across and up river again the fish doesn’t want to give up. Come on fish, please, my arms are killing me, knuckles white, all the fingers have gone numb a half hour ago. A zig zag course now I’ll try to turn him in the circle of the downstream run, gaining three inches, again another turn, again three inches, boy this is going to take all week! Thomas says the fish may go out over the bar and into the sea- then the sharks! We’ve drifted and fought are way three or four miles by now and the suns going down, it’s now or never, pull, pull. The 15lb leader is still holding, another log snag, this one’s a killer, it’s going to be close, real close, but I’m turning the fish, he breaches, now I find out that these fish can breath air when needing oxygen . I don’t know whether to pull him up or hold its head under water. Gulping air he dives again, again I give him all I’ve got, which isn’t much, but he slowly rolls over, lifting with steady pulls we work him to the boats side. Thomas leans over and slips the lip gaff in, success!! A few quick photos, a peaceful moment of appreciation and we work him in the gentle waters to get it’s strength back, a gentle tap on the tail and off he goes with only a swirl left in the brown waters. Gone in good health, maybe a bit wiser to pass on to future generations about those nasty red and black feathered flies that bite back and are so strong Best of Luck



Midway Atoll, a trip in 1999 June 5th


Midway Island (Atoll) I keep trying to think of a word or phrase that best describes it, maybe “Primal”, or “God’s Little Acre”, or even three squares a day. Everyday was such an adventure! The air and water are both clean and clear and the environment is full of life just as Mother Nature intended it. The Black Current known as Kuroshio swings up from the Philippine Sea and bathes Japan before sweeping into the nutrient rich waters of the North Pacific. From there it wraps around Midway and on to Hawaii. I visited the atoll last year with my family, this year I only took my youngest daughter Hunter age 9. While fishing there last year she landed the girl’s IGFA World Record Small Fry division in the Trevally category, this year we were after bigger game. Arriving at Honolulu around 12 noon we made our way to Aloha Airlines for the afternoon’s flight out to Midway. From Hawaii it’s another 3 1/2 hour flight which gave me time to finish my Louis L’Amour book. Looking down as we passed over the Pearl and Hermes Shoal with it’s white water and coral reef encircling the brilliant turquoise inside waters. Dodging thunderheads we came down through the clouds to Midway Island actually it’s an Atoll with it’s ring of broken coral reef surrounding the island. Awash in the waters from the Japanese Kuroshio current which brings with it warm waters abundant with sealife. It must be abundant with sealife to support the over 2 million seabirds which nest here annually. Upon climbing out of the airplane the salty sea air fresh off the ocean fills you lungs and heart as it envelops you into one of the most magical places on this earth. Shown to your quarters (which are converted officers quarters) the three story cement building becomes home for the week. Comfortable and clean, the rooms feature A/C if needed and queen sized beds. TV, phone service and guest services are available at a moments notice. An early evening stroll along a pure white beach of powder ground up coral takes you to the Captain Brooks Bar which overlooks this clean safe swimming beach. You get to meet and become aquatinted with the others who have joined you here for the week. Fishing is only one of many reasons the island has become so appealing, there’s scuba and skin divers, ecology and nature enthusiasts. Members of the armed forces return here for lost memories and many come just for just the relaxation that the island has to offer. There are only a limited number of guests allowed on the island per week so reservations are generally requested. The island has year round residents of some 50 people which help keep the inner structure of the island running, water, electricity, sanitation, housing, etc. I think most of the residents have at least two or more jobs just to keep things in shape.

First Day All new guests to the island are required to attend an orientation meeting in which the rules and regulations are discussed as well as what daily activities are available from the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Phoenix guest services. Bicycles or Golf Carts are assigned and Nature walks for those not familiar with the island are encouraged. Last year we had waited till the last day before going snorkeling, I dreamed and thought about that all year, this year I wanted to emerge myself quickly with the waters of Midway so we booked a snorkeling trip out to the reef after lunch. The diving facilities at Midway are superior and we were joined by a group of 20 college students who were here on a extended two week field trip to study the flora and fauna ofthe atoll. With excellent fitting gear, fins, divemasks and wet suits if you wanted them we joined the dive masters and other instructor for a memorable experience. Slipping into the waters one becomes part of this world, the blue and pink corals and brilliantly colored tropical fish both small and large. It seems all the fish here have been given their chance to grow to their full size, at least everything seemed big. The Wrasses were splashed with bands of turquoise and orange, Parrot fish were nibbling on sea algae and gaze up at you, slowly giving way and darting in and out of hidden caves. We swam up to the actual reef itself and felt the surge of the Pacific as it washed through gaps in the reef, fresh with the essence of life this water seemed like the Fountain of Youth. Sparkling with sunlight lit Champaign bubbles seemingly swirl about in an underwater ballet. The many tropical fishes darted in and out playing peek -a- boo always curious they seem awed by your presence and sea urchins their bright reddish orange spines 8 to 12 inches sticking out among the corals. Some twisted strands of cargo or drift net clung to the reef, brought to these shores by the currents, they housed a multitude of marine life which had made their homes in these drifting masses of fiber. The college kids carefuly removed these nets from the fragile coral reefs and glass and plastic floatation balls were sought after prizes. Hunter and I spent the afternoon enjoying ourselves, she hung on me like a barnacle while we explored the reefs. On the return trip back over turquoise waters and sandy bottom flats we watched Manta Rays glide out of our path and rare banded brown booby birds taking refuge on a channel markers. After a hearty meal at the Galley cafeteria, Hunter and I spent the balance of the day, beach combing, bicycling and swimming. Floating and we watched the Ferry Terns hover 3 feet above our head like butterflies they bounce around then scurry off in matching pairs diving and wheeling in exact unison. Laysan Albatross like dive bombers came in out of the sun swooping in noiseless flight they crisscrossed the beach. Ratt-ta-ta-ta-ta, Ratt-ta-ta-ta a dotted line of bullets came on spitting up sand as they strafed the beach. Visions of the war can be seen and felt here but the only real fight you’ll have is with the real bad boys of Midway, the Trevallys, a fish which defends itself admiralty. In the late afternoon the beach’s sand felt cool to my hands as I pushed them through it, soft and white almost like powdered sugar. The waters were clear almost emerald green and sunlight danced on the oceans floor beneath making little patterns in the sand. The sun off on the horizon, it’s rays shining out through the clouds, pink and purple while another albatross whistles overhead, zooming back and forth across the beach. The clouds have a green tint to their bottoms reflecting the hues of the lagoons waters, very peaceful here. Appropriately I’ve chosen William Bebe’s ‘Galapagos World’s End.’, 1912 as a book to read while I’m here.

Second Day Up early to the strange sound of pigs squealing, cows mooing, wood peckers pecking, it sounded like a regular zoo was outside. Pairs of adult albatross stretching their necks and wagging backing forth, rattling their bills and crooning like the farm animals with their inherited mating rituals deeply imbedded. We again breakfasted at the French restaurant and causally biked through the small residential community dogging albatross chicks the size of full grown seagulls which dotted the entire landscape, roads, lawns, fields,Seagul.jpg (15923 bytes) everywhere you look these chicks were half covered with fuzzy charcoal gray down feathers. Through wooded lanes covered with Australian Iron wood trees and spotted with nesting snowy white terns or sooty gray petrels we rode to the marina which harbors two Bertram 38ft. sportfishers and a pair of Glacier Bay 26ft. sportfisher catamaran. Capt. Chris Sheeder was the captain this morning as we took the smaller Glacier Bay 26ft. out to fish the reef. Our goal was to get Hunter a World Record Amberjack for the IGFA Small Fry division (under 10 years of age), second choice was either the Giant Trevally or Wahoo or any other number of fish that were available in her class category. Just outside the entrance in the reef we set up on one of the war’s sunken airplane wrecks, a Corsair in about 80ft. of water resting on a sandy bottom which would give us a little better chance before the fish dove for protection and rocked or reefed us. Chumming with generous inch sized chunks of skipjack we only raised a few smaller sized chubs (like a big perch/ black in color) which crowded in behind the boat. There wasn’t much current at that time and not much developed so we moved further down the line and found another spot with greater current though closer to the reef itself. We weren’t there 5 minutes when Tony the Tiger paid us a visit but kept on going, a quick VHF call to the dive boat in the area alerted them to the sharks presence and they pulled out and moved to another location. The chubs arrived shortly thereafter and with them the sharks. One, then two, then a few more Galapagos Sharks showed in the chum line, not aggressive they just swam back and forth waiting for a few tid bits of chum, though they did race after anything that sat in the water very long. Casting Chum Flys with either spinning rods or fly rods was the method, you’d let the flys drift with the other pieces of chum thrown, the chubs would take the flys then spit them out and if you left it drifting too long the sharks ate them. The trick was to get the flys deeper to where the Amberjacks and trevallies were cruising about. When the Amberjack became a little more aggressive in the chumline or when there were several of them you had to be quick to get the fly in front of them before the other critters got em’. We lost quite a few flys and fish to the sharks. Chris suggested I put on one of the leadhead casting plastic lures which I had brought, Hey, I brought over 35 heads and tails it was time to use them. Well we used them, just about all of them. Almost every cast was an Amberjack, BluefinTrevally or some other unseen beast who would drag them down into the depths only to either break off or the sharks got to the fish before Hunter could wrestle it up out of the deep. She’s only 9 years old and those heavy fish just required strong heavy pressure to keep them out of the reef/ rocks/ sharks, it just didn’t happen, her little arms just hadn’t the strength. We did have several chances though so I felt we had our shots at it. One fish an estimated 40lb Amberjack took the leadhead plastic tailed lure she had cast, letting it sink out and she was on. She stopped the fish from getting into the rocks and it headed offshore so we released the tie-off buoy and followed. With the plastic tail hanging out of the corner of the fish’s mouth it bore out to sea but a giant Giant Trevally came in on the poor jack and tore it right off the side of it’s mouth snapping the line in the process. And we all know that when the line breaks the parties over, it was a good battle though!

Returning back to the harbor we took a short break and enjoyed bicycling back to the cafeteria for lunch, the Galley is a great place for gathering and it’s where practically everyone on the island eats lunch and it’s only open for a couple of hours so everyone shows up there. Back to the marina after lunch we discuss the afternoons strategy, still after records we opted to work off a cargo pier where a number of bigger Amberjacks have been seen. A short run around the island brought us up to the pier where we tied off, the wind and current bouncing off one side kept us at bay from hitting the pier but it was a little rocky though. Shoals of smaller fish came up on the first tossed chum and it didn’t take long for the smaller jacks to butt their way into the action. Hunter hooked and landed several of these 5 to 12lb trevallies (Bluefin and Butaguchi or big lipped trevallies) then the big boys showed up. Like bullies at a party they pushed their way into this melee of feeding fish and dominated the scene. 60 to 100 pound fish at a rods length they came. As fast as I could tie up new double lines to albright knots and 60lb flourocarbon leaders Hunter broke them off as fish after fish dove into the protection of the pilings. I had ahard time keeping up with her, I was rigging either 12lb or 16lb spinning rods and she just kept breaking them off. Hunter looking for another rod picked up my pre-rigged 12wt. fly rod w/ 16lb tippet & chum fly, she makes a short flip into the water and up comes one of these beast that scares you, sucks it down, she yells “whoa” as it nearly rips the rod out of her hands. If that fish would have turned the other way we might have had a chance in the open water, who knows what would have happen but it would have been a tough fish for anyone to beat on the fly rod. After a couple of hours of this fun and games we headed back to the slip and called it a day. We didn’t set any records that day but we did have fun and that’s what counts. After a quick shower and clean up Hunter and I came down to the beach for a few minutes of relaxation and reflection . The warmth of the sun felt good and sparkling water allways makes me daydream. An albatross’ five foot shadows criss crossing on the sand. The horizon line with it’s black reef and plums of white water which every so often shoot up are silhouetted against the darkened sea behind it, inside the reef dark turquoise green water fades into a brighter emerald green as it nears the shore, the sand turning tan in the afternoon’s sun. It’s nice just being here.

Moisture laden clouds hanging in the air, held suspended by temperature layers thet lay flat bottomed and reflect the green lagoon below. Sunset brought us to the French Clipper restaurant again for a perfect ending to a perfect day. Up again after a peaceful rest the birds awaken you with their ceaseless clamor, we’re off to do damage to the blue water crowd. Joining us this morning on the Yorktown was a Hawaiian named Lincoln acted as deck, he usually runs the Enterprise, the other 38 ft, Bertram. Our goal was to see if we could catch Hunter a blue marlin, Wahoo, Dorado or tuna. An additional brace was put on the foot rest for her size, the bucket harness straps were adjusted and drags were reset light for her strength, using 50lb tackle. We opted to fish the hookless lures as teasers and drop back a rigged skipjack tuna as bait. For her to struggle trying to get the rods out of the holder after the strike would only be difficult so we agreed she’d sit in the chair, watch the lures and when a fish came up in the spread we’d drop back the bait and off we’d go. You can fish/troll entirely around the island’s reef with two main shelves running off to the East or West but it’s not really necessary to travel much. Out of the harbor 15 minutes or so and your over the drop-off. Five minutes after we had the lines in the water we had a respectable fish up on one of Sevenstrands new “Big Daddy Teasers” Black and purple with an aurora flash. The fish came up and tried to munch it and Lincoln who had noticed a flash earlier on it tossed the pre- rigged bait back, the bait sides back and the marlin woofs it down, it’s head half out of the water we can see it take the bait down. And just like that we were hooked up. We dump out another hundred yards of line and Hunter straightens her legs and braces herself as she engages the drag, the rods bows and the hooks come fast. Another two hundred yards races out under pressure. What a thrill, she hangs on watching the line disappear into the depths. I had warned her to expect the fish to bust out and tail walk, but the fish only comes out once and windshield wipes once then dives for another 50 yards. Hunter begins the long battle of learning to fight fish. The reel in high speed we slowly back down to pick up some of the lost line, she works with the lessened pressure and understands the winding and flexing of her legs in the bucket to make the system work efficiently. The first half hour she’s tireless and her enthusiasm bounding with joy, the second half hour she weakens and it becomes a struggle, line is lost during periodic runs and her smooth fluid pumping is lost. Using both hands now, the left hand coming over the reel she tries to reel with both hands but we warn her against it and try to compose the situation. The fish sinks out and it becomes a stubborn battle. We pause for a brief minute to regain composure, a cool drink and a few splashes of water over her head and she’s refreshed again. Dropping into the lower gear she begins the repetitive nature of slowly pumping fish up from the depths, an inch at a time we gain line slowly only to lose it again in the rising swells, a half hour of this battle and she’s gained back half of the line only to loose most of it again as the fish makes another stubborn run. Hunter balances herself in the chair under the drag pressure her legs begin to shake and the winding takes it’s toll on her small muscles, but she’s game and hangs in there. Sometimes I think she’s going to get pulled overboard but the light drags on the reel allows the line to play out before anything bad can happen, a safety line is attached to her and the bucket. This see-saw back and forth doesn’t gain us anything but time and wear, the fish seems to have settled down for the moment so under advice from Chris she bumps the drag knob up and over the strike button, the added tension allows her to gain line in the drop of the swell and to hold it from being lost in the next rising swell, a foot of line is gained then another and another, some line lost but overall we’re now gaining line. A hundred times this is repeated, Hunter’s in rhythm now and she gains line like a pro. The fish nears but it doesn’t like the boat and it struggles to get away and more line is lost but it’s regained, another pump another inch, now a foot, she gets a good wind and now two feet is gained, now one and another, the double comes up but the fish surges off again. Everyone gives her encouragement, “Come on Hunter your doing great another pump”, “one more time, he’s close” , “keep going, another pump” She asks can you see him? “, “I can see him“, Chris oversees from the bridge while at the controls, “Come on Hunter one more time, Keep it up” The double reappears again and Lincoln reaches out, he needs longer arms, not yet, a little more, a little more. There, Lincoln’s got a wrap then another on the heavy leader, like a flash Chris is down in the cockpit with the gaff ready, it makes a few kicks but Hunters relentless pressure has tired it and the gaff does it’s job. The fishes hue is a bright silver and cobalt blue with bars of neon lit azure, Hunter has scampered out of the chair and is amazed at it’s size, “It’s bigger than me! It’s twice as big as me , it’s Huge!! “That was fun let’s do it again” she’s excited. She snaps a few photos and watches as a ramora swims off into the depths leaving it’s host. Bright blue and silver it shines in the mid-morning sun. Two hours even on 50lb tackle, 249lbs. It’s a very, very pretty fish she says. If approved, (at least to our knowledge at that time) it would be a pending world record for IGFA’s Smallfry Division for girls under 10 years of age. I’m Proud. Hunter eager to weigh the fish joins the crew up on the bridge for the return trip, the fish still bright blue below. Students, workers and alike join the crowd as we back into the slip. Congrats, from those waiting there, the word has gotten back to the island and several students come peddling up. Many questions asked and she’s interviewed by a few reporters doing assignments for various magazines on Midway, The fish was hung and weighed in at 249 lbs. Again more photos and Congrats from many. The fish was donated to be smoked. “You slide back and forth when you push off with your feet, and then reel down” she’s heard being quoted. Mike Gaautreaux, the island’s manager from Phoenix Corporation is there to offer his congratulations. Even one of the locals residents wants to make a Japanese fish print of it with acrylic paints and art again was created, nature’s brilliancy was lit again. The laundry crew noticed a shortage of bed sheets that afternoon

The bike rides were pleasant in the afternoons, down canopied lanes of green Australian Iron Wood dotted with the nesting terns, their snowy white feathers and black ruby eyes obvious. Bike trails take you off the main road and reveal other nesting birds hidden among the long stemmed grasses or downed wood shelters. A pair of Red Tailed Tropicalbirds care for one of their kind, the chick glaring out, wondering what’s out there. We finish off the afternoon with another wonderful swim. Dinner of Roast Duck, wine and Shirley temples that night, a treat for all, then a long needed sleep.

And to this day, her records still stands-- She's quite a bit older now--an Research Biologist at Oxford


--------------------------- Tuesday Saint Paddies day! --- March the 17th-------------

Notice--- Per required protocol JD's Tackle will only allow 10 customers in the store at a time! no exceptions!--------

Boats out fishing for the halibut and basses saying not much if any surface current for the drift--

Couple of boys in the shop bought a bag on anchovies and an eastern ovrseas woman came in and bought a hat! -- yikes!-- two more bags of anchovies and some hooks so far--

A tide book ,two lures and some reels that need line and service came in-- thanks for the biz- JD

closed up a little early today--

Monday March 16th - Closed_

The Pacific Queen called in with 60+ Bluefin Tuna (5 over 100 lbs.) with fish hanging.


Sunday- March the 15th 2020 closed for most of the day--

-------------------- Sat the 14 of March-------beware the Ides of March!----

Coastal waters, in the bay-- dirty and brown-, outside the harbor it cleans up quickly-- reaching 61+ degrees- downhill current with a light downhill/west 2-5 kt wind.

White Seabass -- The daily bag and possession limit is three fish except that only one fish may be taken in waters south of Point Conception between March 15 and June 15. The minimum size limit is 28 inches total length or 20 inches alternate length.

Spoke to a customer this morning who had just recently returned from Catalina-- he's seen Bluefin Tuna just outside Long Point a 1/2 mile off the beach, Big 80+ fish pushing bait/ birds and jumping fish!

The Tomahawk called in with 30 Bluefin Tuna (11 between 150 - 180 lbs. and 6 at 50 - 60 lbs.) as well as 10 Yellowtail for 18 anglers on Day 2 of their 2 Day trip. They reported great conditions. The Pacific Queen returned with 47 Bluefin Tuna (15 @ 120 to 170 lbs, the rest are 20 to 70 lbs.) for his 1.5 Day Trip.

Mild weather allows a couple of boats out today- strong tidal movement along the shoreline - carring debri, scraps of kelp and weed that makes for a lot of fouled lines- just outside it in deeper clean water 100 or deeper brought a few halibut bites----bait was metered better today

Weather coming in this next weekend-- so far water temps holding well- above 61 degrees--

better luck next week-- JD


-------------- Light cloud cover-- a spatter of rain here- there- more coming later-- seas look good so far-- light southeast wind 2-4 kts-- swell low-

Lots of people getting out of their house today- walking and bike riding-- some boating activity

The Tomahawk called in with 2 Bluefin Tuna (160# and 130#) with 5 hanging for 18 anglers on Day 1 of their 2 Day trip. They reported great conditions.

The Pacific Queen called in with 9 Bluefin (100#-150#) for his 1.5 Day Trip.

San Pedro weather buoy still holding-- - Water Temperature Water Temperature (WTMP): 61.3 °F

Bluefin tuna--- still lots of open line class categories open for the local angling clubs--- world records? stand by---

Winter time is tough on some of the older folks-- Sad note:- Past President of the Balboa Angling Club and long-time member, Bob “Fergie” Ferguson passed away in his sleep at home on Thursday, March 12th. Fergie recently had been hospitalized No services are planned at this time;

Good sunset!


-------- March the 13 Friday! --- Yikes!--------Plagues, Locust, earthquakes, volcano's' ---------------------beware the Ides of March!

Overcast with light rain, wind from the south light 5-6 kts- seas calmed for the moment, clearing wind later this afternoon- tides still strong with a lot of water coming out of the harbors this morning with that draining tide.

Cool old sailing ship at the dock the other day




1969 Chris-Craft Lancer with walk thru cuddy cabin

For Sale !!. $5,500 OBO. Runs great and catches fish. Motivated seller !!!!!

Call or TEXT to Todd at 949 500-7422 or E mail to todd@soundwavessocal.com


Attention Fred Hall Attendees, We are sorry to inform you that the upcoming Del Mar Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds March 26-29 has been canceled because the County of San Diego and State of California has issued a mandate to cancel all events over 250 people. At this time we are looking to reschedule for a future date. All tickets that have been prepurchased will be refunded. We are very sorry to miss you all and we will let you know when we are able to reschedule. Thanks -Fred Hall Show Team

Being in retail--- and working with the public brings all sorts of folks into the shop- from all ends of the world-- dealing with curancy, cash and credit cards brings one to work with gloves- ! Even if due precautions are taken, yet avoidance of cash usage can not be avoided and as such it becomes one of the most easy carrier for spreading any virus. It's reiterated that you should wash your hands, including after handling money, especially if you’re eating or touching food.


Woked on a few reels today-- not much else-- went home early- JD


--------------------------- March 12 2020- ------------------

Building rain clouds and light showers into the day and night-- wind fair to stiff from the west, seas sloppy no ones out maybe some sailors!

Good time to stay at home, pull out a few of the old reels or rods to give them a quick check over-- at the least, a wipe down with Pledge wax , that really preserves rods and reels- fills in the small cracks in the rods finish and prevents rust under the guides and protects the reels finish

Well a check on the weather buoys off San Pedro-- still holding above the 60 degrees mark- at 60.8--

Wind, strong swings to come in from the south--


Good day to spend some time working on the Bamboo rod blanks-- still a lot of sanding needed to shape them- each of the 6 sides razor scrapped and sanded to keep the taper straight and flat.


Wind and seas calmed towards the late afternoon hours

Bay waters dirty brown , probably full of rain-washed street gutters and debris


EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION ENSO Alert System Status: Not Active Synopsis: ENSO-neutral is favored for the Northern Hemisphere spring 2020 (~65% chance), continuing through summer 2020 (~55% chance). During February 2020, above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) were evident across the western, central, and far eastern Pacific Ocean. The latest weekly Nino-3.4 and Nino-3 indices were near-to-above average. Equatorial subsurface temperatures remained above average during the month with positive anomalies spanning the western to the east-central equatorial Pacific. Tropical convection remained suppressed over Indonesia and was enhanced near and just west of the Date Line. . Overall, the combined oceanic and atmospheric system remained consistent with ENSO-Neutral. In summary, ENSO-neutral is favored for the Northern Hemisphere spring 2020 (~65% chance), continuing through summer 2020 (~55% chance;


----------March 11 2020 Wed-----

Ha- those weathermen sure missed this one- heavy rain, thunderstorms and waterspouts-- ha-- - blue sky this morning a few lingering clouds on the horizons and a light south wind-- seas good and holding their water temp- coastal bay waters look clean and healthy- small bait fish fry in the shallows and pelicans diving down on surface smelt-

There might even be a boat out deep dropping today--sounded like it-- stand by--

Turns out a beautiful day--

Better luck tomorrow-

Web site might be down for the day--- -- sorry server problems -JD


------------- March 10 2020- Tuesday-------------- light rain- sprinkles and light cloud cover-- wind from the southeast fair 8-12 kts-- seas bumpy with wind chop , med west swell-

Not a whole lot going on today-- working of a few reels that had wear on them- some weekly paperwork- , stock the store with a few items that had been sold, sold a hats and a sweatshirt to some visitors from out of town- , no ones on the radio-

tides are strong , rain this evening will back up on that incoming tide- should exit the harbor tomorrow pushing 3 kts!

Grunion run late tonight- have fun---

They say thunder storms and maybe even water spouts tomorrow-- should be interesting--

----------- Sunday March 8 2020 ----Closed on Mondays--

Nice day- puffy clouds around- sky's blue behind them- wind light to fair from the south- light wind chop and small west swell

Still some sea bass around and those deep water halibuts or the occasional grumpy sand bass should still be there--

the coastal bay waters or surf fishers speak of Spotfin Croaker and the grunion run might spur a better halibut bite-

might be some squid around-- metered 130- 150 ft, bottom marks? red crabs?

hope the weather this coming week doesn't foul things up- stand by

----------- Saturday- March the 7th 2020-------

Broken cloud cover- spots of sunshine and darkling clouds-- wind light to fair from the south- light wind chop to it- otherwise good-

The question keeps coming up -- when was the last Broadbill Swordfish-- (now demeaned down to just swordfish) caught locally via deep dropping-- I'd have to say around the middle of December--maybe commercially taken after that--Hi JD, I believe it was on Sat., Jan 4th my dad and I saw the boat Chronic get a swordie off Huntington Beach

When will they be back--- well those 200- 300-+ that were taken will not be back that's for sure- how many left- ? a thousand? April and May wouldn't be too early to think about them again-- past experiences speak of seeing surface fish in the early spring and into the summer months - -

Tides dropping out at 2.7 kts !

local fishing --- on the slow side today-- a few bottom fishes- lizards, small bass , no mackerel-

Not much going on today-- some pier fishermen and bay bass casters-

better luck tomorrow- JD


------------ Friday-- it's friday again--March the 6th -- Feels a bit like a May Gray day-- light overcast calm here on the beach- seas calm-- no wind-- Full Moon on Sunday strong tide flows- stand by!

Some regatta sailors out-- not much wind for them today--

Looks like there were a dozen or more boats headed to the islands this weekend, Rockfish , whitefish, some sculpin and reds, sheepheads being the main fish reported by the local party boats--

Rock Cod fishing-- This fishery is open to boat-based anglers from March 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 Take of these species is prohibited seaward of the 75 fathom depth contour (450 feet), ). The daily bag and possession limit is 10 fish in combination of all species within the RCG Complex (includes all species of Rockfish, Cabezon and Greenlings) per person, with a sub-limit on black rockfish (4 per person) and canary rockfish (3 per person), also included in the 10-fish RCG Complex aggregate limit. Yelloweye rockfish, link opens in new windowbronzespotted rockfish, and cowcod may not be retained (bag limit: zero).

Next week looks a little windy! better fish while you can--

nice afternoon with those soft marine afternoon clouds building up-

Have a fun weekend-- JD

thanks for all you support over the years-- JD

------------------ Thursday March 5 2020-------------

Nice day-- warm and a light cloud cover- almost humid with the coastal haze- wind light to fair from the west 4- 8 kts-

Tackle giant Shimano has pulled out of three fishing events across the US this weekend as the Coronavirus pandemic spreads there. The news comes as the organiser of the IWA OutdoorClassics, one of the world’s largest trade shows of its kind, announced a new date for its show after cancelling the March event last week. Shimano has pulled out of the Fred Hall Long Beach Show, the Houston Fishing Show and the Bassmaster Classic...

E Mail from the Show-- The Fred Hall Show will be open as scheduled, Wednesday March 4 - Sunday, March 8. The Fred Hall Show and the The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center employs strict sanitation procedures to ensure the health and safety of our guests and employees. We are monitoring the situation closely with local health agencies and continue to promote preventative measures including frequent hand washing and surface cleaning procedures. There are many hand sanitizing stations located throughout the event, and restrooms will be continually monitored to ensure adequate supplies of hand sanitizing soap and paper towels are available. In addition, the Long Beach Convention Center is sanitizing handles and surfaces in all restrooms on a regular basis. We encourage everyone to come and enjoy the show while remembering the importance of standard preventative measures including frequent hand washing. We are looking forward to hosting the 74th Annual Fred Hall Show as a memorable experience for our valued guests and exhibitors


Note:-Recreational lobster season closes at 12:00 a.m. on the first Wednesday (night) after the 15th of March. The Ides of March!


The History of Sportfishing A 9-part film series produced in the style and spirt of award-winning documentary film makers Ken Burns and Bruce Brown. Since the beginning of time man has fished to provide food for survival. Over the decades fishing has woven itself into the very fabric of our souls and is as much a part of America as baseball, apple pie and the 4th of July. This is the story of how the sport of fishing was born. Chapter 1 - The Birth of Big-game Fishing Chapter 2 - Birth of Bass Fishing, Chapter 3 - Birth of Fly Fishing Chapter 4 - Evolution of Rods, Reels & Line Chapter 5 - Evolution of Boats, Motors & Electronics Chapter 6 – Spirit of Competition - Freshwater Chapter 7 – Spirit of Competition – Saltwater Chapter 8 – Women in Sportfishing Chapter 9 - The Future of Sportfishing – Conservation




Divers releases baby giant sea bass onto the bottom in 25 feet of water along the southern shore of Santa Monica Bay. a team of scuba-diving biologists on Wednesday released nearly 200 baby giant sea bass that could grow to be a quarter ton or more in size. The four-inch infants — adorned with orange, blue and gray colors — can reach 560 pounds or more, seven feet in length and live to be 75 + years old.

They are also as imperiled as black rhinos. Giant sea bass were among the most overfished species in the 1930s. Today, fewer than 500 breeding adults cruise Central and Southern California’s coastal waters, according to a recent genetic study. “Total success!” “They were behaving as though they had been raised in the wild instead of in captivity,” he said. “Some were chasing each other around. , operations director of the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. “We’re incredibly proud,”

Some older photos of Giant Black Sea Bass


In collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Cal State Northridge and Cal State Long Beach, 180 baby giant sea bass reared at the San Pedro facility were released Another 175 from the Long Beach aquarium are expected to be released next week. Their parents, each weighing about 200 pounds, were tagged and then released into the ocean in October. Aquarium officials asked that the exact locations not be made public to improve the fish’s odds of survival.




AIS Grand Princess-

------ Wed's the 4th of March- 2020----------

Some morning cloud cover with a mix of hazy sky- wind light to fair 5- o kts from the south-- seas have a south wind chop on a small west swell-

Only barge workers so far on the radio- there were some boaters taking the advantage that other anglers were attending the Fred Hall show today--- fist and elbow bumping instead of the old hand shake when meeting old friends or associates

TROPICAL CYCLONE POTENTIAL BULLETIN ISSUED BY METEOROLOGICAL SERVICE OF NEW ZEALAND CURRENT STATUS OF CYCLONE ACTIVITY There are presently No tropical cyclones in the Coral Sea or South Pacific areas. FORECAST. OUTLOOK UNTIL 1200 UTC SUN 08-MAR-2020 No tropical cyclones are expected

The day stayed a bit on the quiet side here on the beach today-- AIS shows boats workin the grounds off Collenet, Northern Baja, the Thunderbird returning form a trip to =San Clemente island. Squid reported off the back side of Catalina.

San Pedro weather buoy shows Water Temperature (WTMP)@ : 61.5 °F, Mission Bay buoy showing Water Temperature (WTMP)@ : 61.2 °F

The weekends weather looks good-- Tuesday it blows

San Clemente island open too

Another looks at the changing conditions out front of us--along the west coast-

Last months water temps, this month so far and a chlorophyll chart showing the flow of off colored plankton rich water creeping down from up north--

It appears that that body of colder 50 degree water has retarded back northwards a bit , the 60 degree ( dark blue) has dropped a little further south and there's still the offcolor water to the outside/south of point Conception and the Purple color denotes clear blue water-- - we'll have to watch to see how far south or goes-- Springs here a little early lets hope it continues to improve the conditions--



------ Tuesday March the 3rd 2020 ----------------

It started off good but by noon a stiff wind from the west-- seas have a wind chop to them.

A call from Steve. H fishing below the harbor-- a live green backed mackeral brought a bite-- hopefilly a WSB but it turns out to be a est. 100+ Black Sea Bass- released alive and well- good battle though !

Fishing deep water for those winter time Halibuts--- 200 ft in depth w/ 3lb sinkers and green backed macks, bounce balling

Reports from down south/ Mexico/ PV say some big Yellowfin being caught ! 300 lbers

What a change in weather- blowing different directions west, northwest, calm, south west again-- crazy

if your going to the Fred Hall Show--- have fun--


Still closed on Mondays--- sorry- house, yard and boat all need to be worked on-- JD

------------ March the 1st 2020--- something about lambs and lions----

Blustery day- wind from the west , choppy cloudy--

Fishing where they can-- several smaller skiffs and rental boats fishing the bay this morning-- , not much in the way of tide movements to stir up things-- fishing fair--but still fishing!

BAC's Annual Awards for 2019 was held at the club house this year, freshly painted and sparkly white the Club is honored with some great anglers. Some noted highlights were Johnnie Crean's 304 lb Broadbill Swordfish taken on 50 lb line, a 51 lb Halibut on 20 lb tackle by Bill Woodruff, Tom Pleager's World Record Bluefin Tuna taken on 50 lb tackle, Vick Sommers, 65.8 lb White Sea bass on 50 lb tackle, also a 55.1 WSB on 20 lb line earning him the Outstanding Angler of the Year Award, not to be out done with his brother landing a remarkable 63.1 WSB on 12 lb tackle. Most marlin released Award was a tie with the Prospector and Pescador - good fun, good drinks and lots of fish tales!

---------- Sat. Leap Day! Feb. 29 2020-------

Mix of clouds strong wind from the south-- add in some wind chop-- but still a sunny day-- some boats out lots of folks wandering around-- bicyclers, kayakers, sailors etc.

Attended the Tuna Club of Avalon semi-annual club meeting this morning-- History carries on in the Club-- Still fishing the traditional Dacron and linen fishing lines --- and looking into the modern fishing lines of mono and braid lines. Like many of the clubs these days the use of deep dropping for broadbill swordfish is of discussion and it's merits, credibility and sportsmanship use.

Not much going on today-- worked on some reels and some paperwork-- always paperwork to do--

BAC's Awards on Sunday--

-------------- Friday---Friday again-- Feb 28th 2020---------

Mostly cloudy today warm, light south 1-3 knts -seas calm-

The Tomahawk returned with 4 Bluefin Tuna (1@60# and the other 3 between 120#-150#) on their 1.5 Day trip. They recommend 50# fluorocarbon and a 1/0 Size Hook.

Tides flattening out-- Swordfish tide around noon- stand by--

The boys from Salty Crew clothing came by this afternoon , they been dragging small crank baits in the harbor - saying they caught quite a few smaller halibuts and some bass-- good way to spend some time out of the office !

Should be a nice sunset-- enjoy it--

You'll need some Good luck this weekend- dropping barometer as the front moves in--


--------- Thursday- Feb.. 27 th 2020--------------

Another nice day not bad for the deepest pat of winter-- warm and mostly sunny- light cloud cover- wind gentle from the south- seas calm

Reports of the Bluefins out towards the 43 over the past few days-- couple of boats ut there today-- looks like there were drifting /w chum

The Tomahawk called in with 1 Bluefin Tuna (60#), great sign of fish and beautiful weather on their 1.5 day trip.

Stayed calm all day- high overcast- weird for February-

Today is the Peskys awards and this weekends the BAC Annual awards on Sunday--and the Tuna Club of Avalon lunchen on Saturday

good luck if you get out tomorrow - should be a pleasant day on the water--


----- Wed's day-- Feb.. 26th 2020---my how does the time fly-

Pale blue sky this am, warm, light 3-6 kts+ west wind in the morning - seems to be holding for the rest of the day- seas good- light wind chop-

A call out to see if any sea bass were caught this morning-- a short reported and good signs of bait along the coastline--- no Bluefin sightings as of the past day that I've heard-- but they're around though--- mostly an nocturnal fish they wouldn't have traveled north yet? now that's a good question did those schools go north!

Not much was said on the radio today-- some bass and a whitefish! better luck tomorrow-- Windy!!


------- Tuesday- Feb 25th 2020 ------ Mardi Gras day!

Something about the morning fog-- as it lifts off the water- the ocean smooth- sky bright blue behind white and gray--magical- seas are calm- wind as it lifts, soft from the south,

the sand bass were biting-- and sea bass too

Were in to 11:12 hr of sunlight today-- gaining about one minute of sunlight each day .

Every day now that the weather holds on the positive side- is another day towards the warming summer months - and more gamefish


Weather great like it is--- several boats out-- some even looking for those elusive Bluefin--- saying they seen a good amount of baits up showing on today's slack -- but not metering any bigger fish under them--- still it looks good


and this time of year you'd hope to see more yellowtail or seabass move in-- standing by !!


Vick calls in-- looking for more line-- the IGFA 12lb test line he was using was being being taken away from him , down to the last few yards left, his rewards of a White Sea Bass credits him for the 1st Fish Flag/ White Sea Bass for the BAC-- and a healty fish at that almost 60lbs-- !

Springs here!


------- 2019----------------------------------------2020-----------

A look at the water temps off the West Coast-- From last years conditions and of this years - for a 8 day period.

White marks the leading edge of the 60 degree water , and purple is the 50 degree mark

Those offshore winds that sweep off the Central California coastlines create extensive upwelling of colder sub-surface waters occurs,. The prevailing northwesterly winds acting through the Ekman Effect drive surface water to the right of the wind flow,, which draws water up from below to replace it. The upwelling further cools the already cool California Current. This is the mechanism that produces California's characteristic coastal fog and cool ocean water-

What's the forecast of fishing It all depends how long and strong the offshore's winds blow and what deters that flow of water this coming Spring as the Davidson currents strengthens



----- Sunday- Feb 23 2020--------------Closed on Monday , enjoyed the back yard's sun reading Hemingway and drinking Belgian beer!

Wind came out of the southwest this AM continues throughout the day - light wind chop-

sand bass continue to be the only bigger fish caught these days-- and only a few at that-., sea lions taking the baits of fish hooked up below the harbor off Crystal Cove-- and Clemente was said to be slow for the bass- except sheepheads and whitefish ( un kept)

Tides again moving strong- both flow and ebb

The Bad Company/Down Under- New Zealand world-- headed out soon to test the northern waters , it's the home of those giant Broadbill Swordfish-

- Pictured below is the new world record swordfish (80-lb. line class) weighing 813 lbs. that was caught - after a fight of 14 hrs 20 min - May 28, 2003, by angler Gerry Garrett aboard "Major Tom II" fishing New Zealand's Bay of Islands. The Garden Patch- an area known to hold these giants-- and the bigger an life Striped Marlin live there too with IGFA showing record catches 494 lbs, 466, 423 , 414 and lots of 300 lb fish-Stand by!

Baseball Spring training again starts today - lets hope the Angles do better this year-- ! --

Water temps still holding at 60 to 61 degrees, guess we'll have to wait till it gets above 63 before much happens-


------ Sat 02-22-2020-too

Light sprinkle of rain, some clouds not much of a rainstorm-- wind light from the south- seas ok- light w swell-

It took some time to figgur it out--- It was the difference of .001 of an inch--- that torqued the main shaft out of shape by one of the electric motorized assist handle crankers for deep dropping - the Talica 50 2 speed- just didn't work right-- the amount of added torque on the main drive shaft had distorted it, not much but enough for the reel to not function correctly- shifting became difficult and jumped in and out of gear-- Those electric assist attachments -can cause problem--

Now that that reel is serviced and back in working shape- there's another set of challenges-- they had spent their time in Baja this past several seasons-- it's time to go through them again- lube- bearings handles, drag plates and loose screws all need to be addressed and new line then installed

if your reels need to be serviced, Give JD's a call -est 1- 2 weeks repair time- JD



---------- Friday-- it's friday again--- Feb the 21st 2020--

Nice clouds overhead-- wind light to medium from the south w/ light wind chop .

Building clouds and wind -- not many folks out today-- a few calico bass fishing south of the harbor-- only fair fishing for them-- the artificial reefs and structure spots north of the harbor generally have a good showing of Sand Bass this time of year--

------------- Thursdays Report --02/20/2020----------a lot of 0's and 2's too!

Light morning fog- w/ a light southwest clearing wind as it lifts, Seas good- not many out-- some kayakers paddling around-- tossing plastics and paddling

Whale watchers still seeing whales,

These days-- with some time on hand , able to service reels after this past season's work, a pair of International work horses - --

Nice afternoon and sunset--

A look into some satellite images of the west coast it's water temps and surface currents movements leads one to think there is a light but steady flow of water emerging from inside Guadalupe Island in towards the northern Baja's coastline , Ensenada and up from there-

------ Wed's Report ----Feb 19th 2020

Coastal clouds light-- wind med/light from the south 3-7 kts seas good- light wind ruffle

Not many out - at least on the radio- couple of kayackers drifting by the shop- spottie fishing- waters clear, clean and cold.

Tides have a good flow to them

Radio gets a little more active--

- I'm 6-8 off the beach between Newport and Dana-- haven't seen much yet, soaking a bait----

you get bit back there ?--,

E-mail from yesterday-- JD, Ran over to the island for a hoop net trip on Sunday, about 6-7 miles out we ran across a ton of bait, and crashing on it were what we thought were porpoise, but were a mix of porpoise and tuna. Dropped some jigs on them (no live bait) but couldn’t get anything to go. Also saw a TON of sardines about 2 off Long Point, with seals, porpoise, birds, and some deep meter marks (squid?) underneath it. Couldn’t get anything to go though. Tons of bait all the way from Avalon to Long Point. Flat glass all the way over, not a breath of wind. -Robert

Some nice sized 5-7lb Bonitos over at Catalina--

The other day the fish were in the off colored dirty water- that's where the bait was-- too hard to slow troll a bait without it getting all fowled up in grass --but that's were the fish were-

A little band of off colored water stretches down from the Huntington flats southward to below and inside the 14--

- A couple satellite images of the local water temps and the Chlorophyll chart --->








----------- Tuesdays Report Feb 18th ---------------

We're out looking but it's queit for now , when We first got out here this moring there were signs og bait-- birds but it's quiet for now-- ( outside of Newport)

E- Mail from yesterday JD, My buddy threw his first bait out this morning. Got picked up by a seagull. He tugged it loose and once the bait hit the water. Wham... got spooled with the boat in full reverse. Fun day. 3 off San Clemente pier. Chris K


there's bird schools and bait solid all the way up here to the power plant ( off Huntington) no show of tuna yet but the baits here-- just waiting for them to come up- 11:02 am

Coastal surface currents today--- shows it a light downhill current-- Mag: 15.00 cm/s 0.292 kts Dir: 126.87° from N

The last few days it seemed the fish came up after the tidal low , stand by-- low tide today 12:49 pm

No hook ups as of yet-- 12:42 Standing by--

-- and the day goes on--- 2:43 and still no one saying they've got a hooks up--- whale watchers and a half dozen boats working an area 5 6 off the beach where there were signs of bait schools

- Spoke to Steve-H - he's been working around the 14 Mile Bank today--seeing good signs of bait, mammals - some deep meter marks-- looked good but no tuna for him - best area he saw was just 5 miles east of the 14-

The boats all said it looked good w acres of Anchovies seen but I don't think anyone put a fish aboard-- bluefin---

It was said the "Natchos" had no bait--

Afternoon hours began to glass off- nice afternoon--

Maybe they fish will show up tomorrow?


Monday-Congratulations to Chase Jaramillo who caught the Balboa Angling Clubs First Tuna of the year. 52.9 lbs on 30# 02/16/2020

Just got bit--- slow troll-- 11:52 Bluefin off Newport 5 off the beach--

Popping up here there-- but hard to get on - too fast to get on-- maybe slow trolling some small macks might entice them-

Had him to color three times--70-80 lbs fish--- pulled the hook at the boat! 1:03

they're up behind us-- two big spots-- yesterday they were up good around 2 pm-- standing by

just marked a huge mark-- down around 80 ft--

just had one--- missed him-- didnt eat the bait all the way down-- another big spot up -- 1:20

that was a big school--- got one hanging--- 1:25pm

we're 0 for 2 , just broke one off chewed us off-- what lb leader-- we're using 30--

we're lucky to get this one on board 70-80lb - congrats-- thanks

took a while to catch a dozen baits--- Im inside you- a 1 - 1/2 mile there's fish here too

we're on--- again-- 1:37 -- that fish blew up big time on the mackeral--- he's off ---we're 0 for 3 now! 1:38

come on out here-- just had one blow up on the baits, just missed it--- there fish up in front of you--1:52

Vick just lost one too- made a turn at the boat and popped him off-- 2:09

They up high and dry-- just hooked two on the jigs--- 2:18

Decker put one aboard- First fish for the Pesky's

---------------- Feb 16th 2020- Sunday---- still closed on Mondays-- JD

-- Morning light fog lifted off leaving a light marine haze seaward-- blue inland-wind along the coastline light with the lifting marine clouds- seas good

We'll that rumor was right-- Bluefin Tunas , school of them up chasing baits while the Whale watching boat out of Dana were seeking whales but seeing these 20-40lb tunas up crashing the baits-- located some 4 miles off the San Clemente Pier ( that shelf along here)

If I remember correctly , as out approach to catching bluefin tunas has morphed several times over the past seven or eight years since the first years after that last strong El Nino when we had a early season of these smaller bluefin first show up, the spooky fish were long distance cast to with poppers or small hard jigs , others would find an area of fish sign and set up shop , drifting with chunked baits, a live bait caught fish but the chunked 3/4 - 1 inch of anchovies or sardines did very well- lighter weight hooks helped the chunks drift downward more natural. Might be a method worth trying again-- good luck JD

And Bluefin tunas seen today off Newport ----- He thought there were dolphins or porpoius-- but nope- Bluefin tunas-- the Newport Coastal Whale watching boat seeing them ! 4 miles out of the harbor---- 12:20pm

and a Sablefish was taken eariler this week off Newport close to a 30-40lb fish-- ( I think deep dropping) ( kept on the QT )

And a another call-- it's-- wide--- open--- at lest seeing them-- all they had was a small plastic lure for calicos and 8lb test- ! had a few fish turn on it-- but missed it-- 1:19 pm 2 outside the harbor entrance--

-- Vick calls in he's five from the harbor-- bino's reveal bird schools all with fish on them-- maybe a five mile spread of fish!! 2:06pm

and a report of one fish hung just now-- 2:10

Boat just came up to the dock saying there buddy had 10 bluefin!--- 2:19 ??

Up and down-- for now the fish seemed to have gone down-- bait was at around 50 ft- 3:27pm

might be a tide deal ?

One boater even had a kite up--!

weather - nice--

Good luck tomorrow if you get out--


----------------- Feb 15th Sat 2020--------

Same as yesterday only a little more marine haze towards the coast, cooler too-morning light wind from the south 2-4 kts, seas good- light ruffle to the surface--

Whale watchers again on the radio this morning speaking of grays and fin backs seen-- nice day like this, be a outing the kids might enjoy-- or head to the OC fair grounds for the Pacific Coast Sportfishing's fishing tackle show--

Speaking of fishing tackle shows-- too bad the AM radio talk show doesn't recognize it- there's a lot of the tackle manufactures there to display their goods and good fishing information's given out there. Maybe next year?

And speaking of trade shows and boat shows as they all seem to go together these days-- thinking of buying a boat-- and have it decked out with new electronics and even a Seakeeper--and have all the cost financed out over years -- why not include a complete package of new fishing tackle to go along with it-- Tackle packages range from 5 K to 20 K - Ask your dealer to contact JD's for details--





And the rumor mill continues-- Bluefin off Box Canyon outside and above Oceanside! 11:21am

Boats fishing the Huntington flats or on the outside, some of the older art reefs finding a few biting bass here in the afternoon hours-


------------ Feb 14th Valentine's Day 2020 ------------------

Blue again with a added marine haze and a few clouds-- wind fair and seems building from the West 5-8+ kts-- seas OK with a small wind chop to them-

Whale watchers still finding the Gray's migrationg in pairs or singles headed south--

Weather looks good for the weekend travels--

Things are getting better-- high pressure building and the bass were showing better in the counts-- Yellowtail reported off the back side of Catalina-- nice big ones 20-40lbs-- should be some sea bass there too! Bonito found slow trolling feathers off the east end-- pebbly beach- to around the cornner


have fun this weekend-- JD


-- Feb 13th -- Light blue above- hazy white on the ocean's horizon- wind light from the southwest 1 -3 kts- seas calm- light wind ripple

Feels like Spring each day now-- daylights eariler and sunsets later- birds are nesting and plants are blooming early-- Febuary has nothing on us-

Made only one cast off the dock this morning-- customers and boats got in the way-- no bites but the water's looking better--

Westerly keep up keeping the air and water on the cool side--

Not much going on today-- couple of boats headed to Mexico/ and up into the Sea of Cortez this time of year--

and the Orance County fair Grounds hosting the Pacific Sportfishing fishing trade show starts tomorrow-- fine something interested there- let us know-- JD

Good luck JD

Happy Valentines Day!

-----------Feb 12 ----------- Morning blue sky-- high wispy cirrus clouds above 18,000 ft, coastal and closer to the water a light marine haze , wind light from the south 2- 4 kts- seas calm

Only a few boaters out so far-- -

The day stayed cold-even no sunny wind from the south for most of the day- small wind chop not may fishers out-- those that were targedted the local banks and artificial reefs, Sand Bass for the most part- being caught-

Better luck tomorrow - JD

Tides starting to even itself-- not much being caught here in the bay-- water cold and too good of visibility

----- Tuesdays Report Feb 22 2020-------

Windy and choppy as that wind switched from calm this morning to a strong East then South and to bend out of the West this afternoon-- Tides till strong with major swings-- not many out of any--

Bay and coastal waters-- having the cold nights has settled any plankton - it's clear maybe 10 12 ft visibility


Wind changed directions- then settled down to a light southeast nice- seas let down, high pressure regained it's status and the bass bit well-


This Weekend- it's the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Tackle, Boat and Travel Show at the @OC Fair and Event Center February 14-16.....bigger and better than ever with a new hall added to grow the show.......great vendors, awesome boats and the best seminars on the west coast







And another sad note of the passing of a noted Captain James Ronas


------ Sunday the 9th of Feb 2020 ------ Closed on Mondays-----

Showeres and light rain- wind from the south gusty , seas white caps from that south wind-- no ones out-- Better weather Next Tuesday--

Good News-- This mornings AM radio fish talk radio program had Tom Green call in- he's a spotter pilot aviator currently spotting for the Tuna fleet-- As you know the Pacific Bluefin Tuna being under management has a quota allowed harvest per year. Tom enjoying the air for the past 48 years has a pretty good perspective on the West Coast's ocean sealife . A good judge of size and mass of tunas school being seen from above. Quote " If you thought the schools of tuna were big last year-- wait till you see what's coming!" remarking of a school he's seen 2 miles in length and 1/2 mile wide-- big Pacific Bluefin Tuna.--nothing looked to be under 160 lbs-- Yikes!

Tom's position helped the Tuna fleet to obtain their yearly quota! Feb ! -- in three weeks fishing time they filled their fill- When asked about the fishes movements pertaining what we as So Calif boaters could hope for, Weather dictates it mainly-- cold water pushing down from the North may stall it- depends on the next few months in weather. The tuna fleet had been working the grounds 40 miles above Cedros Islands and over a three week period the schools moved to 80 miles above the island-- 40 mile in 21 days-- just under 2 miles a day-- Satilite images show the Ocean currents today flowing at 280 degrees at 0.3 km/h .

<----------------Coastwatch's images shows that area for todays inages

Stand By--


And Deep dropping for swordfish was also discussed--- like all types of fishing conditions that change-- as do methods and theories. Broadbill swordfishing- here in So Calif. is not a new thing-- it's been tried for 20 years or better- only once in a while was someone successful - Sharks ate up most of the baits-- now there gone for the most part --Were there always hundreds of swordfish swimming around under us while we didn't know it?-- Harpoon fleet felt ten to one, deep fish to one on the surface, who knew?

The deep water buoy gear was designed to help relieve the gill netting pressure- giving another alterative method of take without the by-catch killing . The social media helped spread the word, hundreds of swordfish caught this past year- various methods are still being tested, it's what fishermen do. The question comes to mind- will there be still hundreds of them this coming spring? I don't know-- As a scale of big game fish a look at the BAC 's yearbook shows marlin catches that vary yearly. In the 75 years of recording 23 years of them there were under 100 fish caught for the season , another 27 years there were over 200 fish caught. Some years were lean only 21, 32, 14 and several years none were caught! Other years were prolific at 421, 363, 531, 515, 502, 353 catches. But it changes just like the wind---One year at 393 the next only 13 or 14 caught then the next year 402 catches. Don't count on it-- There may be a few left around we put a dent in their population, we'll see what the ocean brings us this Spring and Summer - JD



-------------- Sat Feb the 8th 2020---

Morning fog making it drery and damp-- it starts to clear up 3-4 miles offshore still cold and some west wind to drive it through light clothing-- seas have a bump and small wind chop to them

. Still quite a bit of boating trafic-- crusing the bay- electric boats and others

Strong drining tide running out 2.9 kts--

San Dab fishing, some calico or sand bass- maybe a shot at a White Sea Bass or Yellow- -- that's about it for another two months or so-- so enjoy it


An epic video piece done by my good friend John Ellis of our Mag Bay trip lastNovember. 330 Striped Marlin release in a single day - 4 day total 900. 144 was the perfect host and support boat for this trip with 5 star dining and accommodations. We will attempt this same west coast style live bait pitching from the 144 in April at the famous and mysterious Wanganella banks in New Zealand where the Striped Marlin is triple the size of Mag Bay Marlin. Yep - TRIPLE!!! Enjoy.

Latest Video of the Mag Bay fishing trip from this past November aborad the Bad Company--

Good Luck tomorrow if you get out-- JD


---- Friday its Friday again Feb the 7th 2020--------

A pale ble sky this morning-- morning air cool but warming- no clouds, windss light from the West/southwest 4-7 kts seas have a little bump and wind chop to them--

Bay water clear- made another three cast no bites- quit-

Major tide swings this weekend - close to a 8 ft exchange-- a lot of water off the earths plates as well as the body of earth itself elongates-- earthquakes? Stand By--

Westerly stayed a light to med westerly for most of the day- still very travelable

Good luck this weekend if you get out-- Whale watchers sometimes monitor Ch 10 and 7 on the VHF


Tropical Cyclone Bulletins for Northern New Zealand are normally issued during the TC season from 1 Nov to 30 Apr,

A tropical depression 06F may lie over waters west of Vanuatu and it is expected to rapidly intensify over the weekend. This system is expected to slowly track southwards towards New Caledonia during Monday and Tuesday. Expect heavy rain for northern and central Vanuatu as well as areas of strong to gale force winds . Gale or storm force winds are expected for northern New Caledonia.


----- Thursdays Report ------------- Feb 6 2020---

Cold and brisk in the morning hours, goes away quickly as the sun gets up- Blue hazy sky- wind light from the south , seas good-- they tell me the Migration of Gray Whales is upon us from 18 feet of water to the depths between here and San Clemente, protocol in whale watching advises that boats must stay 100 yards from them and your not suppose to approach dolphins or porpoise- but if they come to you that's ok-- ! have fun

Moon's not quite full yet-- it'll slow down some of the squid harvest at Catalina or Clemente as it fills the midnight sky.

Had an older couple drop by the shop yesterday- to say high, tell a few fish stories and put a $20 bill in the cash drawer to say thanks for all the years of fish reports , I thank you and best of luck when you get out this season-- JD

Still a bit on the cool side but the rest of the day was pleasant . A call from a viewer of the web site spoke of fishing for halibut in deeper water, surprising deeper than I would have thought, 180 ft inwards to 170 ft-- and another customer in the shop spoke of the sand dab and sculpin catches by the partyboats that had deep water catches of halibut too-- Go deeper-- maybe you'll get a swordfish too?

US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 6-1 Newport Harbor will be putting on the Boating Skills & Seamanship 8 week course starts March 5 through April 23 at the Orange Co Sheriff Dept CDM call 714 309 5789

Goof luck if you get out this week- JD


----- Wed's Feb the 5th 2020------------

High overcast sky- feels like February-- cool and brisk, light wind from the south 3- 5 kts- seas fair-- some wind chop and a small swell

Coastal waters clear and cold-- made three casts today-- no bites-- quit

Weather stayed good for the day-- quiet on the radio though, this time of year only a few out fishing, we've got the upcoming Sportfishing Festival at the Orange County fairgrounds - then next Month the Fred Hall show-- till them we're chasing bass, maybe a yellowtail or sea bass or just practice fishing-



--------------------------- Tuesdays windy report ------- Feb.. 4th 2020----

Strong Northeast winds shutting down most boating traffic except for e few crazy sailors forecasted to become better towards the end of this week- It's pay the piper day!

Tides again start to build as that moon fills

Not much on the radio today--- some barge and cargo workers--- - a few happy sailors tacking up the bay--- and the crew boats doing their rowing thing-- stayed windy all day--


The dreams of a trip to New Zealand ponders heavy on the mind-- I visited there once back in my early days-- a trip that was to follow the travels of the writer and angler Zane Grey- a travel agency set it up to fish the same locations and lodges he fished at in both Salt and Sweet waters, Noth and South islands. Saved my nickels dimes quarters and dollars for the trip - turns out I was the only one who booked the trip, so I had all the camps or lodges too myself. From Kingfish Lodge on the North Island to Milford Sound on the South Island,

They were older boats then , slow trolling or dragging a dead bait in between small little islands/ rocks in the Bay of Islands , Mako Sharks did their toll on the baits

I think that top photo was one of the boats Zane Grey's fished on ( felt like it) , and another old classic boat that was charted for a dayMakos and Giant Yellowtails and photo of the way they rigged the dead baits with break away ties, once the marlin struck the bait the ties would break away until the last one secured to the tail , fish (marlin) swallows the bait head first-- the hook being the last to go down but the first coming out to catch.




Closed on Mondays-- we'll square up then!

------ Sunday Feb 2nd, Feb 2nd, Feb 2nd, Feb 2nd, Feb 2nd 2020 ----

Super Bowl Sunday-- will see who wins and who loses today---- weather changing from blue this morning- to a building cloud-cover and wind from the southwest as that low pressure storm approaches- drawing wind to it- Stand by for it to switch to a strong westerly-- standing by--

Couple boys out in the harbor this morning-- playing with the spotted bay bass or just practice fishing as it's called-

-- Still waiting for the wind--

Better weather forecasted next week-- let's hope this passing storm is not the foretelling of more fronts to sweep down from the north over the next several months , our 60 degree water and overall steady maintaining of these warm conditions since the Fall may help to stall off or at least keep the fronts to the north of Pt Conception.

Good Luck when you get out-- JD

Sat Feburary the 1st 2020-----------

Boy it doesn't get much better for the bottom or winter for us-- poor smucks back East facing cold winds and snow- ha!

Sunny and warm- not much wind- just enough to break the heat- seas calm light west swell- dozens of boats out to enjoy the day--- beautiful-

Not much in the way of tide swings today--drops and rises like two foot for the entire day

Looks like the 49ers are taking the edge in the Super Bowl Special bets-- Good Luck- Taking bets till the Kick off--- Stand By--

That's been about it so far-- saw a gray whale go right by us-- We're out here deep dropping out here-- see ya at the club later-- OK No bites but the day was nice--

Looks to be windy tomorrow afternoon and into Monday morning-- Stand By---

Some old and new advertisers to JD's Site-- thanks and hope your can take advantage of them-- JD

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----------- Friday it's Friday again, the 31st the last day of Jan 2020-

Bluer than yesterday-light marine haze seaward, light south wind 2-4 kts, seas calm w/ light west swell- nice

Several boats getting read yto head to Catalina today--for some hooping tonight and Sat for a Sunday's Super Bowl feast!

If there's any broadbill swordfish around- conditions are favorable for them to bask in the sun during today's high tide slack period-- - just after the noon hours- stand by--

Reported a couple of White Sharks seen up off the West end of the island ( West Cove area)

It was said that Squid was hard to make last night at Catalina--- with White Sea Bass being the goal- and halibuts - there were reports of sea bass being caught or hooked there.

and there was a few out deep dropping for swordfish- no hook up reported-

Deep water bounce balling for halibuts during winter months is an effective way to score some big fish-- Centered at 120 ft deep up to 80 ft a crisis crossing pattern reveals the depth the fish are at. Then working that depth along the shelf brings more strikes. Down Rigger weights working ( bouncing) the bottom with flashing dodger blades with trailing skirts or lures. Slow Mooching along the bottom with 8 to 10 oz torpedo sinkers and double hooked mackerel also scores well


Only a day left to get your Super Bowl bet in---- JD


---------------- Thursday Jan 30 2020- my how the months and years go by quickly

Blue sky a few high wispy clouds, wind 2-3 kts from the sea- south- seas calm

I envy private boats who on days like this that can run to the backside of Clemente Island and toss weedless plastics into brown kelp beds and wave washed rocky neighborhoods, the Calicos were biting-- good memories

Super Bowl Special on the Point Maker Hook Sharpners

Reduced down to $119.95

Best damn sharpner ever made--


------- Wed's Report Jan 29 2020------------------

Blue sky inland hazy blue here on the beach, wind light to fair from the west northwest 4- 9 kts seas wrinkled 0 swinging to the NE

Bay waters clear , light emeral green and clean -

Wind picking up mid day-- stand by--

Sort windows for boat travling up or down the coast from here to Baja-- good sized N/W swell and wind coming up the end of this week- Stand by--

Whale watchers speak of seeing sheep out there-- they must be out of Long Beach--

Now if Willys out there, maybe we'll see him basking this weekend-- somewhere around 1-2, 2:30 pm- at the rising mid day's tide in the warming sun.

Good luck tomorrow if you get out-- JD


------- Tuesdays Jan 27th 2020 ---------

Warming sunshine with hazy sky here on the beach-- wind light from the south if any- seas calm

I've got a whale here at the harbor entrance, and another Cow /Calf seen off Laguna this morning- seems like it's the beginning to the Gray Whale migration southwards to the warming waters of Baja

The Super Bowl Playoff Special still running about 50/50%-- the Gold Miners vs the Indians -- an age old feud --

Weather nice ans getting nicer- coiple boats headed to Catalina this afternoon- reported seeing Fin Whales mid channel by the 14 Mile Bank

Couple of boats out after the Broadbill Swordfish-- reports of a fish lost at the boat last Sunday-- there were even boats out drifing at night for a bite too

- Another quiet day here on the waterfront-- nice weather but not many folks out to take advantage of it- work gets in the way of things-



--------- Sunday Jan 26th 2020-Closed on Mondays-- -

Overcast cool almost dreary , light southeast wind 5-kts- seas good a few sailors and kayakers out-- uphill coastal currents a .18kts light wind ripple-

Radio silent except for the occasional voice to break the squelch.

no Broadbill Swordfish reported yet today-- sorry--

Coastal fishing includes a few Sand or calico bass maybe a Giant Black Sea Bass- or White, Mud marlin and San Dabs and sculpin-- have fun--

Gray sky-- gray day for all --- RIP

Hope for a better weather week ahead--


--------- Sat Jan 25th 2020--

Morning hours find overcast or light fog along the coastline-- cool weather despite it warming inland-- seas calm with a west swell on the outside, light south wind 2-4 kts , strong tides again-- -- several boats out either coastal bass and bottom fishing -some to Catalina for a weekend break and I hear a deep water swordfish boat or two was out, no reported swordfish yet-

-- Visiting relatives , comrades, friends and just folks out wandering around getting out of the house, find their way down here to Balboa Island for a stroll--A guy who salmon fishes up north and couple guys in today from South Africa -- fishing hidden uninhabited atolls half way to Madagascar for GT's and Black Marlins-- or four guys from Santa Ana just looking for a place to go fishin'

No fishing reports reported on the radio so far--

Better luck tomorrow-- the fish will be bigger then--



------ Friday's Jan 24th Report 2020--

Coastal clouds and light patchy fog early this am as the inlands heat drew in the moisture from the seas-- staying hazy gray here on the beach , wind light 2-4 kts from the south- seas calm light wind ripple- New Moon Tide-- earthquakes-

Made a few cast this morning-- no bites for me but met a couple guys who had been fishing the bay since dawn-- having released a dozen or more spotties and a legal halibut- water looks good but not much in the way of small fry seen in the shallows.

Coming up in a couple of months will be the Balboa Angling Club Lily Call bay tournament-- May 2-3 give the club a call or check their web site out for details-- and this coming weekend San Diego also having their bay tournament- -

No swordfish so far today-- standing by--

For those wanting to venture out this weekend-- San Clemente Island is open for anchorages overnight at Pyramid Cove-- should be some deep water yellows, maybe even sea bass or halibuts and the calicos should be there in that clear water-- fun fishing-- watch out for that big west swell off the backside of the island-

BAC still has all it's First fish Flags available

Quiet day on the waterfront today-- overcast for most of the day-- bring a sweatshirt or jacket if your going out tomorrow -

Wasn't sure if I heard them right-- whale watchers talking of Sperm Whales??

Best of luck this weekend- JD



-------------------- Thursday Jan 23 rd 2020 ---------

Warming temps , hight wispy clouds- wind light from the south 3- kts, seas kind-- still a strong tide drainage.

Not many out fishing-- AIS shows a couple of squid boats at clemente and catalina--

Third Annual War Heroes on Water sportfishing tournament will be held Aug. 20-23. WHOW 2020 will be the biggest yet! 1m fundraising target. 90 Vets, 30 Donated yachts. And for our first time, Sunday award dinner will be at the historic Avalon Casino on Santa Catalina Island. Also for the first time, we will have at least one full female team headed up by our lovely Ali Palmer Johnson on Surly Mermaid. Please get involved and donate, give these guys the support and love they deserve. Don’t make excuses, do something. Www.warheroesonwater.com or contact Rod Halperin tournament director.



-------------------- Wed's Jan 22 2020 ---------

Light cloud cover w blue sky behind it-- warming with this light offshore wind-- N/E 4-6 kts light wind chop on the water.

Stronger tides flow today-- 7.3 foot exchange-- from high to low 2.5 knts

Winter times gives one some extra time on my hands-- knowing it takes about 6 months of flat razor blade scrapping, sanding each side evenly w/ various grits of paper, fitting reel seats, handles and gimbals before the first varnishing, more sanding, another varnish coating and wet sanding then thread wrapping of guides and epoxy finish on them, signing and decals before a finished bamboo rod can be created-

all ahead of me.



A work of pride and ownership- JD

The week ahead looks good for boating-- fishing??


------ Tuesday Jan 21 2020------

Cloudy with a mix if wind mainly from the south-- light to fair wind chop on a otherwise flat sea, coastal fishing only fair at best- once in a while a sand bass or calico bass- some bank perch, sculpin or greedy lizard fish taking your baits

Again a building tide exchange over the coming weekend-- Stand By!

Took the day off yesterday, 1/2 day with my grandson fishing the bay for a couple small halibuts, and bass , learning how to cast a baitcaster without back-lasses is trying on the old man-- but he's getting better-

Weather backed off towards the afternoon hours-- glassy as that wind died out--

Water conditions still holding well for this time of year-- give it another month or two and we'll be getting into the Spring and warming conditions-- the report of Striped Marlin still being found in great numbers below the Mag Bay waters also spurs ones thoughts on water temps and bait schools that will push northwards along in the Davidson Current to bring good fishing this coming season.

Sunsets this time of year always good--

no swordfish reported today

maybe tomorrow

or the next


-----------------Sunday----- Jan 19 2020----Closed on Mondays -----

Another rotten day in So Calif for the middle of January- mid seventies calm wind and seas-- water in the low 60's and it's winter--- --the fish take a break once in a while too-- - sandies and calicos on deep water structure, kelp and squid showing up plentiful at Catalina and Clemente-- where there's some of those home guard bigger yellows hanging about--

Turned overcast and grayed up, still no wind- fishing slow overall-

Better luck next week--

Saturday----- Jan 18 2020-----------

Nice day- for the middle of January-- blue sky warming sunshine a few lazy clods around- seas OK- light wind maybe 2 kts from the south-- Couple of boats out today-- goofing around fishing for the bass and even a deep dropper or two out there-- Local party boats fishing for sandy's, perch, sculpin or whitefish-- -

BAC--- Please join us this afternoon seminar from 1-3 with US Boats. We will also have a speaker from PAC Fish regarding the white sea bass pens. Hot dogs & hamburgers on the patio & some great fish stories if you make it. Hope to see you there, Alison R Club Secretary

Nice day- no swordfish reported yet

----------------------Friday, Jan 17th 2020--------------

Clouds both high and low, wind light from the south- seas fine-- what happend to the big storm? Water temps and conditions remain stable--

water temps from 58 to 65 degrees

----------------------Thursday , Jan 16th 2020---------------

-Light wind from the south- southeast 5-8 kts maybe a bit higher, ses ok with a ligh south wind chop on a small west swell. Sky cloudy increasing from the west-- southwest-

Water temps at the San Pedro channel-60.6 °F / at Dana 60.1 °F, and the San Clemente island weather buoy is 59.0 °F

Not much going on in the fishy world these days--- working on the yearly bookkeeping and 2019- 4 qt Sales Taxes paperwork-- ( off only 17 cents )!

A chance to keep up on some of the older repairs of rods and reels that were needed

The threat of rain has quailed much of the boating--


----------------------Wednesday , Jan 15th 2020----------------

One of those lazy days here on the waterfront-- light marine haze overhead- wind light to fair from the west- light wind chop on a calm sea, air feels a bit cool- tide draining away-

Whale watchers happy to fine dolphin-- even running 5- 8 miles looking for it-

Mystery's of the sea--- they were out deep dropping for Broadbill Swordfish today-- till the wind came up and made it too uncomfortable "When the waves start slapping along the side of the boat, it's time to give it up"-- but what they found as they had motored from one spot to another was a pair of giant cuts in their rigged squid bait-- like a sword been stabbed through it sideways and tossed off - at least that was the guess- who knows what goes on down there??

And another e-mail earlier in the week- ask the similar question --what was that ??? -

Water temps still holding at th 60 degree mark

Better luck on Sat & Sunday after this front blows by--J--

--------------------- Tuesday, Jan 14th 2020------------------

Hazy blue gray and white sky- seas better than yesterday , calm today-- wind if any from the south 1 kts- tides starting to mellow out

Only a few boats out today-- those that were out yesterday tried the deep water 100- 130ft depth for halibuts-- couple of bites but no fish landed-

- Was asked the other day about live bait here in Newport-- not that the bait barge is out of the harbor till the early Spring-- Dana Point has good supply of sardines and anchovies usually, or make the run to Long Beach bait receivers-- and if available try to reach any of the squid boats at catalina if they've got any for sale ( ch 11) ,

Or you might have to make it yourselves-- sardines, small or med- sized mackerel are prime live baits. finding them is the challenge-- maybe as much as finding some fish to eat them-- , meter marks , birds, current break, structure all help-- and chum helps too!--


Fishing off Catalina was said to be slow due to the cooler water temps, they had good sardines but there wasnt much in the way of squid available

Bait metered off the newport shelf- 150 ft depth-- not much inside from there-

----------------------Sunday , Jan 12th 2020-------------Closed on Mondays

Blue above, gray and ble on the edges-- light wind from the south- swung to the west mid day-- still nice , some swell- no fish (swordfish) reported, although a bite or two was reported ---

lots of folks out visiting relatives from back East were enjoying the sun and water-

Better luck tomorrow-- JD

---------------------Saturday , Jan 11th 2020--------------------

Wind out of the Southeast brisk and cold- seas only fair, Only a few got out and made the drifts for Swordfish--- no bites and not much in the way of bait metered , out front of Newport-- the rigs or the 14-- coming back in to watch a few football games

Not much said about catching fish today--

it was a nice sunset though!----------------------Friday, Jan 10th 2020--

It's Friday again-- and the month just keeps going on-- nice to have the sunshine -- Not bad weather here on the beach this morning- light Southeast wind maybe 2-3 kts- light wind chop/ ripple with it-- Swell still from the west .

Several whalers headed ut the harbor this morning-- and the thought of a Swordfish still lingers in many some folks out today and more tomorrow before it gets windy on Sunday-- standing by--

Tides under this Full Moon--- strong and lots of ocean's weight lifted and pushed onto the plates, working on the earths faults- earthquakes?- Stand By!

E- Mail this morning--- JD, You delivered on your warranty as the beautiful rod and reel combo you sold me last year, landed the specimen in the attached photos. This was on Monday of this week at the Newport artificial reef in 65 feet of water.

He whacked my live mackerel then came back and ate it 10 yards from the boat. Thankfully I was using a circle hook which lodged in the corner of his jaw as I was using a mono leader. Beautiful fish. I took a chance (I was fishing by myself) and pulled out the hook instead of cutting the line before letting him go. He thanked me with a nice thump of his tail as he took off. Happy New Year and thanks again for all you do. Bill

- - -


---------------------- Thursday, Jan 9th 2020-----

Broken cloud cover this AM- wind light to fair from the south- seas still a mix to them

Small Craft--! stiff West Northwest wind-- noon hours, cooling off the water and air-- later afternoon hours it backed off to a air 10-12 kt westerly- Forecasted to get better on Saturday--

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION January 2020 ENSO Alert System Status: Not Active Synopsis: ENSO-neutral is favored through Northern Hemisphere spring 2020 (~60% chance), continuing through summer 2020 (~50% chance). During December 2019, near-to-above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) were evident over the equatorial Pacific Ocean The recent increase in SST anomalies was partially driven by a combination of low-level westerly wind anomalies and the growth in positive equatorial subsurface temperature anomalies The latter indicates a downwelling Kelvin wave, which was evident in the above-average temperatures in the central and east-central Pacific Ocean . Over the month, westerly wind anomalies persisted over small regions of the western and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, while upper-level winds were near average over most of the equator. Tropical convection remained suppressed over Indonesia and east of the Date Line, and was enhanced to the west of the Date Line The overall oceanic and atmospheric system was consistent with ENSO-neutral. The forecasters also favor above-average ocean temperatures to continue in the next month or two, but, in alignment with most model guidance, do not foresee a continuation over several consecutive seasons or shifts in the atmospheric circulation that would indicate El Niño. In summary, ENSO-neutral is favored through Northern Hemisphere spring 2020 (~60% chance)-------------------------- Wednesday, Jan 8th 2020 ----

He said it was bumpy--= the further he got out--- wind and chop from the south swell from the west- bumpy- cloudy

Building tide phase-- earthquakes?-

I'm at the double rigs and I've got a big gray- bumpy out here--- 1:39

Any biters over there----- nope---

we got one nibble on one bait--- came up empty 1:45

weather held ok for the day-- the Gray whale evaded the following watchers, and Swordfish catchers kept it quiet for the rest of the day--

The weather looks windy tomorrow, a strong eddy from the south on Friday better seas on Sat and Sunday-- Best of Luck-- the questions is did the Broadbill move away--?

When looking through last years ({ 2019) the photo of a swordfish off Newport was dated Feb. 12th-



---------------------- Tuesday, Jan 7th 2020 -----

Morning hours a few high clouds otherwise sunny wind non existence- swell a little lumpy from the west- otherwise very calm, water temps still hovering at that 60 degree mark,

Couple of swordfish boats out today-- no bites yet- and I don't think there were any yesterday-- fewer and fewer each day now- some bait seen at 1200 ft--

Took the day off yesterday went down to Abalone Point and fished the calicos and worked back to the harbor , a couple shorts and a nice 5- 6 lb calico on a jerk shad, New penny color-- not much in the way of kelp these days steady downhill current against the beach south of the harbor-- reported an uphill current above the harbor

whale watehers finding a few Grays south off laguna yesterday-- althought not as many as there gennerlly are for this time of year--

Nice weather on the water today- should be another nice sunset--

No local swordfish bites that I know of-- nice day on the water though-- started out a little wind but flattend out-

Better Luck tomorrow--


---------------------- Closed on Mondays-----

--- Sunday Jan 5th 2020----------

Morning fog lifted early - leaving a light S/E wind 2-3 kts- seas fine and calm

Not many boats out yet for the Swordfish-- its' Sunday in January-- but a nice day to get out-- Gentlemen fishers were out at 11am today

Being gentlemanlike like deep droppers were suggesting to space themselves further apart to avoid the lines tangling

How ya doing-- we'll we got a Mantis Shrimp!

The fleet growing as the day warms--

Any Bent rods over there------- no it's all quiet here--

we started in 1400 drifted into 1100 , completely fogged in here now-- 12:41

How's you fishin?--- boring-- we were trying to make you out whether you were a buoy or a boat in this fog

Fog came in and went away-- quieted things down--

Only know of one bite off a bouy line--- Better Luck next time-- JD

I had asked a promanut angler of our time, just how many Broadbill Swordfish he'd thought were caught by sportfishers this Season-- his comments -That’s a great question on the amount of fish caught. I think low 200s? I have tries to do the math. The charter guys here to SD (mostly fishing with buds) have 15 (us) 6 or 7 (Newport) 4 (Dana) 8 (SD); so that’s about 40 fish, by guys who went a lot and took a portion of the public without access to boats. That Ventura deal was good for, 20 fish, day Avalon guys did another 20, mostly two guys caught that Newport, call it 25? Dana: 10-12 Oceanside: 7 San Diego: 40 The. Toss in what you don’t hear about, and i think high 100s to 200 is about right. Pretty much what one net boat would catch on a good moon phase, or what a top buoy boat does in a year. -




--- Sat Jan 4th 2020-----------

Milky white hazy sky this morning, wind light . south/west 1- 2 kts- seas calm water & air feels cold, due to warm up in the day- tides are marginal, downhill and in surface current off Huntington/ Newport 0.080 kts Dir: 75.96° from N -

Anybody deep dropping get any bites ? the questions asked on the radio this AM-- no reply-- I got Skunked was yesterdays reply

How ya doing-- oh just drifting around, how about you--- were doing the same-- off your stern 1/2 mile--

nothing for me-- there was a sportfisher out here -looked like he was pulling on one-- doing circles---I'll give it a few more hours-- meet you at the club for a beer!

Brandon H sent in this photo of their Broadbill Swordfish they caught on the 1st -- hard to top that for the rest of the Year!-- Angler was Marc Levine. 45 minute fish on 80 braid to the usual long wind on. Asian market squid we rig ourselves.


While looking for something to do--- might try some of the local art reefs-- drift them for some large grumpy Sand Bass--jig & squid combo-- who know's maybe even a nice Sea Bass?


Willy -Nice going on your fish-- thanks---

BAC and most of the Angling Cubs First Fish Flags are still open


- JD



e -

------------------ Friday Jan the 3rd 2020 --it's the roaring 20's they say- -

The day brings a light overcast sky- calm seas and wind if any light from the south at 1- maybe 2 kts- radio quiet so far---


It's like lake Tahoe out here , great weather -- we're out here on the canyon drifting for the swordfish---

We just got back from Clemente- its the biggest I've ever seen 15- 20-25 ft faces the guys got some really good waves -- surfing-- --hot and glassy--- really nice

Dosent get much nicer for January

better luck tomorrow if you get out-- -- -



-----------------------Thursday -- Jan 2nd 2020-----------

A few moring hazy clouds light overcast above- wind fresh this moring from the south-- backing offf mid mornin-g seas the same with a long period west swell in there--

Not as many boats out for the Broadbill Swordfish drifting this morning-- only know of one fish lost yesterday and another one beat the tar out of the bait-- and one was said to had been boated,


Such a nice New Years Day 2020 -- ! took off for a few hours to deep drop for Swordfish-- no luck for me but it sure was pleasant to be out there, next time! --



The First Fishes flags are still open-- !!

better luck tomorrow--


----------------------- Tuesday, the last day of this decade- 2019----

Santa Ana wind ushers in for the last day of the year-- wind strong and gusty at times-- N/E 15- + kts- seas are choppy below the passes and lowlands of Huntington Beach and Santa Monica basin and outside dana where it funnels down from inland-

Haven't heard of many boats out so far-- some barge workers and sailors etc.

The last Swordfish of the year-- the smallest so far--

and tomorrow who's to get the First-Fish Flags-- Tuna, Broadbill Swordfish, sea bass and yellows all on the table- stand by--

That N/E wind switch to a fears westerly early in the afternoon-- sloppy seas to0


Wind backed off by the late afternoon hours--

couple of boats went out with Broadbill Swordfish on their mind-- drifting

Good wishes for the New Year and stay in good health-- Best of Luck in the NEW YEAR , don't forget a new fishing licence either-- JD

Fish Photo's from this past Season-







-----Closed Monday- Dec 30 --

----------------- Sunday Dec 29 2019 -------------------

As I heard this morning-- the last Sunday of this decade--- light overcast sky- wind light from the south/southeast still a uphill current along the coastlines--Mag: 12.04 cm/s 0.234 kts Dir: 265.24° from N,, Seas good, forecasted to blow up tomorrow before the storm front moves through

Several boats out drifting again for those elusive Broadbill Swordfish-- not reports yet-- JD's also carries the squids and leaders, Diamond lites etc. for them.

The boats that were out looking for those bluefin tunas reportedly didn't find them yesterday, they too were elusive - today boats still searching - from the 43 fathom spot to the Butterfly banks--

Youyguys have any luck----- well-- I pulled on a rock!--- that was about we did - got a sand dab and a 6 inch rock fish--

reported yesterday, only one small swordfish taken locally--haven't heard yet today--

Should be a nice Sunset--

with the upcoming New Year- that First Swordfish flag for the BAC will be open- that and the other angling clubs 1st fish flags-- remember to keep your membership dues up and to obtain your new 2020 Fishing Liscene--

-- s

------ Sat Dec 28 2019 ---------

-Morning wind from the Southeast 6-12 kts- making it a bit choppy against the west swell- again a strong uphill current being pushed by the S/E wind making it difficult for the deep droppers too set up vertically over any of the shelf or canyon walls out front of the Newport Canyon--or its adjacent encampment--

Several boats out for the Last Swordfish of the Year--- some setting up too close to others and the chance of fowling lines becomes apparent-- - try dropping a 1/2 mile directly up current from us--

Bumpy this morning-- starting to lay down mid noon hours--- how ya doing so far-- nothing for us that we could say,,-- nothing for us either 12:18


You spinning around over there--- yea 1:03pm

Interesting to work here in a fishing shop on Balboa Island where many folks come to take a walk around and see the sights-- -- family of 6 came in the shop today visiting from Denmark , the father fishes both fresh water rivers and the saltwater-- interesting to hear of their Giant Bluefin Tunas being found in there waters off Copenhagen, they're protected from fishing for them-- but each year now they're finding them bigger then the past year-- now at 400 and 500 kg!

Birdschools chasing bait off the Balboa pier- boiling fish-- - in tight -- Bonito?


Last Swordfish of the Year !--- who's to catch it--- what a incredibile year it's been for Broadbill Swordfish-- how many would you say were caught this season-- 200- 300- 400- 500? --- either way a bunch--

Just for a look at the West Coast water temps for the past two years, We're a bit cooler with that 53 - 59 degree water mark stretching further south this year



















--------------Friday Dec 27th 2019 --------

Morning chilly weather welcomed the sun by the early mid day hours-- seas calm yet a strong uphill current at a 1/2 knts+ from Oceanside to Santa monica kept the Deep dropping swordfish boats at a strong drift- keeping their weighted squid baits suspended up off the bottom depths-- light south wind 5- 8 kts-- -

Water temps at the 57 degree mark and coastal bay and harbor water in that strong draining tide-- rain washed debris and muddy water.

4 or 5 boats out this morning for the gladiator of the sea-- no bites yet-- reported there were some sharks busting off gear

Other than the few morning conversations on the VHF radio - it's be a quiet radio today--- couple boats headed to Catalina for lobster hooping and some bass or yellows

Still a strong uphill current-- off the Newport zone it wraps up towards the oil rigs where Hammer was making drifts along it's break- trash and such in it-- but no bites for them yet either 3:19pm

By the sunset hours no bites reported-- seas good-- but a buildng west swell-

Better luck tomorrow-- weather forecasters have later Sunday and Monday rain




Closed Christmas Day-- open Friday the 27th- JD

*****-------------------------- Tuesday Christmas eve-- Dec 24th 2019- Santa's on his way -----------***

Morning fog went away, a few puffy clouds on the edges building, light southwesterly 5-8 kts

A half dozen boats out for swordfish-- some up off the canyon others spread out along the shelf that runs south towards Abalone Pt. drifting with deep drop swordfish gear- floats and directly off the boats 800- 1200 ft depth,

Strong draining tide influenced from coastal rainwater drainage-- pushing 2-3 + kts out of the harbors--

Looked like you were doing 360's over there!

we're done-- white caps starting to show up-- we had two bites and there's one guy fighting one now--- 11:44am

Bluefin tunas still being sought after-- reported near the Butterfly Bank,. Eariler this week- the Tomahawk returned with 28 Bluefin Tuna (70 to 90 lbs.). The trick to catching these Bluefin has been fly-line sardine on 50-60# test.

They got it-- the Christmas eve Broadsbill Swordfish !! -- Congrats--- JD

Freshed to 15- 20 kts west-- seas became choppy and sloppy

Should be a glorious sunset-- stand by---

Merry Christmas -JD


*****-------------------------- Monday Dec 23th 2019------------***

Merry Christmas to all -JD


*****-------------------------- Sunday- Dec 22th 2019------------***

Building cloud cover-- mixed with sun, wind fresh and fair from the south- building along with s 4-6 ft swell and wind chop--

Only one or two boats out today that I've heard-- one off Catalina and the other here in the Newport zone--- no bites so far- wind and swell keeping a 8 lb lead weight suspended in the drift-- not worth it-- time to head in to the beach and tryfor some halibuts or basses-- or go Christmas shopping!

Wind and swell brought most of the boats back in--- that and the need to go shopping

Tides again are increasing as the New moon approaches -




It wasn't too long ago when there were Blue Marlin visiting these waters along with wahoo and spearfish! -- A Christmas greeting from the BAC mimicking the catch of Alfonse Hamann at 692 lbs in 1931 --


Merry Christmas and a Healthy and prosperous Happy New Year--

and Aaron Grose's 618 lb Blue 2015 --












*****-------------------------- Saturday- Dec 21th 2019------------****

Shortest day of the year-- from now on they get longer-- huray!!

light overcast this morning-- wind calm, seas calm and a dozen boats out for broadbill swordfish--!

He said it looked good, thats what he said-- got bit on the way down-- we'll be here for a while 12:32pm

No wind- getting warm-- that buoy guy in 1600 1700 ft just got one--12:35pm

Iv' e got him off my port side-- ok I'm coming over for a couple looks-- 1:51

There were the three up there by the canyon, then the two down here. 2:12 pm

That you over there-- yea we've been here for awhile--- -- we're headed back in-- we've a Christmas party to go to-- we got one! 2:14 pm

Whale watchers finding a few Humpback whales these day-- headed southeast -

Sea's remained calm and overcast for the day--

There were a dozen calls today looking for swordfish gear-- - I guess hopefull for a Broadbill under the Christmas tree!



*****-------------------------- Friday- Dec 20th 2019------------****

Clear and crisp again, it has the waters super clear- water temps just at 60 degrees, calm with wind 30 5 kts out of the south-

"Right at dusk" they got their bite as they were bringing in the deep drop gear, I heard"at the 400 ft depth", it's one of those things you overhear at a fishing clubs gathering-- , Last night at the BAC's Christmas Boat Parade Annual event , fish stories mixed with a table spread of goodies and delights -- and Broadbill Swordfish being weighed,

Sergio's Purple Factor backs into the BAC's slip after the parade had passed with a Broadbill off the swimstep. Saying there were maybe four other boats out drifting that he had seen, he a bite in that area but it didn't "feel right" and not much metered making a three mile run to set up again. that was a good move-- After a scrub down and a quick gutting of the fish they called into the BAC to let they know they were headed in to get a photo of it- they're friends aboard their Parker had the bite at dusk, a two hour battle , Dale W the angler, Daron M at the wheel the fish weighed in at 205 lbs

observations-- as one would do when checking out the gear they used-- foot long glow in the dark squid skirts decorated they natural squid they had used for baits and a quick look at a bait they had used - the squids were not of great size--



By the noon hour today the wind had backed off- light haze and the seas flat-- you can bet there's half a dozen boats out there today drift fishing for a Broadbill Swordfish - Stand By-- they're still here

E mail from Bill--Got my 12 year old a broadbill ---

Got any nibbles yet--- got two bites so far--- 2:44pm

How's it going--- it's a little crazy right now--- I'll let you know what happens 2:54

No bites for us today--- how you doing -- we started up off the west end-- offshore wind kept us off the high spot so were here down off the East end-- couple of other boats here too- no we haven't had any bites

they say there were some bites at dark yesterday-- you gonna stick it out-- naw were headed in-- Good Luck-

Some scientific studies from previous years shows the Broadbill Swordfish following the diurnal migration of plankton sea life from the depths to the surface at dusk and dawn hours also a migrations study showing the fish travel S/W over time








*****-------------------------- Thursday- Dec 19th 2019------------*****

Clear and crispy mornings wind light from the west 3-8 kts-west swell- high surf advisory 4-7 ft. - 55-57 degree waters , no lighntning expected

building chances of rain this coming week

- In eariler times durring the months of November and December boaters would find the migration of Gray Whales from northern waters a common actitive . Still waiting for them ?

Reports of Squid being caught--- couple of boats out by the oil rigs--fishing for Yellows---



-A quick look at the local So Calif water temps and the Chlorophyll charts











-------------------------- Wedesday- Dec 18th 2019--------

Gray sky morning as this high cloud cover envelops us- wind light from the East/southeast maybe 2-5 kts seas calmed down and flat- you should be out there catching a swordfish- !

The fleets gathering again out on the grounds

Bay waters seeing a lot more sealife these days-- schools of baitfish being dove on by pelicans

Mid day building wind from the west-- chilling the air- and water-- it backing off by the late afternoon just right for Newport's Christmas Boat Parade

No word on the swordfish fishings today, although it should have been reasonably nice out there today

Better luck tomorrow- JD .


-------------------------- Tuesday- Dec 17th 2019--------

Clear sky and a bit on the chilly side-- a few coastal clouds and light northwest wind seas are fair-- with several boats out again drifting for Broadbill Swordfish--- Who's to catch the last swordfish of the year and who's to catch the first one for 2020-- standing by---

By the noon hour no bites on the swordfish- wind, that had been breezing up- backed off and seas started to flatten- still no bites-- downhill drift at 1/2 to 1 kts kept the baits supended

one bite !

Better luck tomorrow--- building cloudcover-



-------------------------- Monday- Dec 16th 2019------


Back at it again for the Christmas rush-- Blue sky with a cold wind from the East/Southeast ---10- 12-+ kts- seas much better than yesterdays sloppy seas, 2- 3 ft south swell - not many folks out today

--those who were headed back early in the day as that wind kept up -

nice sunset-- Good Luck for those out tomorrow- JD no bites to day

water temps 62 or close to it-- not much bait metered below 400 ft




-------------------------- Sunday- Dec 15th 2019------------

Started of w light wind grew into gusty NW winds 15- 20+ - seas, choppy Small craft Advisory posted not may boats out so far-- see what the day brings-- Tides still falling out quickly at 2.2 knts

Vick calls in-- they tried to make it out early this morning-- turned around within two miles of the harbors entrance-- 5- 6 ft swell and increasing wind brought them back in-- Don't go out was his advice- stay at home and watch a football or basketball game-- or go shopping at JD's!

Bay sailors were have a good time of it


-------------------------- Saturday- Dec 14th 2019------------

Light and broken cloud cover-spots of sunlight breaking through- wind fair from the Southeast 6-12 kts- gusty- wind chop agains a west building swell Small craft advised

Not many on the water nor the radio, yet AIS shows a couple of boats out for the swordfish-

Late in the afternoon a radio call saying they hadn't done anything today--- weather wasn't all that bad-- till the mid afternoon when the wind switched and came out of the west-- no bites for them today--


-------------------------- Friday- Dec 13th 2019------------

Light to medium fog this morning-- 1 to 3 miles vis-- seas- building swell yet no chop, wind light from the west southwest

Several boats out today-- drifting in the light fog-- makes it interesting to be enveloped in it

from facebook- David B Caught one of these aboard the Caliente (Huntington Beach boat) yesterday with my buddy. Good times! .


- You just get bit--- you getten' em? 11:17am

Others out on the A bank- 152 or the local zone outside newport--- half a dozen boats out scattered

Hey Don-- how ya doing--- we just got our gear in the water--- that little blue boat over there is puling on one-- their here--- Ok thanks catch em' up 1:42 pm

The radio stays quiet from most of the day--- as the afternoon hours starts to darken under overcast sky's , we just got another bite-- call me-- 3:14pm

No other hook ups up that I heard of--

stayed gray for most of the day--







For-anglers who are competing for club awards or want to be in compliance with IGFA Rules. Some notes form IGFA in regards to the use of wind-on leaders for deep dropping swordfish-

In recent months, the IGFA has been contacted by numerous anglers in southern California that have begun deep-dropping for swordfish and are using wind-on leaders as top shot. Because many angling clubs fish according to IGFA International Angling Rules, the following is intended to clarify the use of wind-on leaders as top shot and how it affects line class determination.

When deep-dropping for swordfish, anglers need to be aware of a number of factors in order to be IGFA compliant. Under IGFA Rules, any catch shall be classified under the breaking strength of the first 5 meters (16 ½ feet) of line directly preceding the double line, leader or hook. This line must be comprised of a single, homogeneous piece of line and may not exceed 60-kilograms (130-pound) line class.

However, when using a wind-on leader as a top shot there are additional considerations. First, the breaking strength of the first 5 meters (16 ½ feet) of the wind-on leader will determine the IGFA line class. As such, in order to be IGFA-compliant, the wind-on leader cannot exceed 60-kilograms (130-pounds) when used as top shot.

Anglers pursuing IGFA World Records that are using wind-on leaders as their top shot should also be aware that the actual breaking strength of the wind-on leader may be higher than the manufacturer’s stated breaking strength. If an additional length of leader is attached to the wind-on, it cannot exceed 9.14 meters or 30- feet in length for IGFA line classes over 20 lb. test. The length of this leader is the overall length including any lure, hook arrangement or other device, and is measured to the bend of the last hook. There are no regulations regarding the material or strength of the leader.


-------------------------- Thursday- Dec 12th 2019------------

Weather great for middle days of December- light morning haze and clam seas wind light from the south 2-4 kts seas have a light wind ripple on them, Friday looks good but a change on Sat in increasing wind and swell- same thing Sunday -

With all the run-a - round dodging traffic, bicyclist, scooters, crazy drivers- the rush in and out of stores and keeping up with all the quickly approaching Christmas festivities-- you could be out on your boat- 5 miles from Newport's harbor- drifting around for broadbill Swordfish- not that's too relaxing once you hooked up- but over its a better day-- they're still here-- Who's to catch the First Broadbill Swordfish of the Year 2020!!

Afternoon hours draws to an end as the evening finds several boaters back into the harbor-- maybe 8-10 boats out today-- scattered out deep dropping maybe one fish-? or ? Very nice conditions-


EL NIÑO (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION iy 12 December 2019 ENSO Alert System Status: Not Active Synopsis: ENSO-neutral is favored during the Northern Hemisphere winter 2019-20 (70% chance), continuing through spring 2020 (~65% chance). Above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) were observed in the central tropical Pacific Ocean during November, with regions of above and below average SSTs observed farther east In the most recent week, the SST indices were near average in the east-central and eastern Niño The equatorial subsurface temperature anomalies returned to near zero during the month reflecting the progression of Kelvin waves to the eas The low-level winds were near average during November, Finally, tropical convection was suppressed near and east of the Date Line and also over Indonesia, The overall oceanic and atmospheric system was consistent with ENSO-neutral. In summary, ENSO-neutral is favored during the Northern Hemisphere winter 2019-20 (70% chance), continuing through spring 2020




-------- Wednesday Dec 11th 2019------------

Light moring fog-- leaving a bright hazy sky and calm seas--Full Moon tonight-- strong tides movements--

Just a quick look at the local water temps--

Bill comes by late in the afternoon-- they had two fish hooked today--- keeping one the other one released itself 3 ft from the boat--

they're still here- water temp 62 degrees, small hake and anchovies or market squid in their bellys



-------- Tuesday Dec 10th 2019------------

Light cloud cover- lazy looking day-- there's still a coolness to the air- Tides strong with the Full moon tomorrow

The Broadbill Swordfish fleets has dwindled down a bit-- as well as newcomers into the general Newport to the Rigs area-- -I believe one fish taken yesterday, and several other bites occurred but the hooks fail to stay put--, half dozen or so boats out today-- weather had a little breeze this morning to push them along-- mid morning doldrums had a few boats nudging the dropped baits along -, mooching

you got a flying gaff on board?--- 1:50pm

One, maybe two fish caught today--- and maybe 10 boats scattered out

Shorter days and longer nights cutting down on the fishing time!


Dec the 8th 2019- Sunday- stared out fine , grayed over- showers and rain clearing by mid morning and cloudy sky. Ocean not bad- some swell and light West wind chop

Water temps remain good- off the San Pedro weather buoy Water Temperature : 63.1 °F, San Clemente Weather buoy Water Temperature: 63.7 ° and outside to the Tanner Bank at : 60.8 °F

Got the leader back-it was all scuffed and fouled up above the light-- must have rolled up in it-- 1:27 pm

Building swell and west wind in the mid afternoon hours put a dampner on the fishing again

Boats still fishing the Cape for some big fish--- Tommy N 's Blue today





- Dec 7th Sat--- the ocean looks like steel this morning- flat glassy smooth with a gray sky above- wind if any soft S/W 1 maybe 2 kts at best-- blew up stronger S/SE in the afternoon mixed with a few showers-

Surprisingly not as many boats out as one would think-- hey- it's Dec and rainy - shopping malls packed but not the ocean-

left like a bill wack on the body-- waisted the bait-- 10:41am

OK we're 0 for one so far

watch out for my bouy line-- I've got out about a 1/4 mile out!

maybe 8-10 boats out there today-- other's say they've been exploring and trying new locations-- "Got bit within 20 minutes of my first drop-- missed it-"

and the remaining fleet had bites too- I think one fish also landed-- overcast light rain put a dampner to the action

the fleet came in-- better luck tomorrow - a few more bites--- the bait came back cut in half-- we didnt see the bite!





From Yesterday-- Swordfish don’t mind the rain .Rick Shedore with a 170 pounder on the boat Miss Mandy . Congrats


--- Dec 6th 2019- Friday again

Light to Med cloud cover-- wind light from the S/W 3-5 kts seas ok-

Closed for a couple of hours today-- noon till 3 pm- JD

3 O'clock update

Sky's grayed over- rain came- then backed off

The other guy says he had one on for about 10 minuets but it came off- the first guy says there five boats out there with him - doesn't look like anyone has had a bite yet--- still fishing till sunset-- seas look calm and rain beaten down.

Spent the lunch hours at the Tuna Clubs of Avalon's Christmas meeting-- Fish stories filling the room with old friends and old stories and some new one too-, A salty group of men-- Deep dropping for Broadbill Swordfish was the topic with Charlie A. giving an good perspective on the whys and how's .

He hooked up over there on the Cabo--- yea 3:47pm

Good Job 3:57--


Still working on rainy day projects-- stripping the outside rough enamel and binding off each of the six split cane/ bamboo sides, razor blade tapering down the high spots to maintain a continuous level bend to the blank. Then three sanding's of finer and finer grit to a 600 # steel wool smoothness then glaze harden with hickory wooden rubbing then varnishing and more sanding before any hardware can be fitted, then guide wraps and epoxy finished. 60-80 hours each-





Dec the 5th 2019 -------

A mix of cloudcover both high and low- wind light 3-5 kts from the south- seas have a mixed swell and a little lumpy otherwise calm, water temps still holding at 62/ 63 degrees locally

Several boats out-- today with swordfish on the list- - getting bored just drifting around

He Bendo?---- 1:39pm

Not much said on the radio today-- couple guys fished till dusk


-Word comes today of the passing of Bill Vas and of Jeff Jones, both fine men in the outdoor world we are part of-- Bill a ex-fireman and ran swordfish boats, past president and continued influance to the Balboa Angling Club and Jeff Jones well known as a Captain, mechanic and skilled angler-- Vaya Con Dios -

<<--- Bill at the 2018 Lily Call awards along with past secretary Mindy





--- Dec 4th 2019

A rainy day to begin with sky gray light to med rain wind from the south 10 + kts-- bring the rain showers-- clearing later today- buy 11 am it's started to clear off--

I don't believe anyone out today-- but who know there's always someone?

And Tom Bass gets into the swordfish action a couple of days ago---


better luck tomorrow


-- Dec the 3rd 2019---Tusedays and a gray sky ocean flat and no wind- -----

Broadbill Swordfish still on the menu these days-- as I hear three and maybe four were caught yesterday-- I was out rowing along but no bites for me-- one fish taken early 2 am and another around 9 and then a noon and an afternoon bite--

This morning a couple more bites and maybe 6-8 boats out for them locally--

Sergio's Solo Fish 335 last weekend - one of the largest Swordfish so far this season-- Congrats--


Sounds like another fish was boated 2:31 maybe as high as three today?




I did a study on the Circle hook's points and barb erosion to see how long they would last in a marlins mouth/ jaw , and also a reply from Eagle Claw Hook mfg. To give you an idea, the L2004EL is a light wire hook. The Platinum Black plating typically exhibits corrosion resistance up to a maximum of 72-84 hours of salt spray. After that, the plating starts to show signs of penetration. Understand that this is a spray, not submersion in salt water. Submersion, with moving water, as on a fishes mouth would cause rusting to begin much sooner. Also, the point and barb are the first places on the hook to begin rusting due to their fine edges. Seeing as how these are light wire hooks made of standard carbon steel, once the plating is penetrated, they would not last long in saltwater

Submerged for 7 days, 168 hours with these results. Water temp here in Newport during the test 62- 63 degrees salinity and PH factors were reduced by the influence of fresh rain water during the test. The actual fishing off Mag Bay water temps were 82+ degrees and higher in salinity and PH factors.



Closed on Mondays----

------------- Sunday Dec the 1st 2019--- and the local waters are purple blue in color and 63 degrees with a fleet of boats out after Broadbill Swordfish within a few miles out of Newport Harbor's entrance - Congrats to Bills Pacific Charters landing another one this morning-- there must be 15 boats out there today someone said- seas are glassy like a lake and a light gray sky- golden orange sunrise this morning-

E-Mail this morning- - Thank you for the encouraging weather forecast. We had smooth seas and enjoyed fishing about 40 miles south of the MX border. I only caught two, the kids I met at your store caught a lot. Lisa

Solo Fishing for Swordfish--- Sergio gets an est 200l ++b fish-- live filming till his battey ran down-- 335lbs!!!!

Stupid thing!!! --- shook the hook right at the boat--- one jump by the boat and the 18/0 circle hook came out-- Hooked 1:37pm


Good luck if you get out this coming week-- between the rain storms-- JD


Found this photo on the Face book earlier this past week--credit towards that Captain Rich H. aboard the Quitena A Black marlin of great size caught off the Baja peninsula below Mag bay-- Another 600+ Blue caught there yesterday-- some big fish still around-- and there's giant Yellowfin tunas to think of too on the Morgan and Lusitania Banks-- --



------ Sat Nov 30th 2019--------

Leftover spots of clouds and a shower or two-- winds calm morning hours-- seas also have calmed down but there's a steady flow of offcolored Brown water draining out of most harbors this weekend-- - extends out a couple of miles or better-

Trent's son and a couple of his buddies out , enthusiastic kids out fishing- good to see- -- E-mail this morning-- The local sand bass seem to be bitting this morning. Colt Snaper and a Lizzardfish for baits.

A mix of strong tidal currents and a surface ocean uphill current adds to the deep dropping difficulties when trying to drift along a specific shelf or depth today--------


maybe one bite -A bank?-

others were after lobsters---


-- Friday Report Nov 29 2019--------------

Weather stayed good all day-- seas still had a lump but smothed out, If there were any broadbill swordfish hooked up today outside Newport - I didn't hear it- but there were boats out for them-- --


Broken cloud cover with a quick shower here and there- wind west 5 kts seas the same west and lumpy- due to blow up later today

No radio conversations so far today--except the weather channel saying winter advisory and that water quality due to rain run off is unsafe and there was no lightning is expected

With the drifting for Broadbill Swordfish-- reverting back to earlier times of sportfishing era, I find in my collection of fishy artifacts a four pronged hook and a rubber squid-- probably still work these day--


Local waters and most harbors in So Calif. look like the Mississippi river- brown and ugly and full of weeds!

Let's hope the water conditions don't get to disturbed by these storms-- we'll see- Stand By-- JD


----------- Rainy Wednesday-- Nov 27 2019 ------West at 12+ gusty and gray with light rain-- seas, a mess- -- Strong tide exchanges- rain will pass quickly leaving a strong N/W clearing wind--

Time for a good fishing book and a warm fireplace- ! Tell em you want the JD's Special!!


Happy Thanksgivings to all- JD


Well the storm blew in-- and will leave a window of oportunity before the next one arrives next week-- see waht hapens then to our fishing conditions

------------------- Tuesdays report ------------ Nov 26 2019 ----------

Morning wind backed off and seas calmed - by noon 4-6 kts west-- small swell and wind chop-

Ebb Tide-- and old favorite sportfishing here in the harbor-- started at sunset Sunday evening in search of the Broadbill Swordfish-- the night time drifting off Newport Beach-- - spent in anticipations of an a bite--- nothing - not even a shark bothered them for the night's drifting, by 9 am/ 18 hours into the trip they had their first bites off their buoy lines-- missed em - set up again for another drift along the same path -- sent the deep line out---and attached a buoy- to it-- the buoy bobs up and down and lays flat-- they were on!-- est 100+ broadbill caught by Kevin S, along with crew Keith Mc. D and Ricky G --


you guys got any baits?? we're marking fish --

Sounded like there were some local tunas being seen-- broadbill swordfishing deep dropping plays havoc when these tuna pop up next to them-- and only having large swordfish squids for baits--- the tunas ,being tuna were not playing yet--

they're a bout two miles behind me just would'nt let me get near them to get a cast to--- they're blowing up all around me--saw them blow up behind me-- about 60 lbers-- got the wrong type of baits--

The tunas up and down so quickly- too hard to get a cast to them

You hooked up Bill?--- no answer--- 2:49pm

Vick had one hooked up-- but it broke off-- -- got queit after that--



Closed Monday-will try for a swordfish-? JD - never made it out-- outboatd engine wouldnt tart-- and the wind blew--

-------------- Sunday------- Nov 24 2019 - moon almost dark--

Nice going Curtis way to stick that fish--- we lost ours-- by 10 am several fish had been hooked locally ( Broadbill Swordfish) in that strong draining tide-- light uphill current-- no wind this morning- seas good, very good, light wind ruffle to the surface- Must be 30 boats out there today--- drifting for Swordfish!


<<<--- Hi JD, pictures of the 132.5 lb. Swordfish that Bob Hoose caught on the Prospector on 11/23 on #80 Dacron. Jason Blower = Skipper Cory Adler = Gaffer Brgds, Frank Adler


Motivators Fish from yesterday---->>-





Another E-Mail ---JD, Attached are some pictures from yesterday. We were SE of the 43. Yellowtail off a patty and Yellowfin on a plunker bite. Best. Matt



And another one comes in this morning to the BAC for weighing-- Congrats to Brett and wife Julie We with a 130 pound swordfish



The Swordfish bite so- far today was limited to the morning's draining tide , maybe we'll get annother run of strikes as the tide fills this afternoon- bites all the way up till sunset yesterday-- Stand By--

Not much going on for the balance of the day-- till just before dusk- you marking that bait at 600 ft?

- Good Luck when you get out-- JD


----------- Sat Nov 23 2019-- Sunny and fine--- couple of clouds lay on the oceans horizons or inland mountains-- wind light a nd a bit cool from the southe 3- 5 kts at best- seas good-

Dozens of boats out this AM in search of Elvis, though he doesn't seem to get the respect he use to, still it's a mighty fish and it's strength in portrayed by it's shape. Yesterdays fish by Matt had an extra- long bill- curving slightly to one side-- remarkable they can switch back and forth with their bill and touch both sides of their own tail in a scissor like fashion and they can purposely cut the heads off a bait fish bonito/ mackerel barracuda in one swipe- they don't like bonny heads-- --- the giant squids were are using for baits -- don't have bones and can be taken easier -smaller baits get slurped up, the bigger baits get whacked-

one fish and a few bites this morning---11:20

That one were were checking the buoy-- had one on for about 20 minutes-- came loose at the boat-- we had those two bites--you'll get the next one--- it's all good-- 12:08pm

Darryl--- -- yea, you get one--- yep-- He's definitely 300 -- good going Ken!--- 12:34

Swordfish flags in stock!

we just had one come off-- pulled line off for 8-10 minutes then came off-- 2:20pm

You still on-- yea-- circle hook or J Hook-- J Hook--- we had to pull way from out fish eariler to fight em' better--- OK Ill try that--- 2:31

And Darryl gets his fish on the step-- sure looks good there he says--- 3:22pm

Movtivator also puts one in the boat--- Congrats-- 3:50pm

Just came tight on the Avalon Bank--- 3:51 he says--

And the Prospector also brings in a fish to the BAC--


----------------- Friday-- it's Friday again-------- Nov 22nd 2019--

Wind a light cooler breez from the West/south/west 4-6 kts- light wind ripple to it- swell stil from the west - light cloudcover-- feels cooler- whale watching boats releived to see sealions basking with their fins out in the moring's sun--

E_ Mail this morning-- J.D. Here is pic of the sword I caught alone in my Cabo 216. Leif

Several private yachts headed south this week fitting in weather windows

You On it Randy!!--- you see that-- that's Rad-- 11:24am

Still got him on--- trying to get the buoy off it now-- 11:30

You see that -- jumped out-- he's still on-- all silvered out-- I told Ragrats I'm not gaffing him till he's all browned out-- -- we watched the buoy go down-- then pop up-- stood straight up- then lays down again-- that's when we told ourselves go down and have a beer and that's what we did-- it's circle hook so he wasn't going anywhere-- -- he's still green-- this one's a regular one-- 12:18pm

And Bill D- Bill's Pacfic Charters has another one coming into the BAC for weighing--


He's on the boat-- 1:04 Matt got that one and Greg got the first one!!-- the second's one bigger that the first one-- we're stoked- only have to fuel the boat once a year-- for this---


They didn't t leave the harbor till 7 am-- got to the numbers they had been given-- laying out the first deep drop line setting it back with he buoy's float- the second line straight down-- -- down into the galley to warm up the mornings burrito, what's all this slack line floating around-- did we hit the bottom-- note-- that's a bite--Greg's fish went 106, elated with the one fish- it's early why not another-- the second fish came from the buoyed lines-- bobbing up and down - Matt on that fish as it toughed it out with speculator jumps--- it went 196 lbs

buoy fish was a circle hook in the corner of the jaw the other fish was a J-Hook stuck right in the "V" of the botton jaw-

And a earlier BAC weighed in another Broadbill caught by Joe Winkelmann 111 aboard Shadow , and late in the day Bill's charted guest weighs a fish-- I think there was at least one more fish caught locally--




A look at the local water temps-- now that the first of the winter storms has passed- if that's what you'd call it-- Next Wed/ Thursdays looks much cooler- Surface current mapings shows a steady uphill flow-- ( at least on the surface) for the past few days)--

Ten days ago the water temps from 60 to 70 degrees--- yesterdays images shows how much it's cooled off











-------------- Thursdays 11/21/19 report ---------------

Wind still from the south/southeast- seas still in the mix of things-- light wind chop against a west long period swell- couple smaller boats went out-- came back in the harbor

Not much on the radio so far-- 10:50am the fleets waiting for the weather to settle down a bit-- then the S/W and Tuna boys will be out again--

E-Mail this morning from Mark W. recovering well --- It was on a squid, a bobber fish set at a 1000’ in 1400’with a solid DSL and other deep bait schools in the stock spot off Newport. Jon's boat is a 20’ EdgeWater called “Just Fish”.

Weather stayed faily nice throughout the day-- sill south at 5-6 kts- down to 3- 2 kts at sunset--

Better luck tomorrow-- JD


------------------------- Wed's Report-- Windy from the south this morning-- storm clouds with a sprinkle of rain - seas confused S/W wind swell/ chop and an W swell -- not many if any boats out today-- Small Craft--- a lot of baitfish in the harbor today-- pelicans diving into it-


Couple of photos of Bill D' charted guest Broadbill Swordfish they took yesterday-- with the proposed change in the weather forecasted yesterday-- he wanted to get the job done earlier in the day- but the weather stayed fine till late in the day- gave them time to fight this fish-- Bill said it was really a fight, a mean fish to battle-- www.pacificbillscharters.com

Rainny day thoughts--

Ah aa- the conflict between commercial and recreational fishermen-- throw in a few more charter boats and things can get a little dicey - Broadbill Swordfish-- there's Money to be had and prestigious catches to be made from these Purple Gladiators of the Sea-- spotted by air, surface or underwater sonar in deep water, they've been harpooned, netted, set linesdeep drop buoy and deep drop fishing lines or some even are surface caught by recreational anglers-- and it's the conflict for territorial waters that these flat broadbill swordfish inhabit-- From San Diego's 9 Mile Bank- La Jolla Canyon to outside Oceanside- Dana and the Laguna/Newport coastlines, and out to both ends of Catalina island and Clemente island-- the fleets after them-

Years past-- 1978 when they were lots of surface Broadbill Swordfish showing , commercial boats saying there were 10 fish underneath to every one surface fish seen-- must have been a lot of Broadbill in those days- It wasn't out of the ordinary to cast baits to two or three or more swordfish a day- sometimes even like marlin, there'd be two or more swords at a time-- and there were marlins around too- cast at a marlin- the bait go down and up pops this swordfish, or visa-vese, cast at a sword and a marlin would get the bait first-- the good old days- yet the confect reared it's ugly head too, the fight for a swordfish became heated- harpoon boats running in on recreational boater whom were making casts to a surface fining swordfish- harpooning it right before their eyes- even swordfish being while being fought by rod and reel! Guns came out and curses filled the VHF radio airways - spotter planes circling above bought charging boats in from both sides. Fish battles came into Law battles in court!- Conflict now over buoy setting commercial gears in amongst the recreational fleet- I'm told hundreds of floating deep drop buoy gear found along the 9 Mile Bank off San Diego waters to the la Jolla Canyon, and out front of Newport - buoy gear being set right next to anglers while they are fighting a fish - not good-- Ah-aa- the conflict between commercial and recreational fishermen


A little rainy day reading-- from The Compleat Angler Or the Contemplative Man's Recreation by Izaak Walton on how to prepare and cook Carp !

But first I will tell you how to make this Carp that is so curious to be caught, so curious a dish of meat as shall make him worth all your labour; and though it is not without some trouble and charges, yet it will recompence both. Take a Carp (alive if possible), scour him, and rub him clean with water and salt, but scale him not, then open him, and put him with his bloud and his liver (which you must save when you open him) into a small pot or kettle; then take sweet Margerome, Time and Parsley, of each half a handful, a sprig of Rosemary, and another of Savoury, bind them into two or three small bundles, and put them to your Carp, with four or five whole Onyons, twenty pickled Oysters, and three Anchovies. Then pour upon your Carp as much claret wine as will onely cover him; and season your claret well with salt, Cloves and Mace, and the rinds of Oranges and Lemons, cover your pot and set it on a quick fire, till it be sufficiently boiled; then take out the Carp and lay it with the broth into the dish, and pour upon it a quarter of a pound of fresh butter melted and beaten, with half a dozen spoonfuls of the broth, the yolks of two or three eggs, and some of the herbs shred, garnish your dish with Lemons and so serve it up-- sounds tasty!!



----------- Tuesdays report -- light south wind 2-5 kts broken cloud cover-- seas still good-

A few boats out today getting there licks in before any weather change--

Vicks- Broadbill Swordfish-- for yesterdays- catch-- 230.7 lbs 3 1/2 hours i IGFA 80 Tackle-- Nice catch-- ! JD

Weather stayed calm with a local light downhill current-

Ryan Griffin on Dorsal 196.5Lb Swordfish on 100# Great Job

Alison Ryffel on Thunderbird 32.26 lb YellowFin Tuna on 30# BAC Pin

11/18/19 Mike Maddox on Gameday 207.7Lb Swordfish on 80# Way to go Mike!


Bill D with another swordfish today-- 188 lbs Pacific Bills charters--







E- Mail from this past Sat's catches Hi JD, went out in my 15’ Whaler to try deep dropping local with the great weather. Left Dana Point Saturday @ 6:00am and was tight by 6:30 with a nice sword. Back in Harbor by 7:30 to weight it in at Dana fuel dock. 170.3 #

______________ Sunday Nov 17 2019 ----- a fine day-- Surprisingly a quick sunny day after last night creepy fog . Dozens of boats out again for those elusive Broadbill Swordfish-- wish them luck- seas calm light S E wind 2 kts-

Water starting to cool off naturally as that sun's zenith lowers , natural instincts play to the fishes we seek- yet, still the groceries are still here and maybe not until chased out of here by that (Old timers saga) third cold storm from the north-- we'll see-


E-mail this morning from Lisa-- Costa Rica fishing catching and releasing a est 225# blue marlin yesterday in Marina Pez Vela Costa Rica fishing with the legendary Capt. Skip Smith on Hooker Sportfishing-- Congrats Lisa-- nice catch- JD


Mag Bay-



I was asked the other day--why I wasn't in the photo of the record catch--- I was still in the cockpit- slow trolling a mackeral for #331 !! JD


Top of the tide today around 11:20 am--- Go get him--- nice job---sounded like someone was hooked to a swordfish--- 11:29am---

I just missed one --had a bite fifteen minutes ago-- missed it--- had a whack --the rod loaded up than nothing-waited for a while then brought i up -that was weird - the whole body was there only the head was whacked off-- they're here-- how deep were you 1,000 ft

those guys get their fish on-- -- no still fighting it-- pulling -- I'm going to set up above you-- come on over-- there's this guys float only hundred yards from me 12:17pm

Rastafish-- two guys- one guy fighting the fish the other guy driving the boat--

Bluefin--were almost to the island-- 18-- from the harbor ---up and down really fast-- you hope to have them pop up in front of you---- how big are they-- oh-50-60 lb Bluefin-- we should have had our limits but only 2 so far-- 12:55pm

I just got whacked-- 1:11 while bar-b-queing-- 1,000 ft-

Perfect size for a solo Sword-- Congrats-!!!!!!- 1:25 pm yahoo- !!!!!!!!!!!!

East end of Catalina- Slide to the 152 the Bluefin were up and down very quickly- hard to get on em almost better to set back and chum them up or slow troll wi a mackerel a long ways back-- the 14 also had the Yellowfin up and down with lots of smaller skiffs trying for them--

Another couple more broadbill taken today-- congrats to Jon A and mark W. for their fish- 20/0 circle hook w/ a swordfish squid-

Water Temps and Chloraphill-
















~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Steve Lassley Nov 19th-- update · I just saw Joe Mike he actually came walking down the hall to meet me with his 2 daughters. Sooo good to see him up and around but it is very evident what he has been through. Such a stud. Keep him in your prayers. And thank you for all the donations.

Don't let Capt. Joe Mike Lopez go down with the ship , a Gofundme fundraiser on behalf of Joe Mike Lopez.

Last week Captain Joe Mike Lopez suffered a massive heart attack while working in Costa Rica. Only by the quick thinking of good friends and the grace of God he survived. He had to be airvac'd via helicopter or he would have perished enroute to the hospital. Joe Mike needs money for his medical bills, transportation costs and money that will get him through until he's up and around again. Joe Mike is one of the most respected and hardest working Captains I've ever known and a mentor to so many. 2 hands, 2 chamois', one of his many one liners.He has a heart of Gold and has helped so many in need. Steve L



---------------- Sat Nov 16 2019 ----------

Light marine haze and fog- bright on the eyes, seas are calm, light west wind and nice

Whether or not to fish for the local showing of yellowfin tunas or drift for Broadbill Swordfish or fish fro calicos and yellows- the choice is there--

Abalone point just south of Newport outside a few miles was said to have some tuna splashing around- 10:35 am

22/05 outside the 14 pretty good show on the foamers-- earlier today-- 11:12

matt i've got em going off right in front of the boat right now-- 11:42

he said the numbers for the yellowfin- at 32.20 / 118.01 12:11pm

some buddies of mine say there into them 17/ 43 -- at 26/42 porpoise that had a ton of those bigger fish that didn't want to eat at all-

just hit a popper , it just was sitting there-- and the fish ate it-- you still on--- yep! 12:34

Sounded like there were lots of boats out drifting for the swords outside Newport - no bites so far that i heard of- yesterday a number of boats had bites but no fish landed-



---------- Friday Nov 15 2019 ------------------------

light overcast sea good

Back to work left handed--

Sounds like the fleet is out there trying for swordfish and tuna locally

they said there was scattered fish and a ton of shearwaters from laguna to Dana 2-4 off the beach

typing a bit slow left handed - JD

I believe I heard of only one SW bite earlier around 11
:15 pm today, could have been more but I didn't hear it-

JD's will be closed tomorrow Wed and probably Thursday

--------- Nov 12 2019- Tuesday--------- Hazy marine layer- wind 1 -2 from the S/W - seas good fut foggy - Radio reports of what sounds like bigger tuna being caught?- where? - yesterday late in the afternoon Sleeper shows up in the harbor flying her laundry of blue and white tunas flags-- 182 and live bait for 30-+50/60 lb tunas-

and the Swordfish madness is among the fleet-with I think three or more taken yesterday from both Catalina and local waters-- several others lost while throwing the hook.-- Years past 78, I think, they were thick on the surface- I couldn't imagine what was underneath all that stuff-- a hand saw was commonly used in cutting them up into steaks, cross cut- -

2 1/2 hours on hundred pounds eat a bridle up mackerel one pound sinker maybe 500 ft down by myself 6 mi outside the harbor the fish tapped out at 222lbs caught it on Saturday around 4:30 pm Capt Guy James-

That current really ripping-- How deep are you -- I've got out about 1,000 to make up for the scope, maybe 1050 now--that thing got whacked , came back again and whacked it so hard--- can't believe it didn't stick -- that whacked it so hard-- it rocked the boat-- we've wind against current strong uphill current -- down like 1150 -- I marked that thin red line like at 100 fathoms- one red mark -- we're sitting in 200 fathoms right now--how much lead you got-- 8 lbs-- 6 1/2 on float and 8 on the up down-- 12:06


Vick loses a Broadbill today after a 2 hour battle-




With one of the latest movies to hit the big screen these days--

Midway- I'd thought I'd show some photos of the atoll-

At one time there was a sportfishing charter available there-- 1987-90/91 , Some 1100 miles North east of Hawaii, the Atoll is not very big-- about the size of Balboa Island- 2 mile square-- the airstrip starts at one end and ends at the other end of the island, the tarmac acts as a catch basin for the freshwater rain storage.

The atoll houses thousands of gooney birds-- and the each one has it's designated spot- Australians trees were planted years ago give shade and nesting grounds now for Ferry Terns and frigates. The Navy has since combed the atoll and removed all the spent shells and ordnances left behind from the battle of Midway- its destructive wear on some of the building are kept in preservation.

Inside the Atoll there are coral heads and small reefs scattered throughout the white sands interior of the reef- maybe 12- 15-20 ft deep, we'd anchored up with chum, attracted the GTs by the dozens-- picking out the one bigger ones a chum fly tossed to it- and the ensuing weaving and chasing in and out of the reels was thrilling-- 50- 80 -150 lb fish. Heading out through a cut in the reef ( The Navy opened it up to create an interior cement lined harbor) as the reef drops off quickly the size of fish increases-- close to the reef, smaller jacks GT and tunas-a 1/4 mile out the tunas were in the 50- 80 lb class. From 1/2 miles out bigget tuna the smaller Blues, Stripers and Blacks ranged- outside from there the bigger Blues 400- upwards towards a 1,000 fish were found-- Tiger sharks patrolled the reefs.









A special place


Nov 11 Veterans Day 2019--- God Bless all those who serve now and those of the past and brave souls in the future-- JD

Welcome Back--

Wow what at trip!!!!!!!!--------- unconceivable -- my hands are still line cut and sore from tying knots and fighting fish-- Wow- Honored to share the trip with these old friends, new friends and be able to experience it-- WOW-- What a trip--

--- the 92---


--the 144/AKA the bait boat --------------- the one day record-- 330 marlin released!! 900 for the 4 days!! --










900 even for the 4 days of fishing -plus 4 sails that didnt count-










Nov 3rd 2019- Sunday--

Another nice day-- no clouds and a milky white horizon w/ light fog haze- seas good

Uphill current-- cleaned up the water-- holding at 68 degrees locally- those making bait found it scratchy--

Schools of Bonito found off the east end of Catalina- and a scattering of Yellowfin from the 152 out to the 277 banks


Good customer came in the shop today-- looking for the same lure which caught most of the yellowfin for them yesterday-- X-Rap 15 in the purple color-

get in front of them-- didn't take anything else-- mackerel or any of the other baits we had-- only those little poppers-- 12:49

-- Well at least there wasn't a lot of fuel spent while deep dropping for swordfish- the tunas out by Clemente/ 289 took some fuel and it seemed the backside west of Clemente slowed down --the fleet working down towards Desperation reef-- desperate for a fish-

Good luck when you get out--- JD


Nov 2nd 2019- Sat-- Beautiful day- a few scattered clouds giving beauty to the sky- waters calm with a lift of the flags from the south / southwest- tides are flattening out - Should prove to be an exciting day on the water--

Only a few tunas seen in the morning hours off Clemente Island-- seems to have gone down around the noon hours-- still looking- as the boats spread out-

Backside/ east end of Catalina has the all day boats chasing yellows-

Congrats-- we saw you were trying to gaff it-- Peter-B - got it-- - Deep Drop Swordfish--- 1:20pm

Should be a nice sunset--

when we came through here early this morning-- there were yellowfin all over the place- went looking for the big boys-- seems they all dried up -- now were back here looking---

4 boats fish Deep dropping --3 bites and 1 fish so far 152 off the East end



---- November the 1st 2019- clear and crisp morning hours-- seas calm- a tinge of light brown mixed with the horzion's line .

Sportboats and private sportfishers fishing below and back side of Clemente-- using jumbo squids for the giant bluefin tunas--

Good radio reception today---

San Clemente Island looks to be open this weekend -

E-mail from the Pacific Pioneer--Kyle writes · Best marlin fishing I have ever seen down here in Mag Bay 42 fish released today 155 marlin for the trip ! EPIC

We've got a school under the boat-- biting sardines--- saw that foamer after we saw some birds and bait they 'er like 30- 50 lbs --find a school of birds set up and your find them!-- 10:43 ( Clemente/ below Pyramid

Humbacks Whales-- North and south of Mission Bay 4-5 out lots of birds-- 48/24 - 47/26

Chris---- Chris--- you here------- Chris Chris--- you there-- -- 2:56 he sounded excited--

We just lost one - he got his freedom, he was the victor--- -- shaken all the way up --35 fathoms -lost him --then all that cod came up-- -- what depth were you seeing the squids at 130 fathoms-- outside from here this line of trash and weed- metered some bait there but not much else-- well it's juicy here were sticking it out here for while --we're in shallower here-- 110 fathoms bouncing the bottom--- - couple of fish he had -- was full of that deep water cod-- four founds came out of that last one we got- cod and that market squid came out -- were going to give it a few minutes longer--

Marlin report------Late in the afternoon a phone call from Chuck on the Lesley Ann--- Stick boat-- saying he's seen 4 marlin today--- generally around the Mackerel Bank-- 32:54 / 118:23 and 33:03 / 118:23 and 04;/ 22 --- the 03:23 there were two of them-- the seasons still there--- go get em----! 4:27pm

just got out here-- saw a foamer on the way out--

What time to they show--- not really much till after the tide changed-- from 12:30 to 2 pm- after we caught that one it was quiet ---you markin , no not really marking anything now--- 4:32

Good luck this weekend--JD

45/ 25 small foamer 30-40lbers 5:36pm



-------The 31st. the last day of October 2019-- my it's going by quick--

Nice day --- with very ;little wind here in Newport--- seas calm w a light wind ripple to it-- Strong Tides with a midday's high-- by the weekend should be a few marlin and swordfish in that early midday sunshine-- tunas are traveling with the porpoises






From KK -- nice wahoo---


The phones been rigging off the hook with tuna fishers looking for frozen flyingfish-- they are not available at this time of year-- they migrate into these warters spring time and go home in the winter-- we, JD does have swordfish squids in stock-that work well for the tunas






--------------- Oct 30 2019 -------------

We hope we're up and runing again-- server problems---

The strong Santa Ana winds-- Where are they--- ? must be further north--

JD's will be Closed next week-- going fishing on the 144 !

From last week

Joe Martin got this sword today on 50 Dac. Just weighed the potential Tuna Club Qualifier at 216 lbs! Would be 1st broadbill qualifier in over 20 years


Tuesdays Oct 28 2019-----------

Fair and sunny light to fiar southeast wind 10- 14 kts seas mixed and a bit choppy- water temps still holding at 67-68 degrees here on the beach---

Haven't hear much form the boats offshore-- if there are any-- 11:20 am

Reports of those schools of 20- 40-50 lb Yellowfin with the porpoius around the 209--- cast poppers, splasher type surface lures and colt sniper type jigs- worked yesterday and the day before --


Traveling South-- the

Baja Ha-Ha Starts in SD Nov 3rd - La Paz- 16th

CUBAR-A powerboat cruise from local waters to La Paz, B.C., Mexico.Departs SD OCTOBER 30 for Ensenada,Nov 11, 2019 Cabo Arrival - Nov 17, 2019 La Paz Arrival



------Sunday- Oct 27 2019---------Closed on Mondays--

Big change froms yesterdays pleastly warm day-- -Overcast and cloudy-- South wind 12- 15 kts has the seas mixed and a bit sloppy-- boats returning back to the harbor not wanting to fight it--

The Black & Blue-- down Cabo way had three winners with jackpots at 1.3, 1.7and 1.4 Million dollars--- !!!



------------------Sat Oct 26th --------------

Blue above blends to a light milky-white on the horizon's line

Good radio reception these days with the clear sky - seas welcoming and calm the fleets out of every port today--

Said they made flyers last night so they were ready for them today- got there at 1:30 am this morning--- had one fish yesterday and another two of three misses- off the island two miles now- 10:34am

how you guys doing?--- washing lures--

finding spots of fish up and down quick

51/01 there's some bluefin--

Just heard from my friend----- they just got a Gumbo-- flylined sardine?-- like 250 lbs off the back side of the island --yummy with a kite- 10:37am


Well we had the buoy do down once so far this morning- deep dropping A bank

36/39 had some spots of fish up and down-small and can't em' to go--- 10:54-- your N/E of us 3 miles--


We've seen some of the big boys-- 200 lbs-- - reported Back side very good bluefin tuna ( clemente) and Deep Dropping for Swordfish resulted in at least one fish and another bite ( 181?)

Report form Turtle Bay-- Using pesos, fuel was was $6.77/gal Paying in dollars it would have been $7.57 yesterday Wind blew 35 to 40kts below Cedros and up to 60kts below Turtle according to captain of the P S.



Chris Bohannon, son of Jack Bohannon, father of Kevin and Brett Bohannon, and cousin to Mike "the Beak" Hurt, all of our brotherhood of fisherman, has joined those on "The Other Shore". Chris was connected to the commercial fleet through his father and many relatives, and always had a special place in his heart for that part of our community. His father contributed to the early establishment of sportfishing out of San Diego as we know it today, and generously mentored many of our guys in techniques still being utilized. Chris was better known for his time on the yachts, such as the Madrugador, Anita J, M &M Special, and more recently the Bad Attitude, Non Taxing, Pescador, Reel Time, and Hot Reels. Chris was blessed with a special talent for reading conditions, and believed whole heartedly in sharing information to enhance the experience for all. Watching him cast on a fish was like watching poetry in motion. He was proud of his sons for carrying forward Bohannon skills sets, and it appears to be budding in his grandchildren as well. He and wife Gail also enjoyed their years on the Gail Warning. Chris excelled at tournament fishing and was grateful for the gentlemanly and custodial practices of the Catalina Island Tuna Club. Chris's genuine enthusiasm and boundless passion will be missed, as will his hearty greetings on the VHF and 2 meters as his mic has gone silent. An intimate Celebration of Life is today .

May he rest in peace- JD



--------- Oct 25th 2019------ Sunny and hot again and the sites not posting as expected-- hopefully it will soon--

Light south/west wind 3-5 kts seas kind and frendly- Good weather tomorrow Sat- with a stronger Southe wind on Sunday-- Tides building this weekend as the New Moon apoaches- quakes and wildfires-- why not?

The fleets looking for tunas around the 277 and in towards the island schools of Yellowtails reported off the east end of the island-- big fish-- !! slow trolled macks for seals and tails

SD fleet 's below the 43 and the banks below there

Sportfishers heading south finding strong 30-40 ks of wind cross chop at turtle, SD sportboat coming up hill below them on the ridge says they got hit with a 50-60 kt blow--

Fuel at Ensendada Coral was $4.06/gal. Reported at Turtle at $6.80 a Gal

The Black and Blue ----True Grit -- with Tommy Neikirk as Captain puts up a 498 lb late in the afternoon yesterday--- todays the wait begins- then today the -Tranquilo Bill Pino boated a Blue Marlin. It weighed-in at 577lb.-

reports say there some tuna to been seen on or near the 277 today-- even some bites-

Donnie called in saying yesterday they gone one 25 YF - on a mini mac- slow trolled on the 152 noon to two-

------- Oct 24 2019-- Still Hot and sunny-- no wind ( maybe 1/2 kt-1 ) here on the beach of Newport- very light ripple on the waters surface- seas calm- - Time to come down to the Beach and leave all that oppressive heat inland-- go fishing-- even if you don't catch anything!--

SD party boats still doing well on the tunas and locals still looking for a showing here today- lots of paddies on the 14 some small mini macks under them- some meter marks on the bait but no tuna yet there--10:22

Boats on the 277 report not much-- only a big freighter going by--

light S/E wind so far 8-10 10:58

Up by the oil rigs and along the drop off to the s/e there was good signs of bait, some green to it-67 degres--- 14 up to 68 degrees and not much bait metered, inside from there warming towards the beach-- greened up and more bait metered birds looked better in towards the beach-- 6-7 off the beach-

Just getting ready to drop-- A- Bank- ---we fished last Sat and Sunday-- three bite on Sat- nothing on Sunday- a freind of mine did get one on the 152

Reported that the Incoming tide seemed to be the best tides for the Swords, and afternoon hours

No Local tuna reported yet-- 2:42 pm

How'd you do ----- got only one--- they were with the ponies we hooked the one on 30--- had him on for a while- just west of the 277 --

Mid afternoon Black and Blue Tournaments update--- two fish weighing in for First and Second place so far--- bothe fish weigh at 466lbs-- !!! as the anchore drags---


1 Wild Hooker Shane O'Brian 466

2 Stella June Evan Salvay 466

Rule--- 33. Breaking Ties Ties between two or more fish that weigh the same are broken by the time the fish were weighed. In other words, the first team to reach the amount of final points is the winner. Times are recorded to the whole minute.

Latest water and Chlorophyll charts

Water temp from 63 to 72 -












--------------- Wed's- Oct 23 rd 2019-----------

About as nice as it gets--- just a puff of wind once in a while- blue sky- blue ocean and bait schools reported from the Oil Rigs out to the south for dozens of miles, the A Bank yesterday also covered in bait, as was along the ridge off Catalina's east end-- Who knows maybe we'll see a late marlin season-- there are nice big tunas around - hard to get them to bite and strong if you do hook one- 30- 60? lbs- even Swordfish been seen on the surface or deep dropping for them--( A-Bank)

Dozens of boats out searching this morning - waiting for a show of fish - reported that the best showing for the past few days had been from 10 am to about 3 pm-- Stand By-


Hey Mike we got two hanging right now-- found a school that looks like it wanted to bite-- 10:49

How ya doing-- we're without-- there's a spot of tunas up in front of you-- they do dow way before I can get to them--

There's more bait schools from Dana to the 14 than I've ever seen in my life-- ( sword fisherman)

Good radio recpetion today-- boat heading to Mexico calling from below the border--

We're here at 36 over 34 it was almost full speed when we got here--- now only marks-- -- but they were only those 10 lbers---- you rementber waht happend the other day--- it started at 10 lbers ended up 30-40 lbers-- yea we know that's while were stickin here-

We've got like 10 on boat 10-15 lber---my radar all lit up red-- Southern waters outside SD

Radio Quiet so far-- no local reported fish hooked up --so far-- noon--

we're on our second fish now-- 12:41

got a full foamere up right in front of us-- ( SD waters?) 1:20

East end of Cat-- 5-6 off seeing breesers up but no bite yet--

We were at 12/ over 13 there were fish there all morning -- baited a marlin there ---might fish east of there a 1/4 mile

Just ran over a Marlin!! 1:37

Slack tide today--- 1:13pm

ran over to the island-- saw a sword pop up- then that was it-- couple of boats out deep dropping for the swords-- they say they had a bunch of them the other day--

it's been a 10-15kt breeze all day-- there like four boats out here--at 10 it came up I got out her at daylight-- it was at 40 fathoms and came up about 10--- how many you get --- 6 got the bigger fish on the drift

E-mail---Took off out of LA an hour ago---JD, Several boats out towards the 14 but I didn't see much. That said, between the oil rigs and catalina there looked to be foamers with not a boat (other than 2 shipping containers) in the vicinity. They were on the side of the shipping lane closer to the island and the isthmus. Amazing conditions. Didn't see any kelps. -- Brian

How ya doing--- we'll we got one aboard-- just doing a slow lazy troll into the beach-- looks like there some birds off the old trailer park- Crystal Cove 4:26


The Black and Blue Tournament starts today with Team Count 126 and 849 anglers--


BAC Presents ----LOBSTER TACTIC SEMINAR & Potluck Porch Party With Casey McCann


Wednesday, October 30 th @ 5:30pm Balboa Angling Clubhouse 200 ‘A’ Street Newport Beach, CA 92661 Balboa Angling Club is very pleased to announce a Lobster Seminar with BAC Director Casey McCann. Casey is a BAC Director and avid sport fisherman, not only does Casey hoop net but he also dives for local spiny lobster. Casey will be giving advice on positioning, bait, strategy and many more inside tips to score big in the hoop net. Alison (BAC Secretary) will be helping out and contributing some “delicious” additions to the raffle. You won’t want to miss an exciting evening, fishing friends, spirits & good food. Please bring a addition to our potluck if you would like and we look forward to seeing you! Balboa Angling Club Members – Free | Non-members - $15 (at door)


Geezz --- it doesn't get much better that this mornings weather-- light marine haze blends into beautiful blue above- no wind calm seas nice--

Ya seeing action??? -- the fleets out after the local schools of Bluefin tunas

You get one Nate-- well I'm bit!---- way to go --- get the party started~!!---- 10:30am

-- Where you at--- kinda where we started yesterday morning ( I think 3 outside north Laguna/Abalone Pt) by the mid afternoon the fish scattered northwards in a uphill current-- there were a dozen boats chasing schools of nice sized Bluefin Tunas--- 25 to 60+ fish- by three pm spots of fish were up off the Balboa Pier-- 2, 2-1/2 miles up chasing small bait-- a drifted small green back mackerel did well as anglers got their 2 Bluefins tuna limits quickly, Cast small jigs also had hook ups--

Vick-- I'm right outside from where we started yesterday--- same size?-- same size -- just the one so far---

Im up here deep dropping for swordfish-- good meter marks at 660 ft--

Disco Punk ( yesterday) One of her 3 fish today-- Even Marlin in the area yesterday--- hooked on a slow trolled bait--

Sea Dory-- coming up next to us-- we've got a fish on -- can you give us some room-- yea were about 500 yards from you now-- OK thanks -- you get your's slow trolling mackerel - yep-- 11:46

We've got it going off in front of us-- 12:20--- it's still up a 1/2 mile from us--- at 27 / 02 something like that-- ( 14 Mile Bank)

it's pretty impressive-- I'm a little west of you- we just stopped on these foamer right in front of us-- -- that spot of porpoise was holding-- those guys you were talking to- they just hooked up on a live mackerel

31 /04 just had a foamer come up -- had two massive foamers come up inside us as we came up- -- the amount of fish up today wasn't as big as yesterday--

Just threw a popper ate a swordfish--- didn't like it-- I was thinking he'd take it--- I'm west of the 14-- big old spot of anchovies up- thought I'd hang here for a while-- sword popped up next to it 1:27pm

for most of the fleet- the fish went down-- another angler had a spot of yellowfin come up-- saying he's had the tuna chasing his cast waxwing jig-- 18/09 18/10 3:44pm

E-Mail this afternoon-- 1 bluefin caught 4 miles off on trolled mackerel, saw 12’ long swordfish being baited by a big sport fisher off Laguna but couldn’t get it to go. Lots of bait n birds 3-4 off hoag along the ridge with tuna deep but never saw the fish come up. Tom

Overall the fish didnt bite as well today--

Closed on Mondays--- JD-- Wish I'd gone out to the tuna grounds--

------------ Sunday Oct 20 2019 ----- another beautiful day for Fall-- light westerly- seas good and fish were jumping---

A call this morning from East /West Excursions an whale watching boat out watching-- seeing good schools of Bluefin jumping around the area just west of the 14 at 25 /04 fifteen minutes later another call -- the meats here--- at 23 / 05-- 10:25 am

Boats at the harbor entrance trying to make bait ( small mackerel) were in a hurry to get out there-- bait was hard to find--

- Upcoming trip to Mag Bay--aboard the Bad Company 144, the goal --to catch 200+ or more marlin in a single day--

thought I'd bring along some extra hooks-- a 1,000 of them- 8/0 & 9/0s

Only a few boats fishing the marlins today--- a quick feeder or two reported-- and the deep droppers saying they had a bite but missed it-- spots of of tuna popped up on the A Bank but went downstairs before those could get on them




-----------------Oct 19 Saturday-- beautiful sunny day-- no wind to speak of seas lookgood light mix to them- Boats out after Marlin , Swordfish, Tuna, halibut and yellowtail today-- and whatever else bites their lines--

Radio this morning says someone still fighting their fish-- 9:12am and Early morning Bluefin jumping around on the 267/279 by 8am they had gone down-- where'e they go he said--

Got' em, a labored voice comes on-- 11:27am

Spottie showing of yellowtail above the rigs- not really chewing

that yacht had one on and that skiff was pulling on one-- we got three here yesterday--looked like that first set of gear you had in the water had a bite too-- 12:01 Deep dropping-- maybe the 9 mile bank?

-The mid days High Slack Tide--- came and went-- only a sighing of three sleepers seen off Catalina-- and that was I've heard so far-- maybe this draining tide will produce--

we had one bite at the turn of the tide-- today-- off Long Point


Los Cabos Offshore results so far-- couple fish still to be weighed

Top Tournament Team - Billfish Rank Team- Angler -Species- Points

1 Marlini Aristeo Gutierrez Gonzalez Black Marlin 468

2 Reel & Deal Will Wynperle Black Marlin 371

3 Outcast Mike Phillips Black Marlin 360

4 Predator Jarrod Smith Blue Marlin 328

5 Gaviotas Viken Ouzounian Black Marlin 313 5

120 boats 10 winners, 110 loosers

Quick update from Cabo. Russ Armstrong and I fishing the Bisbees Los Cabos with friends Nando and Will. Got the right one yesterday, 371 black for 2nd place overall and the Day 2 daily's. Pretty good fishing right now. Had 3 blues, a black and a stripey for 2 days. Next up, the Black and Blue.- Patrick T


--------------------------- Oct 18 2019 Friday-- again---- light overcast marine haze- wind light to fair from the west/southwest- 4-6 kts- seas OK

Quiet on the radio- so far---

Cabo's got their tournaments going on-- Los Cabo's had some 55 boats the "Los Cabo's Offshore has 119 today-- lots of striped marlin released and a couple 400/500 lb Blacks and a dozen or more Blues for the earlier tournaments

No bait when I pulled it up-- couple of times I'd had lifted it up and dropped back down---- one drift- lots of bait up there towards the shallower water-- maybe there were some other squids down there-- as the first baits came up all chewed up--

That looked like a tough one on 20lb dac--- we enjoyed watching it--

Prospector yea got the leader but didn't get the tag in it to qualify for Chris W's fish for the T/C-- Congrats to Chris ether way--- where were you at-- the east end-?- no right out front of Avalon-- Best of luck the rest of the afternoon-- 12:54-- Slack tide today-- 11:48am

23 18 ---They're biting ---came up on the squid daisy chain--- got another one going--2:37pm --22 17

This ones much bigger--- lots of fun--- that's the way it should be--- still fighting it--- a little wind picked up -- 3:15--- still on it 4:25

Just released it-- 5:38 - got leader in hand ( release) but failed to get the tag into it-- Two marlin in a day--- Congrats--- JD and its a Birthday too!!


Celebrated Chris Webb’s 40th birthday on Prospector today at Catalina. Webb went 3-3-2 on striped marlin and baited a broadbill. � Happy Birthday Webb






Local water temps from yesterday ranging from 64 to 70 degrees-



Couple of other images of Baja and Mag Bay




Strong temp break from below Turtle Bay to the southwest





65 tp 85 degrees-












- Thursdays Reports---

Change in the weather-- feeling a little like the Fall Season- broken clouds from the South/southeast 10- 12 kts- seas mixed yet travelable , Several private Sportfishers headed towards May Bay already-- bring lots of leaders and hooks-- ! looks like a small T/S forming below Cabo in the middle of the week-

Decker was out today-- looking for those elusive tunas--- ran to the 152 off the East end of Catalina-- still good sighs of bait from there to the A Bank- but the mornings S/E Wind made it uncomfortable-- but no tunas for them-- good sigh of sealife but no tunas-- did see a quick feeder -- but didn't get on it in time--

better luck tomorrow--

Approaching High pressure might help the bite

--Mag Bay Report-- , Game Changer (Bayliss gameboat 62) released 308 in one day, beating the previous record of 180. 



------- Wed's report ------------------

Light milky white sky at the beach--light fog -warm and sunny inland--

wind light from the south-- couple of boats out towards Clemente saying they'd had 5 0lb tunas other sayng spots of Bluefin coming up-- 12:26

Lots of boats out looking-- not much reported in fish being caught--

Spent most of the day winding line in reels-- lots of line-!

Report from Mag Bay-- Chip on the Old Reliable-- saying it was one of the best days he's ever had , raising over 200 marlin and releasing 61 Stripes on Fly Tackle!!! 61 marling hooked and released off Fly rod and reel- that's a lot of rigging and pulling -- you've got to have a good crew behind you to do that-- Cngrats- JD



----- Tuesday Oct 15 2019-

Sunny and a light ocean breeze from the west -

Dozens of boats after the tunas outside and near the 267/ 279 this morning-- maybe a couple caught- drifting baits helped. And Yellowfin in the 25 lb range moved through the waters outside Laguna- to upper Newport yesterday- 11 am - small schools erupting -here--- there-- with tuna making perfect salmon type leaps , those deep dropping having a time of it-- -

Reports From Mag Bay say-- lots of Striped Marlin " We released 163 MARLIN yesterday, in one day, on dead bait. In the past 7 days of fishing, we’ve released 650 MARLIN (649 stripeys and 1 blue) & 6 SAILFISH. To say this is the trip of a lifetime is an understatement. This place is insane!"

-- fuel at Turtle ? estimated at $ 8 a gal?

Local tuna -- quieted down-- but below the 43 they were into the bigger giant Bluefin this morning--

I was honored today to put line on a brand new reel- never been on a rod- An Fin~Nor 7 1/2 two speed reel -- one of the finest reels every produced, hand made by a select few craftsmen in their plant in Florida . Shifting gears was accomplished by rotating the handle from one port to another - in it's day none were better-



------------- Sundays Oct 13 2019---Closed on Mondays-- -

Nice and sunny again-- light marine haze seaward- seas calm light roll to it.

Cabos got some weather and maybe more to come later next week- Looking forward- Another larger strorm front pushing in from the Northwest will bring some wind and a large swell in front of it-

Couple/ three marlins seen this morning-off the backside/ east end of Catalina- Orange Rock area-

Not reported tuna on he inside waters so far today- good sealife 5-6 off the island towards newport--

Wind again picked up mid late morning-- backed of towards the afternoon hours--

He said they had a bite in 1300 ft of water with a bait down at 1,000 straight out front of Avalon--

Not many of any swordfish landed today-- some bites but I did'nt hear of a fish boated-- maybey one?

Better luck tomorrow-- JD


---------------------Oct 12- Sat warm and sunny--- light south wind and varly good seas-- lots of boaters out-- schools of tunas being seen--

just put on a 100 lb flyer and off Clemente--

others seeing foamers of Yellowfin

Adding in the filling moon and a high pressure system the surface Swordfishers were scanning and deep droppers dropping baits a 1000 ft- tuna boats out chasing porpoise, terns and flying flying fish, the Marlin trollers were weaving their paths over high spots temp breaks and yellowtails were said to be chewing the paint off the bottoms of boats at Catalina-- should be a good weekend for fishing--

44 and 21 there's breezers coming through every 15 minutes of so--- 11:43

spots of smaller 20+ YF off the East end of the island a mix YF and 30-40 BF

afternoon they came up good--- from the 43 up the Ridge both a mix of the YF and BF

showing-- 1:02 good now--- 14/ 18 off the East end of Cat

wind came up a bit after lunch-- making the drift for the swords a little more difficult while keeping the lines straight down below them-- and another swordfish taken by the 152 this morning-- Dozen or more boats drifting--

Good looking water 5 -6 off the beach here at Newport this afternoon-- looks good birds bait--

Deep dropping on the inside of Clemente-- Shawn M. boats a swordfish today--- nice place to fish for them

Good luck tomorrow-- JD



-- Oct 11 2019 brings another brigh blue day-- not much wind if any at all- seas calmed down and only a ligh roll to it--

rumer has it the fleets out tuna fishin!

Roger roger-- you fishing the tunas- big spots of em'-- we didn't get that far-- 10:47 scratchy reports of the Yellowfin off Dana--

Yesterday we saw one marlin on the Avalon Bank and another one up by Long Point, this morning made the crossing over to to the island ( San Clemente) saw some mackeral being pushed by a marlin on the Mac bank- about a hour ago --Scott--

Nice day-- light westerly and warm for the afternoon hours--- some were asking about any dorados being caught today whiles others looking for those schools of bigger grade Yellowfin from out front of Dana to inside side th 14--

casted iron and poppers were said to do the trick-

21 over 30 he says--- 4:28

Good luck this weekend-- shoule be good weather and some tunas to be found-- and swordfish and even a Marlin-



10-10-19-- Thursdays report -

a cloudless sky- wind light from the south 3-4 kts- seas good small mix of seas

Moon's building again full moon next Monday-- typically the four or five days before the full is active for the bigger fishes- marlins, tunas, whoos and such- almost all sealife responds to that filling moon, a blossom of sealife if you will- the groupers are on spawn, lobsters and other crustaceans the same- the bigger females become more active-- . Records kept of the Black and Blue show an increase of the Blue and Black marlin catches from the 200- 300 lb fish from the backside to no moon and up to mid moon catches --- them the full moon comes and there's 500-600-800 lb fish hooked-the bigger female fish are active- Booking agents for Fishing charters may not agree but the fish don't care !-

Not much in the way of the fish reports today-- rumor says a 150- 175lb swordfish taken from the Newport canyon area- ? and there were others off the local bank fishing for them today--

If I heard correctly in a very scratchy report ( far away) saying they had wide open Dorado! around 2 today -- ?

Weather looks to let down soon and the offshore opportunity for surface sighting of swordfish and deep dropping looks good for the weekend--

Dodgers game was a let down in the end--


---------------------- Oct the 9th 2019----

High overcast sky-- wind from the south 3-5 kts seas good and visibility and radio air ways going a long ways-- --- but not much spoken yet-

Long range weather forecasts web sites Sailflow and Windy show a T/S forming south of Baja next week and growing-- at least at this time forecasted to move north towards Mag and Turtle- 15 and 16th - stand by--

Boats headed to Baja-- asking the price of fuel at Turtle Bay? any word? JD


Seeker's--- Swordfish from yesterdays catch-- Bucket list stuff. Double fell off after 30 mins, but we got to weigh one in Avalon tonight. Rick H

Congrats-- JD



Yellowfin still going strong at the 425 below the border today--





From yesterdays Satellite images of the local So Calif water temps and the Chlorophyll chart














And from the Baja Peninsula This year 2019 and from Last year 2018-












- Go dodgers---


--Oct 8 2019 -

---- Morning light Fog and overcast sky-- wind light form the south 2-4 kts seas good- light mix to it-

Several boats out today-- water chilled off a bit 67- 68 degrees

couple more boats doing the deep drop system for the swordfish today-- ( see below for set up)



Hi JD, Sally caught this Swordfish yesterday to complete her Royal Billfish Slam. There are fewer than twenty women in the world who have accomplished this feat. Needless to say, Sally is stoked! Best regards, Bob


Boats headed down to Baja and the Cabo tournaments reported good fishing on the way down-- Marlin - tuna- wahoos

12:52pm-- reported wide open yellowfin tuna fishing near the 425---?

lots of paddy's out past the 277- not much under them

windy and not much in the signs of sealife on the 277 or backside of the island

Seeker comes on the radio- towards the later afternoon hours reporting they had a double going on the swordfish and worried they'd have to cut off one of the lines in order to get the first fish-- -- got it and on they way into Avalon to weigh it--

Gadzuks also had a bite--

And a couple days old ( sunday report) of the tuna being seen between the 209 and the 267 lots of fish seen- metered -- ??


Took my Grandson out fishin yesterday--- but not for fish!----- we went after crawdads with a piece of string, a little bit of bacon and a long stick! Got a couple too---- good times!









Nothing better than a five year old boy with a stick and some water to play in-




Here's a general idea how the Deep Drop system looks like, a couple of many ideas to get the bait down without too much trouble
















Closed on Mondays---

---- Oct 6 2019-----------

---- Boy if yesterday was a nice day it's even nicer today-- again a light wind from the W/S/W maybe 2-4-5 kts just enough to break the sunshine's heat--

and again just about anything that can float is headed out the harbor and up to the HB flats to watch the Air Show-- pretty spectacular , most bigger boats anchored up some skiffs drifting-- a little crowded, some guys fishing for bass-

Couple boats setting for their long drift for the tunas, like theyt did yesterday-- - not sure where guessing at 289 area

Local waters waters warm and cleaning up-- 70 degrees on the 14

They came under the boat--- not a big spot of em' but that were tuna--Three big boils one two three- - threw poppers at em' but no bites -- first went there there wasn't any current went back about 9 and there was current and that's when we got the fish--

Boat coming back from the Clemente Tuna grounds-- no luck for him so far-- still trolling his flying fish-- 2:18 sounded like he's had a few-- !!

good radio reception --425 they're jumping a round here and there--

Navy showing off they wears today--

He said it was coming togeather-- lots of birds gathering and looking good-- 32/42 below the 43--

reports say--- Not much happened off the backside of Clemente for the bigger grade Tunas---or anything else


E-Mail from Mexico--- we we fished out of Puerto Los Cabo's for 4 days from outer gordo to jamie bank and finally this big boy blew up on a jig behind the boat well worth the time it took 2 1/ hrs on Merityme 2 Captain Bret C angler Tom Mo gaffer Kenny Brooks

Baja Bound the Falls sportfishing migration is at hand--- Big Game Tournament Fishing and warm seas- beckons

East Cape report: lots of 12-15 lb Dorado, some small YFT, and plenty of these pint sized strippers to keep you busy. Water 84, no wind all week.


Boats headed to Mexico


Go Dodgers--- -


Predator heading south the morning of the Nov. 2nd-

Baja Ha Ha---- SD Nov 3- 16 --La Paz

Cubar Odyssey 2019 SD Oct 30- Nov 17 La Paz

Bounder Departs Newport Nov 6th - Mag 10-16 then Puerto Los Cabos Marina in San Jose the 18th. 

------------------------Oct 5 2019--- Sat--- -------------------

Sunny morning-- light bright marine hase to the S/E and darker haze to the west seas good and lots and lots of boats out to see the AIR Show--

Seems like alot of boats out fishing-- or looking-- or wishing--

What a beautiful day here in October-- light winds kept the air fresh and sunshine kept if bright-- The air show one of the best so far- -- and lots and lots of boats-- and a very confused seastate has the boats headed back to their ports--

There were 30lb + Yellofin to be had off the east end of Catalina-- and down the ridge to the 277, the outside shelf I think held more fish-- watch the terns-- and hole heads-

Where'd the marlin go?? --- there should be a few still hanging around the islands

and the Swordfish should be basking near that mid day slack tide-- intereting the Geoff got his bites also on the midday slandk tide deep dropping-

Sad to report a loss in the fishing community --one of the better people Sad news to report, Chris Bohannon passed away yesterday. He was a well respected Fisherman and Captain. Celebration of Life information to follow... Thoughts and prayers are with his family.

-------------------------- Oct 4 2019 Friday-- again---------------

Daylight quickly shorting it's duration-- SD has a tournament going Light Tackle Tournament ILTT

- Yellowfin tunas being caught for their fleet so far-

Several boats out fishing for the swordfish in these placid weather conditions-- Some water current flow helps to determine their drift and location to set up-- Sea Surface Current web site helps-


Pacific Air Show starts today Noon-- look to the skys--- it's a bird--- its a plane!

There's tones of bait here- some birds metering lots of bait but nothing yet--- you closer to the island-- nope above the 181-- OK we're here on the 289 - good luck 11:07

Returning from the Clemente Tuna fishing grounds--- fishless-- dozen or more boats floating balloons-- they but reported only one or two fish taken


Navy restricted zones keeping some of the sport boats today-

08 and 20 reported to be holding the Yellowfin-- ( below the border)

Go Dodgers

Only heard of one swordfish being caugh deep dropping off the east end-

water 67- 71 degrees and cleaning up-- no fish--

Have A great weekend-- go mow the lawn--

------------- Oct 3 2019 -- Thursday---

Nice days - wind light from the south- seas ok with a light wind chop-

Pacific Air Show starts tomorrow off Huntington Beach-- - go fish Izors reef and watch the show-- starts at 11am Fri -Sat and Sunday--

Sounds like the Giant Bluefin Tunas bite has slowed down--- maybe it s the moon or shifting currents water temps--?

S/D party boats still finding the Yellowfin around the 371 below the border--

No swordfish reported caught so far today---12 noon

San Clemente Island looks to be Hot for Friday and Sat-- some zones open on Sunday-- check out San Clemente Island Security

Deep dropping off the East End--- -- Hooked to Island Fox- - had him close at one time-- he's got a 100 yards out now-- headed down swell--- 2:31pm

Ah-- ----- Pulled the hook right at the boat--- Wind on leader on the reel - ah--- disappointment--- --- guess I'll go back a deep drop again--- --

another quiet day on the waterfront

-------------------------------- October 2 2019 -------------- Wed

A cloudless morning-- light marine haze seaward , wind from the west southwest fair at 5-7 kts- mix of sea

An epic and rare day on the water before we leave for Mexico. Two swordfish, mine was 150 and JM’s was over 300. Paul on the Quitena

Headed to Baja-- Guve JD's a call for 12 packs of Ballyhoos

-- Tuesday October the 1st 2019 ------- - 42 years now since I first started work here on the bayfront-- it's a wonderful life! -

A few lingering clouds around-- wind light to fair from the south - seas still a bit mixed--light wind chop-

Boy-- the week days are absent of voice on the radio-- and today's fishing dope voiced mainly cell and digital messaging

Go Dodgers-- da bums they lost


A check with the latest satellite images for the water temps and the Chlorophyll charts-- from 63 to 73 degrees

















-------------- Sept 29 2019 ------------- Closed Mondays--- ----

Morning clouds went away- blue sky w/ clouds on the horizon- wind fair from the south this AM hours against a west mix of swell- Yuck

Still a shot at some of the smaller 12- 15 lb tunas moving up along the coastline 2- 3 miles off the beach-- watch for the terns-- small trolled feathers- -

Never a dull moment down at the BAC club another swordfish deep drop off Catalina 112 lbs--Zach P the angler and his girlfriend at the helm Dessie M, time an hour 45 --congratulations the perfect size



Another E mail this morning-- Thanks so much JD!!

Hey there JD- My name is Jeramy K, and I had the pleasure of coming by your shop for my very first time last week to pick up some frozen rigged ballyhoo for my trip to Cabo. In addition I wanted to also grab an Eye Candy Marlin Lure w ..you recommended the baby Dorado colored one, so that’s what I purchased. I’ve got to say - that turned out to be a tremendously good decision and some top notch advice on your part!! That Eye Candy lure was THE ONLY lure that got bites the entire week from striped marlin, to dorado, to even a short billed spearfish. THANK YOU!!) the definite highlight of my trip I was able to connect with a nice cow sized yellowfin tuna able to land the 204LB yellowfin tuna - my personal best to dateThanks again for all of your help and great advice.

And Lobster Hooping at the island--- Hi JD it's Jolene we hit the jackpot on the DoubleC last night...Thank for all of your pointers.


And noted author and big game fisherman and manufacture representative Mr Bob Hoose Captains the boat Prospector for young Wesley 12 years old -- the task in bringing in a Broadbill Swordfish a little to much so Mike his Dad helps tag teams the second half of the battle--- Nice Catch!-- Russ Armstrong gaffer.

185lbs-- Nice catch- !








---- Sept the 28 th Saturday--

Overhead clouds with light drizzle giving way to a clearing sky-- wind backing off the mornings 8-10 S/W to a 3- 5 kts S/SW


For anyone listening-- there's a spot of 15-20 lb tuna 1/2 mile s right outside the harbor-- Newport-- we trolled through them- but we were on our way to Catalina- little footballs-- 10:48am-=- thanks Trent--

Ah the wonders of the internet having service off Clemente Islands and watching boaters and anglers within minutes of whats happening-- latest an hour old for facebook-- Pete's Sake" on a pig right now. 80# dacron, Tuna Club of Avalon fish. Going on 3 hours now. Weather is deteriorating. C'mon guys!!!! Wish them luck!!

This Big Bluefin Tuna stuff keeps up- we'll have to get back to

Fishing Chairs--- Probably the best idea yet-- !


Another E-Mail today--- Hi JD, Thank you so much for all your help in getting us setup for the fish of a life time! Best Regards, Egon-- fished aboard the Thunderbird-- with a pair of older Penn International 30 single speed reels--












<--- And another one hits the Deck---265 by Keven King--



Subject: 600 pounder on Zane Grey on 39 thread ( see below)
















Received this E Mail photo this morning-- from Carl L. his goal was to catch a Giant Bluefin Tuna such as Zane Grey had done back in the early days-- and to do it with Zane Grey's actual reel !!! it took a lot of collectors searching to archive it-- and it's a beast-- filled with 39 thread linen line too and a wooden rod-- Congrats-- JD --



_____ Sept 27 Friday 2019 ------ as the month draws to an end-- Lobster season opens this weekend and some strong afternoon winds developing over outer waters-- pushing inwards in the afternoon hours - Strong tides in the New Moon phase

Coastal weather here this morning med/ light winds west at 6-8- 10 kts -- building as the days gets along-- several boats heading to Avalon for the weekends music festival - T/C boats out in their Hunt tournament and the general sportfishing fleet of sportfishers working inside the 43/ ridge and banks below the 43 or the back side of Clemente- Skipjacks- and yellowfin even Dorado in their counts--

<---- E-Mail yesterday-- ALBACORE! Hey JD Remember these--- 170 for 8 guys in one day about 40 miles out of Westport wa. Bait and troll fun!!!

Weather looks ok for most of the day Sat-- by 2-3 it starts to freshen up--

and the ABC results




Some interesting notes of Deep Dropping for Broadbill Swordfish

See PIER.Org-- Develoment and trial of Deep Set Bouy gear for Swordfish and the Modified Testing

Oh, my, my 7th Tuna Club button fish, a swordfish on 50 pound dacron. Took 2 hours and 5 minutes, weighs around 300 pounds, I suppose. Fishing in a Tuna Club tournament, too! With my eldest son Con! What a great day! Now, to find him a fish! 🙂 I am so grateful and lucky! Camio- Johnnie C



------------------Sept 26 Thursdays 2019 -------

Gray and drizzly-- light south wind-- blew south all afternoon night and this morning-- seas good small mix of seastate-

Radio quiet again as if the chatter down to only a few boats, barges and what not's-- if any-

Second hand report of a good showing of tunas off the east end of Catalina yesterday-152- 277- roaming schools of the bigger stuff- 100 lbers-- tossing poppers and lures didn't result in a bite-- finding a paddy and jigging up fresh baits -spanish and returning back to the schools of tuna resulted in a long battle in light line--

AIS shows private and the sportboats out of SD fishing the back side of Clemente fo the bigger tunas--



Sept 25 2019-- Hump day---

Late report today-- busy winding line and working on reels , stocking shelves, and making Broadbill Swordfish rigs-- sharpened hooks and putting away delivered swordfish squid baits from Baitmasters-- they put out a good product-- Wind stayed from the south from AM till the afternoon hours--

Couple of boys coming back from Catalina this morning saying they'd seen either a marlin or swordfish fining in the wind whipped swells maybe 4 out of the harbor but conditions said they rather fish for them a in a calmer day-- South all day--

Southern winds will drive the remaining warmer water into concentrated areas-- don't give up the ship yet we've a long way for the season to end--

E-Mail this morning--- Jd, Caught bluefin between the 209 And 181 today on a popper. 9/24/19 Big foamers. Huge 100yards. Bounced the popper 5 more times off the bluefin literally, couldn’t get another. Thanks for your report. Chris K.-- Thanks--- JD

The local water temps from 60 to 73 and the Chlorophyll Cart on the right

Couple of areas look interesting - that swirl of warm water between the west end of Catalina and the Channel islands and the finger of clear blue water from the 43 towards catalina and that breaks on the ends of each island - Good Luck the weekend-

















- -- Tuesdays reports--- Moring clouds giving away to haze and a light west wind 3- 5 kts- seas, small mix and calm

ABC's 10 am updates has the Ruckus releasing a marlin hooked at a minute before 7 and releasing it 25 minuts later an bait fish and the Chaser also releaed a marlin with a 9:10 am hook and 9:20 release- Catch stats .com is keeping up with the scoring-

Dont lose this one! says Mary who's doing hte radio control from up top of Catalina -- swordfish hooked up 10:54 57/33 -- Ruckus -- 11:26 they boated it---- congrats--

and those big Bluefin still here and growing--- just there for the taking- back side of Clemente- and the reef-

Couple of days ago afternoon hours two boats, I think out of Dana were chasing the big grade of tuna-- 80- 100 lb stuff out between the 267 and the 14 they had been on the fish the day before so they knew there were big fish around-- and that knowledge , that conceptions that there actually were big fish around gave them the confidence to fish for them-- other boats coming by-- spend a few minutes then went their way- but to conceptually think there were big fish in the area was the key into them putting a 100lb fish in the boat . ya got to believe they're there

Ruckus comes back on the radio-- with a second Swordfish Hooked up same spot --57 over 33 12:15 hook up time--- 1:52 landed their second fish!! losing another

Vick was out-- said the 267 had greened up and a little better ou on the 14 but not much bait meetered in either place--

Windy this afternoon west at a strong 15- 18 kts--backing off towards the later part of the day-

4:30 Lines Out for the ABC with the Ruckus catching two swordfish and a marlin released today

While looking through the Freezer -- found an up-opened case of 4 pak swordfish squids- match it with an EZ- S/W rig -- a 4/0 hook is swaged up on the leader 9 inches from the 11/0 hook-- the 11/0 is pushed through the mantle and out through the siphon tube or center of the head and the 4/0 is inserted up by the tail flukes to act as the towing locations and a Zip tie bias cut is pushed through and back secures it all in place and your ready to go, takes less than a minute and it's effective--!


------------- Monday--- closed again--

ABC going on today-- Catch stats .com for the ABC results-

Ruckus has a Swordfsh hooked 57 over 33 at 11:54am lost it at the boat and C- Bandit had a marlin hooked eariler at 8:58am it to came loose-- thats it so far-- -- noon- JD



Hi JD, Here is the final results from the 30th annual Los Pescadores Derby

1st Irish Dip Thomas Stephens 282 lb Swordy.

2nd Flying Fish Dave Elm 275 lb Swordy 3rd Hammer Jeff Clary 210 lb Swordy

4th Egg Cessive Craig Stanton 204 lb Swordy

5th Catalan Tonic Moran 189 lb Swordy

6th Kea Kai Bill Buchannon 144lb Swordy

C'est La Vie

Hard Luck Award--

After 10 minutes into the fight the rod broke in half. Fought the fish for another hour and lost the fish at gaff. I lot of fun just came up a little short. C'est La Vie





- Sundays humid day high hazy sky- wind light from the southwest- seas calm and smooth-

Returning Pesky's to their home ports---

between the 152 and 277 reported both Yellowfin and Bluefin--


The Bounder returns flying flags and wearing horns!




I've got a swordy up flagging it's up high and dry-- 12:48

Greg Stotesbury is with Michael Stotesbury in Finland.Los Pescadores “Go Vikings” 2019 up at Santa Cruz Isl. again for team Flying Fish. Fourth times the charm for us, and Dave Elm finally gets it done with a 275 broadbill! The bite on the “Ranger V Bank” was incredible Fri. afternoon with over 10 hooked and 3 caught by the half dozen boats on the ledge. Great event and another bridesmaid 2nd place for us. Congrats to all who caught and special thanks to Steve Hammerchmidt for the help with weigh in at Smugglers Cove!


Got on of your kind up-- ( swordfish) got em' 2:35

the year of Giant Bluefin and Broadbill Swordfish-

Breezers up-- hey little boat can you here me-- don't run over that school of breezer just slide up on it ,make a cast hopefully you'll get one-- yea-- we here ya-- you guys on top of the 152? -- 2:58 pm 22 over 55 --( 7 above there) -

these damn mosquitoes just keep running them over-- yea I'm gonna slow troll a mack - or put the bird up-- -- we just got bit in the porpoise-- nice fish broke the hook! 3:18pm

big school went under the boat-- our buddies hooked one-he's hanging-- - awsum! 3:34--- we're sitting at 23 over 58 (?)

you got that thing in the boat yet-?? - naw were pulling-- he pulled-- his dad pulled, I pulled ---were still pulling--- 3:55pm it;'s a big fish-- we should stop trying to catch these fish with bass gear--- !! there's so much bait here 25 over 59


they were up for a couple hours-- then went down by 4 :30 / 5pm - opps we ;ve got anothe little breeser here-- haven seen any marlin yet- nice and close to home--- ( Dana)

I'M wired--- 4:00 -- broke em off--

got em' on the Deck--- the fish weighs at a guess at 100lbs--- !

We're on another breasser over here--- we're cleaning up and headed your direction-- ( 29/ 50) ? it's all moving towards the 14--


Breezer Wars-------


Sat Sept 21st 2019 -Morning Blue sky- light marine haze seaward- wind light from the south 2-4 kts-

Morning radio chatter says four Broadbill Swordfish were caught so far in the Pesky's Derby--- 4 sore and pissed off swordfish! Swagger boating one of them!-- and the ever congratulatory approval from the Cest La Vie it's a badge of honor! -

feeder marlin seen by the east oli rig-- 9:47am

E- Mail this morning-- Good morning JD - dropping you a quick line. We just had a swordy hooked up for about 45 min on 50# dacron aboard MAI TAI. What a show. Unfortunately he got off. Thanks for all the advice!! We’ll get the next one! Hugh

Couple of kelps held dorado and some yellowfin--SD waters

Pesky's reducing tourament boundaries, Noon on Sat within 35 miles, 1pm /25 miles, 2 pm/ 20 miles and by 3 pm within 15 of Avalon at lines out--

---- Du Hamtar Mig, Sig -- (ya' picking me up Beak! )

25/30lb fathoms along the inside of the island- roving schools of yellowtail pushing anchovie baitballs

Flying Fish caught theirs yesterday --------- It was still daylight when they caught their sword yesterday.. Greg said it weighed 275lbs.>>

Bull Pen dumped their marlins hooks ups--

we got borred -- so we put on a woden lure trolled around the 152 for a while--- got a 50 lb yellowfin-- he's in the cooler--

---- Du Hamtar Mig, Sig -1:55 hooked up ?

Marlin tails--- the first tail called in so far in the derby-- Prospector released one but outside the 2:00 boundry putting them out of bounds! !

Well we're here in the mellon patch out front of Avalon--- --- the Catalina Flyer doesnt relese that it's a No Wake zone--

---- Du Hamtar Mig, Sig----ah we got a tuna on the line-----2:30----- negitive on the tuna -- we don't want no stinking tunas--

sportboat said he'd baited three tailers--- 3:21

Egg Cessive headed into the green pier for a weighing----


Hooked-- Beautiful few days hunting for my dream swordfish. Drifted for a total of 15 hours. Fifteen minutes before pulling em in, we got a bite. The fish probably whacked the bait 10-12 times before he ate it and we were on. Fifteen minutes later, with the fish 40’ from the boat, the hook pulled. Xipheas Gladius wins!! from facebook-

Caught my first California Broadbill swordie this weekend fishing the Los Pescadores Marlin Derby. Good enough for 3rd place at 210 lbs. Great time fishing with my friends Adam Cargill, Chuck Robertson, Ron Soffel and Steve Hammerschmidt on “Hammer




E Mail this morning--- Had a swordy going for about 45 minutes this morning until he went left and the boat went right! At least he jumped several times about 25 feet from the transom. Good for him for winning. Next time. Aloha.


-------- Fridays report --------Sept 20 2019 ------ morning blue and coastal haze- light south wind--

The Viking fleet is out pillaging the coastal waters of fish-- they hope--

In full garb-- still on that fish 2:11 anglers in the Derby are required to done Viking helmets, fake beards and woolly leggings-- speak in theirs best viking tongue they are hooked up and follow the protocol of drinks etc-





Mike Melia's boat the Nordic Dip aka Irish Dip 282 lbs deep drop caught by Tommy Stevsal

Swagger hooked up--

heard there were feeders by the rigs (AM) but they couldn’t get on them Motivator lost a deep drop early today and that no bites up at Santa Cruz


E- Mail update 3:00 pm Hi JD, Update for the 30th annual Pescy Derby all Swordfish so far. Irish Dip stated the day with a 282 follow Ed up with the Cadillac’s 189. Currently the Swager has lots of problems hooked up on 30#.

Here is the angler from the Irish Dip.









Swagger lost there fish after 3 hours. Jeff C. Fishing the Hammer caught a Swordy up west and Chris D. Is hooked up on a Swordy on the Flying Fish.




Here is the Swordy and angler on the Cadillac. >>>>




<<<< Bob Woodard on dropback. Looks over 300# tuna






lots of bites up here-- it all came togeather for us-- Hammer--

Fishing ends tomorrow afternoon so they fish and pillage all night long if they want too---


More hooks up and the horns and fake beards as the afternoon goes on-- the boats up at Santa Cruz relaying reports as they hear them- it'll be a long night!

Thursdays Report -----Sept 19 ----- Morning blue sky and light marine haze seaward- wind fair from the south 7- 8-10 kts seas also have a mix and light chop to them--

Deep Dropping--- I think there's at least one fish being fought today-- in the shallower water off Avalon-- 600-

and the Peskys Vikings Mahlin Derby starts tomorrow-

Yesterdays Water temp from 63 to 76 image and the chlorophyll charts--













looks like a good break off the West end of Catalina


---- Wed's Report ---------- Sept 18 2019----

Morning clouds and a light south wind--- feels like Fall aproaching- mid dau slack tides denotes a good swordfish finning/ basking time

Tides flatten out over the weekend--

not much radio chatter these days

but the Swordfish chatter is swirling around the fleet-- leader lengths, hook types, weights or no weights, blinking strobe lights and glow-in-dark skirts over baits, locations and tides all being part of it--

Pesky's Kick-off tonight at the Chicken Coup-




E-Mail today from Lane

Hi JD, We got one of the swordfish at Channel Islands on Saturday. We didn’t weigh in . Fish went about 250/275 and took 2 1/2 hours. Ruddy Bray’s boat Waterline with Jerry Jimenez on the fish and me on the wire. Definite bucket list fish for us.Lane from Bofus 3.



I'm reminded of a earlier rush on the Deep Dropping craze trying to catch Broadbill-- the Broadbill Bash-- thanks Beak!



------------- Tuesdays Report ------Sept 17th ---

Blue sky morning hours generally denotes some afternoon wind-- we'll see- a few marine clouds seaward- seas w/ a small mix of swell - light wind chop from the south

The radio again becomes quiet again-- such a fickle year--

Vick was out seeing a couple marlin near the 267 - some bait--

Deep Dropping methods for Broadbill Swordfish---

We'll there's lots of methods-- - the main idea is to get the rigged squid or other bait down to the desired depth-without a tangled mess- either with a sacrificial weight or the weight to be still attached- to be taken off the line as the line is retrieved-

A simple laying out behind the boat with the bait with a 2 -3 lb weight attached to the leader w/ light stick below the swivel ( rubber banded on the leader in-line so nothing twists up the line) and simply slowly driving away from the bait- letting it sink out , then back up to get a vertical line.

Or a 6-8 lb weight can be attached below the rigged bait-(tied to the hook via a light break-a-way 6-8 lb test line) the weight pulls the whole system straight down-- to be broken off at the desired depth and like above a smaller weigh 12- 16oz torpedo sinker and light stick banded to the leader below the swivel helps keep things in order-

Or a small trailing 4 6 oz weigh off the rigged bait-- again leader and light stick/ strobe lights attached below the swivel-- another 40-50 above that a deno taped loop is secured on the line and a 8- lb weigh is suspended off that loop of line , the whole system laid out again behind the boat and sunk out slowly-- the heavy weight stays on the line and is removed as the line is retrieved. the Swordfish after taking the bait quite often goes straight up pulling the weigh behind him ( which also helps set the hook) - when surfaced the line must be quickly retrieved, the weigh removed without touching the line and getting the line tight again to the fish to be gaffed-- --

lots of other methods work too- - main thing is to get the rigged baits down without all twisting up-- don't forget the beach chairs and a sun umbrella and some beers--

notes on broadbill-- Swordfish have very soft meat-- gaffs can tear out easy if not stuck over it's shoulders or through the head-- anything mid body back is trouble--

Flying gaffs- if not familiar with them -- get familiar -- the rope comes from the gaff head and pulled tight and wrapped around the other end of the gaff handle and back up 1/2 along the handle-- and tapped in place w/blue tape/masking or adhesive tapes- gripping both handle and tape the fish is stuck . The rope wrapped around the back end of the handle holds the hook in place till the hook sticks then the tape breaks and the hook frees itself from the handle and you don't get your head bashed in with the other end of the handle



Any Swordfish baots--- im here right on top of the A bank--- got one up--- 1:33pm



------- Monday-- yep working today-- till 3pm--

Light south wind maybe 5-7 kts- seas good light wind chop bule with high clouds

Moving currents maybe tide driven or just the ocean-- seems to have compressed bait schools closer to the coastlines- oil rigs southwards--

BAC Master Angler Results

High Club, 1st Place went to Los Pescadores Team #2 with the Kea Kai, Bounder and Disco Punk, 2nd Place High Club to the Tuna Club of Avalon with their Team Grey of the Magellan, Island Fox, Pescador and Osprey, 3 rd High Club to the Light Tackle Marlin Club's team #1 of Flying Fish, Joint Venture, Prospector and the Pacific Pioneer.

High Boat Award to the KEA KAI (L/P) with 2100 points, 2nd Pl went to the Island Fox (T/C) 774 pts, and 3rd to the Magellan (T/C) w/ 541 pts

Master Angler to Charlie Albright's amazing catch of three Swordfish gained him 1590 points!

2nd to Hunter Heatley aboard the Island Fox and his 564 pts and 3rd High Angler to Sam Long for his 541 points.

I have to apologize , I screwed up and mixed up the High Boat and High Team awards, the last thing I wanted to do-- - Congratulations to the winners and thanks for all who participated in the tournament We all learned a thing or two!

Nice clouds for a sunset-- strong uphill coastal current 72 degrees


Results from up north-- the The 48th Channel Islands Billfish Tournament was held this year from September 7 - 11. There were 16 boats in this year's tournament. Jim Dal Pozzo's "Hydrocarbon" with Bryce Hermann as captain landed a swordfish on day 4 of the tourney and again on day 5. Hydrocarbon received the grand prize. By anyone's standards this was a remarkable feat by this team. They also released 3 marlin during the tourney. The last swordfish caught in this tourney was in 1978. In the marlin division 1st place went to Mike and Gina Haase on "Tight Riv". Dan Weigel's "Fin and Tonic" came in second place and Brett Bannerman's "Skol" came in third place. It was an amazing tournament this year with 2 swordfish boated and 6 marlin released. A good time was had by all.

Congrats-- JD

-- Sundays Report--

High overcast with humidly and a light south wind seas generally good

Coastal sharkers targeting Threshers Sharks--

Broadbill Swordfish-- took took honors in the Masters this weekend 41 Boats representing 6 sportfishing clubs , 167 anglers 17 marlin hooked 7 released all on light 12, 16 and 20lb tackle, 14 Broadbill Swordfish hooked and 6 Boated- -- One boat hooked 6 Swordfish and Landed 4 in two days!!! Unthinkable in the past days of local big game swordfish-- I know only of one other angler landing two Swords in a single day-- the famed Ted Naftzger jr.- now we can add Charlie Albright to the list-- Aboard the Kea Kai they deep dropped for the swords - Charlie hooked three the First day of the Masters-- landing his California State limit of two Swords for the day ( 137 & 219lb) and hooked two and landing one ( 279.9) the following day-Amazing and Sam Long aboard landed one at 204 lbs- amazing-- !


The Motivator found a surface sword tight to the East End of Catalina-- throwing a live bait- the fish took it-- 13 + Hours later and 13 miles away the Hook pulled ! -- 30lb test and a circle hook--

Celabrated Awards to be given out this evening at the Pivillion here in Balboa tonight--

Thanks to all who parcapated in the Masters--- JD


Radio Control at Catalina--










Chronic found a sword in shallow water-- an elephant seal marked the spot-- a deep drop bait and a sword fit-- ran off 100 yds - came up next to the boat-- back up to it and put the gaff in it-- tough battle at the boat!

- Up coming Pesky's and the ABC ( Avalon Billfish Classic) and the Tuna Club of Avalon's Hunt Tournaments

Stand By !!

and they said the tuna fish were biting too_


- JD's will be off line Thuraday- Fri Sat and Sunday - Masters - JD

BAC Masters 41 boats 161 anglers Good Luck--

-------------- Wed's Report --- Sept 11 2019 --

Light southeast wind this AM-- continues into mid morning light chop with it-- cloud cover went away leaving hazy blue behind-

The BAC Masters Kick -Off this evening at the Marina Park, Balboa peninsula -Bar opens 5:30- Captains Meeting 6pm - Dinner- 6:15pm

Last minute sign ups and pre-fishing dope puts the Club getting ready-

Those local Bluefin must have swam by-- the bait schools were there 2-3 off the beach as were the boats-- I didn't hear of any fish hooked yet this AM-- still waiting for the afternoon bite!

<--- And last weeks Broadbill with GJ and Burl

looking around-- found a paddy got a 20-25 yellowtail-- 6 off the beach a little above the point-- 12:45


And the

The 48th Annual Channel Islands Billfish Tournament continues this year from September 7 to the 13th.

Our kick-off dinner party and raffle will be held Friday, September 6th at 6:00pm at the Channel Islands Yacht Club. The awards banquet and raffle will be held Friday, September 13th at 6:00pm also at CIYC. We're always looking for new anglers to join us so if you're interested and have some questions check out our website at cibillfish.org or you may call any of our directors listed on our website.

( Deep Dropping for Swordfish) Steven M puts a fish aboard in the CIBT

-- Composite of the last three days Water temp and yesterdays Chlorophyll chart












Good Luck in the Masters-- JD

I'll be up on the hill of Catalina broadcasting the Tournment radio control- JD

A check with San Clemente Island Security show the Cove open only part of the day--


SCI Safety Zone Exclusion Schedule for 13-14 Sept-2019

I show it as Zone D the "Cove" SHOBA and the inside of the island Zone C to be Active from Thursday evening 6pm till Friday morning 5 am, Open all day till 7 pm -- Active / Hot from 7pm till the following morning Saturday 5am, . Open all day Sat till 8 pm - again hot active till Sunday Morning at 5 am where it opens up again

and the Pesky's soon to follow--


------- Tuesdays report Sept 10 2019 ---

Light overcast-- wind from the south fair- 5-8 kts light chop

Prospects for the upcoming BAC's Master Angler tournament -- OK- swirling water temps and clarity being an issue-- building Full Moon and Tides and in additions to marlin the tournament includes Broadbill Swordfish which bring in a whole new dimension ( JD's carries rigged swordfish squids)

AIS shows the smaller seiners working up towards the Oil rigs this morning-- bait--

Changing water condidtions-- see below--

Sure is quiet out there today--- wish I could say something about the marlins-- but mum's been the word

An question was raised about releasing a Broadbill Swordfish in the upcoming BAC Masters- it's to be considered for next years event, --- for this year-- no point awarded are for a released swordfish--

Bluefin Tuna-- 30lbers-- under bird and bait-- school fish-- Vick puts a 30 lb on with a sardine--- 5 off Abalone Point-- !!!

Fin and Tonic - slides throught the harbor this afternoon with a released marlin flag flying--- where?=

------ Monday-- Sept 9 2019 ------- I'm here for a while-- JD-

SE wind 5- 10 kts this am-- not bad once you got offshore a ways-- Vick was on the 14 said it's cleaned up a lot-- a few whales around so far-- some birds no marlin yet--


-------- Sunday Sept 8th--- -- a lot cooler with some coastal clouds coming back in light to med south wind this AM- 5- 9 kt seas a bit mixed with a wind chop and a west lump

Quiet on the radio today--- -- good looking water reported 2 3 off Long point this AM and a couple tailers were said to be have been seen East end?


An look at the latest water temp and chloro charts and from last week-- see any changes--

the hot water is dissipating and bluer and cooler water pressing in from the south behind Clemente and reaching towards Catalina's backside

a quiet day--- But a phone call mid late in the afternoon--- Hi Burl you catch a marlin I ask? --- Nope we did get a Swordfish !---- That's great---- wow! -- were you the angler-- - heck no--- I let GJ catch it--- was it a surface fish or a deep drop---- deep drop on the Avalon Bank-- beautiful day here today - like Hawaii-- How big--- well it's not real long but it's fat-- OK - let me know if you'll weigh it-- OK-- Congrats to you and GJ ! Catalina's scale on the not quite up to full speed but they did get it weighed 168lbs--- Congrats-- JD

BAC-s 1 st Fish Swordfish flag still open!

-<water temp from 65 to 80 and Chlorophyll ->

Yesterdays Sept 9 images ( cloud cover and all)

























A week ago











------------------ Sat Sept 7 2019 --------


Coastal waters with a light s/w wind light marine haze-- feels like a change in the air-- due to blow out of the westlater today-- strong a gusty further northern waters-- that'll turn something over-- maybe concentrate things--

The Yellowfin and smaller bluefin outside SD waters has been good - pre dawn - to dawn hours with sinker rigged bigger baits and dangled flatfalls on meter marks for some of the larger fish-- by sunlight switching to light gear #2, 1, 1/0 hooks and fluorocarbon leaders 20- 25 lb by mid afternoon some of the better grade Bluefin and there were some larger YF roaming around with the porpoise-30- 50lb stuff - - the Bigger giants Bluefins where around Clemente-- the Navy holding back some of the timeing and areas fished- Desperation held fish-

Above there-- from Oceanside north it's been fair-- not many yellows under paddies- nor paddies and a few marlin at Catalina , shipping lanes, 14 etc.

Boats were laying out game plans for the afternoons forecasted N/W winds

Bait was said to be in great numbers from the 14 to the rigs--

We baited 5 or 6 fish --- or maybe the same one several times-- no bites- lazy tailers

Tom B- headed south yesterday out of Newport-- towards the 302 but never go there-- foamer of good sized bluefin got in their way-- bass and light tackle were tested to it's limits-- 84 lb

all that 30 40 lb grade fish is up on the surface- 2;50PM

Broadbill swordfish coming into the scales at the BaC this afternoon-- Congrats to Dan Maddox--


Mike Maddox with a 172 pound swordfish 3 miles from the harbor practicing deep dropping techniques in 1,000 ft BAC- First Flag --congrats JD




------ Friday--- it's friday again--- beautiful day on the water-- glassy smooth in some sports lit wind rippled water lay in winding paths beckoning follow. Wind light from the south- seas calm light marine haze-

Catalina Island Yacht Club holding their annual tournament today and tomorrow-- Marlin being the main goal- boats working off the east end finding that small bait and lots of it but not much else- further down the line-- less bait and less conditions- Like he said -- they weren't seeing much except that fish from yesterday that was up in the jigs-- interested, maybe just tapping the lure but not committed strikes --You'll only get a few chances at these early seas fish-- got to make em' count. JD - extra sharp hooks --- or going back to a semi- old school idea of using small but strong 4/0 hooks that snagged them on the nose--- !

We're Bit !----- 10:26 a quick yell on the radio--- scratchy-- flyers --Tuna?

You got an extra kite your not using,---I'm on the line 35 out?? thanks-- I love you--I'll come find you somehow- --

Seeing a few tailers up--- 11:28 am no bites--

We're here on the 14 it's 78 degrees on my meter--- sure lots of bait here--

Darryl-- get over here-- I've go three spots up here now-- we've already got one aboard a hundred --- 12:29 -- we've only got room for one other 100 er pounder-- +5 minus 21-- ???

35 /01 tuna--- 2:19pm

there's some foam where we were eariler, 80-100lbers-- they'll eat the flyers--- 2:34 it's not the big stuff--

more screwy numbers given out-- the size of my boat plus 5 minus 26

44 over 33 ? --

A check with the San Clemente Island Security-- shows several operations mostly Hot active this weekend-- sorry

A few marlin-- tlailers seen off the east end-- but not much else that I heard-- good luck this weekend--







------------ Thursdays report---------Sept 5th 2019 ------

Another warm and muggy day-- broken cloud cover-- seas good-- light mix of light wind and swell -- nice---

KK/ Doug released one this morning-- dropback bait--

Getting ready for the upcomming BAC's Masters Tournament---



and the tuna grounds seems to be active again--- they're hitting every bait-- up to 30lb test-- instant on 20lb --- 20 over 24 12:08pm


Satellite images revealing the changing water conditions--




- Several reports -- for local waters between here and Catalina--- Bait-- bait - lots of micro 2 inch baits doing surface raindrops - miles of it-- East of Catalina the 152 showing lots of the micro baits, Seiners pounding away on ---- bait on the Avalon Bank -- some say they were on Yellowfin!---- and The 14 Mile Bank gave up a Yellowfin on the troll in amongst the traveling dolphins-maybe 25 lbs- -- right on the afternoon 3 pm tide .

-- Wed's Report -- Sept the 4th 2019 -

Warm and muggy-- a lot like yesterday--- with the light s/sw wind 3-5 kts turning west as the day goes along--light mix of seastate.


And good things come to good people--- thanks Vick

Afternoon after leaving the harbor Vick runs out to towards the 14 inside a few miles--- where a dozen fish have been seen earlier in the morning hours--- seas were ok a little west chop and wind- water there a little cleaner--- a bit better that the other green pastures , he gets bit three times yesterday-- a dropback bait came back crushed and teaser rigs attacked and fall off the jigs. Nothing ventured nothing gained

I went out yesterday too-- Vick brought me back in-- his catch for the day--- traveled south 5-6 miles weather still that off green and didn't look promising another 3 5 off would have brought me to cleaner water-- but fuel being light I decided to work back in towards the beach-- set up for a deep drop -- - all running fine - boats in good shape weather good endings running great-- -- hat blows off-- damn- but I know it floats, I done this before- I slow and spin the boat , the motor falls off! Yikes!!! the outboard engine's bracket holding the motor on the transom has worked loose and the engine cartwheels up, I'm still holding on the throttle's handles, the engine balances on the transom it's spinning prop angrily winding away - if I try to tilt the engine back into the boat, it'll topple over , its spinning prop will not be good. Pulling the kill switch stalls the engine, I relax a bit, yet the weight of the engine starts to pull it back downward and all I've got hold of is the throttle, the engine goes over and I'm left with he decision- let go or try to bring it back aboard --- with Hercules strength I wrangle it back aboard and finally back upright onto the transom and secure it-- but it won't start-- looks like an long row home-- and here's the reason to have a VFH radio aboard- cell phones don't always work offshore-- Vick comes back- yea I'm not doing much- Ill come get you-- Trent was also there offering help- -- thanks trent-- Good karma comes back to him after he drops me off back in Newport--

I found the hat!

I've got first jumbo- missed the second bite-- I coming I 12 from you now-- 11:57 am

+10-15 he says-- I'm seeing quite a bit-- and their biting--- Im six away-- -

Sorry not much time to devote to the site--- there were a couple guys catching the yellowfin which turned into straight 30-40lb bluefin-- sounded good and the only marlin dope I heard was from Vicks fish yesterday afternoon-- there were other sighting but i didn't hear or stay on top of them-- a few marlin around inside the 14- maybe that little high spot above it 221-

such movement of green water and unsettled conditions concentrates where sealife there is-- better reporting tomorrow-- JD


- just put another 90 lbers on the boat-- 5:26 sounded like they were into good fishing--

---- Closed Tuesday ----

------------------------ Monday Sept 2 the year 2019--- beautiful morning-- a few tropical clouds at sunrise-- humid and warm-- calm seas-

Hey-- you better get on down here---

Disco Punk-- - we're on our third batch of sleepers-- got bit with baits being crushed or smacked off the hooks- each time-- - stand by---- ohooo-- --- lot of bait here-- just had two come up in front of the boat--- stand by - Decker where are you--- We're 2 miles below you down and in-- 10:42-- His call early this morning 7:45 am--- Just released one---- got out of the harbor about 1/2 to the 14 water looks good-- birds-- put the jigs in-- saw a couple sleepers in the binos-- ran over to em and tossed in a bait-- got hooked --30lb beautiful out here this morning---- you headed in-- naw we're gonna see if I can get my friend Erik a fish now---

We're looking at a swordfish-- gonna throw a bait at him right--- absolutely- let us know what happens-- 10:53 am

We saw a white shark-- some makos and a twitchy swordfish that wouldn't take the baits- -- thats all we've seen--

there's a spot of huge bluefin in front of us----12;49 -- false alarm

Just come around in back of that Navy boat and brail some bait-- you'll get bit-

we're east about 5 off the 289-- there's birds lots of sealife-- stuff here-- not showing good yet-- 56 over 59 1:05

54 05 we just had a big blow up on big fish right front of us- 2:07

tuna-- iv'e got tuna--- 52

00/07 paddies

Eirc E-mails in-- Hi JD My 16 y/o son Hi JD M 16 y/o son Matti just tagged his first striped marlin 5 out of Newport


--------------- Sundays Sept 1st the year 2019-----And I'll be open tomorrow Monday!! Yipee! -

Gray morning hours --due to burn off later- wind light to fair from the south 2-6 kts- seas calm w/ light wind chop- good visability for spotting those fish--birds kelps- boats,





green everywhere he says-- almost brown off Oceanside

There's not much wind here today-- a balloon day-- it didn't start till after 2 pm yesterday--

68.7 no bait no birds desperation

37/40 we've got a few YF around--

We've seen one boil here on the 181 that ws it--

it's started around 1:25pm--- when radio calls requested a personal phone call-- from one boat to another--- and numbers given out with hidden clues ( size of my boat + 12?) - other's saying they've got bait schools up everwhere-- still for the most part it's overcast and wind was strong in some places absent in other areas--

36 over 43

56 over 08-- we hookd five of em-- lost em all-- 50lbers--- 3:28

- Overcast the entire day--- a down day I'd call it--- better luck tomorrow-- JD


--- Nice way to start off the Holiday Weekend--- Aug 31st 2019--- gray morning skies softly melting away to a bright haze blue behind. seas calm for the most part--

Tuna boats spread out in search of the "Meat" -- it's hiding--

You hanging-- no we just dumped one--- 10:34am

How's it going--- just mowing lawns through all this green stuff--- ( Divers say it only 12- 15 ft surface deep-- clear underneath it-- its a canopy of plankton)

Saw six of em' this morning and another single just now on the A bank-- 11;09

The ones we thought had gone away--- I'm 20 miles below you- (43?) -- where it starts to get shallow ---we just lost one -- maybe 400 LB' er--- thought they were porpoise at first -- on the popcycle -- yep-- laid it into the foamer-- you on the spot proper- or just around it ----2.2 miles outside of it- took about two minutes to re-locate them-- 12:41pm

we're headed back to where we saw that Jumper this morning-- right out of Dana where that great temp and color break was--

sounded like a fish was just released-- 12:58 A bank

We just dumped one --- on the deep drop----- 1:13pm wasn't a shark!

I've got one of your kind--- 1/2 off my side-- though it was one of ours -- just scratching-- turns out it's oneof yours--- ( arlin) A Bank or there a bouts--

Reported -Good Catalina bass and yellows fishing today--

JD's now carries EYE Candy Marlin Lures , the original flat pusher style and now some swimmers -

Call 1 800 660 5030 to reserve yours today--- !

Read me Randy- I got a new bait for you--- (Stick boat)-- one two picking me up----you on there Kyle-- fonud a new bait for you ---1/2 Sand Dabs--- still brown! and 1/2 mackeral and hake- pushing 350 lbs-- this would have been one of those 24 hrs fish ( angling) --I'm talking dressed with this sucker would have been 450+ -- a foot and half across the tail-

we had one of your kind hooked --- right where the marlin was this morning--- thanks for the info---

Swordfish stuck on the 14 today ( reported)

Good Luck tomorrow-- JD

--------- Aug 30th 2019--- Friday again!-- What a quick Summer it's been---

Coastal and seaward a light marine cloud that's fading away early- clear and sunny inland promises some wind later today- light south wind 3-6 kts- seas -- ok--- a mixed west and south swell, seas otherwise good

Looks like the fleet is headed out of harbors this morning as boats taking an early start to the holiday weekend--

That's the second set of foamers I've see up this way-- first ones went down before I could get to them-- headed to the second one now-- 9:56am

Carnage--- carnage-- there's the Orcas tearing em' apart-- get on in here- there's all sorts of mammels- baits-- and the orcas-- 02/ 37 get on in here---10:36am

Just outside the Shrinp bouys off Long Point-- 100 fathoms or so was acres of bait-- anchovies and mackerals --- yesterday-------- this moring boats that were ther report it had all gone away!

they biting--- nope--- tuna_

We just put one aboard-- desperation reef--- had the flyer out-- we're picking-- sloppy here now-- 12:28pm

we're just starting to mark fish-- it's the exact same as yesterday-- 12:29

We've got two on and their boilling around the boat--- 12:39- ( YFT) outside upper 9

we got a good school up-- working the flyer into then righ t now-- stand by--- 12:54--

you just get in front of em', every bait I throw gets blown up on- I'm running out of bait-- 1:09

that marlin get stuck?----- the flyer went right over where all those birds were and that marlin just beat it up--- 1:30

You still seeing schools of fish there-- 18/03

oh man were right in this one dropped it right in them -- nothing--- 2:09 just following around a bunch of birds00 50/08


we came tight on that one---- flyer came around perfactly-- got it in with the birds--- were hanging now---- 2:28


Lot's of ways to skin a cat--!

here's how some of the largest Broadbill Swordfish were caught rod and reel, deep drop method, complements from New Zealand --

------------- Thursdays Aug 29 report -

Another gray day on the water- looks to burn off late mid morning--- wind light west 2- 4 kts- seas good--

radio talk of boats out searching outside La Jolla-- a few smaller spots of fish seen up-- more searching-- the meat seem to show better after the mid day slack tide-- standing by

Earthquake- major tide swings these days??

we got out of that sloppt choppy water back inside--- seeing lots of water and a few kelps that wern't holding--

Says he's seen quite a few around ( marlin) three in the past ten minutes ( Slack tide today 2:58) Scott on the stick boat Ruby Bell--- calls in with the numbers--- 33:24 / 118:15 ( near the A bank) 1:42pm

Good seminar on Marlin fishing last night at the BAC-- Kenny K has been at the wheel for many years and many fish can be attributed to his skills-- baits and lures rigging and presentation- weather and swell directions, sun shine and even boat harmonics discussed-

thanks Kenny

marlin reported on the 181 yesterday too


We spent the day on the Osborn yesterday--- nothing on the surface but good deep meeter marks,, came back towards Long Point saw 5 or 6 fish there-- lots of life there some spashing around with the porpoius there too-

a composite of the past three days of water temps and the chlorophyll






------ Wed Aug 28 2019-----

Gray morning-- seas look gray with a light south 3-4 5 6 kt wind - light chop light mix-

Tuna boats spread wide out of SD-- unmolested kelps were sought after- seems the smaller grade of YFT were below the border-- mid range 40- 100 were closer to and above the border- scattered YFT seen all the way out to the grounds--

a call from mid channel- shipping lanes to the 277-- 71 .4 degrees -- flat calm- greasy- great for glassing-- we've got a big kelp in front of us-- stand by-- 10:23 am


it's 74 and green water but that's where those tuna were yesterrday--

-- if your not too far away I've got some foamers here--- good show-- 49 over 33

roger-Im twelve miles from you-- !!!-- 1:18pm

I'm looking a a lot--- not foaming but a lot--

those bigger tuna came up just now-- went down and came up again-- looks like they're starting to pop-- good I'm three miles from you- I can see the helicopter from here- I'm to his side 1:27

there is 70 degree water outside of you

50 over 34-- 14 off La Jolla----- going off-- 1:58 right off your stern---

74.5 degree water-- holding-- got a spot of boilers right in front of the boat--maybe 100 yrd-- 2:43pm

seeing weird meter marts 200 -- 250 ft -- looks like big tuna marks--- ?

just got spooled--broke off -- 100 250 marks--these are solid marks-- throw some bait i the water and see if we can get them up-- 2:50

Another one in the box-- nicer one maybe 25lbs--- on a sardine-- nope sniper-- 4:13pm

there's schools going under the boat-- I'e got a gal onboard in the stern who just gets bit on the slide-4:17

interesting he said- everytime they came up to the tunas-- they'd dive-- straight down-- 200 ft--

by late afternoon-- the show had begun to wind down-- boats headed back to port--

Good Luck this coming weekend looks good--- those tuns were caugh on trolled daisy chained ceder plugs, cast snipers or simalar lures poppers-- and baits--


- E Mail from Pete-- (I think there use to be a TV show Galloping Pete or something like that , who's travel shows entertained us in the 50's) -- our modern day traveler-- JD I just returned from an awesome fly fishing adventure above the Arctic Circle on the Tree River in Nunavut, Canada. “The Tree” is known to have the largest Arctic Char in the world and it didn’t disappoint. Both my buddy, Bo Nelson and I, both left with pending World Record fish up to 23lbs. The Tree is not easy to get to. We flew to Yellowknife, NWT on Air Canada then special charter flights to Great Bear Lake and then finally a float plane(Otter) to The River.




It’s a very small outpost with only five cabins and six anglers for our week. , the first is an evening swim in the Arctic Ocean and two Char photos. The first fish photo was my first cast and the second is a pending World Record on fly rod. Lots more to tell!! Great trip!!! Peter B





------------------- Tuesdays Reports ------------ Aug 27 th 2019

Another nice August day-- light south wind this mornings-- 4-7 kts- light wind chop on it- small mix of seastate- Building astronomical High and Low tides this week--

The fleets up on the deep dropping for Swordfish-- with the many varying methods-- The system to get baited hooks w/ generally large squid down to the deep depths without tangles or twisted lines is paramount to success , doesn't do much good to drift for an hour or more with a tangled up mess down there-.

Squid rigging itself needs some diligence- Generally the hook is placed in the head and leader is secured/ stitched at the tail to make that the towing bridal to pull correctly without bunching up-. Additions to the squid come in many ways-- lead sinkers inserted in the tail to make is seem to dive when tension is release on it- cut pieces of a Styrofoam cups fitted up inside the mantle to keep its round shape and to keep it upright-- Dyeing the squid red with clothing dye to add color to it- Single or double J hooks, Big 18- 20/0 circle hooks , Fluro or regular Mono leaders- lots of choices lots of ideas- they all work or not-

Getting it all down is the key - various methods include--from the squid going forward to the rod and reel-- Rigged Squid--- 15 + ft leader----Light stick -- ---torpedo or 6# ball weight ( below swivel tapped / rubberbanded on ) - swivel-- fishing line to reel and rod-- ------laying it out behind the boat as it bumps forward helps to keep it straight and lines from fouling- once the line is let out- a slow descent on the rigged bait should keep it all clean. Other methods include and heavy weight attached to the rigged squid which is dropped off once it hits the bottom and a second lighter weight is attached up by the swivel. Or the heavy weight ( bag of sand) is held w/ a light 4 /6lb test line tied to the hook which breaks off when jerked. In both of these weighted methods it's lets the line and bait sink out straight down without too much trouble. The entire system can be fished directly off the rod tip- or a floated balloon is used to suspend it away from the boat.

Congrats to Congrats to Dr. Mike Hansen, owner/operator of “Vigilance” for bagging his first west coast deep drop swordfish on his boat.


They're eating the chunk pretty good here---- first piece I put in got bit-- 12:03pm


Took the day off yesterday-- to do some deep dropping myself-- outside Newport- mile and a half seeing bait balls of 2-3 inch fry-- lots of it-- sent the rigged squid down 600 ft another on at 300 ft- worked in and out from the 400 ft depth out to the shelf at 500/600/700 and all the way down to Reef Point-- no swordfish or Opah or shark bites- only sand dabs that nibbled off the tentacles of the squid-- next time--

Marlin flag?-- the guy asked-- you got any marlin flags-- yep we got em'-couple of types --silk screened or embroidery, thanks - -- we just released on earlier this morning -- headed west this morning-- beautiful glassy morning-- about half way towards the island ( between the 14 and rigs) saw two sleepers -- we got right up next to them tossed out a bait w about 4 ft of 25 F/C and braid line-- took it-- and a hour later-- we released it-- -congrats-- JD

Video of sleepers--- -Launched out of Newport dunes this AM on my buddy Julius's 22 Outrage, his son Cian, and myself (Jason) at 5 AM. Picked up a scoop of 4-6 in sardines, and proceeded to head over to the east end of Catalina. About 10 mile out in 72.1 degree water we see two sleepers. I pick up my fly line rig (50 braid, 25 floro) and toss at em. The fish don't pay attention for about 10 minutes and we decide to get real close. I pitch a fresh dean and lo and behold, I get a taker. He does a great show of bounding and running like hell. Fast forward two hours and I have about 2 inches of my leader on my rod and I release the beauty to fight another day. WOW, it was so much fun to catch that fish right in our backyard. Epic Day!! -- Jason D.


A couple of boater talking- one not seeing much in the way of tunas down south below the border----a bunch of small 4-5 lb fish seen jumping-- the other boat-- saying he's seen a great school of tunas from the little guys to two hundred pounders- mostly in the area of the US and Mex border conner- a mile by two he said

Marlin Seminar with Kenny Knight at the Balboa Angling Club. Tomorrow (Wed) at 6 PM – 9 PM

Past President and current member Kenny Knight will be our guest Marlin speaker this year. Plan on a educational, fun evening, full of the latest insider tips. We will also be having our monthly Pot Luck so bring a dish if you would like. Balboa Angling Club Members - FREE / Non-Members - $15.




-------- Sunday--report Aug 25th- - remember still closed on Mndays-

The month slips away quickly-- nice day-- not much wind 2-5 kts west seas calm-- light overhead haze-- nice--

The tunas 100 150lbes came back again-- Backside Clemente- and some on the front side--

How ya doing?--- just outside the 14 seeing em' but not catchin em' 10;30am


We lost one off the West end yesterday ( catalina) -- pulled the hook swordfish-- Blackfin came up on a sleeper off Long Point this morning-- baited it-- no go-- sure are a lot of swordfish here-- floating bewteen here and a 16/ mile below here -- Waht depth were you seeing em--- in the 110 to 100 fathom depth--

Saw him from at least a mile away--- Blue Whale--- -- what's your numbers--- Stand by---- dis regard----- it wasn't a whale--- must have been a submarine!

That's the 4 th one we seen --- Swordfish!--- there's a kelp-- see the Vintage drifting out front of the Can Dump --- their drifting it's straight in front of him there's a Kelp loaded-- there's another one here too--

It's an insult to all those who fish for sport from those fishing charters who recomend leaving the rod in the holder or using the the boats railing as a leverage in fighting fish- that is not sport- that's just killing a fish-- they are not sportfishing charters JD

just got bit on a slow trollled mac-- 12:18

here's yesterdays Sat images-- it's getting better--

Slack Low today 11:21- incoming had some fish showing up--

Got one finned here off the bow-- Swordfish-- 12:58

Spoke to Vintage- this afternoon-- asked him how's there fishing going-- pretty good so far--Tom says--last thursday they had lost a big 300- 400 lb broadbill right at the boat/ gaff-- busted the 200 lb wind-on leader-- and Friday , Tom s landed a 143 lb swordfish ( just the right size) also deep dropping-- and this morning they were after more-- -

Weather and fishings looks to be improving this coming week- Best of Luck--JD


------------ Sat Aug 24 2019 ----------

Better sky this morning-- light west wind and seas good so far-

Latitude 33 Tom Bass- solo today 1 ten off Oceanside finding good kelps holding--- landed three Dorado up to 16lbs--- sounds like good fishing-- -

How ya doing--- not as good as you-- at least you saw one this morning--- that was one of the crew--- Ha Ha-- I'm getting tired in the green water--we came down the shipping lanes didn't see much- - did you find the bait-

Reported that a skiff had a marlin on near the 152 this morning -- couple other sleepers seen earlier - slow on the marlin seen so far--

- 13 over 11 is where we saw everything-- lots of makos in the water- had them come in a destroy our pattern--- lots of life here--- 11:48--

T/C roll call- had the Prospector 221 and one other boat and fish ( marlin caught) - and a lot of Zero-- Zero- Zero's-- there were both bluefin and yellowfin caught too- l0oks like the big fish tuna fleet were working the west end of Clemente island--

marlin boat by the 289---- pick this up-- we've got those tuna foaming here --- some of the good sized ones-- 54 /07 2:35pm

Swordfish water-- stand by--

Interesting to hear and see the various ways of rigging the flying fish--frozen or fresh caught -California Flying-Fish (Cypselurus californicus)--making them seem alive--- by spreading the wings out even the smaller lateral ventral fins are supported outwards via toothpicks - Keeping the flyers resting on the surface floating via plastic floats ( Cast a bubble/ glued tight) even closed celled foam ( used for copper pipes) cut to fit the back side of the flyer and stitched on -- Live Flyers-- simple hooked crosswise though their backs and supported by a floating balloon, slowly bumped along 100 yds behind the boat-the bait swimming enticingly on the surface---- Keeping them alive--- old fashened Tuna Tubes ( mackeral tubes) work well!--

I was flabbergasted when He said-- they were slow trolling a flyer off the outrigger when a marlin tried to Eat it--- the marlin was actually trying to eat the flyer---he was flabbergasted that a marlin would try to eat the flyer-- I was flabbergasted it he didn't know marlin ate flyers-- Note about flyers--- nature gave them those large Scales that fall off easily for one reason when a marlin or tuna tried to grab them-- the scales would flake off leaving the fish with only a mouthful of scales----- JD Tip--- scale the flyers before you put them in the water--!

Good Luck tomorrow--- JD


------ Friday Aug 23 rd Hazy morning- with a wind from the south maybe 5- 10 kts-- a little faster offshore in a mix of seastate-- Quite a few boats headed out the harbor this morning-- some to the island- some for a sailing regatta - others out for the weekends fishing trip--

Not much of a tide exchange todayy early afternoon slow building high slack should have a few swordfish up top- basking themselves in the warming sun-

JD's sells rigged and un-rigged swordfish squids.


Just had one knock down--- marlin fishing east end--- 12:00

Radio's real quiet so far for all those boats fishing down south-- I don't know/ think there were any Marlin caught in the T/C Linen One yesterday-- several fish hooked and I know one fish lost on 9 thread-- I'll get the results soon- Today's and tomorrow is their Benefit tournament we're they get to use Dacron fishing lines-- !!

Those fishing south for the tunas-- I asked an angler who been on a three day trip-if he had any tips--- we'll yes--lot's and lots of the yellowfin down there-- light lines-- 12- 15- maybe 20lb test lines- smaller hooks for the baits and the better jigs-- Colt Sniper lures 80- 100 grams in pink and blue colors and one with dots and a med sized flatfall- the ones with the cross zebra stripe to it--couple of guys on the boat-- not real experienced-- just out fished us with those lures-- just letting it drop down--

Tip on the flat fall- glow in the darks at predawn and dusk times-- Pin on a marker squid- send the jig down 100- 150 ft and put the rod in the holder or outrigger- just let it hang there--- it gets bit!


Upcoming season-- , BAC's Masters- ABC, CHBF, Pesky's and more-- a full schedule


And the days draws to and calming afternoon -- good luck this weekend--- JD

-------------------------- Thursdays Report ------------- Aug 22 2019

Gusty morning east/southeast winds --- light broken cloud cover-- dispersing with the sun- 10- 14 kts wind chop on the water .

We're on that back half of the moon-- tuna were not bitting as well, same thing as last and the previous months-- but it's get better--

From the AIS marine Traffic--shows the tuna fleet- pushing upwards to above the border between the 9 Mile Bank and the old Kindney Bank--inside the 182/81

Boats in search of the bigger tunas-- spread far and wide--- not much to report-- they're looking as hard as can be-- but not seen , the Navy has some of SCI's better fishing spots sectioned off during their exercises so they still might be there-- -and - still the concentrations of the YF down south by the border and above small area-- drifting was one of the best methods-

Stick boat reported seeing a jumper ( marlin) just S/W of the 14 Mile Bank earlier today- not much else--

Marlin fishers Todays T/C Linen One and Benefit, Dana Anglers and others reported seeing a few marlin- some behind the boat others tailing-- they didnt say where? -- most of the show was the slack period around 2 pm today--- not much after that--

- Partyboat--- telling it's anglers-- we still got a couple of fish hanging--- but no more lines in--- we'll have to break em' off we've got to go---- 3:32pm

Tomorrows morning S/E wind strong and uncomfortable if your headed south to the tuna grounds-- - Better weather Sat and Sunday

And from yesterdays satellite images










there's a spot of Yellowfin here-- some terns and bait -- ( east end) Cat 4:04pm

Couple of good customers came in the shop in the afternoon hours today-- they had gotten a scoop of sardines from the NB receiver-- ran over to the east end in hopes of yellows and calicos-- rough crossing and rough fishing off the East end of the island for them--- by midday they came back to Newport-- stopped at #1 below the harbor just to toss in a few of the baits-- instant Calicos 2- 3 4 lbers--- and the spotted harbor sea was there to greet them too-

Stick Boat--- went across to the second one-- green and brown water-- best life we saw was at botten of the 277 tons and tons of that micro bait


------------------------------- Wed's Report -------- Aug 21st 2019 ---------

The days just keep going by--- again a sunny morning--light southwest wind/ chop-

The fleets still out chasing the tunas around-/ US/ Mex Border some bigger PBFT backside and west end of Clemente-

-- we trade beers for numbers--- as soon as you get on em'- give us your numbers-- and you get your beer! 10:44

there's a kelp here loaded with yellows and maybe so tuna-- 11:05 go ahead and jump in and shoot some video,

They're ( the Navy) is blowing up the island-- ch 16 vhf-- has a war ship asking a 15 for mile radius clear of ships-- we can here the island pounding away it's rattling the ship they've be live action till 5 pm today---

A check with the San Clemente Island Security shows the island / Cove pretty much off limits Thursday, and Friday till 5 am, on Sat Morning-- then open till 8pm (2000) it stays active "hot" all Sat nigh till 5am on Sunday and then open till 8 pm that night-- Zone B above white rock open Sat & Sun

(Zone- D SHOBA)) 23-AUG 2000 ( Friday night 8 pm) till Sat morning 24-AUG 0500 ( 5 am) -- open till SHOBA 24-( sat night 8 pm) AUG 2000 to Sun 25-AUG 0500 SFC:SFC SHOBA

Pre Fishing---- we're coming off the Osborn-- we've worked the 499 and nothing - -- came off the bottom Osborn --- lifeless-- we came over the 499 and nothing--now inside to Catalina -hows it look on your end--

Pacific Bluefin Tuna-- on going-- tagging program with archival tags today----- we're looking around--- metered down 50 ft for these big tunas -- first good marks we've seen all day-- 21 over 42 (behind catalina) 52/40?

Slack Tide today--- 1:40pm

one-- two Rich-- what you got--- swordfish?? ---yep! 1:56pm

we ran south eailer-- got reall rough-- came back uphill till we ran into this foamer--- 3:14 there were some foam stuff-- but they were on whales-- wouldn't bite---

From what I could gather for the water temps and Chlorophyll charts-- a lot of green water
















----------- Tuesdays report--- sunny and warm today-- light off along some of the coastline( Dana) - wind- freshed out of the west 6-8 kts-- light chop with it--

This coming weekend-- couple /three tournaments- The Tuna Club of Avalon host the Linen On- followed by there Benifit and the Dana Angling Club also hosting their inner-club marlin tournament--add the tuna fleet and the yellowtail fleet and those just trying to

Now that's a challenge-- trying to catch a 100 lb plus Tuna or marlin on such a old fashioned reel , not even sure who made it or it's date of making-- the handle goes forward while winding in line and reverses until it's stopped by a protruding / sliding in and out stop, the drags-- such as the are are a series of screwing knobs which tighten down on a leather washer which helps turn the handle and gearing! The curved post allows added drags pressure via the leather thumb pad. Now that's a challenge-- !!

-Not much said on the radio today-- a marlin lost off the East end-- more tuna down by the 302--


War Heroes on Water

WHOW!! The Second Annual War Heroes on Water Sportfishing Tournament was filled with moments that have become etched as treasured memories. Relive them with us. #WHOWTournament2019 #WHOWTournament #WarHeroesonWater #Veterans #TeamloanDepot

------- Closed on Monday

------------------ Sunday-- Aug the 18 2019 --------

What a great day to be on the water-- light marine clouds edging back reveling blue behind it-- seas being seas have a sligh swell o them and relfecting the overhead sky

War Heroes on Water continues today-- with one high light in the many-- reported a 308 lb Bluefin boated and weighed on the Green Pier in Avalon-- Bullpen the boat- Congrats to all the team-- JD--

The 11am roll call- scratchy as it was-- reveled more tuna caught- both yellowfin and bluefin- upwards to hundred pounds or more-- Calico bass, yellowtails and bottom fish in the scoring counts

All the Vets and those boats and their crews had a couple of days of spectator fishing and bonding-- we're all glad to help these Vets to enjoy the bounty of the seas-- their 4:30 Fly Over out front was attended by all the sportfishers except one-

- the Fantail being held up-- as they been on a broadbill swordfish for the past 4 1/2 hours-- go get em--- ! lost it after 6 hours-----


the SD fleet going nuts on the yellowfin tunas Southwest from their harbor 35 miles-- some of it in US waters--


----------------- Sat Aug 17 2019---

Morning breaks calm with a light gray overcast sky - the fleets out everwhere--

wind light from the south a couple knts seas good-


War Heroes on Water



With an all species tournament the WHOW mornings roll call shows the first Marlin of the event being caught by the Bad Co 144 by releasing a marlin right outside Avalon--

The Bad Co 75 and limits of bass up to 7.8 and bottom fish, Bounder ?, Bull Pen- 000, Chaser-- picking us up?--- Determined--?-- Dialed Inn---4 Calicos, Fan Tail--? Gad Zukes 000, Incognito---?-- Joint Venture?-- Motivator---- Pacific Pioneer 000, Playing Hooky------ Prime Time--- 000 --Reel Time-- Sea Horse---- Wild n Sac , ?? next check in at 2 pm-- Some of the fleet behind Catalina and Clemente-- hard to hear them?-- This mornings grand salute in Avalon's harbor and last nights Tuna Club dinner sets the tone for such a great event-- an flyby Sunday afternoon is scheduled at 4:30 over Avalon!



Carlos and I teamed up on the biggest calico of the morning. 7lbs 10 oz. I just love fishing with these heroes. Now moving towards the next species to stack up on points for the tournament. WHOW 2019.


E-Mail this morning--- Hi JD, Came in yesterday and talked about where to go with my 5 nephews. You said Catalina is a special place to experience. 20# Flourcarbon worked on this yellowtail. Thanks


Reel Dream-- calls in to the BAC this afternoon -- with a reported Striped Marlin release, even two fish released today!! off the East end of Catalina and off the Can Dump-- their released fish looks to be the First Fish Flag for the BAC-- congrats Marty and crew---

And another incredible catch-- they said the yumies were working better than the flyers-- congrats-- JD



----- Fridays reports-- Aug 16 2019 ---------

Again light marine coastal clouds pulling back mid morning hours--calm here on the beach--- --

said it wasn't comfortable 20 miles out-- short 6 sec 3-4 ft--

it's in the cockpit--- 10:41

The War Hero's were on the Water today as dozens of boats and their supporting entourage spread out today from the various ports on the mainland to meet up at Catalina Island this evening at the historic Tuna Club of Avalon. Saturday morning the fleet will gather in Avalon Harbor for rendering of the National Anthem then start fishing. The Tournament will conclude Sunday evening with an awards dinner back at the Tuna club of Avalon which opens their hearts and doors to these vets . A remarkable gathering last night-- I think it's one of the best things to happen to this sportfishing fraternity that we belong too in the past twenty years-JD -


We just got another one on a jig strike--- 22.1 over 48.3 some birds-- slower speeds we'd get skippy bites -- water color change here-- working that-- 11:18

We've got birds and bait working in front of us-- 12:48

looked like the tuna fleet is moving up the line each day now--

Not the best Chlorophyll image but it does show an increased plankton life greening up the water




------------- Thursdays Reports----Aug 15th --------

Still a light marine haze/ fog to the air-- drying out as the day warms inland-- wind light to fair from the west southwest- 4-7 kts

The radio's covered up with spanish--- yabbering away-- and the tuna are reported to be on the chew , south below the border--220/220, 425/ 302 area- and Clemente's still under the influence of the Navy's exercises--

Full Moon may have effected those trying to catch squid last night-- kelps east of the 371 holding yellows --lots of green water around--

Fishing for the bigger Bluefin-- backside of SCI-- even a few marlin around there- and swordfish even to be baited-- and spots of the smaller bluefin showing up too--


Kick Off is this evening-- Fly your American Flag high and proud for these Vets--!---

We proudly announce the second annual War Heroes On Water Fishing Tournament, which will be held August 15-18 right here in our local Southern California waters. The tournament will host 45 American Heroes who have greatly sacrificed for our freedom. We have partnered with Freedom Alliance to select our Veterans and create this a once-in-a-lifetime event.


------------------ Wed's Aug 14 2019 --------------------

Light Fog and a light south wind--- seas good- light mix and light texture on it-- outherwise calm--

You knew with that air feeling cooler a fog would soon develop-- Sun eating away at it mid morning--

Kelps starting to hold nice sized Yellowtail- outside / below Dana 209--

Aaah those elusive flying fish-- so hard to get, so alluring to use and such gratification when accepted! The Full moon of these night make it harder to obtain them--

JD's will have Marlin Tags-- being sent today-- should have enough to spread around to the fleet-- JD

JD's also carries rigged and unrigged swordfish/ Tuna squids and unrigged Ballyhoo


Bob K. was wandering around the A bank this morning-- says just under 71degrees and not much in the way of sealife-- so far-- 11:51am

Bob calls in later in the afternoon-- not much for them today-- there were a couple of seiners on the bank today-- netting mackeral? and a stick boat in the area--



T/C member Steven M qualifies to the Club with an 80lb tackle fish at 256lbs-- Nice job--- JD






A check with the water temps and Chlorophyll-- Not much in the way of a good image -- cloud cover these past few days covers up a lot-- but there is a bit of warm blue water running down the shipping lanes inside the 209 and in towards the beach from there-- and the backside of Clemente where those bigger tunas were












-------- Tuesdays report ----------------- Aug 13 2019 -

morning overcast lingers into mid morning-- the coastal air feels a bit on the cool side-- wind light from the southwest 2-4 kts seas good--

This weekend the War Heroes on Water· event happens -- what a great tribute! thanks Anothony and his team behind it--

and the following week is the Tuna Club of Avalon's Linen One ( classic antique tackle) and their Benefit tournaments

And Greg H. calls in thios morning having just released a marlin-- they were on the A Bank and had several fish up in the jigs--- the one that got hooked batted the jig three times befor getting hooked--- MJG-- 10:56am

Blue Whale along our coastline--

Looks like the Navy has the Island ( SCI) pretty much closed off for most of the week and weekend nights - Daytime open varries in time-- -- Wed & Thursday open 500 ( 5am) till 1400 ( 2pm) , Thurs, Friday only Open from 5am to 8am -and again from 1750 ( 5:30pm)- 2100 ( 9:00 pm) , then Sat and Sunday it's open 500 (5am) to 1300 ( 1pm,)

Not able to keep up on the radio today-- winding line - work etc-- JD



----- Sunday- Aug 11 2019------ remember still closed on Mondays--

Nice weather-- light morning overcast wind slight from the south light chop small mix to the seastate-

Long Beach Carnage anchored out front of Avalon selling live squid-- 10 am

Flying Fish on the board! This fish went 273 lbs , caught it in 51 minutes, one angler , Aftco stand up gear on 80 lb test. Still fishing. Cheers



E-mail this morning-- Hey JD-- Caught this morning on Sand Crabs fishing for Corbina on 6 pound test...










Jenny Armstrong caught & released this nice marlin yesterday around noon, just west of the lanes between Dana Point & Catalina. They saw it tailing, through a mac at it and 30 minutes later they had the first marlin of the season for the Dana Angling Club. Her husband leadered the fish and her daughter Ellie drove their boat the Lilly June.












Got one flagging --- just south of your gear-- here-- Ill keep an eye on it for you--- it's 90 degrees from my starboard side --about 20 boats-- 10:42am -- OK we got em-- OK go get em--

left the 302 -- saw some jumper real early 6 7 am there this morning but couldnt get them to go-- we just huug a double--- YF--- Bk and Pr X -Rap--- 2:33





kite fishin!



------------------- Saturday- breaks nice with a light overcast and calm winds-- Full moon and tides building this week should improve the catches

seas calm not much wind and lots of boats traveling-- radio still on the quiet side-- not much fish hookup talk-

The Big image-- Cool water still offshore and not much warm water held in the So Calif Bight







The closer image water temps shows 56 to77 degrees







and the Chlorphill charts with a lot of offcolor water


Couple boats fishing for the marlins off Catlaina today--- one jig fish reported released yesterday-- ?

Hi JD! We got our first marlin of 2019 on our way to Avalon this morning. First Marlin Flag for Dana Angling Club too --Big fish. Had our daughter drive the boat while my husband leadered the fish. Fun way to start the trip!!! Lilly June, Jenny






---- Friday Aug 9th - it's Friday again!-- whoopee -Summers going along quickly-- Again not as expected that southern wind this morning that kept a light chop on a wind mixed sea-

Navy Exercises being conducted-- live testing-- war ships etc---

the Tuna Fleets worked they way up to the backside of Clemente's Island--Kites , flyers and drifted baits and probably soon nighttime deep dropped of flatfalls/ jigs and baits


E-mail this morning-- from yesterday-- Hi JD, We fished the DAC tournament on my boat Sat/Sun. Several 80-90 # BFT on the Yummie Flyer. Sunday Chris Bailey hooked a large BFT on a Flying Fish under the kite while drifting and fought it for 7 hr 45 min. It weighed 274 #. Caught on 80# IGFA line. New pending club record on 80# as well as club all tackle record. Best, 35’ Cano Fly JEFE

He's beat!----

Congrats to you , Chris and crew-- job well done- JD 

From Facebook-- KK-- reports Caught a few. Perfect size! Right around the 100 lb mark. Thank you Doug, Bull, Sam, Jock and Larry!!


JD's has frozen Ballyhoos on stock-- Dozen and 5 pack unrigged , and tuna or Broadbill Swordfish squids rigged or unrigged-- Flyers due in next week--

From the Whales watchers ( dolphin watchers) reported lots of bait balls 49/19 south of dana-- 267/279 fathom spots--

A couple of spots of Bluefin popped up off the backside of Caalina along that enscarpment running up the backside up to Cat Canyon-- right on the tide they popped- up -- then down-- a few good sized 20 lb yellows under the paddys back there--

Report-- we'll it was a fun day--- left here ( Newport) ran to the 14-- then out to the 277-- worked down the line to the 209-- did see a shark- not much in the wayof kelps holding anywhere-- came back to the beach off San Onofree and up the line back to Newport-- nothing-- but a fuel bill- but we had fun------

and daily you see images /photos of friends or post of another big Bluefin Tuna taken-- 200, 260, 300 lbers remarkable

- they say there's lots of Striped marlin-- down off San Quentin--??

E-mail this afternoon-- Hi JD,Here is a nice Yellowtail that Greg R caught off the East End. Jeff



----------------------- Thursdays report------8/8/19-------

Warm inland and clearer- here on the beach still that muggy overcast pleasant but not sunny-- wind light form the south-- light wind chop on a mix of sea--

Boats asking about if Pyrimid is open this evening-- according to the SCI Web's site-- it looks to be active /Hot for the next few days Fri/ Sat and Sunday to 5 am--haot after 9pm Sunday night

Pacific Carnage-- says they'll be out front of Avalon every Morning with live squid as long as they can keep catching it-- Ch 11 VHF

Not much said on the radio so far today-- couple of guys-- saying they'd two fish aboard-- fun fishing-- but lost others-- took a guess they were near the cornor US/Mex

barracuda off Box canyon-- must be cooler water--

Yellowfin -- on the troll about a 60lbers he said, 8 outside the canyon-- ( ?)

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION Alert System Status: Final El Niño Advisory Synopsis: El Niño has transitioned to ENSO-neutral, which is most likely to continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2019-20 (50-55% chance). During July, ENSO-neutral conditions were reflected by the combination of below-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs). Overall, oceanic and atmospheric conditions were consistent with a transition to ENSO-neutral. he odds of El Niño (~30%) are roughly twice that of La Niña for next winter. In summary, El Niño has transitioned to ENSO-neutral, which is most likely to continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2019-20 (50-55% chance;


------------- Wed's Report ---------------

------------- Better weather - yet still overcast for most of the day-- not much of a Satilite water temp inages but judging for the talk for those coming back from Catalina theyfound 67 ddeggree water and not much oin the waof Yellowtails-- caugh a few smaller bass and that was it--

the Marlin fishing-- Jumper seen off the East end yesterday-- quiet today-

Spent most of the day wotking on tackle and helping anglers getting their tacke ready for this weekends outing- inter club touraments- - and in checking the weather they say it might blow up on the outside---

hope to get a better report tomorrow-- but it looks ike it's cooling off-- stand by--


--------------- Tuesdays Report -- Aug the 6th 2-019------

Windy this morning stiff from the west at a 10-12kts-- wind chop and a mix seastate-- light overcast-marine haze

Took the day off yesterday-- plans don't always go you way they're planned for-- wanted to drift that ledge for swordfish from the outer oil rigs all along the shelf into the Newport Canyon - got up their in a light west , the marine overcast sky put a slight tinge of green to the water's 67.8 degrees,. Started on the southeast inside ledge, sent a rigged squid down with 10 lbs of sand tied to 6 ft of knotted 4 lb test line - it tied to the curve of the hook on the squid-- above it 15 ft of leader, swivel and a 10-oz chromed torpedo sinker and light stick rubber banded on below the swivel. The biodegrade bag of sand dropped overboard sinks out quickly , pulling all the above down with it-- to the depth desired, 600 ft -- then in gear the 4 lb line breaks free and the squid drifts off to the side , the 10 sinker keeping it in that depth all tangle free- . the drop and rigging all went well-- But I didn't count on the downhill drifting current flowing 1 1/2 to 2 knts! by the time the baits sank out it was behind the boat at a 45 degree angle-- I had to row uphill in order to keep it under the boat-- and watch for a strike, must have spent 4 hours rowing into the current and still drifting S/E down that ledge-- no bites-- but I did get a sand dab on a dropped flatfall lure as I got over the flats outside the NP canyon-- long day for a sand dab-- -- JD

The 48th Annual Channel Islands Billfish Tournament will be held this year from September 7 to the 13th. Our kick-off dinner party and raffle will be held Friday, September 6th at 6:00pm at the Channel Islands Yacht Club. The awards banquet and raffle will be held Friday, September 13th at 6:00pm also at CIYC. We're always looking for new anglers to join us so if you're interested and have some questions check out our website at cibillfish.org or you may call any of our directors listed on our website.

busy day working on reels -- and not much said on the radio-- windy-- much better forecast tomorrow morning-- good luck- JD


----- Sundays report ----------- Aug 4th ---still closed on mondays--

- Almost a light fog this am hours, warm and sunny inland--- wind light south 2-4 kts

We're over here in the lee of Clemente-- seeing lots of kelps but nothin' on them - yet-- lots of bait balls too-- nice and glassy- were maybe 5 inside the middle of the island-- swordfish boat 10:08

Decker tells me they fished the bass at clemente yesterday- and seeing bluefin from the 200 ft depth all the way out to the 1,000 ft curve where most of the meat was-- after repeated casts their Rapala subwalker got bit--70/80lb fish

- yesterday outside the whistler buoy there was a wide open barracuda bite-- 1/4 outside the whistler birds everywhere-- outgoing tide--

one 35lber -- about a 1/2 hour ago-- on a jig-- iron-- 11:03

Surly Mermaid calls in----came up in the pattern --fell off- saw some other feeders-there too-- 11:12

Lots of salps ( little sailors) showing up the the local waters outside Dana--

Quiet on the radio compared to yesterdays babble--

we're 5 or 6 below the 209--- ah-- we're 5 or 6 inside of you-- thet're eating the stick baits--- 3:23pm

Yesterday's chlorophyll charts-- shows that band of cooler clean water below clemente bending into the beach in that gyro fashion

still waiting for that afternoon bite--

good luck next week- JD



~~~~~~~~~ Sat Aug 3rd 2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dido weather as yesterday--- overcast warming to sunshine and a light wind

good radio transmissions today--

Last night just before getting out of the shop- a call comes over the VHF-- JD-- JD's Tackle- you here-- - -- JD's back-- what's up-- it's Mike on the Reel OverTime-- we just put one on board- 3 hour -- it's taped out 355-- finding a strong current break off the back side of the island (SC) they hooked three fish- got one about 140 , lost another one and tried for one more- ate the Yummy off the kite--

Albacore!! good fishing for them and Bluefin-- up North they've moved in off Oregon and Washington --

Yellowtails- slow trolled sardines was the ticket at catalina--

67 degree water haven seen a kelp all day-- it's bumpy it's not gnarly but if lumpy-- I got started at 5 this morning-- -- went west-- then north-- now headed towards the Corner-- dosen't sound like any thing is wide open yet--- 10:28

He said they had all their bluefin on the troll on cedar plugs--- then on the stop it turned into bait-- if I heard him right they were at 45/ 118.10 which puts it west and north of the corner--

and the seiners are knocking the shorts out of most of the yellowfin crossing the border--

4 out-- off Long Point, tons of birds macs on the surface-- hang on--- we just jig bite--- had a 26 over 20 real fishy-- 12:54

Slack tide today-- 12:16

tuna fleet hit and miss afternoon bite just coming on-- 12:55pm

we just had a big foamer up-- went down before we could get a bait to it--

yea we just put one on- 2:12pm


Biggest bluefin weighed in at the club this year 280 and the little one a hundred congrats to Steve Beck the angler

Water temps from 63 to 75 degrees, cloud cover ( in gray)


they were down on the 43--- thought they come tight on a fish-- turns out it was the prop!

There's huge meter marks here-- we just put one on the boat--



were here at 44 and 13--- tht might be you there - got the Boston Kite up-- we're inside from you-- congrats-- 49/15 on the drift-- just put it out-- and got bit-- had'nt had it in the wate two minutes drifting w the frozen flyer

foamer up-- 45/18 we got to get down there--- 3:35

Starting to get thick here on the meter-- 20 fathom, we're gonna get bit here soon- 3;14pm -----now 15 and I cant get a bite!!!

we had a 80 lber sornar mark ate a flylined bait 30 and 50



----- August the 2 2019-- Friday -- friday again-- boy the week goes by quick----

Sultry warm here on the beach this morning--- marine coastal clouds backing away from the lands heat-- wind light and fair-- 2- 5 kts seas good lite ripple to it--

The weekend boating crowd out the harbor early today-- finding that stretch of warm water stretching from the east end of the island (catalina) inward towards the 14 and spreading below to the 267/ 279 and San Onofee and below-- 70-73 degrees a mix of sealife in it-- some of the kelps further south and a dorado or tail under them--

A call out to Bob this morning--- Donnie reply's he's not out today-- where you at-- we're here on the drop-off just past the rigs--- looks good lots of bait shimmering schools of it-- birds it looks good here-- 11:15 am

you trying to make bait-- got one--

there were some of the 50- 100ers up real quick moving fast -- but I've got anothe schools of those yellowfin up-- OK go get em- 11:53

Slack tide today 11:35 -- stand by--

how far off were you-- 5 6 miles kelp- got couple of 20-25lb yellows and a few 10-12 lbdorado-- La Jolla area

Seiners chattering away-- (inside Clemente)

Tuna fishing off Desperation and down the SC canyon-- still better towards the southern side of the 43- and the SD fleets down below Punta Banda and out 30 miles -!

Scratchy report--- all I've seen today were small schools of YF, here and there-- they weren't even 10 lbers just little schoolsof yellowfin-

We're seeing a lot of marks here on the 43 marks at the 100 ft depth- 12:15

Even- how ya doing-- - we got one in the box,, we've a couple in the 2 size--- on the Yummy's-- --just saw one free jump--- (Swagger)-- where you at-- just a ballpark area --- off the Head! 12:45 had some good blow up on it--

we worked over the 182 to the 181 then towards the 43 -- haven seen anything yet-- we followed about the same course -- got one yf and bf - just before the 42 S/E of it

we left the 43 North up the line towards the clemente about 1/2 way there's bluefin everywhere--- feeding on mico baits-- they will not bite anything-- 1:35pm

Donnie calls in--- just had a lazy tailer up--threw a mackeral at it-- but it wasn't hungry- out front of Avalon here-- got some numbers for another boat out here- 21 over 17

These marlin-- from where they came from is still open to discussion-- from the south of from the west-- in either case these fish have come from an open ocean environment, perhaps thousands of miles - the only noise they've heard is other fish , now all the boats trolling around, speed boats, freighters, cargo ships, etc the worlds a different environment to them-- they may be curious and selective on taking baits until they get used to us-!-

Damn thats a bummer-- go get anothe one-- 1:40

San Clemente Island Security for this weekend-- Zones B and C-- the inside and Pyramid Cove and adjacent waters will be active from 7 am till 5 pm each day-

And Donnie , calls in-- Hey JD we just played with a swordfish for the past 1/2 hour-- every time the bait hit the water it'd spook-- there's been 4 6 marlin seen here today-- 21 over 17 2:52

Hey JD-- I'm pulling on another one here--2:59

Observation- reminiscent of Spring time events-- saw a striped mullet jump out of the water yesterday here in the bay---- and today circling daisy chained mullet were seen in the shallows and the posturing barking of sea lions in the harbor--

any reports for the 43--- no bait no fish we left--- east of the corner we say-w them come up

naw-- he spit the hook--

we had some pulled up on a couple foamers definitely bluefin in the 70lb class--

just got a double on the deck-- ya baby-- 3:34--- where at someone chimes in??-- ---- silence-- west of the 43--

He;'s fighting one now and we just got bit- 3:57

we just left the lee of Clemente towards catalina-- seeing schools of breaking tuna there too - all on that micro bait-- couldn't get anything to go

you left too early-- they start to bite at 5 pm to dark was the relay--

we got a nice 80 lber-- hooked anothe lost it-- just about ready to leave and we hung a big fish on the drifted live bait-- 5:04

Much nicer weather today--

Good luck this weekend if you get out--- JD

18 line/48 bait - Rissos whales-- they feed on squid-


------ Thursdays report- Aug the 1st 2019 ----

Morning haze went early-- pushed out by a light west wind at 5- 7 kts + seas OK - still that mix to the seastate-- more westerly this afternoon-

School of Lepoard sharks seen near the shoreline-- off HB

a lot of working on reels-- and rods--

- Wed's report

Not much to say-- weather ok- Bob M. fished the A bank to the East End-- 152- not much bait metered - didn't see anything

The tuna fleet was working the deep water side/ south of the 43 and shelf below there- to the inside's 302

Big tide exchange- tonight-- quake-- stand by

-- Tuesdays July 30 2019---

Gray this morning- lifted away to a sultry warm day--- high clouds from the south-- wind light from the south too- seas ok- not much of a swell but a mix of it and only a light wind ripple on it--

Radio chatter confused with local sailboat races and the Navy with it's exercises---

not much said on the radio today-- couple of boats down near the 302 371 into tuna-- the lee of Clementes had the seiners still working it- no marlin reports-


Some nices catches over the weekend--- congrats--

303 bluefin Awesome fish on the yummy ,bent butt 130 spectra 46 lbs of drag fight time right around 1hour 45 min,the girls did a great job

E-Mail-- Hi JD. The Tuna Club Light Tackle Albacore and Tuna Tournament was held over this past weekend. We had 18 Boats and 75 anglers. The fish didn't really cooperate for most of the fleet. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to battle this amazing 250 lb Bluefin that we landed on Saturday just after noon. We got him on #80 Dac and on a Yumi Flyer. The fight lasted 30 minutes. A great time on the water with George, Jack and Butch. Doesn't get any better. Tight lines, Steve

Sunday-- July the 28 2019--- Still closed on Mondays--

Still a little muggy and warm, sunny inland hazy on the water-- May grayish-- kinda a bloody mary type Sunday morning-- wind light / south 2 4 kts seas ok w a light mix of seastate

The fleet ending up in the kiddy pond today-- sleepers, a few tailers feeders--- maybe 6 fish released there this morning-- Jock got one on his Birthday-- congrats Jock--

Nice going-- sorry I didn't hear what you were saying-- had the radio turned down-- I said nice going - Oh kay thanks-- nice little fish-- didn't get too far from the boat-- thanks -- there was another one here just a few minutes ago--- thank--s go get em!" 10:20-- -- sounded like Bill released one-- --

What happend Andy-- going to a tailer and got a jig strike?10:34 am

after we hooked the one-- the orther one kept playing with the bait--

they wern't hungry-- there were three of em' --not hungry-- 10:57

we just let one go--- 12:07 a scratchy report says--

Swordfish--- it's circling right now--40.4/ ---? it's about 100 ft from us now-- must be a 10ft fish-- ! 12:27 Slack today 12:36---

We just had that one fall off-- we're over here by the slide--

another Swordfish up--- 1:02

Navy and the sportfishers --- Navy wins

Sounds like -- after the days chattering -- there were tunas up towards the mid late afternoon and a couple spots of tailiers up towards the incoming afternoon tide-


-------------- Sat report-------July 27 --the Spanish version-- yack yack yack--- yack--- yy yack-- yack-- - I ya yai!

still working on the images-- JD











Hazy blue morning on the water- wind light from the south/southwest 3- 6 kts seas good-- yackk-- yack-- yack

Morning Slack tide at 7:30 and again this

see anything this morning--- nothing for 4 1/2 hours---

Boy the radio got ugly today--

Reports of Broadbill Swordfish being seen and taken- deep dropping--

Seen no sporties no birds no baits and the one boat I saw was chugging west-- Im downhere on the Hidden--- starting to blow up 11:39

Balboa Angling Club, Weighed In Friday! Balboa Angling Club Member and a multi-world record holder Tom Pfleger, fishing aboard his boat, the Hana Pa’a with a 261.5 lb Bluefin on 50 Pound!!! Possible new IGFA World Record


------------- Fridays Fish report -- July 26 2019---

Warm and muggy- still light marine haze to the west and on the water-- wind 2- 5 kts from the south, seas good and warming-

Lots of radio chatter-including the seiners in their spanish verbiage--

28.86 lbs Catalina,, Yellowtail Wiki-- Wiki -

This is that small lane of clean water 70- 71.1, 71.2 right in that little strip of blue water I've got 8 balls of bait on my meter---- most of the other guys 3 -4 guys about a mile off the end of the island--- don't get too far from those other numbers I gave you, there's fish there-- 10:22

Big schools of little tiny anchovies--

Mexican navy boat off the South end of the island ( Coronado) was checking earlier --

Phone call- tells me he got a good one last night-- hooked around 6 pm and landed just at dark-- -

coiple of batches of tailers found this morning-- Kyle stayed on wone batch Dave on the other no bites either way--

23 17-- I've got one here up by Long Point 12;11pm

How much bait is up there-- tons of it-- it's everywhere-

that breese is starting to come up--- 1:27 27/ 17

lots of water covered today -- for not much-- waiting for that afternoon slack--

You guys got that one on the Yummy-- not the frozen -- but the plastic-- yep-- color blue--

Hana Paa- pending Pacific Bluefin Tuna World Record-- on 50 lb tackle-- 261.5 lbs-- over the old existing 233 lb fish-- congrats to Tom-- and crew-- Yummy Flyer


(Left ) Water temps 60 to 75 and Chlorophyll chart ( Right)

sorry still working on the images-- JD


and the spanish keeps on chattering-







----------------- Thursdays Reports------------July 25 2019 ---

Morning hours found a light rain and a south wind following it-- seas good and plenty of boats out-- several up coming club tournamets have the boats searching far and wide- Seiners still working on the inside of Clemente island, and the yellows at the islands not as plentiful as before.

Hoe we can get the images back uploading soon-- JD -

Bounders First fish flag for the Peskys!


First cast got one-- second cast got one-- now were following them around-- on poppers-- 11:07am

31 over 43--


Seiners chattering away--

Your missing a good tailer show Jim----- we just hung one--- tailer--- 11:18 marlin, single tailer released -- slowed down-- nice big fat fish---Joint Venture-- Curt W the angler-- 16 squared, both side of the ledge, just a little puff of wind and it came up-- off the East End--

we just baited another-- 12:20

fish are following our baits but won't eat it--- ah-ahh 12:31 pm

We've been trying to find that elusive swordfish, haven't seen one yet-- day eleven--

just had a batcvh of tailers come up--- spun on it-- one went downthe side of the boat another 3 or 4 more came up

the one jig fish yesterday was right on the tide 4 pm

we've seen numerous so far today-- yesterday saw three- and today lost count--

Slack tide today--- 4:40--- you've got a tailer at your 4:00 4:30pm

seeing the marlins but getting them to take a bait was difficult-- thoughts believed they were full of those big mackerels in the area--

it sunk out just tipping-- there were a massive abount of fish there for a while-- Id start there tomorrow--

- Wed's the 24 of July--

still working on getting images back on line- JD

Warm and muggy- wind light fro the south 2-6 knts seas fine-- light wind chop- lots of boats on the water looking for tunas--- some breaking fish seen on the ridge- 181/ 182 and closer to Clemente-- the Nave doing some exercises keeping boats at bay--

bait balls 7-9 off Dana lots of terns--hole heads--

mid afternoon -radio-- scratchy - saying they'd covered a lot of water today-- and only seeing a few scattered spots where there were a couple of more boats gathered--

------------ Tuesday the 23 of July-2019 -

Different weather program with a humid day and a west wind at 10 knts this morning- light wind chop with it-- the place to be--- the Kiddy Pond in the lee of Catalina--- where a phone call this morning from the Bounder-- Alyson G. released a Marlin there today--- came in on a old beeper ( without the battery) mackerel colored jig-( correction Flying fish color) - 2 miles off the East End of the island-- 10 minute battle on 30 lb tackle , water 70 degrees and turning blue-- captain had a rum! The first for the Pesky's Congrats to the Crew, angler and Andy-- , Congrats from the C'est la vie too!!


- closed- on Monday Went fishing - got drug around by a shark-- Nantucket sleighride!

---------- Sunday--- July 21-- we've lost 20 minutes of Sunshine since the longest day- last June 21st--- enjoy it while it's here- weather ok- hazy clear blue sky- light west with that mix of gray haze to the seaside, light wind chop.

Radio trafic common for the summer boaters--

Hope to get the images back on line by the first part of this next week- JD

Water's cool---- I'm 59.3 where I'm at -- 10:01 am

You see anything recently or was it was earlier--, it was earlier-- but were seeing solid marks now all along along that line---

- you fine anything back there-- not much there was some bait back there and nothing between here and there-- yesterday we worked from here all the way up north for nothing 10:40


----------------- Sat Report -----------

Morning brings broken cloud cover and a light west wind due to pick up later today- seas fine for now--

how's your fishing-- we had one one-- busted him off-

A call this morning from Catalina while watching the ski race out front of Avalon- they had seen a boat flying a marlin flag-- saying they had caught one a couple days ago off the East end? and Mark W reports a Marlin caught ( released/taken? ) out of the San Diego/ La Jolla waters also a days ago -- further reports say a stick boat had seen three tailers passing them and they called in a sport while they were inside clemente island- Standing By

--Hooked--- Great day dropping flying fish into schools of monster bluefin tuna. Caught this one and lost another after 1.5 hours when the hook straightened. Thanks Jim K. and Sivory for burning your eyes out to find the zone!! 217.4#! Geoff H, Congrats--- JD

I misssed several radio calls today-- I was told-- linewinder kept me busy and I didnt hear them-- from the looks of things what warm water there is- is inside Clemente with a strong temp break running in towards the beach--

I'd guess we'd be seeing a few more swordfish around-- stand by

-------- Fridays Report --- July 19th 2019 - images coming soon-

Better again-- overcast but its high up and looks to break up earlier today- seas look fine light south wind 2-4 kts. Catalina's East End Slide golden in the morning's sun.

Boats out looking for squid from ch 11 VHF no reply yet- 9:29

The SD fleets working the banks below Ensenada for the tunas or the Coronado islands for the tails

"We've got reports of Bluefin tuna off East coast of Catalina island, over and out" ??


That offshore body of cooler 60 degree water that has pushed it's way south from Point Conceprtion has bent in towards the beach towards the US/ Mex border area--

Boats running over and back from catalina-- metering some bait- deep most of the way across but no bird life seen-- couple boats working off the east end-- beautiful day on the water--


------- Thursdays Report -----July 18--------

At least there's a better look at weather today-- spot of sun and a broken sky w/ a light west wind so far-- westerly later this afternoon

Reports show the Bluefin were on a better appetite the past few days-- and it looks as there's there's seiners working some very small tunas between the Head , Mackerel and the 289 fathom banks, good place to bridle up a couple of em' and slow troll- one up one down deep-


As the marlin season appears on the horizon-- some of upcoming tournaments include the Masters, Pesky's, Channel Islands Billfish, the So Cals and Tuna clubs events and the ABC

Give Russ or Hi Tide Traders a call- 310- 510-1612 or 310-948-1011



------ Wed's report ---------------

Still working in the images- if I knew what I was doing it's be easier!

First day of morning sunshine here on the beach for several days , the marine haze/ light fog lays a 1/2 mile out- wind fair 5- 8-9 kts from the south seas a bit mixes with a small mix of swell and light chop.

Radio reports these days are far and apart-- not that there's no boats out - there are a few but radio chatter is limited - personal phone calls took over.

Overcast came back with a fair wind from the south-- choppy-

San Clemente island pretty much off limits for the weekend SCI web site----


19 th Annual Helen Smith Offshore Tournament

Marlin, Dorado, Tuna and Yellowtail

Friday and Saturday, July 26 & 27, 2019 ENTRY FEE $50.00 per Angler/$55 Non-Members TOURNAMENT HOURS 6:00 a.m. on Friday, July 26 th to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 27

At the BAC--- TUNA TACTIC SEMINAR & Potluck Porch Party With Hult & Hoose Wednesday, July 24 th @ 6pm Balboa Angling Clubhouse Balboa Angling Club is very pleased to announce a Tuna Seminar with “Rick Hult” (Seeker Rods) & “Bob Hoose” (Costa Sunglasses & Pacific Coast Sportfishing Author.) Not only are they our guests but they are also Balboa Angling Club Members! These two gentlemen are leaders in the Sportfishing Industry but also are expert Anglers. You won’t want to miss an exciting evening of Tuna education, this season’s inside tips, fishing friends, spirits & good food. Please bring a addition to our potluck if you would like and we look forward to seeing you! Balboa Angling Club Members – Free | Non-members - $15 (at door)

-------------- Tuesdays report -----------

A little different this morning-- yesterday dead calm morning -today wind from the south 5- 8 kts- light wind chop on a small mix of seastate- Overcast still to late midmorning- coastal strong downhill current- see surface currents--

E- Mail this morning-- Hey JD, Wanted to send you a quick fish report. We fished Saturday starting near the 43 and working toward the Southwest. Around 11am we had a strike on the Yummy Flyer. Fish weighed 258Lbs on the Green Pier in Avalon. Boat: Pirates Life Angler: Chris Halliday Captain: Brett Clarke

congrats-- JD








- Closed on Mondays--- went fishing- caught two green backed mackeral and a Spanish mackeral- ! put them on a hook and pulled them around for about 4 hours, along with a squid about 500 feet deep--



-------- July 14 2019-- Sunday- light haze here on the beach-- comes and goes with some shifting wind- currently out of the south 2-5 kts-

Where's the warm water go- one voice spoke up last week it was 73 now its 63?---

Radio report say there Bluefin were starting to bite better yesterday by some of the sportboats-- dead boat fishing these tunas with the lighter lines ( 50lb and below) just wasn't working for these 50- 80/90lb fish-- privates can hang and even lead these fish for a better chance at them--

Spotter plane reported seeing 10- 15 miles of smaller tunas further south with prospects of it looking like to be drifting northwards-

and they are saying there's more yellowtails pushing offshore to some of the kelps-- the yellowtail counts at the Corornado were in the hundreds yesterday -

Boats were out prowling around looking for that 1st marlin of the Season--- Standing by-

Hey K--- check out that tern off your starbord side---- i saw one fish in that swell- how frustrating in this--- there's so much bait here-- it's thick here--

you guys doing any good on the 181------ -- really on the baits or troll-- thanks 1:40

low tide slack today 2:02pm


we saw quite a lot of fish-- he said when that water temp hit 62 degrees that's where it all happened

for the most part- above the border not many open water fish - the outer tuna grounds, clemente weather bouy and inside to the Ridge held the bait and some tunas -- maybe the night time bite will develop with at Full moon?

Last years 2018 water temps same time for a 8 day period- notable that cool ( Blue) 60 degree water coming off Pt Conception and starts to dismiss quicly there after-- , vs this years 2019 where that same water temp 60 ( blue) that extends half way down the Baja penisula-














----------- July 13th 2019--

Saturdays report

Still that overcast weather here on the beach--- saw the sun for a few hours mid/to late day yesterday-- about the same so far today- wind light at 3-5 kts from the south seas light mix and wind ripple-

Boats far and wide-- asking about conditions elsewhere from where they were at-- not much said about seeing fish or hook ups so far-- slack was at 8:30 this am-- low around 1 pm- standing by-- moon building--

radio checks from the 43-- hey skipper out there on the 43-- seeing anything-- only bait fish! same on the Ridge 181-182-- so far-- 11:07

if your thinking about going in from the 302 area-- to warmer water---- dont-- there's not even any birds here-- so one spot of YF up and dow that was it--

headed back in from the 43- 6 miles it 66 degrees and it's a desert- 11:59


Hopefully we'll get the images back in--

A good customer of ours came in-- finding this small fish washed up in the back bay of newport-- do you know what it is?  heterostichus rostratus Girard






----- July 12th 2019----------

Milky light fog this am, wind from the south a couple kts-- soft-- seas calm w/ light mix to it- light texture on it--

Working on the images-- JD

Came all the way up here to the Head--- pretty much a desert all the way upp meetered bait but taht ws about all- - we're ot doning anything-- fishing tuna but were on are way in to fish yellowtails--

San Clemente open sat and sunday-

We're trying to make something happen it's lot of show but not much go, we're here on the inside of you-- a few breezes, maybe they'll get going when the sun goes down?/

We did have a bunch of fish up around the boat-- up above the 302 but they didn't stick around-- -- were here now on the 43 made a drift for nothing--- you see anything lately-- oh sure there's plenty around here- lots of show but no go-- we're here by the weather buoy--4:31pm

Long Beach carnage- out front of Avalon-- selling live squid--


----------------------------- July 11th 2019 ----Thursdays report ----------------

Working on the images-- JD

Light morning marine haze leaving early- wind light from the west following the receding mornings haze- seas fair- light mix to the seastate.

Good customer came in this morning-- singing the blues- having fished all day out of SD yesterday-- they ran out to the 302-- not much there-- down to the 425- and out west from there-- water started getting cooler and not much seen-- worked they way up to towards the 43 and the weather buoy-- back over to the 182 and inside to the 9--- for nada-- saw one yellowtail under a paddy-- sunk out-- that was it--

El Niño Advisory Synopsis: A transition from El Niño to ENSO-neutral is expected in the next month or two, with ENSO-neutral most likely to continue through Northern Hemisphere fall and winter.

During June, El Niño was reflected in the continued presence of above average sea surface temperatures across the central equatorial Pacific Ocean However, SST anomalies across most of the eastern Pacific decreased during the month. as anomalously cool waters expanded at depth Low-level wind anomalies were near average over the tropical Pacific Ocean, and upper-level wind anomalies were westerly over the far eastern Pacific. The traditional and equatorial Southern Oscillation Indices were slightly negative. Overall, oceanic and atmospheric conditions were consistent with a weakening El Niño. The latest plume of North American Multi-model Ensemble forecasts of the Niño-3.4 index shows a rapid transition toward ENSO-neutral by the late Northern Hemisphere summer, remaining neutral through fall and winter. In summary, a transition from El Niño to ENSO-neutral is expected in the next month or two, with ENSO-neutral most likely to continue through Northern Hemisphere fall and winter

----------------------------- July 10 2019 ----Wed's ---------------

Working on the images-- JD

Light morning marine hase leaving early- wind light from the west following the receding mornings haze- seas fair- light mix to the seastate.

Not many on the radio so far-- it's early- SD/ counts look to be on the slow side-- so far -- last month at this time the 3/4 moon phase-, days on end we were covered up with that gloom overcast -- the- overcast weather keep bait on the surface longer , the tunas bit well, we're at that phase now-- hopefully they'll turn on again-

Outside the 302 there were some yellowfin--- they bit real good--11:20

Coastal water temp chart reveals that plume of cool 60- 63 degree water extending southwards off Point Conception towards Guadalupe island

Working on the images-- JD--

------------ July 9th the year 2019--

Tuesdays-- cleared off earlier today-- wind still light from the s/w in the morning (2/4 kts) -- swung to the west afternoon hours-( 12/14) light seastate- tides starting to flatten out-

local kelps holding calicos and a few sea lions- maybe a breezing yellowtail may be found--

Service on some of the older reels this week- old scared leather drags and worn gears show their previous use!

Good sign of bait schools all along the Clemente Canyon and the Ridge - from there southwards-- and schools of tuna-- casted poppers and jigs being top on the catches- Spin or connventional -- it helps to have a sholder harness-

----------- Still closed on Mondays--worked int he yard/ house and took a nap!

Sunday July 7 2019---

Moring clouds gave way later today by 1 pm light sunshine- wind light to fair form the westsouthwest

More radio chatter today-- coming from the south where driving around chasing tunas was the game-- up- down-- for most-with run and gun and a fast cast scoring a fish here or there-- -

- Cast popers, plugs, surface crusiers and hard jigs was the method- and too many backlashes !

tuna grounds the water turned over-- green water and no tuna where were were at--

--------- July 6th 2019-- Quakes and moon phases!!- Morning cloud cover due to go away mid day-- wind very light- still a swell but very travelable.

Years ago- an angler John H and student of the sciences down in Zihuatanejo Mexico way- where prone to earthquakes he had at home instruments measuring the intensity of the local quakes--comparing these notes with his own fishing experiences and that of the local fishermen to ascertain about if the rumbling improves or slowed down the catch for the day- Unquestionably the days where there was a shaker the water trembled and the fish were of their feed-

Boats out on the 209--- looking not finding much yet-- slack tide at 1:40- standing by--

Hi JD, Jeannie and I took our daughter, Kendall and her boyfriend, Evan out for a day of fishing yesterday. We looked around offshore near the 267 a little and didn’t find anything so we came in and fished the kelp at San Mateo hoping for some Kelp Bass. We got a surprise and caught a little Dorado. Maybe a sign for good things this season? Go figure. Best Regards, Geoff H

Decker calls in-- they left early and went to about the same spot as last weeks area-San Clemente canyon below the Head 5- 10 miles- this time 175 degrees 54 miles from Newport-- spots of fish were up- the SD fleet was there too-- quick schools of breaking fish--Good show 9:30- by- 11:30 it slowed down with only a single fish here- there-- they went three for four--- not bad for bass tackle-- two fish around 80 lbs the other close to 100 lbs,!!, cast Rapala Subwalker and a Yozuri Hydro Pencil

- ----- Yozuri Hydro Pencil ---------- Rapala Subwalker

-------------------------- Todays the Fifth of July- We need a fifth now! local morning marine clouds wind light from the south blew most of the smoke inland--

Strong tides---

Local whales watchers- not finding much today--- Catalina's three B's continue on and good sized Yellowtail around-- Slow trolled macks!

E-Mail this morning--- Hello JD,Tina says thanks, your casting lessons paid off. She caught your guaranteed 10 fish on the new Tranx and then some. All at the island on fly lined deans, front side, shallow.


ore------------------------------ 4th of July----------------

Nice weather-- coastal marine clouds burning off by noon light wind south/southwest 3-6 kts- seas still mixes with swell from both ways-- New Moon Phase and earthquakes---!

Happy 4th of July!!!

The year was 1984 -travel into Mexico was in it's hay-day then-communication via sea to sea or sea to land was done via a Single Side Band radio where radio waves were bounced off the ionosphere back to earth hundred to thousands of miles away depending on the angle the radio were sent out at- the earths sun/ shadow and atmosphere conditions determined the receptions and clarity - at best a chancy - -It was the4th of July weekend, no internet in those days about the only weather forecasting could be done was watching the TV's weather channel for their tropical updates a couple times day.

Private Sportfisher yacht Oasis had left the coast of mainland Mexico to go deep see fishing --- headed out to the offshore Revillagigedo islands off Baja. Their weather Fax was on the blink and a SSB radio call up here to the States told them of a depressions further south from them-- - The yacht- a brand new sleek, lightweight and fast vessel continued on their way to the west- The captain keeping aware via the SSB of the weather-- the feeling aboard was the boat could out run any danger- ha -- I remember seeing that mornings tropical update showing the intensity and broadness of hurricane Douglass and remarkably- it's speed 22 knts!! --SSB reported - It's Big- Mean and traveling fast and coming right at them!!!. Fishing at the islands was good , except the sharks-- they're everywhere.- so they elected to spend and extra day there-- heck they could outrun any storm- ha-- The following morning the swells had increased and wind began - and they increased and increased as did the swell, by the mid morning they knew they were in trouble--wind one directions swell the other way--- what protection San Benedicto land could give was very limited, the cone shaped island offered little in the way of protection , wind and swell wrapped around it intensified . SSB radio air waves seemed to be distorted by the hurricanes wind - wavering in and out the reception talk was limned. A phone call was made to the US Coastguard that there was a pending dangerous situation developing hundered of miles offshore the Mexican coastline. The 4th of July Weekend was not the best timing to contact for help-. Vessel description Lat/ Long crew aboard- etc given. Expected time of assistance, if any would be 6 - 8 hours. Wind and swells building -- 145 kts and 15- 20 ft +seas, the vessel tossed in the seas. Losing and engine the boat heals over to one side, refrigerator breaks loose and cairnes across the saloon crashing into crew and interior , up on the bow the dingy tear loose crashing back into the bridge- water everywhere when the batteries began to shorten out-and the engine sputtered. Crew down in the engine room, sparks flying about at the touch and queasy stomachs squelched, on the bridge and below the crew tried to kept up with the ever increasing problems, taking on water--- . Tempers ran short over loud yelling in that deafening howl of wind. They held their own into the sea on the one engine trying to make some headway into what lee there was- At last the Coast Guards plane arrives and able to talk with each other, an pump was to be dropped to them to help keep them afloat. The wind and drifting boat carries the boat over the parachutes shroud lines, it fouls the one remaining engine. Like an old time pirate, the deckhand ties a rope around his waist and knife in teeth dives overboard in the 20 ft seas, the ships hull ready to crush him- or the sharks eat him- . He gets the lines cut free and is pulled aboard-- engine again gets them back into some headway --- to wait out the nightmare of the night's hurricane. By dawn still afloat but a mess, seas calming-- - 300 miles away the day before - the distress call went out from the Coast Guard for any vessel who may come to their assistance.. by chance and cargo boat caring a load of Chiquita bananas was coming up the coast from Panama- they diverted their course and found the survivors still afloat and safe-- Transferring to their ship was a challenge in itself but they all made it safely home--

it was a 4th of July weekend to remember - JD

Be safe and sane--

----------------- Wed's report -- July the 3rd--

Full and low tides this week- tops out over 6.8 and drains to a minus 1.4 today-- Grunion should run Thursday- - Sat/ Sunday

Wind again from the south this morning- stronger and gusty made for some morning sloppy traveling to the tuna grounds or to the islands--

More dorado chatter-- seems below the border-- scratchy reports--

Anyone out here on the 43--- we fished there yesterday for nothing---

We looked at a lot of bluefin--- but we're coming home with a dozen yellowtails

New Moon Phase

Water temps 60- 74 degrees-

---------- July the 2nd 2019---- Tuesdays report ------

Surprising stronger south wind the expected- 15+ and gusty- by the mid morning hours it had backed off somewhat still bumpy- mixed seastate has it confused .

Hurricane Barbara making her presence know as she starts spinning a strong series of swells from the south coming this way--- over time it helps- wind=waves, waves=swell, swell =surface current, surface current = water movement.

nice bluefin on the popper- lost him at the boat--- 10:32

A call from Mike-- they were in the lee of Clemente-- flat calm and hot-- still looking for signs of those tuna that were there this past weekend-- - and AIS has half a dozen commercial tuna boats working the shipping lanes east of Catalina and the Avalon Bank!

San Clemente Island Security schedule shows the zones C & D hot from 1300/ 1 pm to 2330/ 11:30 pm today and tomorrow --- above the White Rock area it's open zone B, the island will be open on Thursday the 4th of July- then again Hot same schedule 1 pm to 11:30pm for Friday and Sat -- open Sunday-

There's like 60 dorado under this paddy -- Im looking for someone to come over here with some bait--they follow the jigs up but won't take them-- 3:49

That comerical fleet worked it's way up to the outer ol rig shelf late afternoon-

and boats were still finding a few fish along the Clemente canyon-


Closed Monday--

-- Sundays report----------- June's last day 2019-- morning marine clouds left early leaving light marine haze seaward- inland warm and hot-- building tides and better fishing, a lot of water movement these past few days-- 14 Mile Bank offcolor and 67 degrees- 2-4 miles to the southeast there's a 3-4 degree break with terns and kelps-- looks good-- very good for the upcoming Forth of July Holiday week---

Calicos and Bonito some yellows at Catalina- and the barries too-

Light radio traffic compared to yesterdays barrage of voice- and the fleets fishing past out radio reception- feels like the wind might pick up-- 12:20pm

<--- Chlorphill charts shows that body of warm blue water

Seeing some of the big boys on the inside of the island ( Clemente) must have chased them 10 miles towards the north-- didn't get a bite-- tried the kite-had one blow up-- cast lures, bait -- hard to get on them traveling so fast-- we did get some of the smaller grade- 30lb stuff- but those big fish eluded us--

Long range forecast has that hurricane Barbara coming up north quite a ways - and it looks like two more depressions below that - stand by--

Schools of good sized yellows pushing bait seen off long point 5:45pm

------- Sat's June 29th report--

Morning breaks with high scattered altocumulus clouds and a clearing sky- coastal waters still under morning marine haze or light fog- wind light to fair 4- 6 kts west early- lots of boat traffic

Like a light switch the radio again becomes active-- - from long and short the air waves's squelch is broken with talk- "we're gonna try out to the west-- they said the 302 and 425 were slow and not much inside from there--- How ya doing-- good -- we lost one on a jig--!- 10:23

Seeing a lot of breezers-- 10:32-- Slanck Tide today-- 8:07 low and 1:05 this afternoon

An enormous school of bird life and an acre of fish below it--- about halfway from the 230 to the 302 it was up for for 40 min-- wouldn't touch anything we had C/S, surface baits, poppers would not take anything -- They seem to be eating the cedar plug lots of birds north of the 230-- north towards the San Salvador we're down here between 371/ 390-- where terns gather up we go through them, get one or two-- the were decent sized fish-- we had shots at then 6 or 7 times we'd run up on them-- nothing-- Yellowfin - 10:35am

We just got a double on Yellowfin- just leaving the 425--- 15- 25lbers - 10:48 --w/ Rapala sardine color--

We just another one on the popper--10:52 stopped foaming now but it was up for a while-- on poppers --so far -- small spots of bigger fish - you couldn't get near them- they go down-- 10:54

They're foaming up all around here--- they're right under my boat-- and I can't get bite-- the other boat over there has yellowfin and four fish over a hundred- Where you at-- We're S/E of the isalnd--10:59

We just got the one yellowfin--

14 yellowfin at the 43-- fish were on the 43 cedar Plug- no sign of bluefin?

- Got real nice weather wise--

they're on the tern's --they're moving so darn fast--

How ya doing-- we got that one nice blufin -- we got a bluefin too-- had a marlin come up on us--- we're just inside the high spot-- had a couple of tripples lost a couple fish -- working our way back to that spot where the bleufin were--- between the 9 and the high spot ---that's where we saw the marlin, came up on the baits--we had a hook up - thought it ws the marlin but it turned out to be that bluefin!--- 12:33-

three yellowin and a yellowtal- we've got one one now hang on-- we're on onw--

What you use to get the bluefin on--- hooks!

We just lost on on the popper-- 12:35

we'll we got him ---maybe 185/ 200lbs- 2:08

Congrats--- to Hooked / Dana saying they just boated a tuna well over two hundered-- 3:31pm

And Disco Punk scores again--- Decker calls in-- he's just below the 14 and it's 72 degrees--- they're returning and had been at 180 degrees from Newport 52 miles - having caught, using only their bass casting tackle--- 7 tuna, 6 of em' Yellowfin 12- 20lb and a 35 lb Bluefin-- all in small cast lures-- Just days before Jimmy discussed these same tactics at the BAC's Tuna seminar-- it works! ( that puts then on the San Clemente canyon )


------- Friday again-- June 28 2019-----

Light morning cloud cover breaking up early by 10 am- wind light at 2-4 kts south/southwest, seas calm- time to go fishin'

Live Squid out front of Avalon- ch 11 VHF- Carnage--

As that body of sealife/ Tuna appears to be moving northwards from their wintering waters off central and northern Baja to today's fishing areas towards the 302 Fat spot and northwestwards towards the banks of the

43 an deeper water of the lower San Clement canyon / basin escarpment. The tunas, both Pacific Bluefin and Yellowfin will be crossing over the US/ Mex border, the commercial fleet now having as good of a squid season will be waiting for those Yellowfin to cross the border---Stand by tuna wars

Just brought the boat back from up North chasing Salmon and Halibuts to Ensenada- to join the fishing grounds below the border-- A Tri fecta in Ensenada Yellowfin, bluefin and a yellowtail. 2 grandsons; Dylan and Jake plus a friend named Tom. Jon B

Yellowtails hooked at Clemente-- getting them to the boat is another story-- Sea Lions taking 90%+ of them-- bring the paint ball gun!

That was all solid fish-- smaller fish- was yours that nicer grade stuff--1:47 , Low slack today-- 12:22pm

Divers were scoring with the bigger bluefins -off foamers-- 150+ fish--

That wind came up again-- westerly-- made it a little sloppy and nasty this afternoon

Spots of smaller 20-+ Yellowfin up - couple of boats running up on them- poppers and cast jigs- 4:56pm

Good Luck this Weekend--

---- Thursdays 6/27th report -----------

Still gray- seas calm sky gray- maybe some wind later on this afternoon--

good radio reception--

You see anything down there on those kelps-- some yellows-- saw all that red crab down there too!-- the fish we got were quality-- 15- 25 lb fish only a few small 3- 5 lb stuff, for the most part the paddies that were holding had quality fish but wouldn't take a lure, jig or squid--- they were where the the red crabs were-- yea when they on them -hard to get them off it--we might fish at 43 area or keep on going to Clemente--- ---- --- after you get your squid you might look around outside the Can Dump mid day-- 70 ft on the drift out front from the dump and another 1/4 mile down the beach for a while-- find out what bait they were on--- squid--

Sna Diego fleet fishing general area inside the cornor of the US Mex Border 32.21 / 117.44 drift fishing and some kelps or marks--

Not much else said on the radio-- Carnage was selling squid out front of Avalon--

And if I heard it right -a Swordfish seen off north Laguna by a whale watcher--

------------- Wed June 26th Gray again but brighter than yesterday-- sun should poke throgh today- light of any wind 1- 2-3 kts south, seas calm.

TUNA TACTICS SEMINAR with Captain JIMMY DECKER will put on this year’s Pacific Bluefin & Yellowfin Tuna clinic at the Balboa Angling Club! Wednesday, June 26 th at 6pm Balboa Angling Clubhouse 200 ‘A’ Street Newport Beach,

Local expert, Decker is an extremely experienced Tuna fisherman and has many various salt water IGFA records. We are very excited to have him as our guest speaker for the evening and as a Balboa Angling Club Member! Decker will give a seminar on tactics, which will put you on fish, and put fish on your decks. Balboa Angling Club Members – Free | Non-members - $15 (at door) --949.673.6316 BAC Website | BAC Facebook | BAC Instagram, Organized 1926 | Incorporated 1927 |

weve only landed 7 ofg then and got 6 yellow tasil in the process-- kelp fishing-- in US waters--- 10:31

San Clemente Island is open this weekend Sat and Sunday only-- and hot for most of the week except the Forth of July (thurs) --- then hot the 5 & 6 th ( Fri- / Sat) -- then open Sunday the 7th



------------- Tuesdays June the 25th 2019-- another not gloomy but overcast light drizze and overcast , wind light from the south southeast 4-6 kts- light chop

And the big fish over the Weekend came from the Yellowtail Shootout this year! t. - Team REEL E-ZE, who competed in the tournament caught a 275-pound bluefin ( Rumor has it they caught the fish on the 43 fathom Spot) and were a shoo-in to win our $2500 Tuna Jackpot. Unfortunately, the Coast Guard held them up for enough time that they missed the check-in/weigh-in time to weigh their fish by 15 minutes (rules are rules). The team who won the jackpot, Los Bastardos, won with a 15.4lb bluefin and handed over the $2500 check to team REEL E-ZE at the banquet yesterday. It was a great sign of respect and the whole audience stood to applaud the gesture BDOutdoors

They tell me some of the Bigger Bluefin have moved up the line along that 1000 fathom drop-off below the 43 and the San Clemente Weather Buoy - time to get the Kites Up!

Breaking Daylight comes in the harbor flying a bunch of flags-- half dozen Tuna flags and I think a Yellowtail flag--

Overcast for all day-- I doubt if we'll see the sun before the Forth if at all then--- but the ocean is warming under all of this cloudcover-- as long is there is no wind it'll warm up-

Closed on Mondays--

--------- Sunday's Gray morning hours brighten by 10:30am- wind light west 4-6 kts- seas calm- looks quiet-- radio quiet-

White sided Dolphins off El Morro/ 1400 ft of water headed south

Tuna fishin below the border- it helps to have the baits for chum- a lot of drifting with sinkered baits 100 ft down-- some of the flatfalling jigs- iron- and some up on the surface picking at the chum line behind the boat-- JD Tip --those large clear Cast-A Bubbles can help cast a small sardine out 50 ft or more for the bite -

Strong coastal downhill surface current-- Mag: 34.66 cm/s, 0.674 kts, Dir: 136.17° from N

Windy- this afternoon-- long boat ride uphill for the fleet that ran south of the border for those tunas--

Sloopy afternoon-- and not many fish reported- 20lbs+ Yellows off the East end of the island-- JD

---- Sat June 22 2019-----

Broken cloud cover as that low leaves us- wind light and fair from the southwest- 4- 6-7 kts- seas good except looks offcolor for several miles out-

Whales and a few dolphin along the 1000, 1400 ft depth outside Balboa pier-

Fishing Catalina's bac side of the island had its moments-- Bill D's Pacifc Charters found yellows bass and berries

Offshore coastal waters lacking much in the way of anchovies and krill- scatter sardines found tight to the coastline- and the flats-- offshore pretty devoid of much sealife till you get to the islands--





We'll take em' any way we can--- -Fishing the 302-- - after a 40 minute battle he wasn't moving much-- hooked in in the belly with a Popper-- !

Westly winds this afternoon- 12-15+



- Friday-- again-- and the last day of Winter- Summer officially begins and the days will get shorter-- Carpe Diem as they say--

Morning light drizzle and sprinkles accompanying the clouds as they blew inland. Wind light and fair 5- 8-9 kts light chop- Sun breaking out mid morning--

Weekend boaters headed to Catlalina and Clemente--

Long Beach Carnage-- Ch 11 VHF selling live squid for Sale--right out front of Avalon-- 12:39pm

South wind increasing as the day gets along-

Yellows at the islands really depend on that current movement, either ocean or tidal flows starts their activity-- We fished it for most of the morning for not much-- started on the back side-- by noon that tide changed and tossing a few sardines brought up that brown hoard of calicos-- some really grumpies in there too- then the yellows came through-

Not much sealife mid channel seen-- water still dirty and cool-

SD Report-- Still on the Plus Side-- The Pegasus 11 Bluefin Tuna (60-90# avg.) up to 140# with 2 hanging The Pacific Queen 11 Bluefin Tuna (50-90#) to the The Condor returned with LIMITS of Bluefin Tuna (30@60-100#), 3 Yellowfin Tuna and 2 Yellowtail for 15 anglers The Tomahawk 18 Yellowtail, 7 Yellowfin Tuna (25#) and 25 Bluefin Tuna up to 120# for 27 anglers. They reported great signs of fish.

-------------------- Thursdays Overcast day-- June 20th -

Light wind from the south eddy like- seas calm and flat- a little gloomy out there-

Clemente's the spot-- fish are finicky Yellows with a good sized 12- 20 lb fish found-- 20 lb test and #1/0 with lively sardines in the chum line works--

Live Squid for Sale--- Pleanty of Live Squid for sale -- out front of Avalon--- VHF ch 11 11am-

Still quite a few boats at Catalina today-- fishing barracudas and basses-- yellows were hard to find off the east end/ Backside/east - not much seen on their travels back from the island-- bleak he said

A little better image of a Water temps - from yesterday's breif cloud clearing-


SD report-- The Liberty called in with 2 bluefin 50-80lbs. with more hanging and great signs of fish. The Condor ( 32.06 / 117.34) called in with 7 Bluefin Tuna with 6 hanging (60-90#), 1 Yellowfin Tuna and 1 Yellowtail for 15 anglers on their 1.5 Day Offshore trip. The Tomahawk called in with 18 Yellowtail, 2 Yellowfin Tuna (25#) and 3 Bluefin Tuna for 27 anglers. They reported great signs of fish



With Captain JIMMY DECKER will put on this year’s Blue & Yellow Fin Tuna clinic at the Balboa Angling Club! Wednesday, June 26 th at 6pm Balboa Angling Clubhouse 200 ‘A’ Street Newport Beach, CA 92661

Local expert, Decker is an extremely experienced Tuna fisherman and has many various salt water IGFA records. We are very excited to have him as our guest speaker for the evening and as a Balboa Angling Club Member! Decker will give a seminar on tactics, which will put you on fish, and put fish on your decks. Balboa Angling Club Members – Free | Non-members - $15 (at door ) RSVP to the Club--




----- Wed's report -----19th

Nicest day of the week so far--- light marine clouds drifting away early mid morning- wind light from the West/southwest 2- 5 kts- seas calm - light texture

Spotter plane up-- Clearing off nicely-- maybe we can get a good satellite image today--

SD boats still after the tunas-- hard to make a big score on them-The Pacific Queen called in with 13 Bluefin Tuna (60#-90#) on their 1.5 Day Offshore trip for 34 anglers. The Islander returned with 20 Bluefin Tuna (50-70#), 4 Yellowfin Tuna and 2 Yellowtail on their 1.5 Day Offshore trip for 27 anglers.

Couple Humpack whales outside newport today 5 off-

San Clemente Island for the most part will be open Thursday- Fri, Sat and Sunday-- get your flyers while you can--

F & G out checking boats-- locally-

Good get togeather at the BAC this evening--

Good Luck this weekend if your get out- JD

Just a quick outlook of the West Coast past ten years for June and changing water temps

--Ten Years ago ------------------------------ Five years Ago---------------------------This Year ---












- Tuesdays June 18 2019

Closed Mondays-- Finished up varnishing the five big game bamboo rods , now curing, reel-seats, grips and guide thread wraps and epoxy- a long ways to go yet--

Coastal fishing fair + the Calicos and Sand bass were biting better-- even small mako's around- and watch the birds for signs of yellows or sea bass under them--

Strong tide and coastal currents uphill above Dana- downhill below Dana-

water 66 - 67 degrees- some terns working the edges of the kelp beds- bass and berries

waters clean green-

San Diego boats still finding the Bluefin outside Ensenada (31.59/ 117.17) and the scattered yellowfin bite-- SD Report --- The Islander called in with 7 Bluefin Tuna and more hangging. The Pacific Queen returned this AM from a 1.5 day trip with 8 bluefin, 9 yellowfin, and 19 yellowtail.

Nice Day-- Grunion run late tonight-10:30+pm have fun---


Sundays-- Pop's Day--- June 16th --------Happy Pop's Day---

remains overcast today-- but not cold-- wind light from the west/ southwest 2-3 5 kts-- light wind chop-- offshore more westerly- 8- 12 kts-

The Tuna fleet below San Diego stretches from the 302 southwards- lots and lots of boats not as many fish--

Coastal fishing-- improving with a few marauding big yellows around the HB flats--

Grunion run tonight- and for the next couple of nights


never really cleared off today-

Vick sommers with a 36 pound local yellowtail caught on 12 pound test Grandfather, father and son. Nice catch congrats


Conditions looked good off the backside of the island but not as many fish caught as hoped for, the seabass were scarce , but halibuts, bass, berries and smaller yellows kept the boys busy --





-------- Sat June 15th finds the morning with a high overcast sky- wind fair at 5- 8 kts south/southeast, more light wind chop- seas good-

lots of traveling boats out today--

They say the lee of Clemente has lots of smaller yellows and some seabass in the cove and the bass fishing good -- all depending on current flows

They also say there's been some of the big 200+ Pacific Bluefins seen above the border- towards the 182/ 181-43 and even said to be seen between Catalina and San Nicholas!

As the summer begins-- the working tow boats were in full speed today--

The US /Mex Border's corner outside San Diego/ Coronado Islands-- harboring a lot of boat traffic today as is the line stretching all the way down south outside Ensenada 20 miles ,

BAC-s YSH- had aome nice halibuts in the counts-- and yellows to add to the catch-- no sea bass


----------- It's Friday again-- the weekends upon us-

Still cloudy high marine cloud-cover-- wind light to fair from the south southwest 4- 6 kts light chop on a calm seastate. Only seven more days till they start to shorten again-- Bring a sweatshirt if you headed out on the water

Strong tides this weekend--

Steady flow of small and larger boats headed out of the harbor today-

Boys fishin here in the bay-- learning about the pull of batrays-- pulled them rods right into the drink!

radio reports from the 182 -- looking for tunas- and they say the 9 Mile Bank had yellowfin too??- 302 holding fish as the 500 and below-

weather cleared off nicely 2-/ 3pm today-

Have a grea Father's day Weekend--!-


----- Thursdays Report June 13 2019----- light drizzle here on the beach this am- wind light at 2- 4 kts south, seas calm light swell mix-----------

Don't let this overcast put a damper on the fish scene - the sun's ultraviolet rays penetrate the overcast, bound back and forth under that canopy peculating it's thermal energy to warm the water-

that said--- Cool and drizzly here today--

Going to the beach--- bring a sweatshirt!

By 4-5 pm the weather cleared off to the afternoon cloud cover coming back again-

not much said on the radio-- bass were biting here and the islandsand live squid being sold at Cataina- ch 11 VHF Pacific Carnage-- Newports Bait receiver has 5- 7 inch sardines

Kick off for the BAC YSH tournament at the club house this evening--

Go Warriors, Angeles and Dodgers--


EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: El Niño is predicted to persist through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (66% chance), with lower odds of continuing through the fall and winter (50-55% chance). During May, El Niño was reflected in the continued presence of above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across most of the equatorial Pacific Ocean The latest weekly ENSO indices indicate the largest positive SST anomalies were within the central Pacific Upper-ocean subsurface temperatures were nearly average at the start of May, but positive anomalies increased toward the end of the month in association with a downwelling Kelvin wave.. Overall, oceanic and atmospheric conditions were consistent with El Niño. The forecast consensus reflects this uncertainty, with slightly lower chances for El Niño compared to the previous month. Ongoing subseasonal variability within the tropical Pacific contributes to an overall murky picture, but the current downwelling oceanic Kelvin wave should fuel the persistence of El Niño at least in the short-term. In summary, El Niño is predicted to persist through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (66% chance), with lower odds of continuing through the fall and winter (50-55% chance


-------- Wed's report- June 12th -

Gray again here on the beach -- inland two miles sunny- wind here light from the south 2- 4 kts seas calm light ruffle on the surface- Building moon each night with a Full expected over the weekend-- might making squid a little more difficult-- ?--

San Clemente Islands is open for the weekend except the northern sections-

Catalina has some nice yellows and just below the border the bigger model Bluefin were on the chew over the past day or so-- (building full moon?)


Yesterday, the Liberty full day trip caught two cows. 249 and 223 The 249 was hooked on a rent rod with 50 lb test. The 223 was hooked on 80 lb test.




the BAC weighed in a quad of seabass today-- all good sized fish! - the moons filling-- just in time for the BAC-s YSH tournament--

Troy’s 1st WSB -- A call late in the day-- coming back for the island--- BAC you still open- we've a fish to weigh-in-- BAC back-- hi- yes were open and look forward to your fish coming in---

Nice catch!! JD


Hey JD , got this yellow and a couple sand bass local. Yellow was on 30 lb mono on a fly lined sardine fishing meter marks. Got that yellow first thing in the morning and fished another 6 hours for one short bite then decided to go bass fishing. Bass were everywhere on the bottom on the live sardines. Bob



-------- Tuesdays June 11 2019-

Light fog this morning-- uphill coastal current- seas calm with a light south wind- light wind texture on the water. Still offcolor milky green for several miles offshore- cleans up 5- 7 off the beach-

Nice day - stayed a light south wind for most of the day--- not many on the radio, couple of party boats at Catalina--- seeing a school or two of the smaller yellows around-- bass, berries and bottom fish filling the sacks-

Squid boats making it at Clemente island--and the yellowfin tunas were coming from the tuna grounds below Ensenada/ outside Colonet, Bluefin above from there-

War Heroes on Water· . continues to grow in support!-- To donate, please visit:warheroesonwater

Next weekends BAC-s 16TH ANNUAL YSH TOURNAMENT YELLOWTAIL, WHITE SEABASS & HALIBUT 30lb tackle Anyone can enter, no membership required. Friday, June 14th through Saturday, June 15th - Good Luck-


------ Closed Mondays-- Went fishin-- rowed around for a while w/ a squid 300- 500- ft deep in search of an swordfish or opah - no bites- went in to the beach and caught a few calicos and short barracuda-- got the lawn edged and mowed and some bamboo blanks resanded down for another varnish dip- came out good this morning-

--------------- Sunday June the tenth 2019 - Light fog and haze went away early- pale blue above, wind -light an fair- from the south 2-4 kts light wind chop on a calm seastate.

Wooden Boat Parade today here in Newport-- some of the classics of the past-!

I was hoping for a better satellite cater temp image this morning-- not as good was we'd like- but the Chlorophyll images was interesting-- couple places of interest outside Oceanside there's a swirl of off colored water and those bluefin nd Yellowfin were found along that edge of blue/ green water off Ensenada 20+ miles

Small Thrasher Sharks and Bonito Sharks were found off the local coastline today-- added the sighting of schools of Anchovies and reported a few schools of bonito in the area gives hope for better fishing-- Surface current movements are generally in an uphill movement that's encouraging too-

And those headed to any of the offshore island - Flying Fish were found with the night nights and a long handled net-- get em while you can--


------------------ Sat June 8th 2019--- High overcast seems brighter early on-- wind light from the south southwest 2- 3 kts- seas calm

The new Thunderbird did well on the Yellowtail yesterday-- not wanting to fight the hoard of seals at Clemente-- they ran out to the Tanner Bank-- did well--

Good to hear some VHF radio fish chatter this morning- summers finally here-- scratchy reports spoke of yellowtails and tunas--

Definitely some volume here- I couldn't believe it--

and the beaches opened up to some sunshine before noon--

Long Beach Carnage still has squid for sale-- off Avalon- ch 11 vhf-

Heck of a Fathers Day Gift-- now that there's both Yellowfin and Pacific Bluefin Tunas to cast to-- nothing better than the Shimano Orca Spinning Popping rod rated 50- 100 lb and their Twin Power 1400 spin reel loaded with 400 yds of 50 lb Super Slick V2 power pro line and a flourocarbon leader- comes with a free casting lure-- guaranteed to work! - all for only $999.95 He deserves it!

Fun day on the water for most-- sunshine and a little breeze to keep it clear, We should be able to get a good satellite water temp image today to see what's changes over the past several weeks-- and there's rumor of Bluefin Tunas behind Clemente Island--go get em"

Good Luck tomorrow-- JD


Gloomy June the 7th 2019------

A little different this AM- with a westerly springing up early on- 2 -3 kts but west- light ripple on the otherwise calm sea.

Live Squid being sold at Catalina- VHF ch 11- There's a lot of fish around he says-- "We had a spot of Yellowtail come up right next to the boat--- crew got all excited and tried to throw a plastic on it- got all tangled up in the riggings and that was that-- there's a lot of fish around-" Live squid for sale right out front of Avalon-- !

Hi JD, Just wanted to thank you for the awesome tackle you rigged us. My son and I, got 4 and probably lost another 8. These memories will never be forgotten. Thanks again!! Blue Fin coming your way!! Regards, Dave M


Still a good tidal swing for the weekends fishing good low( minus) in the morning 7-8-9 and a steady flow till 2-3 4 in the afternoon . Both the yellows and sea bass should be hungry! good luck

Local sportfisher partyboats Thunderbird did well on the yellowtail today--

Bonito along the coastline-- 5-6 lbs--watch for bird schools--

Want some good and fun fishing-- go north-- Salmon are biting off Morro Bay and there-a bouts-- good fishing for them-- down deep-- 200 ft depth-- cool to see some of the pure salmon boats working down from the northern waters-- works of art some of them are-- boats taking counts of 50-60 fish a day!!!

Starting to look more like a fishy harbor these days- more sporty sportfishers are moving about- their outriggers polished and waxed, hulls cleaned and decks oiled. -it's coming-- Surface current mapping shows a general uphill flow of water so prospects look promising for the push of that approaching El Nino warming trend

Dont forget Father's Day-- right around the corner--

Looking for a great Graduations or Father's Day Gift-- how about a personal charter for them

A four person charter operating out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing. Custom 26’ Anderson designed for Southern California Fishery. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and take all necessary steps to produce the best possible results. The fishing may fluctuate but the efforts and good times are always full speed. You can get more info on what we offer or book at trip at sekassportfishing.com

or Call- (949) 630-6749


SD reports are better-The Pacific Queen called in with 1 Yellowfin Tuna and 33 Bluefin Tuna (25-30#) on their Overnight trip. The Condor returned this morning with 13 Bluefin Tuna (60#-140#), 2 Yellowtail and 1 Bonito on their 1.5 day trip for 16 anglers. The Royal Star returned this morning with 26 Bluefin Tuna (60-80# and 1@130#) on their 1.5 day trip. The Tomahawk returned this morning with 19 Yellowfin Tuna, 26 Bluefin Tuna (50-80#) and 12 Yellowtail (15#) for 28 anglers on their Extended 1.5 Day trip.- and spotter planes off Carmel- seeing tuna 60 miles offshore


Gloomy June the 6th 2019--------

Marine overcast still remains , like yesteday-- never saw the sun yesterday either-- maybe today---

Weather looks good for the weekend-- not much wind at least-

Pleanty of Live Squid for sale-- the Long Beach Carnage was saying ch 11 VHF right out front of the Casino-- Pleanty of Live Squid for sale--

Time to start thing about the upcoming summer fishing tournemnts-- among the top- the BAC's Master Angler Tournament-- Early entry saves the team of four $100 Bucks!--

Again no sun today and a very quiet day on the radio--

San Diego boat scoring on yellowfin tuna this morning--

The Tomahawk called in this morning with 12 Yellowfin Tuna, 12 Bluefin Tuna (50-80#) and 12 Yellowtail (15#) for 28 anglers on their Extended 1.5 Day trip. The Pegasus returned this morning with 28 Yellowfin Tuna, (14-25#) and 3 nice grade Yellowtail within Full-Day range for 19 anglers. The other boats in the area are catching Yellowfin Tuna and seeing Bluefin Tuna. The Pacific Queen returned this morning with 5 Yellowfin Tuna for 34 anglers.

------------- June the 5th 2019 Wed------------

Again gray but not as dark- light drizzle early on- seas fine and calm- wind light form the south maybe 2-3 kts-

Water and sealife conditions seem to be growing offshore - more small schools of baitfish appearing-- halibut jumping in the bay--

Long Beach Carnage has live squid ----sitting right out front of the Casino-- live squid for sale-- ch 11 VHF

Don't be surprised if there's not some swordfish swimming around out there-- and kelps could or should have some of those yellows under them-- and--- Opah!

Two years ago---- My boys were at it again ! Just happened to be Brian Dunham's B-Day Two big white seabass 58 lb and 52 lb !! Not a bad Birthday ! Wtg !! Mate and Brian--- Mom-

Those thinking about the run to San Clemente Island this weekend-- the Island Security Web Site shows varied times for Friday, Sat and Sunday please check beforehand- - Slow fishing thee past few days-- seeing fish but not getting any bites--

SD Report-The Shogun returned this AM from a 1.50 day trip with 7 bluefin the biggest at 130 lbs. The Tomahawk returned this AM from a 1.5 day trip with 4 yellowfin tuna

Coastal conditions fluctuating water temps and clarity changing daily-- -- had the water warming up to 62/63 dropped again to 59/60 and offcolor

Fun fishing for small coastal thresher sharks-- 40- 60 lbs-- slow troll live mackeral, Circle hook bridal rigged w/ single stand wire --- mackeral fishing this morning-- they said it was tough!


------- June 4th 2019 Tuesday--

gray sky's and calm seas-- June glossy seas- --

Never made it down to the water yesterday-- spent most of the day preparing and varnishing some new 9 and 24 thread bamboo blanks - came out nice--

-copied from facebook- nice catch for the Tuna Club-- in their 20th Annual Paxson H. Offield White Seabass Tournament. -- congrats-- JD

Great time this past weekend fishing the Tuna Club White Sea Bass tournament. The fishing gods looked upon us favorably. Two nice sea bass and four nice yellowtail. Great time with family and friends. Took Top anglers on both Dacron and Linen lines and Top Boat!!

And the BAC's Helen Smith YSH (yellow/ white / halibut) tournament is coming up Jun 14 and Jun 15th-

And congrats to Bill W. for his 51 lb halibut--on 20 lb tackle new BAC Club record-- nice catch!

Nice conditions so far today-- no sun but it's calm-- sand and calico bass so far-- locally-

The Pacific Queen returned from their 1.5 day trip with 61 Bluefin Tuna for 34 anglers.

Catalina has all the barracuda you'd want-- (Tip-- wash the decks with water before you boat one-- their slime sticks to the boat otherwise-- ) fair to good halibut fishing off the back side and a few sea bass and yellows to fill out the bag-- many of the sea bass were shorts--

good crossing from the island-- bait schools seen-

nice weather all day-


---- Sundays report -- Closed Monday--

Light moring drizzle in the amarine cloudcover-- mid day still overcast wind light from the south 2-4 kts seas calm- baitschools abound offshore as boats return from Catalina say-- good conditions near Frog rock- at the island- changes alot with the oceans currents and tides swings--

Didn't fisd any whales but did find a about a 8 ft shark-- looks like a White!--offshore oil rigs area--

Fishing--- fair today-- never really went off- -maybe the low pressure?-- it's suppose to ease away as a high develops over the area next week- hopefully so for the fishing too as that moon again fills--

Calicos and short barracuds in the kelp beds-- and seals-


-------------------------------- Saturdays June the 1st 2019------

Another gray morning- though marine layer higher and seems to burn off earlier-

San Clemente Islands been the hot spot for the yellowtails and a few white sea bass this past week- a lot of boats there now-- coastal water warming and the bite activity is improving all along the coastal kelp beds and offshore island

there's flyers around-- reports saying they seen a half/dozen flyers into the night lights at Clemente at anchorage- as well as Catalina-- get em' while you can---

Barracuda in the schools of anchovies below the border-- drifting northwards

we're 6-7 off Main Beach there's a lot of bait and birds here-- dolphins orbiting there's a lot of em here--

The San Diego fleet fishing approx 45 miles 183 degrees from Pt Loma outside Ensenada 20-25 miles

Whale watchers seeing a couple blue whales, well really not seeing much- four breaths 1/2 mile away then down for another 14- 20 minutes

they were talking of 66 -67 degree water mid channel! Bait at 17 outside Dana - sealions barking away in the harbor--

whalewacher seeing seabass push bait to the surface-- 3:34 tide changed about an hour ago--


-------- Friday-- it's Friday again-- May the 31st-- 2019 --

moring marind coastal cloud cover by noon starting to fade away-- seas good a w/ light south wind

They said it was close to 5 0lbs scale said 61 lbs-- Sea Bass at Dana this morning--

Not much in the way of sunshine here on the beach today-- wind still light from the south-- dozens of boats headed out today - for the weekends outing--

Tides filling and draining better- might be some grunion starting to gather along the sandy beaches - halibuts and bass

San Pedro weather buoy show water temps starting to rise again showing this afternoon 62/ 63 degrees-- as well as the Oceanside and San Diego waters-63 degrees

Thief is not a good thing-- especially prized fishing gear-- a call earlier today about a boat thief of fishing tackle, all good stuff- Accurate, Shimano, Calstar, G Loomis- Some of the rods have Custom wraps of blue/black/silver w/ pink strip and the Accurate 50W has engraved Coast to Coast-- if you hear or see something give me a call- JD

Cool here on the beach today-- bring a sweatshirt or jacket---


------ Thursday's late report-- nice day-- wind light from the south- hazy blue- quiet on the radio so far-- the boys fishing San Clemente Island today-- after the Thunderbirds score on Yellowtail / should be a few sea bass there too- the boys got asked to leave-- Navy was doing exercises there today-- the island is open from 2000 hrs/ 8pm tonight then over the weekend--

Boats were call for any squid boats off Catalina word has it there's very little squid being caught and waht was was sold very quickly-- better bring the frozen stuff too!

--------------------Wed's May 29 ---------------

Morning marine cloud cover went away leaving a lazy hazy blue behind, wind light from the south 3- 5 kts- light chop on a mix of sea-otherwise nice

The upwell of cool water below Pt Fermin towards the oil rigs is holding krill, blue whales and sardines-- commercial quanity as a boat and spotter plane were working the schools of bait mid morning through the mid day- 39/05

Lots of lots behind it--est- 210 ton school of sardines--right where that pelican goes that's the bulk of it-- from top to bottom --

Weather looks good for the weekend-- San Clemente Island looks to be open--

This Weekend the Tuna Club of Avalon is hosting their Paxton H. Offield Memorial White Sea Bass Tournament light tackle using dacron and linen fishing lines for scoring points--


------------------- Tuesday May 28 -------------

Blue skies and a light south wind followed by an uphill coastal uphill current-- a little mix to the seastate-- and light wind chop - Made two cast off the dock two little nudges on the plastic - maybe mackeral

Blue whales being seen up by the oil rigs-- more krill up there--

An E-mail to Baitmasters back in Florida in reguards to any Flying fish being harvested yet-- ---- Nothing yet!.

Which brings up catching them yourselves-- or buying them from a licensed bait boat-- I'd be nice for some enterprising person to catch and sell them but they'd be in violation of Fish and Game laws and can be cited for buying and selling sport caught fish. Fish caught via a sport fishing license may not be bought, sold, traded or bartered (FGC, section 7121). $10,000 fine? Both buyer and seller may be fined!

best time for Spawning Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus is May, June, July, Aug-- better start thinking about catching them yourselves-- your 'r going to need some good quick arms and a long- long handled net- JD's stocks the 16 ft/ 20 inch dia mono nets, the right one to use-- --JD

May 28th, 2019 The Pacific Queen called in at 7:30 this AM with 7 bluefin on the boat on their first stop of the day. They also report seeing lots of fish and great weather


Nice afternoon weather-- things are warming and improving--





-- Monday---Memorial Day--May 27th 2019 -

clearing weather, nice and warm in the sun-- light south wind blue and a few clouds lsland




Looked like their were nice sized seabass and yellows also off the backside of the island today-- --

Santa Rosa?

coastal water improving--57 this afternoon and not as green/ brown colored--a few bass-


------- Sunday May 26 2019--

Morning sky looks gray- ocean and Catalina also look gray- yet there looked to be a good number of boats out- sailing and motering out the harbor today-- wind light to fair from the West/southwest 5-7 kts light wind ripple on a small mix of seastate. coastal surface currents-- 0.227 kts Dir: 120.96° from N

Bluefin bite below the border slowing down ( backside of the moon?)

interesting to hear on this morning's radio talk show speaking of the small striped marlin off the East Cape-- 40- 60lb stuff! good to see an fresh crop growing-

coastal weather above hre harbor lumpy and cold and some wind- better below the harbor--


------ Sat May 25th 2019-----

Wind fair from the south/southeast maybe 8 kts- seas fair and small wind cap VHF weather radio as snow levels at 5,500 to 6,000 ft- crazy-- marine layer expected

coastal water still cool- sea level air feels cool

Water temps from 55 to 65 degrees--



--------- Friday-- the 24th - light marine haze early on-- blew away by the mid morning's west wind-- 12- 15+ kts- light wind chop along with it-- a good numberr of boats headed out today to get to Catalina --a little sloppy ride over there

Looks like the San Clemente Island Security web's site is back on line again--it shows this weekend and next weekend open for boating-- check first !


E-Mail from Lisa K.-- My daughter and I went fishing over Mother’s Day weekend on the Independence and caught some (small) BFT. The Indy included our photo as “Girl Power”

Windy this afternoon-- not much going on in the fishy world-- there's some lee at the islands and some coastal holes but otherwise slow on the fishing side A couple of Blue Whales spotted outside Laguna--


Have a great Memorial Weekend- remember what it's all about--






------ Thursday-May 243-- never made it to work yesterday!-- instead went golfing with some old friends--!-- it's a game of inches-- and I missed by yards!




--------- Windy Wedensday-------- May 22 -Note will be open late thursday- 1:30pm- JD

By the 10 am mark winds pushing 15-- 22 kts from the northwest-- sloppy seas- I did see a large yacht head out the harbor and a sailboat too-

Reel and Rod repairs today--

Clearing wind gave us a better image of the west coast's aqua proporites- watching that plum of offcolored cold water work it's way southwards off Pt. Conception to below and outside San Clemente Island--


----- Tuesdays May 21st-- 30 more days of growing sunlight!-- Windy today-- Small craft turning to Gale warnes this afternoon-- Good luck!

Coastal water temps dropped to 54 1/2 degrees this morning- by noon up to 56 degrees! light offcolor- and a few mackerel to be caught-- otherwise it's getting sloppy out there today--

no word on the updated San Clemente Islands Security's web site- about the weekend or next month yet--

Windy day and book keeping and some rod/ reel repairs


yesterdays SD report -May 20th, 2019 The Shogun returned this AM from a 3 day trip with 44 bluefin 40-90lbs, and one at 182lbs. The Pegasus returned this AM with 17 bluefin for 18 anglers on a 1.5 day trip.

Closed on Mondays -- May 20th, 2019

------------ Sunday May 19 2019 ---cloudy light rain clearing mid moring--South wind expected- seas look ok in the morning hours, S/E wind- against a downhill coastal current--

I had my grandson in the shop yesterday-that's a lot of fun-- a five year old boy in a tackle shop-! - On his own he drew me a X marks the spot chart where the best fishing spots were!- looks good to me!

Grunion running over the next few nights--

that afternoon wind came up and shut down the fishing-- 15- 20 kts-- not much to speak about today-- water temps dropped a degree and greened up a bit-


San Diego fleet still doing well on the Bluefin-- Full moon phase--May 19th, 2019 The Pacific Queen returned this morning with 47 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#) with 1 at 140# for 34 anglers on their 1.5-day offshore trip. The Condor returned this morning with 13 Bluefin Tuna (50-135#) for 22 anglers on their 1.5 day offshore trip. The Tomahawk returned this morning with 36 Bluefin Tuna (40-120#) for 27 anglers on their 1.5-day offshore trip. The Royal Star returned this morning with 20 Bluefin Tuna for a 1.5-day trip for 25 anglers.

------------- Sat May 18 2019 -------

hazy marine and cloud cover-- wind light and fair from the south- seas better- still a lump with it- due to blow up later this afternoon-

Reported that there wasn't much in the way of squid being caught up off the Channel Islands but the White Sea Bass and most other fish were on Red Crab-

And the Bluefin continue to tempt anglers below the border-- 50- 60 lb fish-- morning and late afternoon bite-- touchy on the heaver lines and leaders

SD report --May 18th, 2019 The Pacific Queen called in with 30 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#) for 34 anglers on their 1.5 day offshore trip. The Tomahawk called in with 21 Bluefin Tuna (40-120#) with for 27 anglers on their 1.5 day offshore trip. Rougly 30 miles 200 degrees from Pt Loma--

Seabass still in local waters-- full moon phase helps--

Nice Catch-- !


Looks like morning rain on Sunday- good for the fish I guess-




------ friday-- its Friday again-- May the 17th --- May showers brings more weeds--

Clear heavens last night with the parting wind should give us a better water temps image---- seas still bumpy and will stay so for a while-- tomorrows speedboat/ water skier tomorrow- mainland to catalina should be fun! the weekends weather-- fair--

Stayed windy since the 11 am hour- westerly-- Tomorrow a short day of ok weather then more wind and rain Sunday--

Good day for sailors--

Not many on the radio-- some tanker and barge workers-- port shipping etc

Boats calling the pacific Carnage looking for squid or a response -- no reply-- probably a bit sloppy back there this evening-- being frozen stuff!

Good Luck this weekend--




----------------------------- May 16 2019--- the months goes on quickly-- Mornings showers with blue to the west- clearing winds forecasted westerly- --- stronger running tides -By 11 am that

westerly blew--

245# swordfish. Team RETRIEVER That's a big Swordfish for Cabo-- Congrats to Martha and the crew--

2 1/2 hours. At leader 5 times!

SD Report -- May 16th, 2019 The Shogun called in with 5 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#) for the start of their 1.5 day offshore trip for 11 anglers. The Condor called in with 2 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#) with 5 hanging for the start of their 1.5 day offshore trip for 10 anglers. The Pacific Queen returned this morning from their 1.5 day offshore trip with 12 Bluefin Tuna (3@25# / 9@60-80#) for 28 anglers. The Tomahawk called in at 5:00 this morning with a 135lb bluefin on the boat to start the day for 9 anglers.-


-- Wed's May Gray 15th--marks the first day of the Pacific Hurricane Season-

Light overcast clouds-- wind light and fair from the west seas fair light wind chop to it--

A dozen boats out searching for those elusive Sea basses - didn't look as though many were caught--

Filling moon phase---

By late afternoon-- to the west looks dark- we'll see what this weather does to the fishin-

better luck tomorrow-


----- Tuesdays May 14 2019-

Still gray by the noon hour--seas calm , swell on the beach and there was a kayakers tied to a est 300 lb Thresher Shark- 1/4 from the harbors entrance-- Lifeguard boat standing by-

Coastal water looked good-- quite a few pelicans and seagulls about-- cormorants too- schools of baitfish around - should be some seabass too-

San Diego report-- The Liberty caught 14 Bluefin Tuna (50-75#) on their Full Day trip. The Shogun called in with 12 Bluefin Tuna with fish hanging. Recommended tackle for these Bluefin trips should include a 25# outfit for kelp patty Yellowtail, a 40# live bait setup with a 1/0 sized circle hook and fluorocarbon, a 50# sinkered bait outfit, and a 60 or 80# flatfall jig setup rigged with fluorocarbon! These past few days, the schools of fish these tuna boats are chasing down can range from 25lbs to well over 100lbs!

Northern report-- Bayside marina- There were only a few boats out looking for Bluefin that I heard of. There were some jumpers seen straight out of the harbor. I have not hear of any hook ups yet. The winds were down in the morning but it did blow in the afternoon.


------- Monday-- closed-- Took the boat out of the harbor-- motor ran ok, fished the kelps below the harbor-- caught way too many pencil barracudas ( good swordfish bait if you could use them) and the Calicos were hungry- swallowing the tossed plastics and a seal ate all the mackerels I put out for seabass-


And a Happy Mom'S Day to all the Moms-- Carpe Diem!

My Mon and my first daughter

Blue and Fin Backed whales 7- 1/2 out of Newport 220 degrees

good sized swell agains the beaches today-- mixing up the coastal surfline

Yellows at catalina--- 8- 10 lb stuff Empire landing-- slow trolled rapala or macks-/ sardines- bridled baits last longer- -



---------- Sat's Report ----------May 11 ----

Scattered clouds overhead-- light south wind-- not as many boats out today as one would think-- seas fine weather fine so far--

They said there were Yellowtail at Empire Landing ( catalina)

Northern Report Bluefin from Bayside Marina-- May 10 The fishing for Bluefin is still going well for the anglers who are putting in the time and hunting for them. The tuna were spotted at 36'49/122'01 and 36'46/122'07. There have been some big 100-200 pound Bluefin hooked and lost so bring the right gear! The anglers are having good luck with Flat Fall Jigs, Yozuri Hydro Popper, Rapalas, and Cedar Plugs!

One of the wonders of running a tackle shop-- is the folks who also enjoy this sport- world wide- had a couple in this morning from Africa- Chris is a guide for safaris into some remote parts of the bush and also for coastal nd offshore fishing-- Dog Tooth Tunas he spoke of and big striped, blue and blacks marlins and a bunch of toothy critters that needed heavy wire-- If your looking for adventure-- try giving Royal African Safaris a call- Chris is the Guide-- -

That afternoon westerly put a chop on the sea--- and cooled it off a bit--


Tomorrow morning's Mom' Day on the water-- bring a light jacket- light wind 8-10 + from the south-- Happy Mom's Day!--


------------- Friday-- Friday again-- boy they go by quickly-- May 10th- only 42 more days while sunlight grows--

Gray sky and lowering cloud cover-- wind light from the southeast- 3- 5 - 6 kts-- fair + seas-- good water visability-- but they're only seeing common dolphins so far--

Kelp paddies should have a few smaller yellows under them-- casted Colt Sniper lures med fast reterive worked for them--

SD fleet having a tough time filling all the sacks with bluefin--

Long Beach Carnage was sell the squid today-- headed to the back side later this evening-- Ch 11 VHF

Up- North---- Bluefin--from Bayside Marina--- Santa Cruz-- May 9 The weather is still perfect and the anglers are out looking for Bluefin tuna. I had a great day yesterday trolling Cedar Plugs, Yozuri divers, and Rapalas in the Canyon edges. I ended up catching two 70 pound Bluefin. There were anglers who also caught some Bluefin using Flat Fall Jigs and Poppers. The fish are spread all over the place in the canyon edges from Davenport to Big Sur. The key is to go out and look for the bird activity and creep up on the Bluefin. If you position your lures over the schools with out spooking the fish you will improve your chances.

Have a great weekend-- and Happy Mon's Day too!


All we saw was a big Mola- mola -- run over by a speedboat!

Not many whales these past days-- some common dolphins who live along our coastline- and they said a Basking Shark was suppose to be around here--


ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: El Niño is likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (70% chance) and fall (55-60% chance). During April, above-average sea surface temperatures persisted across most of the equatorial Pacific Ocean, reflecting the ongoing El Niño.While surface indicators were relatively unchanged during the month, Suppressed tropical convection was evident near Indonesia and enhanced convection continued near the Date Line,Low-level wind anomalies were weak over the tropical Pacific Ocean, with easterly anomalies evident over the western Pacific. Upper-level wind anomalies were easterly over the western Pacific and westerly over most of the eastern Pacific. Overall, oceanic and atmospheric conditions were consistent with El Niño. The majority of models predict El Niño to continue through 2019, with SST anomalies clustering between +0.5°C and +1.0°C. However, model predictions made during the spring tend to be less accurate relative to the rest of the year, so uncertainty remains whether this outcome will occur. In the shorter term, a recent increase in westerly wind anomalies over the west-central Pacific Ocean portends the possible development of another downwelling oceanic Kelvin wave, which could build up the above-average subsurface temperatures needed for El Niño to persist. In summary, El Niño is likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (70% chance) and fall (55-60% chance


From Anthony Facebook-- Here we go WHOW 2019. 14 boats already committed with total of 18 for this year. Thank you, thank you, thank you for those that stepped up offering your yachts. Expect to see more posts in the coming weeks of how you can help those that sacrificed to protect us. This year we will have 45 heroes with 15 returning from last year. Kick off event on August 15 with an auction at my home in Newport again this year. Please get involved and be ready to help in anyway you can. Please contact tournament director Rod Halperin. Pepper Ailor and Freedom Alliance thank you again for partnering with us. www.warheroesonwater.com


~~~ Relentless ~~~

Gary Floyd’s 1991 Skipjack 35, Flybridge, super clean, twin diesels $109,000.

Call broker Curt direct at 714 322-7265 or email curt@stanmiller.com. Stan Miller Yachts Newport Beach, CA 92663


--------- Wed's- May the 8th of the year 2019 ----

gray and a bit of morning drizzle-- ocean looks fair- small mix seastate- lowering gray overhead clouds, Catalina looks dark -light wind ripple

Looks like that Bluefin bite further south below the border is touchy-- dropping barometer in this low pressure systems, moon rises daylight and falls early in the evening, lots of factors to consider-

A check with the San Clemente Island Security shows the island open this weekend starting 8:30 Friday morning -- should be excellent Calicos and those yellowtail are around--, halibuts, Black Sea Bass, and probably WSB in the shallower water and and Yellows off China pt. 100 ft. Good Luck

Remember to keep an eye out for Flyers-- better get em' while you can--

The Pacific Queen called in with 9 Bluefin Tuna. 2 Bluefin between 130 and 140 pounds and 7 of them between 40 to 70 pounds. See very good sign.



--------------- Tuesday May 7th 2019---------

Morning wind backed off leaving a few clouds behind and a southwest wind 4-6 kts , seas seem fair and the weather the same

Rested up after a couple of days on the water ( bay waters) fishing the Lily Call , fishing was OK overall - a second year without any Spotfin Croaker being weighed, some small yellowfin caught but not big enough to qualify, Halibuts pushing the 6 lb mark were the top fish caught with the light 4lb test lines used. Alyssa Corum took top honor with a Corbina catch at 4.77 lbs and a 3.35 lb Bass by Davy S was the biggest bass caught. 69 Anglers participated in this 56 th Annual event, and a special thanks goes to the local sponsors who support its prizes, thanks you-- JD

Zing --- Pow! the line snaps - one after another, after another, after another-- four lb IGFA line doesn't stand much of a chance against the 40- 60-80 lb bay rays that were gobbling up your baits this weekend-- lots of Zing-- Pows!- and the stupid sting rays-- way too many of them-- at least we got re-rigging down pat-- -


Bluefin-- up North too!-- May 6 Go Fish Charters with Captain Greg for Bluefin today. We hooked two nice Bluefin but one came off. The Bluefin are biting on Cedar Plugs way back so make sure you have lots of line and a big reel. We saw fish all over the bay as we tacked down hill. There were jumpers at 36'47/121'58. and Blue fin spotted at 36'49/122'01 and 36'44/122'09 There is a bunch of warm water out there so if you want Bluefin get out and troll Cedar Plugs out on the edges of the Canyon.


----- Friday May 3 rd 2019 - Friday its Friday again!

- Morning clouds and light south wind today-- clouds went away leaving hazy sky wind still light from the south 5- 6 kts- seas good-

We'll the tournament begins at Midnight tonight-- Good Luck--

Quite few boats out either traveling to the islands, or local fishing-- some for the sea bass others asking if there was live squid for sale at catalona ( no responce?) but I think it's there-- boats went to the backside of Cat for seabass or yellows this morning-

by the noon hour today- the squid boat selling squid at Catlina -- was sold out we'll try for more tonight

The search of the worms- shop will be closed from 2 to 4 pm today in search of worms!!

And the shop- JD's will be closed Sat and Sunday this weekend--- - gone fishing




and the SD boats- still hanging fish-- The Pacific Queen called in with 19 Bluefin Tuna (50-80#), reported great weather and seeing lots of fish. They are still fishing. The Pegasus called in with 7 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#), 25 Yellowtail and reported great weather with fish hanging. . The Shogun returned this morning with 27 Bluefin Tuna (50-80#'s) and 6 Yellowtail for 31 anglers on their 1.5 day offshore trip. The Tomahawk returned this morning with 8 Bluefin Tuna (50-100#) for 29 anglers on their 1.5 day offshore trip. The Condor returned this morning with 4 Bluefin Tuna and 40 Yellowtail for 15 anglers on their 1.5 day offshore trip.

-------- Thursdays May 2 Report --------

May gray early on--`Wind light to fair-from the west 4- 7-8 kts-- light wind chop on a gray ocean

Sounds like a few of the boys were into the flaberlassing brews this morning- asking and giving fish stories--

Tides building again--

Newport's Bait receiver- back in operation-- they should have sardines available and for those fishing the Lily call Bay tournament they will give a discounted Kayaker special for the small amount needed here in the harbor--

Don't forget to fly your BAC yellow flag if you plan to anchored up in the harbor, and always anchored up off to the sides of any channel-

A quick check with the BAC the Lily Call is up to 65 anglers as of Noon today , limited to 75 -- another quick review of some of the prizes- well over $4,500 worth of stuff!!!

Couple of partyboats talking-- fishing outer oil rigs/ Mussel farm - they had a good school of yellows up early at the morning's high tide mark-- tide switched and they went down-- waiting for this afternoons low tide switch-- standing by-- 1:22

Fishing the 14-- no one home under what kelps they found

Krill and birds -- looks fishy oil rig / mussel farm area--


SD report - The Pacific Queen returned this morning from their 1.5 Day trip with LIMITS (60) of Bluefin Tuna for 30 anglers. The rest are 50-80# with 2 at 130# and 1 at 270#! May 1st, 2019

------------ Wed's report May the First-- May Day---

Light coastal cloud cover seems to be going away by mid morning hours-- wind light to faie west- light wind chop swell-

"Come and get it-- out front of Avalon-- Live Squid for Sale"-- the barker barks out--

Note:-- FYI--- This coming weekend- Sunday Morning from 4 am to 9 am the Bridge to Balboa Island will be closed for the marathon ,

Lily Call - note-- JD's Tackle will be closed on Sat and Sunday and even Monday-- gone fishin!

San Clemente Island Security shows the southern half of the island SHOBA and inside to be Active " Hot" for most of the daylight hours for Sat and Sunday-

Westerly picked up pretty good by noon-- 12- 15 kts--flags stiff- this winds' going to knock off some surface heat the water was getting -

Good day for sailors---

JD's has IGFA 4 lb test lines-- also check Katchums Tackle and Anglers-

- SD report -May 1st, 2019 The boats reported to catching Bluefin on live bait and flat-fall jigs. They are also reported beautiful weather. The Shogun returned this morning with 11 Bluefin Tuna (60-80#) for 31 anglers on their 1.5 Day Offshore trip. The Condor returned this morning with LIMITS (60) of Yellowtail and 20 Bluefin Tuna for 12 anglers on their 1.5 Day Offshore trip. The Tomahawk returned this morning with 24 Bluefin Tuna (70-80#) for 28 anglers on their 1.5 Day Offshore trip. April 30th, 2019 The Liberty finished with 8 Bluefin Tuna 55 to 65 pounds for 19 anglers. Please bring a 40 pound live bait rod with 1/0 and 2/0 circle and 60 or 80 pound rod to fish flat-fall jigs.


- Tuesdays April 30 2019--

Cold, derry wind overcast-- must be getting near the Lily Call tournament weather--- stand by

wind from the west 10+ light wind chop and swell-

Took a few minutes off yesterday-- made bait and had a couple good bites with it-- -- water clean aqua green, Bay fishing should be improving- the freshet of light rain runoff- should spur the Croakers to come up into the harbors.

And the buzz about the Bigger grade Bluefin continues to expand-- night time fishing with Flatfalls and daytime slow drifts with bait on 30lb F/C leader-- that will change and heaver leaders will come around--

Weather's backed off and seemed like it'll glass off later this evening--

Good Luck if your headed out-- JD

-------- Sundays report -------- April 28th 2019 -----Closed Monday- worked on the boat--

Morning's gray- faded away by noon- wind light from the south-, seas ok- tides are starting to build again-

Not much to speak about- although there's good signs that the ocean is transforming into s Spring mode-- it'll take a while but it's coming-- maybe even Albacore? - or go north for the Seabass and further north for the Salmon


Locally the bass continue to nag at the baits

Good Luck this coming Week- things will inprove--

--------------------------- Sat April 27th 2019 ------------

Gray May- ovecast sky lighter towards the seas horizon- wind light west 2 - 4 kts- seas calm

Whale waters finding dolphins- and early morning reports say some of the Bluefin were found further up than the past week. 32.00:7 / 117. 13.09 or there -a- bouts--

That small body of 63 degree water had drifted north over the past few days-

That patch of gray and dark blue/ purple may be due to cloud cover not actual water temp

Cool and a bit of drizzle this morning--

Local fishing fair plus- the usual catch of calicos-- some whitefish showed up--puking up fresh squid!, and even a thresher shark or two around-

San Clemente looks to have a good yellowtail bit going on--

Westerly picked mid late afternoon , seemed to back off towards sunset--

with the arival of those Yellowtails off Clemente-- California Flyingfish should be soon here too-- better get them while you can- JD


- It's Friday-- it's Friday-- again- my how they fly- Ensenada Sailboat race today to head south--- wind currently, 3 kts from the south- looks like it'll be a slow start-- dozens and dozens of spectator boats out watching the 11 am start-

Ryan Griffin shows up to the Anging club with a nice 59 lb Sea Bass!-- congrats- JD

A check with the San Clemente Island Security shows much of the island open this weekend-- should be good fishing -

No sunshine here on the coastline today--

they say that the Bluefin tunas what was seen had moved north 20 from their previous grounds, from 62 to 63 degrees water temps-, not much bait metered , clean blue water --- a few fish seen caught with bait- for the first boat on them- , not much in the way of bird life, no terns seen, but several albatross were spotted!

small 6- 8-10 lb yellowtails made up the catch-

May Gray- for most of the day--- going out on the water bring


----------------- Thursdays Report ------

Catalina still lost out there in the morning's haze- seas look flat with an slight wind texture to it-- gray to burn off- wind light 2- 4 south-

Harbor sounds- the rumble of the morning's whale watchers mingle with excited kids

Lily Call half Full already-- better get your name in-- Bay waters looking better-- with seagulls and pelicans on the search of baitfishes, couple more seals thrashing fresh caught's

Good phone call today-- just coming bank from Catalina yesterday afternoon4 pm not a rod and reel aboard-- about 4 before the 14 came up on a kelp paddy- looking down- a dozen Yellowtail- not real big-- 4- to maybe 8 lbs-- and water 63 degrees - so if your offshore keep your rods and reels ready-- JD thanks


SD Boats-- where'd the Bluefin bite evaporate to-- back side of the moon have anything to do with it-? this mornings report - The Tomahawk returned this morning with 105 Yellowtail and 7 Bluefin Tuna (40#-90#) for 28 anglers on their 1.5 day Offshore trip. The Condor returned this morning with LIMITS (185) of Yellowtail and 10 Bluefin Tuna for 37 anglers on their 1.5 day Offshore trip

--------------------- Wed's report April 24th 2019 ------

Gray sky, same for ocean and texture, light wind south/southeast 4/7 kts-

Waters still cool along out coastline-- coastal downhill-

Current Vector Direction Mag: 3.29 cm/s - 0.064 kts, Dir: 121.32° from N , San Pedro Buoy Water Temperature ): 60.4 °F, Mission Bay West/ : 62.6 °F, San Clemente Weathery Buoy- at: 63.1 °F


California flying fish - The California flying fish, Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus, is a subspecies of Pacific flying fish.Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii, Order: Beloniformes Family: Exocoetidae Genus: Cheilopogon Species: Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus. It may grow up to 15 inches (38 cm) in length and is the largest member of the flying fish family. It is found in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, from Oregon to Baja California. As with all other flying fish, the California can not actually fly, but it can launch itself into the air, using its specially adapted fins to glide along the surface. Flying fish spend most of their time in the open ocean but come close to shore at night to forage and lay eggs in the protection of kelp beds. The flying fish commonly seen around Catalina, has large scales, a forked tail and grows to 18 inches long. They glide on extended pectoral fins that resemble wings and keep their bodies aloft until they hit the water with a splash.[

best time for Spawning Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus is May, June, July, Aug-

Latest reports of the Flyers that come in from Florida/ back East- doesn't look all that good-- only a few harvested so far-- better start thinking about catching them yourselves-- your 'r going to need some good quick arms and a long- long handled net- JD's stocks the 16 ft/ 20 inch dia mono nets, the right one to use-- --JD



Here's a couple of water temp images from two months ago( March) and this month ( April) --over a 14 day period,

Interesting to see that 45- 50 degree temp seemed to diffuse and move further south, and some of that warmth from may Bay south went south, it did start to increase up the Gulf of California/- Sea of Cortez


---------- Tuesdays the 23rd of April-- Mays just around the corner-- amid the Lily Call Bay Tournament--

Bright full moon the past few nights-- light morning haze and overcast develops pre dawn and into the mid morning hours-- wind light to fair from the southeast- 2 5 kts-

Tides will flatten out this week then rebuild the following weekend for the Lily Call-

Up-coming-- All day long the private yachts have been coning into the harbor to find their designated space for the show-- lots of big yachts!

Easter Sunday and Monday closed-- JD

---------------------- April 20th 2019 --------Sat----------

It started out good- some low coastal clouds light west wind some leftover swell from yesterday- high tide around 10 :30 am- a fair to good morning bite on the bass on the art reefs north of the harbor/ HB flats- by 11 it's had picked up 10 kts and started to bump up small wind chop --

SD report -- The Condor called in at 10:30 am with 10 Bluefin Tuna (50-70#), and seeing great signs of fish for their 1.5 day offshore trip! The Tomahawk called in at 9:05 am with 9 Bluefin Tuna and more hanging on their 1.5 day offshore trip! The Shogun returned this morning with 66 Bluefin Tuna (50-80#), 42 Yellowtail and 30 Bonita for their 4 day trip.

bait was there-- looked good-- but no one home this morning for the local WSB fishers--

Blue whales seen locally- Krill metered in the area off Laguna--

They tell me it's slow fishing at the Cape these days-- bottem grabbers mostly-- a few tunas way on the outside-- but a 815 Blue taken out there amoung those tunas--

Weather held for the day-- not much sun- seas stayed fair-- no marlin or tuna or swordfish weighted today- mybe one seabass lost below the harbor?-

A trip to Cabo for a family outing-- the 8 year old daughter does well on a big Jack Crevalle- those Sargossa spinning reels work well with children- not having to balance the reel top side- just hang on and crank when they can-- Nice Catch

! JD


Happy Easter to all!



------- April 19th 2019- Friday-- it's friday---

Marine coastal clouds-- fog to the north of Newport reported , wind light from the south/southwest 2 3 kts- nice weather

SD sportboats still finding the Bluefin Southwest from ensenada 30 miles+ and a few yellows under sea paddies!

The Shogun called in with 59 Bluefin Tuna (50-80#) for the last day of their 4 day trip. The Tomahawk returned this morning with LIMITS (56) of Bluefin Tuna (50-80#) and 11 Yellowtail for 28 anglers. All on live bait and great weather.

Bay and harbor waters have cleaned up nicely- that algae green moss is breaking up and starting to wash away in the tides, Remember the Lily Call coming up in a little over two weeks from now--May 4 & 5th--limited to 75 anglers-- get you entry in while you can- call the BAC or E-Mail them

Grunion should make their appearance on sandy beaches over the next few nights- maybe 1/2 hour after the highest tides is the best period-

Sun's still trying to burn through the coastal cloud cover-- 1:00pm

Channel Island's had a great WSB bite going on-

Wind came up afternoon hours- west and sloppy- and that was it-- no Sea Bass locally


---- The 18 of April 2019 Thursday ------------

High wispy clouds above 18000 ft say wind aloft- closer to the water 3-5 kts from the southwest-- small med swell west, calm seas-


Attended the Tuna Club of Avalon's 120th ( 120 years) Annual Awards for last years catches-- very well attended and very well presented, professionally done-- Angler of the year for them- went to Dave Pfeiffer with an astounding catches of a 219 lb Pacific Bluefin tuna on 24 linen fishing line, wooden rod and old A.J.Coxx reel. Along with that spectacular catch he caught a 191 lb tuna on 50lb Dacron. Joining Dave in the Linen catches was Michael Fowlkers' 46.2 Yellowfin on 9 thread and tunas on 6 thread Linen,and Bob Hoose's Striped marlin on the 9 thread linen.. In the Dacron line classes, Kent Valley with a 190 tuna on 80 lb Dac, Greg Stotesbury's 184 and Carl Lambert's 175.3 on 80lb dacron, remarkable catches on 50lb dacron went to Casey Dodge with a 209lb Tuna ( New Tuna Club's record) , Colby Durnin's 198lb Tuna and Dave P's 191 Tuna, 30lb Dacron awards went to Bart Glass 128 lb and George Garrett's 82 lb Tuna - remarkable catches by remarkable anglers. Hard earned prized Club Buttons were awarded and Vintage Fish Flags reflect the clubs heritage.

And earlier in the week Billy took the First Fish Flag for the BAC -- Nice Catch!!

Local boats are metring Red Crabs- up by the pipe 11:14 anm

Dolphins feeding under bird school -- off laguna-- 20 fathoms -big bird school 12:14

Working here in the shop-- you hear a few fish stories- guy walks into the shop today-- saying I wouldn't believe the great fishing they had-- he and his sons 6 months ago charted a 6- pac- -- first sea paddy they came to-- caught a wahoo--- mile later they came up to a second sea paddy, caught another wahoo- couple miles later the third sea paddy and the captain says "hold on to your hats, there's hundreds of them"-- says they caught 30 wahoos there- I was a little dubious- till I showed him a photo of a wahoo-- and then a tuna, yellowtail and finally a dorado--- says they might have been dorado!

anyway nice fish story-


112 Marlin for the trip-- Provider arrives home to Newport after the 1000 mile trip up hill from Cabo-- good traveling for them on the whole-, stopped into the Ensenada's fish market the other day-- lots of short white sea bass for sale there-- Welcome home-- JD

It's Spring-- and those ventoring over to the ilsands-- keep and eye out for Flying fish to be near the kelp beds come sunset-- it's time to stock up--- a call to Baitmasters in regards to if they have gotten in there supply of flyers in yet--- nope- so get your own when you can--

A call in to see when the Newport Bait receivers will be in-- coming you way April the 26th-- looks like the better tide and time to tow it down to the harbor and get in in place between the jettys at a slack tide to set it up-- weather and bait availability they might get a set into it Sat morning the 27th - we welcome the receiver Yea!

The Big scores of White Sea Bass coming from the Channel islands


-------- April 17th Weds 2019 --------------------

Nice morning, light marine cloud cover went away early--- wind form the south 2- 4 kts-- seas have a short period swell to them West, One cast this morning-- one fish quit-

SD report -The Tomahawk returned this morning with LIMITS of Bluefin Tuna (56) for 28 anglers on their 1.5 day trip. They all reported beautiful weather. The fish are 35 to 75 pounds caught on live bait.

Strong tide exchange this weekend--

Looked like half a dozen boat/ skiffs came back in the harbor--by 2 pm -Sea Bass fishing, didn't see any flags flying--


-------------- Tuesdays April 16 2019 -----------

Light marine coastal cloud cover, uphill current- wind light and fair from the west- wind against current- light swell and chop as the days gets along-

We'll the boys were out again today in search of those elusive White Sea Bass, an filling moon phase and good tide exchanges helps to nudge them into biting--

I believe the BAC First WSB flag went to Billy Seiler yesterday-- a fish over 50 lbsCongrats--- and Vick followed up with a 65 lb fish

That west wind picked up again today-- got a little sloppy for boat heading up hill-

SD boats--- The Liberty called in with 50 + Yellowtail at 12:00pm. The Tomahawk called in with an update at 9:00 AM with 14 bluefin on deck 50 to 75 lbs. and more hanging. They also report beautiful weather.

Off day on the bite for the sea bass-- maybe it was a barometer change?



.Sorry Closed on Monday---

Sundays April 14 2019 ------- Morning marine fog overcast obscured the island of Catalina, wind light and fair from the west light wind chop along with it..

Advisory for waters above Newport to Santa Monica ... Mariners should be prepared for abrupt visibility changes down to one nautical mile or less.

Here comes May Gray!---

San Diego's report - The Liberty called in this morning with 90 Yellowtail for their full day Coronado Islands trip and they are still fishing. The Condor returned this AM with 21 Bluefin Tuna between 40 and 130 lbs for 26 anglers on their 1.5 day trip. The Tomahawk returned this AM with 11 Bluefin Tuna up to 100 lbs for 27 anglers on their 1.5 day trip.

Hey-- aluminum boat that the right kind?? naw it's got a long tail-- well it looked good-- yea better than nothing-- Small Thresher Shark 11:22am

E-Mail this morning-- Hi JD, The BYC/NHYC “Battle of the Bay” fishing tournament this weekend was a huge success! BYC hosted the event with 108 anglers participating. The BBQ and awards ceremony took place on the Flag Deck of the BYC. Thanks to generous donations from sponsors and BYC members, we had a fabulous raffle. This tournament has always been about the kids, and by the end of the raffle, each of the young anglers went home with an armful of fishing gear and goodies. Thanks to all who participated, and especially to those who took a kid fishing! Here are the winners:Adult 1st Place Mark Ammerman 2nd Place Rick Fischel 3rd Place David Schweickert Juniors 1st Place Lionel Corona 2nd Place Colin Kennedy 3rd Place Chloe Carson 4th Place Jack Noyes 5th Place Presley Wentz 6th Place Brady Kenned -Congrats JD

Sand and calicos bit OK on the art reefs above Newport- HB

Afternoon clouds moving back in--

You knew someone would bring in a decent sized White Sea Bass soon- Cracker just brought one to the BAC this afternoon over 60lbs -- nice catch!


------ The 13 of April 2019- Sat ----

Much calmer than yesterdays afternoon blow-- still a little residual lump left over and light wind ripple on the water-- light southwest this morning 2-4 kts- clear sky

Wind and tough conditions over the past week have kept the search for the Pacific Bbluefin tunas on the slow side- as it's backed off several boats out last night for that early morning bite- Fisherman's Landing reports- The Legend has hooked 20 Bluefin 80 lbs and up this morning with 1 fish landed and 5 currently hanging

The Condor called in at 12:30PM with 13 Bluefin Tuna between 40 and 130 lbs. and have 5 fish hanging. The Shogun is up to 10 Bluefin so far today. These fish are between 40 and 80 lbs.

roughtly 31.40 / 117.10, below Encenada 30 S/W

Bay tournament Battle of the Bay had close to 100 anglers---!

Lots of boats out-- some to Catalina, some to Clemente and the coastline has it's share

They said 108 anglers ont he Battle of the Bay-- Barracudas, halibuts, sand and spotted bay bass, smelts and mackerels were among the winning catches


------------------ Friday-- again-- April 12th 2019--------------

Better weather- still in the cool side- wind light fair from the south- some marine haze to the sea air- small wind chop and waters offcolor - not a whole lot of tidal change today a little better Sat and Sunday

Battle of the Bay this Sat between local clubs of the harbor-- catch as many as you can in the 7am to-1pm time - Guluck- chum helps!

San Diego boats hitting the small yellows again-- The Condor finished up with 45 Yellowtail and 55 Bonito for 11 anglers on their 1.5 day Offshore trip! . The Liberty finished their full day trip with 167 Yellowtail and 14 Bonito for 41 anglers

Just a little something written several years ago about the advancement of yellowtail coming up the coastline from their birthplace in the kelp beds of Cedros Island. Yellowtails are a Jack-

The Battle of the So California Bight 2014 , Initially, Jack’s father, Sir Jackson Sr. led his troops, the fighting Seriola Ialandi yellowtails up the inside coastline under the cover of darkness and floating kelp beds. The sportboat kings countered and ordered their ¾ and all-day cavalry boats, under the command of his cousin Bessus, to keep pace with this outflanking movement. Furthermore, as the Seriola Ialandi line advanced, they were subjected to 'phalanx drift' - a phenomenon that occurred as each angler huddled instinctively behind his right-hand partners rod, resulting in a gradual crabbing drift to the right, one cast after another they lobbed deadly baits and lures into the advancing tails. Aware that the Seriola Ialandi line might thus move out of his prepared ground, Darius ordered his left flank to envelop Jack’s mercenary troops. Jack then launched a determined assault on the centre of the enveloping Cattleboat left wing, which was counterattacked by private sportboats and small skiffs. Although the initial envelopment was thrown back, fresh reserves of younger yellowtail led by Jack Jr. rallied the fleeing left wing and a savage battle erupted in which many on both sides had eavy losses. The Jack’s yellowtail troops were fighting against some of the finest anglers in the modern world, many veteran anglers, or newbie’s that were particularly well armored in the fashion of the day- nylon shorts, baggy t shirts and knee high rubbered boots. Their weaponry marveled with invisible fishing lines and geared levered winches. But the Seriola Ialandi’s persisted in their assault, and the sportboats left finally began to waver, as Jack’s troops shifted offshore an continued up the battlefield into Southern California. The inflections was heavy though, by now sportboat kings had recorded over 1,561 fishy lives taken and another estimated equal number by the private boat fleet, all which have gone to the bright light in the sky.

Found a spot below the closure zones of Laguna-- kinda tracking /metering along the coast, saw a sewer pipe come out from the shore-- man was that good fishing there-- four nice sheepheads some grumpy sand bass-

blowing like stink this afternoon- white capping in the bay--

---------------- Thursdays report April 11 2019----------------

Light marine coastal clouds , wind light and fair from the south due to swing aroung west later thois afternoon- Small Craft again-- there's a fair swell out there-

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION April 2019 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: A weak El Nino is likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (65% chance) and possibly fall (50-55% chance). El Niño continued during March 2019, as above-average sea surface temperatures persisted across the equatorial Pacific Ocean The anomalous upper-ocean heat content decreased during March but remained well above average as the above-average temperatures at depth peaked in early March in association with a downwelling equatorial oceanic Kelvin wave Enhanced equatorial convection . Overall, these features are consistent with a weak El Niño. . However, because forecasts made during spring tend to be less accurate, the predicted chance that El Niño will persist through fall is currently 50-55%. to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (65% chance)

- yea gobal warming

turns out a nice afternoon light med southwest wind


-------------- Wed's April the 10th 2019 ------

Clear and blue-- morning wind from the south southeast 10 kts-- wind chop against west swell , still bumpy out there, water color has a light green tinge to it--

water temps-- mid channel, San Pedro south weather buoy has Water Temperature (WTMP): 56.1 °Fs

what was southwest turned to a brisk west wind by noon- seas choppy and sloppy-

she's got the sailboat riggings chattering in the wind-- clang -clang --clank-- clank-- sailboats!

Long Beach buoy-- this afternoon- Water Temperature (WTMP): 53.1 °F


- Tuesdays April 9th 2019-

What started out nice, a few coastal low marine clouds-- went away quickly as that west wind came in steady and strong- by 11 am a solid 17 kts- seas building along with it-choppy and sloppy

Tides are starting to flatten out--

Not many on the water-- only the barge and harbor workers on the radio--

Looking forward--- WHOW 2019 dates will be August 15-19. This year we will have up to 25 boats and 75 heroes. More than doubling the inaugural event held last year with the host boat being the 144. This year I am happy to report that the historic and elegant Avalon Tuna Club will service as the host location. The logistic for this August is already under way. Standby for information on how you can help and support this great cause. Comment here if you like to get involved with any donations, yachts, food, gifts, trips for auctions etc. Rod Halperin tournament director. http://warheroesonwater.com

And this next weekend for some of the local clubs here in the Newport Harbor they have their Battle of the Bay fishing tournament 7 am to 1pm- variety counts--

And thousands of baby fry White Sea Bass were delivered today to Newport Harbor's White Sea Bass grow-out pens - hosted by the BAC-- each individual fish has a scientific coded wire inserted in it's cheek for it's identification.

If your luck holds and you've caught a White Sea Bass , save the heads and turn them in to the local landings ( call first) or the BAC has a freezer designated to receive them-- on going studies require these heads to be returned-- thanks- WSB-

Wind swung aronund to come out of the south by mid late afternoon--seas still a bit lumpy- Bay waters and local coastal water offcolor light green -- then wind switched again later on in the afternoon-- west strong --- 18- 22 kts+

got nasty after that--- by 5 pm a stiff 25- water temps will drop a bit, upwelled water will bring green water and a concentration of sealife develops

----- April 7th 2019 - Sunday----Closed on Mondays -yard work- lots of wweds to pull-- -

Today--Nice DayLight to med west wind along with small wind chop--

Lots of boaters out-- fishing--- fair so far--

Bass fishing keeping the locals active-- thats about it-- that afternoon wind came in and mane it bumpy and sloppy above the NB pier and Huntington flats-- -- better below the harbor , no marlin, tuna or swordfish reported --

------------April 6th 2019- Sat ------------

April showers brings May Flowers- Light morning showers and a broken sky, wind light/ med- from the west-- light wind chop

Some nice bigger Calico's this morting on the live macks off the local structure spots-- and-- the fleet below San deigo- below the border are chasing yellowtails and for those wanting to fish in the middle of the night they can chase the Bluefin tunas, remember limit only two per angler per day-- --

Salmon Season opener today-- early reports from the Morro Bay area say a few fish being caught, still early in the day for the totals to be up but at least there's a few around, weather ok today- wind and swell to build tomorrow- A call to Avila Beach Sport Boat Launch reveals maybe 20 fish came in so far by noon -- fist boat back in with limits by 9:30 in the morning ( 5 out of the 6 fish were on bait) - second boat in had a 20 lber- -- looking good for their opener


It's been almost 11 months since they were first requested- only for those fishy advocates of the truly old stuff- Split Cane Bamboo was used for fishing rods. More than 1000 kinds of Bamboo are known to science - but only one is uniting all characteristic qualities for the production of split-cane-rods - "arundinaria amabiles" These stems are hand picked Tonkin Cane from China's Tonkin coastal regions of Kwangsi and Kwangtung they are free of scars, bug or other imperfections. Transported via river and pre-dryed and shipped via boat and train to the northern reaches of Montana, where it's cut, further dried and formed to the specifications of taper and strength needed. Bound in a spiral twist wrapping the 6 pieces of split cane are glued and sandwiched together . Hours of scraping, sanding and fitting to hardware are yet to come, followed with varnishing more sanding, varnishing, drying and finally the guide wraps . These will be for Light Tackle/ 9 thread (27lb), or Heavy Tackle- 12-15 or 24 thread lines. Limited availability.- JD





------ April the 5th 2019-----New Moon Phase-- - The dove are cooing, plant life abundant, fish are jumping and the cotton is high-- Ocean wise it's improving too- first cast this morning-- a 8 inch green backed mackerel- quit-- 100% - A few clouds backed up against the coastal hills it's broken to the west- light southwest 2- 4 kts-- nice day

Several boats fueled up and headed to the island early already coastal whale watchers happy there's dolphins and a few whales about-- good signs of sealife- bait, smaller sardines 4 5 inch stuff closer to the beach- outside it's some small micro stuff.

New Mook Phase should have the Sea Bass active

-S/D partyboats--April 5th, 2019 The Liberty called in this morning with 30+ Yellowtail and reported great signs of Yellowtail for 21 anglers.- Couple miles below the Coronado islands--

Only 30 days away-- this time next month-- The Lily Call Bay Tournament starts at Midnight--Friday Night and goes till 2 Pm on Sunday-- there are those who fish it straight through-- and that's tough! your a zombie by then-- The Balboa Angling Club host the event and entry forms are available at the BAC's Club house, Katchum Tackle in Costa Mesa, Basin Marine and there should be some at West Marine also at JD's Tackle, or I can also send you a copy-- JD remember only75 anglers-- and the sponsor gifts are growing each day-- if you'd like to help sponsor the Lily Call give the club a call-


Strong Tides this weekend

A pod of 50 or so False Killer whales--- spotted off laguna-- headed uphill-

just saw one Flase Killer take a slug of a Sea Bass-- -- 3:49

Sloppy out there this afternoon



Balboa Angling Club · Tomorrow, Saturday the 6th, from 1pm to 5 pm! Balboa Angling Club New Member Orientation and Open House! Beer, Wine, Cocktails, soft drinks, AND Hamburgers and Hotdogs


-------------------- Thursdays report-- April 4th

A solid ocean horizon line with the island held in the mornings sun. A few lowering clouds with a mix above- wind light and fair -west, seas light wind chop

A check with some of the San Diego party boats-- they're stil having a hard time with any quaninty of yellowtails being caught- mostly bottom stuff for them., While the Channel Islands Sportfishing boats had a score of 45 Calico Bass and 9 White Seabass

Baja Mexico- Cabo-- Smaller stuff around, Amberjacks and such.

Those wanting to head to San Clemente this weekend-- will find only a small leeward side open ( section B) above White Rock to Wilson's Cove open the rest of the island Hot--


All quiet on the western front--


Interestind in becoming a member of the The Balboa Angling Club? this Saturday is their Open House and New Member Orientation- BBQ from 1-5pm! We hope you will bring your friends and neighbors and let us show them what the BAC is all about! Have a great weekend! -- Balboa Angling Club 200 "A" Street, Balboa, CA 92661 949.673.6316 or E mail-info@balboaanglingclub.org

The Club is still looking for a secretary - if interested send resume to the club--



--------- Wed's Report - April 3rd 2019-----

Nice day-- light south wind maybe 2-6 kts- seas good with light southern wind chop

Strong tides today and this weekend-- Stand By!!

bay fishing OK on the small halibuts-- and small spotties

Whale watchers in search of the Big One-- Blue whales were at the 8- 9 mile range outside dana where krill was meetered

Yellowtails below the border -- hit and miss so far-- as it seems everywhere else-- mostly missing in action-

A check with the offshore water temps looks promising, almost all indicators show an increase on water temps from central Baja north

---------- April 2nd 2019 - Tuesdays'- report -

Oceans gray-wind choppy from the south-- Broken sky cover- sun pushing through

Sounds like the water temps moved up a notch or two- yesterday sunny afternoon rose it locally her to 64 degrees, a few more bass and halibuts in the mix-

- and in springtime those Giant Black Sea Bass like to take your baits-- or hooked fish too!

Good News! Between 2 and 5 AM this morning the Royal Polaris caught 31 Bluefin Tuna (60 to 80 lbs.) within 1.5 day range. 30.29:48 / 117.14:54 to - 30.48 / 117.16

The Royal Polaris called in at 11:30 with an update: They have another 10 Bluefin on the boat 25-40 lbs. fishing at 120 miles.

Doesn't make much difference whether you have a 60 ft Viking, 35 Cabo or a 14 ft row boat-- they all need boat work, some interior fiber-glassing, painting, bottom paint and or course the added engine repair needs.







The Clemente Monster

Out of the Depth, The following is set down somewhat hesitantly. He who ventures aside from the accepted groves of believe lays himself open not alone to jibes, but to direct attack upon his veracity. It is human nature to scoff at those things which are not understood, or which are not simple of explanation. The most startling incident related in the following pages I experienced myself, saw with my own eyes.. Some twenty-five or thirty personal acquaintances, all of them reputable, many of them men of substance and standing in their respective communities, also saw with their own eyes the identical thing which I saw. The reader is at liberty to believe, or not to believe, what follows. However the fact remains that it happened: that I saw what I am about to describe.

It happen in September of the year 1916. I was over at San Clemente Island after Marlin Swordfish. We had left Mosquito Harbor about seven o’clock in the morning. The day was overcast with a high fog, and windless. The sea was like glass except for a small roll coming down the coast. All objects on the surface, birds and driftwood, appeared black. Visibility was perfect, the sea stretching away to the sharp line of the horizon. These details are important, so bear them in mind. By about eight o’clock we were perhaps a mile and a half off White Rock which is some three miles above Mosquito. I was sitting on top of the cabin watching for fins, my field glasses beside me. My boatman was busy at something down in the cockpit. A bait was out and the rod lashed to the fishing chair. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, and to seaward, I saw something big and black lift above the surface. I whirled, gasped, then clapped my glasses on it and yelled to my boaman to head for it. A scant quarter mile of a mile off there reared up out of the water the Thing which I instinctively knew was what, for years, we had called the “Clemente Monster,” which many had see, and about which there had been endless wonderment. I shall try to describe it to you as best I can. Try to imagine a great columnar neck, or body, eight to ten feet thick and lifting twenty feet above the surface. Surmount this neck or body with a flat-topped, blunt, reptilian head. On either side of the head place two huge, round and bulging eyes. I dont believe they were an inch under a foot and a half across, perhaps more. There you have the essentials of what we saw. At my first shout my boatman stuck his head out of the cabin jitney and let out a queer little squawk. I don’t know that I blame him particularly! Steadily we forged towards the Thing. Remember, it was about a quarter of a mile away. My glasses were of seven power. I had them on it from the first moment I caught a glimpse of it. I don’t know precisely, but would guess that they brought it up to within a couple of hundred yards of us. Certainly I could see it plainly enough to note various details. Two things stood out above all others- those enormous eyes and its unbelievable huge bulk. I never want to look at such eyes again. They were like the creations of a nightmare! Their very size, of course, left one breathless. But that was only a detail. It is utterly impossible to describe the coldness, the expressionlessness of them. It was like looking into the dim past when earth’s life consisted of great, slimy, horrible creatures dragging their way through gargantuan forest and over dead, sullen seas. They litterally froze me in my seat. Later my man said I was as white as a sheet, my teeth chattering, my knees shaking. I wouldn’t be surprised. Neither in a museum, nor in any reconstructed picture of a prehistoric creature have I ever seen eyes which resembled those. The trunk, or neck, or whatever it was appeared above the surface, seemed to covered with a coarse, reddish-brown bristles. It wasn’t hair. They stood out rigidly from the body. It is strange that I should have gathered any impression of color in the light, but I did and, as will develop later, it is quite likely that I was correct in my impression. The trunk, or neck, was more or less erect. The head was turning slowly as though surveying the surface of the sea. The Thing did not rise and fall in the slight roll of the sea. Instead the waves broke against it. Give full consideration to what that statement means! I gathered the impression that the head was lowered. Certainly I saw nothing resembling a mouth. Others who have seen it say they saw a mouth. I didn’t. The great head continued its pivoting, seeming to make three-quarters of a circle. Then it saw us. The pivoting stopped. Those terrible eyes fixed themselves upon us coldly and without any expression noticeably through the lenses of the field glasses. For a few moments it regarded us fixedly, then, as though some great, hidden hand had seized it, it slowly sank. There was no visible movement of the great trunk, no commotion on the surface. Slowly, majestically, by comparison making the fluking of a whale seem a panicky, convulsive dive, it sank and disappeared beneath the surface. There was no swirl, no bubbles to mark where it had been, or where it sank. I don’t know how long it was up; perhaps a minute and a half, My boatman claims five or tem, but that is ridiculous. Out boat being slow, by the time we turned towards it I doubt that we approached appreciable closer. So what I saw I saw from about a quarter of a mile away and through the lenses of field glasses. It is a little difficult to describe my emotions after the Thing sank. I had always loved the sea, particularly around and about San Clemente Island. With the appearance of the Thing, and its disappearance beneath the waters across which we were fishing, something of the friendliness went out of that sea and didn’t come back for a long time. I caught myself glancing furtively overside and with a strange prickling sensation up and down my spine. We went on fishing that day but neither of us was particularly happy. I know I felt a pronounced sense of relief when we dropped our hook in Mosquito that night and I stepped out upon the security of land. Well, there it is. You know as much about it as I do. I don’t think there is a shadow of a doubt but that, here in Southern California channels there exists an unknown species of great sea creatures. Ralph Bandini, Veiled Horizons, 1939.

--- Sorry closed on Monday-- working on the boat--

------- Sundays Report------ the 31st, of March-- 2019-- in like a Lion out like a lamb-- Well finally a nice day - ocean looks good after the afternoon breezes of the past few days-- Catalina out there on a seas of light marine haze laying on the water-

Bottom fishing improving for the local catches of Sand Bass, 1- 3 oz white lead heads tipped w/ squid worked wonders

never saw so much bait before on my life--- yesterday there was about a mile of it-- up-- yea it's still there- went by there this morning-- - off the Domes'' 3 miles--11:21

Dolphins, humpbacks, lots of bait there feeding on--

This Springs abundance of reported surface small fry fin baits and the bottom layer of red crabs infiltrating from the south brings the hope of an improved fishing this Summer, -we'll see-micro baits are hard to mimic if one were to "Match the Hatch"

Spring time and we start to see more of the Giant Black Basses show up on the structure spots--


- Sat's report March 29 2019 --------

Nice Day-- hazy blue sky, morning wind light form the S/W starts to swing around to the west med day-- westerly this afternoon-- coastal water offcolor , green

29/40 an est 100 shortbeaked common dolphins in a tight pod travleing south, north of Dana- 9:23am

Lots of boat traffic, air and water still feels cold-

Not much to report in the fishing world-- the bay waters - fair at best starting to see a few more smelt appear-- bigger sized 7-9 inch stuff- no birds diving into bait schools, only a few seals around not much barking going on -- yet- the bottom of the bay covered with a green moss algae, smaller halibuts around- a few bass, , outside the harbor , close to the beach offcolor dirty water- strong color break outside that, lots of micro-baits, terns on them- Whale boats still out there today in the slop-- outside Dana seeing several at a time, "I just say four in a tight bunch"

Windy afternoon--

--- Friday 29th the last weekend in March of 2019 -

Light southwest wind this morning-- maybe 5-7- 10kts seems it's backing off mid morning-- several boats headed over to Catalina early today-- light wind chop, hazy sky

Spring Breakers out on the beaches today-- whoopee!

One of the first Blue Whales sightings yesterday--- sealife environment is slowly changing--

A check with Sailflow shows the weather blowing up tomorrow afternoon-- 5 pm 15 + 20 kts west sundays a better day

reports of a few homeguard WSB up off the PV point kelp bed , and the SD boats working the Coronado Islans had Yellowtails in the 12- 20lb range--

---- Thursdays report ---------- Ahaaa-- nice Spring Day-- patchy clouds around blue behind them- wind light from the ocean-S/W 2-4 kts seas good- we're on the back half/ 3/4 of the moon phase an early morning high and afternoon rising tide, water conditions continue to improve-- improved clarity and temps. -- one cast one bite- quit-

For what it's worth- here's the latest water temps and Chlorophyll charts-


Couple of smaller boats came back in the harbor just before noon-- no big catches / flags flying for them--

and Clemente Island/ Pyramid Cove SHOBA "active today and Sat from 7 am till Sat 5 pm open and all day Sunday--

Wind came up in the late afternoon- west again


------- Wed's 27th report-- light west early-- couple of goofy looking clouds on the oceans horizon-- light wind chop from the west-some swell with it- water holding at 59/60/ 61 cooler north warmer south- cleaning up

The BAC is still looking for a new secretary if interested give the club a call--( 949) 673-6316

Nice day-- ! wind stayed fair from the west--no marlin, tuna, swordfish or opah reports today--


- Tuesday's Report March the 26- nice day, coastal marine clouds, no wind or very light south if any, better than the past two day afternoons- a morning bite on the calicos and sand bass on Izors reel and probably most other little structure spots- he mornings tide's current swung and bite slowed down- still picking at em'

Del Mar and the boat show this week , there should be tackle there too-

Not much in the way of spectacular fishing--so far-- the botom fish keeping the action going-- it's a steady growth till June-- there are years where May and June are the coldest water temp month- when we have the Gloom-

and the waters from below the border start their northern drift, with them yellowtail and some sea bass, barracuda, bonitos etc. lots of red crabs along with it--

weather held better today-

and yet no major catches sea bass yet-- some divers were getting a few further south--and Catalina had a few--


- closed monday's - working on my boat too!

--- Sunday March 24th 2019------- it's a zoo out there--- too many people!-

Light cloud cover- wind like yesterday light from the south morning and mid day hours afternoon- a westerly develops--

There were some who braved the midnight stroll along the sandy beaches last night-- and some, not a lot but a few grunion were to be caught.

Dragging a deep diving Rapala lure along in inside of Clemente Island -- found its hooks embedded in a large Thresher Shark the other day.. Clemente's deep water canyon along the inside of the island holds many mysterious creatures.

Sand and calicos rounding out the catchers here on the beach--

Nice afternoon, beter weather on the horizon--


---------- Sat March 23 2019------ Nice day-- morning coastal cloud cover breaking up slowly, light south wind maybe 3 4 kts seas fine

------------- Friday March 22 nd 2019 - --

Looks like a early Spring day-- a few lingering clouds around- blue behind them- light southwest wind maybe 2 kts- seas fine. Whale watching boats jammed to their gills with watchers- lots of kids on school trips enjoying the ride--

Grays still coming northbound-- 20 fathoms making about 5 1/2 an hour comes up about every 3 minutes for a blow something a fluke. Aliso creek

Dophins and lots of birdlife off Blueroof- laguna -50 fathons out from there to the 1200 ft dropoff shelf

San Clemente Island, south and inside looks open this weekend--

Not much said on the radio today-- and it looks only a few smaller boats out-- weather stayed good for most of the day-- inner waters looks good for the weekend--


With all the freshwater rain run off one might conjecture that salmon and maybe even steelhead might look to freshwater outlets further south along our coastline-- if schools of anchovies move in later on I'd bet we'd see some Salmon in our waters again--

Slightly Improved’ Forecast for California’s 2019 Ocean Salmon Season California’s 2019 ocean salmon fishing season should be slightly better than last year’s, according to information presented at this week’s annual Salmon Information Meeting ). The ocean abundance projections for Sacramento River fall Chinook a main salmon stock harvested in California waters, is estimated at 379,600 adult salmon, an increase over 2018 forecasts. This may result in increased fishing opportunity in some central coastal areas. The Klamath River fall Chinook (KRFC) abundance forecast of 274,200 adult salmon is lower than 2018 forecast, but still an improvement over low forecast numbers seen in recent years. “We are cautiously optimistic that the increase in ocean abundance of SRFC will translate into more fishing opportunity this year,” said CDFW Environmental Scientist Kandice Morgenstern.

Pigeon Point to U.S./Mexico Border (Monterey and South) April 6-30 Minimum size limit: 24 inches total length Daily bag limit: 2 salmon of any species except coho


- Thursday March 21st- the official First Day of Spring- cloudy spitting rain drops otherwise calm light south at 2 3 kts- seas smooth with a mix of direction to it-

And for those in some of the local Yacht clubs here in Newport Harbor an upcoming bay fishing event-- Battle of the Bay Fishing Tournament April 13, 2019 7am to 1pm Email or Return to BYC Front Office 1801 Bayside Drive, Corona del Mar, CA 92625 Email: frontoffice@balboayachtclub.com Entries due by April 7th

-------------- Wed's March th 20th 2019 - First Day of Spring--- starts at 2:58 pm this afternoon--

Cumulus stacked up against coastal hills and mountains , light wind and chop from the south due to swing west stronger this afternoon- seas a light mix to them--

Well its the First Day of Spring and we're all looking forward to getting back on the water-- - , Nice tides today- - Where's all the Seabass and Yellowtail--

Reports say maybe some carry-over yellows out by the oil rigs-- and Seabass-- ?

the moons filling and reports say there were some below Dana outsides the kelps , but the false killer whales ate them up!


------- Tuesdays March the 19th 2019-----

Overcast sky- wind light to fair from the south- small mix to the seastate--Beautiful day-- a little lumpy but beautiful- water slowly improving 58-59/ 60 degrees after yesterday's sun-- Moon almost full, should be some Seabass on the chew-- and there's only a couple days left in the Lobster season--

Strong tide exchange-- Stand by!

Queit day on the water--

- The weekend of March 16th and 17th---------------

Nice and sunny, light and fair form the south/east 5- 7 kts, seas have a light wind chop to them otherwise good

Boats were still calling out looking for Live Squid for sale-- no response-

Lots of boaters out welcoming the good weather--

Wind a little too strong for some-- ha- - Northbounders still coming--

Coastal fishing --- OK-- lots of white fish and a few goatheads, small calicos and such-

Regular Summer type day-- boats out everywhere, airplanes flying banners along the beachfront's , bikers and strollers out, kayakers and paddlers

3/15/19 Freelance fish count for 37 fishers 3/4 Day 205 Rockfish, 150 Red Snapper, 10 Whitefish, 5 Sheephead

Nice day--- enjoy-- JD

Have a Bar-B Que this afternoon!

Happy B day Ruth G.!

-- Sundays report- still slow / fair on the fishing but the weather Grteat--

BAC's Annual Awards today, Sunday ,

Outstanding Angler of the Year went to Greg Taite, World records were caught by father and daughter Tom and Ali Pfleger and Club records by Vick Sommers w/ 4 1lb Halibut and Tom Pfleger's Pacific Bluefin Tuna at 207 lbs on 20 tackle.!

Anthony Senella caught the First and Last marlins of the Season, Bruce Binnquist / Swagger released 12 marlin for the year and the KEA KAI released 20 marlin for the Season-- Guest speaker for the Dept of Fish and Wildlife spoke giving an in site to their daily operations and a general Q and A which was rewarding--


-------- Friday- March 15 2019 -------

Light Santa Ana's keeping the sky hazy N/E wind 12- 20 kts-- wind chop on a relativity clam sea--

Waters off San Onofree holding red crabs-- whales feeding on them

Note The BAC is looking for a new secretary-- if you have interest give the club a call-

Couple of boats calling on VHF ch 11 looking for live squid for sale--- no response?


A sad note to pass along-- one of the founders and the modern use of sportfishing fishing rods passed away this week-- Leon Todd- from Calstar/ Tackle Specialties. Leon known to the many tackle shops for 50 years plus-- I worked with Leon and his wife Pat as a sales rep for Saber rods 45 years ago. He was a craftsman leading the recreational fishing field in his development of the fiberglass fishing rods, graphite composite and their flex's and tapers--- . Fiberglass fishing rods came into use after WW2 - an offshoot to the radio antennas needed for airplanes. Among the early pioneers of fishing rods were Roddy, Siloflex, Harnell and Conolon and Leon was right there in the first manufacturing. I don't think Leon fished a whole lot-- maybe some lake fishing for Bass, Crappie and bluegills but with advisors like Yo of Yo's Tackle in Gardenia he build a unparallel reputation of superior products- and to this day--all Calstar rods are a pride of ownership- Thanks Leon for all you've done- RIP JD


---------- March the 14 2019 - Thursday-

Coastal breeze from the south east 5 -6 kts due to swing around west this afternoon- ni9ce and sunny light marine haze- light wind chop

Gray whales showing more and more-- off Three Arch Bay/ Laguna - 4 1/2 off the beach--

Coastal water temps, San Pedro weather buoy-- 57 degrees, Oceanside buoy- 58 degrees, San Clemente weather buoy 59 and 58 at Taner Bank

Whats out there?-

A phone call prompted the question -- we're headed over to the island ( Catalina) this weekend looks like the weather should be good-- Any Yellowtails reported under the paddies yet-- what should I be throwing or trolling-?- We'll the waters still cool- 57- 59 degrees , I haven't heard just lately of any kelps holding -- could be-- worth a cast or two or a slow trolled Rapala by a paddy - waters are cold and maybe not a real quick retrieve those fish are still in the winter mode-- but you don't know this Santa Ana might start to stirs up something-- come to think of it-- maybe swordfish?

A check with the local party boats on their catches for the past few days revels-- Freelance-- 3/4 Day Trip, 38 Anglers- 28 Vermilion Rockfish, 88 California Scorpionfish, 100 Sanddab, 65 Rockfish, 175 Ocean Whitefish

Catalina nd Clemente should be nice this weekend-- Green and lush they say-- San Clemente's SHOBA Pyramid Cove and inside the island open this weekend-

Satellite water temp images from 55 to 62 degrees and the Chlorophyll shows and finger of green water coming down from PV might hold some kelps as t butts up against that 59/ 60 degree edge East of Catalina-

acres of fin bait seen 8-9 below Dana lots of sealife there- Lot's of Northbound Whales seen today-- lots--

Building moon phase should enhance the sea bass and yellowtail bite at the islands--














EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION 14 March 2019 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: Weak El Nino conditions are likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring 2019 (~80% chance) and summer (~60% chance). El Niño conditions strengthened during February 2019, as above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) increased across the equatorial Pacific Ocean [Fig. 1] and the associated atmospheric anomalies became increasingly well-defined Overall, the features are consistent with weak El Niño conditions. The majority of models in the IRI/CPC plume predict a or greater through the Northern Hemisphere early autumn 2019 [Fig. 6]. Given the recent downwelling Kelvin wave, and the increase in both the SSTs and subsurface ocean temperatures, most forecasters expect positive SST anomalies to persist across the central and eastern Pacific for at least the next several months. During that time, forecasters predict the SST anomalies in indicating weak El Niño conditions. . In summary, weak El Niño conditions are likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring 2019 (~80% chance) and summer (~60% chance);

Yea gobal warming!



March 13 tth 2019 Wed Report

Marine haze in the onshore flow of a fair to strong wind-- wind chop from the south against a west swell Mixed seastate

There's a steady flow of Grays ( whales) coming up form Baja now-- we're in 3oo ft off the point (Dana) and theres four of em'--

Had a odd phone call the other day-- couple of hours before closing time--- Caller #1 ( never gave his last name) wanted to get a late birthday gift for his father, something really special- mispronouncing of Shimano and Talica started off the conversation- it went from there to wanting a Talica 10, 15, 20 and something bigger for those big fish. Given what I had in stock it could be worked out for three outfits ( yea I'll need poles too) an Talica -20-2sp and a couple smaller sizes of Trinidad reels with matching rods, and he wanted a full tackle box too and anything else that would be special. #1 guy never even asked prices, The order totaled over $2,800. Could I get it all together and his friend #2 guy would be calling with the credit card number and his cousin #3 guy would pick up, he was out of town picking up his mother from the airport. #2 guy calls in with a credit card number along with security code and billing address for the card. I run it through and it's declined, call #2 guy tell him it's declined, say's he'll get right back to me , he'll call the CC company. #1 guys calls back and becomes angry that I dint run the card through properly and time is running out. #2 guys calls and says he's got AMX on the other phone and they have a "Force" authorization number to use. It goes through but I still have my doubts. #1 calls asking if the card went trough and he's have #3 guy come pick up the tackle in the next 30 minutes. I think- best to double check things- Goggle search shows the billing address as a small building in New York with office space for lease-- It Doesn't look good-- I call back #2 guy and tell him, I'd rather not complete the sale, he's mad and complains I've encroached on his privacy by checking with Goggle. #1 guys calls right after that complaining that I've ruined his fathers birthday gift. Unkonwn customer, no idea of cost or what he's getting, second person to give the CC number and a third person to pick it up--- Go figure?



------------ March 12th 2019 ------

Bright blue sky- Catalina Island lay on a peaceful ocean- building to small craft this afternoon- diminishing bands of green colored water stretched outwards towards the island- light south wind-- water holding at 57 degrees-

Whale watchers enjoying a good showing today-- mid moring that breese from the west started to develop stronger--

In response to an E-mail to Baitmasters in regards to the availability of Flying Fish for this comings tuna season-- Sorry-- JD, Nothing on the flyers yet. They haven't seen the flyers show up. Not sure when I will have them back in stock. we'll let you know.

If past seasonal apearances of Pacific Flying Fish here in So Calif. then we'll probably see them when the water temps warm to above 62, maybe by the upcoming full moon in late April

This is amazing, what a good find I've never seen so many white-sided dolphins, 4 off the beach of Newport--1:13pm

that' a full breach- we saw that one a 1/2 away-1:17 --Breaching Grays-- two of em'--

water temps still on the cold side-- not much going on except a few bass and not many halibuts caught today-- bay fishing improving as the water cleans up lots of green algee growing


- Sunday ------------ March the 10 2019 ----closed Monday ---

Gray morning with a chill to it--wind light rom the south 2- 5 kts seas a light mix otherwise fair to good- made two cast no biters water has a lot of plankton life in it-- only 2 -3 ft visibility- strong bright green algae growth on the bays bottom as well as on boat hulls

The last day of the Show in Long Beach-- one of the better days to attend, other than most of product sales, a good chance to talk to the booth personal without all the background hoopla. It's hard to imagine how much money, time and discussion were spent in the desire to catch a fish! See anything remarkable - Let us know- JD

Turns out a nice day still on the chilly side-- sand bass were biting-- that it-

---------------------- Sat the 10th ----------

South 8- 15 kts- more cumulus everywhere---swinging to the west later today-- gusty---- Choppy out there, a few brave souls and some sailors too! Local party boats fishing the cods, goatheads and rattlesnakes along the outside HB flats, Whales watchers down off Aliso Laguna and lots of sightseers around-

Tanner Bank water holding at 59 degrees- local it's 56 air--57

we still have the windy months yet ahead-- Salmon fishing is best May and June in the overcast gloom of those upwelled wind swept water of late April- --

Skys cleared- due to rain late Sun afternoon SD inland

- Friday-- 9 th it's Friday-- 2019-

Clearing westerly, cumulus everywhere, light wind chop sloppy and S/C today

Couple of skiffs went out early-- came back eary too!



------- March the 6th Wednesday- Gray sky, intermittent rain , strong wind Southeast, sloppy--

New Moon phase has the mornings tide high-- the outflow pushed by rain water should be upwards to 3 kts , you'll need a little heaver sinker to keep the baits on the bottom!-- Freshwater floats over the saltwater, the fish prefer to stay a little deeper.

Quiet on the western front

---------- Tuesdays March the 5th Mardi Gras!- ----

Wind light to fair- West/southwest, Broken sky light wind ripple - Coastal currents and a mix of wind direction making it a bit hard to set up on a reef or structure.

Sand and Calicos for the most part fair to good fishing for them on the structure / rocks spots

Fred Hall Show in Long Beach opens tomorrow-- dozens and dozens of shows, acts and even some fishing gear, lots of bargains for the bargain hunters, sportboats charters and fishing lodges offered and outdoor sporting events. The works

Building clouds from the west- spitting rain-

Hole head watching-- good- Thousands of dolphins 6 or 7 maybe 8 humpbacks - hard to tell- 25 over 47 , outside Dana Pt. 5 miles

These Humpbacks were Lunge feeding incredible-- I haven't seen that for a while-- 3:47, 5 Outside Dana-


---------Closed on Mondays------------------------

--------- March the 3rd 2019 - Sunday------

Calmer this morning, mid morning a light west sprang up- broken cloud cover with seas starting to get some wind chop to it too.

coastal water 57 1/2 degrees and still a bit off colored

Good Sand bass fishin on the art. reefs north of Newport and the HB flats and even a few Makos Sharks around

Turns out a nice day on the water, clouds building to the west and south-- Waters warming and the bass were biting better--

Tides increasing , I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see a Grunion run right after the next full moon- Springs upon us--


----- March the 2nd 2019- Saturated in grays, the sky gray the ocean gray and the horizon gray- , Wind gusty strong from the south seas mixed and very choppy- no ones out except a few crazies, AKA whale watchers and sailors.

Good day to keep up on some of the paperwork and tackle repairs--

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday, Feb. 18, 2019 that he will close the famed island penal colony and will have it converted into a cultural and environmental education center.

In the News--- MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexico will close its infamous Isla Marias prison, the last island penal colony in a hemisphere once dotted with remote island jails The four islands — only one of which is inhabited — will be turned into a cultural and environmental education center. The prison founded in 1905 on Maria Madre passed through periods of infamous brutality. It is the history of punishments, of torture, of repression for more than a century,” Lopez Obrador said of the prison, which as recently as 2013 held 8,000 inmates.— toward the end the Islas Marias had harbored many lower-risk or well-behaved inmates. While the prison kept mass tourism at bay, the islands suffered severe environmental degradation from over a century of use as a penal colony.


------ March the 1st 2019----- my how the tide does fly-- Daylight savings the end of next week- light coastal cloud cover wind light from the west-- seas calm-

Rockcodders were out today-- covering the bases and any deeper water spots that haven't been allowed over the past few years-- seas are good so the catch should be plentiful- remember only two hooks allowed.

Last nights Northern Pacific Bluefin Tagging program with Dr. Barbara Block speaking at the Balboa yacht Club was filled to capacity with interested anglers and guest- CCA California co- sponsored the event- educational to say the least--

The life cycle from spawn, larva and juvenal bluefin tunas born in the Taiwanese waters- migrate up to Japan for the first year or two- a swim across the largest known ocean on the planet to our shores and northern mexico- spend years here traveling north and southwards depending on relatively cooler water nutrients which house the anchovies one of their main diet. The big question is how long will they stay here as past studies indicate they migrate back to the Japanese waters as they mature. The good news is that there are smaller fish ( recruits) coming in each year. The business side of the equation is foreign seafood harvesters believe they spawn earlier in the 5 year class meaning they may "take" more, whereas fish that are found off our California coastline in the 6-7 and 8 year class ( roughly 200- 300 lbs) prior to their returning Pacific crossing are not quite mature for spawning yet-- it's a ocean management conflict.. The Archival and pop-up satellite tagging program will help put some scientific facts on the table- This coming summer in August 19- 23rd an effort will be asked of the sportfishing fleet to help with this tagging .. When one boat hooks a giant bluefin-- they call in the tagging boat- which tosses them a heavy line via a tennis ball w/ swivel snap attached to it-- the fishing line attached to the heavy line and the fish is brought aboard the tagging boat. If your club business or personal desire to help sponsor one of these tags please contact the Coastal Conservation Assoc. California. CCA Cal



-------- Thursdays Report - Feb. 28 Rock Cod season opens tomorrow--whoopee!

Seas look dark gray under the mix of gray, blue and white above- calm though- two cast no bites-- quit

The dog just jumped off the dingy and is now swimming with the dolphins with it's leash in it's mouth!! -- bright orange inflatable with a dog on the front-- it just jumped ---that dog just jumped on top of a dolphin!

it's amazing, there's thousand of dolphins here-- 12 million dolphins here-- Humpbacks 5 and 6 off the beach and at least 10 grays went south pasing newport 9-10 am-

I'll bet there 4 5 6 thousand dolphins here--

A giant baitball over here -- hope that whales come in a joins it-- 11:04 Slack tide today 12:27pm this is an incredible bait ball-- off Laguna's Hospital--

One out of fou